In Bloom (2013) Movie Script

Think it's always been like this in Georgia,
alter all David the Builder needed to resettle
40 thousand Qipchak families
in order to establish a regular army.
There have always been people in Georgia
who are warriors by their very nature.
They kept both hoes and swords
in their homes.
And this is how it should be today, too!
I think every Georgian in Georgia
should be armed,
but this doesn't mean
they should mug people.
Me, too. I wrote it, I copied it.
Couldn't you hear someone is knocking?
Did you bring it?
What does he say?
Tell me.
Just a minute.
Can't you move your leg?
Go on ahead, girl!
No, no, I was talking to my sister.
Is it any good?
Try it.
Where have you been all this time?
- Did you get a place in line?
- Yeah, get over here quick!
Hey there!
Where are you cutting in there, girl?
- Are you talking to me?
- Yeah, I'm talking to you.
Do you think I'm stupid?
Do I look stupid to you?
Leave her alone.
People, speak up!
These little punks are cutting in line.
From tomorrow I'm gonna provide
order here!
Ma'am, calm down, no one is cutting in line.
This girl was standing here. Ask around.
What? You were standing here?
This girl was standing here
and I was standing here, too!
I remember you but I don't remember her.
I said get away from here!
I don't care. Go away, get in line!
Bring out the bread.
I don't want to hear
from people who cut in line!
Let this woman with a child go ahead.
Let her go ahead!
Where have you been all this time?
We've died of hunger waiting for you!
Well, I'm here now.
You were out traipsing around with Eka.
Take your shoes off.
What's to eat?
Beans again?
Aren't you tired of eating that slop?
What have you heard about the electricity?
Go and call your brother!
Did you not hear me?
Go and fetch your brother!
Can I just catch my breath?
Rest... Rest...
You must be very tired!
Come up!
Eka, how are you?
- Are you not talking to me?
- Leave me alone, Kopla!
When people are talking to you,
you should respond properly!
Get out of here!
Nobody's talking to you! Understand?
This one's got quite a mouth on her!
- Hey!
- What?
What do you have there?
Break us off some, we're hungry!
Break him off some, he's hungry!
You want it? Go ahead.
- Hi, Eka!
- Hi.
There are so many envious people around!
Come on, do you know
what she told him about me?
Do you want something?
How can you breathe in here?
We're breathing just fine!
Do you know what I'll do to her?
I'll help you.
My neighbour, I'll crack her head open!
Where did she see me
dressed in skimpy clothes?
- I brought some bread. You hungry?
- No, thanks.
Don't leave the door open,
the smell will get out.
Well, excuse me!
Want some water?
You? Do you want some water?
No, no water for me.
What's up, why isn't anyone talking to me?
Did I do something wrong?
I didn't catch that!
You're drunk and I don't want to talk to you.
Oh, really?
What, you don't like me?
Your mother doesn't like me.
Fuck you!
What are you doing?
Good job! Well done!
You bastard!
What have you done here?
Come here! Don't go...
- Let me go.
- Don't go, come here! Fuck you!
Oh, dear God!
Every day it's the same thing... Shut up!
I won't shut up and I won't stop.
I said shut up or I'll shut you up!
Look at him!
Go wash up!
Leave me alone!
Do you hear me? Wash your hands!
- Leave me alone!
- I'll tear you in half!
Mind your own business!
Look how rude he is!
You are filthy!
Just leave him alone, okay?
He can't taste it properly unless
he eats it with a little dirt!
Look after your own dirty hands! Okay?
- Stupid kid!
- You're a stupid kid!
Today... Natela! Do you know
how many goals I scored today?
A lot!
Do you know
how many goals I scored today?
We don't care, can't you see?
If you don't care, I don't care!
What have you done... Fuck you!
Look at this! They're killing each other.
- What happened?
- You back off!
Oh, what is this...
Oh, God...
My wine, oh, my...
This kind of wine doesn't come along
every day!
What have you done?
You have spilled my wine
and you broke myjug.
It's impossible to live with you people!
You're all crazy!
I can't deal with these people any more!
Go help your grandmother!
Sit down.
Settle down!
Open your notebooks.
