In a Violent Nature (2024) Movie Script

[Ominous music playing]
[Footsteps walking]
-Yo, check this out.
-What is that?
-A necklace or something.
-Looks like gold.
Maybe it's here for a reason.
-Oh, yeah?
What reason, Colt?
-I don't know.
This whole place freaks me out.
-Well, we are in the middle
of a graveyard after all.
-Oh, don't start
with your crap, Ehren.
-What, you guys never heard
of the White Pine slaughter?
-The what?
-The White Pine slaughter.
I thought that was
the whole reason we were here.
-Ehren, we're not in the mood
for your shit today.
Fine. Whatever. I'm leaving.
Seriously, though, he's right.
We should probably get back.
-Yeah. I figure we got,
like, 20 minutes
before Brodie claims
all the girls for herself.
-Right. 'Cause you'd be
rolling in it
if she wasn't there, right?
-Hey, those girls from
the gas station
seemed pretty into me.
-They were not flirting.
They were terrified.
-Hey, Troy, you coming?
[Birds chirping]
[Bubbling continues]
[Bubbling continues]
[Rustling continues]
[Rustling continues]
[Chains clang]
[Birds chirping]
[Chirping continues]
[Flies buzzing]
[Horn honking]
[Buzzing continues]
[Honking continues]
[Honking continues]
-You want to be tough?
You got 15 seconds before
I come back with the sheriff.
[Honking continues]
[Honking continues]
-Jesus Christ.
Got no patience for a man
to pinch off a piece?
-Tough shit, Chuck.
-I think that's what I was
just trying to do.
-I told you what would happen
the next time I found
one of your fucking
animal traps in that park.
-I've never seen those
before in my life.
-When you first moved here,
I said,
"You know,
I'm gonna be neighborly,
give you the benefit
of the doubt."
But you are fucking
testing me, boy!
-Jesus, man.
You got to lighten up.
Come on inside.
Take a load off.
I'll buy you a beer.
-There are people
in the park, Chuck.
Got college kids
just coming for the weekend.
If they step in one of these,
then what?
-I gotta go.
-So I go back there, I'm not
gonna find any more of these.
-You go in that fucking barn,
you might not find
your way out again, boy.
-Are you threatening
an officer of the law, Chuck?
-Don't play tough with me,
Your authority ends right there
at them trees.
-I'm not gonna ask you again.
You stay out of that park.
Or one of these days,
you're gonna find something
that's gonna walk.
right through your traps.
And trust me, you don't want
to find that out.
That's a threat.
-Are you threatening me?
-Stay out of the park.
-I know my rights, Ranger.
You step one foot
on this property again
and all my rifles
will blow you a kiss goodbye.
-If I see you in the park again,
I'm coming back
with the sheriff.
-Oh, yeah. That's what you need,
you coward.
Another man to do
your dirty work.
Get the fuck out of here!
Take out the trash
while you're at it.
[Mumbling indistinctly]
Soft cock, motherfucker.
[Birds chirping]
-Lane reduction to continue
into the afternoon.
Those who need to travel
along Highway 427
west of Kennedale are
encouraged to find a detour.
Today marks the 135th day
since North Fort Steel
and Milford Haven
has closed its doors.
And John Gibbs,
president of UVS107,
is appealing to Mayor
Joe Mancini for help.
Gibbs met with the mayor
last night
to discuss the possibility
of utilizing
the city's
Emergency Measures Act
to provide relief
for the hundreds
of laid-off steelworkers
in the community.
Gibbs says...
-This was your mother's, John.
I want you to have it.
That way, it will always be
with you no matter what happens.
You'll always be
our little boy, John.
-The school board
has announced their plans
to amalgamate their
intermediate secondary school
into the newly designated...
[Glass bottle clinks]
...over the last 10 years has
made the continued operation
of both buildings feasible.
The new school is scheduled
to open this fall.
[Rifle cocks]
In sports, it looks like
the Milford Haven Rangers
will once again conclude
a hard-fought season in defeat.
Coming up...
-You son of a bitch.
I told you what would happen
if you came back here.
You were gonna make me
fucking do this,
you stupid son of --
What the fuck?!
[Yelling indistinctly]
What do you want?
Say something!
I didn't do anything to you.
Get away!
Get away!
Leave me alone!
Help me!
Oh! Jesus Christ!
Oh, no!
What do you want?!
[Chain clanging]
Don't fucking touch me.
I didn't do anything to you.
I did nothing to you.
Get away from me!
I didn't do anything to you!
-It happened
at Townline Storage
at approximately
2:15 last evening.
Thieves making off
with various pieces
of medical equipment
being stored at that facility
from Portlock
General Hospital.
