In a Valley of Violence (2016) Movie Script

Over here!
Please help me!
Can you hear me?
I see you!
Ah, ah, the lord
has answered my prayers.
Bless you, my son,
bless you. Good dog.
Ah, that's me poor mule here.
She's hurt,
she's hurt really bad.
How long you been
walkin' her like that?
Ah, not far.
Well, if she's in pain,
you oughta put her down.
I don't think I could do that.
She was good to you.
It's only right.
No sense in lettin' her suffer.
No, you misunderstand me.
See, it's not that I lack the
conviction to shoot this animal.
The lord is himself would give
me the strength for that.
No, it's more it's a,
it's a matter of practicality.
See, do you believe
in god, my son?
Ah, well, me and this mule here,
we do the lord's work
in traveling
all across this land
preaching the good word.
And over that hill
there down into the valley
is the town of Denton.
That's our next stop.
You familiar?
Ah, let me give you a little
insight into our situation.
Denton is a town that
is run by sinners.
Just like many of the others
that we visited.
No church, no religion left
to speak of.
Many of its residents have...
They've lost their way.
So you see, traveler,
if I cannot get this
goddamn mule
over that goddamn hill,
then I cannot heal
those poor souls
with the gospel of our lord
Jesus Christ, praise his name.
I've been praying,
and I've been praying all day
for the lord
to heal my troubles.
I've asked him,
and I know that he wants me
to help those people.
I know that he wants me to save
those that need to be saved,
especially the women.
They are ripe with sin.
So I asked the lord,
I said "do not forsake them,
and do not forsake me.
Send me someone to help
get over that hill."
Sure enough,
he answered my prayers.
Now, I'm afraid I'm gonna be
needin' that horse of yours.
So please, my son,
kindly climb down.
Hand over the reins
for the lord.
Did you not hear me, boy?
Aren't you listening?
No, father.
I don't believe I was.
Ah! Ah! Get it off!
Get it off me!
Ah! Ah! Ah!
Get her off of me!
I stopped listening to men
like you a long time ago.
Don't... don't shoot. Don't shoot.
Don't... don't shoot.
Be quiet!
Or you'll be speaking
to your lord directly.
Now, I'm willing to make you a trade.
A trade?
Yeah, I ain't no thief.
I'll trade you your life
for these bullets and whatever water
you've got left there in your canteen.
Considering the circumstances
that seems more than fair.
Unless, as a man of god,
you don't fear death
and you're content
in your convictions
and prepared to meet your maker
right here and right now,
in which case,
I will oblige you.
Because I'm not a thief,
but I am a killer.
And I've killed
better men than some drunk
wanderin' around pretending
to preach the word of god.
So are you prepared?
You got confidence
in your convictions
or you wanna make a deal?
Yes, I want to make a deal.
All right good.
'Cause I promised my dog
I wasn't gonna kill
anybody on this trip,
and I don't wanna break
my promise here today.
Hey, now, the trade wasn't
for the whiskey.
No, it wasn't.
Ah, you!
You say there's a town
right beyond that Ridge?
Well, you give this mule
a little rest,
he'll get ya there just fine.
But I don't ever
wanna see you again.
I hate charlatans.
I want you to stay right here...
Till you learn
to respect your animal.
Goddamn you.
You'll pay for this.
The devil is waiting
for men like you.
He's waiting!
Well, if the devil's
looking for me,
you can tell him
I'm headed to Mexico.
He can meet me there.
Come on.
That's all there is.
I know! I'm thirsty too.
I'd say the border's
about 10 days away.
What do you think?
We'd waste a lot of time going
around that valley...
And there's no guarantee
there's water on the other side.
Uh, it's a straight shot
right through that town.
Oh, Jesus.
I don't know about you, but...
Oh, fresh meal and a warm bath
sound pretty good
right about now.
Cathy'd roll her eyes if
she could see us now, huh?
All dirty and starvin'.
You can't live on flies alone,
you know.
We gotta keep our heads down,
No trouble. You gotta be
on your best behavior.
I know. I know.
Same goes for me.
Looks like that priest
was right.
God must've packed up
and left with the rest of them.
Come on.
How would someone spend
an hour in this town?
If your name was dollar bill,
is that where you'd be?
All right, listen.
You stay here with lady.
If I'm wrong and he comes back,
you give a bark.
You got it?
Okay, I'll take that as a yes.
Now, gentlemen, gentlemen,
please allow me to keep
your attention
for just a few moments more.
I came all this way,
and I must admit that I have
indeed saved the best for last.
Although I am disappointed you
did not take to the lilac powder
or the ladies elixir.
I am certain
these next two items
are just what
you're looking for.
Men of your ilk require
something very special,
very special indeed.
And if I can't see to that, well,
then my name isn't William t. Baxter.
Now, I know that sounds
braggadocious of me to say,
but as you can no doubt see,
I'm quite confident
in what I have to offer.
What'll it be?
I'm looking for a man
named dollar bill.
Oh, uh, DB's shop's
across the street.
Yeah, sign on his door
says he's out.
Well, 2:00 he takes a break
to feed his pigs.
Now, it's almost 3:00.
You should be able
to catch him then.
Can I get you a drink?
Some water.
Just water?
