In Its Wake (2023) Movie Script

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[glass clink]
[eerie tune]
[organ playing]
(SINGING) My faith
looks up to thee,
thou Lamb of Cavalry,
Savior divine.
Now hear me while I pray.
Take all my guilt away.
O let me from this
day be wholly thine.
Good morning.
Welcome, friends.
Now, more than ever,
it is time to turn
the focus of our charity to
those that are closest to us,
to those that are
right outside our door.
The enemies of justice
attack us at every turn.
How do we fight
them, you may ask.
You may be tempted to
lash out, to meet fire
with fire as they say.
With everything
at our fingertips,
temptation has never
been harder to resist,
which includes the beckoning
call of anger and wrath.
Verse 13.
When tempted, one should not
say God is tempting me for God
cannot be tempted by evil,
nor does he tempt anyone.
But each person was tempted
when they are dragged away
by their own evil desires.
When desire has conceived,
it gives birth to sin.
And sin, when fully grown,
gives birth to death.
Do not be deceived, my
brothers and sisters.
Every good and perfect
gift comes from above,
coming down from the father
of the heavenly lights, who
does not change like
shifting shadows.
The Lord will protect us.
Forgive me.
I'm feeling a little
under the weather.
Please stand for our
next hymn, which you will
find printed in your bulletins.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Get well soon, pastor.
Thank you.
Will do, kiddo.
I pray to you,
Lord, for guidance.
So will my word be which
goes forth from my mouth.
It will not return to me
empty without accomplishing
what I desire and succeeding in
the manner for which I sent it.
What if you lose it?
It's all I wanted,
all I've known.
What if I was wrong?
What if this is no
longer my destiny?
Jesus gave his
life for our sins.
What has humanity
done to thank him?
Why did you send
your son for us?
For if God did not spare
angels, when they sin,
sent them to hell to be
put in chains of darkness
to be held for judgment.
I'm so lost.
Please tell me what to do.
Oh, Lord, please answer me.
Pastor Kurt, there was
an accident outside,
and Andy Hammond is dead.
The driver didn't even stop.
He's so helpless.
[church bell ringing]
[atria, "antiheroes"]
[heavy metal music]
[heavy metal music]
Divided we fall.
[inaudible] to make us heroes.
[inaudible] to make us heroes.
[inaudible] to make us heroes.
[inaudible] to make us heroes.
[inaudible] burn it all down.
Burn it all down.
[heavy metal music]
You'll burn it all down.
[heavy metal music]
But do we [inaudible].
Do we heal [inaudible] of
a hate that knows no shame.
Do we heal [inaudible] of
a hate that knows no shame.
In the ashes of tomorrow, in
the new world that begins.
In the ashes of tomorrow, in
the new world that begins.
Please remember all the
sorrow we had to break them
before they bend.
So we follow and
accepted the violence.
[inaudible] we have to
stand as one and destroy.
Dirty old egg-sucking raccoons.
[bear growling]
Shit, Al, you all right?
I think there's a
fucking bear outside.
I almost shit my pants.
Are you sure it wasn't Bigfoot?
You want to go out
and investigate?
Now, make yourself useful, Roy.
Break's over.
You guys are going
to love the cottage.
It's really relaxing and remote.
And we have a boat.
Laura, it's the
middle of winter.
We can't even use the boat.
Besides, Mom and Dad
always have the keys.
They don't trust us.
Why not?
I have the keys.
That's so unfair.
Mom never lets me
bring anybody there.
Well, probably because
they didn't want stains
on the furniture.
[laughs] That's probably right.
So, Tim, I hear you
work at a sports store.
I run the sports store.
You own it?
No, I'm the manager.
It's a pretty sweet gig.
Great pay, benefits.
My staff is super cool.
I just found out that
one of my employees
is, like, blowing
everybody at work.
And I'm like, what the fuck?
Why isn't the
manager getting any?
Everything all right, Sam?
No, it's not.
I'm a little pissed
off at you guys, OK?
Because of you guys, I'm
missing Pedro's big bash.
So what?
Big deal.
So what?
So everyone's going
to be there, OK?
I know you don't care, and
you sure as shit don't care,
but somebody of my social
standing, I happen to care.
Let's just take it easy
and have fun today.
As long as I'm stuck with
you two jerk-offs, nah, man.
I don't have enough
cocaine to deal with this.
And on that note, I'm going find
a little bit more right now.
So, Tim, Amy is a
great songwriter.
You're a rock star.
Look, she's got this
beautiful voice,
and she's great at guitar.
