In Between Seasons (2016) Movie Script

4 years earlier, Daejeon
Bae Jong Ok
Lee Won Gun
Ji Yun Ho
Mom, this is Yong Joon.
Hi, did you eat?
More or less.
I dozed off...
Is Soo Hyun asleep?
Are you hungry?
You want something?
Just a glass of water.
You can pour from that
pitcher there.
Your house is nice.
It's not even ours.
Empty, huh?
Watch some TV
if you can't sleep.
Haven't seen that singer for ages.
She's grown old now.
You should learn to drive.
Do I have to chauffeur you
every time you shop?
I'm so busy with
my handicraft shop.
What's the big deal?
You said you were going,
so I came along!
I hardly ever go to discount marts,
why should I drive?
With your husband away,
you should drive.
Once Soo Hyun goes to university,
I'll ask him.
But he wants to go to Seoul!
At least get your license.
All right, later.
How's your husband?
He's practically a Filipino now.
I don't know, he never calls.
I wouldn't know if he died.
He's fine, I'm sure.
What's with my big sister?
Have you given up?
Did I get cooking oil?
Didn't you decide not to buy it?
No, I forgot.
Isn't it heavy?
Thanks, put it down there.
Soo Hyun never helped me like this,
but someone else's son does.
Our keycode is 8254.
If no one's home, just come in.
How can you tell him
your keycode?
Why not?
He's my son's friend.
Even still.
It's the first time Soo Hyun's
ever brought anyone home.
That's right...
But he looks polite.
I thought he'd be gloomy,
after his mother's suicide.
Such a shame,
leaving behind a son like that.
Depression is a scary thing.
One of our workshop members
had depression.
It was really serious,
like being physically sick.
Hey, isn't that cooking oil?
Good thing I didn't buy it.
When did I get this?
Top Class Study Institute
Hey, were you waiting long?
A little.
Why get undressed
and then dress again?
I didn't put them on in order.
There's a correct order.
See my mother's fashion sense?
What? I like them.
Put them on!
See if they fit.
Don't be silly.
Just put them on,
will you?
Did you really cook this?
What, you think I bought it?
Hey, I can cook well
if I want to.
Is it good?
Well, it's passable.
It's really delicious.
You should live here,
with Mom doing all this.
How did you hurt your wrist?
Is it serious?
You need a new bandage.
He got in a fight
to protect me.
Is that true?
So Yong Joon's a good fighter?
It wasn't like that...
Mom, you believe that?
Isn't my mom clueless?
After you eat,
I'll re-do the dressing.
Mom, is there more?
Get me some.
You're acting differently too!
And much more talkative.
You need to live here,
Yong Joon.
You want more too?
Is the underwear
the right size?
I got one size bigger
than Soo Hyun's, is it too big?
If it is, we'll
wear them together.
Don't be silly.
I'll buy new ones.
This is way too much.
If I eat all this
I'll get fat.
You bought the bus ticket?
Will it take an hour
to get to Cheongju?
It's Chungju, not Cheongju.
About two hours.
That's far,
going back and forth.
Just stay here.
I'll be graduating soon.
And my brother's alone there.
I'll go, then.
Want your aunt to drive you
to the terminal?
No, we'll take a taxi.
Sure, take a taxi then.
It's like you two are moving out.
I'll be off, then.
No need to come out.
Visit often, okay?
Okay. Goodbye...
Sis, why can't I reach him?
Because it's an overseas call?
It's okay, I left a message
so he'll call.
What do the police say?
They'll wrap up for now,
since neither are in a state to talk.
And there's this.
It was picked up at the crash site.
If not Soo Hyun's, it must be his.
Where should I put it?
Over there.
Have house prices gone up
in our area?
Are you kidding?
These days they're falling.
I heard they rose.
Just briefly, last year.
This year they've plunged.
Your place is better than most.
Other areas dropped more.
Does your landlord want to sell?
Now Soo Hyun's in Seoul.
I'm alone in that big place...
Well, it's good your son's
in a good school.
