In Country (1989) Movie Script

Left, Left, two, three, four.
Left face!
Ground your gear.
Gentlemen you depart today
to fight the forces of Godless communism
You men have been chosen to be the leaders
in the fight that will never be forgotten.
You are chosen. Chosen because you are the best.
Because you are the meanest.
Because you are the hardest, fastest, toughest
sons of bitches in the world.
And the Viet-Kong is going to learn to respect you
or he's going to die.
You are going to make him die
until he gives you that respect.
The Viet-Kong is never going to forget you.
America is never going to forget you.
God bless you.
I love you.
America loves you.
You are the best.
You are the chosen.
Good luck and go with God.
Where the fuck are we?
Blue Velvet, Blue Velvet this is night cross.
Cold LZ. Request medic.
Coordinates nine, five, six...
Take cover!
Let's get the fuck out of here.
It's going to take courage.
Courage to face the legions of Godless Communism
Wherever they may be.
America used to be God's light on this Earth.
America was the world's good samaritan .
And there was no place on the globe / i
that American couldn't walk tall
proud, respected, and safe.
But along the way
our world has fallen.
and our dreams have vanished.
And we forgot our place in God's plans
for America.
Things need to be changed.
Changed for the better.
And it's up to you,
the youth of America.
I congratulate you on the achievement
of graduation from high school.
May God bless every one of you,
because you are the future of America.
Congratulations to Hopewell High's class of 1989.
Good luck.
and may y'all find your heart's desires.
Sam? Sam!
-Mom, was that wonderful?
Are you proud of me?
Oh my.
Hold on honey.
Let me get a shot of this grown up woman here.
Alright now say cheese.
For God's sake,
I hate to say cheese!
Come here pumpkin.
-Larry take her for a minute.
You looked cute as a bug up there.
I'm so proud of you.
Oh, Sam, I wished your Daddy's been here to see you.
I think he was Grandma.
I felt his eyes on me.
You need some fattening up.
You too.
Hi, how are you?
-Congratulations, Lonnie.
Are you going Murray in the fall?
No, no.
My brother's the college boy of the family
I'm just glad to be done with high school.
Everyone's going to meet at the lake.
Okay. Come pick me up.
Sam, is that the boy that won the game
over Libertyville with all those jump shots?
Uh ha that's Lonnie Malone alright.
That would be Royce Bob Malone's grandson.
That's him.
His mom's a Crittenden.
See y'all at the lake.
Alright okay, I'll come meet you guys there.
OK everybody family group.
Oh you don't want me in there.
Well now Irene declared everybody.
Now nobody's not everybody
without you Mrs. Hughes.
Okay, come on. Donna let's see
George's little face.
Nobody's paying for his back.
I wish you'd come live with us.
I don't like to see you stuck down here with Emmett.
Oh I can't just pickup and walk away.
I put up with Emmett for thirteen years.
I think deserve a little bit of happiness now.
so don't talk to me in that tone.
-Everyone ready?
Come on, Larry.
One... two... everybody say...
... You're too tacky.
Stop! Wait!
We forgot Emmett. Emmett!
Come on Uncle Emmett. Come get your picture took.
This is history.
I'm not ready for history.
You look real good.
Oh she's on me again.
Why does she have to do that?
She ruins everything.
She's your Mom.
She's just doing her job.
You feel smart?
I fee like I could fly! Come on!
Alright, family portrait.
Everybody looking pretty?
One... two... Too late, got ya!
Yeah, come on!
Hi Marlene!
Hi Belinda!
Lonnie says his dad told him
that they're hiring at the tire plant.
Fuck the tire plant.
Marlene Good morning.
You know what I want.
Fuck the tire plant by all means.
Marlene, jelly donuts and
diet coke please!
Morning Emmett.
Okay, honey.
You let her use that kind of language
around you at home Emmett?
On the HBO.
You let her watch HBO?
Hell, I don't let me wife watch HBO.
You mind if I sit next to you Sam?
I swear I ain't smelled nothing sweet in weeks
You can if you show me your tattoo.
Emmett, you dog.
You told her my dark secret.
Why I tell ya.
You come on out to my truck and I'll show ya.
I wonder if anybody ever tattooed his own face
on his chest like a face on a T-shirt?
Why would anybody want do that?
Well so when you get older
people could see how you started out.
That could be a lot to live with.
Emmett, what is your long-legged little niece doing here?
What's her problem?
Morning Earl.
I hear they're hiring at the tire plant Emmett.
Fuck the tire plant!!!
Buddy Mangrum ain't coming.
His little girl taken sick again.
Eggs over easy Marlene. Bacon and
lot of coffee hon.
Her guts are all twisted around on itself.
He blames agent orange.
He blames everything on agent orange.
It wasn't no big deal.
Did you get sprayed with agent orange over there Emmett?
Why? Is there something wrong with Emmett?
Yes. He get's these headaches and he can't sleep.
Look, he got this rash here...
Emmett don't be macho and pretend.
Well you know I had a place come up on my leg
all kind of brown and funny.
Kinda like a bruise on a banana.
But then it just went away.
You don't reccon that it ate clear down to my bone do ya?
Nothing gonna hurt you, Pete.
You're like that guy on TV that ate a bicycle.
Oh that was on That's Incredible.
I saw that.
It's didn't hurt him much.
He was going to go up to Canada and eat a helicopter.
If I had a car I'd drive Emmett on down to the VA hospital
and get him checked out.
I got a car I'll sell ya.
A VW Bug. I'll fix it up real good. 600 bucks.
That's what I've got in it.
I don't know where I can round up that much cash.
Do you want a car?
I'll show you a car.
Look at this man!
Wow! Jeez!
You see that little thing there
that looks like a lady bug?
Uh ha. That's my old Corvette.
My wife sold it while I was gone.
Thing would be a classic now.
You got that right.
That's my house.
That there's my street. This is the county.
I think this could be the stupidest thing
I ever did in my life.
Nobody can eat a helicopter.
You don't know how to lie.
Hey, man.
Keep it long to the left.
Ride this bucko.
Think about that VW Sam.
Come on over and take a test drive
and teach me how to lie.
See y'all later.
See ya.
Sam now you come by any time you want.
I got tattoos in places you never even dreamed of.