Yeah, an a...
A bowl?
You want the water in a bowl?
The bowl's for my dog.
Bowl is for the dog.
These here are the finest
handguns currently available,
the greatest equalizers,
45 calibers designed
by Samuel Colt himself,
24-karat gold inlaid,
raised elephant ivory grip.
And when I tell you
that the front sight
is accurate enough to pick
a flea off a dog's ass...
I do not exaggerate.
Now, I can let you have them
for only $30 apiece...
Or 50 for the pair.
Now gentlemen, please,
before you speak,
that isn't just a bargain.
That is a steal.
Quite frankly,
there's no better revolver
on the market today,
and I lay my reputation on it.
As you can imagine,
being in the industry
that I'm in,
my reputation, gentlemen,
is everything.
You never mind your...
So you're saying that this...
This is the best gun
on the market?
Yes, sir, I say it with pride.
Well, nobody west of Texas
will be able to handle it
better than me.
Hell, that is nice.
What do ya say, boys?
Oh, Harris, you even see that?
No, can't say I did.
I almost put one
right between your eyes there.
What about you, Roy?
Did you see anything?
I ain't seen nothing.
Tubby, I know
you didn't see shit
'cause you were too busy thinking what
you were gonna have for lunch, right?
You ever seen anybody
so neat with a pistol before?
Hey! Pard!
You deaf or something?
I'm talking to you.
You think this thing's loaded?
What do you say we find out?
You should be careful
who you point a gun at.
So... do we have a deal here?
Thirty dollars?
Do I look like I have $30?
You take a look
around this town.
Nobody buying nothing from you.
Do you, uh...
Do you know what
they call this place?
They call it...
"Valley of violence."
Now, why don't you pack up
before you find out why.
What were you saying to me?
You answer me
when I talk to you.
What's the matter?
Cat got your tongue
all of a sudden?
Well, you look like a bum.
You smell like a bum too.
That's one ugly scar you got.
Hey, fellas, I don't think
this bum knows where he is...
And you must not know
who I am neither.
Wanna find out?
You talk too much,
whoever you are.
All right! Anyone who wants
to see a fight
better get out here right now!
I'm about to show you
what it's like when you run
your mouth at Gilly Martin!
You gonna get him, Gilly?
Oh, tubby,
I'm gonna get him so good
he's gonna be looking to you
for tips on places to sit.
Ellen. Ellen!
Where the hell are you?
Get out here and see this.
You are definitely
gonna wanna see
what I am about to do
to this man.
What's going on?
What's all this hubbub?
What's going on?
Baby, some dried up dick licker
came in town this morning,
and I'm about to teach him
a lesson
on how things work around here.
You gonna fight him?
Oh, I'm gonna beat him bad,
It's time to watch
your man go to work.
Oh, I love a good fight.
Y'all could learn something
out here today. Yes!
This here...
This is my town.
Anybody who don't know it,
you better take notice!
Are you gonna face me
like a man or what?
No offense, mister...
I don't know you
and I don't think
nothing cross about you,
but that shot is on the house
if you will get out of here.
N-now, don't worry, everyone!
You are gonna see a fight!
Get him, baby!
Be a man!
I know what the problem is.
Now I know.
You're afraid I'm just gonna
pull my pistol,
lean into you.
All right, well, listen.
Nobody here is shooting
nobody today.
No guns.
This here, this is a fair fight.
No jumping in neither.
All right?
Man to man.
Tubby, you hang on to this.
Don't eat it.
There, now you have it.
All right, come on.
Let's get this over with.
Everybody's waitin'.
Son of a bitch.
All right!
Five dollars to the winner!
What do you say to that?
Do you even have $5?
Now, wait just a minute.
Is that?
Is that... that your dog?
Come here, pooch.
Come here.
Oh, dear.
- Hey!
- Here he comes now, Gilly!
Get away from my dog.
Is that your wife?
Roy, I've seen you with
some long-in-the-tooth ladies,
but this one here
takes the cake.
You started this.
I'm gonna finish it too.
I don't care where I am,
and I don't care
who you think you are.
Men like you don't scare me.
You understand?
What's the matter?
Cat got your tongue?
I don't want any trouble
with y'all.
Put it away. Put it away!
Harris, he just laid Gilly out
in front of half the town.
We can't just...
Yes, we can.
He's right. It was a fair fight.
It's settled.
What do you think the marshal's gonna say
when he finds out we didn't do nothing?
I imagine he'll be upset.
We'll deal with it.
He just spit on him!
He just spit on Gilly!
Get up, kid.
How's the pigs, bill?
Oh, my god! Gilly!
He shouldn't have
threatened me or my dog.
A man can only take so much.
Yes, sir.
How much for all this?
No charge.
I'm not a thief.
How much?
I insist.
What, you afraid of me?
Yes, sir.
Tell you what. There's a man
out there who owes me $5.
When he wakes up,
you take all this
outta that, okay?
Thank you.
What are ya'll lookin' at?
Go back inside!
You should be ashamed
of yourselves!
Oh, he's leaking.
Wait. Why are we outside?
He's leaking! Ah!
Clean him. Clean him.
He's leaking.
Come on. Come on.
Get up. Get up.
- Ugh!
- Don't break my hat!
