In Harihar Nagar (1990) Movie Script

'A morning in December.'
'A town in Kerala
one year later.'
Oh, no!
Save me!
Oh, no!
Save me!
A woman is being kidnapped.
Come here, please!
A girl is being kidnapped
in that taxi.
Sir, it's true!
A girl is being kidnapped!
- What is it?
A girl is being kidnapped
in that taxi!
- Thomaskutty!
- What?
A girl is being kidnapped!
Come on!
Oh, no!
God! - Stop!
- Stop the vehicle!
Stop, you!
- Take that side.
I'll take this side.
- Stop, I say!
Stop, I say..
- Oh, no!
Stop the car!
- Overtake them.
- Stop!
- Quiet!
- Listen to me. Keep quiet!
Listen to me!
- Catch them!
- Stop..
- Stop.. - Stop..
- You!
Catch them!
- You!
Get down! Get out. Driver!
- Sir, you don't understand.
Sir, I was following instructions.
I'm innocent.
Come here!
You're the instructor, aren't you?
I'll.. - Let me explain.
- You!
Listen, please.
- Shut up.. Bloody..
You! - Oh, no!
- You'll kidnap, won't you?
Let me explain..
Take this.
- I'll kick you.. - Sir..
You'll kidnap women, won't you?
- Oh, no!
My leg.. - Shut up!
- My arm, sir!
Shut up!
- Sir! - Bloody kidnappers!
Don't move.
Sir, who are you?
Go to hell!
Let her out!
Get lost!
I won't!
I'll kill you!
Let her out!
Oh, no! - It's okay, dear.
- Get me to a hospital! - What?
Oh, no! God!
- Don't worry, dear.
Thomaskutty! - What?
- What? - What?
Escape! - Oh, God!
- No! - God!
Run fast! - I knew she
would be pregnant. - Our bikes..
"Are all the lost dreams"
"not collected within our hearts?"
"Poor soul, you always pin"
"your hopes on them."
"Even the tiny bird will sing"
"that she controls the nature."
"Are all the lost dreams"
"not collected within our hearts?"
- God! - Oh, no!
"Even the rooster thinks
it won't dawn"
"if it doesn't crow."
"Even the rooster thinks
it won't dawn"
"if it doesn't crow."
"My might knows no bounds."
"The sad truth is,
you have no might."
"Can a weakling move
an immovable object?"
"Will a smile thrive
amidst sadness?"
"In these gruesome times"
"we are the essence of happiness."
"All the lost dreams!"
"Are all the lost dreams"
"not collected within our hearts?"
"Are the dreams not
within our hearts?"
Oh, no! Thief..
I'm no thief..
- Oh, no! Thief..
He tried to snatch my chain..
On your head..
- Somebody, help me..
Please! Help!
- I mean no harm..
- I'm not a thief..
Where's the thief?
- Oh, no! - Stop!
There! - Thief.. - You thief!
- Oh, God! I'm no thief..
Wait! You!
Catch him! - Stop! - There..
- Catch him!
Come on! Catch him..
- Catch him..
"Oh, tiny feelings!
Don't invite yourselves"
"into our darkest fantasies."
"Oh, tiny feelings!
Don't invite yourselves"
"into our darkest fantasies."
"Has arrogance led
a weak earthworm"
"to think it is a snake?"
"Do the weaklings"
"undertake heavy tasks?"
"Oh, nature!
This is your naughtiness."
"When will this tantrum end?"
"Kindly show us a way out of this."
"Are all the lost dreams"
"not collected within our hearts?"
"Poor soul, you always pin"
"your hopes on them."
"Even the tiny bird will think"
"that she controls the nature."
"Are all the lost dreams"
"not collected within our hearts?"
"Are all the lost dreams"
"not collected within our hearts?"
She won't quiet down!
Don't you have some music to play?
Just to drown this.
- I do.
Shall I play some disco?
- What? - Disco..
Shall I play that?
- Please don't.
This is better than disco.
Are you asleep?
Didn't you see the car sway?
It wasn't the car,
but your head.
Very true..
I've been watching you
doze since Kannur.
I see. So, you were looking at me!
Keep your eyes on the road!
Sleep, my dear..
'Harihar Nagar'.
What is it?
Your new neighbours are moving in!
An old couple!
With them..
- With them?
With them is a beautiful girl.
Very nice!
How do we make her turn?
If we could see her face..
Hey! I don't need to see her face.
I am happy with this angle.
Me too. - Appukkuttan.
- Yes?
I'll give you a letter.
Give it to her.
Okay. What?
- Sit down..
Hide when she turns this way,
Let her see only me.
- Okay.
What are you doing here?
- A girl over there..
What are you doing here?
- We're practising Yoga.
- Will it relieve gas, Mother?
Didn't I tell you?
- Yes.
Who is she?
Who is she?
Yes. Who is she?
My God! We didn't notice her
all this time, did we?
- Will she be a thief?
Which thief is left
to enter there?
All of the finest thieves
are right here.
Ma'am, they are not like that.
I was talking about you.
He was relieved of his gas
without doing Yoga!
Your mom has a good opinion
of your friends, doesn't she?
Of course! Especially you!
Damn! We couldn't see her properly.
So what?
We'll be leaving only after
we see her properly. Okay?
- Yes.
I need to go somewhere urgently.
You carry on.
We shall relax here.
Yes.. - Aren't you supposed
to go somewhere?
No. - No. - No.
- So you'll be here? - Yes..
So you'll be relaxing. - Yes.
- You'll be right here! - Yes..
I'll inform mother.
- Yes. No! - Oh, no..
"Oh, lonely moon!"
"What are you searching for?"
"Is it for coolness
or for a company?"
"Or for the song
within my heart?"
"Is it for coolness
or for a company?"
"Or for the song
within my heart?"
"Oh, lonely moon!"
"What are you searching.."
What is this?
Shouldn't people sleep?
What was that noise?
It wasn't a noise, Mother.
We were singing.
It was music.
- Music?
I'm warning you!
If I hear these kinds
of noises again
I'll throw all of you out.
- Is she gone?
- Isn't his father in Kuwait?
He didn't return when
everyone else did, did he?
He didn't.
- This is why.
Got it?
What? Come.
She's going to take a bath.
Let her come back.
- What?
Come fast. Or else she
will finish bathing.
Get down.. Let us see it first.
