In Family I Trust (2019) Movie Script

Grown-ups always ask
what you want to be when you're older.
Sometimes, it's a little annoying.
People ask me if I want to be like my mom.
The thing is, I don't know what she is.
Mom's weird.
...a lot of help, and you won't be alone.
You will see...
My mother is quite special.
Just by touching you,
she knows why you're sick,
but she can't make you better.
She just sends you to the doctor
with what you've got.
I don't think I want to do that
when I grow up.
Mom says she doesn't want
to take money from her patients,
so they pay her in leftovers.
Which is why we're always eating
croquettes, empanadas, lentils, and...
Breaded ham and cheese again?
What's the problem?
Breaded ham and cheese is delicious!
That's the reason why
we never have money for anything.
Even so, one day, my brother came to Len.
Look, your sisters!
-He was cute, but he was always crying.
-Look, my love.
I don't think
I want to work with kids either.
Sometimes I think I want to be a sailor,
like my father.
Nine months a year, he is on a ship.
He doesn't have to eat
breaded ham and cheese every day.
Or deal with Mom's mood swings.
The truth is, I don't want to be a sailor
or work with kids.
Or... whatever it is my mom does.
What I like is building stuff.
And one day, I'll build houses
that don't fall apart.
Beautiful, super awesome houses.
That's what I'll do when I'm a grown-up.
No news? They aren't coming?
I'm going to have a heart attack.
I read the cards three times this morning.
Each time they said something different.
We're all going to be unemployed.
Don't be such a pessimist.
And put those cards away already.
What happened?
You remember your proposal
for the suite layout?
They loved it.
We're finalists, ladies and gentlemen!
-Good job.
-We're getting that hotel.
You're the best.
Come here, Chavela.
What's this? The windows open up?
This isn't the 1800s. Keep them closed.
-No, but--
-No time for buts, Bea.
What's wrong?
It went great.
Let's go.
-To us!
-To us!
We're going to eat them alive tomorrow.
You don't look so happy.
Me? I'm thrilled.
This is a cause for celebration, right?
-Then let's get another drink.
Dani, give me another one.
Cut me off when I'm on my third.
It's a little late for that.
-Rebeca Ramos.
From Channel 3,
she won the Ondas journalism award.
No, no way.
-Hang on.
What's going on?
I'll tell you later.
-Is Vctor coming over?
You see who just got here?
What? No.
I knew it.
All this open-minded girlfriend talk,
but when the moment of truth arrives,
you flake out.
Wait, what? Slow down.
I'm not flaking out.
Oh, yeah?
Excuse me. Sorry.
You're Rebeca Ramos, right?
Okay, I don't know if this happens
to you a lot. I'll explain.
You know that list
you make with your boyfriend,
the five celebrities he can cheat with
and you won't get mad?
-I think so.
Look, over there, that guy's my boyfriend,
and you're number two on his list.
Babe, come here a second.
No, now you have to come.
Look, this is Vctor.
Hi, how are you?
Architect, dashing, a great future ahead.
And Rebeca Ramos, your lifelong dream.
Nice to meet you.
Sorry to bother you, we're celebrating.
Hey, listen.
If the 50 Shades guy showed up right now,
-I wouldn't even hesitate.
-I wouldn't, either.
Hey, I like her.
Done! She's all yours.
You're nuts.
Because you should only put
impossible women on that list, Bea.
They should even be impossible to find.
What's he going to do?
Lots of talk, but then...
-It was so sudden...
-Just have a drink.
You're here.
Where else would I be?
Here, take this.
-Thank you.
-You had quite a night, huh?
And then your snoring!
What? I don't snore!
I'm not waiting up for you today,
I want to get there early and set up.
In the forecast,
lots of sun this weekend...
Hey, Bea.
What if we got married?
What did you say?
We could make it legal, right?
I mean, it doesn't have to be
a big blow-out wedding, but...
Did you just ask me to marry you?
Hey, if you want, I'll kneel, okay?
I don't know, we're doing great, right?
We have to think about the future.
I mean...
we have the hotel presentation,
and you decide to ask for my hand?
It's crazy, right?
Never mind. Forget about it.
No, I mean...
I mean, yes, it's crazy, because...
What the hell.
Yes, I accept.
Good morning.
Bea. Where were you?
I've been calling all morning.
Does your phone work?
-What... I don't know. Why?
-Never mind.
How are you?
Well... I'm great.
I have to tell you...
-something really important.
Vctor asked me to marry him.
Yeah. I know.
It wasn't on my priority list,
but I swear,
when he asked this morning,
I started feeling, like,
this joy and excitement...
You haven't heard.
Heard what?
What's going on?
What is that?
I thought you knew.
Wait, is that Vctor?
Yes, that's Vctor.
REBECA RAMOS CAUGH Bea, where have you been?
