In Flames (2023) Movie Script

Thank you
It was God's will
Your father was a great man
May he rest in peace
Keep him in your prayers
- Of course
Goodbye, my child
The funeral services man
will drop by later
Have him pack up
the sheets and dishes
Tell your brother to pick
up the bread for dinner
Your uncle will be joining
us after the burial
He still hasn't picked
up the bread?
He probably forgot,
just remind him
Do aliens really exist?
My name is Teetoo
A Galactic Council bureaucrat
You just saved my life
That was for the guests
So? Most of them
have left for the burial
Weren't you supposed
to go with Uncle Nasir?
Mom said I don't
have to attend
You are the man of
the house now
You have to go to
things like this
Does that mean I can have
grandfathers TV?
Get up
Come and help me clean
You don't want Uncle Nasir
to catch you watching TV
I spoke to Iftikhar at the burial
He was asking for his money
Have you heard from him?
Everything happened so fast
Well, you know how it is
The mud on the grave isn't dry
Yet, the vultures are circling
Usman called me as well
Did he call you?
He's a good man
Better than that
scoundrel Iftikhar
You owe Usman six month's
worth of electric bills
And he's never
bothered you about it
But his circumstances
have changed
His patience has run dry
Father used to look
after all these matters
He fell sick so suddenly
-I'll sort it out
My brother kept a tight
hold on money concerns
I always thought if he
hadn't joined the police-
He would have made
a great loanshark
I'd like to help you with all this
It would bring me happiness
If you would let me take care
of all these expenses
No, that is too much
We can manage ourselves
-Why shouldn't I?
It's my responsibility now
I would like all of these
matters to be settled properly
So that they are no
problems in the future
Anyways, I must
get going
Thank you for
coming over
Stop now!
Mariam, what happened?
I was driving when some guy-
-He popped out of nowhere
He threw a brick
through my window
He was chasing after me
I still don't understand
-Rabiya, what happened?
Mariam, this is my cousin, Asad
He just moved back from Canada
Are you okay?
Whoever did this to you
can't get away with it
Do you remember
where it happened?
We'll go with you
You're sure you want to
file a police report?
You know what
your mom is like
If she finds out
this happened
You won't be allowed to drive
or come to the library
Let's come up
with another solution
We can say there
was some drunk guy
And he wanted to
steal something
Or that some kids
were playing cricket
Yeah, that would work.
The kids broke the window
-Why are you interrogating us?
-We don't know anything
Get out of here
She can do or wear
whatever she wants
-When did we say
anything against her?
Asad, let's go
Don't you have
mothers or sisters?
Our women don't walk
the streets like yours
Mariam, let's get
out of here
I want to file
a police report
What difference
will it make?
It makes
a difference
Rabiya, if you don't
want to come along
I'll drop you back
to the library
It's not a problem
Do you have any idea
how many accidents -
-everyday in Karachi?
You didn't even get the
license plate number
This wasn't an accident
She was attacked
-But you said her
car was damaged
It was damaged
in the attack
I want to speak
with Sub-Inspector Iqbal
Ma'am, who do you
think you are?
The Sub-Inspector
didn't come in today
I am the granddaughter
of the District commissioner
You will call the Sub-Inspector
And tell him I am waiting
to speak with him
Got it?
Yes madam
My grandfather used
to be in charge
If you ever want to meet up
- I'll see you tomorrow
at the library, no?
Yeah, of course
See you tomorrow then
See you tomorrow
I -
I need to get going
Don't tell Mom
Come sit in the back
Uncle Nasir called
What did he want?
He has good news
That he is going to
pay all of our debts
It's a Godsend
The electricity bills, Bilal's
tuition and the hospital fees
It was all too much
It's great news, isn't it?
If someone wants to help us,
who are we to refuse?
I've sorted it all out
with Uncle Nasir
He just needs me to
sign some documents first
You are not
signing anything
Why shouldn't I?
He's never shown
any interest in us before
When grandfather was alive,
he never came to this house
No one gives
something for nothing-
Be quiet, please
You don't understand
I don't understand?
Who used to beg
shopkeepers for credit?
Who would go to
the hospital alone-
-to convince the doctors
to take reduced fee's?
What don't I understand?