Let's hear it.
Come on.
I'd love to hear a song.
I'd rather drink cyanide.
[laughs] All right.
Not just quietly?
Besides, it's not so much
singing as it is screaming.
So being quiet isn't
really an option.
Samuel, we have a
board meeting on Monday
that we have to
get ready for, OK?
Mitch, we have all weekend, OK?
So chill out for once
in your fucking life.
Yeah, that's the point.
We only have the weekend, right?
Mitch, we know, OK?
We know what's on the line.
It'll do you good
to have some fun.
We can drink tonight.
You can listen to your
Creed, your Hoobastank, hey,
now, you're an all-star.
Whatever you want
to do, we'll listen.
Whatever you want, big guy.
Just throw it on.
Doesn't that sound like fun?
Just a couple of guys, listening
to some Creed, the Hooba.
So how many tattoos
you got anyway?
I've got a bunch.
What's that one?
It's a tree.
You know, Mother Nature.
Hippie much.
What's the deal with
Mother Nature anyway?
She gets all moody sending
us hurricanes and shit.
It's like, back off, bitch.
We get it.
I think I'm going to
go get the bill now.
No, no, I'll pay.
The man's always got to pay.
Ah, you know what?
I forgot.
I have ovaries.
Thanks, Tim.
Thanks for reminding me.
Maybe a couple brewskis.
And then we buckle
down and get to work.
On that note, please, please,
please, please, please, please.
Look who just texted and
happens to be in town.
My main man Philly is
going to be around,
drop by a little bit of blow.
Is that going to
make you happy, Sam?
Yeah, it's going
to make me happy.
It's going to make me elated.
You should be glad,
and you'll be you,
but everyone's
happy for a change.
Yeah, I will be me.
Who's here now?
Who's in the house?
It's upset Mitch.
You didn't want to meet
him, you met him, OK?
I'm putting my foot down.
Absolutely not, OK?
No, no drugs, OK?
No Philly.
Don't know him.
Don't want to know him, OK?
You want some coke.
I'll get you a Coca-Cola.
Yeah, whatever.
Listen, guy by the
bar over there,
he's been listening to our
conversation this whole time.
And I don't appreciate it.
What the fuck, dude?
Sam, you a-hole,
that's not nice.
The fuck you just say to me?
That's-- it was
just [clears throat]
What the fuck is
your problem, dude?
We're sorry.
We're sorry.
Everything's cool.
Limp dick.
Don't let him talk
to you like that.
Oh, wow.
No, no, no.
Mitch, I didn't realize your
boyfriend would be joining us
this weekend.
He should watch his mouth,
mind his own business.
Do I know you, man?
No more than you know him.
Now, what seems to be
the problem, gentlemen?
All the troubles in
the world and you
want to bring violence
to complete strangers.
Over what?
You're both bigger
than this, I hope.
Look around.
You look more
foolish than strong.
Now, we all have
journeys to make,
and I suggest you don't
postpone your friend's travels
any further.
It's on me.
Let's call it a night.
Let's go.
Is it almost ready, Mr. Lange?
It's just getting in now.
Why do you always
have to get into shit?
He was all over that guy.
I had to do something.
Stand up for the
little guy, right?
You weren't protecting anyone.
You were just showing off.
Can we go now?
Yes, please.
I-- I don't think I'm
going to get laid.
Yeah, for once, I
think you're right.
There you go, man.
As much hot teas as we could
pack into these things.
The old boy swears
by this stuff.
Much obliged.
May it bring us comfort
in the night ahead.
Enjoy this night, brother.
It will be long,
and it will be cold.
But the truth shall
lead us to salvation.
Yeah, you, too, man.
Take care.
A lot of weirdos tonight.
So what the fuck are we supposed
to do if the owner comes here?
Don't be such a fucking pussy.
And even if they do, fuck them.
What was that?
Was it Chester?
It can't be.
I tied him up.
I'm going to go check on him.
Sit the fuck down.
Fuck you.
[dog barking]
Holy shit.
What the fuck?
[music playing]
I trust you, Pastor
Kurt, but how are
we going to fight this thing?
What can the three of us do?
I'm not a pastor
anymore, Mr. Lange.
You know that.
But I tell you, we will have
hallowed ground on our side
this very night.
The Lord will help us.
Mr. Waidmann.
The battle ahead is
stacked in our favor.
Mr. Renfield will
drive us to the ground
we must make hallowed.
It is there that we
will make our stand.
Do you feel that?
