In God I Trust (2018) Movie Script

[country music
plays on the radio]
[indistinct chatter]
[shots fired outside]
-[man] What was that?
- [woman] Oh my God!
[man 2] What's going on
out there?
Is everything alright?
[radio changing stations]
[man on radio]
Racism is not slavery,
as President Obama once said.
it's not avoiding the use
of the word "nigger."
Racism is even
more subtle than that.
It's more nuanced.
Racism is the fact
that White means normal
and that anything else
is different.
Once you let yourself see it,
it's there all the time.
Black children learn this
when their parent
give them "the talk."
The system was
made for White people,
so White people don't have
to think about living in it.
But we can't point this out.
Living every single day
with institutionalized racism
and then having to argue
its very existence
is tiring
and saddening and angering.
Yet, if we express any emotion
while talking about it,
we're tone policed,
told that we're being angry.
The reality
of thousands of innocent people
raped, shot, imprisoned
and systemically disenfranchised
are less important
than the suggestion
that a single White person
might be complicit
in a racist system.
This is the country we live in.
Millions of Black lives
are valued less
than a single
White person's hurt feelings.
[cell phone vibrating]
[man on the phone] Yo, Ben,
are you there? What happened?
You know what happened.
I heard you got canned.
They fired me and kept you.
Ah, that sucks, man.
I mean it could have been
from that missing invo
a few times there
What the hell
are you talking about?
What has that got to do with me?
Well, I'm just saying
what I'm hearing.
I just want to make sure
we're good.
I don't even deal
with inventory.
Now they were trying
to mention me
and say that I took stuff?
Hey, man, I'm just
telling you the stuff
went missing that's all.
Yeah, now they're accusing me
of taking inventory. Great.
No, it is what it is, dude.
I can't--
I can't really say where I'm
getting the inside scoop from.
Yeah, you can't say
where you're getting--
You know it's fucking
bullshit, Darcy.
Don't even go there, man.
You know what,
I just need to know
if you've got the key
to the backdoor.
- I need to get that sh--
[phone vibrating]
-[woman on the phone] Okay, Ben,
you need to go back to work
and talk to them people.
Make sure they know
you'll be back tomorrow.
Hello? Hello? Did you hear me?
I ain't going back there.
[woman] You have to go back.
I ain't going back.
- Why not?
-They fired me.
They called me...
and they fired me.
No, no, no, God, Ben, again?
What are we gonna do now?
We can't even afford
food for Trayvon
and you can't pay
for your half of the rent again.
Bills are piling up.
We need to be able
to take care of our son
and ourselves.
I'm doing my best.
What the hell are you doing?
I don't know.
You don't know?
You don't know?
That's not good enough, Ben.
You never know.
It's over.
You stay in your own country.
Terrorist cowards.
[man from a distance] John!
Well, I'm done.
Why the fuck you bring
that shit everywhere you go?
It's cheaper than buying food.
It's cheaper than buying---
Well, it fucking stinks, man.
--09:02-- Sheriff man
applying for that job.
Jesus, man. I don't know.
Well, see why
he wouldn't hire you now.
Yeah, he will.
[man on radio] Democrats still
claim that even terror suspects
are allowed to purchase guns
due to lax U.S. gun laws.
The NRA spokeswoman fired back
saying the liberal
immigration policy
is a direct result
of domestic terrorism
and fake news
organizations are taking
-You believe that shit?
- law-abiding citizens
and their constitutional right
to protect themselves.
That is the K-97 News.
And now here is country
Man, if I saw one of those
sand niggers around here
and he was up to no good,
that'd be it.
Amen to that.
Coming to this country,
spread that Muslim bullshit
like a fucking wildfire,
and then they attack us
in our own backyard.
Fucking cowards, man.
Fucking rights.
There aren't any Muslims
around here though.
Muslims, blacks, Mexicans,
whatever, man, it's the same.
We're now the minority
in our own country.
You know what, though,
I think things are gonna
change around here.
It's already starting.
Well I'm on my way
You can wish me luck
Another day
Same old stuff
Road ahead
Really looks just fine
At the end of the day
We're on country time
Some roll the dice
With the big city life
But I don't care
'cause I'm on country time
Some people go
With the speed of light
But I'm all on my own
On country time
I roam alone
Down the country road
Spinning my wheels
Kicking up dirt
I roam alone
Down the country road
Spinning my wheels...
