In Her Name (2022) Movie Script

(mid tempo music)
(paintbrush scraping)
(indistinct chatter)
(uptempo music)
(paintbrush scraping)
- Shit.
(mid tempo music)
(airplane engine roaring)
(door squeaks open)
(car horn honks)
- Are you Fiona?
- Hi.
The troubles that I have
shook my shadow
And every day is trying to
trick me into doing battle
Calling out favor
Wanna get me rattled
Wanna pull me back
behind the fence
Building your lenses
Making your trenches
Put me on the front line
- [Person On Radio] Light and
dark, truth and falsehood.
Even if you look at
water for instance,
you freeze it and it's a solid.
- Do you want a kombucha?
- I'm sorry?
- Kombucha.
- Oh, no thank you,
I don't drink.
My confidence is struggling
Have faith in myself true
I seen a million number
doors in the horizon
Now which is the future you
choose before you gonna die
And I'll tell you by the
secret happened under mine
Every little light in this
world come from divine
Say you my lover
Say you my home
Tilt my chin back
Slit my throat
Take a bath in my blood
Get to know me
Call out all my secrets
All my enemies are turning
into my teachers
Because lights blinding
No way dividing
(bird squawks)
- [Person On Radio] Because I
wanted to know exactly
what these higher
vibrations were.
The best thing that I received
is actually quit
judging everything.
Don't judge everything.
It sounds like a little thing.
What does that mean?
So everything has a
positive and negative.
- You good
- Thank you.
- [Person On Radio] And
there's source energy
that holds it all together.
(car engine roaring)
- Wait, wait!
- How do you want your eggs?
(eggs sizzling)
- I'm not hungry.
(phone ringing)
- [Sam] You've reached Sam,
leave a message or text me.
- Did you get some
sleep last night?
- No.
- I used to do that too, stay up
all night and paint.
Kept everything I
spit on thinking
that it might be
worth something,
that I might be worth something.
Hey, I wanna see it.
Go get it.
- Dad, please stop talking.
(lively music)
(doorbell rings)
- Hi!
- Let him in.
- It's
not the doctor.
- Hi, dad.
- I see you have a suitcase,
are you planning to stay?
- Freya, I cannot believe
you didn't tell me
that dad is dying.
Well, you don't get to pretend
like I don't exist anymore.
- Gee, Fiona, I'm really
glad you stopped by.
How long has it been now,
10 years?
- I used to call you.
I used to call you once a month,
send you photos of Jacob, I
invite you to his birthday.
- Why are you here?
- I'm-
I'm here because I'm-
- Spit it out.
- This is my house.
This is my house.
Mom left it to me.
It was her name on the title.
The property tax has not been
paid in over a year,
and the IRS is after me about it
so it is time to sell.
- Are you insane?
This is Dad's house.
(Fiona sniffles)
(bright music)
- I didn't know you were sick,
- Well,
we all die.
- We have to talk
about the house.
- Fiona, your mother didn't put
a dime in this house.
- There were a lot of
- Who do you think you are,
just barging into the house
telling me this is your house?
This is joke.
- Dad, dad-
- I don't care whose
name is on what.
This is my house.
Don't be ridiculous.
- I'm not denying that
this is your house.
- No one is selling this house,
no one!
Freya, get your sister a drink.
(blender whirring)
- [Speaker] Bring me one of
those margaritas.
(mellow music)
- I just need to tell you,
you're surrounded by a lot
of support right now, ancestors,
You're in the right place.
Don't feel you have to respond.
- Thank you.
(sinister music)
(woman purring)
- [Sam] You've reached Sam,
leave a message or text me,
either way, I'll get back to
you as soon as I can.
(woman meows)
- So who are all these people,
- People who wanna be with
me before I go.
(door creaks shut)
You haven't even met Jacob. I,
let me show you a picture-
- Peter.
- There you are!
- Sit down, sit down.
Who is this beautiful woman?
Introduce us.
- This is Fiona,
my daughter.
- Your daughter?
Where have you been hiding?
- She would hand you over
to the Most High.
And everything hard in
you would crumble.
You see, my mother raised
me from the dust
of all of our mixed bones.
(people clapping)
- Nice. (gentle music)
- [Peter] So what is
Fiona all about?