Anyone with information on this
or any other incident
are encouraged to call
the Kennedale Police
Department's tip line
at 248-3245
or through e-mail at tips
Good news for campers
and outdoor adventurers
this weekend.
[Birds chirping]
[Flies buzzing]
[Buzzing continues]
[Engine revving]
[People cheering]
[Gunshots in distance]
[Indistinct conversations]
-Which one? In there?
-[Laughs] Yeah.
[Music playing softy]
-Jesus Christ.
-Okay, you two. We get it.
Your dicks are fucking huge,
and you're not compensating
for anything.
-You don't get shit, baby.
But keep it up.
You'll get it later.
-What, are you hiding
a wedding ring somewhere
or something?
It's behind my zipper.
-Wow. My boyfriend,
ladies and gentlemen.
You can't help but think that's
his actual wedding proposal.
-Nothing but the best
for my girl!
When you said behind my zippers,
does that mean the ring
is on your dick?
As in your dick
is the size of Kris's finger?
-Yeah, like,
sometimes it gets that big.
My girl's pretty funny.
Isn't she, Colt?
-You're a lucky man, Troy.
-Hey, can I get that lighter
off you, bud?
[Music continues]
Smoked a bug.
-You good?
-Yeah, I'm good.
-Cough it up.
Hey, what were you
talking about earlier?
-What was that?
-The slaughter thing.
-Oh, the White Pine slaughter?
-Wait, wait. A slaughter?
Like a murder?
-Yeah. My uncle used
to live around here.
He told me the whole thing.
All the locals know about it,
but they'll never talk about it.
-Come on, then, Soft Serve.
What's the story?
-Well, my uncle said
it all started
with this slow kid named Johnny.
-A slow kid.
What does that mean?
-You know. Slow.
-So what?
The kid didn't win a race
and then a slaughter happened?
I don't get it.
-He was mentally hindered.
-No. Hindered doesn't
sound right.
It sounds like there's
another word maybe for that.
-You know what the word
is, asshole.
-Why don't you just say it?
-No, don't say it.
Aurora is filming you.
-Oh, so you're gonna
cancel me. Cool.
-Okay. Cancel culture
doesn't exist,
you fucking ableist.
-Cancel culture does exist
because I'm canceling
storytime, you fucks.
-Oh, my God.
-Fuck off, Ehren.
Just tell us
the goddamn story.
-You guys really want
to hear it?
-Come on,
tell the fucking story.
-Are you sure?
-Yes! Tell the fucking story!
Buckle up.
So, like, 70 years ago,
everywhere, 100 miles
in every direction
was leased out
by this logging company.
And everything was way
more remote back then.
So they would set up
shops in the camp
and sell shit like razors
and soap to the loggers,
but they would jack up
the prices like a motherfucker.
Johnny's dad was the guy
that ran these stores
and they hated him for it.
And they used to take out
their anger on Johnny.
It all came to a head one day
when one of the drunk loggers
tripped and broke his ankle
on one of Johnny's toy cars.
He was out of work for months.
They would blame Johnny for it.
So they decided
to teach him a lesson.
They told Johnny
they found a bag of toys
and that he should meet them
at the old fire tower.
So Johnny snuck out camp
at night,
an eager and keen
and naive as he was,
he climbed up
the top of the tower.
But there were no toys.
Just one of the men in a creepy
old firefighter's mask
waiting to scare him.
And he did.
Johnny fell from the tower.
His neck snapped as soon
as it hit the ground
and the men freaked out.
So they put one of
the firefighter masks on him
to make it look like he was
playing up there by himself
and tripped and fell.
-So are you saying that was
the same fire tower
from earlier?
-It could be.
Hard to say.
When Johnny's dad found the body
a day later,
he knew those guys
had something to do with it.
So he confronted them in the
mess hall and a fight broke out.
And when the dust settled,
Johnny's dad was dead
and the guy that killed him
claimed self-defense.
And the company
not wanting any issues,
made sure that no charges
were laid.
-Well, I mean,
a dead father and son
ain't really much
of a slaughter, Ehren.
-Well, that happened
a week later.
-So what happened next?
-A couple of the execs
from the company
showed up to the camp
and every single person
was dead.
Huge fucking lumberjacks
torn to pieces.
After a healthy donation
from the company,
they paid off the widows,
closed up shop
and the police ruled it as
a poisoning from tainted meat.
And they said a bunch of animals
got in and tore up the bodies.
One of the policemen said
he saw a guy
watching in the woods
with a mask.
They still don't know
who did it,
but some say it was
the man in the mask.
Some say it was Johnny's spirit
trying to get revenge.
Some say it was both.
[Music continues]