Can I get a Big Mac
and lunch for us?
Yeah, it's just head up the road
three hundred miles.
How is work?
Boring, as usual.
Can't wait to get off.
Oh, you won't be waiting
too long, though.
Don't you guys have
somewhere to be?
Yeah, he's gonna go talk
to sheriff man
about that job soon, right?
Hey, so you're meeting
my dad tomorrow?
Better get in his good books
soon or else...
Or else what?
Just go, be a nice guy,
make him happy,
so I don't have to hear
about it later.
In the palm of my hands, babe.
In the palm of my hands.
[woman on phone] Ben,
I'm not playing
these games anymore.
I just can't do it.
We've talked about this
too many times
and I've tried calling you
and you're not answering.
[sighing] I'm taking Trayvon
to my parents.
It's never gonna change.
I'm done with it.
I'm done with all of this.
What the fuck?
Thank you, bro.
Thanks for stopping, man.
Where are you headed?
I got a gig
in the next town up ahead.
Well as you could take me,
bro, it's cool.
I'll drop you there,
man, get in.
Thank you, bro. Appreciate it.
Woo! It's cold.
[back car door closes]
Uh! Shit's cold, right.
I don't know what's up
with this weather. Hot, cold.
Crazy, right?
I'm B.
B and Ben.
BB King,
greatest blues
guitar play of all time, man.
Hey, man, you mind
if I turn the radio on?
[man on radio] So now we are
turning our guns of God
on these strongholds
in this power prayer hour.
We invite you
to man your battle station...
Yo, what is this?
You listen to this stuff?
what we truly believe in...
You don't look
like a devout Catholic
type of brother.
Know what, this stuff
here will mess you up.
But you know it ain't gonna
help you none.
See, you wanna do
the right thing.
But all
of this self-righteous shit
just gets built up inside.
I know, I've been there.
[Ben] Hey man, look.
I ain't in the mood
to be having
no conversation
with you, alright?
Well, I know
I talk too much, man.
Talk too much.
I'll tell you what, bro,
I'll buy you food
and a beer at the next stop.
This gig I'm playing,
man, pretty sweet big.
No, thanks.
Listen, man,
it's the least I can do
for you helping me out,
doing me a solid.
Look, man,
I ain't stopping, alright?
You can't fight the plight
Of the arachnid
Light turns dark
Poison psychoactive
Vision blurs
A transition occurs
A gate opens
Embrace the gift
Not everyone in life
Gets a taste of this
But everyone in death
Face the great abyss
Dreams are meant
To come true when broken
Some will sleep
With eyes closed to open
Love will turn
Into a hateful opus
[B] Yeah, you want something?
[white man] Excuse me.
There's a little white boy
In a store today
-[B] How much?
-[girl] Two dollars.
Two dollars.
[girl] Thanks.
[girl] Thank you.
Have a good one.
Thank you. Alright.
-I'll take this muffin as well.
-Yeah. It's five bucks.
[girl] Thanks.
-Thank you.
-[girl] Thanks.
Have a good one.
Thanks. Let's roll.
[cell phone rings]
[man on phone]
Hey, pal. How goes it?
Good. I'm about
30 minutes away.
We're all settled here.
We'll see you soon.
Looking forward to it.
How long has it been?
Seven years?
I think so. Yes.
Good to finally see you.
You, too.
Here he is.
[Barbara] Hi, Michael.
Hi, Barbara
You're looking good.
Thank you. How was the drive?
I forgot what it was like
to take a road trip.
Oh, good.
Well, why don't we let you
take your bag up
and you can join us
for some wine.
-Your room is
just right up there.
Oh, great.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
We'll see you in a minute.
[Barbara] We have plenty--
we have plenty more
in the fridge too.
Hi, guys.
Hey. Have a seat.
Care for some red?
That would be perfect. Thanks.
What have you been up to lately?
Well, you know, mostly
keeping busy with work.
And how is that going?
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Still teaching history
of art and architecture?
I'm actually
teaching economics now.
That's a big change.
What are you specializing in?
Political economy
and international trade.
-Still at Stanford, right?
That's right.
How about you two?
How's business going?
Not a lot has changed really.
Putting in
less hours at the firm.