Is that true what you told me about Pete
chasing his wife with a shotgun?
No, was her chased him.
Why does everything always have to have a reason Sam?
Because it does.
Some things don't.
Well things just are.
You can't do nothing about them.
I don't accept that.
Oh, you don't accept that.
I see. What's your plan to deal with gravity?
Do you accept it?
How come all of a sudden
you have to know about Vietnam?
What do you remember when you think about it?
Jesus Christ , Sam.
Hey Emmett!
Hey Sam.
You want to come with me?
I want to talk to you.
Hey, Lonnie.
Go on. Go one. Lonnie take her out of here.
She's pestering me.
Boy, you're in a mood!
That's a good reason to be alone ain't it?
What's the matter with him?
Oh, I don't know.
They all act like there's some big
dark secret or something.
Why aren't you at work?
Well, I walked in there this morning and I looked in Quinnie's face
and I thought to myself, I do this for 30 years
and I'm going to look just like Quinnie.
So I told him I quit.
You what?
He says, "Fine we don't need you you're fired.
Wouldn't that burn your ass?
Oh, so you just up and quit.
Box boy. That ain't for me.
I'd like to do something outdoors
where I'm my own boss
Oh well you're your own boss now alright.
So how come you started hanging out
with Emmett's friends over at the diner?
You know I ain't crazy about that.
I didn't ask you to worry about it.
Those guys are still back in Vietnam.
None of them come to nothing.
Shut up Lonnie.
What do You think they're going to do?
Snap and hold me hostage?
Well you know what they say about Emmett.
Ya, I know what they say about everything in Hopewell.
This town town never shuts up.
You think I'm weird because of Emmett.
Oh God, you're not weird.
You just think you are.
Only about half weird.
I gotta find me a job.
I gotta get a car otherwise I'm gonna go nuts.
Let me out Lonnie I feel like running.
Hi Sam!
I've been thinking...
How old were you when you went over there?
Old enough to know better I guess.
Well how old is that?
About a year older than you are now.
What do you remember when you think about it?
You know, the first thing?
There were these little white birds.
Used to follow the water buffalo around.
There was one for every water buffalo.
Like he had a little pet.
And these birds would pick the bugs off the buffalo's head.
Sometimes would get right inside of his mouth
and pick the bugs right out of his teeth.
One time... Yes, Algebra.
There was this tree.
And it was full of these white birds.
And a grenade blew it all to Hell.
And all these white birds go flying out of that tree
just like it was snowing.
It was beautiful.
All these beautiful white birds just going about their business.
All this crazy stuff going on around them.
Called them Egrets.
I sure would like to see one of them Egrets again.
Sam! Everything is ready!
Ya, I'm coming.
Emmett, that's neat.
Is it numb?
I hope so.
Can you feel it ?
You look like you got a surprise.
Didn't hurt that much.
If I had a car I could go to Paducah
and get it done at the mall.
Person needs a car to be free.
Think of the money you're saving.
Is your mom going to shit bricks over the second hole?
My momma is provincial and misguided.
And my uncle lets me do what I want to.
Lonnie slept over three nights since he quit his job.
My dad would shit bricks if I did something like that.
Do you want to marry Lonnie?
I don't know.
Lonnie's not the main thought on my mind right now.
Oh I got to find a dress to wear
to his Brother's wedding.
Come on help me find something.
Yeah, look at this old junk.
Oh my God! Great!
Is this your mom's old stuff?
Uh ha.
It's like a museum.
I know.
Look, this was never in style.
Look at it!
I wouldn't wear this in the dark.
Now this is too awful.
I do declare!
Oh God.
I have to dig up some money
for a dress to wear one time.
Look at these old records.
Do you listen to them?
No, my ma used to.
She would sing along in this real embarrassing way.
It drove me nuts.
Who are Country Joe and the Fish?
And now she's off having babies in Lexington
driving around with the top down
easy listening on the car radio
with Lorenzo Jones.
Lorenzo Jones?
That's what I call her husband.
I guess she thinks he treats her good.
I'm late but it does not mean anything.
How late?
Two weeks.
I've been this late before.
Why aren't you on the pill?
Jeez, I don't know .
Honey, who's this?
It looks like Lonnie but
what's he doing in a uniform?
Oh, that's my Dad!
He was cute.
Yes, he was.
He died over there just before I was born.
I never knew she had this stuff.
Oh, looks at these letters.
Can we read them?
God, no!
Why not?
I don't know. God, look at him.
He missed everything.
You know what I wish we could do?
I wish we could steal the keys to you brother's car
and we could drive over to the Paducah Oaks Mall.
And we could hang out in those bars where
the businessmen all dress up in those sexy outfits.
Yeah, and we can wear black leather
pants and pink sun glasses.
Do not.
I bet we could get them to give us money.
Ooh, for sex they'll pay anything.
God, this town is dead without a mall.
Yeah, I know it.
Shit, that's Kenny .
Does he know?
I don't even know do I.
I'm just late.
Alright, I'm coming!
Where bad is gold in Hopewell!
The guys were as excited as I was.
I danced all...I dance all around
and they poured beer on me.
I dreamed that maybe I've got a baby
I really don't want to name it Darrell.
That was the name of a guy in my outfit
who isn't with us anymore.
I'd feel like it's unlucky to name him Darrell.
Bill and Bob are too ordinary.
My favorite name is Samuel.
It's from the Bible.
I wish you didn't have to go through this by yourself.
Don't ask me to tell you how it is here.
Don't want to know.
I guess if it's a girl we could call it Samantha
This is Larry and Irene.
Business is good.
Life is great.
And we look forward to your terrific message
after the beep!
Mom, I was looking for a dress to wear
to Lonnie's brother's wedding
and I found Daddy's old letters to you.
Why didn't you take them with you?
I mean what kind of person would walk off
and leave something like that behind?
If I loved someone I wouldn't
leave their letters all around.
I'd keep them close to my heart.
And you never told me he wanted a boy!
You never told me anything!
I don't even know he died.
Get on home Danny.
You're possessed of the devil.
Mend your evil ways dog.
God, Emmett.
now that's the kind of thing that
makes people think you're mentally alienated.
Mentally what?
Is that what I am?
In a nut shell.
Do you know about these?
Irene left them here?
Yeah. Have you read them?