You can watch later.
Don't just stand here.
Give us a signal
if someone comes.
Come here.
Sit down!
No.. You sit! I'll watch.
Get lost!
Do what I say! Sit!
Come on..
Rise up..
A bit more. Damn! It's ruined.
Get down.. Someone's coming.
- Oh, no!
What? Who? Who is it?
- No one!
Let us see!
- Get down!
We saw nothing yet.
You scared us!
Don't bother giving us the signal.
- Okay.
Rise after I climb
on top of you.
Get down.
Hey.. Come here.
Come here. Sit here.
- What for?
Squat here.
- Isn't that here?
Not over there! Over here!
- I'll take this side.
Listen to me.
You squat like this.. - I see.
- Yes.
I'll climb on your shoulders.
- Rise. - Get down.
'While Brahmadathan was watching
Subhadra turned'
'into a monster
with multiple arms..'
Oh, no!
Get down!
- There is no time.
I-I can't see.
I can't see.
- I can. Just run. - Where to?
To the east.
- East? Let go, moron!
My balance.. I can't.
- Stay still..
Thomaskutty, escape!
What are you doing?
Let me smoke too.
- No..
Only one of us needs to smoke.
'Smoking is injurious to health.'
What kind of a girl is she?
She could have at least noticed
the four handsome
young men standing here.
- Yes?
How about we impress the old lady?
- Proceed.
He is an ideal match for her.
We shall go after her.
Hear me out.
We can get to her
through her grandmother.
If she is on our side,
we can get anything we want.
I have a trick to impress
any old woman.
Spit it out, will you!
- Okay.
We'll go there and address her
as grandma.
We lie to her that she resembles
our late grandmother.
But we don't have
a deceased grandmother.
What? Get lost!
- It's not as hard as you think.
You.. - Go alone..
- But I.. - I can't.
Listen to me.
One man cannot do the job.
We must do this together.
- Don't worry. - You go, then.
That's why I say
we do this together.
I can't do this alone.
- Don't argue..
Let me..
- Shut up!
We don't know if she
saw us last night.
We're screwed if she recognises us.
- She is alone now.
We must blow her away
before anyone comes.
- You can do it.
You must go. - What?
- Oh, no!
My God!
The bell!
Press it again.
Press it!
Good Lord! Don't, ma'am!
Don't mess around with me.
You'll hack me.
Ma'am, don't kill me. I'm here
to speak of my grandmother. - You!
Good Lord!
- You'll try to kill me, won't you?
You! - Thomaskutty.. - Blow me up?
- Not again!
Stop! - Ma'am!
- Escape!
Stop there, you! Catch him..
- Help!
Oh, no!
Did she get him?
My God! That old hag's crazy!
Why did you scream out loud?
What would've happened to our
reputation if people had gathered?
You're worried
about your reputation!
What if she had hacked me?
She didn't.
If she did, you'd have seen..
What? Me getting hacked?
Yes. No..
Get lost!
- Why are you getting angry?
Didn't you tell us
that you will impress her?
So? Does that mean
you should ditch me?
We didn't know you were in trouble.
We thought you
were doing your thing.
- Yes! - Get lost!
Cheaters! Scumbags!
- Govindankutty, we won't give up.
She is ours ever since she
stepped foot
in our land.
Only we shall marry her.
Us? We're four people!
So what? Didn't the four Pandavas
marry Damayanti?
Not Damayanti. It's Kunthi.
Let her marry us like that.
What say you, Mahadevan?
- Get lost.
I didn't mean all four of us.
One of us.
And who will that be?
Okay. If you are not up to it
I'll do it.
- No way!
Don't be so smart!
We are ready too.
I know that. But another guy
must not win her from us.
So, we must keep an eye
on her at all times.
Why make it just one eye?
I'll have both of mine on her.
Shut up!
I don't want to live
in this wretched place anymore!
I'm not safe here!
Forget the incident
that happened at night.
Today, he came in broad
daylight to assault me!
What happened, Grandmother?
Why are you packing your bags?
I just want to reach
my hometown safe and sound.
What's the matter?
Just wake up and smell the coffee!
Grandfather, what happened?
She had a feeling as if someone
had come to kill her.
Did you just say feeling?
So, you don't believe he was
here to kill me, do you?
To be honest, anyone who sees you
would be tempted to kill you!
I'd felt so on numerous occasions!
- I'll haul you over the coals!
Then, why did
he return without harming you?
That's because I handled
the situation wisely.
I kicked him in his gut!
- Who are you talking about?
Dear, please listen
to me for God's sake!
This place is wretched!
Let us go back.
How can you
even think of going back?
Shouldn't we enquire about brother
Sethu and find out what happened?
I wasn't suggesting that you should
stop enquiring about him.
Kannur isn't far from here, is it?
Let's stay there and enquire
about him. - That won't do.
If we want to get any information
about him, we should stay here.
If you are afraid
to stay here, you may go back
along with grandfather.
I can manage on my own here.
I won't return until
I find out everything
I want to know about my brother.
I can't understand why
Sethumadhavan came here.
He just shouldn't have.
Who are you?
What brings you here?
- I'm new here.
I hope you remember the young man
who lived here for a while.
Sethumadhavan from Mumbai.
He is my brother.
You are his..
- His sister.
Isn't your name Maya?
Come in, dear.
When did you reach from Mumbai?
- It's been a couple of days.
Did you come here alone?
I was alone till I reached Kannur.
My grandparents
accompanied me from there.
What brings you here?
Nothing much.
Since Brother Sethu lived here
I thought I'll stay
here for a while as well.
Sit down.
I want you
to do me a favour, ma'am.
He wrote me this letter
while he was here.
See if you know the one
whom brother has written about.
'Dear Maya'
'does mom ask about me?'
'Does she ask where I am
and why am I not coming home?'
'There is someone here,
who is as loving as our mother.'
'Someone who sheds tears
thinking about her beloved son.'
'Her son has set his heart
on securing all the wealth'
'in this world for her.'
'I regret that I didn't tell him'
'that he should set his
heart on'
'giving her
all the love in this world.'
All that Sethu
has written is about us.
About me and my son, Andrews.
What is it, dear?
Where is Andrews now?
Have you seen him?
- No.
Come with me.
Come, dear.
This is Andrews's room.
Sethu used this room as well.