The clients just got here.
Come on, let's go.
Okay, let's get started
with the presentation,
but to highlight the most important...
This hotel...
and it's double-paned,
air-tight window system is shit!
It's shit!
Please, can we talk for a moment?
There's nothing to say, Vctor.
I don't know why I did it.
She asked me to take her home, and...
Women like her never look at me.
My ego got in the way.
I swear, I regret it so, so much.
Is that why you asked me to marry you?
-Because you felt guilty?
I'm so stupid.
And it's all my fault,
and only my fault.
Well, Bea. Yeah, it is, a little bit.
You were the one who insisted
-that we talk. I didn't want to.
-You've got gall.
I was drunk, Vctor. I was drunk.
-Bea, please listen to me.
I asked you to marry me out of love.
Okay? Not out of regret.
Maybe I did need to feel
a little bit of regret to take the leap,
but just a little push, that's all.
A little push?
Bea, I want to marry you.
I love you.
Are we really going to throw it all away
because of one mistake?
No... I don't know, Vctor!
I don't know. You talk to me
and you get me all confused.
And right now, I need...
I need... to get away,
to think and breathe. Taxi!
-Bea, stop, please.
-Vctor! Please.
Give me...
Give me space.
Give me time.
Where to, ma'am?
I don't know.
Well, we have to go somewhere.
-A beer, please.
A beer, please.
I'll tell you later,
but I'm very happy. Talk to you later.
Sorry, I've only got one left.
And the tap is broken.
Then I'll take it.
Because I ordered first.
What do you think?
What do you...?
You'll let this little smile sway you?
Don't be fooled.
He's not interested in you.
He just wants his beer.
That's how men are.
Hey! Why wouldn't he be interested in me?
I agree. Why wouldn't I be?
Thank you.
-Really? Seriously?
We're really going to... Okay, fine.
That's the problem with us women,
we're idiots.
Are you insulting me?
In case you didn't know, men lie.
They all do. It's a fact.
Here. You need it more than I do,
don't worry.
I mean...
How do you know what I need?
Huh? Who...
Who do you think you are?
After your little tantrum,
now you're not going to drink it?
Actually, no.
Thanks a lot!
Here. Thank you both.
-Are you going to stay long?
-No, just a few days.
I'm only asking
because of that gigantic suitcase.
Or did you stickVctor's body in there?
I know a place
where we could get rid of it.
The son of a bitch.
I'd rather not talk about it.
Your boyfriend really sucks, huh?
People always end up letting you down.
Guys, I came here to get away.
Seriously, can we not talk about Vctor?
-I get it.
Talking about it would serve no purpose.
Nothing serves any purpose.
Aren't you a little young
to be so pessimistic?
Not pessimistic. Nihilistic.
He says he sees no meaning in anything.
It's not that I don't see it.
It's that it doesn't exist.
What have you done?
The biomass power plant we want to build.
Half the village opposes it.
They think a lefty mayor like me
should save every last rotten tree
in the forest.
But you tell me,
what's more ecological than recycling?
-I don't know.
-Look. Full of posters, not biomass.
So ungrateful.
Anyway, you don't have to convince me.
I don't even vote here.
Voting serves no purpose.
So, ready for your reception?
Why? Are there lots of people?
Everyone. Since you're here,
we're celebrating Mom's birthday.
Come here.
-I'm fine.
No, really, I'm fine.Dbora, I'm okay.
Okay, that's enough.
What's with the huge suitcase?
You really broke up? And for good?
Well, you did the right thing.
Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Little Oscar, my handsome nephew.
How is he?
What big eyes!
Isn't little Oscar's head kind of big?
-A little bit.
-I heard you.
His name is Oscar and his head isn't big.
Well, it's a little big.
I can see that too, sweetheart.
Don't say that in front of him.
Babies hear everything.
It stays in their subconscious,
causing trauma.
Psychologists have got
to make a living somehow.
Len, your sister is here!
Come out of your cave.
How are you doing?Vctor is such a jerk.
Yeah. I'd rather not
talk about it too much.
-Little Oscar, to the kitchen.
-No, I'll carry him.
Bea, your ex is such an asshole.
It's a shame, because he's hot.
You're such a dork.
-Thank you.
That's the one who got cheated on
on TV.
Is there anyone who doesn't know?
Ma'am, wait here.
I said she will see you shortly.
-Well, I'll go up to my room for a while.
-Mom, Bea's here!
Or not.
Hi, sweetie.
Mom, take a break, it's Saturday.
Hi, Julin. How are you?
It started hurting here this morning,
and I wondered
if it might be appendicitis.
It's not.
Thank God.
-It's gas.
-Go figure.
Are you sure, Mom?
Could I have some water?
Sure, Julin.
You have to change your eating habits.
