In Like Flynn (2018) Movie Script

Oh, Schwartz, you are gonna
love this footage.
[chuckles] Wow.
[gasps, yelps]
One bite from that,
the final minutes of life
will be your worst.
Stay close, lads.
Where the hell
did you find this kid?
He was the only schmuck
who answered the ad.
What are you doing?
- Oh, that was big.
- Okay, stop it.
So, uh, Flynn?
It's been about an hour
since the last time
you said we were gonna
be there any minute,
so how much further, please?
We'll know when we get there,
won't we?
Brilliant. Gun.
Get this.
It's a warning.
Stay here!
Get a nice close-up.
On second thought, stay with me.
Careful, sport.
Who's the lucky stiff?
He was a prospector.
I'm guessing his prospects
aren't lookin' so hot, huh?
Savages did this?
Taking gold from the island
is like stealing blood
from the gods.
I know the feeling.
I got two ex-wives.
Oh, Schwartz!
- Yeah?
- This guy's still warm.
[drum beating]
What is that?
- [whispering]
- What is he saying to you?
Stay close, lads.
They're watching us right now.
What? Where?
Tell 'em to come out.
I'll charm their pants off.
That won't be necessary,
- Okay.
- Come on, come on!
I'm trying! Just give me a sec!
Give me it!
Hot damn.
Oh, my God.
For the love of God,
keep rolling, keep rolling!
Help! Help!
Puk puk! Puk puk!
What's he saying?
Get me back to the studios.
Come on!
Film it.
- What?
- Film it!
It's brilliant!
Come on. Come on!
Get away!
SCHWARTZ: Come on!
Mr. Flynn!
- Flynn!
- Flynn! Flynn!
Come on!
Are you happy now, Schwartz?
Hell of a gin mill
you got here, Flynn.
You're all right, you know that?
He's better than all right.
You, sir, are an honest-to-God
son of a bitch.
To you.
Good hooch.
He's a headliner,
and he doesn't even know it.
Well, kiddo, you got us
back safe as agreed,
so that's yours.
What, he doesn't even
count it, huh?
That's a man with confidence.
I like that quality
in an individual.
I'm sorry about the boy.
That was...
- Yeah.
- It was bad luck.
All right? We're gonna
immortalize him for you.
Anyways, you find yourself
out in Hollywood, kid,
you give us a call because
we can use a guy like you,
doesn't need to walk a flight
of stairs with a stuntman.
Well, I'm afraid civilization
no longer agrees with me.
Oh, really?
You don't think I didn't notice
that little glint in your eye?
There's nothin' like
a little bit of gold dust
to spur on a man's
wild goose chase, huh?
I'll be seein' ya, kid. [Laughs]
[thunder rumbling]
Come on! Come on!
Come on! Come here!
- Come on!
- Yeah!
Hell of a fight.
I've had better.
Well, I'll be goddamned.
Never thought I'd see
Errol Flynn
roaming these streets again.
Good fight, mate.
- What, that's it?
- It is what it is, Rexie.
I have something that
may be of interest to you.
Say we discuss it over a pint.
On me.
I taught you
everything you know, kid.
Think I don't know a scam
when I hear it?
Not this time, Rex.
The sirens of the sea beckon.
Spare me your bullshit, Flynn.
You're a goddamn pirate.
You wanna squabble by my table,
it'll cost you some quid
or cost you your lives.
Now beat it before
I set Big Jim on ya.
Just deal the cards, Frankie.
Only one calls me that
is my mother.
Last man calling me that
found himself
with his tongue cut out,
shoved full up his ass.
Now I know folks love
a good tongue up the ass,
don't they, love? [Laughs]
So long as it ain't their own.
I'll take your money.
Deal the cards.
You see, I've just come back
from New Guinea.
Took some Hollywood bigwig
up the Sepik River
to get some background footage
for his pansy actors.
You've never been up the Sepik.
I have now.
And I'll tell you something.
It's lined with gold.
Cards are gettin' cold, Yank.
I'm Canadian.
Well, whoopsy-fucking-do.
I'll raise you so, Canadian.
He's in.
Gimme one.
You see, every fool
with a shovel
is scrambling for a piece.
Man and woman.
Wealth and women?
Well, that doesn't sound like
Errol Flynn.
All in.
It's all right.
He's good for it.
You got balls, Rex.
Now pay up
if you want to keep 'em.
Just give me a break here.
I could pay you tomorrow...
Jimmy, this son of a bitch
thinks I'm stupid.
Tender flesh cuts up nice.
FLYNN: How much does he owe?
Three large.
Three large?
That's an expensive friend.
Half's not bad.
You know what it is
men fear the most, Rex?
The kind you get for
killing a man in cold blood.
But a man's infamy
is only as strong
as what he does to keep it.
What do you think happens
to that reputation
if I cut you a break?
People might think
I've gone soft.
Can't have that now, can we?
- We can work it out.
- We'll work it out, all right.
Now let me widen
that grin of yours!
Frank, the money!
So New Guinea,
how are we getting there?
Leave it with me.
I've got an idea.
Flynn, this is my kinda place.
Mm, welcome home.
Oh, what do we have here?
Some tea for you?
Behave yourself.
How is your tea?
Oh, um...
[speaking Chinese]
You two don't belong here.
What brings you?
Well, Miss, uh...
Ravishing name.
We're interested
in purchasing a boat
I hear you're quite interested
in selling.