I said silence!
- Teacher, you scared me!
- No talking!
No talking!
Sorry, teacher...
Shanshiashvili has condescended to join us!
A little late, aren't we?
I'm sorry, teacher...
Why were you late?
Were you combing your hair
or ironing your apron?
I don't know, teacher...
Last night my father arrived from Sukhumi.
This morning he left again
and we saw him off,
so that's why I was late.
So surely your dad brought you gifts!
What did he bring you?
Tell me.
Somebody tell me
why these people are going to Abkhazia!
And why is every thief and scoundrel
getting involved in this war?
That's not so, teacher.
Be quiet!
Don't tell me fairytales!
- I'm sorry, teacher, may I?
- Come in!
Sit down!
Get out your notebook!
- Yes?
- Can you let Zaridze out for five minutes?
- Why?
- Her parent is waiting downstairs...
- Zaridze, go out!
- My mum is here...
- Thank you on behalf of the parent...
- Not necessary!
Just come back soon!
I guess she says crazy things
to herself sometimes!
Ketino is worse!
Okay, later.
- I'll bring your book tomorrow.
- Okay.
Give me the bag.
So you fink the ?owers are from Kate'?
Yeah, who else would they be from?
I wonder what it means.
- I guess he's into you.
- Oh, come on...
Oh, like you don't know!
Oh, come on!
All right, that's enough! Let's go.
Hey, Natia, how are you?
Didn't you like the flowers?
Where are you going?
What is it to you?
Do you want us to take you somewhere?
Very funny!
I can kick everyone out of this car
to free up space for you!
- Okay?
- No problem...
Thank you very much but it's not necessary.
How are you?
I'm okay. How are you?
Does your brother know?
- Are you crazy?
- Did you hear the news?
- What news?
- Guess.
- Come on, how can we guess?
- Sopo...
Is this dress too short?
- Oh, no, it really suits you.
- Well, Anita said it was short...
It's awesome, forget about what she said.
So Manana divorced her husband!
Manana got divorced?
She didn't get divorced,
her husband kicked her out of the house.
- Yeah, quite a while ago.
- Oh, my...
Who could have guessed
Manana wasn't a virgin?
I thought she was such a proper girl.
You shouldn't gossip about that!
Oh, now don't start again!
Oh, come on! She shouldn't have
hidden the truth from her husband.
What man would put up with that?
I wonder what she thought
she was doing by hiding it.
You people are so backward...
What century are you living in?
Oh, come on.
Let's sing.
You all probably would like
to put a big padlock down there!
- Virgins' club!
- Get out of here!
Shut up!
I will walk along your street all night
I will long for you all night, all night
This life is so short, you can see the end
I go home and think about you till morning
This life is so short, you can see the end
I go home and think about you till morning
You don't know, you don't know, my dear
How my heart aches, how my heart aches
I want to fence off a place
in front of your house
And stand beneath the balcony till morning
This life is so bitter and so harsh
If you have a dream it will crush it...
Eka, your mum is coming!
Sopo, Mum is coming!
Quick, quick!
Straighten it up, quick!
Get rid of the cigarettes. Quick!
Throw them out, quick!
The smell... Get it out of here.
How many times have I told you
not to sit there?
Go ahead, keep going!
Just look at this one!
How are you?
How do you think I am
now that you've forgotten me?
Where were you? Were you not here?
I'm around.
It's just that I don't want
to bother you like the others.
Come here for a minute, I need to talk to you.
What? Just tell me here.
I want to give you a present.
Well, it's not my birthday.
I know.
Come on, let's go out back.
Come on.
- I'm late for music class.
- Five minutes...
- What are you going to give me?
- Just wait...
I can't wait.
Come on!
What do you want here?
Come on.
Sit down.
What is it?
Close your eyes.
Oh, come on!
Please, just close your eyes.
- Should I open them yet?
- Not yet.
When I tell you.
Open them.
What is this?
It's for you.
It's for me?
Yeah, take it.
Is it real?
Don't worry, it's not loaded.
Just hold on to it.
You never know what's going to happen.
So you can protect yourself.
But don't tell anyone.
I'll teach you how to load it.