Come on. Get up. Oh!
There we go. Okay.
Sit down.
Don't worry.
We're okay.
Comin! I'm coming!
Ugh! I'm sorry.
I fell asleep.
My sister should be down here.
I don't know where she is.
I'll let her have it.
Hi. What can I do for you?
You got any, uh, hot water?
Sure do.
You want a bath?
Oh, my goodness! Who is this?
Hi there, cutie.
What's your name?
Aren't you just precious?
She do any tricks?
She bites.
She's not gonna bite me.
Look at us.
We look just like each other.
Anyways, about that bath.
Uh, you could use one.
Oh, my, what...
What happened to your hand?
You're bleeding.
Let me get you a rag.
Oh, no, it's all right.
I just need some hot water.
I know you want a bath, but I can't
have you painting my floors.
Ugh! Where is she?
She got red hair
and a white dress?
Yeah, that's right.
Tall and dimwitted too.
You know her?
She's outside.
I swear, she's about as useful as a
fork in a sugar bowl around here.
How'd you do this
to your hand anyway?
Well, it was a...
It was an accident.
Hold that on there.
Oh, my goodness!
Did you punch Gilly?
Oh, my goodness!
This is the best day of my life!
Let's get you
right on up to this bath.
In fact, let's get
both of you a bath.
Come on, whatever your name is.
Come on. Oh!
Okay, here we go.
Got some fresh towels,
and a comb,
and brush, if you
wanna wash your teeth.
And one for you, Abbie.
I hope you don't mind me
being in here for the moment.
Trust me, I've seen it all.
Not that I'm a whore or nothing.
I'm not. This is just a hotel.
So if you're looking for someone to
give it a rub, you're out of luck.
There's no women for sale here.
They all left with the silver.
Can I get you anything else?
I can't believe I
missed you punching Gilly.
I would've given anything
to have seen that.
I gotta say, I'm just real
interested in who you are.
We don't get many visitors anymore.
Not since the mine went dry.
I spend more time sweeping dust
than I do prepping rooms.
It's exciting to have
someone new to talk to.
You a miner?
You a cowboy?
You a gunfighter?
Is that 'cause you ain't, or
'cause no one's hired you yet?
'Cause let me tell you, there are
plenty of people in this town that...
I'm not a gunfighter.
Well, what are you then?
I'm passing through.
Well, I know that.
Nobody stays.
Not even my husband.
Anyway, let me know when you're done.
I got some coffee brewing.
You do like coffee?
Ah, well, good.
At least I got something right.
Abbie, next time, I'm just gonna talk
to you. You might have more to say.
Where the hell is he?
Mary-Anne... Mary-Anne, you
better not be serving that man.
I am too. You shut your mouth. I
don't want him hearing none of this.
Did you see what he did to Gilly?
Look at my dress!
The whole town practically saw!
Good! Gilly deserves some egg on
his face the way he treats people!
Oh, you watch your mouth!
I'll sway what I want,
and I'll serve who I want.
Dad said for us to run
this hotel, not just you.
He could be a criminal.
So have some sense.
Oh, Ellen, shut up.
You let me worry about this.
I think he's handsome,
and I like his dog,
and I wanna know
more about them both.
I'm not scared, and you're
not gonna ruin this for me.
You foolish little girl.
One day you'll realize there's
no sense in being difficult.
You make the best of what you can.
Now, Gilly takes care of me.
So every time you put him down,
you ought to remember
that he's why I'm always
in nice dresses and jewelry,
and you're still lookin'
like a little old farm girl.
There's a reason we have it better
than most people in this town.
So wise up. Maybe then you'll find
someone to take care of you too,
but it's not gonna be
that man upstairs!
Because he is a rapscallion!
And we don't serve rapscallions.
Well, maybe I like rapscallions.
Now, go tend to that
nincompoop fianc of yours
and leave me be.
Show him how you ruined
your dress.
See if he buys you
a new one then.
Maybe he can fix that
black tooth of yours
while he's at it.
Gilly! I'm coming, baby.
What did I tell you
about staying out of trouble?
Oh, I know.
Probably was all my fault.
Hey, you know what?
What Cathy'd say?
She'd say, "you got sand,
but you could use a little bit
more in your mouth."/
isn't that funny?
Fair fight or no fair fight...
Whatever law they got
in this town
is gonna want to talk
to us soon.
So we best be moving on.
Thank you.
From your description, I
expected you to be a lot taller.
Have a seat.
Coffee's ready.
I thought you both
might like some.
I have some pig-stew boiling
if you're hungry.
Mary-Anne, sweetheart,
find something else to do.
Do you want me to watch
Abbie for you? No.
Are you sure? I'll be real nice to her.
I promise.
Yes, sir.
Move your feet.
Yes, sir.
Now, you don't wanna sit,
that's fine,
but all you're doing
is giving me a sore neck.
See I got to take the weight off
it once in a while.
I'm not proud of it.
That's a sweet doggy.
She do any tricks?
She bites.
All right, down to business,
I guess.
I am Clyde Martin.
I am the marshal here in Denton.
You got a badge?
Damn pin broke.
You busted up my
deputy pretty good.
I had no idea
he was your deputy.
I was just trying
to defend myself.