Want me to find you
a place nearby?
Yeah, it's not urgent.
- Let me know later.
- Okay, sure.
Hi, Yong Joon.
You should've started eating.
It'll get cold.
My mom used to cook me
cream sauce pasta.
Must be hard to make.
I guess she was a good cook.
It was the only thing
she cooked well.
I'll learn how to make it,
and cook it when you're on leave.
How long were you in Seoul?
I just saw Soo Hyun briefly
and came back.
How is he?
Super busy, right?
He doesn't even call.
He's busy with final exams,
so I only stayed for a day.
You going alone tomorrow?
Want to go together?
It's okay,
my brother will take me.
I heard friends can do their
military service together.
I wish you and Soo Hyun
could enlist together later.
Thank you.
You don't need to thank me.
Write me letters,
I'll answer you.
You'll be late, go on.
Bye, then.
Good luck!
Operating Room
Let me hug you once
before you go.
Forget it.
Come here, you.
See you, I'll call.
I'm going!
Are you crying?
Silly, aren't I?
I used to make fun of mothers
who cry when their sons enlist.
And now I'm one of them.
He's not going to die,
why am I crying?
I was fine before.
But now that
I've left him behind...
Look over here.
Stop it,
I'm embarrassed!
You're good-looking,
you know?
It's great.
And you call me a pervert!
Why are you shooting there?
Will the food spill back there?
Should we bring it up front?
That's okay.
Did I prepare too much?
He won't be able to eat it all.
If there's extra,
I'll eat it.
He kept telling me
not to bother coming.
Maybe I should've not come.
Soo Hyun said that?
That's bad.
But that's just talk.
He'll be so happy to see you.
Soldiers want to see girlfriends
Who would want
an old woman like me?
I was really jealous of guys
whose moms visited.
Last time,
he had lost weight.
I wonder
if he gained it back.
The unit where he serves
must be tough.
Don't worry,
things will be easier for him.
Let's turn on some music.
What's popular these days?
I don't really listen to
popular music.
How about the radio?
Where should I push?
Is it this button?
Oh, do you want to hear
Soo Hyun singing?
Just a minute.
Leave me,
stop hovering by my side...
This is my son's voice?
That's him on the guitar?
Wow, I can't believe it.
He's a good singer.
Soo Hyun!
Good morning!
Wow, that's impressive.
How have you been?
Fine, but why are you so thin?
No I'm not.
You look younger.
Come on, Yong Joon!
Come on!
Wow, even the pizza's good!
Eat this too,
it'll go down easier.
I'm so happy.
How is it here?
Well, it's fine.
Make a lot of friends?
Yeah, everyone likes me.
I'll wait for you there.
Yong Joon, are you done?
Yes, I finished checking
the goods stocked today,
and prepared the rest
to be shipped next week.
Wow, that's the spirit!
You work harder than anyone.
I was full of energy too
when I was his age.
We're going for a drink,
join us!
I have an important
appointment tonight...
What appointment, a date?
You should treat us on your payday.
If you don't go, neither will I.
Just stay for a little while.
- Let's go!
- Okay!
You're late on purpose, right?
How'd you guess?
I told you to wear
something nice!
This is my favorite shirt.
Well, at least
your face is pretty.
Let's go.
Are we going somewhere?
I'm gonna take you
someplace nice.
Hey, long time no see.
So you went clubbing
every day instead of studying.
Everybody knows you.
I just go to dance.
I've got high standards.
I'm not going anywhere.
Don't worry, okay?
Can I open that?
What did you buy?
Something small,
I didn't know what to get.
No present for me?
What the heck?
That's it?
Nice, huh?
It was nice.
You're out of control...
Don't you have to go back?
You're going to be late!
Leave me alone...
I need sleep.
Look at your face!
What did you do in Seoul
to get so hung over?
Drinking during your entire break.
Yong Joon bought you this
with his first paycheck.
Oh my, he can't be
earning very much.
Tell him to come
for dinner sometime.
You tell him.
He's busy trying to earn money.
Sleeping again?