This is my son, Andrews.
Did brother have any other friends
other than Andrews here?
I don't think he
had any friends here.
He used
to go to the library every day.
After returning from the library,
he spent all his time in this room.
Those books, suitcase and the rest
are Sethu's belongings.
He didn't take
it with him when he left.
What did he say when he left?
He said he'd return soon.
What is it, dear?
Didn't he come there?
Brother Sethu..
He is no more, ma'am.
It was a suicide.
It's been almost an year now.
Why did he..
Why did he commit suicide?
That's what I'm
trying to find out as well.
I want to know why
he committed suicide.
'Harihar Nagar Library.'
Where did she go? - What?
- Look over there.
Go this way. - Call me
if you see her. - Come.
I'm sorry.
She said something.
Hey! - What?
- Hey! - What?
What did she say? - What?
- What did she tell you?
She said she is in love with me!
- What? - Yes.
No way! - No way!
- No way!
Excuse me. - Yes. - Could you
tell me who'd borrowed these books?
What should we do?
- Let's go there.
Someone by the name of
Sethumadhavan had borrowed them.
I'm his sister. - I see.
- My name is Maya.
Brother passed away.
What should I do
to cancel his membership?
Please write
a request for the same.
I was wondering if you could help
me see any of his friends here.
Shall I?
- Sit there!
How can I help you when I don't
know Sethumadhavan?
This is him.
Okay. - He was tall
and had a fair complexion.
He used to read a lot.
Also, he was the boxing champion
of Mumbai University.
In that case, enquire
about him at the club.
Someone there
might know him.
Thank you.
- Come.
I think it's a good thing
that he passed away!
We can pester her at full swing!
I have an idea.
- What is it?
How about we tell her
that we are his friends?
No.. - We all know what happened
the last time we listened to you!
Mahadevan, we are handsome.
That'll help us woo her!
We don't need any
of his stupid ideas!
Anyways, her name is lovely.
Maya. Maya Mahadevan.
- What?
I.. I was just saying
it to hear how it sounds!
Maya Mahadevan!
Doesn't the name sound wonderful?
- Not just that name!
The name Maya Appukkuttan
sounds wonderful as well!
Damn! - Isn't the name,
Maya Govindankutty cute?
What about Maya Thomaskutty?
No way!
Since you're a Christian,
you have to wait
until we, Hindus, die to woo her!
- Really? - Yes!
Am I not right, Mahadevan Nair?
Hey. - Look at that.
Isn't that her motorcycle?
Someone is flattening the tyre.
- What?
Who is this moron?
- That doesn't matter.
We should thank God
for making him do it now.
This has given us an
opportunity to impress her! Come.
What is it?
- Is puncturing tyres your hobby?
Who are you to question me?
- You halfwit!
How dare you backchat!
- Oh, God! - Hey.
Appukkuttan! - You! - What are you
doing? - Leave me! Let go of me!
- Don't you hit me!
Listen to me! - Don't hit him,
Don't you dare hit me! - Wait till
she comes! - Don't backchat!
Move! Don't you dare hit me! - He
isn't going to get away with it!
No, he isn't. But shouldn't
there be witnesses when
we question him about it?
Who are you referring to?
- Maya! Let her come.
We'll hit him when she comes.
She is coming. Start hitting him!
I'll start! - Stand up!
- Oh, God!
Hit him! - How dare you try
to flatten those tyres!
You'll pay for it!
- Oh, God!
Appukkuttan. - Let me hit me.
I haven't till now.
We won't let you go until
you blow air into both those tyres!
Hey, make him blow air into them!
- Blow! - Come on!
Blow! Blow, I say!
Morons like him
try to flatten the tyres
of the motorcycles
that pretty girls ride!
I.. - Blow air into it!
- Make him blow air!
Don't try to turn! Blow!
He was trying to flatten the tyres.
If we hadn't seen it..
Move! Let her see who did it!
- Where is she going?
Oh, no!
Whose motorcycle is this?
Where did they go?
Shall I go?
- Wait.
What exactly are you going to do?
Just watch me impress him
and bring him to you!
Tell us what you have in mind.
Wait. You are not going till you
tell us what your plan is.
Tell us.
I will walk towards him.
- Okay.
I'll gently collide with him,
pretending that it was
accidental, and apologise for it.
- Okay. - Okay. - So far so good.
I'll slowly raise my chin,
and ask him
isn't he
Sethumadhavan's grandfather!
That question will lead him
up the garden path. - Okay.
Do you think he
is capable of doing it?
Trust me, I am!
- Okay, you may go. - Yes.
Oh, no!
Oh, no!
He screwed up big time!
What the hell?
I'm your grandson's.. Not just me..
They are as well..
They asked me to collide..
I haven't collided
with anyone before.. I'm sorry..
Are you blind or what? - I'm sorry!
- To hell with your apology!
What's the point
in apologising now?
I apologised.. - That was
medicine worth Rs. 75.
It doesn't look like it.
- Oh, no! My belly! Oh, God!
Oh, God! - Oh, my God! My belly!
- Somebody help me!
Thank you. Thank you very much!
- My wife..
What? - Oh, God!
- Poor soul! - Oh, no!
Thomaskutty, escape!
I won't spare you!
- Oh, my God! - Rascal!
Move! I want to thrash him myself!
You old josser! Moron!
How dare you!
- Oh, my God!
Oh, no!
- Pour some Dettol!
Oh, God!
Stop wailing!
You were so adamant
that you personally wanted
to impress him and that
we aren't capable of it.
Look what happened now.
You cut your belly, injured him
and messed up everything!
Are you happy now?
Stop it.
Appukkuttan, I think
blood is a good omen.
I guess this means
she'll fall for you.
In that case, I don't mind getting
cut over and over again!
- Shut up!
Oh, no!
He isn't seriously hurt, is he?
- Yes, right.
Oh, my God! What happened to you?
What happened, Grandfather?
Someone tripped me
and I fell on the road, dear.
Who was it, Grandfather?
- Who else would it be?
It's them. I'm dead sure.
What did you say when I told
you that the other day?
You said it was just my feeling!
You deserve this!
Can you identify him again?
Of course.
If I see him again,
I won't spare him!
He is kidding.
I can identify those guys who
tried to assault me.
Not just me, she can identify
the two of you as well!
They'll come at us again.
I won't spare them if they
come at us again! Mark my words!