- I don't know what that means.
- What do you do?
- Oh, I'm a wife and a mother.
Yeah, nothing means more to
me than my family.
- And where are they?
- Oh, he couldn't make the trip
out, Sam, my husband.
- Where from?
- From
Yep, good old Midwest.
Yes, I love it, I love it.
I love him, I love it all.
I'm just very, very happy there.
(Peter laughs)
- You sure about that?
- About what, being happy?
(laughs) Of course.
Yes, I mean it's a shame,
it's a shame more women
can't be satisfied
with the traditional
life these days.
(upbeat music)
- Peter's a genius.
- Look who's talking.
- [Freya] And quite the painter,
- (clears throat) I'm really
more of a writer.
- "I'm really more of a writer."
Please, dad's putting
together a show for him.
Aren't you, Dad?
- It hasn't been decided yet.
- Hey, can I have those little
things that I like?
- Oh, the biscuits, sorry.
- [Marv] And a whiskey too,
- You don't need another drink,
dad ever.
Freya. (Freya groans)
- It's fine, goddammit.
- I think you need to
let me help you.
- I know what I'm doing.
- Clearly, you have it
all under control.
- You wanna be the hero?
That's sort of your thing,
The responsible one who took
care of poor mom
because your crazy artist
father cheated,
or whatever the fuck story
you're telling
yourself these days.
Your famous father
now disgraced.
- Stop it, stop it, okay?
You're embarrassing yourself.
- Am I, or am I
embarrassing you?
- You're drunk.
- And
you're insane!
Convincing yourself and your
little cookie-cutter community
that you're still a part
of this family.
And as long as you
keep checking in
on your heathen relatives
in California,
you're the good one!
You wanna take this off?
Take it, but stop pretending
that you give a shit about us!
(metal clattering)
(people whistling)
Hello muchacha
Oh hello muchacha
No no me muchacho
you muchacha
You know like me
Tarzan you Jane
Me muchacho you muchacha
Ooh you muchacho me muchacha
(door slams shut)
(people laughing)
(Fiona crying)
- Okay.
(phone vibrating)
- Hello?
- Hi, hi, hello Sam.
I just, um-
I just wanted you to know that I
made it here safely.
- I got your voice text.
- [Fiona] Is Jacob all right?
- He's great.
- Can you put him on
the phone please?
- He's playing a video game,
Yeah, he doesn't wanna
talk right now.
- Right, okay, well, I'm
missing you already.
- You know what, I gotta
hop off right now.
- Okay, well yes, bye bye then.
I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine.
I just-
Sorry you couldn't make it out.
(knocking on door)
(door creaks)
- You all right?
- Yeah.
- You sure?
- Yeah, yes, I just
drank too much.
- Let your sister
take care of him.
- No.
- I'm just saying.
- No.
- Look, I'm just saying
if she wants to help.
- Mmh,
- Here we go.
(gentle music)
- I found it in the
bathroom garbage.
You can keep it.
You should pray.
- Lord, please bring our
family back together.
Help mom stop crying.
I know she misses dad,
and so do I.
Keep Freya safe from dad
when he gets mad
and help her to never forget how
much mom loves her.
(owl cries)
(melancholy music)
(door creaks open)
- Come on, Freya.
- I don't want to.
(knock on door)
- I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine.
I'll be right out.
(toilet flushing)
(gentle music)
(paintbrush scraping)
Good morning, dad.
- Have some breakfast.
- Yes, thank you.
Where's Freya?
Look, I know that it's not an
easy conversation to have,
but we do need to discuss our
options about the house.
Oh, there you are.
(keyboard keys clacking)
- Hey, did I ever tell you
the time you two
couldn't have been more
than two or three,
one of you was working.
You were working.
And your possessed mom,
God rest her soul,
she was at me again for I don't
know what, and I had it,
I had it.
So I went and I threw a few
shirts in the bag
and I went to the door and
I swung it open
and I was ready to leave and
never come back.
And then I heard some giggling.
I heard some giggling
and I turned around and I saw
both of you standing
with your big eyes, looking
at me concerned,
so I stayed.
- Oh, dad.
- I want you to remember
that when I'm gone
that I stayed,
your mom didn't stay.