-Good story.
Good goddamn story.
I was on the edge of my seat
the entire time.
My nails --
they're bitten to shreds.
-Fuck off.
It was a good story.
All true, too.
Swear on my uncle.
-Uh, fuck your uncle.
He's a pedo.
-It doesn't count
if I forgave him.
-You're fucked.
-You guys want to hear about
the park rangers
that died here
10 years ago?
-I think we're good for tonight.
-Hey, Brodie was
the one asking for it.
-You know what?
The bugs are getting bad.
I think we should go in.
-Sounds good to me.
-[Imitates whip crack]
-Wait, wait, wait.
-Nope. Going inside.
-No, I need everyone.
-How long is it gonna take
for you to realize
there's no reception out here?
Are you fucking slow?
-Okay. Fuck off. The lighting
here is truly amazing,
so I need everyone
to come behind me.
-Over there?
-Over here, Evan. Get up.
-Come on.
-Okay, Evan.
-Your head's not in the shot.
Three, two, one.
[Camera shutter clicks]
Wait. Let me just
get one without...
[Camera shutter clicks]
-Yeah. Okay.
I'm going in, too.
-And the ciders
in the cooler are mine.
Okay, guys?
-Yeah, we know.
You won't shut the fuck up
about 'em.
-Good. I'm not drinking beer
all weekend
just because
your toxic masculinity...

-You're welcome.
[Door closes]


-I'm gonna change into something
a bit more comfy.
-Oh, really?
-Would you like a hand?
-You know earlier tonight?
You kind of upset me
out there,
whether you were
talking about me.
-What about you?
-What about me?
-Holding up your finger
and shit.
-Yeah, as a joke.
And everyone was laughing.
-I don't fucking care.
I don't want
to hear this again. Okay?
You already made me
invite your fucked-up friend.
-I told you, he's just
going through something.
-I don't fucking care.
He's bringing everyone down.
Real nice, Troy.
Real nice.

by Peter Landi playing]

-I'm getting tired
Of losing my...
-Do you have a lighter?
[Lighter clicks]
-Where are you going?
-Then why are you
sneaking out the back door?
-It's just a door.
Are you going to meet up
with those gas-station girls?
-It's like a 4-hour walk away.
Are you kidding?
-No, but it's a yes
or no question.
-How desperate do
you think I am?
-I think you're you.
-I'm gonna go take a shit.
Is that all right with you?
-Right. Okay.
But when you get there,
make sure you show them your
really cool cassette player.
Because they'll think
you're from the future.
[Door opens]
-What's going on out here?
-Ehren's gonna meet
those gas-station girls.
-No fucking way.
-What? You're gonna go ask them
if they need a fill-up?
-Jesus Christ.
I'm gonna go take a shit.
-Yeah. Yeah, sure.
-No, I'm just
a little gas-station girl.
Ehren, can you
please fill me up?
-Me too, Ehren.
I'm just a little
gas-station girl.
I need a fill-up really bad,
but I don't know how.
-Hey, fill me up, Ehren.
-Fill me up, Ehren.
-Ehren, can you fill me up?
Fill me up.
Ehren, fill me up.
Fill me up, Ehren.
Fill me up, Ehren.
-Oh, fuck you!
-Fill me up, Ehren!
-Fill me up, Ehren!
My God.
-Hey, you want to see
a cool spider?
-It's weird but cool.
I found it.
-Is it big and hairy?
-It's bigger than Troy's dick.
-Fuck. Anything's bigger...