She give them to me a long time ago.
He writes like a kid.
Yeah, that was us.
A bunch of little kids out in the jungle.
Didn't know diddly-shit.
Tough to read.
What's a klick?
And what's a bouncing boobie?
Bouncing Betty.
Well, what is it?
Cake Recipe. You're never going to understand it.
You don't want to.
Well I want to know about it!
I've got the right.
"No, I haven't seen any tigers or gorillas.
It's been raining steady for three months now
and everything is mud.
It seems like we've been in country for ever.
I can't tell you what we're doing...
but every time we go out
we push the enemy back a little further.
I dreamed that maybe I got a baby boy at home.
I got your picture
I look at sometimes so I know it's not a dream. / I
It's you standing by the Nash Rambler.
It's black and white
but I know you've got on the red shorts.
The food's not that good.
I miss momma's fried chicken.
I am sick of beans.
The world's a dream not that I'm here.
Maybe when I'm home this will be a dream
I've been making plans for us
to take over Daddy's farm.
We can build a new house down by the pond.
Just you and me and the baby.
I can't wait to see a picture.
I hope he looks like you.
My favorite name is Samuel.
I guess if it's a girl you can call it Samantha.
When you're gonna fix that thing?
Well not tonight. That's for sure.
There's a tornado watch on.
Hey, makin' up sandwiches y'all.
Do you want one, Lonnie?
I don't mind.
Have a beer, Emmett.
Where'd you get that get-up?
It's a joke.
I don't get it.
Like Klinger on MASH.
I still don't get it.
Have a beer.
-Where'd you get these?
Well, got them from a bootlegger.
I'm still sore about
what you said about Emmett.
I thought you liked him.
You always acted like you did.
I like him fine, but...
How long are you going to go on
keeping house for him?
My mom wants me to move in with her.
She's enrolled in Psychology up there in Lexington.
So now she's got an answer for everything.
She wants me to go to college with her this fall.
Tell her she can't go to school
with her mother, Lonnie.
She'd be mentally alienated for life.
What's that?
Take my word for it. Come on and eat.
Alright. He's right you know.
You can't go.
Both of us want you here.
We so what are you going to do now
that you know you don't want to be a box boy?
I don't know.
He's ain't got a family.
He shouldn't take a job away from a man that does.
Wow Emmett that's neat.
You've got the unemployment problem all worked out.
So you're a hero by being a bum.
I ain't no bum goddammit.
I just ain't going to work
in no polluting tire plant that's all.
Oh Christ Emmett,
there are jobs you can do without hurting somebody.
You can be a Disc Jockey.
That's a damn thing that nobody needs.
Yeah, I'll be a Disc Jockey. Good.
You been at them letters?
What letters?
They were all out of order. Did you read them?
What letters?
Dwayne's letters?
My father's letters yes!
It's OK if you did.
I wanted you to.
Yes, I read them.
Eat your supper girl.
Well, was that what it was like?
Well, they don't say much do they?
Talk to me Emmett.
Stuffy in here.
It's the humidity.
No, it's not.
It's them letters!
Jesus, it's really something out there.
Socrates wore a skirt.
All your Greeks and Romans wore dresses.
It's healthy for a man to wear a skirt.
He ain't all cramped up and stuff.
Emmett... Just burn those damn letters Sam.
Just forget all...all about that damn shit.
You're prying into something
you ain't never going to understand.
It's... just leave it alone!
What was in them that made you feels so bad Emmett?
God! They're mostly just love letters.
It's really whipping up!
I'll get some plugs and stuff.
Incoming Emmett.
Watch your ass buddy.
Damn It!.
Emmett are you alright?
Yes, I'm alright.
God. What is this? A tornado?
Did you pay your bill Emmett?
This ain't no tornado.
Well it's something.
You don't have tornadoes at night.
It's some kind of weird climatic event.
Emmett, get in here!
Are you crazy?
What is he doing?
Emmett don't be so dumb!
Where are you going Emmett?
Go on for it Emmett!
Go for it!
Show me!
Show me your face!
Emmett get down!
Show me your face!
I was afraid of that.
Burn them damn letters Sam.
There ain't nothing in them for ya.
What are you doing Emmett?
Good morning Mrs. Hughes.
Looks like you're digging clear down to China.
What I'm doing is excavating Mr. Hughes.
It's very noble work.
Your Egyptians and Romans were all great excavators.
Pretty good builders too.
That storm get y'all last night?
A couple of tree limbs down.
That old dog about lost his mind.
Morning grandpa!
I'll just have to shoot him I reccon .
Grandpa, don't say things like that!
Hi, Sam!
Hi Grandma.
How're you doing?
Here, help me with that will ya?
I brought you half a country ham.
Oh ya, mmm.
I know you don't eat right.
Thanks Grandma.
You having fun down there Emmett?
Basement's full of water.
Look out, Joe.
If I don't find that doggone leak
the whole thing's going to come in on me.
Lord, look at this.
You got no drainage the way these houses set.
They built all these the same.
I brought you a pie.
And we won't let Emmett have any.
Well what did Emmett do?
He doesn't treat you right.
Look at that refrigerator!
Oh God.
Rinse that off would ya Sam?
You got frogs in the ditch.
Water seeping under a house
spawns all kinds of life Mr. Hughes.
Frogs, mosquitoes, tadpoles, mud daubers
dry rot, fungus, worms and snakes all types.
Emmett, I got a bone to pick with you.
What's that Mrs. Hughes?
Remember those hippies you brought
out to the farm
and they got stuck in their van
trying to turn around
and they had to just bull their way out of it.
And they plowed right through my rose garden.
Nothing grows there to this day.
And they never said they were sorry nor nothing.
Mrs. Hughes, that must have been
at least twelve years ago.
It was April 14th, 1972.
And then your mamma run off to Lexington
with one of them looked like a wild hyena.
Oh, I don't remember him.
Now she's in Lexington again with a different baby.
There's just something about that girl
that just has to wag a baby off to Lexington.
Where did all those idiots go?
California, Mr. Hughes.
All the hyenas and idiots went to California.
Remind me never to go there.
Yes sir.
I'd like to go to California.
Emma, I hate to tear you away from your pleasure...
but we got to get those pullets out of the sun
before they die on us.
