In Dubious Battle (2016) Movie Script

My pop always told me
to watch the scales.
Said the world
will always find a way
to cheat the working man.
I met Mac McLeod in 1933,
and I witnessed up close
the price of real change.
Gentlemen, ladies,
come in, come in.
Listen, please.
Hear what I have to say,
all right?
This price cut pains me
as much as it pains you.
With the market
as volatile as it is
a fella should
count himself fortunate
to garner a respectable wage
like I offer you.
Yeah, respectable like hell!
- What?
- Yeah!
Man can't live
on a dollar a day.
You promised us three a day,
and you know it.
But unfortunately, good man,
my hands are tied.
What are we gonna do today?
We gotta walk.
We'll just go on over
to the next field.
No, no, no.
that won't work either.
That's the rate for every field
for the Torgas valley.
And now you can either
take it as it is or leave.
Leave? I can't leave.
I spent nearly my last dimes
just to try and get out here.
Can't leave.
I'm sorry.
That's a pity.
But you can either whine
or go to work.
Let's go.
Let's go. Move out.
All right, come on, folks.
Let's do this.
As they said in the great war,
"it's daylight in de Banque,
the son of a bitch
is in the swamp.
Hey, praise ye
to the god almighty.
"What are you gonna do,
sleep all day?"
Good people, good people.
My people, my people.
What do you want?
Oh, hey, you must be
the new recruit.
You... hey, that means
you met Harry.
Harry says you're okay,
you're okay.
What is it? Jack?
Uh, I'm Jim.
Jim Nolan.
Joy, let him in.
You say Nolan. Nolan?
Are you ray Nolan's kid?
Yeah, yeah.
Joy, where's your manners?
Why don't you invite
our new friend in here?
Oh, I'm sorry, yeah.
Here, nice to meet you, Jim.
Ah. Name's Mac.
Nice to meet you.
All right.
Uh, joy don't shake.
Hurts too much.
Busted his hands.
Yeah, because
I got beat real good.
That's right,
I been handcuffed to a bar
and smacked across the skull.
I gotten my hands stomped on
by police horses.
I been beat to hell,
ain't I, Mac?
Sure have, joy.
All right, Jay.
- Jim, sorry.
- Come on, have a seat.
Ray Nolan's kid, huh?
Heard he was the toughest mug
in the whole county.
Say he could lick five cops
with his bare hands.
Yeah. Too bad
every time he went out,
he managed to run into six.
Well, let's hope you got
more sense than that.
Now, this here's Edith Malone.
She's all right.
Little too tough
for her own good.
Pfft. Go to hell, Mac.
You can call me Edie.
He's just sore because I been
at this longer than he has,
and I'm better at it too.
Maybe, maybe, maybe so.
You already met joy.
Joy's an old vet,
ain't you, joy?
Damn right.
And I ain't ever crawled.
Did I ever...
Did I ever break?
Did I ever beg them to stop?
I kept on calling them
sons of bitches
right until they knocked me
cold, every damn time.
Well, maybe if you'd
kept your trap shut,
they wouldn't have knocked that
head of yours around so much
and you could keep straight
the days of the week.
All right,
don't get him started.
Yeah, well,
they were sons of bitches
and so I told them.
You know, they may have
rode me down,
ground me into the dirt till
the soil was red with my blood
but I told them what they were!
- You sure did, joy.
- Yeah, damn right.
Hey, let me get you some coffee.
Just wait here.
Man, I know what day
of the week it is.
All right, joy.
Who produces the goods?
Uh, the workers do.
And who takes the profit?
The bosses and the owner?
By what right?
They don't produce nothing.
- What right do they have?
- Joy!
You sound like a two-bit
preacher in a one-horse town.
Will you just stop trying
to convince our own people
and leave the poor boy alone?
Jim, come on.
Joy, let him go.
I'm with you, joy.
All right.
Okay, Jack.
Just been smacked over the head
one too many times.
We take care of him,
try to keep him out of trouble.
Those the only clothes you got?
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, gonna have
to get you a costume.
What do you mean, a costume?
No, thank you.
You got good timing, Jim.
Great, in fact.
Tomorrow morning,
I'm heading to the Torgas valley
and you're coming with me.
What's in Torgas?
Fields of them. Succulent
like you wouldn't believe.
Thousands of boomers come out
for the season to pick them.
Poor bastards spend their every
last dime getting out there.
As soon as they're there,
bosses slash the wages in half.
Guys like that's
gonna be mad, furious.
There ain't nothing
they can do about it.
That's where you and me come in.
We're gonna fix
that job real quick.
We're gonna start a strike.
Well, look at that.
Kid's got some brains
to go with all that brawn.
So, what do you say?
You ready to pick some apples?
I'm in.
Jeez, man, my pops
used to work those fields.
He said no matter how bad
the docks were, working there,
way worse working the field,
because if they catch you
interfering in the field,
they'll kill you.
There's no one to stop them.
Why do you think
we're going out there?
Change all that...
One field at a time,
if we have to.
Real question is,
have you ever jumped
a train before?
Have I ever what?
Jumped a train?
You know, I never been
out of the city before.
Damn, this ain't a sight.
Is where we're going like this?
Trees dripping with apples
like red jewels.
You think you'd died
and found Eden.
You want one?
No, thank you.
All right.
What made you want to join
a bunch of radicals?
Did you know the industrial
workers of the world
are violent anarchists
and dirty communists?
According to most folk.
Had a lot to do with my old man.
Seeing that poor old bastard joy
reminded me of my old man.
He took so many beatings
that he went punch drunk.
One time, I found him
walking in circles
in the middle of the street.
Got hit with a pair of brass
knuckles by a scab real good.
Never could steer straight
after that.
Where's he at now?
He's gone.
Finally took charge
a buckshot to the chest
from a cop's riot gun.
Say he was dead
before he even hit the ground.
You know, I had
all this inside me.
I never had anywhere to put it.
I just fought.
But now I have a chance
to fight for something.
I want to fight for something.
I want that.
That's all I want.
I like the way you think,
Jim Nolan.
You and me's gonna make
a pretty good team.
You ever do anything
like this before?
Nope, never.
The key is,
they gotta think
we're like any other pickers.
Let's get to work.
- Where you boys from?
- Up north, sir.
You two pick before?
Yes, sir.
Well, why don't you find
an empty tree and get to work?
All right.
All right, I got a name.
Find a tree, pick,
talk to some folks,
feel them out.
See you after.
Don't bruise them.
Rot sets in a bruise.
You hear me?
Yeah, hear.
You got a problem, kid?
No, sir.
Well, god, he's awful, huh?
- Yeah.