Feel what?
It's hunting again.
May God have mercy
on their souls.
Y'all, I want you to
have a piece of that pie,
some good ass pie.
We should get some on
the way back home if you
know what you're missing.
[clears throat] Damn pie.
The guy who broke up
the fight was nice.
Mm, yeah.
Oh, he kind of spoke
like a priest, you know?
Yeah, a little young
to be a priest.
They can still be
young and be a priest.
Besides, how old do
you think he was?
Like, 45?
That old?
What do you mean, "that old"?
I don't know.
I think he's like 36.
OK, the man looked
good, but he was no 36.
This isn't the Twilight Zone.
Martin Sloan, age 36, my ass.
Ah, it's an old reference.
You wouldn't get it.
So you really thought he was 45?
Yeah, I could tell.
Mandy thinks all white
people look alike.
He was more like 50.
No way.
No, no.
Trust me, I know what
I'm talking about--
Just because you stare
at saggy balls all day
doesn't make you
an expert on age.
Is that what you think
I do in med school?
Oh, my God.
Is that what you
and your doctor do?
Do they look at your
saggy blue Smurf balls?
Is that what's going on?
Fuck you.
Watch out!
[dramatic music]
Jesus Christ, Laura!
It would have been safer
just to run it over.
That's terrible, Tim!
What was that?
I don't know.
Some fucking animal.
Why are you slowing down?
I honestly doubt you're
going to hit another animal.
[sighs] Shit.
I'm out of gas.
What the fuck?
Did you not just fill this up?
Yeah, I did!
That's weird.
Are you sure you got gas?
You put the nozzle in the tank?
And it wasn't Manny's nozzle.
Oh, my God.
It was probably that
fuckhead from the diner.
Son of a bitch!
How can we be out of gas?
Mitch, I don't know.
Well, somebody better go
outside and check, huh?
Yeah, somebody.
Somebody as in you.
It's your car,
Sean, so go ahead.
Yeah, but Sam, you
are the car guy.
Ah, no, no, no, no.
See, I'm the guy who
owns the nice cars
purely to get laid, OK?
All right?
I don't know the
first thing about it.
I pay people to check them.
And Mitch, why don't you do
something for a change, huh?
Well, there's snow outside.
You like snow, don't you?
[laughs] OK, he's
got you there, man.
No, no, don't do that.
You got half of
this up your nose.
Yeah, you know what?
It doesn't matter.
And Mitch, get under
the car now, man.
I'm not fucking around anymore.
OK, OK, Sam, just relax, OK?
Lay off Mitch.
You know what?
I know you know cars.
I just drive these cars.
So for me, just for
me, just go check.
And for me.
No, Mitch, shut the F up.
Just go check, please.
[whimsical music]
[sighs] Go out in the snow, and
you do all the fucking work.
I knew he was a pain
in the A in the office,
but is he going to be
like this all weekend?
Mitch, stop being a dad, OK?
You're too married to this job.
The whole point of
this retreat was
for you to have fun to relax.
How am I supposed to relax?
You know, Sam is
a really nice guy.
And so are you, but Sam
can't see that when you're
nitpicking him all the time.
Why are you defending him?
OK, yeah, I get it.
He does a lot of drugs.
He thinks too highly of himself.
Borderline racist, I noticed.
I noticed that, too.
Me and Sam, we go way back.
And he really helped
me out a lot, Mitch.
He does a lot of coke, and
he gets in a lot of fights.
How did he ever help you?
Oh, my gosh.
I can't believe I'm
telling this to you.
OK, I did a stint
as a social worker.
I really wanted to
help people back then.
But there are just some things
you just can't help, Mitch.
Getting laid at Pedro's.
Is that [inaudible].
God damn it!
So then I just
couldn't do it anymore.
You quit?
Yes, I quit.
I had no job.
I had no money.
The bills kept on piling up.
Nobody was hiring me.
Sam, he helped me out.
He lent me some cash,
got me this job.
I met you.
Yeah, his ego, the drugs,
they drag him down.
And I really do try
to help him, Mitch.
You know, kind of like the
way I'm trying to help you.
Just relax and have a good time.
You know what that
means, don't you?
What does it mean?
You're a social worker again.
Fuck you.
What is that?
Oh, you son of a bitch.
Well, whenever you two
ladies are done giggling,
we've got a problem.
What, what, what, what's
wrong with my car?
Somebody cut the fuel line.
Whoa, what?
Who would do that?
Who do you think, huh?
Your husband back at the diner.