Come on, let's go.
You gonna marry that boy
that did all those jump shots against Libertyville?
Lonnie the jumper?
His mom was a Crittenden.
You look real good with a sweat on you.
Sam, you come on out to visit.
Not if you're gonna shoot your dog I won't.
Emmett Goodbye.
I guess I won't do that.
Oh bye Sam
Goodbye Grandma.
Come on.
Let's go, Emma.
Come on out we gotta fatten you up.
Come on and get your self in the car.
We need to go home.
Come on and we'll feed ya good.
Sounds good. Yum.
Will you please close the door?
We're out of here.
You shut up, Joe! Shut up.
Bye! Bye Grandpa.
Are you?
Am I what?
Going to marry Lonnie?
Can't pour piss out of a boot you know?
I don't know, Emmett.
How do I know what I'm going to do until I do it?
Oh Jesus, Sam.
Come here a sec.
Do you know that sales lady?
She might know me but I can't place her.
Oh thanks.
Now she'll think is for me.
Well you're not pregnant.
So it doesn't matter.
Who the Hell cares anyway?
But I'm not going to pay for it.
Thank you.
Can I get a price check please.
Lambert Werner test kit
number 5068a.
I don't think it's this high.
Which one is it?
The pregnancy test or the blood sugar one?
The pregnancy!
First day pregnancy test.
Keep the change.
It could be wrong.
We could buy another one.
I'll pay for it.
I always wanted this to be a happy time.
Well, if it does happen we could go away.
You could have the baby in Florida
and we could both work at Disney World.
Is it the right time?
I gotta go.
Carswell gonna murder me.
See ya.
You missed Watergate...ET...
...the Bruce Springsteen concert.
God, you missed everything.
And you were just a country boy
and you never knew me.
Slow down there Sam.
I don't have time...
Well hi.
Oh, hi.
What are you doing here?
I was passing by.
I see you running everywhere.
Where are running Sam, going so fast?
If I was to ask you if you could...
If it's you you gotta tell me.
If it's a friend you tell them to come see me.
No crapping around.
Not handing out any free drugs or advice.
Well Jeez.
Who are you going with now Sam?
Oh, that boy who won the Libertyville game.
I don't know...
You don't know?
Lonnie's not the main thing on my mind now.
I want to get Emmett to a doctor.
What's wrong?
Well, he gets these headaches and he's got these rashes.
You know how he is.
And he gets these crazy moods Anita.
It's not just one thing.
It's a whole lot of things.
He'll never look after himself.
He ought to get his eyes checked.
I'm going to get some paper
and I'm going to give you
the name of a skin doctor
and a eye doctor I want him to see.
Are you going to the veteran's dance?
Nobody asked me.
Are you seeing anybody?
I'm dating a policeman from Benton.
His idea of a good time is to buy a six pack
and drive a truck in a ditch.
He's getting possessive.
When they get that way I just have to get out .
That's probably why I care so much about Emmett.
He just didn't give a damn.
That made me possessive.
I just had to have him.
I'm glad to see that you are taking care of him .
Will you come over some time?
Ooh, said the spider to the fly.
I'll get Emmett to make lasagna.
I don't know.
Why? You don't like lasagna?
I like it well enough.
Oh come on over and help me get Emmett interested
in that veteran's dance.
I want to go in honor my daddy.
I don't want to go alone.
Well, maybe.
My mom never told me anything about my daddy.
What he was like
what his favorite foods were
or anything.
My mom acts like the Vietnam War
was back in the dark ages.
It was the dark ages, Sam.
Will you come?
We'll see if Emmett remembers how to dance.
Your momma called from Lexington.
She wants to know what's the big idea
of leaving that lousy message on her answering machine.
I'm not ready to talk to her yet.
What was the message?
Did ya eat?
I ain't hungry.
Did ya feed Moonpie?
I fed Moonpie.
Would you go to a doctor?
Anita gave me some names.
I been to the damn doctors.
What did they say?
Not much.
Did you tell them about the
headaches and the rashes?
Ya, I told them.
Can't they add two and two?
Higher than that.
They know where the bank is too.
And where it ain't.
I don't get you.
It's OK.
Would you go to these doctors?
I will if you leave me the Hell alone about it.
Oh boy, are you difficult.
I know.
There you go Lonnie.
There's your future. Franchise medicine.
Doc in a Box.
Bob's Big Doc.
Very funny.
Oh, Mr. Smith right this way.
The doctor's waiting for you.
Come on. The doctor's waiting.
Your order's up.
Go get your Whopper.
I'm going up to the lake tomorrow with the guys.
Well, that's nice.
I need a little token of your affection.
What for?
Well, they're having a little stag party for my brother.
We all need to bring a little something.
You let me have a pair of your panties?
Black ones?
That's... that's ridiculous.
What, what.
Well, it is.
Show you care about me.
Make me think about you.
63 bucks?
Well, what?
What did he say?
Doctor McKaz?
He tells me I gotta was my face ten times a day.
Or perhaps it is something I ate.
Or perhaps it is something
around the house like an allergy.
I figured he's going to ask me about cats.
I told him we didn't have any.
I was ahead of him on that one.
I asked him how many lab rats
he had to kill to figure all of this out.
Did he give you any medication?
He didn't give me no medication.
He give me one of those goddamn
TV doctor smiles and says
Mr. Smith,
I believe it's all in your head.
I said doc, tell me something I don't know.
Well how are you going to get it out?
Well, there's gotta be a way.
Jumping Jesus girl.
Don't come up on a man that way.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to sneak up on ya.
I just want to take a look at that Bug.
Well, check it out.
Is that it?
What do you need a car for
if you run all the time?
Everyone wants a car
so you can go places.
You sure you don't want a dirt bike?
It's a lot cheaper.
You can drive them in the dirt.
Fall off it don't hurt much.
I'll put one together and wreck it.
Just put me another one together.
Don't mean nothing.
Oh, everything means something.
Are you always so serious?
Don't you ever feel like the whole world's falling to pieces
and everybody is just paying attention to their little piece?
So nobody is doing anything
about what's really wrong.
It scares me.
What the Hell you're scared's gonna happen Sam ?
I'm afraid for Emmett.
Well Emmett's a character.
But he's probably not easy to live with.
Did he find his bird yet?