- It's not him, though.
It's this whole setup
that's rotten.
What are we gonna do about it?
I don't know
but something's gotta be done.
New guys, follow me.
I'll show you your bunks.
I seen his type before.
Ten to one he's
a training camp soldier.
Spent his time in the war
punching a bayonet
into a sack of sawdust
so he comes home without
ever seeing a trench.
Now he's Bolton's foreman.
His lackey.
He's always trying to prove
how tough he is.
Reminds me of a guy
I used to know back in the day.
Got his rocks off kicking dogs.
No time for sightseeing here.
Feel it down here.
Just a little bit right here.
I don't... right here.
Let's see.
Ooh, yeah.
It's okay.
Hey. That's the women's bunks.
Men's are over here.
Come on, come on.
Sheets are available
in the company store.
You two cause trouble here,
you're gone.
Hey, careful up there,
Young punks like you
have heart failure
watching me work.
Is that so?
A dollar a day?
Pretty steep cut.
What do you think about that?
What do I think about it?
I think whining
ain't gonna do no good.
How you doing?
We gotta roam all over
the country
like hogs looking for work.
And we get our ass beat
by guys with clipboards.
If we stuck together, we could
really make some change.
Hey, that sounds like hope.
Only young'uns
are good for hope.
I gave it up.
You can have it.
Never done me no good.
What if there was something
we could do about it?
Look, we hear
what you're saying.
We ain't interested
in your politics.
That's right.
Politics, huh? I just want to do
what's right.
Well, look.
Paying us less is better
than paying nothing at all.
Well, they gouge us
because they know
they can get away with it.
We already
said we ain't having this...
Listen, mister,
with all due respect,
I don't know you.
And I'm not having
this conversation with you.
Ah. Poor bastards.
Already spending money
they haven't earned
just to get a meal.
Nothing worse than
your first paycheck
and already owing the man money.
Yeah, none of that
doom and gloom, Jimmy.
There's a lot to like here.
You can feel the tension.
It's like water simmering
right before it boils over.
I managed to get
with London today.
He don't miss much.
He's sure sore as hell
over the pay cut.
He's our guy.
We get him over on our side,
he'll swing a bunch
of the stiffs with him.
They'll listen to him.
Somebody sick?
London's daughter-in-law.
She's having a baby.
There a doctor?
Ain't nobody
makes house calls out here.
Come on.
Yeah, you're opening up
real good.
shaking like a leaf.
You sure you know
what the hell you're doing?
Yeah, yeah.
Real good. Real good.
What the hell you think
you're doing here?
We heard there was a girl
having a baby.
What, did you think you'd
just come in and have a gander?
We thought we might help,
seeing as you don't have
a doctor here.
Well, you been
around this before?
Yes, sir.
Thank god.
So Vera here, she's delivered
calves before,
but she ain't
no... no doctor,
and this old bag here,
I not sure she knows
what she's doing either.
Ma'am, you can step aside.
Well, that's real kind of you,
sir, but I can do this.
You been drinking?
No, I haven't been drinking.
I just...
My hands shake, that's all.
And did you even bother
to wash your hands?
Just step aside.
Let the man go to work here.
Lisa, it's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Hey, Lisa, these guys
know what they're doing.
They've been around it before.
- It's going to be okay.
- It's okay.
We've done this 100 times,
Jim and I.
I just need a little more help.
Where's the father?
He had an accident.
Passed away three months ago.
I see. Okay.
All right,
put that on my shoulders.
It's okay she's crying
like this? This is okay?
- Uh, yeah.
- She's okay.
- Look out.
- Okay.
Lisa? Lisa?
I'm Mac. This is Jim.
Now, Lisa, when you feel it...
When you feel a contraction,
I need you to push, okay?
- Help her out, Jim.
- All right.
Help her out, Jim.
Lisa, you're gonna be just fine.
Just look at me.
We'll do it together.
When you feel the
contraction, I need you to push.
Okay? Feel it?
Then push!
And push!
There you go!
There you go.
That's it, that's it.
Come on! Come on!
Come on!
- Push hard now.
- That's your, baby!
Come on, Lisa.
This is it.
One more. One more.
One more. One more.
Look at that, girl!
Ah, there it is!
There we go!
There he is!
There he is.
Oh, ain't that nice?
Hold him. Hold him.
There you go.
There you go.
You did a good job, girl.
You really did.
Thank you, mister.
You did a hell of a thing.
Thank you.
You too.
Thank you very much.
Oh, thank you.
Good job, Jim.
It's a boy!
Hey, Mac, come here.
You ever done that before?
Delivered a baby?
I had some medical training
in the army.
I just figured we'd get it
as clean as possible
and then let nature take over.
I guess it's a good thing
that came through,
or we'd be in a lot of trouble.
You are a crazy son of a bitch.
You're one crazy son of a bitch.
I've been called worse.
Did a good thing tonight, Mac.
Real good thing.
Sure, I guess so.
But what matters is we got
those guys working together.
And we've got an in with London.
We delivered a baby
tonight, Mac.
That's gotta be worth something.
Jim, listen, you gotta take
every opportunity that you get.
And we gotta remember
what the stakes are.
We're trying to change things
for millions of people.
Anyone who has to take
a shit deal
because the boss says so.
Anyone who gets
taken advantage of
because they don't
own something.
That's who we're fighting for.
It's not about Lisa,
it's not about you and me.
If anything,
it's about Lisa's kid,
and what kind of world
he's gonna grow up in.
And if we're thinking about
ourselves or chasing glory,
then we're not doing it right.
All right, I get it.
Baby came out,
I almost passed out.
I genuinely almost passed out.
Hey, me too.
Hey, Mac.
Hey, there, Mac.
Hey, buddy.
How you doing?
They talking strike
out here yet?
Oh, yeah. They're cautious,
but they're talking about it.
Well, that's a start.
Some of these guys
won't even say it.
Like, "strike"
is some kind cuss word,
and their mother'll come wash
their mouths out with soap.
With people like this,
you never know
what'll set them off,
what'll get the Boulder rolling.
Just look at them.
All they need's a little push.
They were just sitting
on the side of the road
next to a big white house,
I remember.
No, I'm not. Hey!
Hey, boys, this is Mac,
and this here is Jim.
These are the fellas
I told you about.
So these are the fellas
that took care of your Lisa?
That's right.
Any of you would have
done the same. It was nothing.
Maybe, but not many
people'd help a stranger.
- So, London?
- Hmm?
Think any more on what
we were saying yesterday?
I think what you said
makes sense.
Making trouble
never got me anywhere.
Well, if you don't make trouble,
then nothing's gonna change.