I stayed, Freya stayed.
- Okay, Fiona and I are
going for a drive.
- We are?
- Yes.
- Come on, where the hell
are you going?
- Don't be an asshole and
die while I'm gone.
- I could.
Freya, Freya, your work is good,
but it's not great.
Sit, I have things to say.
- I'm sure you do.
I love you.
- Peter's gonna come and he's
gonna show me his work
for the exhibit.
(door slams shut)
Son. (upbeat music)
- Is this legal, no doors?
- Yes.
- Where are you taking me?
- It's a surprise.
- Is this a good time to
talk about the house?
- No.
- It's still here.
(mid tempo music)
You know, you never
wanted to be with us.
- I traveled by myself to see
you for five years.
And then when I'd get there, mom
wouldn't even talk to me.
And if she did, it was a
fucking interrogation.
What's dad working on?
Did he sell any paintings?
Is he drinking?
Does he have a girlfriend?
What's her name?
Is she famous?
And the clothes, the clothes she
made me wear, your clothes!
She hid my clothes from me!
- Freya, she was protecting you.
And you really are
just like mom,
shoving down those pills!
You don't think I haven't
thought about doing it?
- I just lost control a
little bit, that's all.
It's not because of you, okay?
I don't want you to think that,
I've just been going
through a lot lately.
(upbeat music)
There is no reason to
let love die
(Freya and Fiona screaming)
- Wow, this is fun.
Then love will be gone
- [Fiona] I thought I can make
us dinner, family dinner.
- [Freya] Dad!
- [Fiona] I've got this recipe
for a lemon meringue pie
that I make for Jacob every year
on his birthday.
- Dad?
- It might be nice,
lemon meringue.
- Dad!
- Oh, he's dead, oh!
- Boo! (Fiona screams)
- Drink like this every day?
- He's upset at me
for a painting.
- Freya?
- I'm here.
- I couldn't find my pills.
- Let's go get them,
- Huh?
- Come on, it's all right.
All right, all right, I'm
sorry for leaving.
I shouldn't have done that.
- After all I've done for you.
- Hey, hey, hey now, hey!
- Hey, hey, hey what?
Hey, when is she leaving?
- Hey.
- Sorry.
(gentle piano music)
Rise to meet you
May the wind be at your back
May the sun shine warp
upon your face
May the rain fall softly
on your fields
Until we meet again
'Til we meet again
May God hold you in the
palm of His hand
May God hold you in the
palm of His hand
(doorbell rings)
(door creaks open)
- Fiona.
- Dad's asleep.
- Can I come in?
- Hmm, hmm.
- Dad's asleep.
- So I hear.
How are you two doing?
Isn't Judah having people
over this afternoon?
- Yeah.
- [Peter] You should go.
- [Freya] You sure?
I can stop at the grocery store
if you need anything,
just text me.
- [Fiona] You should invite
Judah over for dinner.
- Yeah, okay.
Check on dad.
- [Fiona] hmm,
- Bye.
- Okay. (door creaks shut)
- Let's see?
I don't know what that is.
- You're very distracting.
- I'm sorry, am I
being too loud?
- You're making me hungry.
- All you men think about
is food, isn't it?
- Food and sex.
- So how long have you
known my dad?
- Well, he was a guest lecturer
my first year in college,
and I asked him to be my mentor.
- I don't even know what
he's famous for,
isn't that terrible of me?
I wasn't even allowed to
mention him around my mom
so I just kind of cut him out of
my mind all together.
(upbeat music)
Shared all my
feelings with you
(birds chirping)
Lord knows I can't
change you
(car door creaks open)
(car door slams shut)
- See, you were given land,
while I waited.
And still, I wait.
- Marv Segal's work, expanded
the possibilities
of abstraction while
synthesizing American
and Lebanese aesthetics
and radically
experimenting with chance.
He engineered a style based
on collaging and assembling
found objects often to violent
and sexual ends.
Do you want me to keep reading?
- Hmm, hmm.
- I'm sorry, but your breasts,
I say this from a purely
artistic subjective standpoint.
(knock on door)
(door creaks open)
- [Speaker] Privacy of
the other person.
- Judah?
- Love is freedom.