And eat slowly.
You need to chew properly.
Hi, sweetie.
-There's something wrong.
-Don't start with me, okay?
You know you channel through us,
and it drives you nuts.
-Come here.
Awful, awful, awful.
Worse. Broken heart.
-And there's no cure for that.
-Mom, let go. I'm going to my room, okay?
The present!
My birthday present.
My wetsuit!
I asked for it.
I want to try new things.
-I'll serve the rice before it burns.
Len, you set an extra plate.
Who's that?
-Who is that?
-You'll see.
Good morning!
Tell me you found out
who did the graffiti.
I'm not...
I'm not on duty.
Happy birthday.
Thank you. Len invited him.
-He's his "fobody."
-"Fuck buddy," Mom. "Fuck buddy."
That means they fuck, Grandma.
Like a boyfriend.
Be careful what you say.
Remember, I'm a cop.
-Is that incompatible with being a fag?
-Always such a dirty mouth!
-What, we can't say "fag" anymore?
-It's fine.
It's fine, but we're definitely
not boyfriends, okay?
Juan, don't give me any with seafood.
Is that Bea?
-The one who...
Her boyfriend cheated on her
with the chick from the news.
-She won an Onda.
-I think it's inexcusable.
Asking for your hand after all that,
it's out of line.
No, it's the other way around.
First, he cheated,
then he asked her to marry him.
I don't want to talk about Vctor,
or the newscaster, or her Ondas.
Can we change the subject, please?
Sure. Let's talk about something else.
Thank you, Mom.
I have one year left to live.
What are you doing?
Get down, you could fall.
I don't want to leave the house
in shambles.
The sooner I deal with it, the better.
And more garbage.
Well, then.
Look what I found.
Remember how obsessed you were
with this house? What did you call it?
-That's right!
And then I ended up
making boring, tall buildings.
Then work on that.
Work on what? Building this house?
Mom, do you know how much work that is?
Not like you've got anything better to do.
I don't know.
Spend time with you, for example.
Help you.
Don't treat me like an invalid,
because I am just fine.
The only one
who looks a little lost here is you.
I mean...
Not lost. I just...
I don't know if I want
to keep being an architect.
I'm even losing my hair.
Sweetheart, that's called stress.
Honey, do something that makes you happy.
I'm going to bed.
You know you don't have
to be with me 24/7, right?
I'll end up being the one stressed out.
Good night.
Good night!
All we can do for her right now
is be strong, okay?
-Be there for her and cheer her up.
-Yeah, totally. Positive energy.
-Are you going to cry again?
-I thought gay men were sensitive!
What's the deal?
Should we cry, be strong, or what?
I don't know.
But Mom's dying.
You can't not care about that.
Mom won't fucking die!
She's going to outlast us all.
We'll all deal with it in our own way,
but let's try to bring out
the best in ourselves, right?
Will you look at that car?
To buy a car like that,
you must be a total attention seeker.
I like it.
It's Diego's car,
the guy from the sawmill.
Quite the hunk of meat, isn't he?
Who did you say he is?
The one who married Diana,
the Andrada's daughter, from the sawmill.
They had a daughter, they gave him
a cushy job, and soon after...
she died in a car wreck.
Guess who's getting the empire
when the in-laws kick the bucket.
He's a catch.
Forget Vctor and hook up with him.
What... What are you even talking about?
JOURNALIS Her hair is amazing!
Dbora, let's go.
You look like a kangaroo.
Always carrying the baby around.
Give him to me, then you can help them.
No, Mom! You can't push yourself too hard.
No, you-- Just sit down, okay?
Breathe some fresh air.
Is that how you plan on helping us?
Constantly carrying the baby?
Come on. Give him to Mom for a while.
And smile,Dbora.
I'm trying, but you don't get it.
Yeah, right.
She's my mother, too, you know.
But we said to be strong, right?
-Is this okay here?
Let's see... We have to think how to...
-What's wrong?
-Nothing, just...
What's wrong with Oscar?
No! No...
Oscar is a dwarf!
He looks normal to me.
Come on, even you noticed.
I mean, I was just talking...
What do I know about children? Nothing.
Besides, little Oscar is really cute.
Don't call him "little Oscar"!
-Honey, it's not a big deal.
The kid can have a normal life.
What's important is his health
and for his family to love him.
And there's no better family than ours.
Look at Uncle Ramon.
Uncle Ramon is five foot five.
Because he wears heels.
Uncle Ramon is very short.
But he's not a dwarf!
My little Oscar won't reach four feet.
Here. Have my shot.
-You'll feel better.
-I can't, Mom. I'm breastfeeding.
What does Juan have to say about all this?
-He doesn't know.
-He doesn't know?
-You husband doesn't know?
Why didn't you tell him?
Because he'll get upset.