- Yeah.
- Easy for you to say.
I got a family to feed.
Yeah, a buddy back east
got his skull cracked
when they tried to organize.
All right!
Get to picking them apples.
All right, let's go.
Time to go
pick them apples.
Let's move.
Let's do it.
Come on!
Where you going
once the apples get picked?
East, cotton fields.
Well, you know for damn sure
that if they cut you here,
they're gonna cut even deeper
in the cotton field.
Mm. Maybe he's right.
Yeah, you know he's right.
Jim here is an expert
on agricultural economics.
Honest to god, he knows
more than anyone I know
about the way
the farm business goes.
I just think that we need
to talk about this
a little bit more.
All right.
London, they are gonna
cut and cut
until we do something about it.
Hey, Mac.
I ain't know nothing about
agriculture economics.
I thought you did.
- Morning, Dan.
- Hey, how you doing, kid?
I'm all right. How you doing?
Did you get here early today?
Yeah, I got here real early.
Yeah, good for you. Yeah.
Oh, shit.
Hey, Dan, what is it, your leg?
Is your leg broke?
- Son of a bitch.
- Which leg is it?
- Damn!
- What leg is it?
- Busted ladder, look!
- Jesus Christ!
Move, out of the way, move.
Bullshit! Help me up!
There ain't nothing to see here.
It was a broken ladder.
It's all his goddamn fault.
You listen, boy.
No, you listen.
Get him!
Get him!
Come on! Hey, break it up!
Hey, get off him!
You're gonna kill him,
for Christ's sake.
You're gonna kill him!
You on their side or something?
No, I'm not on their side,
goddamn it.
All right?
This isn't gonna help.
Make way!
Make way, back up.
Come on, frank.
Get up.
Get up, boy.
You're done.
Not now. Uh-uh.
Back to work!
Y'all back to work!
Tell you one thing's for sure,
I ain't working
for these bastards.
Not one more second!
You goddamn right we're not.
London, London.
It's starting now.
Just what sort of nonsense
you been putting
in my father's head?
He don't need your trouble.
Ma'am, I understand
your concern.
Don't you "ma'am" me.
Come on, dad, ask him.
It is now or never.
We've all met guys
that have done good deeds
for other people.
We never met someone that didn't
want something in return.
We just need to know
what your angle is.
My old man worked these fields.
Years ago.
He went to the city
when he couldn't take
being jerked around any more.
He worked the factories
up until the day they shot him
with a load of buckshot
right in the chest.
You wanna know why
they killed him?
Because he had the nerve
to stand up and say
they weren't treating him right.
And for that,
they shot him like a dog.
And that's how it's always been
for guys like you and me.
So who are we?
We're the guys
who are gonna change all that.
And we're gonna do it
one goddamn apple field
at a time if we have to.
All right,
now if we're gonna do this,
we're gonna do this right,
which means we gotta
get organized quick
before Bolton can run in scabs.
But we still need somebody
to run this thing.
So who wants
to nominate somebody?
I nominate London.
- Anyone second that?
- London!
All right, do we have
any other nominations?
All right, I guess
we have our leader.
Okay, then, I guess
I'm thinking the same thing
you all are thinking, probably.
So we live here now.
If this thing happens,
where are we gonna go?
You're right.
We'll all need a place to stay.
You leave that to us.
What the hell was that about?
Sorry, I used
your old man's story.
It's a good story.
I think it's what London
and all them...
They had to hear at that point.
If you got no money,
you can have a cup of
coffee on the house,
but don't go ordering
food you can't pay for,
think you can
run out on the bill.
You'd be the third pickers
this week to try that.
We were sent here
from the city on business.
We heard you been good
to our people in the past,
and we don't forget
things like that.
I knew you fellas
had a look about you.
I bet you haven't eaten all day.
Can I put something on for you?
That sounds...
I'll be right back.
So I hear your pops
has a farm of his own.
Yeah, my old man's got some land
and a bit of an orchard.
Well, we'd like to talk to him.
I can take you over there
but I gotta warn you,
he is a tough old git.
He's got no sympathy for causes.
Hey, pops, these fellas
want to talk to you.
Ain't seen pointers like
that in a long time.
Likely you ain't seen
pointers like this ever.
You bird them?
Every season.
Lots of fools use a setter.
Setter's a net dog.
Pointer's a gun dog.
Is that right?
You know dogs?
I do.
I like this one.
I like the look of her.
Yeah, that's Mary.
She's hell-bent
for leather in the field.
Never seen a dog
cover ground like her.
I believe it.
My name's McLeod.
You selling something?
Not selling anything.
Now what can I do
for you, McLeod?
I'm going to lay it out
for you straight.
A couple of hundred apple
pickers will be on strike
by this time tomorrow.
As soon as they strike,
the owners are gonna kick them
off their land for trespassing.
Well, for a man
telling it straight,
you sure take a long time
to get to the point.
Al here says you have
five acres of plowing land.
That's private property you
that can do with as you please.
Let us make camp on your land.
We'll pick your apples for free.
Yours'll be the only crop
in the entire county at market.
You'll make a killing.
I gotta get along
with my neighbors.
They'd give me hell,
I did a thing like that.
You own this land?
I do.
Is it clear?
Well, hell, no, it's not clear.
I got a mortgage.
With whom?
Torgas finance.
And who owns Torgas finance?
I'll tell you,
Martin, hunter, Bolton.
Same three bastards own
90 percent of the farming land
in this valley.
They been squeezing you?
How long till
they squeeze you out?
A year?
Now, suppose you sell
your whole crop
in a rising market.
A crop you paid nothing
to have picked.
It might get you
out of that mortgage.
And then they
couldn't touch you.
Well, I'm not sure
I can trust a couple of reds.
You tried trusting
Torgas finance.
How'd that work out for you?
Consider it this way.
When else are you gonna
get a chance
to stick it to Chris Bolton?
I like him.
He's a grumpy old bastard
but I like him.
Don't you go liking people, Jim.
We can't afford to waste time
liking people.
I know you think that's cold
but I'm just being practical.
All right, I get it.
So speaking practically,
how do you always know
what to say to guys like that?
It's not hard.
You just tell them
what they want to hear.
Sure, but how do you know
what they wanna hear?
Well, see, guys like that...
They think they want wealth
or power or security.
None of that matters.
They just want to feel
like their lives matter.
Like they matter.
They want to think
that they have some control
over their lives.
That's it?
Lisa, I'm just saying,
we can't trust these guys.
We don't know
who they are, okay?
You have to be careful.
Vinnie, I'm trying to feed the
baby. Can you please leave?
Hey, I don't mean to bother you.