Wait, wait, man buns?
Man buns.
I mean, I can't
believe they did this.
Is there a gas
station around here?
Uh, yeah, yeah, there might be.
Laura and I are
actually going to go get
some gas, so we can actually--
OK, guys.
Spoonful of sugar will help the
medicine go down, all right?
Speaking of going down.
OK, go.
We gotta.
Bye, bye, bye.
See ya.
[music playing]
Are you seriously going
to leave me with him?
Well, look, Amy, come
on, I've lived with him
almost my whole life.
I think you can
survive a few minutes.
How long is going to
take you to get back?
Not long.
Trust me.
Once we got there,
I promise you,
you never have to talk
to him ever again.
[sighs] I'm sorry.
I know he's your brother.
I just--
No, I totally get it.
He's just like our dad.
So it runs in the family.
How'd you turn out all right?
I just ignore it,
and then I trust
that most people mean well.
That's the problem--
for me, anyway.
How do you just
trust people blindly?
No, not blindly.
I just-- I talk to
people, you know?
I get to know them,
and then I trust them.
[laughs] That was
surprisingly brilliant, Laura.
You're breaking character.
OK, well, maybe if you start
trusting people and knowing
them, maybe you'll
actually get laid?
No, it's OK.
Just hurry back.
It's all good.
Let's go see them.
Oh, jeez, the reception
is bad out here.
But it shouldn't be too far,
just a couple of kilometers
down the road.
How far do you think we'll
get before someone checks
to see if you're getting
taken against your will?
Look, you drag my ass
into a horror movie,
you know who's dying first, OK?
No one says horror
movies in Canada.
Jeez, how many fucking
animals are out here anyways?
It's farm country.
Afraid you'll be eaten alive?
No, but the cows will
have a field day, huh?
OK, no more puns.
All right.
I mean it.
All right, all right, Jesus.
One more and you are sucking
your own dick this weekend.
All right, I'll save
it for later then.
[music playing]
We're too late for them.
Let's get to work.
OK, you know what?
The cabin is only, what,
five kilometers away?
Why don't we just
go out and walk it?
Yeah, only five kilometers,
huh, on a rural road
in the middle of winter?
The fuck is wrong with you, man?
I'm just saying.
Hey, guys.
Do either one of
you have a signal?
Because I don't.
And with the wind.
I don't know if that matters.
No, fuck!
So what do we do now, huh?
OK, relax, OK?
We can figure this out.
We're investment bankers.
Oh, yeah, relax, he says, huh?
I'm in a broken down car in the
middle of butt fuck nowhere.
But at least I got my
two best friends, huh?
So everything's going
to be just fine.
One best friend.
Yeah, you don't like me.
Yeah, there's somebody
else I don't like either.
And if I ever see
Man Buns again,
I'm going to fucking
strangle him.
I swear to God, I'll kill him.
You don't even know
if he did it or not.
Yes, I do.
Another thing, I thought I
told you shut the fuck up.
You know what, Samuel?
Go F yourself.
Oh, wow, huh?
Look who just arrived.
Yeah, upset Mitch.
This is upset Mitch time.
He's back.
Shut the-- shut the fuck up!
You know what?
I'm going to go take a piss.
Take a pee.
Is that OK with upset Mitch?
A bunch of hoity-toity
motherfucking pieces of shit.
I swear to God, Mitch.
One more word.
And you'll feel the
wrath of upset Mitch.
Yeah, the wrath of upset Mitch.
You'll be sorry.
Yeah, sure, sorry.
Upset Mitch.
[tense music]
Ah, I'm sorry, Pastor Kurt.
No apologies, Mr. Lange, but,
please, stop calling me pastor.
I don't deserve it.
Back when I was a minister,
I suffered a terrible crisis
of faith.
Do you remember Mr. Koch?
Oh, Mr. Koch.
A quiet man who used to
sit at the back of church
during service.
I had a breakdown while
delivering a sermon.
And he came to visit
me a few days later.
He wasn't much for
talk, but he was there
when I needed it the most.
I confided in the old man.
He was a wonderful kindred soul.
He warned me that it was
dangerous for a holy man
to turn his back on his
faith, that it could make
him a target for dark forces.
He was the one that told me
tales of old German folklore
about the wild hunt.
If a transgressor finds himself
alone on a highway at night,
he could become a victim
of a ghost hunt carried out
by demons and their hounds.
Deep down, I believe
that my crisis of faith
allowed for such a hound,
an ancient being known
as a [? druid, ?] to
enter this world, which
is why it's imperative that I
be the one that sends him back.