I know you were.
Nobody dare tell me that
'cause it's my son.
And I know how he is.
But defending or not,
he's still my son,
and he's my deputy too.
So all of this is
kind of lousy for me.
Well, I can't have people thinking this
kind of business goes on around here.
First the fight breaks out,
then another.
And all the sudden all hell
breaks loose
and everybody's got
something to say.
This town's fallen
on some hard times.
The last thing I need is
a stranger starting trouble.
Yeah, no, i... I'm not
gonna cause any troubles.
No. We're just, uh,
passin' through.
Well, that's what I hear.
Now, is that your horse
over there at bill's outfit?
That's a Mcclellan saddle.
And would I be right to suspect
that that is a Springfield
trapdoor rifle
that you got tied up there too?
I could throw you
in jail right now.
You want that?
I don't think so.
Only one reason I don't.
And that's the two items
on your horse
because what they tell me
is that you're just not
another vagabond or criminal
that I should be locking away.
It tells me that you're army,
but what it does not tell me
is why the hell are you
all the way out here?
Now, last I heard
the cavalry was
still busy killing Injuns
in Kansas and Oklahoma.
Now, we are a long way
from Kansas, soldier.
You mind filling me in?
We're leaving.
Now, just a minute.
If you're a deserter,
I have a duty
as a U.S. marshal
to turn you in.
I took an oath.
But that would cause extra
attention that I don't want.
You see, I have a way of doing
things around this town
that some think of
as non-traditional,
and I don't want to turn that
upside down.
And I have a feeling
neither of us want
the extra attention.
Am I right?
Frankly, I feel like
I've given the military enough.
And from the looks of it,
so have you.
Now, I have sympathy
for men who have fought in wars
and even those
who have abandoned them.
So you find yourself
another town
far away from here,
one with fancy whores
and fine Whisky
and a chink with a pot of opium
that's just begging for a man
like you to come into his life.
You do what you need to do.
I expect you earned it.
But don't you ever...
If I ever hear a whispering
of you or that dog being
even near these parts again,
you'll be begging
for the army to come get ya.
But they won't.
They won't ever find you.
Nobody will.
Are we clear on that, soldier?
All right, fellas.
Our visitors
have decided to leave
they are ready to move on.
So please see that they do so.
And, uh, Mary-Anne?
I believe I will have
some of that stew.
Oh, and my understanding is,
Harris, it was a fair fight.
So don't bring any aggravating
on this no more.
And tell Gilly that too.
His nose is gonna heal up
like a crooked boot,
but he's gonna
have to accept that.
Maybe he'll even learn something
from all this. I don't know.
All right, you're dismissed.
Well, all right.
I know you're not coming back,
but I just want to say
it was nice meeting you today.
I wanted to give you this.
You can fold it
or rip off Ellen's part
if you don't want
to look at her.
I just thought maybe
you could remember me sometimes
when you get
wherever you're going.
Well, good-bye.
Heck, I don't even know
your name.
My name's Paul.
good-bye, Paul.
Good girl.
You know what Cathy used to say one of
the greatest things about Mexico was?
Nobody speaks any English.
Oh, shit.
I'll tell you what, though.
One thing I did realize today
is that words don't come
so easy anymore.
I'm so used to talking to you
that I barely know what to say
when somebody talks back.
You speak Spanish?
Yeah. Come here.
Come here.
What did you think
of that girl today, huh?
I thought she was pretty funny.
No, she was nothing like Cathy.
When I first met Cathy,
I couldn't get three words
out of her.
You know, she only spoke
if she had something
meaningful to say.
But this one...
She'd speak every time
she wasn't taking a breath.
No... she's young enough
to be my daughter.
She was funny, though.
Didn't you think?
I thought she was funny.
Not as funny
as you, don't worry.
All right.
Let's go to bed.
Don't you want your blanket?
Shh, be quiet.
Go around the other side
in case he wakes up.
Sure he's asleep?
Heck, tubby.
Just do what I say.
Cut him off.
Gilly, I don't know about this.
Harris, go! Now!
Abbie, quiet down!
Come here!
Where'd it go? Where is it?
Shh, I can't see
where you're hit.
Oh, it's okay.
It's okay.
Where are you hit? I can't
find where you're hit.
All right.
Listen to me.
She needs some help.
Okay, just...
You can have whatever you want.
Please let me just
make sure that she's okay.
Now you shut up.
You are not in charge.
Look, I know I'm not
in charge. That's fine.
Just please, just let me
make sure that she's okay.
You back away from her,
or I will kill her!
Back up.
No, no, no, no, no!
No, no!
The marshal told you
to leave me alone!
The marshal ain't here!
All right?
No! He told you!
You're makin' a mistake!
I am gonna murder you!
I am gonna murder all
of you, I swear to god!
Whoo, god!
There ain't no god here.
There ain't nobody
here... but us.
It's okay. Huh?
It's okay.
My dad said that this...
Was probably an Injun's dog.
He most likely got her
off a pack of Cheyenne
out there in Kansas.
Cheyenne... who raped
and killed white folk.
Did you steal this dog?
Please. Please.
Don't do this.
Okay, please?
Please don't do this
'cause of what happened today.
I mean, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You answer my questions...