Get up, will you?
Fine, just sleep.
I give up.
It's not my problem.
I'm at the hospital.
I'll be going now.
Have a good weekend.
Good work, Yong Joon.
You've been grinning all day.
Going somewhere?
I'm going traveling
with a friend.
Oh, a girlfriend!
Where to?
Somebody's lucky.
It's a guy friend, we're celebrating
his discharge at the beach.
Going with guys is no fun.
Well, local procurement
is an option.
Come on!
Have fun.
See you on Monday.
Have a wild weekend!
It's the sea.
Yes it is!
After craving the ocean so much,
there's not much to it.
I dreamed about it too.
You know how hard it was
to get here?
I guess you shouldn't
paint a picture in your head.
This beach isn't good enough?
You unsatisfied?
No! This is good.
This is the right place.
The sea is the sea.
Shall I write your name in the sand?
Or play hide and seek?
Why don't you just
jump in the water?
Want to go in?
No, what's with you?
Don't you dare!
All right.
You're such a chicken.
Let's go, then.
What did you wear today?
Something nice?
No underwear.
You pervert!
And you?
What did you wear?
What was it?
There's a poem I read
in the army.
After being in a few car accidents,
whenever he's in a car,
if it speeds up, he wonders
what underwear he's wearing.
Because if he dies in an accident,
people will see his underwear.
He'd worry about that.
What, that's a poem?
The title was,
After I die, the underwear...
He sounds just like you.
What's with you?
You're being naughty today.
- That's ticklish, stop!
- Oh, come on.
I'm driving!
Hey it's nice,
come on in!
You coward!
Come back!
Let's go home.
Just a bit deeper, okay?
It's really warm!
Soo Hyun!
Soo Hyun!
What's wrong?
A bad dream?
- I dreamt that you...
- It's unlucky to say it.
Don't tell me,
just sell it to me.
They say nightmares are lucky.
God, I'm tired.
Yong Joon!
I'll drive.
Take a rest.
It's okay.
You've been driving all day.
Didn't sleep much
last night either.
I'll do it.
You said you were sleepy.
I asked for it strong.
You always say
coffee makes your heart race.
We're not far
from the expressway.
I doubt there's much traffic.
The meat here is fantastic.
My stomach is bursting
but I keep reaching for more.
Pigging out like that
will make you fat!
If you're gonna eat,
enjoy it.
Menopausal women like us
need more meat, not less.
Right? You see?
Hey, how about some karaoke
before we head back?
Leave me out.
Things are tense at home
because of my son.
What, did he get
in trouble again?
Don't mention it.
That little punk is screaming
about getting a motorcycle.
He and his father...
You have no idea.
My god,
not a motorcycle!
That's one of three things
a son must never tell his mom.
Mom, I wanna be a monk, and
Mom, I want a motorcycle.
Don't ever let him!
You want him to get paralyzed?
Better to buy him a car!
That's what I said.
Yes? Just a moment,
I can't hear.
Then what's the other thing
a son shouldn't tell his mom?
You don't know?
- You either?
- I don't know.
Oh, everyone knows that!
Oh, yuck!
Miss, another portion of meat
and one beer!
Where are you going?
What's with her?
Hey, what's wrong?
Don't ask why,
but please lend me some money.
I really need it, okay?
Why bring that up now?
Forget it.
No, I won't call again
so don't worry.
I'm not going to change,
so pretend I don't exist.
With young patients, it's possible
for the prognosis to improve,
but it's hard to say
what his chances are.
But he looks fine...
You say he's a vegetable?
It's called
a diffuse brain injury.
He looks the same to us, but
his brain suffered a major impact.
I wouldn't be too hopeful,
but don't despair either.
For now,
let's see how things...
All the time you say
let's wait and see,
but he's lying there
in that state...
Would it help to move him
to a major hospital in Seoul?
If you want to that's fine,
but in the long term,
what you need to worry about
are complications like pneumonia.
Did you eat lunch?
Let's eat something.
I don't feel like it,
you go.
You need to eat something
to keep up your strength.