[whimsical music]
You want to play a
game to past the time?
Let's play 20 questions.
I'm thinking of a person.
Is it a man?
Under 35?
Do we both know this
person personally?
Is it you?
Where do you think he
went, huh, Niagara Falls?
Jesus Christ.
What's that?
What is that?
[eerie music]
Oh my god!
You're going to be OK.
You're going to be OK.
[animal roaring]
Sorry, sorry.
I didn't mean to startle you.
We were just wondering, is
there like a gas station
near here or something?
Probably not this late.
You know what?
I got some gas you could have.
But don't tell the wife, please.
Oh, no, perish the thought.
Thank you.
There you go.
So, did you guys meet on
the computer or something?
[laughs] No, no, no, we--
med school.
Med school?
OK, well, I'll be inside.
If you guys want to
warm up, help yourself.
And if you need
anything, give a knock.
Thank you for the gas.
[music playing]
Let's go.
Wait, do we have
to go this minute?
Yeah, they're waiting.
Look at that shed over there.
Oh, no, no, no.
No, we're not doing that in--
Why not?
No, we're not doing that
on Big Bubba's property.
No way, no.
OK, look, the way things are
going between Amy and Tim,
I'm going to be babysitting
Amy all weekend.
You're going to be
talking sports with Tim.
And we're not going to have
any time, just you and I. OK?
What do you think?
All right?
Yeah, let's go.
Come on.
How far is this
damn gas station?
I don't know.
What was Laura like as a kid?
Did she ever tell you
about comic books?
Comic books?
That's all she'd ever read.
Her favorite was
that [inaudible]..
No way.
Yeah, she would read that and
try to pick fights with me.
I would kick her ass.
You'd beat up your
little sister?
Well, we were kids.
I still could, though.
I definitely still
could, you know.
No, we're done now.
Do you have siblings?
I have a younger
sister and brother.
You're the oldest, too?
It's the worst.
I had to teach Laura
what not to do a lot.
My siblings don't really get me.
Well, do you guys ever hang out?
Not really.
I'm not that close
with my sister.
My brother is six
years younger than me.
I think they just
think I'm weird.
But I mean, if you
were never hanging out
with them and never
talk, how are they
expected to think differently?
You have a point.
I mean, Laura and I, we fight
a lot, but we're super close.
I kind of wish I had that.
You still can.
No problem.
Saint Michael, the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our protection
against the wickedness
and the snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him,
we humbly pray.
Oh, do thou, oh, prince
of the Heavenly Host,
by the power of god
cast into hell, Satan...
and all the evil spirits that
prowl throughout the world,
seeking the ruin of souls.
[car starting]
[music playing]
[knocking] Sam!
Let me in!
Please, please!
Mitch, you're still alive?
Yes, please.
I am.
Let me in.
Let me in.
No, sorry, buddy.
I can't do it.
I can't do it.
I can't let you in right now.
What, are you kidding?
Let me in!
I'm not, man!
I'm sorry!
I just can't do it.
I don't know what the
fuck it is out there!
It's not a shape shifter!
It's me!
Come on, let me in!
I don't know what the
fuck a shape shifter is.
I'm sorry, OK, Mitch?
I'm too young.
I haven't even
touched my trust fund.
I'm sorry.
You cowardly pig ass!
Well, now you're
definitely on your own.
OK, I'm sorry!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Please, Sam.
Samuel, let me in.
Let me in.
Let me in.
Do you want it to get me?
Son of a bitch!
You beat shit on the
fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
God damn it!
There's someone at the door.
I know.
I know.
So go answer it, you big galoot.
God damn it, I'll answer
something for you.
Yes, dear.
That's what I thought you said.
Oh, no.
No, you got to be
fucking kidding me.
Come here.
Hey, guys.
[animal roaring]
Jesus Christ!
Do you hear that?
I don't hear anything, baby.
Yeah, fuck it.
[door opening]
[music playing]
[cocks gun]
[dial tone]
[dramatic music]
[dial tone]
When I left the ministry
for a new mission,
you sought me out and readily
offered your services.
I'm curious as to
what drives you.
You remember my wife Clara.
Of course you do.
He married us.
Clara, Clara took sick.
We had bought a new home.
It was a foreclosure, so it was
the only thing we could afford.
I still remember the first
day we walked in there.
I felt like we'd lived
there our whole lives.
It felt like home.
A few weeks after
we'd settled in,
Clara started having nightmares.