Desire, receiving, giving,
Love seeks no
control (chuckles).
Who are you looking for?
- I'm gonna start dinner.
I might make a pie if I can
find what I need.
- Light and proximity
was his movement
that placed an emphasis
on minimalist
installation and sculpture.
And later, there was idealism,
which questioned the very nature
of art objects themselves.
Can I kiss you?
- Oh, absolutely not.
- I believe you deserve more
than you receive,
every soldier does.
I was lied to.
I bled, I died, I
killed for this.
- You are not happily married.
- Excuse me?
- Please, just stop.
Let me see you.
It's good to be seen.
(birds chirping)
- Of the free.
My country sees me as unworthy,
the enemy.
- You like that I want you.
It's okay, we don't have to do
anything about it
if you don't want to.
- You are bad.
- No, I'm not.
I'm actually very good for you.
- Nothing will be as cruel
as the people I came home to
promising protection.
- What would you be if you
weren't a housewife?
Be honest, what's your fantasy?
- I don't know.
- Have you ever let yourself do
anything creative?
- I loved art in high school.
My mom wouldn't let
me pursue it.
She convinced me art was evil.
- It might be a bit evil.
(car door slams shut)
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
(car engine roars)
- You must be so scared.
I missed you.
(alarm chirping)
(crickets chirping)
(door slams shut)
(door slams shut)
(lively music)
Is that supposed to be mom?
- Yeah, sort of.
Where's Peter?
- He just didn't wanna wait for
my pie to cool (screams).
Freya, my dress!
No, no, this is exactly what's
wrong with this family.
- Fifi, don't make me
drink alone.
- Will you please try my pie?
- Fine.
- Good.
It's sweet.
- This is
really good.
- It is good.
- That tastes really good.
- Well, you are sad.
(Freya screams)
- What the?
Oh my!
(both giggling)
- You started it!
- This is not.
- No, no.
- Whoa. (Fiona laughs)
- Sam doesn't love me anymore.
I bore him.
- You gotta let loose.
- I'm loose, I mean, I'm loose,
I'm loose.
that's good.
I'm pretty sure he cheats on me.
- Bastard.
- It's okay, I don't blame him.
- Why not?
- I mean, I don't know,
I just maybe just
get really sad.
I don't know, I try to be happy,
I try.
(screaming together)
- No, no, no Fifi!
- I don't think I could get
him back though.
I got this lingerie.
I think I put it on backwards.
- Forget him.
- I can't forget him.
I'm not gonna divorce, okay?
We have Jacob, gosh.
How do you guys get away with
being such jerks?
- You just be glad that you
haven't had to listen
to dad's disgusting theories
on how women have to
let men be men.
- You know what, dad's a jerk.
He's a jerk.
- I don't know why I thought
Judah was any different.
- Oh, was that why you
were crying, Judah?
- I caught him with this girl,
Probably a better match anyway.
- Are you sure?
I met that girl.
- I saw them.
- Doing what?
- I know what I saw.
- I just, I don't know.
I just, Freya,
I just think, listen.
- What are you trying to say?
- If you're anything like me,
you're just making it all up,
forget it.
- Oh!
I am not crazy.
- Crazy people never think
they are crazy.
- You're so weird, Fiona.
- You don't believe in
marriage do you?
- Do you.
- Hey.
- Hm?
- Do you think that I
should cheat on Sam?
- Generally, or with Pete.
He's such a shit.
- Don't you want kids?
- You are changing the subject.
- Listen, the whole
family thing,
it works for a lot of people.
You know that, right?
- Yeah, let's do this.
- Oh, cross.
- Cross.
Oh man, oh man.
(giggling together)
- I thought Judah was the one.
- So you do believe in marriage.
- I want to.
(uptempo music)
- Sugar.
- Sugar.
- Sugar!
- Hey, can you?
(Fiona and Freya giggling)
- Sugar!
- Ooh, easy dad.
- Got a big day ahead of you.
- I do?
- Yeah, meeting Peter
at the gallery.
Haven't seen Dave in what,
15 years?
- That sounds exhausting.
- It will be good for you.
- Do you think I should
bring my portfolio?
- I don't think this is
the time, no.
I'll ask Peter to take me.