I know, um...
I brought you some soup.
That's sweet of you.
You can put it here.
I'm gonna put it here.
Why don't you sit down?
You want me to sit?
Yeah, sure.
Oh, sorry about that.
You don't have to do that.
Figured you've already
seen more than this anyway.
How are you feeling?
I'm tired.
Considering I pushed
this one out of me.
That makes sense.
How's he doing?
You wanna hold him?
Do I want to hold the baby?
Here, try.
Oh, all right.
By the head.
Just, uh...
Oh, man.
I named him Josiah.
How you doing, lad?
He's beautiful.
I'm sorry about the father.
There was no accident.
The coward ran off when he
found out I was pregnant.
God, I don't even
know why I told you.
I don't tell anyone.
I won't tell anyone.
London's more ashamed than I am.
Well, I won't tell anyone.
You're a good man,
aren't you, Jim?
I try to be.
Bolton knows
we walked off the job.
And Edie says he's bringing
in scabs today to replace us.
So we gotta convince
the scabs to join us
or the strike will be over
before it even begins.
Hang back.
Do you know something I don't?
These cops are gonna be looking
to see who the leader is.
I don't want to call any
attention to ourselves.
Never mind them.
We're all on the same side here.
Our fight is not with you.
You gotta join us
and together we'll get them
to pay what they owe us.
Yeah, yeah!
This man's right, by god!
Why should we work for a man
who think they own us?
Come on.
Hold back.
We gotta stop them.
They think you're dirt.
They think you're trash.
They think they can just
chew you up, spit you out,
take the profits
from the work that you do
with your sweat and your blood.
And these cops, these pigs,
you know what they do
when you try
to exercise your rights
as a free American?
They bash you in the skull,
they knock out your teeth,
they kick in the ribs,
call you a piece of shit.
And now we're
supposed to work for them?
They're sons of bitches,
I tell you.
And you know what we do
with sons of bitches
where I come from?
Get back!
He's dead.
- He's dead.
- He's dead!
You can all go to hell!
All you folks,
you elected me to be chairman
of this here group.
I guess that means
I'm supposed to say something
on behalf of this poor man here.
Well, I'm not good at speeches.
But you saw
what happened to him.
He wasn't trying to harm nobody.
He just came to stand with us.
There's a man here, Mac,
who knew him.
Go ahead up there, Mac.
Yeah, I knew him.
He was my friend.
His name is joy.
He was a radical.
You heard me.
He was a true radical.
He was a radical
because he wanted people
like you and me
to have enough to eat
and a place to sleep.
He didn't want
nothing for himself.
He didn't want a goddamn thing.
He was a radical!
A dirty bastard,
a danger to the government
because he wanted all of us
to have a fair shot.
So the cops beat him to pieces.
They broke his hands so many
times he couldn't make a fist.
They busted his jaw
so he couldn't eat right.
And now they shot him,
right at our feet.
What are you
going to do about it?
You gonna dump him in
a mud hole,
put some slush over him
and forget it?
He was fighting for you!
- You going to forget about him?
- No!
Are you gonna lie down
and just take it?
Are you going to let them
get away?
He was one of us.
So, what are you
gonna do about it?
- What?
- Fight!
You gonna fight?
That's right.
We're going to fight for him.
And we're going to fight for us.
But we can't
fight them with guns.
We can't fight them with knives.
So, what are we do?
- Strike! Strike!
- That's right!
Strike! Strike!
Strike! Strike!
We'll run a clean camp,
No booze.
We got a woman
by the name of Edie,
who's bringing in supplies
by the truckload.
And we got a doc in charge
of health and sanitation.
My people know
what they're doing
and we'll have your entire
orchard picked in no time,
for free.
That does it.
All right.
Three bucks a day
and we won't walk away!
Three bucks a day
and we won't walk away!
Three bucks away
and we won't walk away!
Three bucks a day
and we won't walk away!
This is really happening.
Look at them.
It's like they're waking up
from a long sleep.
All I see is danger.
Oh, come on. Not danger.
This is possibility, look.
Look at everyone. If they all
keep working together like this,
there's nothing we can't do.
I know these men.
It can't last.
You should have more faith
in your fellow man.
They'll get itchy
and they'll start fighting.
We'll help them
stay on the right path.
We'll whip them into shape.
Oh, really?
Yeah. Yeah.
I hope you can.
I just hope you know
what you're doing.
Say, ain't that the lady
you had your eye on?
Sure is.
Well, that's a shame
about her man dying.
Someone's gonna have to
help raise that baby.
Say, what do you think
of that Jim Nolan guy, anyway?
He ain't nothing special.
I think he's all right.
Hey, wait up.
I'm gonna head to see the doc.
What the hell
are you telling me for?
Well, you told me
not to do nothing
- without letting you know, so...
- Jesus Christ.
You sure follow directions.
Just go on.
I'll be there in a bit.
Yeah, I was just telling you.
Now, no, sir, I don't
want any of that nonsense,
but, no, this...
Doc? Doc, sorry.
What can I do for you, Jim?
Well, I just wanted to see
if you needed any help
and, uh, Edie says
that she has the, uh...
What do you call it?
Ah. That woman is wonderful,
fabulous, yeah.
Help, yeah, always.
Well, Mac and Edie
certainly got this one
up and running pretty quickly.
Lucky for them that poor old sot
took the fall
that he did when he did.
Yeah, the men weren't
really committed, were they?
Not until old joy
put up his last stand.
What are you talking about?
Just making a remark about
this serendipitous timing.
Mac says that you're not
committed to our cause
but you help us anyway.
Ah, you don't want
to be talking about
my political theories,
at least not now.
You're new to this, huh?
What do you make
of your new comrades?
Do you find them inspiring?
Uh, yeah, I do.
I do, honest to god. I really do
find them inspiring.
- Good.
- Bolton's here.
London, I presume.
I've been told you're
the man in charge of this
- uh, this gathering.
- That's right.
- My name's Bolton.
- I know who you are.
I was hoping we could talk.
All right.
Why don't you skedaddle
for a bit. Go ahead.
Come on, let's go, let's go.
Mr. Bolton, why don't you
just sit right in my office?
Right here.
I'm the only one sitting, huh?
The old man.
You really think you need
that for a friendly talk?
It's all right, Vera.
Let the man have his gun.
Now, this is my daughter, Alice.
As the heir to my business,
I think it is important
that she sees firsthand
the men and the women
who will be working for her.
They don't belong here.
Get rid of them.
We don't need them.
Uh, your men stay, my men stay.
You know what
you're getting into?
I know about these
They don't
give a damn about you.
Look, just say
your piece, boss man.