I'm the mother
in this home
I will make the decisions
Not you
Did the police get
back to you?
No, not yet
I told you not
to waste your time
What did you tell your mom?
That someone tried to
break into our car overnight
She wouldn't be
able to handle the truth
How is she lately?
But you know
what she's like
She blows everything
out of proportion
If I told her what
really happened
She would never let
me sit for the exams
Sometimes I wonder if
the exams will ever end
And we'll ever
actually be doctors
-Good morning
Good morning to you?
-Some of us are
here to study
-Some of us are
here to study
Do you have a
minute to chat?
So, how are your
studies going?
Not bad
God willing, I'll be able to
give the exam next month
Are you studying for
your medical qualifications too?
No, for medical school entry
You still haven't -
I did my undergraduate
degree in Canada
But medical school
there is really difficult
So you thought it would
be easier in Pakistan?
No, that's not what I meant
I'm teasing you
Oh, right
Good one
Is everything okay?
Yeah, but-
Are we okay?
Of course, why?
I mean I sent you
a friend request
And you don't have
to accept or anything
But I thought we
had a good connection
It's not that
Because of my studies
And I have a lot
going on at home
I don't have time
for new friendships
That's okay
You've got your
priorities right
I should get back
Rabiya's probably waiting
Where are you off to?
To get changed
Don't you have
anything else to do?
It's only been an
hour since we last spoke
I was thinking of you
Are you busy?
Not really
I have to help mom
prepare dinner
What are you cooking?
Bitter gourd
Or squash
I'm not sure
Bitter gourd curry
is my favourite
What's taking
you so long?
I'll call you later
Tea break?
You don't give up, do you?
Even an hour without you
is too much to bear
Are you busy?
No, the electricity
just came back
Uncle Nasir just left,
and I'm cleaning up
Your sleazy Uncle Nasir,
wish I could have a word with him
I have an Uncle just like him,
they are all the same
So, how's your exam
prep coming along?
After my mom died
Her brother's tried to
seize all her property
My dad called
his lawyer
And got him
to deal with it
Do you want
the lawyer's number?
Yeah, please
I'll speak to him and
let him know you'll be calling
You can give my reference
How much does he charge?
-Sit properly
This isn't a Bollywood film
What an asshole
Are you sure you
can't go to the beach?
No, we shouldn't go
You mean you could go?
Shut up
I had already told
your Uncle you were coming
I know, Ma
But without this session,
I could fail the exam
Hold on a minute
Yes, no problem
Bilal, hurry up, they
are almost here
Did you finish making
the sandwiches?
Yeah, I packed some
ketchup as well
If only you had
told me earlier
I would have if
I had known
It was all so last minute
What story should
I tell them?
They are going to
think you are avoiding them
Just tell them the truth
And if they ask you
to sign anything
-Are you serious?
You think they plan on
putting us in a good mood
-And then hoodwinking us?
Fine, if you're not coming
Keep your phone on you
Bilal, come on, let's go
Lock the door behind you
Don't be so dramatic, Mariam
But, what if-
There is no what if
We've been to that hut
a bunch of times
It belongs to
Asad's childhood friend
Yea, but what if someone-
No one will find out
Asad's a weirdo, but
very respectful
Okay, coming
Put this on
You look really pretty
This colour suits you
You look nice too
I bought a new shirt
The weather is perfect
Perfect for the beach
Are you ready?
It's my friends hut
The key should be
under the diesel container
Does he know we're coming?
Your technique is off
Then why don't you
show me Ms. Know-it-all
You need to add more water
Guess you know how
to do everything
Even how to swim in this scarf
It suits you
I even sleep in it
I'm joking
When I was ten
I got hurt on my neck
To hide the scar, my mom
gave me a scarf
First, it was a habit,
then became my duty
But wouldn't the scar
have healed by now?
Some scars never heal
You just learn
to live with them
I got you something
What- you didn't need to-
I thought of you
when I saw it
You idiot
Can I put it on you?
It isn't only
meant to be a joke
I know you can't wear
something that is too romantic
People would ask
too many questions
And wearing a bracelet
that says "Crazy" isn't strange?
No one will wonder
why I'm wearing it?
Why would they?