Come here.
There's only one thing that you
can do now that they know you guys.
What is it?
You should forget her!
No way! - No way!
- No way!
I wonder who the addressee is.
Does she have a boyfriend?
- Damn!
Don't even think
of that possibility!
What if she has a boyfriend?
We could know who is the addressee
if we get the letter. I'll take it.
It's not possible.
What is he doing?
'Next clearance, 3 p.m.'
Mahadevan, what should we do?
We should somehow get our hands on
that letter. - What to do for that?
Let's wait.
We accidentally.. - He is here.
...put a letter in the post-box.
Take this
and please return the letter.
Will this be enough? No?
- How about this?
That won't do.
'Dear mom and dad.'
I did say that she is single!
When did you say that? Shut up!
'I'm writing from the city
where brother Sethu lived.'
'I found the place
where he'd lived.'
'It belongs to a guy
by the name of Andrews.'
'He is somewhere in Mumbai now.'
'Brother Sethu came here because
Andrews asked him to.'
'He came here on the previous'
'Christmas Eve and Andrews's mom'
'treated him'
'like he was her son.'
'Now, the sole
occupant of that house..'
'Is Andrews's mother.'
- Damn! - Shut up!
Go on. - 'Now, the sole
occupant of that house'
'is Andrews's mother.'
'She has taken good care of the
room that he occupied and also'
'his suitcase
and other belongings.'
'I'm now trying to find out the
friends that brother Sethu'
'had here through her.'
Good morning, ma'am..
- Good morning, ma'am..
Who are you?
We are
Late Sethumadhavan's friends.
I'm Mahadevan.
He is Appukkuttan.
He is Govindankutty
and he is Thomaskutty.
I haven't seen
any of you here before.
Sethu had never
mentioned about you.
We are Sethu's friends for real
and not.. - Move.
Ma'am.. Though he
hadn't told about us to you
he has told
everything about you to us.
Sethu came here on
the last Christmas Eve, didn't he?
He has told everything
that happened since then.
He told that he came here
because Andrews asked him to!
He'd also told us that you treated
him as if he was your son
from the very day he came here.
Moreover, he has told us that
you've taken care
of his room and belongings
even after his death.
H-He.. Hasn't said that..
- Shut up!
Ignore him.
He says things like this now.
He lost his mental
stability after Sethu died.
What could we do, ma'am?
We can't turn our backs on him
because he has gone insane!
Ma'am, I was actually saying..
- Stop!
We came now as we needed
a photograph of his.
As you know, he was
a member of our library.
We are publishing a souvenir.
- We have one with us
but it isn't that great.
Wait. Let me see.
How dare you say that I'm insane!
- Oh, God! - You moron!
Hey! - Leave me!
- Let go of him! - Leave him!
Behave yourself!
Move! - Move.
- Hey, she is coming.
Where do you live?
- We live nearby.
My house is the nearest one.
This is my address.
We'll be there all the time.
You can give my address
if someone asks.
You can consider us like
Andrews and Sethu.
Am I not right?
- Yes. Give it.
The photo makes it
look like he's alive.
It looks good, doesn't it?
- Yes. What?
Where is your servant?
Why should we bother him?
I'll talk to her.
No. - Won't it be impolite if I
don't greet her personally?
No, it's not. We'll get acquainted
with her at the same time.
Just this photograph won't convince
her that we're his friends.
We need to pull some more tricks.
What is it, sir?
- She is here.
Don't forget what I told you! I
won't spare you if you mess it up!
Wait. Tell her that we aren't
hiding in here. - Okay! - Don't!
Don't say that!
Come here. - Hurry up.
May I help you? - Isn't this
Govindankutty's house? - Yes.
I wanted to..
She fell for it!
Who are you?
This is my brother.
He is Mr. Govindankutty's friend.
Can I see him?
He is no more. Isn't it obvious?
- I was asking
about your boss.
Isn't his name Govindankutty?
Yes. But he isn't here now.
He might be at the club.
He said he is
going out to practise boxing.
Where does he practice?
At the Harihar Nagar Club.
I shall go there and meet him.
- Okay.
Our plan worked!
- Yes!
We should start boxing
before she comes here.
Get ready. Hurry up.
- What?
We should just convince
her that we're good at boxing.
We should not fight each other
for real, right? - No, we should!
This fight should make her decide
who amongst us she should choose.
First impression is the best
impression! So, no compromise.
No sentiments.
- No friendship.
This is ridiculous!
Of all the sports that there are
why do we have
to engage in this one?
Go and play
snakes and ladders with kids!
We want to impress her when
he sees us for the first time!
Don't you know that her brother
was a university boxing champion?
In order to make her believe
that we are his friends
we should show
her that we are good at boxing.
Cowards like you shouldn't
even think of falling in love!
She is here.
Oh! - She is coming.
- Come on.
Let's start. - Stop dragging me.
I'm coming. - Get in the ring.
Help me get in.
- Come in.
Come on. - Stand up! Do you know
how powerful is Mike Tyson's punch?
My punch is as powerful as that!
- Even mine! - Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
- Come on.
Get up. Come on.
- Stand up!
Don't be a coward!
Oh, God!
Let me hit him.
- Stop!
Yes! One, two, three, four
five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
Let's take on him next.
- Take that!
He can't even take a single punch!
Get up..
Come on. Get up.
Come on. Oh!
Come on.
- Next.
Come on, get up.
Get up.
- Come on.
Come on, man. Up!
- Get up.
Come on, get up.
- Punch him.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
She has brought those two
nincompoops with her.
Cover your face.
Cover your face.
- Cover your face.
Oh, no! Thomaskutty!
Don't be a scumbag, you scumbag!
Shut up!
First impression
is the best impression, right?
I'll make a very good impression.
Oh, my God!
Don't punch me. Please.
- What were you saying?
You labelled me a coward, didn't
you? - I'm sorry!
Don't take
advantage of this situation..
Oh, God!
Did you think I'd forget you? - Not
now, punch me after she is gone!
You think you are as good a boxer
as Mike Tyson! - I was kidding!
Please don't punch me on my belly.
I'm suffering from appendicitis!
Oh, God!
Excuse me.
I sent him on an errand.
To marry your mother off!
What is it?
Tell me.
Do you know a man
named Sethumadhavan?
- Do you know him? - Yes.