We can run things from home
a little bit more now.
So we have more time to travel.
Mm-hmm. More time
for family. Been nice.
Well, cheers to that.
Cheers to that.
So is there a special someone
in your life, Michael?
Hmm, no, not at the moment.
Oh, hey, come, join.
You remember Michael, right?
Uh, yeah. Hi.
Mya's in her second year
at Georgetown.
She's going to be able to run
the company in no time.
Alright, that's wishful
thinking on my part.
Hey, doesn't Amanda
go to Stanford?
-Uh, yeah, she does.
-Yeah, that's right.
And when you were there
over the summer,
did you get to check out
the campus?
Yeah, it's really nice.
So, Michael, whatever happened
to that girl that
you were seeing?
We still keep in touch.
You were seeing each other
for a long time, no?
Few years, yeah.
What happened? She wanted kids?
She's doing just fine.
Well, you do want to get married
and have kids one day though,
Whoa, easy on the poor guy,
he just got here.
It's okay, it's fine.
I guess anything can happen.
I'm sure
if the right woman comes along
you'll be standing right next
to her at the aisle one day.
right now I'm just enjoying
the single life.
And you've always
been that way.
So what made you decide to come
this way after all these years?
Well, that's just it, isn't it?
Time goes by
and well before you know it,
it can be very unforgiving.
This doesn't stop, does it?
We keep getting older and time
just doesn't give a damn.
I know it does not.
Except for Mya here.
Time's certainly on your side.
I'm okay.
Although it does depend
what we do with our time
though, doesn't it?
It certainly doesn't stop
when the clock stops ticking.
How so?
In the physical sense, I mean,
of course, our bodies die,
but our souls never die,
we carry on
and we either go
up there or to the other place.
Hmm. I guess we never
really do know, do we?
So, no kids, not into marriage,
would you say
you're a religious man, Michael?
You don't have to answer that.
No, I'm not.
I don't think Michael shares
the same views
on this one, honey.
That's okay. We don't have
to all be on the same page
at the same time.
Doesn't one get lonely
without God
in their life though?
I suppose if you believed
in God or religion,
that could be true, yes.
Well, even
if you don't believe in Him,
God does believe in you.
Alright, I think I hear God
telling us to pick a new topic.
I think people spend too much
time and energy on religion
and not enough time
on practical common sense.
One can never spend
too much time with God, honey.
It's our belief in God
that keeps us safe and strong.
Yeah, unless, of course,
you don't believe
in God or religion.
And faith is what gives us
a moral compass
which gives us peace
and the freedom
to do the right thing
without worrying
about what some people think.
In fact, it's true believers
who are more likely
to do the right thing
and be good citizens, right?
I believe quite
the opposite actually.
Charity, feeding the poor,
providing hope
for those who have none.
We can still do all those things
without believing
in fairy tales.
No, come on, Michael.
You can't compare
believing in God
to believing in fairy tales.
If you were raised
in India or let's--
I don't know, say Syria,
would you believe in the Bible?
I don't know,
I wasn't raised there.
The point is we believe
what our parents teach us,
what we were taught as children.
That's a poor way to look
at God, though, and religion.
You should read the Bible.
You might learn something.
It might enlighten you.
The world is
so connected nowadays
it's easy to see
what's going on.
Religion is the cause
of way too many problems.
It's all there,
it's written in the scripture.
It's there to guide us
on our journeys.
I have read the Bible,
by the way,
and we really don't believe
it should be taken literally,
do we?
Of course, it's God's Word
to us, to the world.
But that's exactly
what radical Islamists feel.
Oh, no, no, no,
they don't believe in God,
they believe in pure evil.
No, they believe like you do,
that certain passages
in their book
should be taken literally.
The Bible as we know it
cannot be compared
to what those uncivilized,
uneducated people
call a religion.
That would be ridiculous.
If a woman has sex
before she is married,
the men in the city
have the right
to stone her to death?
And what did Jesus say
when He was presented
with the adulterer
before the men
were going to stone her?
He said let he
who is without sin
cast the first stone.
That's right.
But if this Bible
is the perfect book,
written by the perfect being,
then why is it in there
to begin with?
These are things
that non-believers
try to argue to create
contradictions in the Bible.
If we're meant
to take the Bible literally,
then why did Jesus
come down after
to correct God, who is
His dad, who is Himself?