Okay, so be it.
So be it.
We're both busy men,
I'll get right to the point.
You bring these
men back to work,
I'll make you assistant
Steady job.
Five dollars a day.
Oh, really?
You're gonna buy me off?
No, no, no.
A chance to lick your boots?
You're lucky I don't cold-cock
your ass right here.
Just easy.
Take it easy.
Okay. Now, I find
in any dispute,
if the two parties
sit down at the table
they can work things out.
Well, we ain't got no table.
Well, this mess isn't good
business for anyone, all right?
Now, come back to work.
You'll get your wages,
we'll get our apples picked.
All right? Everybody will be
happy, happy, happy.
No repercussions, no grudges.
What's the offer?
Well, that is the offer.
Come back to work.
Yeah, but at what rate?
The rate we discussed.
A dollar a day.
Jesus, are you dense?
I mean, what do you...
What the do you think
we're striking about here?
A dollar twenty.
No questions no grudges.
That's as high as I can go.
Bob, put your damn hand down.
That's less than half
of what you promised.
Think of the womenfolk.
Think of them, all right?
These fine ladies here
need to be taken care of
like the queens they are.
Mr. Bolton,
the way I see it
is I think it's pretty clear
without us,
your apples don't get picked.
And we're not picking any apples
until we get the wages
that we were promised.
Turn your cards over, Bolton.
We see you already hired
one of these Pinkerton bastards.
So, what's the "or else"?
We come back to work for you
or else you're gonna
let out the vigilantes?
I can assure you I have no idea
what you're talking about.
But if outraged citizens
band together
to keep the peace,
that's their
god-given right.
And if you keep on
with the strike,
we'll be forced to petition
the governor for troops.
We're on private land here.
You got no right to push us off.
Oh, yeah?
Well, we'll see about that.
I had hoped you would
listen to reason. I really did.
But you're forcing my hand.
And if you continue
with this foolishness,
know that I will
crush this strike
and bury
each and every one of you.
That's a promise.
Bolton, you rough up Anderson,
you touch his property,
you touch one goddamn
apple tree,
we will burn down
every house and barn
on every ranch in this valley.
Make way, people.
Make way. Make way.
Bolton will start
cracking down now.
It'll get ugly.
Oh, come on, doc.
The men will be able
to handle it.
They know how important this is.
They'll fight, they won't break.
I wish I could see it
with your clarity, Jim.
Man, he's met and he's defeated
every obstacle,
every enemy but one.
He just can't win
against himself.
Mankind hates itself.
We don't hate mankind.
We hate the system
that oppresses working people.
The system that stacks the deck
so a few people have everything
and the rest of us have to
fight over the scraps.
That's what we hate.
The other side is
made up of men too, Jim,
men like you.
What do you think
about all this?
What's your assessment
of this situation?
All I want is just
a simple, clean life.
A farm and a house, a family.
Somebody to help
raise Josiah with.
All the rest just feels like
needless complication.
Lisa, don't you see?
That's why I'm doing this.
I'm doing this for you
and for people like you,
so they have a shot
at that life.
But that Mac, telling everyone
what to do,
he just seems so cold.
No, Mac isn't cold.
All those smiles, it's like
we're pieces on a puzzle board.
That place in him
that's supposed to be warm
is just gone.
If that's the cost of all this
it ain't right, is it?
Hey, doc?
You think I'd be a good father?
Yeah, I think you'd
be a good father.
Jesus Christ, where you been?
The supplies are so dry,
I'm spitting cotton.
Look at this.
Jesus Christ.
What is it?
"County votes to feed strikers.
"At a public meeting last night,
the board of supervisors
"unanimously voted
to feed the men
now striking
against the apple growers."
Well, if they want
to give us food...
No, dummy.
It's an old trick.
I have sympathizers lined up,
ready to give us
food and blankets and money,
then this comes out
and they say, "why am I
feeding you anything?
County's been feeding you.
I saw it in the paper."
But you be ready.
Things are gonna get bad.
Bolton's gonna
start cracking down
and the men's resolve
will start to weaken.
You losing faith, Edie?
I'm a realist, always have been,
always will be.
She's right.
It's gonna get ugly.
But that's good for us.
The worse it gets,
the bigger the story,
the more sympathy for the cause.
Just have to make sure
the strike keeps going.
The guys'll stay strong.
You just watch.
I promise.
Come on.
Huh? Where are we going?
Gotta get into town.
Right now?
Oh, shit.
That's it?
Just send some letters?
That's right.
Now we gotta wait.
Hopefully my guys'll
have some ideas
on how to push back
against Bolton.
Evening, fellas.
Evening. Just out for
a little stroll.
It's a public road, all right?
We're allowed to walk on it.
Then walk.
You got no cause.
You want us to go with you,
you gotta arrest us.
And then you're gonna
have to talk to our lawyers.
Who said anything about police?
I said walk.
All right.
Call you frank, right?
Yeah, you got
something to say, buddy?
Say it.
Open your mouth.
Guys like you are the dirtiest
bastards in any town.
You're the ones who like to beat
on hobos and lynch negroes.
You can dress it up,
call it keeping the peace,
but you just like to be cruel.
Like to beat on a guy
if he's tied up
or if he's
outnumbered 10 to one,
but you'd never
face him man to man.
Oh, yeah?
You mean like this?
Run! Run!
Shoot him!
Shoot him! Shoot him,
shoot him, shoot him!
Goddamn it, shoot him!
Goddamn it!
Let them go.
We got nothing but time.
Oh, you're gonna be
seeing us again!
And we know your dirty friends,
and we're gonna
pay each of them a visit!
What the hell was that?
That was a taste
of who we're dealing with.
Can they do that?
We didn't break any laws.
They can do whatever they want.
No one stops them.
Come on out!
They're gonna keep
coming after us.
Come on, let's get back to camp,
let them know that they're
out there, all right?
Oh, god!
- All right?
- Yeah.
Hey. You bastards are
supposed to protect us.
What's the matter?
What's the matter?
Bunch of men burned
Al's lunch wagon
clear to the ground.
That's what's the matter.
The whole goddamn thing.
Ah. Hey, al.
Hope you're happy now.
See what comes of it?
Look at him laying there.
We put $1800 into that diner.
For Christ's sake, dad,
don't start.
Hey, we feel awful bad.
All right,
let him get some rest, Mac.
All right.
This is gonna hurt, al.
We'll put extra guards...
Get out.
Yes, sir.
Where are the guards?
Goddamn it.
What the hell?
Relax, man.
Ain't nobody around.
This isn't a joke, okay?
We owe Mr. Anderson.
We're exhausted.