He wanted his son to be a fireman.
What a fucking great idea
not to tell him his son is a dwarf.
Dbora, you have to tell him.
He'll realize it sooner or later.
I was waiting for the right time
to tell you guys, but...
with everything with Mom...
-I couldn't.
-Come on, honey. Stop crying.
It's not your fault.
Of course. Why would a dwarf son
be your fault?
No... Dbora.
Tell me you didn't screw the dwarf
stripper at your bachelorette party.
No, that's insane.Dbora!
Dbora! What are you doing?
-The door's open.
-Don't lock yourself in,Dbora.
It won't do any good. What's done is done.
Roll the window down!
Come on.
Calm down, okay?
I don't want to discuss it.
I'm too ashamed.
No wonder.
No, I mean, we understand.
Dbora, in any case...
When did you--
I said the stripper
was a really bad idea, okay?
But my girlfriends gave me ecstasy
and I got so horny,
I would've screwed anything.
-You're not making it better.
That's why you don't want Juan to know.
No. Juan can't find out, okay?
He can't find out. It would destroy him.
Don't tell Irene either, please.
She'll really chew me out, and...
I'm so sorry.
Sorry for what?
For upsetting you... at a time like this.
You only upset me when you cry.
What do you want, honey?
I don't know.
To not think about it.
We could...
build the treehouse.
It's a cool project, right?
Can't we just...
pretend nothing happened?
What should I do?
Look, this is going to be the house.
This is going to be the house?
What's wrong?
-What are you doing?
-She'll find out sooner or later anyway.
This way she can forget him
and break up for good.
What's going on?
Sit down, but don't freak out, okay?
-Sit down.
Rebeca! In the last photo you posted,
we saw you with your new boyfriend.
That's my private life.
-Is it true he's an architect?
-Excuse me.
Rebeca, how did you two meet?
That's impossible...
He didn't want to break up.
We were just taking a break.
I don't know about you, but I would
never forgive something like that.
-Time for your bath, son.
-No, no.
-I'll do it.
-Please, just let me for once.
You go rest. Okay?
-I'm not tired.
-You okay?
-No, I'm fine.
-Sure you don't want some?
Because I've got a shared account
to clean out.
You okay?
Oh, it's you.
Are you following me?
Yeah, well. Look...
It's not my fault
this village is so small, okay?
Besides, you must be used to it.
-To what?
-Being looked at.
Come on. I mean...
only a guy who knows he's irresistible
would dare drive a car like that,
like saying...
"I can afford it
and the rest of you can't."
So, I'm irresistible?
No, don't twist...
Don't twist my words.
I didn't say that. Besides...
You know what? After five drinks,
even Al Bundy looks irresistible to me.
How many have you had?
I'm at the Al Bundy stage.
Well, look.
At least now I understand
your obsession with that beer.
Hey, I'm not an alcoholic.
I mean, I'm...
I'm an architect.
Architect, right.
You must be some catch, huh?
Well, yeah. Yes.
Besides, you know...
something about that, don't you?
You shouldn't believe
everything people say.
Miss Architect.
Good night.
Good night.
Bea, how's your hangover?
-Are you hungover?
-You were lit last night.
-I was fine.
Fine? You almost fell down.
No... Hey...
-Does your head hurt?
-What's all this?
-Just a minute.
Who are these people?
What are they doing? What is all this?
-They have chainsaws!
Hey! No!
Just a minute!
-The big ones.
-What are you doing?
This is private property!
These are our trees.
-We have orders to chop it all down.
-No way, no.
No, just a minute!
Nobody is chopping any trees here.
Not a single one.
Come on! Cut me with that chainsaw,
if you have the balls.
Ma'am, they're just trees.
Did he call me "ma'am"?
-Did he?
-Dbora, calm down.
Are we going
to let them walk all over us?
-No one will help me defend what's ours?
-Okay, sure, just calm down.
We hear you. We're on your side
one hundred percent. I...
I'll call Irene, you call Manel,
and that's it. We'll get it sorted, okay?
We're calling the mayor and the police.
I'm calling my boss,
and he's much nastier than I am.
Here he is.
-That's your boss?
-You again?
Well, it sure is a small village.
-What do you think you're doing?
-Defending private property.
-My property, you mean.
That's what it says in this contract,
signed by Antonio Velez.
My father?
-No, this...
-Manel, please.
There must be a mistake.
-May I?
-Excuse me.
Bea, this is correct.
You! Stick up for us!
The contract says so.
Let's do things the right way, okay?
If you take his side,
you can forget about fucking me.
Would you shut your mouth?
You don't want people to know
that you suck me off?
Yeah, Len. Make sure everyone knows.
Fine. Now you've pissed me off!
You cuff me and we're over.
What's going on here?
We're defending trees.
Nature belongs to all of us!