Some nights, she
would wake up feeling
like there was a person on
her chest, someone keeping her
from moving.
She heard whispers of somebody
called the Duke of Crows.
I couldn't recall
exactly what was said.
I told her they
were only dreams.
One morning, Clara
woke up with scratches
all over her, blood on
the sheets and her shirt.
She kept going on about
the Duke of Crows.
So you came to me.
I always looked
up to you, Kurdt.
But you had left
some time before
and had, of course,
been replaced.
I called the new
minister to our house.
He told us there
was no such thing
as demons that haunt houses.
He thought that
[inaudible] make-believe.
He thought she had done this
to herself in her sleep.
He recommended a few prayers
and a good psychiatrist.
But it kept happening.
Then, that very night,
she was hysterical.
She kept going on about the Duke
of Crows, the Duke of Crows,
the Duke of Crows.
I urged her to go back
to sleep, telling her
we would leave the next morning.
She fell asleep.
I awoke later that
night to an empty bed.
I went downstairs.
I found Clara in the kitchen.
She had-- she had cut crosses
on her wrists [inaudible]..
She was--
You don't know how
very sorry I am.
That was two years ago now.
I couldn't go back
to the church.
But I remembered you.
I remembered the sermons
you used to give.
I heard your words in my mind.
Whenever you spoke, I felt
like I'd found God again.
I was so mad at him for
taking my Clara away from me.
But I kept thinking
about that one
Sunday when you spoke
about forgiveness.
I don't know if you remember it.
Let all bitterness and
wrath and anger and clamor
and slander be put away from
you, including all malice.
Forgive one another, as
God in Christ forgave you.
I do remember.
That was the day we spoke
and became good friends.
I always wanted to
thank you for that.
I have so much guilt
about what happened.
Well, I've rediscovered
my purpose.
Now her death won't be in vain.
Let her sacrifice save
this world, Lange.
To Clara.
To Clara.
May she rest in peace.
Is there a blanket in
the back or something?
No, but here.
You take this.
You'll need that.
Don't worry about me.
I'm always warm.
Hope they're okay.
Yeah, I'm sure they're fine.
Are you any warmer?
I'll get there.
Well, here.
I don't like to be touched.
Please, just don't touch me.
Well, how about this?
What the fuck?
What are you doing?
Making a move.
What the fuck?
Do I really need to
explain how this works?
I'm sorry if I gave you
some kind of impression,
but it's not going to happen.
I don't get it.
Why did you come?
Because Laura is my friend, and
she invited me to her cottage.
Am I alone here?
There has been nothing but
awkward tension between us.
I can't imagine how you would
even think to make a move.
I'm not exactly going for
great conversation here.
You're disgusting.
[scoffs] Coming
from a 23-year-old
who hasn't grown out of
her high school phase.
You really can't accept
rejection, can you?
There was no rejection.
You were the only thing
around, so I went for it.
Get the fuck-- get the
fuck out of my car.
No, fuck you.
Just get the fuck out of my car.
What was that?
A rattlesnake?
A fucking rattlesnake?
Are you serious?
I don't know.
I've seen rattlesnakes
up here before.
It's the middle
of fucking winter.
OK, not a rattlesnake.
[music playing]
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Are you OK?
It almost took my
fucking foot off!
Is there anything in here
to help with the wound?
In the back,
there's [inaudible]..
[dramatic music]
Are you OK?
Where's Laura?
Where's Laura?
The fuck is Laura?
She's gone.
No, no, no.
What do you mean, gone?
I'm sorry.
I can't--
What happened to her, man?
I couldn't save her.
I'm sorry.
I couldn't save her.
Put this on, Manny.
Put this on.
I know it's horrible, but
you need to listen to me.
Tim is hurt.
You need to take a
look at his foot.
Do you understand?
OK, lay back.
Tim, lay back.
OK, we gotta go.
I'm not going anywhere.
It's not safe here.
The glass is broken!
Take his arm.
[music playing]
Is the [? druid ?] close?
Yes, he is.
Check the table alignment.
Is everything set?
It is.
There's only one thing
missing, my friend.
[dramatic music]
The blood sacrifice.
[music playing]
OK, come here.
Prop him up.
Prop him up.
Easy, easy, easy.
Do you have a light?
Oh, my God.
[dramatic music]
So how did you get into singing
or screaming or whatever?
Are you serious?
Yes, yes, I'm serious.
I don't want to think about
what just happened back there,
so give me something, anything.
I just, I do music sometimes.
It's not all that
I do or anything.