And maybe I will
consider your request.
Now did you kill
her tribe or not?
Come on, now!
There ain't nobody here
that's gonna snitch on you.
No! See, we all
heard the stories.
We just ain't never had a chance
to talk to somebody in the flesh.
Tell us about it!
You want us to believe
that you were the one man
in the cavalry
too good for all of it?
Shit, I hope that
you killed every last one
of those wagon burners
that you saw.
That's what I would have done.
Those goddamn savages
deserve nothing less.
Please leave us alone.
How many?
I don't know!
I don't remember!
I want to go to Mexico!
You'll never see me again!
I swear, please.
Take whatever you want!
Oh, no. No.
You see, we ain't here
to rob you.
You're the thief, not us.
What do you say, fellas?
Suppose we let this thief
and this traitor
run off to Mexico?
I don't think so!
I don't think so neither.
You're awfully quiet, Harris.
But Gilly...
Yes or no, Harris?
Well, that's a shame.
Because I vote no, too.
So that's...
Four to one!
She needs me!
I'm begging you! I'm
begging you... oh, no.
Begging ain't gonna
do you no good.
See, it ain't a time
for begging.
It's time for praying.
You are a coward.
You left good men behind.
They trusted you,
and you ran out on them!
What if they needed you?
Just like this dog here...
needs you.
I think...
That it's time...
That someone let you know
what that feels like!
Oh! Oh! Oh!
Get him up!
Get him on his feet!
Get up, you motherfucker!
No, no.
I ain't gonna cut you.
Looks like somebody
already did that.
But you...
Will remember me.
You will remember my name.
And the last thing
that you will remember...
Is that you should have never
come up against Gilly Martin.
You're a disgrace. Get this
coward out of my sight.
You're dead.
You're dead too.
All of you are dead.
I think you got that wrong!
I think it's you who's dead!
Oh, that's a long way down!
Now let him go, Harris.
Let him go.
Adios, stranger!
Let go!
You see him bounce off
that rock, there?
I didn't see where he landed.
I did. On the bottom!
Tubby, you better go down
there make sure he's dead.
You crazy? I'm not
climbin' down there.
You hear that?
Tubby ain't climbin' down there!
Hey, you two. You take his horse
and you go through his bags.
And you hurry up.
I want to get back to town
before my dad knows we're gone.
Harris! Gonna stand
there all night, or what?
Get out of here!
I'm so sorry.
Oh, my god, I'm so sorry.
Oh, my god.
I'm not sure what
you'd want me to do.
I could just keep heading
down to Mexico like we planned.
I know I promised you
that I was done killin'.
But I think I'm gonna
have to break that promise.
I'm not done. Not yet.
And it's not done
with me, either.
Those men left me with nothing.
I'm gonna leave them with less.
Hey. Hold up.
Oh, god.
Don't come any closer!
I thought I took your bullets!
I bought more.
What's a priest need
so many bullets for?
I'm gonna need your belt.
And I'm takin' your mule.
I thought you said
you weren't a thief!
Now you're stealin' me gun
and me mule.
Yeah, times have changed.
Give me that.
What happened to you?
Well, let's just say...
The marshal in Denton
wasn't keen to my cause.
Told me I'd need to pay
if I wanted to preach
and said he didn't see the need
for the word of god in his town
yeah, well, that...
I bet he didn't.
I'd say, if this country keeps
turning its back on faith,
there'll be nothing
worth left saving.
You're right about that, father.
You are right about that.
This country's all but lost.
You were right about
something else, too.
That town back there?
It's full of sinners.
But they don't need saving.
Bless you, my son.
This is my father's house.
He's sick.
You got a family?
Not anymore.
They die?
Are you gonna kill those men?
'Cause I could help.
They deserve to die for
what they done to you.
And for what they done
to this town.
I could tell you
where to find them.
I-I could do that for you.
The marshal and Gilly
got everybody scared.
They say if you ain't with
'em, you're against them.
And a lot of people here
took that to heart.
There's nobody brave enough
to stand up to them anymore.
You've killed before,
haven't you?
What I mean is, you was in wars.
I can tell by the way you don't
want to look me in the eye.
You don't want me to know
what you're capable of.
But I want to know. I want to
know that you'll get them.
After it's done, stay with me
until I bury my father.
Then I'll go with you
anywhere... please.
I know how to treat a man. I know...
I know what a husband likes.
Stop it.
Please take me with you.
I need to get out of here.
There are no good men
left in this town.
I'm not here to save you.
I'm not here to save anybody.
Don't say that. I mean...
You don't have to be alone.
Yes, I do.
You imagine that
you know who I am,
just because you think
everybody outside this town
has it better than you.
Other people somehow aren't
sufferin' the same way.
You're wrong about that.
It's a big old world.
Everybody's sufferin'.
I had a wife...
Named Cathy.
I had a daughter
named Abilene.
And she was real pretty,
and smart,
just like you.
What happened to them?
I left 'em.
Now I'm sorry for the hand
you've been dealt, truly.
I am.
But I can't stay here and
help you bury your father
and run you off
to someplace better.
I'm not the man
you see in your head.
I deserted my family
the day I enlisted,
and I have been nothing but a
coward for not going back.
I don't even want
to see their faces...