We been picketing all day.
Jesus, enough with the excuses.
You two can't do it?
Find someone who can!
- You ain't our boss.
- No, I ain't.
But what do you think London's
gonna do when he finds out
you two ain't
pulling your weight?
London ain't our boss neither.
You're right.
But he can tear you limb from
limb with his bare hands.
Now, get out of here.
I don't want you two
guarding the barn.
Damn if I don't feel like
we did that to poor al.
I mean, that lunch wagon,
that was his whole life.
Don't go thinking that way.
You didn't bust Al's ribs.
Them bastards
work for Bolton did.
All right, but I can't help...
I can't help feeling like...
I mean, did you see the look
in Mr. Anderson's eyes?
I ain't gonna lie to you,
hating's the hardest part.
You do what we do,
everyone hates you,
the enemy, our side both.
That's their whole plan.
They're gonna divide us
a bit at a time
until the whole thing
falls apart.
But we ain't gonna let them.
I can't stop thinking about joy,
just shot to hell.
Me too, Jim.
Me too.
It's worth it.
Get something to eat.
Whoa, hey.
Hey! Hey!
Get them, Vinnie.
Get them!
What are you doing?
Hey, stop it!
Stop it!
Stop! Hey, stop.
- What are you guys doing?
- Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, we're just doing
what Mac told us to do.
Mac told you to do this?
Come on, let's go.
Go, go, go!
Come on, shit.
Run! Run!
Hey, fellas! Aren't you gonna
come get your comrade?
What, you backing out now?
I don't know, just...
I just didn't think
anybody would get hurt.
Well, what exactly
did you think would happen
when you cross a man
like Bolton?
You think he'd just roll over
and give us what we wanted?
I'd known Billy his whole life.
Now, this is just too much.
Mm-mm, mister,
you can't back out now.
You made that call,
and now we're in it.
If Bolton wants a fight,
you better get your boys
ready to fight.
Well, more people
are gonna get hurt.
You listen
to your daughter, London.
She knows what
she's talking about.
They got us sitting around here
not doing a goddamn thing.
Yeah, Bolton may have
treated us like dogs
but at least he paid us.
Come here.
You wanna have a go round?
I'll let you do
anything you want
for a can of sardines.
It's the hardest
part of any strike,
when both sides are dug in
and neither side's gonna budge.
It's the waiting
that wears on you.
Morale's gonna drop
guys are gonna want to leave.
We're gonna need your help.
Keep your eyes open.
One false step and the whole
damn thing will fall apart.
I can't keep feeding my girl
nothing but beans.
Mommy, I'm hungry, mommy.
There ain't enough blankets now
that there's all these
people in camp.
I understand.
We got more food, blankets,
and supplies on the way.
Don't worry.
Keep this quiet,
but I was in town,
I heard a few fellas talking.
They said there's more scabs
coming in by the truckload.
And these guys all got guns
and tear gas bombs
in their pockets.
They always start rumors
like that to stir up trouble.
What else you heard?
I heard we got reds
in this camp. Communists.
Who you hear's a red?
What do we really know about
the guys running this thing?
All right, you're a real
paranoid fella, aren't you?
You know what really
sticks in my craw?
That meeting London took, okay?
Now, you watch,
this strike's gonna settle
and old London'll
be driving a new car.
All right, boy, you shut
your mouth, all right?
London ain't a rat
and any of you who says
otherwise has to deal with me.
Hey, get your hands off me,
I'll bash your head in.
I will bash your head in.
Get out of our camp!
Right now!
Get out of our camp!
I don't want to see your face.
This meeting's over.
Just go.
Can I ask you something?
Did you rig that ladder
so Dan would fall?
I think you know the answer.
I want to hear you say it.
I sabotaged that ladder.
Damn you. Damn you straight
to hell, Mac.
That poor old bastard.
These guys get the screws
put to them
every day of their lives.
They don't do nothing about it.
But as soon as some old guy
falls off a crap ladder,
they're willing
to take on the world.
You wanted in.
This is the job.
This is the job.
What about joy?
Joy was my friend.
I didn't set him up.
But someone else may have,
someone on our side.
I don't know.
It better... it better
all be worth it, Mac.
It better all be worth it.
It better be.
No. Just no.
That's a terrible idea.
Absolutely not.
Face the facts, Mac.
One, Bolton's men have
ID'd you and Jim
as ringleaders of this thing.
We already know
we've got rats in the camp.
Two, the men are fading.
London may not have the stomach
for this
when things get serious.
We need something
to keep things going.
So you want Jim
to take the fall?
He's more valuable than everyone
in this camp combined.
This ain't your first rodeo.
You know that sooner or later
they're gonna come
after the two of you.
Then, when that happens,
we can turn it in our favor.
Why are you acting like this?
You're the one
who's always saying
this isn't about any one of us.
Was that all talk?
Hey, brought you some soup.
You look sad.
I think I'm just tired.
Remember that time you were
telling me about that place?
You know, that farm
you wanted to live on?
Can you tell me again?
Hmm, well, let's see.
I'd have a goat and a cow.
But just one of each,
or else they're
too much trouble.
And I'd have...
I'd have a stone fence
along the drive,
a Willow tree in the front yard,
two of them.
I never know
how many kids I wanted...
So I guess I'll find out.
If you work half as hard
at doing your job
as you do at stabbing
your friends in the back,
we wouldn't even be
in this situation.
Hey, Mac! The bastard
shut the whole damn road down.
London's down there.
What's going on?
Everyone to the road.
- Oh.
- London needs us!
Come on!
Let's go.
Lisa, I gotta go.
I'm sorry.
Cover yourselves up!
Keep going!
Keep going!
Stand your ground!
Come on!
Keep going!
Go back to camp!
Let's go! Let's go!
There is only one way
to get through a barricade.
- We all go at it at once.
- That's right.
The whole bunch of us and then
they can't stop us.
Right? They'll knock
one or two of us,
but we'll get through for sure.
We got nothing.
They got gas, clubs, guns.
We can't fight that
with our bare hands.
You let them rob you,
you let them beat you,
you let them shoot you,
now they got you trapped like
rats and you still won't fight?
I will go back there right now!
Right now!
Now, who's with me?
None of you?
I try to help you!
I give you so goddamn much!
Calm down, Mac.
Come on, Mac.
- You just sit there!
- All right.
Move! Move! Move!
All right, all right, Mac.
Mac! Mac! Mac!
Move! Move!
Goddamn it, let's go.
Move! Move! Move!
Let's go.
Calm the hell down.
Come on.
Goddamn it.
All right, I lost my head
back there.
I'm just so goddamn tired.