The Egrets?
There're some eagles down at Reelfoot Lake.
No, he's not looking for eagles.
He's seen eagles.
He's looking for an Egret.
I know.
They're just some things
we can't stop thinking about.
I've got a friend who thinks he might snap.
Lonnie Malone?
Yes, sir.
What do you think Lonnie Malone
knows about anything like that?
He'd need a map to find the bathroom.
Y'all going to get married?
Well I heard you's gonna get married in September.
Why don't you got married.
In fact, why don't any of the vets
ever get along with women?
Ask Emmett.
Besides, I never said I didn't like women.
Emmett says you got wounded.
Well ya see me and this piece of shrapnel
tried to occupy the same space at the same time.
See, so classic! That's what I mean.
It's so hard to ever get an answer to anything.
Sam, you might as well stop asking
questions about the war.
Nobody cares.
Nobody gives a shit.
Well, I do.
My daddy died over there
and I want to know what happened to him.
God, nobody will tell me anything.
Well you... you weren't there
so you can't understand it.
You want to take a test ride or not?
Come on, pump it some.
Your daddy was a good boy.
Not wild.
He and your momma made a good lookin' couple.
I don't know much about him.
Well, he was a quiet type.
What did he like to eat?
Everything that we didn't have on there.
Did he like Lasagna?
Boy you know this music really takes me back.
I used to like White Rabbit.
Bobby Ray, take that with you on your ride.
-Thank you.
Hey Bobby Ray. How ya doin'?
Hi Sam.
Watch your speed there Jackson.
This something they would do.
Take one of these cards and put it on his chest.
But the Navy SEAL team they would do that too.
This is a Purple Heart right here.
These are some Vietnamese... Vietnam medals.
What's this?
That's the Bronze Star medal.
What it for?
It's for bravery, I guess.
Is it yours?
Yes, ma'am.
Ho-Ho-Ho-China Min boys!
Hey, Sam.
Do y'all know my wife Cindy?
Hi Cindy!
Corvette salesman.
This is Sam.
Emmett's keeper.
I wouldn't have the nerve to wear all those earrings.
How do you do it?
Well, I wouldn't have the nerve
to chase somebody with a shotgun.
You heard about that?
Ah Hell.
Sometimes you need a little drama.
Just to get some people's attention.
I got to take this cheese log over to the food table.
I'll get some beers.
Now Sam, don't you be telling Cindy
I showed you my tattoo.
Why? What would she do to me?
That ain't the question.
It's what she'd be doing to me?
Thank you ma'am.
It looks better than ham with motherfuckers on it, Earl?
I'll never eat them again.
I can't go near ham nor beans of any kind.
Sue Ann ain't coming.
Why not?
She started the Jesus diet.
She figured there be a ton of pies and cakes and
and all that other stuff she loves.
What's the Jesus diet?
Oh, Sue Ann made a pledge to Jesus
to lay off the calories.
You can cheat on yourself she says
but you can't cheat on Jesus.
But she didn't want to test her faith tonight.
But truth be told she didn't want to come.
Hell, I almost didn't come myself but
this is the first kind of recognition the town ever gave.
Hell, we didn't even get a parade.
Did you go to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington?
Damn hole in the ground?
No I did not.
See, that's like living in the past.
I ain't interested in the past
I'm living in the future
not back to some war we couldn't win.
A war they would not let us win.
Listen to me.
We could have paved that motherfucker over
and put a McDonald's right in the middle.
If they would have let us.
If Johnson had declared war
and stopped lying
to the goddamn country we could have.
If he'd declared war like he should have...
See, see that's what I mean.
You still want to win the mother.
It ain't about that Earl.
This is a sick.
Look at all these flags and pictures...
Why have all this? This is stupid.
Hey! Lay off it Earl.
Lay off it?
Lay off it Earl.
You better watch yourself Earl.
Ole Pete here may whack you with his cheese log.
Emmett Smith.
How the Hell are ya?
Hey y'all.
You look like a Kentucky red bird.
And I am flying tonight.
Sam, you look darling.
Oh, I love those earrings.
Yours are cute too Anita.
Thank you.
Why Emmett, you just are nesting right into the floor.
Do you want to dance before you grow roots?
No. What are you laughing at?
Yeah, you do.
I don't want to... Come on, Emmett. Come on.
Come on. I'm serious.
Emmett! Go ahead.
I don't want to dance.
Emmett, you remember how to dance.
No, I've forgotten. Show me.
Come on, Emmett!
What the Hell are you laughing at Bobby Ray.
He's laughing at you Emmett!
Go Emmett go!
Hello there.
I'm glad you could come.
I was beginning to think you werent going to make it.
I almost didn't but... where's your boyfriend?
What boyfriend?
I got my dancing shoes on.
Maybe later Sam.
I'm feeling a bit stiff .
I'll get ya something to drink.
Hey ya, Sam.
Hey Pete.
Hey well come on!
Let's give those dancing shoes a workout!
I can't keep Pete away from Earl and
Earl is just looking for a fight.
Did Earl drink a lot?
He shouldn't be drinking at all.
He's got liver trouble.
Those earrings are so cute.
They remind me of what they did over there.
You're probably too young to know this, but
they cut off the ears of the Viet-Cong they killed
to prove that they did it.
They brought them home as souvenirs.
Pete had some in a glass jar.
They're like little mouse ears.
Kinda sweet looking.
I didn't think about it for years
but one day they got to me.
So I made him put them in the garage
where I wouldn't have to look at them.
Did you cut the ears off the dead?
Where did you here about that?
Well, did you?
Some guys did.
Did you have a girl back home
that wrote you sexy letters?
Is it anybody I know?
Not from around here. It was OK.
She wouldn't have fit into my story anyway.
What is your story?
You are not adjusted Earl.
Oh God, there goes Earl.
You need professional help!
Don't tell me professional help!
That's enough!
Let me go! Let me go!
Let me go!
What the Hell's the matter with you?
Turn him loose Tom.
You alright there killer?
This is bullshit.
We're all having a pretty good party too.
I want both of y'all to shake hands.
Go on.
Shake his hand Earl.
That's it.
Let's get the music started over there.
You know I could have killed you.
Give him a beer over there.
It wasn't nothing personal.