You have to read
both the Old Testament
and the New Testament.
And we know God works
in mysterious ways.
Some of the most dangerous
words ever spoken.
Michael, I didn't know
you're so into religion.
No, I'm not.
I just like to consider myself
a simple common sense
kind of guy.
The most dangerous words
ever spoken.
James, would you mind getting us
another bottle of wine?
Allow me, please.
Saved by the bell, huh.
Well, I'm just trying
to make myself useful.
I'm just gonna make sure
he doesn't steal something.
You do that, honey.
And the nerve of him
in our home.
I told you
not to bring up religion
around Michael.
He's always been this way.
So what are we doing?
Are we hiding what's right now
because he's your college buddy?
I know, I'm on your side.
But we can't force people
to share the same values
that we have.
Mya and I
can take care of this.
Let's have a drink
in the games room, Michael.
So when did you start
hating on your faith?
Okay, I don't know
what you're talking about.
Cut the bullshit.
You're taking Michael's side
and he's an atheist.
I'm not taking anyone's side.
I believe what I believe.
You've gone to church
your whole life,
you go to Georgetown,
for crying out loud,
and now you're acting
like you've never heard
of any of this.
What's going on with you?
I grew up, I got educated.
Honestly, mom, I stopped
believing in religion years ago.
Well, this is the first
I've heard of it.
And the way
you were talking at the table
is so disappointing.
Yeah, I kept it from you
because I knew it'd be
an issue with you and dad.
Michael's wrong and so are you.
Well, we all have
our own opinions.
Oh, that's ridiculous.
'Cause I don't agree with you?
Okay, let me tell you something.
When the day comes
when you really need help,
you know you'll pray
to God, right?
And it's always
the naysayers
who, when heaven forbid
something does go wrong,
there they are
asking for His help.
And they'd better hope
that He still has faith in them
because that time will come.
I'm not sure what this
has to do with anything.
I guess I'll be judged
when that day comes.
Listen, I'm sorry
about that in there.
I hope it--
I didn't come off too harsh.
Don't worry about it.
Look, I knew it was coming.
Just glad
that we got over it so quickly.
And she'll get over it.
I'm glad you're here.
I know I sound
like a broken record but...'s been way too long.
I was surprised that you
actually reached out to me.
Well, we get so preoccupied
with work and life
and next thing you know,
seven years passes by.
Seven years.
Holy smokes.
You knowm the last time
I saw you, Mya was just a kid.
Now she's a full-grown woman.
She's got her own life.
It's just amazing.
She's a very beautiful woman,
You're very lucky.
as they say, at least I did
something right.
That's for damn sure.
Listen, there's something
I wanted to talk to you about.
Sure. What is it?
[Barbara] James!
Hold that thought.
I need you to get more stuff
from the store for dinner.
Oh, I can get whatever we need.
No, no, you relax,
enjoy yourself.
No, I insist.
Besides, I like to drive.
Well, I'll write you a list.
I'll help. I can go with him.
No, you don't have to do that.
I want to.
Alright, Michael.
Mind if Mya helps out?
Okay, sure.
Yeah. I'll go get you some cash.
No, no, I'll take care of it.
I'm just getting my coat.
-Mya, you know where to find it?
Take your time, no rush.
[rock music
playing on the radio]
Can you pull over?
Pull over? Why?
Can you-- do you mind
just pulling over?
Everything alright?
That was nice.
Couldn't resist. Good deal.
You? No.
No, my parents.
Right. I did try.
My mom is so mad.
I know. It's not very good
for our cause, is it?
No. No, it's fine.
It's okay. We will tell them
when we get back.
It's the right thing to do.
Just need
a few more drinks first.
Okay, I have an idea.
What's that?
Yo, you alright?
Can I ask you a question, man?
Where are you going?
What are you running from, bro?
You didn't even notice them
back there, did you?
Notice what?
Those two racist hit
motherfuckers, man.
Man, listen, I'm a nigger
playing rock n' roll
in a country bar.
You think
I didn't notice that shit?
You think I'd let
these racist motherfuckers
get me down?
You know what gets me through?
My music.
My music brings me up,
it keeps me high,
it keeps my mind going
in a positive way.
You know what I'm saying?
Listen, this is gonna be
my second time offer, bro.