You pull this,
you take this...
I have this one and I'll leave it with you.
I'll get some more later.
You put this in here.
It's loaded.
Let me hold it!
Don't let it go off.
Don't worry, it won't go off.
Where did you get it?
What does it matter?
Where should I hide it?
Given the situation, a curfew
has been announced in Tskhinvali...
Will you get in trouble
for missing music class?
I guess I'll say I was sick.
Blame me if you want.
Then she'll forgive me right away!
Of course she will!
What else?
Tell me what else is going on with you.
Nothing, really.
I might go stay with my uncle in Moscow.
But not for long.
I couldn't leave you, could I?
Then I'll come back and marry you.
- How are you?
- Hey, Lado!
- Where's your uncle?
- In Moscow.
-Isn't he coming?
- Not yet.
- Send my regards.
- Okay.
Do you know him well?
He's my uncle's friend.
Do you know him, too?
Yeah. He visits the Tsamalashvilis,
who live downstairs from us.
Whenever he's there, there's singing.
Do you like him?
Yeah, I guess.
What else is going on?
Are you going to school?
Sort of. I go in sometimes.
Depends on my mood.
Kate, take the tyre out.
Quick, quick! We're in a hurry.
Oh, just tell me!
What were you going to show me?
Just wait!
Wait for me, where are you running off to?
Hey, Natia!
Where are you running off to?
You'll see!
Come on, Natia.
That's enough!
Show me what you were going to show me!
He hasn't shown up since then.
He's very busy.
I think he's working on some stuff
with his uncle.
He might be in Moscow already...
What do you think it means
when a person gives you such a thing?
You know what? I think that guy
doesn't want anything to happen to you,
anyone to insult you
OI' scare YOU.
I think that guy really loves you.
That's what I think...
He wants you to be strong
so that no one can give you trouble.
Yeah, I guess, you're probably right.
My turn.
Where have you been wandering around?
Don't you realise that you should
head home when it gets dark?
Natela, leave me alone!
I won't leave you alone, I'll tear you in half!
Don't cause us even more problems, girl,
can't you see how rough we have it?
Just look at this!
Natela, settle down. Don't panic!
How can I settle down?
Speak to me properly!
I am speaking to you properly!
Gio, open up!
- None of your business! Behave or...
- Get the hell out of here!
Gio, open up! Come on!
You drunk! You sick man!
You disgust me!
Well, I just adore you!
I wish you would just die
so that both of us can rest from this!
What did you say, woman?
Come here! I'll show you...
Gio, what's the matter?
What happened?
I'll kill him...
One of these days I'll just kill that man!
Oh, come on! You know what he's like...
Spare your nerves. Settle down.
You're still in there? Come out!
Come out!
What are you doing?
What are you doing
poking around in my things?
Don't worry, I won't eat them.
You read it, didn't you?
I didn't read it, I just took it out...
Why are you reading other people's letters?
Have you no shame?
I told you I didn't read it!
What is this? Why did you take this out?
You know I'm saving this.
Come on...
What are you doing?
What are you looking for? I'm talking to you.
I was looking for an address...
I wanted to send a letter to Dad.
Here you go.
I'm hungry.
Do we have anything to eat?
I guess... We'll find something.
You should have seen
what was going on a few days ago.
What was going on?
My dad got drunk
and started acting like a dick.
A while ago, he broke a big jug of wine
and ruined the whole floor.
What for?
If he dies tomorrow,
I won't feel sorry for him.
Don't say that.
It's true.
Don't say things like that about your dad.
If something were to actually
happen to him, you'd regret it.
I don't think so.
Come on, let's go.
Look at these assholes!
What's the matter with you? You idiots!
Oh, sorry, did it hurt?
Be careful or you're going to get hurt.
Leave them alone. Let's go!
What? You want them to get away with it?
You'd better calm down!
You better calm down!
Don't make me come down there!
- Or else what?
- You'll see what!
Come on, leave him alone.
Can't you see he's crazy?
How long are you going to put up with this?
So that's why you're so brave.
Kopla, go home.
I don't want to fight with you!
Your friend here has quite a mouth on her!