They say it's not so bad.
What the hell
kind of driver is he?
Do you know the guy
who was with him?
Can't you... wrap things up there
and come back to Korea?
If I come back,
then what will we do?
Thank you for the hospital fee.
I'll pay it back for sure.
What will happen
to Soo Hyun?
I'll deal with that.
Have a good life.
I'll come visit.
No, you don't need to.
You make me uncomfortable,
you know?
I'd rather
you didn't call anymore.
Yong Joon, over here!
Mr. Lee and the others
didn't come?
Everyone was busy with
work and appointments.
You hungry?
Let's eat something first.
Relax, we're almost the same age.
No need to be formal.
You drink well.
So you like drinking?
If you feel like drinking,
call me.
We can still see each other.
Drinking buddies!
How are things at the office?
The new guy is nothing special,
so everyone misses you.
But anyway,
don't you have a girlfriend?
You finished the military,
this is the best time for you.
I'm seeing someone.
Really?, so you have someone...
What is she doing
these days?
Staying in the hospital.
A nurse?
No, a patient.
Want another drink?
Another bottle over here, please!
Just a little...
Will you stay
just a little longer?
He has a girlfriend?
Yeah, he's crazy about her.
I can barely stand
to watch them.
It feels like she stole my son.
What will I do when he marries?
He says he'll sell
the motorcycle.
All my pleading was no use,
but one word from her...
I can't believe it.
A motorcycle's okay
if you drive it safely.
Just let him do
what he wants.
What if he gets in
an accident?
These are so sweet,
try some.
They are sweet.
Should I let my son try it?
He loves pears.
Tell him to wake up
and try one.
What did your husband say
about moving hospitals?
I told him to go to the Philippines
and not come back.
What would my son want?
Well, try asking him.
You try it.
Soo Hyun, you want to stay here,
or go somewhere else?
It's time to wake up, okay?
What's that?
The hospital fee
that you paid for me.
How is Soo Hyun?
- If there's any way I can help...
- No, there's nothing.
I'll take this,
but don't come back.
We don't owe each other
anything, okay?
- Did I do anything wrong?
- You know...
It's hard for me
just to see your face.
Not because of what
happened to Soo Hyun.
Even if he wakes up,
I'll feel the same.
Then I'll just see
him a second.
No, you can't.
This is yours, right?
This is even more gorgeous!
Why are you shooting that?
Give it back!
You can't sleep?
If you want, take the bed.
I'll sleep down there.
Who are you?
Isn't this Soo Hyun's?
Is that who lived here before?
We moved in not long ago.
Do you know
where they went?
No, we don't know...
We don't know!
Come on, go inside.
Wow, so pretty,
where did you buy him those?
But why do you change
his underwear so regularly?
And such colorful underwear
at that?
I should dress him well,
my good-looking son.
He's lucky...
How nice to be young,
with a body like that.
My old man was quite handsome
in his youth.
The facility is nicer
than I thought.
Good view, clean air...
How long will you stay
this time?
I'll have to see.
I can't stay long.
Need to go when my work's done.
Can't you move back?
And the hospital fees?
You can look for work here.
You know that's not easy.
When I finish there,
the situation should improve.
How much money
do you have?
How much do you need?
Can you afford alimony?
I know everything, so...
Let's just divorce.
I'm sorry.
I was going to tell you before,
but with Soo Hyun...
That's enough, don't tell me
it's because of Soo Hyun.
Going on like this
will make it harder.
I'll take responsibility
for Soo Hyun.
Hospital fees and such.
What's your plan for the future?
What do you mean?
Don't you need
some counter-plan?
For your sake.
What's my counter-plan?
You talk like a stranger.
How much should I ask for?
I told him I want a lot.
Don't do that.
It's not good for you.
And of course he'll pay
the hospital fees.
Why don't you
think things over?
But it's so unfair.
What did I do wrong?
I thought I had been
a good person.
It's not your fault.
I'm sorry to Soo Hyun,
for not raising him well enough.
What do you mean?