- I wanna see the gallery too,
And I was thinking, you know,
since you're going out anyways,
maybe it'd be nice
if we all just went on a
family picnic,
you know, like old times.
- Why not?
- Great, you could invite Peter.
I'm gonna go get ready.
I'm a child of nature
I'm happy and
healthy and free
Yes I'm in love with nature
And she's in love with me
I mean it from this
heart of mine
- I don't want anything gaudy,
like no bouquets.
- Well, every funeral
has flowers,
that's just what people do.
- Not my people.
- Okay, no bouquets.
But what do you want, Dad?
Do you wanna be burned or what?
- No,
maybe, and scatter
right there,
toss me over that cliff.
- [Freya] What about stuffed?
- [Fiona] Okay, okay.
Will you both please stop!
- You promise me,
you're gonna kill me before
you wipe my ass.
(uptempo music)
- I got your chair right here,
(car door slams shut)
Come on, I have you
- I
don't wanna go.
- Just leave him.
- Don't be ridiculous,
I'll help you.
(car door slams shut)
- Freya, Freya, Freya.
- He hates me.
- He's just stubborn, here.
- Get me out of the goddamn car.
- Don't forget why
she's really here.
(birds chirping)
(gentle music)
- What's going on with you?
- Why are you here?
- [Judah] Peter invited me.
Told him you weren't
answering my calls.
- You're so beautiful.
- I'm trying to figure it out.
What did I do?
- So how long has Judah been
Freya's boyfriend?
- Oh, no, no, she doesn't call
him her boyfriend.
She doesn't need titles.
- I see.
- And you, are you still married
to that insurance salesman?
- Not anymore, I mean, he
doesn't sell insurance anymore.
He doesn't do much of
anything anymore.
- So you need money?
And your mom thought
she'd be a hero
and she'd give you my house.
'Til death do you part,
my house.
(Shiva laughs)
- I'm sorry about the house.
I didn't ask for it.
- When are you leaving, Fiona?
- I don't know,
I thought maybe when we settle
everything with the house.
- Hey, you're not
selling my house.
- Baguette?
A tiny knife with a
little tiny baguette.
I should've packed a knife.
- You're just so weird.
- Dad, will you please stop
being mean to me?
- It's okay to be weird.
It's good to be weird.
Why don't you take off your
shoes and just go run around
and go play with your friends.
Fiona, take off these
silly shoes.
- [Peter] Sometimes you have to
confront the muse.
- Well, you cannot
question the work.
There are very few, very few who
can actually practice that.
Get out of your head and
follow your impulse.
When you experience the
power and the purity
of making art this way,
there's no going back.
It's a curse, and you're at the
mercy of the muse.
- Do you ever take
psychedelics when you work?
- See, this is what I'm
talking about.
- What's your name?
- Shiva.
- The destroyer.
Are you an artist?
- I am.
And you're a modernist.
(Peter chuckles)
- Maybe.
(gentle music)
- [Peter] Let's go for a walk.
- A walk?
- [Judah] And why would
I lie to you?
It goes against
everything I stand for.
- But you like secrets.
- I would rather not tell you
what Shiva and I were talking
about, that's true.
And there's nothing
wrong with that.
- Well, this
relationship might be over
because of that secret.
- Well, that's not a
relationship I wanna be in.
- Just down here.
- Here?
- Don't you trust me?
- Oh, God, oh Peter.
(Peter laughs)
My pantyhose are soaked.
- Take them off.
- I dare you to trust me.
Face the other way.
- Why?
- All right, now fall back.
- I don't want to.
- Fall, or I'm leaving now,
come on.
- Okay, okay, okay.
- See, see, see, I've got you.
I've got you, okay?
- You're uncomfortable.
- No, I'm just listening to
the birds, so pretty.
- We can go back if you want.
- No, I wanna go, oh!
- You okay?
- I think I need to stop
for a bit, my feet.
- You want help with those?
- Oh, right here?
- You don't really
mean that do you?
- I don't think I do.
- I don't think you do either.
- What?
(gentle opera music)
- You are the saddest woman
I've ever seen.
- I'm not sad.
- That's all right,
it's beautiful.
(Fiona moaning)
Does your husband touch
you like this?
- He doesn't, he doesn't.