Are you talking
about Sethumadhavan
the boxing champion
of Mumbai University?
Yes. I'm his sister.
- Oh, my God!
Sethu's sister?
I'm a close friend of his.
I've seen you somewhere.
No. Me?
- Yes?
I'm not that social.
You got the wrong guy.
Why are they not getting up?
They're knocked out.
I see. - They'll leave
once they regain consciousness.
You're good.
You knocked out three men!
I only got three today.
Usually, I fight about six men.
- I see.
Come. Let us sit over there.
- Okay.
Have it..
Why are you not eating, Maya?
Did Sethu ever tell you
why he came here?
That.. Andrews couldn't
make it home last Christmas.
So, he sent Sethu instead.
That's what he said.
Andrews has missed
many Christmases before
but he has never sent anyone.
I asked the same question.
Sethu said
that he bore a gift
for Andrews's mother.
A gift? What gift?
Oh, man!
What is he saying?
What was the gift?
A Christmas gift.
But Andrews's mother
didn't say anything about it.
There's nothing worth mentioning.
Must be some clothes or ornaments.
Okay. We are leaving.
Don't go and ask this
to Andrews's mother.
It's shameful.
Did Sethu have any enemies here?
Enemies? Why did you ask that?
It's nothing much.
Look at this.
A guy tried to push me and kill me.
They tried attacking
her twice at our home.
I've taken care
of one of those guys.
Did he have any enemies?
No. No enemies.
Then what about them?
Must be some pickpockets
or pillagers.
Oh, no!
We're looters and pillagers
while you're an honest man,
isn't that so?
Oh, no!
It just slipped my tongue.
Slipped out, my foot!
Get up!
- Oh, no!
Grab him! Got him?
Hold him!
Tell me what to do.
I'll do it.
- Forget her.
Forget her?
Why should I?
No chance in hell!
Oh, yes!
You have no chance or choice!
Why did you cook up
such a stupid story?
There is only one way out of this.
Recant your words.
- Shut up!
- Yes? - We must invent a story
about the reason
for Sethu's arrival
and his suicide.
We must make her believe it.
Through that story,
we must establish that we
were ready to die for him.
That is, even though Sethu
is the story's protagonist
we're getting the applause.
- Well said.
Thomaskutty, come here.
We'll wait in front of the
coffee house at 4 p.m. tomorrow.
Come with her.
- Be punctual. Okay?
One more thing. Don't talk
to her till you reach there.
What if she asks something?
Tell her you have a toothache.
We'll see. I'll bring her there
and will introduce you.
Wait and see!
What did you want to say?
Some things about Sethu.
There are some people pretending
to be Sethu's friends.
We'll talk about them too.
Should we do all that in here?
How about we sit somewhere
and talk?
What say you, Maya?
- How about at the coffee house?
What? The coffee house? No!
Why not?
There will be lowlifes and oglers
waiting there all dressed up.
Do you have an eye disease?
You look stupid.
Is this the way to dress when
you're about to meet a girl?
Why? Is a simple attire
repulsive to women?
Don't they like?
Is this the simple way to dress?
Yes. What is wrong with it?
The crow crapped on me.
The crow knows where its toilet is.
Get rid of it!
It's a bad omen.
A crow crapped on him.
Will we be conned?
No. Don't mind this.
He'll bring her here.
I'm telling you.
Or else, you can name
your dog after me.
Your name for my dog.
It will bite me to death.
Get lost.
It's not on my face, is it?
- No. It's barely visible.
It's there, isn't it?
Tell me whatever it is.
That's why I came here, right?
What is stopping you, then?
- I'll tell you.
Before that,
I have a request for you.
Please don't travel alone.
Make sure you have your
grandparents with you at all times.
They won't approach you then.
Whom are you talking about?
- Whom do you fear, Thomaskutty?
To be honest, I'm scared.
I'm risking my life
by bringing you here.
They will pounce
on us at any time.
Oh, no!
You'll make me inflate tyres,
will you? - Please don't insult me.
Oh, no!
You'll make me inflate tyres,
won't you?
Don't hit me.
Let us make him inflate tyres.
Oh, no!
Blow air!
Blow air!
Didn't he fool us?
Let him get some.
Enough! We shall begin now.
We shall, shall we not?
- Yes.
You had enough, we presume?
Hello. My name is..
Let go.. Dog! Lowlife! Rascal!
Don't worry. I'll deal this.
No problem.
Let go, rascal! You..
Oh, no!
The next one can come!
Come on..
You're a goon, are you not?
I'll show you. Get lost!
I must never see you again. Come..
Come on..
- Run! Dogs! Get lost!
And you! Oh, no..
Tie.. Neck.. Mahadevan, my neck.
Release me. I'll die!
Many have died of strangulation.
What is this, Mahadevan?
My neck.. Tie.. Let go.
You! Bring as many men as you like!
I'm not done. You dog!
Aren't you a boxing champion?
You still needed us
to even the odds.
An unexpected attack
can startle anyone.
Like they will notify you first!
Haven't I taught you how
to defend such attacks?
Haven't I? - I see.
Did you teach him that too?
And you wonder why I
don't teach you anything!
Excuse me.
- Yes?
You're kind of over-stepping
on my point there.
I have the same to tell you.
Don't seize every opportunity
you get.
Let me seize this one.
By the way, are you all right?
- We're fine.
I didn't ask you.
I know that you were beaten up.
I was asking this lady here.
Are you all right? - I'm fine.
It's because my boys
and I were here on time.
Or else,
you would have been reaped.
It's not 'reaped'. It's 'raped'.
What difference does it make?
It is a grave thing to happen.
Actually, it's the same word.
But colloquially..
- Enough. Don't mess it up.
Introduce us..
Tell her that we're your friends.
We're ashamed to have a dimwit
like you as our friend!
- Drat! - Drat!
These are my friends.
They are Sethu's friends too.
You want to know why Sethu
killed himself, don't you?
Then listen.
Sethu was in love with a girl.
Sethu stayed here to see her
and to be close to her.
When he lost her
he killed himself.
Is this true?
Why would we lie
about our Sethu?
Who was she?
He never told us who she was,
what she did
and where they met.
We haven't even seen her.
But we know one thing.
She too loved him
with all her heart.
By the time Sethu let us in
on that secret
her family had locked her up
for falling in love with
a man of another religion.