I'm gonna buy you a beer.
We're gonna eat some food
and you gonna be entertained
by, probably, one
of the greatest musicians
of all time,
yeah, it's me.
Look man, I told you
I'm not stopping, alright?
So this is where I would come
to meet the nice boys.
-Your old hangout.
[Mya] Thought we could use
a temporary break.
[Michael] Sounds good.
I should have brought
my cowboy hat.
Where do you wanna sit?
Let's go back there.
-[Mya] Yeah, it looks good.
-[Michael] Yeah.
How do you feel
about prolonging the inevitable
just for a couple days or so?
Yes, please.
You know what we need?
We need beers.
I'll be right back.
-[Mya] Hey.
-How is it going?
-What can I get you?
Just a couple of beers
would do.
I don't know.
Buy a new home and tell them.
We're about
to fucking --41:03--.
[guitar chords]
[man] Yeah, just go ahead.
Hey, ah...
A little mid-tempo feel.
What the fuck is this?
[B] Move it upward.
[B on the mic] Howdy folks?
I'm B.
And that
don't stand for "black."
Well, that usually
goes over well.
I'm gonna do a little song.
This song is about a girl.
I've seen this place before
We've been
Through these roads before
So fast time goes by
I can hardly see
Enough is all I need
Enough is all I want
Enough is all I need
Enough is all I want
When I'm with you
He's amazing.
Sometimes the miles
Keep bid away
But you're still
Still close to me
The simple things that come
That come around
Brings me back here again
Enough is all I need
Enough is all I want
Enough is all I need
Enough is all I want
[mocks B singing]
When I'm with you
When I'm with you
Fuck this shit, man.
When I'm with you
When I'm with you
When I'm with you
When I'm with you
I can't see you
But I know you're there
I can't, I can't feel you
But I know you're there
I can, I can hardly see you
Oh, but I know you're there
I can't, I can't feel you
But I know you're there
I can't see you
But I know you're there
I can't feel oohhh
I can't see oohhh
Won't feel you
I won't see you again
Really good.
[mimicking monkey sounds]
[man] Hey, come on, man.
[man 2] Are you serious?
-[man 3] Jesus.
-Sing fucking country.
[man] Knock it off, man.
-[man with hat] Damn,
that was good, brother.
-Thank you.
Yo, you okay?
Yo, where you going?
Yo, yo.
Come on, man.
Let's finish the fucking drink.
Come on, bro.
So what'd you think?
It was good.
It was better than good, man.
Yeah, I go from one town
like this to another, man,
doing my thing.
Yeah, man,
whatever you gotta do, man.
I do it for free.
Get a little green
in my pocket,
perform for these crazy-ass
white folks sometimes.
Thought this was gonna be
a tough crowd tonight.
I thought you said
you don't let
that shit bother you.
No, thick-skinned brother.
Black skin.
Yo, I do two sets,
then I'm done, man.
Should stay
for the second set, man.
I'm gonna try out
some new tunes on these guys.
Nah, no thanks, man.
But I appreciate the beer,
though, man. Thanks.
Man, come on, bro.
Give you a chance to chill, man,
just take a load off,
calm down for a minute.
I am getting kind of hungry, so
-I guess I could stay for the
-Yeah, what will you drink?
Fuck this shit, I ain't staying.
[rap music playing]
You can't sleep either?
No. You?
at the ceiling all night.
[whispering] What are you doing?
[bed squeaks]
This bed is so squeaky.
[door slams in the distance]
[whispering] Okay.
You should probably
go back to your room.
[bed squeaks]
[Michael whisperng]
Go away.
I am going back to my old room.
What are you thinking about?
-Like right now?
I'm thinking about how Barbara
and James are gonna take it.
That's not
what I'm thinking about.
What are you thinking about?
What do you think of me?
What do you mean?
When you think about me,
what do you think about?
I think about how good
you make me feel,
how I love
spending time with you.
It's not what I think about.
What do you think about?
I think about your hand,
your touch,
your eyes
and the way you smell.
Smell? Okay.
You don't think of me
the same way.
How do you know you love me?
-'Cause I do.
-How do you know?
That's how
you make me feel inside.
Inside, huh? Inside what?
-In my heart.
-Oh, no.
What would you do if I died?
-Okay, now
you're being ridiculous.