I also work at a tattoo shop.
I just, I went in
with my portfolio.
And the girl who owns
the shop just hired me.
Yeah, I eventually want to
open my own tattoo shop.
That's good.
Not a lot of people
know their path.
Did you always want
to be a doctor?
No, I wanted to be a
professional free runner.
Is that a real thing?
As real as a professional
My dad's a lawyer.
Definitely didn't
want to do that.
So I decided doctor.
What kind of doctor
do you want to be?
Are you going to
punch him in the face?
Got it.
All right.
Got him all patched up.
What the fuck do we do now?
I don't know.
Should check the shed,
see what we can use.
You mean like matches or
a lighter or something?
Yeah, anything works.
Tim, you find anything?
Oh, god.
You're from the diner!
I'm so sorry.
I thought it was the other way.
Hey, look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Oh, shoot.
He's having an
allergic reaction.
We have to get moving.
Look at me.
Wait, where did you come from?
In the garden.
All right, whatever.
Come on, let's go.
[dramatic music]
Hey, open up.
I have someone who
needs medical attention.
Oh, fuck you!
Hey, open the door.
Your buddy's having
an allergic reaction.
No way.
Fuck you.
That thing could have
fucking followed you.
Fuck you.
Open the door.
We're far enough away from it.
Open the fucking door.
No, you're a fucking liar!
Come on.
Get the door closed!
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
All right.
Amy, Amy, Amy, get
some duct tape.
Over there, get duct
tape over there.
Mitch, are you OK?
And I need a light.
You OK?
Hey, hey, hey,
relax, relax, relax.
Listen, Mitch.
I need you to relax.
Manny, have you
done this before?
Yeah, once.
And my professor
was watching us.
All right.
We need to think.
How the hell are we going
to find a place that's
safe from this thing?
Yeah, that's a great point.
Yeah, I suggested
staying here before you
two burst in here with Mitch.
How do we even know
we're safe here?
We have to find that farmhouse.
It's close by.
Maybe they have a phone.
Phone's out.
Are you positive?
Phone is out.
OK, so then we stay here.
I don't know if that
going to leave us alone.
I also don't know
how long people
are going to take before they
come looking for us, too.
OK, we can't think about
that right now, OK?
Is Mitch going to be all right?
I don't know.
Yo, Mitch.
Hey, you all right?
It's over here.
Oh, my God.
Look out!
Oh, fuck me.
[gun cocks]
[gun cocks]
Don't touch me!
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
Who are you?
I'm here to protect you.
Oh, thank God.
Are you with the police?
So then who are you?
Who do you work for?
Amy, you need to come
with me to be safe.
How do you know my name?
How do you know her name?
We need to leave.
No, no, no, how do
you know her name?
Who do you work for?
Guys, come on.
Did you know about this?
Did you know about this whole
thing and didn't warn anyone?
Your friend is injured.
I think you want to take--
No, I think you shouldn't.
Did you know--
Shut up!
Everybody just shut up.
Who are you?
My name is Jess Renfield.
Renfield, why are you here?
To bring you to safety and to
protect you in the meantime.
Are there others?
They're preparing
right now to fight.
Preparing for what?
Preparing for what?
Preparing to fight that evil.
Now you are welcome
to stay here and you
can see how far that gets you.
Or you can come with me.
You can all come
with me right now,
and we can move on because some
of us have better things to do.
We need to leave now.
I'm Waidmann.
You must have a
lot of questions.
Yeah, maybe a few.
It's cold out here.
I've got some hot
tea for you inside.
And you, Jess.
I believe I'll pass.
I admire your
will, Mr. Waidmann.
I do.
But you are fighting
something inside of you,
and I cannot say
I approve at all.
If you make it through
tonight, perhaps our paths
will cross again.
Thank you, Jess.
Good luck.
And to you.
So is there something going on
here that we don't know about?
I'm assuming this isn't
some sort of deformed badger
or escaped zoo exhibit.
The creature stalking
you is not an animal.
He's an ancient being
known as a drude.
He was once a man, a
malefactor of the old world,
shriveled and degraded as
a reflection of the sins he
committed in the past life.
He's a creature of instinct,
hunger, pure animal impulse,
but otherwise entirely
I'm sorry.
I'm not really following.
Are you saying this thing
is a mystical monster?
A dread force whispered
about in German folklore.
Call it what you may.
The drude is a
servant of the Duke
of Crows, an ageless
entity that has wandered
the lonely forgotten highway of
history, once feared as a god.