What are you-
Hold on, crazy woman
Look at how good
the photo came out
It's great
Listen, wear your
helmet properly
Wake up
Asad, wake up
Asad, please wake up
Can you take me to Johar?
Have a seat, madam
There is no
need to pay me
I'm just happy I was able
to get you home safely
It's dangerous out there
Please take care
of yourself
Thank you
You're finally up
I thought you were
skipping the library today
Everyone was
asking about you
And before you ask
Uncle Nasir never mentioned
any documents or signatures
The weather was just perfect
Bilal, tell your sister
But we got stuck
in traffic on the way home
It was 1 AM when
we got back
You were fast asleep
The long drive was
terrible for my back
Bilal, grab me two
painkillers from my room
Put your shoes on,
we need to head out
They'll fire me
if I'm late again
Ma, I'm gonna
study from home today
Bilal, let's go
Do you have
grandfather's phone?
Yeah, it's in my dresser, why?
I broke mine
I can't afford to constantly
get your things fixed
You need to be
more careful
Bilal, let's go
If you're staying home,
cook dinner
Make lentil curry,
I'll pick up the rice
C'mon, let's go
8 New messages
MSG 1: Are you okay??
MSG 2: Call me ASAP
What happened?
That man
What man?
I was sitting on the
balcony and he was-
Bilal, c'mon
What happened?
I'm going to talk to the guard
-And tell him what?
-Can't you do this later,
your Uncle is on his way
While you watch cricket, strange
men are breaking into our complex
-Madam, I'm sorry
Should I have you fired?
-Don't worry
Don't worry?
A man is masturbating outside my
window and I shouldn't worry?
Let's go, Bilal
Madam, I'll sort it out
Hello, Uncle
Hello children
Come and have a bite
Bilal, I got these
specially for you
He always did
everything by the book
While everyone else
was making their fortunes
Your father only
cared about his reputation
His colleagues were
building huge houses
But my big brother
only got this tiny apartment
He barely saved anything
I'll see who it is
What is it?
Madam, we caught the boy
who was bothering you
If you can just come
and confirm his identity
We'll hand him
over to the police
No, not right now
Madam, it will
just take a minute
What will take a minute?
What's the problem?
Sir, Madam had
complained about a man
We caught him, but we
need you to confirm his identity
A man?
It's not like that
Let's go
Why did you do this?
Men like this only
listen to violence
Now he will never
bother any woman
Son, turn him over
This is the guy, right?
Bilal, check on your sister
Ma, she's woken up
How are you feeling?
What happened?
You fainted
Maybe it was
an asthma attack
Thank God Uncle
Nasir was here
Bilal and him carried
you back up
Fariha, can I have a word?
Thank God
She's looking better
I think it's the stress
of her exams
Children shouldn't
take on so much
We must remember-
That she just lost
her dear Grandfather
My wife used to
have similar issues
We know of this very
respected faith healer
He was a great help
I will send you his number, and
you should take Mariam
Thank you, I will
There is one more thing
The lawyer has finished
drafting the documents
He will send
them tomorrow
If you think that's best
I will take my leave then
What was Uncle saying?
Did he mention
the documents?
You've only
just woken up
And already
full of suspicions
Mariam, not everyone
in this world is untrustworthy
-If Uncle Nasir wasn't
here, I couldn't have coped
He went and got all your
medicines and the nebulizer
Otherwise, we would have
had to take you the hospital
Maybe it's my fault
I've been too
free with you
But no longer
From now on, you'll
be studying at home
Ma, you know I
can't focus at home
I'm your mother, aren't I?
Give me a chance
to be your mother
Breathe, Mariam
What is it? Tell me
Come on, try to breath
Deeper breaths
Come on Mariam
My darling, breath
Good morning, Ma'am
I'm here on behalf of
Anwar & Hasan associates
I have documents to be
signed by Mrs. Fariha Rizvi
-Yes, that's me
Did Uncle Nasir send you?
-Yes, can you please
show me your identity card?
Here you go
Thank you
We need both your
signature and initials
On this page?
Yes, right there
Ma, I'm not feeling well
-Give me a minute
This page as well?
Maybe it was
an asthma attack
She used to get
them as a child
-But never this severe
It could also be the
stress of her exams
I was up all night
worried for her
Please, give us your
advice and prayers
-Certainly, what is
the girl's name?