Get the hell out of here
or you're going to have problems.
With who? You?
Yes, me!
Somebody's watching Jackie Chan movies.
You better speak more respectfully.
You? Who are you anyway?
He's with me, what's your problem?
Come on and stab me, if you're so tough!
You better get your friend out of here!
Oh, yeah? Are you scared?
Am I scared? Come here,
I got something for you right here!
- You'll regret that!
- Oh, we're so scared...
Come on, let's go!
What's the matter with you?
Why do you rise to their bait?
That's why they treat you like that,
because you think like that!
They can think whatever they want,
I don't care!
And please, don't intervene. There's no need!
So I shouldn't intervene?
You're really something.
Am I your friend or some schoolchild?
I didn't mean it like that!
No, everything is clear.
I won't interfere in your business any more.
Don't be offended.
Come on. If he's a man,
let him settle everything with your dad.
Is that it?
Yes, that's it.
Is Eka coming?
No, Eka's not coming.
Ana, sit down.
Guram, stop for a minute.
Come on, Mum,
you know she won't come along!
Give me five minutes. I'll be right back.
Aren't you coming?
I don't feel like it.
Come. You know how happy
he'd be to see you. Go get dressed.
I don't want to.
You promised.
Come along, please...
Why should I tell him why you didn't come?
I don't know...
That I have a fever.
Okay, I'm off. Watch yourself.
Hey, you!
Come, let's go to the bathroom.
Stand by the door and don't let anyone in!
Quick, I'm waiting.
I've brought it for you.
What do I need it for?
For Kopla.
Take it.
Are you crazy?
Open up!
Just a second, there's a teacher in here.
Put it back in your bag right now!
I'm not telling you to kill him,
just scare him,
it'll do him good.
That's silly.
Eka, take it. We have it for a reason.
What does that matter?
You need to teach him a lesson
so he doesn't dare to do it again.
How long are you going to put up with this?
You need to talk to idiots like that
in a way they understand.
Do you think he is just
going to leave you alone?
Don't you see you're talking total bullshit?
And it was totally stupid of you
to bring that to school.
Do you want me to do it?
I think you're a little afraid.
Open up!
Hold on!
You can't wait one minute?
What, did you fall in?
I am not an idiot.
Get out of here!
You better not hit me.
- Give it to me!
- Well, I'll be!
Give it to me!
What kinds of things are you watching?
Just stupid...
Give it to me, don't you understand?
Hey, look at this.
Look what she's got a hold of!
Help me so he doesn't take it from me!
Why'd you force it on me?
You just don't understand a lot of things!
Come on!
Hey, you!
Give it to her!
Give it to me! Enough!
Give it to her now!
He tore Shanshiashvili's picture...
You're such an idiot!
Now you'll see!
You deserve worse!
Hey. you, girl!
- Are you talking to me?
- Yes, I'm talking to you.
Let go of my bag, understand?
So you want your bag?
- Here you go!
- Something's wrong with you, girl!
Leave the room!
You get a failing grade for today's lesson.
What are you failing me in? Bag throwing?
Yes, bag throwing!
I think I deserve a better grade in that!
Leave the room right now.
That's it! Enough! Open your notebooks!
It wasn't all Zaridze's fault.
Sit down!
You can fail me, too!
If it makes you so happy!
You're not going anywhere.
Take your seat right now.
I want to go and I will.
Go ahead and try.
Such a hero!
Open the window!
It's terribly stuffy in here.
Hey, Zaridze!
Zaridze, wait for us! We're coming, too!
Let's go!
Paichadze, what are you doing...
Are you crazy? What are you doing?
Where are you going?
Are you crazy? What are you doing...
See you tomorrow.
You'll catch a cold.
None of your business!
Who was that guy
talking to you the other day?
That guy? That guy has a name.
What's wrong, are you jealous?
Hold on a minute.
Do you love him?
Do you want me to tell you who I love?
Mummy and Daddy and bread with butter!
Hold on a minute.
Seriously, I have something to tell you.
Serious business.
Will you marry me?
I'm asking you seriously,
let's clear this up once and for all!
Think about it. I'm giving you two weeks.
What do I need to think about?