Well, you gotta
get some rest, Mac.
- You haven't slept in days.
- Yeah, I know,
but that's not gonna help,
all right?
These guys won't even
fight for themselves.
I saw guys
just like that in the war
go through a machine gun
nest with their bare hands.
These guys won't even
take on a few green deputies.
Mac, take a blow. You'll feel
better when you wake up.
No, I won't feel better
because I'll wake up
in the same goddamn mess.
The strike won't hold
if we don't get supplies
down that road, Mac.
You think I don't know that?
Why doesn't somebody else
come up with a plan!
How about that?
So, what do you say?
You do it?
Is he gonna do it?
Yeah, he'll do it.
Right, Vinnie?
Yeah, I'll do it,
but I just don't want to see
anybody get hurt.
What do you care
about those red bastards?
Yeah, you're right.
They talked a big game
in the beginning,
but I came here to work,
not play politics.
Hey, Vinnie, I don't...
I don't think this
is such a good idea.
It's all right.
Hey, look, I know a guy.
He can get you a job,
and it's a good job.
But first you gotta put
our money where your mouth is.
Well, you said you'd do
anything for me.
Didn't you?
I don't know about you guys,
when I signed up for this,
I thought we was
gonna have some results!
Not just camping out here,
starving to death like
a bunch of prisoners!
I'm goddamn sick of it!
Anybody else
goddamn sick of this?
Look at that guy down there.
That's the guy that started
all this,
- am I right?
- Yeah.
What's going on here?
He forced us to strike
and then sat in his tent
and ate canned peaches
while we got wet
and lived off garbage
a pig wouldn't touch.
What the hell
you talking about, Burke?
We all know about
the deal you made.
Don't try to deny it.
We know you'd just do whatever
that little girl of yours says.
She's got you wrapped around
her little finger so tight...
Anybody else?
Well, come on, then!
Go ahead!
Who else wants to say
I double crossed them?
Well, go ahead!
It ain't right.
Anybody else want to say
something about my family?
That ain't right.
That ain't right.
That ain't right!
What you doing about it?
Hey, you ain't happy
- with how this strike is going?
- No!
- You want to change that?
- Yes!
You have to fight for that,
goddamn it.
All right,
because men like that,
they're trying to tear us apart.
They're trying to hold us back.
- No more.
- No more!
- No more!
- No more!
- The time for waiting is done!
- Yeah!
They think they can just pen us
in like little pigs.
- Are we pigs?
- No!
No! You're angry at this man,
Well, he's gonna go smash
those barricades
with his bare hands,
if necessary.
You're damn right.
We're gonna get that truck
and we're gonna drive it
right through them!
Yeah, you wanna drive
that truck right through?
- Are we pigs?
- No!
- Are we pigs?
- No!
- Are we pigs?
- No!
- Are we pigs?
- No!
- Are we gonna fight?
- Yeah!
Frank, take out the driver.
Take out the driver, frank!
Take him out!
Take him out!
We said we were gonna
come through that barricade,
and what did we do?
We went through that barricade!
Everyone left to get shot
at the barricade.
He won't stop crying.
My grandma used to do this.
Ahem, here.
There you go.
He's gonna need a father.
I was gonna ask Jim
to build a house with me
when this is all over with.
I thought
he'd make a good father.
That ain't gonna happen.
Kid's got the fever now.
He's gonna stay at this thing
until he's arrested
or shot, isn't he?
He's a tough kid.
He'll be all right.
Are you gonna turn him
cold like you?
Hey, Jimmy!
Let's do it! Let's do it!
I knew you were sweet on her.
It's not her, it's me.
Just so goddamn lonely,
I thought a little warmth
would help.
It's okay, she's not my girl.
It's not okay.
I'm a selfish son of a bitch,
and I know it.
Mac, it's okay.
I appreciate the lesson.
Thank you.
Lesson? What lesson?
Well, you always told me that
there's no time or place
for liking people,
and thank you
for helping me see that.
She's just a girl.
She's not important.
The job's what matters.
Now I got work to do.
Turning into a proper
son of a bitch, ain't you?
Just like you taught me.
Don't you know I care about you?
Funny way of showing it.
I'm sorry.
I was scared.
What were you scared of?
Of all of this.
I was scared I was
gonna lose you too.
You never had me.
I'm here for the cause.
Hush, keep your voices down.
Show me what you got,
country boy.
It's just this one thing.
Vinnie, I really
don't want to do this.
Time's wasting. Let's go.
What about the guard?
Don't you worry about him.
That's my girl.
Uh, I was supposed to tell you,
the big guy, uh, London?
He wants you back at camp.
Nah, he asked me
to stay on all night.
That's what he told me.
Vinnie, I really
don't want to do this.
Take this. Just in case.
You don't have to use it.
Just keep an eye out.
Go on.
Shit, shit.
Stay down.
Vinnie, Vinnie, we really
shouldn't be doing this.
You keep watch, all right?
Come on, come on.
Aw, Jesus god.
Oh, those bastards.
Aw, Christ!
Run, you stupid farm boy!
Fire! Fire! Somebody!
Keller, you rat!
London, no, London!
Where were you, boy?
I was here, I was here,
I was here, but then you sent
that girl to come and get me.
Girl? What girl? What girl?
I don't know who she was.
She was just some girl.
By the time I had got here,
it already had started.
Aw, Jesus!
You get some men and
you flush out them woods,
you sweep the camp,
you find out who did this.
- Go do it now, boy!
- Okay.
It's on us, Mac.
This is on us.
That day, when that suit came,
what did you tell them
if they touch that old man?
If Anderson gives the word,
we'll be officially trespassing.
They'll have grounds
to call in the national guard.
You're all just gonna sit here
and wait for whatever
they have to bring down on us.
Coward, coward, coward, coward.
Where the hell
do you think you're going?
I can't stand being cooped up
in here with you cowards.
I'd like to burn
that whole goddamn valley down.
Vera, come on.
What is it?
We caught a guy sneaking around
behind the barn and the camp.
He had a gun.
Bring him in here.
Get in here. Get in.
Did good bringing him in here.
Sure thing, Mac.
I got it.
We let you out there, they're
gonna kill you. You know that?
Now, who sent you?
Who sent you?
I don't know, some kid from
the village sent me out.
I don't know, please.
This is too... I'm sorry,
I can't be part of this.
I can't.
I'll do it.
Please. Please, no. Please.
Oh, my baby!
I went into town
and turned you in.
Sheriff's gonna kick
the whole lot of you
off my land.
I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
We didn't want this to happen.
You know what your problem is?
You never own anything.
You never planted any trees,
watched them grow,
touched them
with your own hands.