Mariam Rizvi
Is she married?
Why not?
I'm waiting for her
to finish her studies
I see
Tell her to put her
hand forward for blessings
Come here
Do you offer
prayers regularly?
Every ailment is
at the mercy of our lord
By praying, fasting, giving
charity and remaining virtuous
You can keep your
body healthy and strong
It is especially
important for women
That they keep
their purity intact
One must remember
to stay on the straight path
And remain pure
I have given the child
some spiritual herbs
She should drink them
with water twice daily
God willing, she
will soon recover
God willing, she
will soon recover
Thank you so much Father
-What a day, it's been
Good afternoon
Greetings, Madam
You may not remember me,
but I worked with your father
-Yes, your name was?
Afzal, how are you?
I dropped by to give
you some urgent news
Is everything okay?
I came to warn you
Your father's brother filed
a report at the police station
He claims that you are
living here illegally
I can put a hold on his
file for a few days
-But then it will be
out of my hands
It would be best if you left this
apartment as soon as possible
I don't understand
-Excuse me, I must get back
That bastard
He won't pick up my calls
I realize what has happened
You don't need to remind
me of my foolishness
You don't need to remind
me of my foolishness
I was going to say that
my friend has a lawyer
Maybe they could help
Give me their number
Hurry up
We're supposed to be at
the lawyer's office soon
Property cases are
always a challenge
They can take up to
ten years to settle
-But this is my home
My father had meant
to leave the house to me
I understand, but because
of our legal and cultural system
-It is unlikely that the property
will be inherited by daughters
I will try my best
to help you
-But there is also
the matter of my fees
Have you tried to
reason with Mr. Nasir?
He no longer picks
up my phone calls
He's even
taken our car
He refuses to
meet us anymore
I could never have
imagined it would get this bad
Please help us
And the car was also
in your father's name?
I will try my best to help
I need to discuss the
case with my team
And you would need
to pay our retainer
It would be difficult
for us to make a payment now
-But I promise you we will
I think I left my bracelet
in the rickshaw
I'm going to go check
The rickshaw will
have left by now
I'll hurry
What do you want?
Madam, I was in the area
-And wanted to see
how you were doing
After meeting you that night
-I've been filled with
concern for you
Well, everything is fine now
Thank you for your help
No need to thank me
It was God's will that
I was there to help
My name is Saleem
If you ever need a rickshaw,
please call me
Thanks, I will
see you around
I heard about the accident
that you were in
Did you hear about
anyone else?
But I know the ambulance
workers in that area
I can take you to
go and talk to them
I can't go right now
How is tomorrow?
-Yes, maybe
I can come by 9 AM
That's fine
I will see you tomorrow then
If you are self-admitting
-we require your identification
and hospital card
No, I'm here to inquire
about a patient
His name is Asad Abbas
He is twenty-five-years old
He got in an accident-
Ma'am, I need his room number
Are you his relation?
It happened last
Wednesday evening
He was bleeding
profusely from his head
He would have likely
needed a blood transfusion
Can you check the
neuroscience ward?
Are you a doctor?
I'm studying to be one
I was with him
during the accident
Can you please check?
One second
Ma'am, you'll have to
speak to the on-call nurse
Do you remember what
time he was admitted?
July 3rd
Between 6pm and 12 am
Yasir Mateen was on-call that day
He's off today
He'll be back tomorrow,
can you come back then?
I can't come then,
can you try calling him?
-My brother's been shot
Please help
-Ma'am come tomorrow
Hurry! He's bleeding out
There was no need for this
It's my pleasure
I thought you might
enjoy some dessert
Mrs. Rizvi, as I
had mentioned-
If you can't raise the funds
I can't take your case
I understand this is a
difficult time for you
But this is how
I make my living
That's why I wanted to
speak with you again
My husband was a
difficult man
After his death, and now,
the death of my father
I had to learn how
to look after myself
If only there was someone
Who could look after me
-And I could care for them
How much easier
life would be
I should leave
-One minute
-It's fine
I need to talk to you
Not now
Yes, now
Have you completely
lost your mind?
What happened?
-"What happened?"
Are you joking?