- Ssh, it's okay, I got you.
- I shouldn't be doing this.
- No, you absolutely
should be doing this.
(Fiona moaning)
(Fiona laughing)
- Oh, there she is.
- Such a nice walk.
Ooh, a butterfly.
- Or, a message.
Cocooned in wisdom and love,
I confess, it's time.
(laughing altogether)
(alarm chirps)
(gentle opera music)
- It's okay, I'm fine.
- Marv, good to have you back.
- Oh, looking great.
- Yeah?
- Hmm, hmm.
- I'm surprised that you
took Peter's call.
- The past is the past.
- We have high expectations.
- Good.
- These are Marv's daughters,
Freya and Fifi.
- Fiona.
- Freya's an artist as well.
- We've met.
- I've been worried about you.
I know we've had our
differences in the past,
but I want you to know
you can trust me.
- I don't have a choice.
For this exhibition, I
would love it
if we could arrange for Pete to
show his work also.
Peter's done a lot for me, a lot
and he's also really,
really good.
- Really good? -
[Marv] Really good.
- Of course, we can do that.
- Hey Pete, we're gonna be
showing you working here.
- That's, that's great.
- And Shiva, Shiva is an
Artist from New York.
- Oh!
- She has a multimedia
installation like the brawn,
Swinging limbs or something,
Swinging limbs.
Where's Freya?
honey, can you get me a
bottle of water please?
Some water.
- There's a kitchen in the back,
just put coffee on that.
- Water's in the fridge,
- How long is this
gonna be hanging?
- Oh, six weeks.
- Six weeks.
(phone vibrating)
- It's nice stuff, nice stuff.
- What's going on?
- I don't know, I just...
- Oh, why do I suddenly feel
like I'm in high school.
- This is what you do?
You just see how far you can
get with a woman
and then act like it's nothing?
- It is what it is.
It's not nothing.
- So that's it?
- Pretty much.
What did you have in mind?
- I don't know.
I've never done anything
like that before.
What do you get out of that?
- Same thing you did.
- Well, I just feel
gross and guilty.
- It doesn't have to be a
big deal, trust me.
- I'm married!
(bell ringing)
(train engine roaring)
- [Freya] Judah left.
- [Fiona] Why?
- He showed my work
to a huge agent
in New York, Shiva's agent
who I was planning to reach out
to when I was ready.
- They wouldn't wanna rep you
if they didn't think
you were ready.
- The only reason why
they wanna rep me
is because dad is gonna die,
Marv Segal's daughter.
(mid tempo music)
- Same office?
- You're the best.
- Where's Freya?
- She's waiting in the car.
Does anyone want any coffee?
- Oh, thank you, dear.
- Coffee sounds good.
(door creaks open)
- Here's your coffee.
- Nice.
- Thank you.
- I might wait
outside with Freya.
- You know, there was a woman
here the other day,
the musician I hired to play
at a fundraiser.
In the middle of our meeting,
she pulls out her flute and
starts to compose a piece
that's inspired by
these paintings.
And for three days straight,
she sat right there and
wrote this.
(gentle music)
You have the magic, Marv.
The world has missed you.
- And on that note,
we're proud to say we've
already sold three
of your paintings,
but the buyers have agreed
to let them stay
for the rest of the exhibit,
but I trust this is good news.
- Which pieces?
- The early ones.
- This is how I send you to that
fancy school of yours.
- But I love this one.
- Well, then it's gonna be
yours until we sell it.
Where you wanna hang it?
How's that?
- Perfect.
It's magic it's magic
- Is dad okay with Peter?
Let's just go.
(car engine roars)
(mid tempo music)
- I messed up.
- Welcome to being human.
- Can we pray?
- Go for it.
- Oh God, I just wanna ask for
your forgiveness.
And I pray that you
just put your hand
on my family right now,
Sam, and Jacob, and dad, Freya.
Just guide us through this time
of just
complete fucking hell.
(birds chirping)
(Freya humming)
(mid tempo music)
- You're in the zone, Peter.
Don't stop believing
in yourself.
(Peter and Marv laughing)
Oh, a bird.
- I mean it, sir,
- Thank you Peter, you too.
(Peter laughs)
This is not fucking funny,
not funny, funny.