Then followed a war!
Her family's goons on one side
and Sethu and us on the other.
Didn't we save him
from some goons?
They are part of that gang.
They are not done with us
even after Sethu's death.
Is that so?
- Yes.
We would've stood by his side even
if the whole world was against it.
If he had told us about her
we would've brought her to him.
But Sethu was not ready
for any of that.
Though we asked him many times
he never said anything.
While departing, he hugged us
and cried.
He bid farewell to us in tears.
But we never knew that it was
his final voyage.
Appukkuttan! Come here.
Don't overact and ruin it,
you moron! - No!
"For coolness
or for a company?"
"Or for the song
within my heart?"
"Oh, lonely moon!"
"What do you seek?"
"For coolness or for a company?"
"Or for the song in my heart?"
"Oh, lonely moon!"
"The shine of fifteen years."
"And the youth that keeps
becoming evident."
"Oh, young and energetic mind!"
"You are evident within the eyes."
"The expression that
introduces her beauty"
"is the magic that attracts
"The expression that
introduces her beauty"
"is the magic that attracts
"Did the moon shine
brightly at night"
"for coolness or for a company?"
"Or for the song in my heart?"
"Oh, lonely moon!"
"My mind will always be with you"
"while I dream of you
when I'm asleep."
"When the eyelids cover me up"
"and I will find solace in it."
"We shall ascend
to the skies together"
"and shall tie
a nuptial chain made of stars."
"We shall ascend
to the skies together"
"and shall tie
a nuptial chain made of stars."
"Does your magical gaze entice us"
"for coolness or for a company?"
"Or for the song in my heart?"
"Oh, lonely moon!"
"What do you seek?"
"For coolness or for a company?"
"Or for the song in my heart?"
- Welcome.
Excuse me.
- What?
Aren't you Mahadevan?
- Yes.
I'm Honai. John Honai.
Hello. I'm Maya's neighbour
from Mumbai.
If you don't mind
I need to discuss something
with you.
I have a car. It won't take long.
I'll drop you anywhere
you want me to.
Well, I..
- Please don't refuse.
Please spend ten minutes for me.
Please come.
I brought them here as well.
Please be seated.
I will be back.
He must have brought us to tell us
to forget Maya. We shouldn't agree.
If we stay united,
one among us will surely get her.
Come on.
I had to lie to bring
all of you here.
That I'm acquainted with Maya.
To be frank,
I'm not acquainted with her.
But I know Sethumadhavan.
Maya's brother, Sethumadhavan.
Now I need to know about
him from all of you.
Can you tell me who this is?
And this?
Sethu and..
- And?
- Okay.
Do you know where he is now?
Why are you interrogating
us like thieves?
I told you that you had
to spend some time for me.
Please. - He is there
somewhere in Bombay.
Now I need to know one more thing.
Just one thing.
Where is the briefcase?
What briefcase?
I shall make it clear.
The gift Andrew
handed over to Sethu.
The Christmas gift for his mom.
I meant that.
Where is it now?
It must be with his mom.
It is not with her.
I know.
Sethu went back without
giving it to her.
How can we know if that's the case?
Such a briefcase or gift
does not exist. - Hey! I will..
Where is the briefcase now?
There is no such briefcase.
Tell us what it is,
without hitting us, you idiot.
What briefcase..
They both came here by
brutally killing my dad
on the streets like a dog
to bring it here.
I want to know where it is!
I want to know the person
who has it. Tell me, you dog.
My God!
There is no use
in beating us, Mr. Honai.
We don't know anything.
You know.
You are the only ones who
know about Sethu in this town.
I've been roaming around the last
eight months trying to find him.
To get someone who was
in contact with him.
None of you will leave this place
without giving me that briefcase.
Tell me now.
Where is it now?
Tell me the truth.
Who has it now?
Oh, no.. - Hey.
- Oh, no..
Come here.
- Oh, no..
- Oh, no..
Oh, no..
Leave me..
Leave me..
Come here.
- Hey, leave me..
Oh, no..
Oh, no.. - Oh, no.. - Oh, no..
- We are innocent!
We don't know anything.
We don't know anyone.
Oh, save us, Mr. Honai.
Oh, no.
If we had known it
we'd have told you
when you asked us.
We lied that we knew them.
It's her.
She is their close aid.
Let's go.
Where are they now?
It is nothing big.
He and his friends
want to meet them.
It's okay. We shall find
them wherever they are.
Shall we leave?
- Shall we leave, dear?
Is Govindankutty here?
- No.
Someone came in a car
and took him. What is it?
If any of them comes back,
tell them to stay indoors.
- I will be back soon. - Fine.
Mr. Govindankutty is lucky.
Very lucky.
Dear Lord!
Oh, no.. - Oh, no..
- Oh, no.. - Oh, no..
Oh, no.
- Oh, no.
Oh, God!
- Oh, no.
- Yes?
- Mahadevan. - Thomaskutty.
We shall escape
before anyone show up.
I'm here after enquiring
at their homes.
They are not there.
They must have hidden
somewhere out of fear.
Else, they must be in trouble
because of her goons.
I need to find her before
those innocent guys are harmed.
My brother's lover.
He does not have a lover, my dear.
Someone has told you
false stories about Sethu.
No, ma'am. Sethu was close
with a girl from here.
That is true.
I saw his library membership card.
It was she who made brother
join the library.
Her name is Annie.
Annie Philip.
He joined the library to meet her.
They met and conversed there.
Even I did not believe this
when I heard it, ma'am.
But now
when I started to know
more about him
I think these stories are true.
No, dear.
That is impossible.
If that's so, Sethu wouldn't
have hidden it from me.
If that's so, then there are a lot
of things that you don't know.
I don't know why
he hid everything from you.
Brother had a gift for you
with him, ma'am.
A gift that was given
to him by Andrews.
Brother left without
giving it to you.
There is one more thing.
His lover, Annie,
has a new identity now.
She is Josephine.
Sister Josephine.
Excuse me.
I wanted to meet Sister Josephine.
It is the time for prayers now.
I shall wait.
Okay. Please be seated inside.
Who are you?
Are you here to meet me?
I am Sister Josephine.
What do you need?
I don't want to meet
Sister Josephine.
I want to meet Annie.
Ms. Annie Philip.
There was a young man who was
in love with Annie a year ago.
I am his sister.