Take care of yourself, okay?
Do you hear me? Behave.
Goodnight Bobby Ray. See you.
Good night Jim.
See you.
Good night Jim. Is right.
Billy, thank ya for coming down.
I wish more people had showed up.
Clovis, glad to see ya.
Thanks for coming.
See ya, Jim.
Take care.
What's wrong?
It's not you Sam.
It's me.
I shouldn't have brought you here.
You didn't bring me here.
I made you bring me.
Did I... did I do something wrong?
No. It's just me.
You see, my mind takes me
where I don't want to go.
It ain't your fault, Sam.
It's just me.
Hold me.
Just... just stay real close.
Thanks for everything Jim.
I thought it went real well.
Well, I thought more would come.
Hardly anybody showed up who wouldn't in country.
People just don't care, I guess.
As far as they're concerned
Vietnam never even happened.
Make sure you take your daddy's picture with you now.
I'm not responsible for that.
Well, thanks again. See ya.
Damn you!
Reverend, enjoyed myself.
Peace, love and good prayer. Alright.
Try to come Wednesday night for the prayer meeting.
Y'all come back Wednesday night
for the prayer meeting.
So there you are.
What are you doing back?
Get in.
We had to cut the weekend short.
We had a real high time
at the stag party though.
What I remember of it.
Your panties was a real hit.
Oh great.
Did you take pictures and did you pass them around?
Come on Sam. What's going on?
Emmet's turned up missing for two whole days.
I'm tired of taking care of him.
The truth is I'm tired of everybody's troubles.
What's this?
It's your friendship ring.
I know that. What does it mean?
I don't... it means I'm confused.
If you're wondering why
I'm not throwing a shit fit
over this it's because I really don't think you mean it.
You're just acting crazy again.
You know what I'm going to do with this ring?
I'm gonna throw it in the lake.
Because I don't want any other girl wearing it.
Do you hear me?
Want me to take you home?
You can take me home if you don't hate me.
I don't have you.
Where is he Moonpie ?
Go on, go find him.
Emmett? Emmett?
Jesus Emmett!
You didn't have a heart attack and die down here did you?
Sam? Sam?
Sam what are you doing?
I'm looking for Emmett.
Honey, I got him in the car with me.
Come on out of there.
I just want to look at you.
Why didn't you call me?
You must have known I'd be worried.
He showed up at my place
in the middle of the night
so drunk he was about to pass out.
Hey Pumpkin.
I've had to put up with this ever since we left Lexington.
You little fatty head.
A pickup left him off.
Larry was asleep. Don't cry baby.
I know you're hungry baby.
Larry was asleep and I was watching
Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
Did you see that?
New one, not the old one.
It was real strange.
I never got to see how it turned out.
They all get snatched.
Well, it seemed like it was headed that way
but it didn't seem right.
You had to pierce them ears again didn't ya?
Look at this house.
It's a dump.
I should sell it.
I'd be happy if I never saw it again.
Don't want to see me?
Not if you're gonna leave hurtful messages
on my answering machine.
Did you read those letters?
Every one.
What'd they say?
I forget.
Sam, I was married to him for a month before he left
and I never saw him again.
I hardly even remember him.
Well, if I loved somebody
I'd cherish everything about them.
Well, life goes on.
Grandma's got some diaries of his if you want them.
Didn't have the heart to read that diary.
If you want the truth, it hurt too much.
I doesn't matter the way that I does to you.
That baby's hungry, yeah.
Can you tell me how you died?
They don't tell you that, Sam.
They just say in the line of duty or some such.
They don't want you to really know.
I want you to come up and go to college with me.
You've got to register by next month
or you'll lose you chance.
What's Lorenzo up to?
Do you have to call him Lorenzo?
Larry's with his brother.
Promised he'd help fix the roof.
God, I don't see what keeps you here.
You still seeing that basketball boy?
Y'all telling stories on me again?
Emmett, you want to explain yourself?
Anita and me were both worried sick.
Anita Stevens!
Is she on the loose again?
Well, sir...
I believe my body was entered into by aliens
and I was transported.
You stinky baby.
No, I.. I mean it.
I was going to call the National Enquirer.
I was materialized right on Irene's doorstep.
She rescued me
so it wasn't such an unhappy ending.
Will you listen to him?
Sam, are you sure all of those bodies
got snatched in that show?
Usually they think of a way out.
Nobody got saved.
Goddamn it Emmett.
Why can't you ever tell a straight story?
Well, there ain't nothing to tell.
Anita and me and Pete and Cindy
met up at the McDonalds
and messed around there for a while.
Little later I ran into Earl.
And he said he was going up to the lake.
Had a six pack and a piece of a bottle of Jim Beam
and I said what the Hell
I didn't know he was going to stay up there for a week
so he dumped me off.
Da da da, da da da da,
that's all folks.
Where's Moonpie?
He went out looking for you.
Why don't you go get him washed up.
I'll make up your bed for ya.
You don't want to drive back tonight.
Thanks hon.
Hello stinky baby.
Are you stinking baby?
Uh, look at this place.
I wish you'd clear this all out
and have a yard sale.
What did you do with the flag on his casket?
Emmett made a cape out of it.
That's when Emmett's crazy friends were here.
I was so mad at him.
That friend of Emmett's you went to Lexington with.
Uh ha.
Well, did you love him?
I thought I cared for him at the time.
Everybody was mad at me
like they thought I should stay an old maid forever
in memory of your daddy.
Emmett was pitching fits.
Well, Grandpa went to war
and well he never came back all twisted out of shape.
Well, that war was different.
Sam, those were just different times.
Come here.
Oh, oh.
Listen, Sam.
Larry has a friend that was in Vietnam.
And he killed a whole family of people in a hut.
Do you want a baby?
A mother, a father, three children.
Some uncles and aunts and a grandmother.
He killed everyone of 'em.
And he said it took two years
to hit him what he did.
But, it worked out that all he could do
was live his life in the most productive way.
He's married. He's got kids.
He's joined the church
and he tithes.
It's all he can do.
Did Daddy kill like that?
I don't know
but it wouldn't be unusual if he did.
It's what they were sent there to do.
Come here.
Don't let 'em load ya up baby.
I had a lot of years of Emmett
to thing about this.
You don't owe anybody anything
just because they love you.