[Music fading]
[Insects chirping]
[Lighter clicks]
[Bones breaking]
["Lover Boy" by Techno Westerns
playing on cassette]

-Quick lips
never slowed me down
Keep breathing like
you're gonna get drowned
Missed kisses? Well,
you know where I'm found
Keep wishing but you're never
gonna sound like me

Best make it up while
your brother's still working
A birdie told me you've been
skipping the chores
It's close enough if you
really try squinting
The real thing is
busy winning awards
Oh, lover boy,
you're a really bad copy
You lack in heart and have
a bale for thoughts
That's quite enough, think
it's time to just cut it
Your M.O. matches with the one
in reports

Quick lips
never slowed me down
Keep breathing like
you're gonna get --

[Music slows]

[Singing becomes distorted]

[Glass shatters]
[Distorted music continues]

[Glass shatters]

[Glass shatters]
[Music stops]
[Insects chirping]
[Metal scraping]
[Lights click on]
[Birds chirping, water rushing]
Where are we?
[Indistinct conversation]
[Both giggling]
-It's so beautiful.
-Are you serious?
-Isn't it so gorgeous?
We finally have some time away
from everyone here together.
-Um...what are you doing?
you need to live a little.
-You said that you wanted
to do yoga.
This doesn't look
like yoga to me.
-It looks a lot like swimming.
Doesn't it?
[Water splashes]
Come on.
The water's great.
-I dressed for yoga.
I'm not getting this stuff wet.
-Take it off, then.
There's no one around for miles.
-Did you really think
this was gonna work?
-This whole thing
that you're doing.
-I don't know.
It's worth a try, isn't it?
-Oh, was it?
-Hey. No.
What? Really?
-Yeah, really.
-Come on.
You know we had
something back there.
-I didn't say we didn't.
-So what's all this, then?
-If you want to make a move,
make a move.
Just don't waste my time
with this high-school bullshit.
-Well, that's good news,
because I hated high school
and it was my move.
-Take it easy there, tiger.
You blew your chance this time.
-Uh, sorry.
What's going on here, then?
Am I missing something?
-I'm still gonna go
to the lookout
to stretch myself out
a little bit.
Why don't you come find me
when you're done with your swim
and maybe you can stretch me
out a little more?
-No. You're full of surprises,
aren't you?
-Don't wear yourself out
in there.
[Birds chirping]
[Twig snaps]
-I was wondering when you were
finally gonna show.
You sure took your time, though.
[Knife plunges]
[Flies buzzing]
[Birds chirping]
-Don't you even care?
-You're freaking out
over nothing.
Okay? We all know
Ehren went to see
those gas-station girls.
Brodie and Aurora are probably
just off fucking.
-Something's not right, Troy,
and you know it.
Let's just go to the cops
and file a police report
or something.
-We're not going anywhere.
-Fine. Give me the keys.
I'll go.
-Yeah. You want these?
Go fucking get them.
-What's your problem?!
-Did you seriously
just do that?
-Did you see where they went?
-Yeah. Yeah. Um...
I think they're over here.
-Happy hunting, big guy.
-No, don't touch me.
-Be reasonable for once, Troy.
I mean, what about the guy
in the photo?
-What fucking guy?
It was just a shitty photo.
Dirt on the fucking lens
or something.
-No, it wasn't dirt,
and you know it.
-Where the fuck
do you think you're going?
Oh, you think
you can drive that thing?
Okay, look, I'm sorry
Colt's dead dad fucked him up.
But he doesn't get to kill
my whole fucking weekend, too.
-What the fuck did you just say?
[Plastic crunching]
-What are you gonna do
with that, huh, tough guy?
You think we're crazy?
You think there wasn't
anyone else in that picture?
Well, look at this!
I found it on the ground
out there!
-There's shit like that
all over the fucking place here.
-Something's not right, man.
Get it through your head!
-Come on, Colt.
There's a ranger station
down the road
with a phone we can use
to call for help.