-Would you cry?
Of course, I would cry,
I would be very upset.
How do you know?
'Cause I love you.
I think you'd trade me in
for a younger model.
I actually don't think
that's possible.
Well, how would you feel
if I died?
I would cry.
And then, of course, I would...
you know, try to trade in
for a younger model.
Now that I believe.
What do you like about me?
I told you
I like everything about you.
Like what specifically?
I like your smile.
I like the way you talk.
Like a young naive girl?
No, you're more mature
than most people I know.
Like your students,
the only people you hang around?
No, like most people
I know in general.
Okay. So,
you think I'm mature
and you like the way I talk.
Is that enough?
I said
I like everything about you.
You are special for me.
You are to me.
-I like your lips.
-What are you doing?
What are you doing?
No, stop.
-I like your neck.
-[laughing] Stop.
[Mya, laughing] Sicko, stop it.
Sshhh. Keep it down.
What's the matter with you?
I like your neck.
Stop it.
So what do you do for work?
I used to drive a company truck.
Used to?
I got fired,
for a white dude.
Wow. That never happens.
Not gonna believe you.
You got a girl
back from you're from?
I did.
But she left.
Is that before or after
you lost your job?
Man, that's
some kicking in the ass
while you're down
type of shit, man.
Don't worry about her, bro.
A girl leave you
at a time like this, brother,
she not really worth anything.
I mean, that's what I think.
She's worth it, man.
You know, when we're happy,
we wake up and life is so good.
But when we're sad,
shit not working out,
you won't even want
to get out of bed.
It's like an ocean wave
or some shit.
You ride the wave.
But the wave comes crashing down
and you fall along
and you tread for a minute
and then you catch
the next wave.
And you--
you just
fell off the way, brother.
Just got to catch the next one.
Man, do you always talk
like this when you're high?
It's just fucking killing
my buzz, goddamn.
I philosophize when I'm high.
Welcome to the school of B.
Yeah, yeah, that's you.
Fuck you, man.
[Ben] B!
Hey yo, B!
Oh, shit.
Oh, fuck!
Come on.
Hi. Good morning.
-Yeah, perhaps some.
What are you reading?
The news.
[James] Good morning.
[Michael] Good morning.
[James] How did everybody sleep?
[Mya] Good.
[Michael] Well, thank you.
So, what's
on the agenda for today?
Uh, I actually was gonna
ask you the same thing.
What are the options?
Well, we could head into town,
we could
check out the old shops.
[James] Honey?
I want you to leave.
Hey, that's not funny.
She doesn't mean that.
I want you to leave.
-[James] Honey
-Right now.
-Excuse me, did I say something?
-Don't speak.
Just get your things
and get out of my house.
Mom, what is wrong with you?
-We apologize
for this, Michael.
-[Barbara] Enough.
I want you to get
your things and get out.
And I want you to go with him.
What has gotten into you?
Look, enough of this nonsense.
[Michael] No, it's okay.
I think I understand.
I just saw you.
I saw both of you!
Yeah, okay,
Michael and I are
seeing each other,
so fucking what?
[Michael] James.
I wanted to talk
to you about it.
Get out
and don't you come back.
I'm sorry.
What the hell is going on?
Your daughter
has lost her faith.
Everything good, John?
Define good.
I'll have some more coffee, Deb.
[John] Thanks.
We stopped by the store,
said hi to Sam.
-How is she?
-Just good.
[Deb] Coffees?
Can I have a slice
of that apple pie, too?
[Deb] Okey-dokey.
No cream, right? Yourself?
No, I'm alright.
[Deb] Mm-hmm.
Well, the scrubs are out,
you're not working today?
[Tyler] Yeah, your work clothes.
Is that scrubs?
I just meant your uniform.
Well, if that's what you meant,
why'd you say scrubs?
I don't know, just noticed
you don't have them, is all.
I was just wondering
if you were working
today or not.
Starting late, working late.
I'm assuming you'll be with Sam
after she gets off work.
Yeah. I'm picking her up.
How's the house coming?
It's good. We're almost done.
Almost done?
Yeah, just a couple
more things to the roof.
[John] What things are those?
-Just shingles and stuff.
Putting shingles on this week?
Oh, no, I got to replace
some wood on the frame first.
So you're gonna
replace some wood
on the frame of the house first?