Not after what I've done.
You seem like a good girl.
All right, you do.
I mean that.
A good man will be proud
to be with a woman like you.
All right, but
I'm not a good man.
Not anymore.
I'm takin' your horse.
You think just because
I'm young, I must be naive!
I've spent my whole life helpin'
people who can't help themselves.
And what is there
to show for it?
You're not a good man?
Well, I am good!
So why should I be
punished for that?
You act like everybody's
given up on you,
but you've just
given up on yourself!
You might be sufferin',
but you're not dead, not yet.
You're not even sick
like my father in there.
You could still go back to them.
Your family...
They'd understand.
I'm sure your wife and daughter
would want to see you again.
Mary-Anne, how would you feel
about seeing your husband again?
We're not meant
to be alone, Paul!
People, we belong together,
just like animals in a herd,
just like you and Abbie.
Abbie's dead, Mary-Anne.
- I wish you well.
- Come on.
Goddamn it, you stink!
Oh! Oh, Jesus!
Ellen, sweetheart,
will you make sure that
Roy here gets a bath?
- I can't even be in the same room with him.
- I sure will.
See, now what he's not used to
is the smell of a real man.
And I can make babies
with this shit here.
Y'all just don't know.
Whoo! God, you are sour!
All right, I'm gonna go help tubby
collect the rest of the taxes.
Maybe later I'll bring
you something nice.
Something nice?
I'd like that.
I thought you would.
Make sure he don't drown.
He's like a cat to water. I may need him.
I'll see to it.
Ellen? Where are you?
Stop shouting, I'm right here!
You're so loud.
What do you want? I thought
you was out with dad.
I need to talk with you.
He didn't die, did he?
No, not yet.
Oh thank god.
Ugh, not like you'd care.
How dare you say
something like that to me?
I'm sorry, I didn't mean that.
But please, it's important.
Roy's in 353,
and he needs hot water.
Go warm him up,
and then we can talk
about whatever nonsense
you got in your mind this time.
I'll be in our room.
Don't let that man get cold!
Fine, I'll get him the damn water.
And a shave kit.
His chin is looking like
a nasty old Billy goat.
And don't you dare
tell him I said that.
Yeah? What is it?
Have some more hot water?
And a kit for a shave?
Yeah, well bring it in.
Oh, I feel real good.
How old are you, now?
You know that husband of yours
never comin' back, right?
I mean, you're old enough
to know that by now.
Yes, sir.
You're real pretty,
like your sister.
You ought to find a new man.
One with connections.
And a home
outside of this hotel.
You know, you don't want to
wait till your looks grow out.
No shave today.
I think I'll keep the beard.
You back already?
Why don't you just
slip that little dress
of yours off and...
Climb right into
the tub here with me?
The water's real nice...
I don't want you to be shy.
Mm. Ah!
I said no shave today.
Don't move!
Don't make a sound!
Put your arms in the tub.
Put your arms in the water.
I told you I'd find you,
didn't I?
And before you start
asking for anything...
There's not gonna be
any sympathy today.
Now, get your arms back
in the water.
Put 'em in the water!
Now, listen to me.
I didn't come here today
with any compassion at all.
The four of you killed my dog,
and you tried to kill me.
Now, it was a mistake
to leave me alive.
I'm not gonna make that mistake.
I've killed more human beings
than I care to remember,
and I will not hesitate...
Or quit until the four
of you are in the dirt.
Now take a deep breath, hmm?
It's your last one!
What's goin' on?
Mary-Anne? Mary-Anne.
Mary-Anne. What is it?
Oh, my god!
Oh, my god. Roy.
Oh, lord!
Tubby, catch your breath somewhere else,
and get away from the goddamn window!
Yes, sir.
Mm, oh. Mm...
What happened?
You went after
that man, didn't you?
I told you not to.
I made it perfectly clear
that you were not
to aggravate the situation,
but ya did, didn't ya?
All of ya did!
We couldn't let him
get away with what he did!
It would have made us look weak!
- Shut up! Shut up!
- Shut up!
You think I let him go
'cause I'm weak? No.
Look at this! That's not
done by an angry drunk,
or a miner that has
a sense of entitlement!
This was done by a military man,
a man trained to kill by one
of the most ruthless divisions
our country has ever seen,
something you would know
nothin' about!
And you think just because
you've got a prick
and a pistol,
you can kill somebody?
Well, look at death!
Take a look at it!
If you'd done what we said,
Roy wouldn't be breathing
out of his neck right now!
Give me that cane.
Stop! Just stop!
Marshal! Marshal!
Stop it!
We thought he was dead.Honest.
I don't know how
he could have survived.
I told you we should have gone
down there and made sure.
Aw, shut up, both of ya!
Y'all should have known better
than let him get away
with something like this!
Why the hell am I
even paying you?
Now, which one
of you girls seen him?
Well, we both did.
He have a gun?
I don't know. It happened
so fast, all I saw was blood.
did you see if he had a gun?
I-I don't...
I don't know.
Now, think hard. It's important
you say the right thing.
People's lives
are depending on it.
I don't know, marshal, honest.
All right. Harris.
Get over to the jailhouse,
lock up all the guns,
and get up on the roof
with a rifle.