You did raise him well.
Honestly, is there anything
wrong with him?
He's not bad at school like my son,
or a troublemaker.
No, I didn't know him.
He's my son,
so I thought I knew everything.
What, there's something
you didn't know?
There is.
When I look at his face,
so many emotions run through me.
More than I've
ever felt before.
You found him?
You're sure
it's Lee Soo Hyun?
Text me the address
of the hospital now.
Yes, I'll transfer
the money immediately.
Hey, Yong Joon.
Why didn't you call?
How are you getting on
these days?
I'm doing fine.
Did you eat?
Come eat something,
let's talk.
It was Dad who
asked them to call you.
I thought about
not coming, either.
But why get angry
with him now?
Now the sun is feeling warm.
Will it rain tonight?
Why are you outside?
The sun is wonderful.
You going out?
Yes, I'm going downtown.
That's unusual for you.
Sure, go enjoy yourself a while.
- Want me to get you anything?
- Oh, no.
But if you see any rice cakes,
you can buy some.
Did you name the baby?
Yeah, Yeonsoo.
A girl?
A boy.
But what's the occasion?
You get hired or something?
What job?
Never mind.
If you start earning money,
think about studying.
These days everyone
has a university degree.
You sound like Dad.
Don't smirk.
It's just the two of us now.
Let's meet up often now.
I'll do my part.
Concentrate on your own family.
How are you doing now?
Have you recovered?
From what?
You aren't still doing it?
When I think of you,
I can't sleep.
Why worry about me?
Live your own life.
All right,
I'll try not to interfere.
But get married.
Early, like me.
I guess you're happy.
I'm glad.
One of us should live well.
I'll do my best for my family,
- so you too...
- Yeah.
Don't live like Dad.
He had me,
then made life so hard.
Why'd he have to die?
I wanted to show him
the way his son is living.
I wanted to show him
how I live.
You jerk.
I only bought a few rice cakes.
Thanks so much.
Oh, your son's friend came.
What a handsome boy.
You must be doing well.
I didn't recognize you
in that suit.
Do you have a job?
A girlfriend?
Try to earn a lot, these days you
need to save up early for marriage.
It was hard finding him.
The last bus leaves soon,
you should go.
I'm sorry.
For what?
I know that you came
a long way,
- but I really...
- Yes, I'll go.
I came for the last time.
I couldn't say bye properly
last time, to you or Soo Hyun.
I'll have a good life.
I'll forget everything.
Thanks for everything you did.
What's with all of you?
You're mean.
It's wrong of you.
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry...
It should've happened to me.
It's hardest on the caregiver.
You need to eat well.
We can go anywhere.
The beef here is famous, right?
Let's have beef.
But Meekyung can't eat beef
since that day.
Let's not go far.
I need to be back soon.
Wait, when is
your daughter's wedding?
Huh? Saturday the 20th.
You must be busy.
Where is it? Daejeon?
Give me the invitation card.
It's okay,
you don't need to come.
If it were up to me,
I wouldn't go myself.
Oh my,
the handsome young man is back.
The one who came earlier,
his friend.
Try it.
That young man's even
more diligent than the mom.
Oh, it's Yong Joon!
Long time no see.
His name is Yong Joon?
He's such a good caregiver!
When you were gone,
he cleaned everything by himself.
Where can you find
a friend like that?
How long has he been helping?
It's great, isn't it?
I don't know.
How many times a week
does he come?
I don't know!
Stop bothering me.
All right!
Why are you angry?
Anyway, I'm grateful to him.
Family Court
Let's eat something
before we go.
I don't feel like it.
Okay, then.
I'll stop by to see Soo Hyun
before leaving.
Don't bother.
Sorry about everything.
For one last time...
can I slap your face?
I'm sorry.
He must be a relative
of the third floor patient.
Soo Hyun needs
to be shaved too.
Patients' beards grow faster.
With a lower calorie intake,
they grow more.
Be careful shaving him,
one slip and he could die.
He won't die!
Though it might leave a scar.
He's alive,
it'll heal with time.