Oh, oh, whoa, whoa.
- We're just celebrating.
- I want one of those
chocolates, Peter.
That's what I want.
- [Freya] What chocolate?
- Give me the chocolate.
I just wanna pop one.
- What chocolate?
- Yes, Shiva made 'em.
- Okay, this is it.
Give me the chocolate.
- They're very strong.
I suggest you join us.
- Are they good, not too crazy?
- Good crazy.
- Good crazy.
- No, absolutely not.
- Yes, yes, yes.
- Get out.
- [Marv] Peter, please stay.
- Go! (Peter laughing)
- We're having party.
Hey, come on.
- Go!
- [Marv] No, no, no, no,
don't go.
(Peter laughing)
- Get out!
- Don't leave, don't leave.
- Go, come on!
- [Marv] No, no, don't go.
You go, don't go.
Don't leave, you stay, man.
- Get out!
- Come on, don't go.
Don't go, fuck!
- Your father getting sick
is the best thing
that ever happened to you.
Give your life one
ounce of meaning.
These are his last days.
I suggest you let him do
whatever the fuck he wants.
(door slams shut)
- You've lost your mind.
- Maybe I have.
- I sold a few paintings
this afternoon.
Just take care of
the damn house.
Your house, saved.
That's what this is about,
we're celebrating.
- Which paintings?
(gentle music)
- I'm not selling it.
They think they own me
at the gallery.
Don't you ever think I
don't love you.
- How much did they offer?
- I painted a daisy.
- Oh my God, oh God.
- What, Freya?
- Dad sold some paintings, Fifi.
We don't have to sell the house.
- Oh, well, that's great.
- Great, show them respect.
- Hey, whoa, whoa, dad.
She worships you.
- I'm so tired of looking at
your face, Fiona.
You sound like a dying piglet.
- Oh my God, you're drunk.
This is pathetic.
- She's like her mother, trying
to turn you against me.
- You are a monster!
What have I done to you?
- This is my house!
- What have I ever done to you?
- Get out!
- Dad, don't do this.
- Get out of the house.
- Why, why?
- No, dad!
- Get out of the damn house.
(door slams shut)
(car bonnet slams shut)
(car door slams shut)
- I am not my mother, okay?
I am your daughter.
- Freya, please.
- As
much Freya is!
(car engine roaring)
- Freya, what are you doing?
Why is your work in the trash?
- I want those chocolates.
- You're just gonna
leave your dad?
(birds chirping)
(mid tempo music)
(singing in foreign language)
(chuckling together)
- Let it all go.
All of it.
- Oh!
- Hey, you're here.
- I am.
- Why am I so nervous?
- Fiona thinks we should
go to New York.
(drum beating)
(people clapping)
- I got a poem for y'all.
- If Sam could see me now,
he wouldn't know what to think.
Freya, didn't it feel good
telling dad off?
- Kind of.
- You know what I'm gonna do?
You know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna call him!
I'm calling Sam right now.
- There she goes.
- I'm afraid of her.
- In my pussy are where
birds fly free.
Worms and crawly things,
things that only come
out in the night.
- Hi Sam, hi, hi.
I just called because I
wanted to tell you
that I kissed a man.
I did, I let him put his
hands down my pants.
You say you don't love me
anymore, but guess what, Sam?
Guess what?
You don't even know who I am.
I don't know who I am,
but at least I'm
trying to find out.
I'm being honest now.
I'm being honest and that's
a great quality.
And I'd appreciate-
- I'm gonna go get the wings,
I'll be right back.
- I'd appreciate knowing if
you kiss someone.
In fact, I know, I know that
you kissed someone,
but I wanted to hear
it from you.
I'm not saying I wanted
to get a divorce.
That's not what what I'm
trying to say,
but I could, I could. Okay?
And you should know that.
- You're a butterfly.
- And I'm a butterfly.
I'm a butterfly.
Oh my God, I am a butterfly.
Was that the wrong thing to do?
Oh my God.
- No, no speak your truth,
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
- Wow, wow.
(drum beating)
(group clapping)
- We have a new voice
this evening.
(group cheers)
Come on up, come on up,
come on up.
- Oh no, Freya, no.