Now, if we're lucky,
he's not armed.
But if he is, it's gonna get
worse before it gets better.
Now, Gilly, you make sure you
get them girls someplace safe.
And, tubby, you come with me.
Why do I have to stay
with the women?
You almost got us
all killed today.
Now, I would appreciate it
if you didn't act
on every idiotic thought
that comes into your mind
and just do what I say
from now on.
We don't know
if this man is deranged.
We don't know what he's done.
Anybody could be next, including
the women, so get them safe.
Now! Get!
Marshal, what about Roy?
We don't have time
to dig a hole.
Let's just let him soak.
Now, if he's out there
and he's got a gun,
most likely one of us
is gonna take a bullet.
And since I've already been
shot in this life,
I think you oughta go first.
Why do we have to go out there?
Because you don't run from
battle with a man like this.
Hesitation'll get you killed.
It's the stick or the whip.
Either way, I wanna a fightin'
and I got a shotgun
waiting for me in the jailhouse,
and I intend to use it.
So you go from door to door,
and you make sure he
ain't hiding out with anybody.
Now, we gotta move fast.
We ain't gonna wait here to die.
We're gonna take it to him.
Do you understand what I mean?
Yes, sir.
Now, you be careful
'cause you're a big target.
Gilly, why is this happening?
God, that man,
he was covered in blood.
Looked like he had
on red gloves.
Why would he do that?
Poor Roy.
Poor Roy. He didn't deserve this.
He didn't...
Be quiet.
I need to think right now.
And you are grinding down my
ears with all of your babbling.
My babbling? My babbling?
Gilly, he almost
took Roy's head off.
I know, Ellen.
I saw.
I looked down his throat.
But you going on and on about it
ain't helping me
sort any of this out.
You're gonna kill him, right?
You and others?
I mean, he can't get away
with this. He can't.
Ellen, what did I just say?
Or maybe he's gone.
Maybe he killed Roy
and he just moved on.
Yeah. Yeah. We don't know for
sure that he's even still here.
He's not moving on.
They killed his dog.
That's why he's back.
That's why Roy's dead.
He's not going anywhere
until he gets even with all you.
You shouldn't have
done what you done.
How did you know about that?
How did you know about his dog?
You talked to him, didn't you?
Are you helping him?
Mary-Anne, is that what you
were trying to tell me earlier?
You knew this man was coming?
You knew this would happen,
and you didn't say nothin'?
I did say something.
You didn't listen.
Gilly, Gilly, don't!
Shut up, Ellen!
I'm talking to your sister.
Now, are you helping him?
You answer me.
Are you helping him?
No. He didn't want my help.
But I would have, though.
Gilly, Gilly! No!
Ellen, get off of me.
I should shoot
the both of you right now,
but I need all the
fucking bullets that I have
in this gun
for that asshole out there.
So you lie there and you ache.
And you lie there and you bleed.
But the both of you,
please shut up.
All clear now. And just move on
down the line like I said.
And do it quick '&cause I'll be
right behind you.
And you're sweatin' a lot.
You all right?
You're not gonna pass out
on me or nothin', are you?
No, sir.
I just sweat sometimes
on account of my biology.
Shoot '&em. Shoot '&em both.
I'm real sorry for what we done.
I told Gilly,
but he just wouldn't listen.
He ain't reasonable
when he's like that.
But you remember though, right?
You remember I didn't wanna
do this to you.
Shoot 'em or I'll shoot you.
On a count of three now.
Yes, sir.
You can do this.
Yes, sir.
Move straight out.
Yes, sir.
All right. One...
Yes, sir.
Go. Go!
I don't wanna...
No. What are you doin'?
That's tubby, goddamn it.
Don't shoot! What the...
Tubby, ya hit?
Shoot them now.
They're getting away.
Shoot them!
Come on, get up!
I can't.
I don't wanna die.
Look I don't wanna die neither.
Get up!
I can't.
I can't shoot them.
I know there's not a
lot of dignity in this,
but I have a daughter
I'd like to see again.
But I don't suppose that I will.
Get away from the window.
He's still on the roof.
We can trap him.
You move in front
of the building.
I'll cut him off in the back.
But we gotta move fast.
This is our only chance.
We can't blow it.
Did I get ya?
I'm not here for you, marshal.
I'm here for the men
who killed my dog.
Shit. Goddammit, Gilly.
Well, I didn't know about that.
But I can't allow this to go on.
Now, I wouldn't be
much of a father if i...
If I let you kill my son.
And I wouldn't be
much of a... a marshal if I
let you kill anyone else.
Well, if you get in my way,
I'm gonna take you down.
Yeah, I suppose you will.
Well, the feeling's mutual.
Tubby, how long does it take you
to get your fat ass
around that building?
I'm coming to get ya.
I'm coming to get ya.
That's it.
I'm going out there.
No. No. No, you
can't leave us here.
The hell I can't. He's not
after you. He's after me.
She said it.
You remember?
He's crazy.
And the marshal told you
to protect us.
And I'm your fianc. You don't
just up and leave your fianc.
Ellen, right now I wouldn't care
if you were the tip of my dick!
I am going out there.
You forget
about what my dad said
because he doesn't
care about either of you.
He just doesn't think that
I can handle it on my own.