-You two lovebirds be careful!
-Fuck you, Troy!
[Door opens, closes]
[Horn honking continuously]
-Hey, tough guy!
Want to actually do something?!
Just keep fucking with me!
[Yelling indistinctly]
[Honking continues]
[Honking stops]
What the fuck is this?!
[Yells indistinctly]
[Rifle cocks]
-You okay?
-Did you get him?
-Yeah, I got him.
-Fuck, man!
-What the fuck is that?
-Come on, let's go.
-Oh, shit, man.
-Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
-Look, if you cut through
that -- that deer trail,
we can make it to the main road.
I don't fucking care, man.
Just get me the fuck
out of here!
Stop moving, man.
Jesus Christ.
-It's fine, man. It's fine.
-Shit. Shit.
Come on, man.
-Stop moving!
Let's go.
Come on, man.
Get up.
Oh, my God.
Oh, fuck.
-Pull up. Pull up.
[Ax thuds]
-Ugh. Evan, come on.
Someone help me!
Help me!
[Grunting, groaning]
Fuck no.
Please. Help!
-So he confronted them
in the mess hall
and a fight broke out.
And when the dust settled,
Johnny's dad was dead.
[Engine revving]
-Troy! Evan!
Troy, we gotta fucking go!
Ehren's dead!
Colt, I can't find them
-I think it's blood.
-Kris, look out!
Come on! Hurry!
-Go, go, go, go, go, go!
[Birds chirping]
-This man, is he...
Where'd you get that necklace?
Are you listening?
-Where'd you get that necklace?
-Listen to us!
-Where did you get
that necklace?!
-In the old fire tower!
-Fire tower.
You don't know
what you just did. Okay?
That's his mother's necklace.
It's the only thing
holding his soul at rest.
-Okay, fine, then we'll just
give it back.
-You can't just give it back.
He's awake now.
He's awake.
He's gonna be coming
for all of us.
We have...
-There he is.
[Breathing shakily]
-You remember me?
I remember you.
And I...
I remember
what you did 10 years ago.
I put you in the ground before.
And I'll do it again!
-Is he -- Is he dead?
But it will certainly
slow him down.
Hey, Tom Sawyer.
Go to the shed there.
Grab some chains, okay?
We're gonna wrap him up and
take him to the old fire tower.
It's the only ground
that'll hold him.
-Wait, wait.
So it's -- it's true?
The story about the kid,
the one who massacred everyone
at the logging camp?
-It's mostly true.
Not all of it.
There was one survivor.
[Rifle cocks]
My father.
He put this monster down before.
You know, I never believed him
when he told me the stories.
And then...
Then Johnny got up
10 years later.
And he killed the people
that I cared about.
So I did what my dad did.
And I put him in the ground.
This time,
I'll make sure he stays there.
Hurry up!
Start wrapping his feet,
and then we'll get his hands.
I got him.
-I can't.
-Okay. Take the chains,
put them there.
Now, on the count of three,
I'm gonna pass
this gun to you. Okay?
Stop shaking.
Get out of here now!
-We have to get out of here.
-No, we have to do something.
-Come on, come on, come on.
Forget about it! Let's go!
-Come on! Come on!
Take this.
-Go, go!
[Bones cracking, flesh tearing]
[Motor running]
[Whimpering softly]
[Chains clanging]
[Metal creaking]
[Metal screeching]
[Metal screeching]
[Insects chirping]
Come and get us!
We're right here!
Come on!
What are you waiting for?!
-[Whispering] He sees us.
Oh, my God, he sees us.
-[Whispering] Shh!
You got to keep quiet!
-No, no, no. Wait, wait.
Where are you going?
-I've got to distract him.
You go to the fire tower
and set up the trap.
I'll lead him there.
It's the only way to stop him.
I'll be back, I promise.
I won't let
anything happen to you.
-Colt. Colt, no.
-Come on, you ugly son
of a bitch! We're right --
[Ax thudding]
[Thudding continues]
[Thudding continues]
[Insects chirping,
animals screeching]
[Chirping and screeching
[Animal squeaking]
[Thudding continues]
[Animals screeching loudly]
[Thudding continues]
[Breathing raggedly]
[Grunting softly]
[Birds chirping]
[Bird calls]
[Vehicle approaching]
Hey! Hey!
Hey, stop! Stop!
Stop! Stop!