- Hey, yes, yes, yes, yes,
just say whatever's
on your heart
and let God speak through you.
- Let God speak through me?
- Yeah, come on!
- You
got this mama!
- It's 1,000 wings inside my
heart, in my belly,
living and dying.
It's yellow and red,
and there's nobody to hold
me down, I'm free.
I'm free like you.
I've got no arms around me,
and so I can go over the
whole universe.
We're the whole universe.
(group clapping)
- Woo!
- [Speaker] We're the universe!
All right, butterfly!
- [Speaker 2] Okay, girl!
(Fiona giggling)
(Judah laughing)
- I'm sorry I did all that
behind your back.
- Yeah, you shouldn't
have done that.
- I'm glad I did.
Wait, wait, wait, careful,
I'll be right down, I'll
be right there.
(Fiona and Freya giggling)
(lighthearted music)
- Come on.
Wait, what are you doing?
- I now pronounce you man
and wife (giggling).
- She's great.
- Mom!
- Mom.
- Hey, are you sure
you're warm enough?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
(Fiona and Freya giggling)
- I'll leave you alone.
- Mom.
(eerie music)
(owl crying)
(birds chirping)
- Wakey, wakey.
- Hmm?
My dad's here.
- And we are the sons and
daughters of the Most High.
Can I get an amen?
- [Group] Amen.
- But what does that mean?
Some of us are walking around in
the world like beggars,
full of sorrow, lashed
by the world,
but it is your
responsibility is it not,
to own up to the who and the
what that you are?
Brothers and sisters,
daughters and sons,
we are one family.
God is the Father, the
Omnipresent and Everpresent.
God is your Mother.
And what does that make you?
(gentle guitar music)
(somber music)
- [Marv] Girls, I hope you
can forgive me.
Tonight, I'm in more pain than
I thought possible,
but finally, I feel love again.
(door creaks open)
- Should we call someone?
- Not yet.
- [Marv] I had closed my heart
and my art stopped
coming through.
Freya, this unfinished piece is
yours to complete.
- Do you see that?
- Yeah (crying).
- [Marv] It's sort of a love
letter from your mother.
I could hear her voice telling
me to get out of the way.
Let her spirit move you.
I need you to know your mother
was the love of my life.
The years we were together were
the best of my life.
My love for her and you changed
me in ways that I resisted.
So I looked for a way out.
I have blamed her all
these years,
but the truth is, it was me.
I gave up.
She was my muse.
I see her soul in your work too,
She lives in you.
- She loved you.
(gentle music)
- He loved you too.
- Hi, Sam.
Oh, I missed you.
- [Marv] Fiona, I'm sorry to
have never met my grandson.
That is my deepest regret.
And your mom was right to
leave you the house.
She was always right.
We're all family.
- All right okay, there.
All right, Freya, pull your
side a little bit up.
There you go.
A little bit, a little bit.
And Fi, don't, don't
touch your side yet.
Wait, wait, wait.
Freya, a little bit down.
That's it, and there, hold on.
I think that's it.
- I'm gonna miss you.
When I die Lord bury me here
Way down on old
Chestnut Street
Place the stone at my head
And tell them all that
I'm gone to sleep
- [Marv] I realize my heart
has wanted nothing more than
to be whole again.
My babies, live a beautiful life
and don't believe anything you
can't feel in your heart.
Believe me when I tell you,
you are free.
May the road rise up
to meet you
May the wind be always
at your back
May the sun shine warm
upon your face
The rains fall soft
upon your fields
And until we meet again
'Til we meet again
May God hold you in the
palm of His hand
May God hold you in the
palm of His hand
(gentle music)
Well it's raining
and I'm alone
Put a lock on my phone
Seen enough smiling ghosts
To last me 'til the morning
And John just died at
Pacific twilight
Meanwhile his poor wife
Has a new hole in her heart
Well thank you good John
For the life and the songs
Though your souls
wandered on
I'll be hearing from you
All this time spent inside
The house in my mind
Shoes often untied
And the mailbox filled up
Well the loss of some man
Is in 'til dark
It's an echo and a sparkle of
that never quite ends
So thank you good John
For the life and the songs
Though your souls
wandered on
I'll be hearing from you
(gentle music)