There's a room
for family members.
But if you've nowhere to sleep,
there's a care workers' room.
You can sleep in there.
Is that allowed?
I'm the only man,
so it's okay.
Are you a relative?
No, a friend.
His mother never leaves his side.
But you're impressive too.
I was in the same accident.
I just...
Most people just leave
patients with us...
Do you think they need
any work done here?
Why? You want to be
a care worker?
Not that. I just have
nothing to do here.
Ask at the office.
They're short on people here,
so they'll like it.
Actually working here
is really easy.
You know it used to be a motel?
That explains the exterior...
People used to screw in the rooms
where patients are lying.
And the food here is awful!
The cafeteria in the golf course
there is much better.
Miss your bus again today?
Did you eat?
And you?
I did.
Take a rest, then.
How long will you be here?
I'm not chasing you away.
I've nowhere to go.
Isn't it awkward?
I won't make things awkward.
He's got nowhere to go.
And I've nowhere to run.
I guess you got hired.
You've already started?
Well, good to make an impression.
Thank you for coming...
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Oh, you came?
You worked so hard on this.
It wasn't work.
The hardest thing is wearing this.
Thanks for coming.
You didn't have to.
Oh, hello!
I'll talk to you in a bit.
Thank you.
Please give a round of applause.
Oh my!
Long time no see!
How have you been?
Well, fine.
I heard about your divorce.
Yeah, things happen.
What a shame!
It's tough for you, isn't it?
Bad things always
happen at once.
Try to persevere.
The living have to go on, right?
What do you mean?
Didn't he...
Oh my god, I'm sorry!
How could I?
Why did I think he had died?
I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!
By the way, you look good!
I've got a call, sorry...
The caretaker did that already...
Did you prop up the bed?
How could you leave
him like this?
Pressure on his skin
creates sores.
No, it wasn't me...
And how often have I told you,
no wrinkles on his sheets!
Those will cause bedsores too!
It might seem small to you,
but it will really hurt him!
You think this is easy?
Do you even know
how hard this is?
The urine tube was blocked too...
Just forget it.
Don't do anything, please!
Thank you for coming.
How did you get here?
There's a direct bus.
So young, right?
His funeral portrait.
I should've prepared
some photos.
He looks the same.
Life is so short.
It's like 3 or 4 stops
on the bus.
All this rushing around.
Trying to live better than others.
Why are you dreaming so long?
Is it a nightmare?
If it's a bad dream,
I'll buy it, so wake up.
It feels empty here without
the old couple next to us.
Check the list carefully.
Most of it can be bought nearby
so don't go far, and bring receipts.
You understand?
And don't stop anywhere
on the way back.
What's wrong?
Can't I just take a bus?
It'll take you all day.
And how will you carry all that?
You said you have a license.
Why don't you rest at home.
You don't want Soo Hyun
catching your cold.
I requested a care worker.
Eat some of this.
When you're feeling down
and upset, you need to eat.
It'll give you strength
to fight on.
Fight with whom?
Well, being stuck in bed does
make me think of people I hate.
Who, your husband?
All the people who have
let me down.
That happens when you're sick.
You're sick by yourself,
no one can do it for you.
It's like nobody
understands you.
Then what about my son?
I hope he's not lonely
while he's sick.
He won't even know
he's sick!
Here it is.
This singer is terrible, isn't he?
What do you think?
Are you feeling better?
Yes, a bit.
Time to get back on my feet.
Soo Hyun's the same?
He opened his eyes.
When I was talking to him,
they opened and closed slightly.
It seemed like a response.
They say it's common,
even in that state.
Did the doctor say anything?
Tell me...
You still have that camera, right?
The one you took on your trip.
I have no recent photos of him,
can you give me one?
You've really done this before?
I used to cut the hair of all
the soldiers in my unit.
I was the designated barber.
So soldiers cut each other's hair?
We used to take turns
in the unit,
but I was the best at it,
so they all asked me.
Do a good job.
Don't ruin my son's looks.
We'll have to wash him
and change his clothes.