Hi, Irene. Do you know these people?
Yeah, sort of.
They're... my family.
Great, maybe you can explain
to your family
that they're on my property.
Dad sold it to them.
Yeah, I can see that.
How was I supposed to know?
In a month, we're presenting
the biomass plant to the town,
and if they find out my own family
is boycotting me, it'll never go through.
Wait. He's the biomass guy?
You're letting them arrest me?
Come on, Manel.
Let's get this sorted discreetly.
Let him go.
He insulted me.
That's at least disorderly conduct.
In this town, I'm the only law.
I'm mayor for a reason.
Let him go, he just got nervous.
And we're all leaving to let them work.
-Dbora, can you stop being an idiot?
-Get down!
-Let's go.
Let's get to work.
All right, back to work!
So, he sold it.
I bet he used the money for the new boat.
He never told you?
We were always strapped for cash.
I got paid in leftovers
and he was a sailor,
so we had to play it by ear.
Well, we sure looked stupid today.
And screw the treehouse.
I'm so sorry to have upset you
like this, Bea.
My little girl.
Hey, Mom. Did you use my computer?
Me? No...
She says, "I want to learn
to cook and clean,"
and wastes hours online
like everyone else.
This is what you searched?
-You seriously screwed this guy?
-Leave me alone, okay?
-Len, stop.
Come on,Dbora.
Don't you think
he should know he has a kid?
And Oscar should know he has a dad.
Oscar already has a dad.
The best one in the world.
The kid will spend his whole life
surrounded by people taller than him.
Maybe someone like him
will keep him from getting lonely.
That can be traumatic, you know.
You know what's traumatic? A divorce.
I separated from your dad 20 times
and look how well you all turned out.
You're really using us
as an example right now?
Of course. You're all so good looking.
You think I didn't consider that?
That it would be good for him
to have a role model his size?
But I can't tell Juan.
You heard him yesterday.
He'd never forgive me.
Of course he would.
You adore each other.
It'd be hard, but he'd do it.
-Everyone makes mistakes.
-Oh, really?
You've forgiven Vctor?
My point exactly.
There, all set.
-Len, wait.
-Come on, Mom.
The photo is fine, but give it...
-What's up, Diego?
No, I wanted to talk to your sister.
I love your treehouse.
Which house?
You never saw it. You chopped it down
before we could finish it.
You forgot your blueprints, by the way.
Why don't you make one for me?
-Come again?
-Not for me. For my daughter.
No. No, thank you.
What? Wait. You wait, too. Don't leave.
What are you doing? You can't say no.
After the scene you made over the land,
you can't refuse.
-Well, I just did.
-Wrong choice!
He can't just show up and think
we all have to cater to his whims.
Bea, please say yes.
The future of the town is at stake.
Don't do it for the town,
do it for yourself.
Aren't you an architect?
Didn't you want to make a house...
-in a tree?
-Yeah, yeah.
Perfect! He's hiring you to make one.
He's loaded.
You can make any house you want.
No, I came here to be with Mom.
Don't use me as an excuse.
I don't need a nurse, okay?
Don't laugh.
Fine, but...
But I'm laying down my conditions first.
Yeah, yeah.
Hey, she said she'll do it!
My house, tomorrow at ten.
All right?
Oh, she's mad!
It's just...
What do you think?
It's not bad. It will have to do.
What kind of things
does your daughter like?
To put in the house, I mean.
Her favorite color, movies,
animals, games...
Well, she likes pink.
She likes anteaters and going down slides.
We've seen
How to Train Your Dragon 70 times.
Bring it lower.
Ten centimeters.
No, not that much.
Eight centimeters.
Now center it.
Oh, please. It's not level.
A bit more to the left.
No, lower.
The picture has to be centered.
Do you like the house?
It's for you.
What do you think, sweetie?
Can you let us talk for a minute?
What's wrong with her? Is she mute?
Shy, then.
No, she stopped talking two years ago.
Sign here.
We had a...
We had a car accident, all three of us,
and my wife died.
She hasn't spoken since.
Let's hope your treehouse cheers her up.
Well, I like the boy.
Did he like the model?
-I don't know.
-Good evening, Rebeca.
-Good evening.
Working on any new projects?
Yes, a new show.
I'm really excited about it.
I see you didn't come alone this evening.
Rumor has it that he's more than a friend.
Well, yeah.
He's more than a friend. He's...
the love of my life.
Will you introduce him to us?
Good evening, thank you.
-Thank you.
-Good evening.
That blonde is so tacky.
And that suit looks awful on Vctor.
Okay, come on!
Have a shot, we'll forget all about it.
Oh, sweetie.
That's it, all at once.
Get all your vitamins.
Do you want a little bit?
No, thank you, Grandma.
Until I forget about calling him, Mom.
Another, then.