Hi, Tom. This is my mom.
Is my car ready?
How ya doing?
Is that it?
600 dollars? Is it OK to drive?
Well, I overhauled the transmission myself.
I'll guarantee it.
She don't have to buy it if she don't want to.
No, I didn't mean to infer anything.
It's just not what I expected.
Oh Mom, it's exactly what I want.
Well, alright.
Thank you.
Let me go get the papers.
I got them all made out.
Did you go out with him?
God, Mom. What a question.
Well I hope it's just a passing fancy.
He's too old and too full of trouble.
How can you see that?
I just do.
Oh God, I'm gonna be late.
Larry's gonna throw a shit fit.
You don't have to live with me to go to college.
I mean it.
You don't have to move because I bought the car.
Just come up and visit.
OK, Mom.
All you gotta do is sign it.
Nice to meet you, Tom.
Be careful now, hear.
Yes, ma'am.
Drive safely.
I will.
Thank you, thank you, thank you
. Goodbye.
Goodbye, Heather.
Pumpkin, Bye.
Uh, keys are in the car.
Here's your pick slip here.
So, do you want to take a test ride
and check me out?
Your boyfriend might see us.
Oh, well, I got rid of him.
Why are you giving me such a hard time?
I had a good time the other night.
I think you just need to get used to me.
You drive careful you hear?
Yes! Yes!
Yes! Oh my God! When did you get it?
Got it today.
It's beautiful.
And convertible too!
God, did you mom really buy it for you?
It's Pink! Pink! Pink!
It's Pink! Yes!
Do you like?
I love it!
What's the matter?
I don't want to talk about it.
I'm sorry. I know that this is hard but I have good news.
Oh, you got your period?
I finally got up my courage
and told Ken about the baby.
At first he was real shocked
but then he was happy!
Dawn, you didn't plan it.
You didn't want this baby.
What are you going to tell it when it grows up?
That it was an accident.
Babies should be born because somebody loved
and somebody wanted them.
No, I want it!
Ken wants it too!
Dawn, if I was you I'd get an abortion
for my own good.
I'm just going to pretend that I didn't hear you say that.
God, I couldn't do that.
Listen I'm happy, Sam.
I'm happy.
Can't you just be happy for me?
Honey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.
I really didn't.
God, I'm always thinking about myself.
Listen, you be happy. Hear?
I'm worried about you, Sam.
What's gonna happen to you?
High Aunt Donna!
Momma! Little Sam!
Hi Grandpa!
Hello Sam.
How you doing?
You're looking good.
How you been, honey?
Where'd you get that thing?
My momma got it for me.
Oh, Well...
How's Grandma and Aunt Donna?
They're fine.
Come on, get in here.
Are the biscuits ready yet?
I got the chicken Donna.
You get the rest.
I'll check 'em.
This gravy needs a little thickening up.
Joe, tell Sam about Dwayne.
She's here wanting to know more about her daddy.
I remember when Dwayne
first brought your mother out here.
She was a skinny little squirt
like you once was.
That was just after I was born.
I used to get so tickled at her.
She came out once
and she brought a kite with her.
And if she didn't run out in her high heels
in the meadow and fly that thing
I'm not here.
Did he love her?
Just a minute.
Well, he's young.
When you're young you don't know
what you really feel.
But I saw how she felt when the news come.
Because she was carrying you Sam.
she was as big as a barn.
You okay?
Was there a big funeral?
It was a closed casket.
They told us not to open and look.
And that was very hard because
you're supposed to prepare the body
and watch over it.
It's something that brings you together.
But it was like he wasn't there
because we couldn't see him.
And the neighbors started bringing food.
Oh, I tell ya,
they just kept on a bringing things to eat.
Lutia Cunningham brought a whole ham
and a gallon of potato salad
and three pies.
In a way it was a relief
when we got the body in the ground.
They wrote and told what a help he was
to his country.
It was like we never really got to watch over him
but it was closed casket.
Why don't we go to the
monument in Washington
and see his name at the wall.
You know, I've seen pictures of that.
I thought about it.
Well, why not?
I couldn't do that at my age?
Joe's been everywhere in WWII and all
but I've never been out of my time zone.
Pass the gravy will ya?
Well, Mom said that you had a notebook
or a diary or something of Daddy's.
You want that?
Well, yes.
It ain't personal you know.
Troop movements and like that.
Not loving like his letters.
Well, I don't mind.
I don't have the slightest memory of him.
My own brother.
Ain't that a shame?
Everyone always thought that it was something
that Dwayne left you behind on earth for us.
Like a gift.
Be present at our table Lord.
Be here and everywhere.
Each creature's blessed
and grant that we may feast in paradise with thee.
You didn't get any greens Sam.
No mail today.
No cigarettes. Raining.
July 5.
Hotshot says we're getting closer .
Hands cracked and bleeding.
Depressed. That letter from Irene
got me out of it.
Baby kicking strong.
Shelling at dark.
July 6.
Walking point all day.
Like hunting rabbits.
Miss those great Fall days.
Autumn leaves.
Change of seasons.
July 7.
Eddie lookin' for trouble.
Volunteered to walk point.
He's solid black and real quiet.
Hotshot says he wouldn't say shit
if he had a mouthful.
July 8th.
Hotshot in a rage.
He works us like a team of dogs
but if Hotshot didn't get so mad
we wouldn't be as good as we are.
9 July.
Burned hooches.
Pregnant woman didn't want to come out.
Hotshot made Darrel pull her out
before she burned up with the house.
I pray Irene and babe OK.
I try to play that she's here with me
but when I get her in my mind real good
she floats away.
I don't want her here to see this.
July 10.
Found a dead gook under some rotten leaves.
Interesting to see the body parts broken down
like in biology.
Bobby G stirred a stick around in it
and some teeth fell out.
Darrel taken one for good luck.
July 11.
Daddy's birthday.
Thinking about home.
July 12.
Face to face with a VC.
I won.
Clean head shot.
Back of his head come off.
Pictures of his babies in his pocket.
Easier than I thought.
Take cover!
Let's get the fuck out of here.
When I get back to the world
this will be a dream.
But now, the world is a dream.
Hotshot says we're almost there.
Oh God, Emmett!
What are you...
What are you doing out here?