But I'm gonna end it,
and I am gonna prove
to him what I am capable of.
Now you get away from the door
before I put
another hole in you.
I'm pregnant.
Please don't leave
me alone here.
I can't lose you.
I can't have this baby
all by myself.
Um, I need you.
Do you honestly think...
That now is the right time
for this conversation?
Are you seriously bringing
this up right now?
There is a man outside
who is systematically trying
to kill everyone that I know,
including my father,
and you've decided that now
is a good time to tell me
that you are pregnant?
Gilly. Gilly.
Ellen! Stop talking.
The worst thing
that you could do right now
is to say another word.
Let him go, Ellen.
He wants to die, let him.
Know what? Maybe I can
spare one more bullet.
No, no please.
Please, Gilly, don't.
I love you, I love you, I'm just so scared.
I'm scared, please.
There is no denying that
the two of you are related.
You truly are pathetic.
Both of you.
What the hell's wrong with you?
Couldn't you hear me
yellin' out there,
waitin' for your fat ass
to get around the building?
Get away from the window!
How many times I gotta tell you?
It's Harris's face.
It's gone.
His whole face is gone.
What are we gonna tell
his wife and kid?
How are we gonna tell '&em
he got no face no more?
And Roy, he's up there
pruning in a tub
of his own blood.
I can't do this, marshal.
I'm sorry.
I just can't.
It's a lot to take. I didn't
know it would be like this.
All right, now, tubby...
Stop calling me tubby! I don't
wanna be called that anymore.
I'm not even that fat!
Y'all act like all I do is
sit around eating all day.
I don't! I work!
And I eat less than y'all.
This is just the way
god made me.
And I accept that.
But if I'm gonna die here today,
I am not gonna be called tubby.
I mean it!
Now look, I will call you
whatever you want
if we just get through this.
But please.
My name is Lawrence.
All right, Lawrence. Larry,
please, for the love of god,
get away from
the goddamn window!
Fuck! Son of a bitch!
Marshal! This doesn't have
to concern you.
You don't have to die today.
But you're gonna have to
have a real good, long think
about where you
stand from here on out.
Come on, come on, come on,
you cocksucker.
Just let me see your face.
All right. I'm beat.
Let's talk.
But if I come out, are you gonna
talk, or are you gonna shoot?
I'm prepared for both.
Well that doesn't make
me feel comfortable.
Well, you got a gun, marshal?
You know I do.
Better leave it behind.
Well if I come out unarmed,
how do I know you won't shoot?
Well, you don't.
What better option you got?
Well, I can see your point.
No gun.
No gun.
What the hell is he doing?
Where's your son?
I don't know.
But I just don't
want anyone else hurt.
Now you gotta know
that this is a deeply
embarrassing moment for me.
But I'm doing the right
thing by surrendering
and I, and I hope that
you do the same.
I wasn't planning on it.
Now look, I know my son
and the others have...
Have done ya wrong.
And I know you want my boy dead.
But that... that ain't gonna
bring your dog back
no more than
I could re-grow my leg.
So let's stop the killing and,
and let's be reasonable.
That how you run this town?
Well now, now you don't know
nothin' about that.
This town needs me.
This town wouldn't be
standing here without me.
These people need a leader.
Now, they don't always like it,
but they can't
survive without it.
Now you oughta remember that,
Now, come on.
Leaders are chosen, marshal.
You ain't given nobody a choice.
Your son...
He killed my dog.
So now...
I ain't got no choice.
All right, enough talking dad!
Whoa, whoa, now hey!
No! I said I got it,
and you get out of the way!
No, stand back, Gilly!
Now, both of ya'll put
your guns down.
Now that's enough is enough!
You're just saying that
because he's got you beat.
He thinks he won,
but he ain't won shit,
not while I'm still here.
Gilly! Put your guns down!
No, he'll shoot me!
He won't shoot you.
Now look,
we can stop all of this.
No, he killed Roy and
then he killed Harris,
then killed tubby and I'm not
gonna let him get away with it.
He's gotta die for what he did!
He does not have to die.
Nobody's got to die.
Now look I'm beggin' ya,
don't shoot my son.
The time for beggin' is over.
Now's the time for prayin'.
Well, don't worry, dad.
Everything is under control.
You just step away.
Gilly, can i... just let me talk
to him. Just let me talk to him.
No. We're done talkin'.
You all saw what he did.
He did this!
He killed him!
This is all his fault!
And anyone
who helps that man
is as good as dead!
Now, where the fuck are you?
Where the fuck are you?
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
Oh. Shit.
What do you say we get
out of here, huh?
Give me a second.
Where are you?
I know you're in here.
Now, you show your
face you coward.
Why did you kill my dog?
Why would you do that?
Let me go!
Why would you hurt
my dog? Huh? Huh?
No! No! No!
Stop, please,
I don't wanna be dead.
Please, god!
I don't want to die!
Please get off of me.
I told you I could help you.
Gilly! Gilly, where are you?
Through this holy anointing,
may the lord,
in his love and his mercy,
help you with the grace
of the holy spirit.
May the lord saves us free.
You ought to stick around
a while this time, father.
We could all use
a little saving.
It's okay. I got you.
Let's just get inside.