My name is Maya.
Did you become a saint
to find solace for your sins?
No matter where you hide
even if you do infinite good deeds,
you will never find solace.
You have betrayed my brother.
My brother committed
suicide because of you.
You are the sole person
responsible for that.
Who told you
all of this nonsense, Maya?
Why do you care?
I don't want to make you
confess now. You may lie.
You may lie that you don't know my
brother and haven't heard of him.
No. I know him.
I was very close to him.
Sethu had met me every single day
when he was in this town.
He used to talk with me.
Do you think the only relationship
a man and a woman
can have is love?
What do you have in mind
about your brother?
Do you think he is a fool who
will commit suicide for a woman?
Sethu would never commit suicide.
He did not commit suicide.
I need to know who said
this to you, before that.
Sethu's friends.
Sethu does not have
any friends here.
Andrews was the only
friend Sethu had.
Do you know that Andrews
won't ever come back?
His poor mom
is still waiting for his return.
Sethu came here to let his mom know
about her son's death
and give her his wealth.
Sethu came in search
of me as he was unable
to convey this to her.
He came to visit me,
who was Andrews's world.
I did not have the courage
to tell this to his mom.
That is why we hid everything.
Sethu was not in love with me
like you think, Maya.
He did not die as he
did not get me.
Sethu was killed.
They killed him,
like they killed Andrews.
Who killed them?
Mr. Honai.
Mr. John Honai from Bombay.
I don't know anything.
I don't know anyone.
I don't know Sethu.
I'm saying the truth.
Please don't hurt me.
Oh, no..
I-I don't know anyone.
Oh, no. This is the truth.
Oh, no..
Oh, no..
John Honai's dad and Andrews's dad
were business
partners in Hong Kong.
When they returned from Hong Kong
Honai killed Andrews'
dad and returned to Bombay.
Everything started there.
His mom abandoned everything
in Bombay, took Andrews
and came here.
Andrews was just
ten years old then.
The rage to kill them grew faster
than Andrews as years passed.
When he grew up,
he went to Bombay
to seek revenge and get
back his rightful wealth.
Four years.
It took four long years
for Andrews to set up
a trap for Mr. Peter Honai.
Andrews knew the strength
of the Honai family in Bombay.
So, Andrews tried to cause enmity
between Peter Honai
and his competitors.
When things got out of hand
Peter Honai took all his
wealth and decided
to run away from there
with his son.
Everything happened
according to Andrews's plan.
Peter Honai and all of his wealth
came to Andrews.
Go there!
Come on!
What is this?
Sethu. I killed him.
I killed the monster
who killed my dad.
Look at this.
This belongs to my dad.
He killed my dad for this.
I have settled the scores
after 20 years.
Now I need to go to my mom.
I should cover her in wealth.
I should give her
everything in this world.
I should make her live like a
queen the way my dad dreamt.
Before I return
I have one more work to do.
I need to kill John Honai.
he won't let me
and my mom live peacefully.
Until I return
you should take care of this.
You should take care
of this with your life.
- Don't worry.
I will return.
I will return for sure.
I promised my mom that I would
be with her for this Christmas.
Days passed
and I waited
for him counting days.
I got to know through someone
that a dead body was
found near the shore.
'Don't worry.
I will return.'
'I will return for sure.'
'I promised my mom that I will
be with her for this Christmas.'
Who is it?
Is it you, Andrews?
When I saw your shadow
I felt that it was my son Andrews.
I-I am coming from Andrews's place.
I'm his friend.
I'm Sethumadhavan.
- Andrews..
Andrews has sent me.
Won't he come for this
Christmas either?
I thought he would
come before sunset.
I prepared everything he likes.
I was waiting for him.
So that I can dine with him.
Come, dear.
I can't hurt your mom, Andrews.
I can't tell her that you lost
your life to procure this wealth
and that you will never
Tell me, Andrews.
What should I do now?
'With Love,
You should not wait
for him anymore, Annie. - No.
I won't believe this.
Listen to me, Annie!
Yes? - What is this?
Why are you sitting in the dark?
It's nothing.
Come. We shall have supper.
- Okay.
'Near his dad's grave'
'when his mom prayed
for Andrews's return'
'I.. I was praying for
his soul to find peace.'
'When I saw his mom's tears
and expectations'
'my heart was filled with sorrow.'
'I'm being cruel to his mom.'
It is true, Annie.
He and his men
are following me now.
If I stay here
his mom's life will be in danger.
I know.
He does not need his mom or me.
He needs the briefcase
Andrews gave me.
He gave it to me so that I may
take care of it with my life.
You should take care
of it now, Annie.
If I give it to his mom,
her life will be in danger.
That's the reason.
Until we know that Honai is dead
or till you're sure of it
it should not reach his mom.
I'm going to meet him.
Only one among the two of us
will come back here.
I will come back, ma'am.
Very soon.
I have to go now.
Please understand.
Shall I leave, ma'am?
- Okay.
You are going to meet
Andrews, right?
You should tell him
to come back soon.
- Okay.
John Honai!
I am Sethu!
I am the person who you
have been looking for.
You killed Andrews for this!
Now you want to kill me as well!
You need not kill anyone!
I am here to give this to you!
Take this.
This belongs to you.
But you should spare his mom.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Tell me..
I have a request, Maya.
You should go back
home soon.
I fear them.
The ones who are with you
claiming to be Sethu's friends.
They must have thought
that you can be used
to get the wealth they did not get
after killing Andrews and Sethu.
So, you shouldn't
meet them again.
Also, it's imperative for you
to leave this place so that
Andrews's mother won't be
aware of these things.
Yes, but before I leave, I have
to meet them once again
not alone,
but with the police.
Where is Appukkuttan?
I asked you
where Appukkuttan is!
What did you do to him?
- Do you want to know?
Do you really want to know?
Show him
what we did to Appukkuttan.
Leave me.
Leave me.
Leave me!
I know!
I will tell you!
I know everything!
I will tell you.
I will tell you everything!
Please don't kill him!
I will tell you!
We told you that
we know everything!
Please spare him.
Take him out.
Take him out,
you filthy pig!
He won't survive.
If you don't spare him,
we won't tell you the truth!
Leave me.
- Thomaskutty.
Where is Appukkuttan?
tell me where the suitcase is.
For that, we need to know
where Appukkuttan is!