-Oh, my God!
What the hell happened to you?!
[Conversation muffled]
What happened?!
What happened?!
Hey, lady, come on.
You okay?
-You okay?
-You're okay? You need a hand?
-Just take it as best you can.
We'll get you
to the hospital real quick.
You're alright.
Let's go.
[Speaks indistinctly]
Let's get you going.
You'll be okay.
[Engine starts]
[Classical music playing]

You're gonna be alright.

Hey, honey.
Can you look at me?
You got to answer me
when I talk to you, okay?
Just so I know you're with me.
-Just tired.

-You were, um, limping
up the road back there.
-Just fell.

Sorry, I, uh,
I don't have any water.
Just coffee.

Can you, uh,
tell me what happened
to you back there?
Just in case I have to answer
some questions at the hospital.

-It was an animal.
What kind of animal?

You're gonna be okay.
You are.
You are.
Hey. You made it out okay,
didn't you?
No missing pieces.
Heck, you even walked out
by yourself.
You're gonna be okay.
Trust me.
I've seen people come out
of there a lot worse than that.
They made it through just fine.
Right as rain.
-You've seen worse, huh?
-Brother was a game warden.
Got mauled by a bear
30 years ago.
Real bad.
Real bad.
His office got a call
from a hunter who came upon
a couple of deer carcass out
in the woods
out near Portlock.
Bobby took the call.
Drove his ATV
about an hour or so,
deep into the bush,
where this guy told him.
Looked like something out
of a horror movie or something.
Blood all over the ground.
Black-bear tracks
all dug in the mud.
In the middle of it all was
a fawn and a 10-point buck.
Torn to shreds.
Doing what he does,
Bobby has seen
feeding grounds before.
This one did not
sit right with him.
They didn't look eaten at all.
It's like the bear just up
and left after he killed him.
And that's when Bobby knows
something ain't right
with this bear.
So called it into his office.
Bobby's boss didn't want
to take any chances.
Told him he would
send him some support.
Told Bobby to keep
track of that bear.
So Bobby gets back on his ATV,
goes deep into the forest.
All the while,
he's coming across
fresh kill --
porcupine, partridges
just ripped apart
and left there.
All of a sudden,
it comes to a creek.
So Bobby gets off his ATV,
goes into the water,
comes out the other side.
Tracks are gone.
It's as if the bear
just went downstream
and moved along.
So he's standing there in the
water, reaches for his walkie,
when all of a sudden,
he feels...
digging in the back of his head.
Said it felt like 100
bee stings or something.
It turns out this bear
come up behind him,
chomped on the back of his head,
and pushed him into the creek.
Bobby said it was like
too much going on at once,
like it should have hurt more.
But he didn't feel anything.
I mean, this bear was
eating him alive.
And all Bobby could think of was
getting his face out of water,
but he had a goddamn bear
on his back.
[Chuckles softly]
He laughs when he tells you now.
I guess you get
kind of funny
when you're in
a situation like that.
I'm sorry.
I'm just saying,
Bobby made it out okay.
You'll make it out, too.