I've thought about it plenty.
The answer is no and that's it.
Why not?
Because you're an idiot!
I told you not to touch the car, didn't I?
Didn't I, you fucker?
Leave him alone!
Put that down, girl, or I'll shove it up your...
Leave him alone or I'll shoot you!
Settle down, girl.
Did you not understand what I'm telling you?
Get the hell out of here!
You, too! Give him back his knife!
- You're so wet. Is it raining so hard?
- Yeah.
Eka! Do you have cigarettes?
You know I'm not a smoker,
so why are you asking me?
Do you have any money?
This kid isn't good for anything.
- So what did you say you were doing?
- I'm reading book mainly...
Really? And what books are you reading?
Girl, what books...
Come on, let's have a smoke.
I told you I don't have any.
Go and look.
There might be some somewhere.
We have to go now. I'll call you in a bit.
You'll be home, won't you?
Can you not wait for me a bit?
Come on.
Where are you going?
Talking to him is like talking to a stone.
What do you want?
Why did you take the cigarettes from there?
I wanted to, so I took them.
I'll buy some more and replace them.
You're shameless, you know.
Get out of here, girl!
You are an idiot!
I'll show you idiot! That's no way
to talk to someone older than you.
What's wrong with your sister?
She's stupid. She's getting on my nerves!
Silly child...
This is my dad's cigarette,
my mum was saving them
for when he gets out. I'll buy some more.
Is the world running out of cigarettes
or what?
Well, let me continue.
I can't make him understand anything!
Why? Doesn't he know
there are demonstrations going on?
Looks like he doesn't.
He pretends he doesn't know.
Don't sit down all wet like that!
What do you want?
Did you cry?
Let me have a smoke.
Don't let anyone cut in line...
Everybody get out of the way...
- Do you have my money?
- Yes, come up here!
Start selling the bread already!
Give me some bread.
Ten, ten!
- Is there no line for you?
- Quiet!
You think you don't have to wait in line?
What are you looking at me for?
You are shameless, indecent.
No, there is no hope for this country!
What are you doing? Leave her alone!
Leave her alone!
Leave her alone!
Leave her alone!
You degenerates! Leave her alone!
Leave her alone!
You bastards!
You're fuckers, the lot of you!
You assholes! You cowards! Fuck you!
You cowards!
You fuckers! Sons of whores!
You heard me!
Fuck you!
- You little bitch!
- What are you doing?
He's gone completely crazy.
No, thanks.
Come to the bathroom with me.
I need to give you something.
You go and I'll join you.
Let me through!
My dear friends!
Just a minute! Listen to the toastmaster!
My dear friends,
I want to propose a beautiful toast!
We're listening, sir!
To our women!
To their beauty!
What would our lives be worth without them?
Bless all women!
- Bless all of you.
- All together! Cheers!
Girls, bless you...
All together, cheers!
All together! To our women!
To our women!
Not good enough! One more time! Cheers!
Eka, open up.
Eka, open up. It's me.
Thank God you got me out of there.
I can't sit in one place for so long!
It's a nice wedding, isn't it?
Yes, it's nice.
Oh, have a look. Is it zipped up okay?
What were you going to give me?
Let's not do gifts.
I haven't been able to get a gift yet.
Here you go.
This is what you brought?
So, how did it go?
Did you see Kopla?
Did you scare him?
No, I didn't see him.
Let's go.
Wait, I need to tell you something.
What happened?
Do you love that guy?
Yes, I guess...
I think I love him.
What are you looking at me for?
What are you trying to find out?
He didn't force anything on me,
it just happened.
He's a good person.
You're so funny...
And Lado?
What does Lado have to do with anything?
Come on, let's go!
You go ahead and then I'll come.
Well, we were sitting in the car,
I couldn't see anything at all,
I had no idea where I was...
So where did they take you?
I don't know, somewhere out in the country.
So then what happened? Tell us...
Well, we went into some house.
Here! Kate's family pictures.
There was nobody inside,
the guys lit a fire,
declared that I was now Kate's wife
and made me peel potatoes...
Did you want to stay there?
I guess so...
After that, how could I have left?