Yeah. And once that is done,
we can get the shingles on.
You have the wood ready?
No, not yet,
just still trying to find
the right type and stuff.
Stuff? What stuff?
Ah, well, just I got a measure
where the old wood was and---
then find the new stuff and...
yeah, we'll just go out there
and get it done, man.
Have you done the measurement?
Not yet.
[John] Why not?
Just looking for somebody
to do that.
You can't do it yourself?
Who have you called?
I haven't called anyone yet.
But I'm gonna do that
real soon. [clears throat]
Why haven't you called
anyone yet?
I don't know, I just got busy
with all the other stuff.
[John] Stuff?
What are you talking about?
I'm gonna get the shingles.
-[Kevin] And the wood.
-Yeah, and the wood.
You just said seconds ago
that you needed to find a guy
to measure the frame first,
So you're not
putting on shingles
or buying new wood yet, correct?
Well, no, but...
I'm gonna get someone
to measure that frame.
Who are you gonna get?
[Kevin] An old guy.
Now that you're here,
you two might as well
learn something.
You can leave our shit alone.
Man, someone wanna take
that motherfucker out.
That's the world we live in.
Well, thanks
to some fucking nigger.
Terrorists run around here
and they want
to take away our guns.
They aren't getting mine,
that's for damn sure.
Did you vote?
[Kevin] Shit's rigged.
Is that what you think?
To be a man,
you're gonna step up
and do the work.
We're in a fight here.
It's us
versus them.
And better believe me,
they got the numbers.
[John] So what are we
gonna do to overcome them?
Can I get you guys
anything else?
We're all good.
What's your plans with Sam?
What do you mean?
Long run,
planning on marriage, family?
Yeah, we want to.
So what's the plan?
Well, I'm-- I'm--
I'm just gonna--
just gonna work
on the house and...
yeah, maybe we plan
for kids one day.
Well, Sam will be a good mother,
no doubt about that, but...
how would you be a good father?
Well, I'm gonna do
whatever it takes.
I'm gonna work real hard
and save up and all that stuff.
That's the easy part.
You've gotta get
your shit together.
It's the things you do as a man
to protect your family,
to protect what you believe in,
simple things like
you vote when it's time to vote.
You two must have things to do.
[John] Make sure you two
have food in the fridge.
Take it, buy something for Sam.
Appreciate it.
You're welcome.
Excellent pie and coffee.
[John] Not a problem.
Deb, check please.
You bet.
[Kevin] Thank fuck, that's done.
showing her titties once again.
I took her out last week.
[his voice fades away]
[Kevin] Are we going?
[Ben] Yeah, wouldn't start.
I told you.
I traded it in.
Yes, yes, I had
to use the credit card, yes.
Or else I'll be stuck.
What do you want me to do?
What does he got to do with it?
You can't just take my son.
He's my son, too.
I'm not a fucking loser.
I don't care!
I don't care anymore!
Can I help you, Sir?
Yeah. Looking for a gun.
Well, what kind of gun
you're looking for?
Something cheap.
Well, it kind of depends
on what
you need it for, I guess.
That one.
The Cobra 380.
Well, that's cheap, alright.
Hundred and thirty bucks.
It's got a 3.5-inch-long barrel,
5.4-inch overall length,
weighs about twenty-two ounces,
I'd say, features fixed sights,
single-action trigger,
and she holds five rounds.
You're welcome
to pick it up if you like.
You know shooting the Cobra 380,
it's not all that bad.
It's similar, I'd say,
to a high point,
meaning it works, but,
I'm not gonna pass it on
down to my kids,
that's for sure.
What do you say, Sir?
I'll take it.
Alright, I just need
your driver's license.
You need ammo?
Standard 380 ammo.
Are we good?
Yeah, I just need you to--
need you to sign
the bottom of this form
and finish off.
And how
would you like to pay, Sir?
How's the day, Roger?
Not too bad. Yourself?
Just started.
you are good to go.
Let me get you
a case for that.
[shopkeeper] Okay.
There you go.
Have a good day.
Something odd about that one.
[John] Background checked out?
Oh, yeah.
Well, that's his right.
Yeah, yeah.
What can I get you today, Chief?
I'm gonna need some Gold Dots.
Gold Dots. Yeah, got them.
Just give me second.