Soo Hyun used to put on clothes
in a set order.
If it wasn't right,
he'd do it again.
I never knew.
I wish the rain would come
and soak us.
On days like this, we should go
soak our feet in some cool river.
Always stuck here...
I'll just go to a hair salon
this weekend...
This customer won't keep quiet...
Just sit tight,
I'll give you a shave for free.
Here you are...
What is it?
What was I going to ask?
Oh, when did you say
you'd go to the city?
A bit later. Why?
Do you need anything?
No, just tell me when
you go out.
Be careful...
Don't cut too much!
When did it start?
You and Soo Hyun?
What did you like about him?
Actually, it was him
who liked me first.
It's true...
I gave birth to Soo Hyun
ahead of schedule.
I worried he was premature,
but luckily he wasn't.
He avoided the incubator and
grew up strong so I felt secure.
But now that he's grown up,
I suffer.
Is the work going okay?
Yes, it's fine.
You're always fine.
You know, people who always
say they're fine never are.
I thought if you say you're okay,
you're getting better.
It's not true.
Is that heavy?
Let me take it.
No need.
I hired a caretaker
for Soo Hyun.
I'll be here too...
But I'm going to learn to drive.
They say it won't take long.
So, if you're here because
you feel sorry, it's not necessary.
You shouldn't do that.
Do what you want to.
Soo Hyun would want that too.
The accelerator is the right pedal.
Check it first.
Don't be nervous.
LC Driving School
Should we just blow it out?
Let's each make a wish.
Happy Birthday, son!
What did you wish for?
When we blew out the candle.
I didn't wish for anything.
There's nothing you want?
It's not that.
I never get what I wish for.
If I start to feel greedy
it gets taken away.
So I don't wish for anything.
If you don't wish on purpose,
then there is something?
Is that so?
I don't know for sure.
I just wish
nothing would happen.
Having nothing happen
might be best of all.
I'm thinking of getting
a job next month.
Next month...
That's soon.
Earn money, and try to
transfer to a better school.
Or if not,
return to the same one.
I'll visit often.
It's a good decision.
That's good.
Don't worry,
and focus on that.
He really woke up?
It'll take time for
a full recovery.
They said not to
overstimulate him.
Okay, I can see him later.
Sis, my heart is racing!
Hee Young, find us a
good hospital in Daejeon.
I asked the doctor,
and we'll do rehabilitation.
Okay, I'll find out.
Oh, sis...
I'm so glad.
Okay, don't worry now.
Just sleep well.
How wonderful
that he's up walking.
It's like he was born again.
But what's wrong?
Is something worrying you?
What's to worry about?
You got your son back.
Yes, it's great
he's back to normal.
Back in his place.
You can relax now,
it's okay.
So is that young man happy?
His friend?
He worked so hard
attending to him.
Now that he's awake,
he must be delighted.
Hi, it's me.
I'm busy today so I can't.
Then, I'll go tomorrow.
6 months later
I know it's a small cafe,
but won't it be expensive?
All right, boss.
Let's talk tomorrow.
Yong Joon!
Over here.
Then you don't call
each other?
We do,
though not that often.
And you meet up?
I'm just asking.
You know how Soo Hyun
never says anything.
If it's uncomfortable,
you don't have to go.
I feel great.
Shall we toast?
Not you.
This is for Yong Joon and me.
What the heck?
I can't believe you.
I won't have any!
That tastes great!
All out of booze.
No side dishes...
Oh, right!
Yong Joon, you want
cream sauce pasta?
Yes, please.
I'll make my Yong Joon's
favorite spaghetti.
I'm fine.
I'm okay!
She got drunk off of that?
And she's always nagging me.
You going to smoke?
You can smoke here.
I quit.
You know how stubborn he is?
No, you don't.
He's unbelievable.
He never listens!
So I can't stand him...
and pity him...
feel sorry to him...
and thankful...
My two sons...
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Not a bit.
I'm so used to being alone.
But why is it so hard
being together?
Why are you the only one
who's okay?