-How'd he get out?
he took in too much water
and drowned,
woke up on the side
of the creek,
member of his team doing CPR.
He was only out
for a minute or so.
They airlifted him
to the hospital.
100 stitches later,
he's right as rain.

-What about the bear?
-Don't know.
His team said
that the bear was gone
when they got there.
I guess when Bobby drowned,
the bear figure he killed him
and moved on.
-Who knows.
Bobby says that there
is something in the field
called henhouse disease.
Henhouse syndrome.
Something like that.
It's when coyotes and wolves
and such
just keep killing
everything around 'em.
They don't go back for food
or anything.
They just keep killing.
No reason at all.
Bobby says animals don't get
too hung up on reason.
Well, that's what he says.


-Hey, honey.
Hey, sweetie.
Are you okay?

Hey, honey, can you wake up?
Come on.
Wake up, will you?
Sweetie, come on, wake up.
Sweetie. Come on.
Come on. Let's wake up.
-Why are you stopping?
Why are we stopping?
-I'm sorry, sweetie.
I got to do something
and try to get that leg
to slow down the bleeding.
-Take me to a hospital.
Let's go to the hospital.
Please, please, please, please.
Just take me
to, like, a hospital.
Please, please, please.
-...I know you're scared,
and you went through
something out there,
and I don't pretend
to know what it was,
but I have got to stop
the bleeding in your leg.
-Okay, so let's go.
Let's go, Let's go.
Get in the car,
and we'll go to the hospital.
Please, please.
-Look at me.
I'm gonna wrap this
around your leg.
It's probably gonna hurt
a little bit,
but I'll be as gentle
as I can be.
When I'm done with this,
we'll get back on the road
and we'll get to the hospital.
But I got to do this first.
You okay with that?
[Birds chirping]
[Animal howling]
-Twas early in the spring
when I set out to go
To work up in the woods
in north On-tar-i-o
The unemployment office
said they'd send me through
With the Little Abitibi
and the survey crew
And those black flies,
the little black flies
Always a black fly,
no matter where you go
I'll die with the black fly
picking my bones
In north On-tar-i-o-i-o
In north On-tar-i-o

Well, the man, Black Toby,
was the captain of the crew
He said, "I'm gonna tell
you boys what we're gonna do
They want to build a power
dam, so we must find a way
To make the Little Ab flow
around the other way"
And those black flies,
the little black flies
Always a black fly,
no matter where you go
I'll die with the black fly
picking my bones
In north On-tar-i-o-i-o
In north On-tar-i-o
Bum, bum, bum, bum
So we surveyed to the east,
we surveyed to the west
We tried to make our minds up
just how to do it best
Little Ab, Little Ab,
what shall I do?
I'm all but going crazy
on the survey crew
With those black flies,
the little black flies
Always a black fly,
no matter where you go
I'll die with the black fly
picking my bones
In north On-tar-i-o-i-o
In north On-tar-i-o
Bum, bum, bum, bum
Was black fly, black fly,
black fly everywhere
A-crawling in your whiskers,
a-crawling in your hair
A-swimming in the soup,
a-swimming in the tea
The devil take the black fly
and let me be
With those black flies,
the little black flies
Always a black fly,
no matter where you go
I'll die with the black fly
picking my bones
In north On-tar-i-o-i-o
In north On-tar-i-o
Bum, bum, bum, bum
Well, the bull cook's name
was Blind River Joe
If it hadn't been for him,
we'd have never pulled through
He bound up all our bruises,
and he kidded us for fun
He lathered us with bacon
grease and balsam gum
And those black flies,
the little black flies
Always a black fly,
no matter where you go
I'll die with the black fly
picking my bones
In north On-tar-i-o-i-o
In north On-tar-i-o
Bum, bum, bum, bum
Well, now the work is over,
Black Toby says we're through
With the Little Abitibi
and the survey crew
Twas a wonderful experience,
but this I know
I'll never go again
to north On-tar-i-o
With those black flies,
the little black flies
Always a black fly,
no matter where you go
I'll die with the black fly
picking my bones
In north On-tar-i-o-i-o
In north On-tar-i-o