They told me that it was okay,
that I'd fall in love with him later.
So I stayed.
Did it hurt the first time?
Oh, come on! Hold on!
There's some great dancing out there!
Your dad's dancing! Quick, girl, come!
- My dad?
- He's drunk off his ass!
What's wrong?
Aren't you happy about my wedding?
Of course I am.
I can tell you are!
Are you awake?
Was the wedding nice yesterday?
It was all right.
Do you want tea?
Yeah, I guess.
Do you feel better?
Does it still hurt?
- Mum?
- Yes...
Is it true that Dad killed Kopla's dad?
Why are you asking me?
Did someone say something to you?
No, just...
Is it true?
No, it's not true.
I'm off.
Don't forget to wake Sopo up.
She has an exam today.
Excuse me. Do you have candles?
American state,
starting with O and ending with O.
Four letters...
Ohio... Lovely!
- Have you got any eggs?
- No.
Coach of the Argentine team?
I don't know.
I missed you.
Kate's mum baked this.
It's delicious,
have some.
What's going on at school?
Nothing special...
And with you?
Everything's okay with me, I guess.
I want to know what's going on at school.
Tell me.
Well, we go on vacation soon.
Exams have been scheduled.
The kids ask me about you.
Really? Who's asking about me?
I don't know... Lela, Paichadze, Achiko.
They ask about you. People miss you!
I miss everybody, too.
You're not taking music lessons
any more either?
What do you mean?
Kote doesn't want me
to take music lessons...
He said he doesn't want me to be a pianist.
So now you're only supposed to do
what Kote wants?
I don't get it.
I don't only do what Kote wants...
That's how it is and you know it!
That's what you think, isn't it?
You come here
and ask me a bunch of questions!
Thanks a lot!
Come on, Natia...
Don't be offended.
I didn't mean it like that.
Did something happen?
Tell me.
Well, my birthday's coming up
and I wanted to invite a few friends over.
You, Lela, Achiko... The guys.
But they told me not to bring guests over.
They can't afford to host them
because of the debts they have
since the wedding.
I told them we didn't want anything,
we'd bring our own stuff.
But they said it'd be a disgrace to the family.
Don't worry. Let's go to your family's place.
I can't stand them any more...
It's okay, let's go to your place.
At least you won't have to look
at these people's faces.
Like my dad's face is any better...
lfl go there, he'll make me miserable.
M, Em!
- How are you?
- Good, you?
I'm okay, thanks.
Natia, where's my black shirt?
I don't know.
Can you find it for me? I need to go out.
I don't have time for that.
Come on, go find it for me. I'm in a hurry.
Really? No kidding?
Can't you see I have a guest? Are you blind?
Come on, Natia...
Have you gone crazy?
Yeah, I am crazy!
Get out of here with your T-shirts
and your socks!
What are you staring at?
Are you seeing me for the first time?
I'm sick and tired of your socks and T-shirts!
What's going on here?
What's going on here?
Why are you screaming? Kote...
- Did something happen?
- Leave me alone!
What's going on here? Tell me!
Look here,
I'm asking you what's going on here!
Why are you screaming?
You'll drive me crazy...
Bless you, sweetheart!
All grown up!
Happy birthday! Happy birthday, sweetheart!
Hello, dear.
- How are you?
- Good.
How are you? How is your mother?
Good, thanks.
Natela, what a great smell!
What did you make for me?
Everything. Everything you like, I made.
I missed you so much.
- Can I help you with anything?
- No, sweetheart. It's all ready.
I'll bring everything now...
- Whoa, what is this?
- No way!
Come on, Natela, I'm hungry.
I've arranged everything out on the balcony.
Wait, come here. Come!
Take this wine... Amazing wine...
Come... You take the bread.
Everything is ready.
Start eating, I'll come right away.
I'll finish up and come.
Right away.
Let's finish this...
Look what I've baked for you!
Bon appetite, kids.
Eat! We have enough of everything.
- Oh, I forgot a knife. Just a moment.
-It's great!
My pie!
Look at this feast Grandma threw together!
What, Natela, did you sell something?
I smell a debt accruing interest!
Pawnshop smell!