-What are you doing?
What's all this about?
This is to forget
bitch journalists who win Ondas.
-And cops. Screw them.
Did they give you alcohol?
We tried, but the kid is like you,
so boring...
You shouldn't be drinking, Mom.
I should be doing anything
that makes me happy.
Come and dance.
Your blood pressure is through the roof.
You must be the only person
in this country
who takes politics seriously.
Yes, I do. And it only gives me grief.
Then resign, sweetie.
They don't like you? Then screw them.
You're dying to.
You know what, though?
We can't all give up so easily, Mom.
I brought you a tank.
I know you don't need it yet,
but it doesn't hurt to have it around.
Have you read the documents
from the Chinese doctor?
-You didn't read them?
Those therapies could help.
Look, sweetie.
I am truly grateful,
but I don't want to tilt at windmills.
I know how this works.
I'd rather enjoy life as long as I can.
Let's go, Fin.
-Irene, please.
Don't go.
She got mad.
The reinforcements are here.
Good morning,Julin.
So glad you could help me.
-Where do we start?
This is the house.
No, over there.
Look, sweetie. See that hole there?
There's going to be a slide there.
And you can use it
as many times as you want. Do you like it?
Careful, honey, don't hurt yourself.
She likes it.
And I like you!
A good client,
you appreciate the good stuff.
And these windows can open and close.
Like all windows.
If you only knew.
Let's go. Let them work. Come on.
Want to fly?
My champion!
Thank you.
You're welcome.
She wanted to know
if you like Japanese food.
Well, yeah.
Of course.
You have to tell me.
I'm his father, I deserve to know.
I can't wrap my head around it.
I was going to tell you. Why'd you
take him to the doctor without me?
What are you doing?
What's going on?
Juan took Oscar to the pediatrician
-behind Dbora's back.
-And he told him he's a dwarf?
-You knew too?
-How'd you find out?
-I don't know.
Why am I the last one to find out?
That must be what Juan is thinking.
You've known since he was born.
Why didn't you tell me
when I came back from Turkey?
He's a dwarf? Like, a real dwarf?
Yes, sweetie. A dwarf.
A common cause.
One out of every 25,000 kids has it.
It says so on Wikipedia.
-I'm his father. I deserve to know.
-I know. I'm sorry.
Anyway, I don't get it.
We're not blaming her.
It's not like it's her fault, right?
It looks great, Miss Architect.
Thanks for the surprised tone.
What's a girl like you
doing in a town like this?
The same thing as you, I guess.
Yeah. I would leave...
but I can't. The sawmill depends on me.
So that's why you can't leave
the huge mansion?
That and my parents-in-law.
They've already lost a daughter.
I don't want them
to lose a granddaughter, too.
No, of course.
Well, I'm going home.
-Can I give you a ride?
-No, I like walking.
I'll take you, it's on my way.
Pretty, isn't it?
I discovered it the night my wife died.
I just started driving...
until I ended up here.
She was between life and death
for four months.
That must be rough.
Yeah. And also,
the hard thing in those circumstances
is how you deal with it.
I decided...
to sit by her on the bed,
and I forgot about my daughter,
my life, and everything else.
In other words,
I handled it just fucking great.
My mom is dying.
She's got...
pulmonary fibrosis.
She doesn't have much time left.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, I don't know what I'm going to do.
I haven't told anyone.
I don't even know why I'm telling you.
It's good to get it off your chest.
It's good to get it off your chest.
Thank you.
This can't happen again.
Because you're my boss.
Yeah, and you're my employee, and...
And your in-laws...
Yeah, it would really upset them.
And you're working with my sister.
-They'd get really angry.
-No, this can't happen.
We'd better forget it, right?
Let me get this straight.
You told him Oscar is a dwarf
but not that he isn't his?
I skipped the part
about the stripper, okay?
He doesn't need to know.
Well, I'm not so sure about that.
I still think the stripper
has a right to know he's a father.
The stripper knows nothing,
and will live a happy life not knowing.
Aren't we here
for you to try your wetsuit?
She's right. Mom?
You've been staring at the water.
-Are you jumping in or not?
-It looks dirty.
Mom, it's not dirty at all.
You know what?
I'm crossing learning to snorkel
off my to-do list.
Because even though you know
you're dying, some things just don't...
So we came here for nothing?
Yeah, now that we're here,
you can't back out.
Come on, let's go.
Are you jumping in?
Well, yeah.
With no bathing suit or anything?
Yeah, why not? Why not?
You too,Dbora.
No way, it's way over my head.
Who cares?
You just have to do these things...
without thinking. Go nuts, right?
-I'm going in.
The water is great!
Come on, Mom! Jump in!
Mom, what is she on?
I don't know, but she's loving it.
I'm going in, too.
-Are you sure?