Humping the boonies.
This ain't Vietnam.
It's just some swamp for boy scouts
to get lost in.
How'd you find me?
Hell, it was just like you.
I knew you had that diary.
Did you read it?
The way he talked about those gooks
and that killing. I hated it.
I don't like him anymore.
You don't like him anymore.
That's so fucking weak. Who are you to say that about him.
You know, when I first come back here
and I looked around at everybody
it made me remember how in country
every second you was on guard
or you died.
It made you keen.
It made you sleep with your eyes open.
Every cell in your body was awake.
Full of electricity.
That was being alive I think.
Then I come back here and I look around
and what I saw how weak everybody's game was.
You might not like him anymore.
Who the Hell are you to judge him.
I'll tell you something, Sam.
When all your best buddies are getting all shot to Hell
it feels pretty damn good getting even.
I don't want to hear about it!
Yes, you do.
Yes, you do. You wanted to know.
You've been at me and you've been at me
and now you can damn well listen.
When everybody you care about, even just a little
gets killed one after the other.
Sometimes just in a big pile of broken bones and blood and guts.
Well, after a while you... after a while
you just don't care anymore.
Because you if you do. If you let yourself care.
If you let yourself make a friend.
Then that person is gonna get killed too.
So after a while you just quit feeling.
You understand that?
Huh, you understand that little girl?
Here you are walking around Hopewell High
wondering about whether somebody
is looking at you the right way or am I... Shit.
And they're all still alive.
You know that?
In my head.
They're all sitting around a village that's all burnt out
eating ham and motherfuckers
waiting for a Huey to come and evacuate us.
They got a dead VC propped up against a hooch
with a cowboy hat on and
cigarette stuck in his mouth.
They're all wondering where's ole Emmett.
How's he doing back in Hopewell.
And they're wondering
why I ain't out there with them.
Waiting for me.
I'm just hanging on here with
every bit of strength I've got.
Christ it exhausts me.
I ain't got nothing left.
Not you or Anita
or anybody else.
There something wrong with me.
Like there's this hole in my heart.
There's just something missing
and I can't get it back.
Out there with them.
I'm already half dead.
I still can't get used to the way you two wooshed in there at home
and triggered me off on this trip.
I'm sorry about the way
your grandpa's back was up
but he'd have worried about the wheat anyway.
It was getting near ready to cut.
For what I don't know with the market prices.
Sometimes if think Dwayne is almost better off out of this
or he'd have been a farmer like his daddy.
If you could do it over
would you have sent Dwayne to Canada instead?
Oh Sam people don't have choices like that.
Besides, he did good for his country.
And I take comfort in that.
What good did he do for his country?
Emmett says they all died over there for nothing.
Well, Emmett can talk.
He didn't die.
That's right Ms. Hughes.
I'm alive and horrible.
Emmett, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to step on your feelings.
I just had to say how I feel.
Emmett. My...
Emmett can you look for another station on the radio please?
Emmett, my legs are killing me.
I need to take another pill.
Can you start looking for a place to stop?
Where there's barbecue.
I didn't feed us enough at breakfast.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Oh Lord, my knees.
Watch your step.
Oh, Laud.
Open the door. Take it easy.
Get out of there. Watch out.
She's driving me crazy.
I'm gonna scream if she keeps this up.
She's never been nowhere before.
You don't know how to act.
She's driving me nuts.
Oh, my God!
Pardon my French but if it isn't
all my favorite people in the world!
Were you surprised?
Hi .
Hi honey!
I missed you.
I don't believe. Hi Emmett!
Hi Irene.
Come on in!
I don't believe it!
Oh, don't bother with that stack.
Larry was out of focus on most of them.
That's a good one of all of us.
I like that one.
That's a good one.
Can I... can I have that one?
Oh honey take what you want.
Larry got double prints
on a special.
Are you sure...
are you sure you won't come with us?
Oh I don't...I don't think so.
You do it.
Anybody want another beer?
Help yourself Emmett.
Not for me.
Is Emmett with Anita Stevens again?
Oh, well Emmett doesn't know what he wants
but Anita sure does.
Mrs. Hughes, have you thought
about going through Colonial Williamsburg on you way?
I never been so
far away from home in my life.
It's too late to do that in my old age.
Oh, you're not old Mrs. Hughes.
I'm 58 and I got 20 years of worry
tacked on to that.
You're as old as you feel Mrs. Hughes.
Did you tell her yet?
-Yeah, I'm going to.
Well, go on.
I will!
Mom, can I move up here
and go to college?
What did I hear over there?
Oh Sam, this is great!
Oh, my God!
Your big sister is going to
come up and live with us and go to college.
How about that sweetheart?
You really mean it?
I mean it!
I mean it!
She means it! I'm so happy!
Dwayne always thought you hung the moon.
She's moving up here.
How about that!.
Alright, come on out of there, Sam.
Oh my.
I don't see it!
They say you come up on it all of a sudden.
My legs are beginning to hurt.
Emmett, will you get me my...
my geranium there would ya?
Alright, y'all go on up ahead.
I'll catch you.
It's on Panel 4W.
Oh look, there it is.
It doesn't show up good.
It's just a hole in the ground.
Lord, it's as night.
I didn't think it would look like this.
What... what are those gold stars for?
I guess somebody just wanted the name to stand out.
I can go with that.
Yeah, me too.
You gonna look for anybody else besides Daddy?
I gonna look up a couple of guys.
God, it's just like Mom said.
The names
Bobby Gene and Freddie Ray
and Jimmy Bob.
Country boys.
Country boys just like city boys now.
They have everything.
There it is.
Dwayne E. Hughes.
I'm gonna ball.
I wish I could touch it.
A second grandma.
Mister, can we use that ladder.
Yes you may.
Thank you.
Here, let me give you a hand with it.
I got it.
Watch yourself Mrs. Hughes.
Somebody might see up my dress.
You go on.
You can do it.
Watch your step.
Sam, now you go up there.
Take this and get his name.
It's real close, Grandma.
When I get back to the world.
This will be a dream.
But now, the world is a dream.
Hotshot says we're almost there.
You wanna to get some barbecue?
That'd be good.
Let's stop at that same place on the way.
With the hot sauce...
That sauce was so good.
And I can live with that.
Sam can drive.