You bastards
never owned anything.
You never put your hands
in your own dirt.
With respect, we never
had a chance to own nothing.
Yeah, I listened
to all your promises.
Now the whole crop's burnt up,
just a matter of time
before the bank takes it all.
The pointers?
Are the dogs all right?
What do you think?
Kennel was slap
in the middle of the barn.
We have received
a trespassing complaint
from the owner of this land.
The governor has been left
with no recourse
but to call in
the national guard.
We will be coming through
this camp at sunrise tomorrow.
With 200 guns and 10 more trucks
just like this one.
Anyone remaining
will be forcibly removed.
Any resistance will be met
with swift and permanent force.
Just slow down, slow down.
All y'all, just slow down
with them guns.
Just because you have
a trespassing charge
don't give none of you
the right to be shooting guys.
- Right.
- Yeah.
Well, now
you're right about that.
But incitement of violence,
destruction of private property,
vandalism, rioting,
resisting arrest, and murder?
Well, now, that's another
question entirely.
Only murdering done here
is by Bolton and his guys.
Not us! Not us!
Last night, a man's
home was burned to the ground.
His son died in that fire.
You turn in the man responsible
for this atrocity,
otherwise, we will consider
each and every one of you
to be an accomplice
to this crime.
You got no proof that any of us
had anything to do with that.
You ungrateful
little shitheels!
We gave you work,
you threw it in our face.
We let you play at politics,
parleyed with you
like businessmen,
and how do you respond?
Unprovoked, wanton destruction!
- Bolton, that's a lie!
- No, shut up!
- That's a goddamn lie!
- Shut up!
This game is over. Get out.
Daybreak, gentlemen.
All right, come on.
Let's go.
Oh, come on, London.
He's bluffing,
can't you see that?
That line about
the kid getting burned.
That's just a bunch of bull
to shake us.
I can't believe one word
that sheriff said.
I mean, that kid
really got killed,
it would've been
in all the papers.
It was dark.
It's hard to see
much of anything.
And they keep talking about all
those guns and trucks they have.
If they had
all those guns and trucks,
they wouldn't talk about them,
they'd just roll right in.
That sheriff's just trying
to get us to scatter
so we don't put up a fight.
Is he telling it straight, Mac?
He knows
what he's talking about.
If we fold right now,
without a scrap,
everything we've been through
been for nothing.
I know that's a hell
of a responsibility,
London, but come on.
If they find out that Vera
burned down that house...
We didn't tell her
to do anything.
Don't use me as an excuse.
I knew full well
what I was doing.
This is my decision.
Not yours, mine.
Should we fight it out?
Should we?
It's up to you, London.
You know what
Mac and I think.
London, you're the boss man,
so if you want to put it
to a vote...
Put it to a vote.
I'll talk to the boys.
We'll vote tonight.
Get what you're saying.
We didn't know
it was gonna be like this.
We got women.
We got old men.
We aren't an army.
We can't win this fight.
It's over.
This valley is too organized.
All the property's
owned by three men.
They own the banks,
they control the courts.
What'd you tell me once?
Every time a guardsman
jabs a fruit tramp
with a bayonet, a thousand men
come on our side?
If we fight this out...
The whole country
will know about it.
We can make some real change.
I want you to get out of here.
Take Lisa and the baby and go.
Save yourself for another fight.
Do you understand?
People that want a vote
go on out!
We need a vote.
Let's get a vote in.
I want to vote!
How's it that you're
always so warm?
Maybe you're just so cold.
I deserve that.
I don't know what's
gonna happen tonight,
I just want to say that...
Then don't.
I'm not gonna try
and argue out of fighting.
Because I know you won't listen.
So in that case,
don't say anything.
I've already lost
one man this year.
I can't do it again.
I just don't want to leave
things between us this way.
Can I hold him?
Shh. Shh.
Shh, don't cry.
Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry.
He stopped crying.
Hey, hey.
Remember that farm with the dog,
cow, and the goats?
Is there a spot for me there?
in another life.
- Jim!
- Yeah?
There's some guy over
in the orchard lying in a ditch.
He's hurt real bad.
I think it's the doctor.
Who? Doc Burton?
Yeah. He said he needs you.
Hey, Mac?
Mac, the doc's still here,
but he's hurt real bad.
According to who?
Some kid told me.
He's over in the orchard.
Come on, let's go.
All right, I'll...
I'll go, all right?
You stay here.
No, what are you talking about?
We're both going.
Edie needs you right now.
Edie needs me?
What are you talk...
Will you just listen to me,
for Christ's sake?
Just go see her, okay?
Will you just listen to me?
Fine, I'll go get Edie.
You go get doc, all right?
Mac said you need me.
Oh-uh, he did.
Yeah, of course.
Where is he?
Well, some kid came in
and said the doc was hurt,
in the orchard.
And I was gonna go get him,
but then Mac said
that you needed me,
so then he went to find him.
Goddamn it.
It's a setup.
Listen, Jim.
It was meant for me.
Jim? Jim!
Jim, leave them be!
Mac! Mac!
A dollar a day is better than
getting these people killed.
You can't live
on a dollar a day.
Mac! Mac!
You saw what was
down there today.
Don't just sit here and
argue with each other.
I understand...
I say 3 dollars a day!
You saw what happened!
I don't know,
maybe that's right.
Listen, folks,
don't just sit here
and argue with each other.
I understand...
- We've got to fight!
- We can't win this thing!
Hey! Hey!
Boys, hang on a second.
That's Jim!
They shot him!
He's dead.
He's dead.
He's dead.
Oh, Mac. Mac.
His name...
Was Macleod.
You all knew him as "Mac."
Mac! Mac!
He was one of you.
He fought,
and he fought for you.
And he never wanted anything
in return.
He gave his life for you.
And he gave his life
for a cause bigger than you.
For an idea.
The idea...
That guys like you,
and guys like me...
Deserve dignity,
and deserve respect,
and deserve a fair share
of what we make
with our bare hands.
Mac! Mac!
And those bastards...
They shot him.
Mac! Mac!
They shot him...
For believing in something
bigger than himself.
And they shot him,
because now, they think...
That we'll all shrivel up
and go home
like a bunch of meek dogs.
But we ain't gonna do that.
- No. Are we pigs?
- No.
- Are we pigs?
- No!
It's up to you.
Do we give up?
- Do we let them win?
- No!
Or do we stand here, and fight?
Fight! Fight! Fight...
Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight...
People think they want
wealth or power,
but that ain't it.
People just wanna know
their lives matter.
That they matter.
Having some control
over your own life.
That's worth fighting for,
no matter the cost.