-If I start drowning,
-come save me, okay?
Come on!
Mom, are you okay?
Isn't the water great?
Be careful, Mom!
I don't know where it is.
-Tell me you didn't talk to the dwarf.
-Why would you say that?
Because a very short man
is walking towards us.
No. You can't, Mom.
No, Mom, I'll kill you!
Why are you doing this to me?
You'd do it sooner or later.
-You wanted to anyway.
-I wanted to?
-It was eating you up inside.
-Pretend we didn't see him.
How? I can't stop looking at him.
Don't look at him. Mom, stop it.
And the flowers are beautiful.
I don't understand this family.
-Breathe, sweetie.
-Where are you going?Dbora!
Dbora, wait.
-Mom, how could you?
-I think he's cute.
I heard you were in the port and...
-Who told you we were here?
-Your brother.
-The whole family, great.
-I couldn't ask your husband.
Though he'll find out about it
at some point.
-Because he's my kid, right?
Is that why you got nervous
when you saw me?
He's not your kid, okay?
What we did was...
We had a dumb hookup, okay?
You can't come here now.
My husband can't find out,
much less from you.
-I'm not here for that!
-Then what do you want?
You didn't want a kid from me.
I get it. But now there's a kid
with my genes...
-...and I take responsibility.
What responsibility? No, I don't get it.
Who is asking you to take responsibility?
This kid isn't yours, okay?
So forget about it.
Great, everything's fine.
I get that you're in denial.
-You need time.
Call me and we'll talk.
I'm not going anywhere.
Ricky is my artistic name.
My real name is Teodoro.
-What's up, "fobody"?
-How are you doing?
Chin up.
There's plenty more fish in the sea.
How about you? How are you holding up?
I'm sorry for you guys, but...
You don't know, do you?
Know what?
I'll be right back.
The host from the three o'clock news?
She's doing a new show.
Now she's into cutting journalism.
What's she doing here?
It looks like her first story
is about the biomass plant.
-I'll be right back.
-Yeah, okay.
-What are you doing?
It's a story they want to do on the plant.
I can't believe
you're collaborating with her.
Not collaborating, Bea.
I'm using her.
She wants to interview me next week.
It's a golden opportunity
to explain myself.
To knock out the opposition
and push the electric plant forward.
Can you see the protest?
Right before we vote.
I need that interview.
Yeah, but don't you think it's weird
that she had to come here,
out of all the towns in the world?
-Something happened, you have to know.
It's my mother-in-law's birthday.
They're going to a spa with my daughter,
and they won't get back...
until tomorrow.
We said it wouldn't happen again.
And it won't happen again.
I mean it.
You mean it?
Well, I don't know. It's just...
I don't know if I'm ready
to start something right now, you know?
Not so long ago, my life...
-was very different.
Don't worry.
I'm not ready either.
So, should we take a shower,
you know, as friends?
-You sure no one's here?
-I'm sure.
Get ready, the bathroom is far away.
I'll go get towels.
Diana, what do I always tell you
about leaving the lights on?
And all your clothes are on the floor.
You have a visitor.
Rebeca was looking for topics
for her first show,
and I saw your town's name
on some papers.
I mentioned it
and she asked what I knew about it.
The more I told her,
the more curious she got.
Yeah, you've always been a talker.
Look, Vctor.
If you still care about me,
even if it's just a little bit,
tell her to go and leave us alone.
I would.
But we're not together anymore.
What, the Ondas-winner
got sick of you already?
I got sick of her.
Bea, I'm here for you.
I miss you.
It sure didn't look that way
in the tabloids.
I'm sorry.
What are you sorry about exactly?
Bea, I know I hurt you.
I know you're angry,
and you have every right to be.
But I came here today to tell you that...
when I was at all those events,
I couldn't stop thinking about
how I actually wanted to be with you.
I miss our life, Bea.
What we had.
What we had.
You know I got a promotion?
Good for you.
I said I'd only accept
if you were on my team.
At the same level.
And they said yes.
We can do projects differently.
Like you always dreamed. Just imagine.
Bea, I messed up. Big time.
I know it won't be easy for you
to forgive me.
If I have to win you over
from scratch again, I'll do it.
But please, come home.
Good night, Vctor.
What are the benefits of building
the biomass plant for the town?
For starters, clean, cheap energy,
and especially, 114 new jobs for the town.
If that's such a good idea,
then why is the builder, Mr. Andrada,
thinking about quitting the project?
No, well...
-It's not entirely clear. I think that...
-She's such a bitch.
That's what people are saying.
That's how you got your sister
the job with Mr. Andrada.
Sorry. You'd never abuse your position.
Can I show you something?
Manel, let's get this sorted discreetly.
Let him go.
He insulted me.
That's at least disorderly conduct.
Manel, in this town, I'm the only law.