I've been calling and
messaging you
If I hadn't spoken to your mom
I would have thought you died
I was sick
Do you know what's
been happening?
His family is in shock
They asked me if I knew
anything, and what could I say?
I went to the hospital
They told me to come back
tomorrow, maybe-
It was so crowded, I could
barely speak to the nurse
You see, I have
these dreams
In which Asad is
trying to tell me something
He's waiting for me
at the beach hut
I can still save him
He needs to
talk to me
Mariam, his funeral
was last week
I'm so sorry
I can't imagine what
you are going through
I've been so
worried for you
I thought I'd lost
both of you in the accident
Everyone thought so
If you need anything,
I'm here for you
Did you see that?
What is it?
Where is Bilal?
He's gone down to play
You weren't at
the library
When I came to pick you
the guard said you'd left
Ma, Rabiya dropped
me home
My phone battery died,
so I couldn't call
Come and sit with me
After your father died
I could no longer sleep
I would wait the whole
night for the morning sun
And if I managed to sleep,
I would have nightmares so terrible
-That I would promise myself
to never sleep again
You were just a child
And I was still
pregnant with Bilal
My father knew of a
respected faith healer
We went to meet him
On his instruction
I put away all of your
father's belongings
Letters, photographs, journals
I hid them away
That was the first night in
months that I was able to sleep
I went to meet the faith
healer once more
He warned me that if
I ever see your father again-
I mean, dream
- of your father
It would mean that my daughter
is repeating my mistakes
Whatever has happened to
you, you can tell me
I promise I will
fix everything
Did Bilal fill the water tank?
I think so
I'm going to take a shower
I suppose I'm worrying
about nothing
We will soon
be reunited, Mariam
It is your mother
who stands in our way
Did I not take care of you?
Don't be scared
Get off him
Get off
It's your brother
Leave him
Don't touch him
What did you do to him?
It's okay
Take a breath
What are you doing?
I'm offering an Istekhara
Do you know what
an Istekhara is?
If you are facing a great decision,
you can ask God for advice
It's a special type of
prayer called an Istekhara
So what did you decide?
Don't you worry about that
You just look out
for your sister
You know she loves
you ever so much
Yes, Ma
My brave child
Now let's pray
and go to bed
"He will be plunged
in flaming fire"
"And his wife,
the wood-carrier"
"Will have upon her neck
a halter of palm-fibre"
My phone is on loud
if you need me
I put credit in yours as well,
if you need to call
Our neighbour, Saleema,
will come and check on you
I'll be home by 2 pm
Can you cook or shall
I ask Saleema to bring you food?
I'll ask Saleema
to bring you lunch
Let's go, Bilal
Ashok, there's a
lizard on my wall
What happened?
Madam, are you okay?
Mariam's not okay
She needs me
Afreen, can I borrow your car?
Is everything okay?
Madam, I can drop you
I'll go myself
Call me when
you get home
Madam, you're looking
very pretty today
All this to go
to the hospital?
No, we need to
go somewhere else
Wherever you want, Madam,
I am at your service
Mariam, her name is Mariam
She's been coming here
everyday for years
Bloody useless
Afreen, I'm running late
-I'll bring your car
Could you get Bilal
from school?
I'll be back before then
-Aunty, it's me, Rabiya,
Mariam's friend
Have you seen her?
No, she wasn't
at the library today
She's not at home either
She's not picking up her phone
I thought - maybe -
If you have any idea where
she is, please tell me
Aunty, I think I know
where she is
We should head back
Madam, the weather
is so lovely
Why don't we stay
to watch the sunset?
My mom will be
home any minute
I'll just wash up,
and then we must leave
Okay, Madam
Madam, isn't this what
you wanted?
Pour it on the hut
Do as I say
Why are you
doing this, Mariam?
It's not me
You already left me for dead once,
wasn't that enough?
How are you, my boy?
Good morning, Fariha
How have you been?
I thought you'd called
to give me the house keys
-But it looks like you've
barely packed at all
Although, I suppose the
furniture belonged to my brother
Your brother - my father
was a man of great principles
So how'd you turn
out to be such a crook?
A crook and a coward
There is only one
way to deal with such men
I've been speaking
with a lawyer about the case
Give my regards to your wife