Gold Dots. Alright.
I'm really sorry.
What for? You did
absolutely nothing wrong.
Who's putting you through this?
We tried to do the right thing.
Didn't work out.
I've never seen her that upset.
She's gonna be fine. It's just--
it's gonna take
a little time, is all. Hey.
We have nothing but time, right?
[Deb] Hi, how we doing?
Want that coffee now?
Yes, please.
[Michael] Two, please.
Thank you.
You okay?
You there? Huh?
You there?
I need to know.
I need to know,
I can't feel you.
Son, I can't feel you.
Where are you?
Where are you at this moment?
At this second,
where are you?
[cell phone vibrating]
[woman on phone] Hello. Ben!
Jesus Christ,
answer your goddamn phone.
I can hear you--
You did it again, huh?
Just like your goddamn father.
What now, huh?
I'm gonna have
to take care your family?
your girl go and get another job
while I take care of your kids?
Hell, no.
I ain't playing games, Ben.
You hear me? Answer!
You need to get
your shit together.
You need to be like
your brother Andre
and not
like your goddamn father.
I give up.
[Deb] Can we get you something?
You need to get here quick.
Something is not right.
[whispering] There's a black guy
in the diner, he's got a gun.
Calm down. Who-- who has a gun?
Just get here quick.
I'll be right there.
[police siren wailing]
[John] Police! Stop!
[shot fired, broken glass]
-[woman] Oh my God!
-[man] What is that?
Hey, hey.
What's going on?
No, wait a second.
Wait a second.
[Michael] It's okay.
Just-- just hold on.
[yelling] Can somebody,
please, call an ambulance?
[girl] No, no. Get some help!
[screaming] What did you do?
Call an ambulance!
[Michael] It's okay.
Is somebody
gonna fucking help me?
So, did you talk to my dad
about working for him or?
We talked about
pretty much everything, so.
Okay, but did you talk to him
specifically about working?
No, not exactly that way.
He jumped down my throat
before I even opened my mouth.
Yeah, okay.
Tired of that old man's
bullshit anyway.
Yeah, he's definitely
the problem here, not you.
You think I got something
I got to prove to him?
I'm sure he loved
the shaved head, too.
You know what, sweetheart?
He can kiss my white ass.
And you can too.
If y'all don't like it,
you can both fuck off.
You know what, fuck it, I don't
even fucking care anymore.
You do whatever
the fuck you want.
Yeah, that's right,
I'll do whatever the fuck I want
-whenever the fuck I want.
I mean--
I didn't mean to do that.
Just tired of
Back in my badass town
Where my sweet things
Just sits around, please me
So please me
Take me back
To my badass town
Where my sweet thing
Just waits around, please me
Oh, darling, please me
Take me back
To my badass town
Where my sweet thing
Just sits around to tease me
Oh, so please me
I'm sorry.
[horn blowing]
Watch out!
Please. Please.
Stay still, stay still.
[B] Yes,
there's been an accident.
I am a human
Haven't I suffered
For so long?
Still the reasons for hope
Keep on holding on
I am a human
Well, I am a child like her
And if you look into my eyes
Deep down there's a light
I'm not a Christian
I'm not a Muslim
I'm not a Jew
It shouldn't matter to you
I'm not a capitalist
And I'm not a communist
I'm not a socialist
I'm not the politics
Tell me, are these the reasons
You can't live right?
I am a human
Haven't I suffered
For too long?
Still the reasons for hope
Keep on holding on
I am a human
Yes, I'm a child like her
And if you look into my eyes
Deep down there's a light
I've seen this place before
We've been
Through these roads before
So fast time goes by
I can hardly see
Enough is all I need
Enough is all I want
Enough is all I need
Enough is all I want
When I'm with you
When I'm with you
Sometimes the miles
Keep bid away
But you're still
Still close to me
The simple things that come
Come around
Brings me back here again
Enough is all I need
Enough is all I want
Enough is all I need
Enough is all I want
When I'm with you
When I'm with you
I don't wanna lose this
I don't wanna lose
This time with you
I don't wanna lose
This time with you
I don't wanna lose
This time with you
I don't wanna lose
I don't wanna lose
I don't wanna lose
I don't wanna lose
This place we've seen before
Been through these roads
So fast slow
The past goes by
But I can hardly see