I'm mayor for a reason.
Let him go. My brother got nervous.
Let's leave and let them work.
Isn't this you and your family,
abusing your position
with law enforcement?
A shot?
No, thanks, Mom.
Well, you did look pretty.
It'll be okay, don't worry.
...and all our future generations
without trees?
-No to biomass!
No to biomass!
We don't want a factory in our woods!
Leave our trees alone!
A forest is not a business!
Tell me you've signed the contract.
The Andradas said they're backing out.
Biomass, not in my house!
Biomass, not in my house!
I'm really sorry, Irene.
I did what I could.
-We don't want your plant!
Thanks for trying.
Biomass, not in my house!
Biomass, not in my house!
Shut up and give me that.
Let's see everyone just calm down.
No, we won't have a biomass plant.
Or, of course, 114 new jobs.
I'd like to take this opportunity
to say...
I resign.
Oh, well.
That's that.
They'd kick me out if I didn't resign.
-I'm not going to tilt at windmills.
-Where did she go?
-What? I don't know.
Who was that?
That dwarf you were talking to.
No, honey, no. He's not a dwarf.
He's... short.
I don't want to do this,
but you're giving me no choice.
I promise I'll be a good father.
Let me meet my son.
Wait, Dbora! Where are you going?
Get down. What have you done?
Rebeca Ramos!
Rebeca Ramos! Hey, hey, hey!
You can't go this way, Miss.
Rebeca Ramos! Yes, you.
Rebeca Ramos. Since...
you want to be a serious journalist,
you like people to know the truth.
Then everyone should know...
you don't give a shit about this town
or the biomass plant.
Yes, you only...
want to humiliate my family for revenge,
because you stole my boyfriend
and now he wants me back.
Didn't you introduce him to me?
Well, technically, yes.
You said I was on his list of celebrities.
-Yeah, but--
-And when you left us alone...
you said you wouldn't think twice
if it were you.
Are you okay?
Well, considering I ruined
my siblings' lives, could be worse.
Oh, no. It will all work out.
Give it time.
No, Mom.
Since I got here,
all I've done is cause trouble.
It's best if I just go.
Well, I never did
what I was supposed to do in life,
and look at me. It's not so bad.
are you sure you want to leave?
Because you seemed so happy here.
Yeah, Mom, but...
I need to get my life back.
Right. Yes.
But I'll come visit every two weeks.
I promise.
Don't worry about me. I'm fine.
You have to do what you feel is right.
You have to do what makes you happy.
Hi, sweetie!
What's this?
I hope you like it.
Irene! What's up?
What's wrong?
My Irene.
Always taking care of others.
When you got sick
of taking care of us,
you decided to take care
of the whole town.
But now, listen to me, please.
Take care of yourself a little.
Find yourself a "fobody."
You've earned it.
Dbora, you'll be a much better mother
than me.
You know why?
Because you have a huge heart.
That's why I know you'll always do
what's best for Oscar,
even if it's hard,
because you're also
a little stubborn, you know.
I love you.
Today we say goodbye to someone
who was always willing to help us.
She shared her gift...
Len, it's up to you,
but I think if you've been
with a "fobody" for so long,
maybe it means something more.
Besides, now you've got a big house.
It will feel even bigger if you're alone.
Do you want to live with me?
Well, if you don't want to...
Of course I want to!
Fin, you see?
Death isn't such a big deal,
so stop that nonsense and live.
She wouldn't have liked this.
It's too serious.
Yeah, it was a heart attack.
Her heart ended up giving out
before her lungs.
I suppose her heart couldn't bear it all.
By the way, a very touching ceremony.
Do you have a spare program?
My sister Trini couldn't make it.
-You know how close they were.
-Of course.
Thank you so much.
How are you?
No, Fin, No.
-Shall we?
Come on, let's go.
Your family is a little nuts, isn't it?
I was expecting a different ambiance.
That's how my family is.
How are you?
I quit the sawmill, and...
The kid still isn't talking,
and her grandparents
can't do all that much either.
But I'm doing great.
How about you?
Well, fine...
Working a lot, and...
I'm getting married.
I'm really glad I got to see you...
Miss Architect.
you'll meet many people over the years.
People who come and go.
But then you have people
you want to stay with you always.
Don't let them go.
Didn't you go there to get some rest?
Sure, and I am resting.
But it's not my fault there isn't
a single school on the island.
I'll have to help them build one.
Irene, please!
What do you eat there?
-Lots of yucca.
-I'm better now.
I met a girl, but I think
she thinks I'm too little.
Not little like height. Like my age.
Diana, are you sure you want
the whole house to be pink?
Because you can pick any color.
Look, orange or blue would be pretty.
No, I like pink.
-Of course.
-That's it, then.
Pink. Who do you think
picked the color for the car?