No, no, I'm sorry.
I need to know if
this is something
that you actually believe.
I thought we were dealing
with some sort of institution,
like an--
I don't know-- a
specialized animal control
base or something.
Manny, you saw it.
Don't you think he may be
going somewhere with this?
Amy, please don't tell me
you're actually buying this.
Maybe not the whole
mystical whatever,
but there has to be
something more to this.
That thing was not from nature.
I don't believe this.
I can understand how
someone with a lack
of any form of spirituality
can have difficulty
coming to terms with this.
But I've been coming
here for years now,
trying to build the strength
to capture the drude.
OK, so why here?
In this nowhere
nothing, why here?
The drude doesn't
choose where to go.
It is summoned.
Then who summoned it?
I ask you how one would
hope to be rid of something
if one didn't know
where to find it.
What are you saying?
You found it?
You brought this thing here?
No, it was always here,
veiled in the silk and shadows
that divide this world
from the one beneath.
I merely gave it a seam
to which to birth itself.
Mitch, you OK?
Where is everyone else?
That Renfield guy.
There's got to be other
people here, right?
This can't be real.
What is real?
No, I'm out of here.
We're going.
There's nowhere to go.
That creature was once a
man, one of God's creatures.
And if he is one
of Gods creatures,
then he is part of God.
And if he is part of God, then
God himself must be a sinner.
Man just may be
God's ultimate sin.
You've seen what he's
become, a hound of hell.
Wherever there is sin,
he will run to it,
like roots of a tree driving
through Earth toward water.
There's nowhere to go.
The evil surrounds you children.
The sins of the father run deep.
All right, then.
Then what's your big plan?
You're going to say a magic
spell and make him go away?
The only magic that I know
is for making him stay.
[music playing]
Mind you, it is our impulse.
I need something with
intelligence, a mind, something
to bridge our world
with the one beneath
to bring this one to judgment.
Such a magnificent creature can
only be born of a virgin womb.
Whore of the devil!
Can you honestly say you've
had a life of inequality?
This act will give meaning
to your miserable life.
Don't you want to be of
service, live with purpose?
You can't make me
go through with it.
You don't have much choice.
He's excited.
The drude [inaudible].
What was once a symbol
to ward off the beast
is now a fashion statement.
I guess I'll have to
cut it off you then.
Do you think my drude
was the only one?
Fly, Duke.
Not yet.
Let's try to put it back.
But it's going to hurt a lot.
[grunting in pain]
[grunting continues]
[electronic music]
[car passing]
Well, Roy, it looks like we
made it through a whole shift
without your Bigfoot getting us.
I'm not afraid of that nonsense.
There's scarier things
to be afraid of.
What, like bears?
You seem pretty scared
when it was bears.
When I was a little guy, I
found this rusty old nail
in the driveway.
So I put it in my
little air gun.
When I got into the kitchen,
my aunt was up on a stool,
putting dishes away.
I pointed my gun right at her.
And I said, auntie,
I'm going to shoot you.
Well, she went on like
I wasn't even there.
So I shot her, right in the ass.
[laughs] That was one mean
hospital ride, I'll tell you.
Well, my point is, it's people
that are the real monsters, not
this fairy tale bullshit.
Well, maybe it's
a bit of both, Al.
Good day, buddy.
Yeah, see ya.
Oh, man.
[crows cawing]
Hey, pal.
We're closed.
Hey, pal.
What part of the phrase "we're
closed" is confusing you?
[the house of haunt, "hetzhund"]
(SINGING) Then one night,
you're walking down the street.
A big bonfire, and you're
dancing to your feet.
Don't feel right at the thought.
It just won't break
because keep in mind you'll
last with [inaudible].
Release the drude
It's coming for you.
It starts under the moon.
The Duke of Crows is here.
He'll know the
secrets of a dream.
Don't hold back!
You'll never get away.
Hack and slice until
the light of day.
It won't die!
I guess you better run.
You won't be safe
after the setting sun.
Hear its breath.
It's right behind.
No time left, it's in your mind.
Demons come to [inaudible].
Open up and let
them, let them in.
Release the drude
It wants its food.
[inaudible] The Duke of
Crows, the dreams he shows,
Don't hold back!
You'll never get away.
Hack and slash until
the light of day.
It won't die!
I guess you better run.
You won't be safe
after the setting sun.
Upset me you're back in town
Fuck, OK, God damn it, man.
I'm sorry.
Fuck you, man.
I hate you.
OK, thank you.
Give me one more.
[gears turning]
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