Let me pour you some!
- Only if you drink to the bottom!
- I will!
Natela, cheers to you!
- Cheers to your grandma!
- Cheers!
To your grandma and to all
the good grandmas in the world!
Of course!
- And cheers to you!
- To us!
I drank it, see!
There you go!
I was so hungry.
So eat!
Lado's here...
Let's go!
You don't know, my sweet
You don't know...
How are you, Natia?
Good. You?
How are you, Eka?
How are you?
Good. You?
And stand at the balcony till morning
I want to fence off
a place in front of your house
and stand beneath balcony till morning
This life is so bitter and so harsh
if you have a dream, it will crush it
- What are you doing here?
- Nothing. Hanging out.
Come, let's go home.
Leave me alone. I want to be here!
I said come with me!
Who does he think he is...
I'll see you tomorrow.
Natia, are you in there?
Come out. Dinner's ready!
Natia, can you hear me?
Dinner's ready. Quick, we're waiting for you!
Natia, get out here right now!
Can you hear me? Get out here right now.
Dinner's ready and getting cold!
I'm coming...
...bombing of the new Sukhumi district.
Apparently, no-one has been killed.
So that's the situation there.
Yura has gone there...
Where? Where did he go?
'(unis son Mamuka, has gone there.
To Abkhazhx.
Yes, I know. I don't want to talk about that.
- You do realise what he's done?
- I know about everything.
He got killed, destroyed his whole family.
Poor people.
Stupid kid.
They say your child can be the death of you!
That's enough! When I heard that...
Take some bread.
Hey, you!
- Got a cigarette?
- I don't smoke.
Do you recognise me?
Get over here!
Get over here!
I'll kill you... Come here you, fucker!
Don't let him go. Get him!
Come here, you fucker!
Where are you running to?
Son of a whore!
Let's get out of here!
Fuck you!
Natia, stop!
Open up!
Stop, Natia!
What happened?
What happened?
Natia, stop!
Let me go!
What happened? Tell me.
Tell me what's happening!
Tell me what's happening!
Don't make me crazy,
tell me what's going on!
You're breaking the door. Come out!
- I said open up!
- Come out, I'm talking to you!
Don't you understand
when I'm talking to you?
Come out. Listen...
Look here, listen for one second!
Give it to me!
Tell me once and for all
what's happening, tell me!
Have you gone crazy?
What's the problem?
Settle down, what has happened?
- Give it to me!
- Give it to her.
Listen to me for a second.
Who are you screaming at? Tell me who!
I said give it to me!
Come over here.
Let her tell me!
Did you hear me?
- Look!
- Settle down.
- I said give it to me!
- No!
You're despicable.
Get over here. Have you gone crazy?
Get out of here!
Leave me alone. This impudent...
Do you think you're in your own house?
Shut up!
Street girl!
- Shut up!
- I deserve worse!
I deserve worse
for allowing you into this house!
You've gone completely crazy!
Do you think she's your daughter?
Where's Kote...
Where is your husband wandering around?
Where is Kote... I said where is Kote?
That son of yours killed a man!
Get it?
Get it now?
Is she telling the truth?
I'm out of here...
- Wait, I'm coming!
- I need to figure this out.
- I said, I'm coming, too.
- Wait for me there!
I'm not asking you where I should come
and where I should go!
Don't drive me crazy!
Don't drive me crazy! Fuck you!
Give it to me.
How many times do I have to tell you?
It's mine! It's not yours!
Did you understand?
Give it to me!
It's mine!
It's yours, I'll give it to you!
No one's going to take it from you!
Here, take it!
It's yours, why don't you take it?
Take it!
Kote might as well die, too? Right?
You know exactly where he is,
so go and kill him!
Let's go.
Is this the entrance?
Mum, this is the entrance, right?
Yes, it is.
Where are you headed, girl?
- Visitors over here?
- Yes.
Show it to them inside.
Yeah, okay... Fine, okay. I'm off.
How old are you?
What relation is the prisoner to you?
My father.
Don't put them there. Put them here.
Yes, sir.
Dad, do you have the passports
and documents?
No, you have them.
Come along, girl.
On your right.