The suitcase is with him!
First, bring him here!
Leave me.
Leave me.
Where am I?
Mahadevan, my tooth..
Stop crying.
Nobody will help us.
So, let's give it back to them.
Give it back to them.
- What?
The suitcase which
Sethu had given you.
To me?
Stop acting.
We cannot risk our life
for the sake of a suitcase.
Give it to them.
Oh, God! Govindankutty,
what is he talking about?
Why are you winking?
What is the matter?
Appukkuttan, don't tell him.
Govindankutty, don't
get involved in this.
When I'm trying to get it out of
him why are you coming in my way?
just tell them about it.
Appukkuttan, don't tell them
about it. - I told you!
You'll make him say it, will you?
what is happening here?
Where did you keep it?
- What?
You won't allow us
to escape, will you?
Oh, are we acting?
I won't allow you to do this.
I won't allow them
to take that suitcase.
Take me close to the door.
Hit it hard.
Even harder.
- I won't tell you!
Hurry up!
- Thomaskutty, escape! Appukkuttan!
This way!
Keep running!
Mahadevan, wait for me!
Mahadevan, don't stop!
Keep running!
Thomaskutty, make it fast!
Come here.
Thomaskutty, run faster.
Hurry up!
- Come on!
Oh, God.
It's them.
Sir, it's them.
Catch them.
Thomaskutty, escape!
Don't run.
Come fast.
Come here.
Who are they?
- It's their men!
They came here with their gang.
- Attack. - Don't leave them.
It's me.
Come closer!
Oh, God!
Thomaskutty, escape!
Why don't the three of you go out
and take stock of the situation?
I will wait here.
Oh, God!
Come on, everyone!
We don't have to be scared.
We haven't done anything wrong.
- Really?
Didn't we tell everyone that we
are friends of Maya's brother?
Isn't that enough?
I told you the first day
itself not to go behind her!
Now either John Honai
or the other gang.
Either one of them will finish us.
- Should we inform the police?
Do you want to get
thrashed by them too?
Mahadevan, there is no
need to meet anyone.
Let's go away to some other place.
- Where?
I am ready to go anywhere.
We should leave this
place for some time.
It's true that we lied to her
but it isn't a big
mistake to run away.
What if our problems get solved
when we confess everything to her?
Yes, that's the right thing to do.
let's tell her the truth.
Come with me.
What are they doing here?
Stay silent.
- Let's go.
This doesn't look good.
- Shut up.
There is nothing to worry about.
- Okay.
Tell us if there's something.
I think they are talking about us.
It might not be about us.
Let's go.
Oh, my God!
There he is.
The one who tried to kill me.
He is the one who tried to kill me.
He is there too!
The one who tried to kill me.
These are the ones who killed
Sethu. Don't spare them.
Come here.
I said, come here.
Thomaskutty, escape!
- Catch them.
Don't let them escape.
Run faster..
Who are you?
- You may not know me.
Maybe you'll know
me by my name.
I am Honai.
John Honai.
- Mom, it's me, Mahadevan.
Where are you?
What have you done?
- I don't know.
Our house is surrounded
by police.
Maya and her grandparents
have gone missing.
The police suspect that
you have abducted them.
What happened?
What happened?
What did your mom tell you?
What is the matter?
Maya and her grandparents
have gone missing.
He must be behind this.
But now, the blame is upon us.
Didn't I tell you
to run away from here?
Otherwise, they'll kill us!
Let them do whatever they want.
I am not going to back
off from here. - But we..
They'll kill her!
Before that, we should..
What do you think we can do?
We should first find it.
The suitcase.
Please forgive us.
We lied to you.
We are not Sethu's friends.
We have never ever met Sethu.
We made up that story
to get acquainted with Maya.
But now, our life is in danger.
Not only us,
but Maya's life is also in danger.
Only you can save her.
What happened?
They abducted Maya
and her grandparents.
Who abducted her?
John Honai.
Sethu and Andrews had brought
a suitcase here after
killing his father.
He will kill Maya, if we don't
return that suitcase to him.
Sethu had hidden that
suitcase somewhere.
You should help us in
finding that suitcase.
Are you trying to say that my
son Andrews killed someone?
He is the one who told us.
I don't want to listen to you.
Don't ever say such things to me.
- Ma'am.
Don't you dare talk to me!
You can leave.
Get lost!
Get lost!
Everyone is saying that
Andrews and Sethu
had brought his dad's
entire savings here.
If that's true
Sethu would have
surely given it to you.
Now, I need it.
Give it back to me
before we lose Sethu's sister.
I know the reason
behind hiding this from
me for such a long time.
It's because, while giving it
to me, you will have to tell me
that my Andrews won't return again.
You don't have to say that.
I don't want to hear
that from anyone.
I will keep waiting.
My son will return.
He will return
and take me with him.
I will keep waiting for him.
Where is Maya?
Don't come forward.
I will kill him if you do.
Ask them to stop there.
Where is Maya?
What do you want?
Maya or me?
Where is Maya?
Tell me, where she is!
- Okay..
Now tell me.
Do you want to take my
life or get her alive?
Move away.
Move away.
Take that knife from him.
Give me the knife.
I said, give me the knife.
Move away.
Go to that side.
Govindankutty, start the car.
My dear..
take them and get away from here!
Come outside.
You won't allow us to live,
will you?
Don't worry.
I won't hurt you.
I am still the same.
Do you remember?
You used to tell us a story
when you used to take
Andrews and me out with you.
The story about getting
the treasure from a genie.
That treasure is now in your hands.
Please give it to me.
Are you searching for this?
I won't die so easily.
Or else,
I wouldn't have found this.
I don't want to commit
another murder.
So, you better give it to me.
Take it.
- I am not taking this.
It's brother Sethu's.
Andrews's mother had
brought it here.
I don't need it.
You can keep it with you.
Consider it as a reward
to not forget me.
I hope you won't
forget me easily.
See you.
See you.
Oh, God!
That suitcase.
- How did this come here?
Stop the car.
Close the bag.
Take this suitcase with you.
I don't want it!
- This suitcase..
I don't need that anymore!
Maya, this suitcase!
- Keep it with you!
Sethu's suitcase!
- Keep it with you!
It now belongs to you!
Keep it with you!
It belongs to us!
Thomaskutty, escape!
'Harihar Nagar.'