Well, you've heard wrong, Mr...
We don't need anything fancy.
Old one moored out front,
I could offer you...
a hundred?
No, thanks, old sport.
I don't care much for business
complicated by formality,
Mr. Flynn.
A man's sincerity is revealed
when his mind is
free of the need to lie.
Who are you?
I don't know anymore.
You're a mirage.
A painting...
personified to haunt my dreams.
Do you know what I do
with men like you?
I own them...
until they no longer
serve a purpose,
at which point,
I derive pleasure
from watching them suffer.
I'm perfectly willing
to be your property,
if pain's your bag,
then he's your man.
Oh, where am I?
Well, this, my fine man,
is the Sirocco.
I'm captain,
and you're first mate.
I feel like I've been sucking
on a sheep all night.
Well, she was a lot of things,
but by no means a sheep.
Come on. We have work to do.
What happened?
Rotten amnesia, eh?
Well, seeing as Achun
refused to sell us this boat,
you volunteered as decoy.
[whip cracks]
- [crack]
- Ooh!
For what?
Well, for me to steal it,
of course.
You robbed the Chinese pirates?
We robbed the Chinese pirates.
And you used me
as a goddamn decoy.
Now they're gonna chop us up
into fish bait.
Cheer up. Nothing like death
to fuel ambition.
Besides, seeing as I've been
relieved of most of my cash,
I didn't have much choice,
now, did I?
Ahoy there!
Permission to board,
Captain Flynn?
Oh, you didn't.
Oh, but I did.
Permission granted.
- How are you, Adams?
- How are you, Flynn?
I say, I've got the maps,
I've got the sextant,
I've got the compass,
I've got... Hey!
What, are you bringing Flynn
his laundry?
Still the beam of sunshine,
eh, Rex?
Look at those lines.
They don't make 'em
like this anymore.
You seriously invited the Dook?
- Dook?
- Yeah.
With that pompous Duke of
Wellington accent of yours.
Well, if you must know, Flynn
invited me to join the voyage.
Navigates better than a sextant.
Besides, the boy's a crack shot.
Crack shot, my ass.
Well, go on, shoot his ass.
Where'd you learn
how to handle a gun?
At school, of course.
But aren't you studying
to be a teacher?
Could teach you a thing or two.
Shoot the tick
off an elephant's ass.
- Shall we?
- Yes, we shall.
Let her fly.
[coin drops]
Lucky shot.
Amazing that one still works.
At least until
more people realize
the French put holes
in their coins.
Good to have you aboard, Dook.
Not you too.
Well, like a fine suit,
that title fits.
Oh, disgusting!
Bloody god-awful Chinese tea!
[cork pops]
Take note, chaps,
and embrace this,
this moment,
who we are this instant,
because we will never be
these men again.
Jesus, Flynn.
Just pass the bottle.
This is a moment, Rex. Enjoy it.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
You know what you're
looking at there, princess?
Of course.
- In theory.
- Theory?
I've read everything
ever published about sailing.
How many voyages
have you actually navigated?
I'm proud to say
this will be my first.
Good God. We're gonna die.
Bloody hell!
- Stop right there!
- Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Stop right...
Oh, my God almighty!
Good morning, ladies.
Good morning, ladies all.
This isn't what
I signed up for, Flynn.
You said it was going to be fun.
- Great start, Flynn.
- Oh, this is ridiculous.
what are you pricks
doing on my boat?
- FLYNN: This is our boat.
- Rubbish.
She's mine.
And I lost her
to a pirate wench.
Well, we acquired her
fair and square.
The only thing a man acquires
from Achun
is a severed jugular.
Now tell me how you got her,
or I'll cut the three of you
like tuna.
Can we discuss this
like gentlemen?
I'm Trelawney Adams,
and this is Errol and Rex.
My name's Charlie, Your Majesty.
And I don't give a crap.
Now some truth!
All right, all right.
You see, we... we stole it.
We're headed to New Guinea
to claim a fortune in gold!
- Dook!
- I'm sorry!
What do you landlubbers know
about sailing the Coral Sea?
She'd swallow you whole
and spit you back out!
Even if you somehow
managed to navigate
the razor-sharp reefs
of the Barrier,
you've gotta
pass through cyclones
that'll blow your bloody
foreskins off.
No! The only way
the Sirocco goes anywhere
is with me aboard.
She responds to my touch.
- Well, then come with us.
- Are you mad?
- We'll give you equal share.
- Are you completely mad?
You think I give a wallaby's
nutsack about your gold, mate?
I just came for my boat.
Well, then she's all yours.
If you help us
get to New Guinea.
Why should I sail with
a bunch of thieving sissies?
When I could just kill ya, hmm?
Because you wouldn't be on
this boat if it wasn't for us.
And because I see
she means a lot to you.
And Lord knows
we could use the expertise.
Come with us.
You'll have a heading to sail
and a chance to blow
this wretched hole
and get rich in the process.
It's only one voyage away.
What do you say, Charlie?
You did fix her up nice.
Thank you.
When do we leave?
You're not gonna kill us?
- You want me to change my mind?
- No, no, no, no.
One condition.
I captain this voyage.
At least until you drown.
Come on, lads.
Let's go find some gold.
Bloody mad.
Can you guys untie me?
CHARLIE: Orders, Captain?
FLYNN: Full speed ahead!
Full speed ahead!
- He still stinks of whiskey.
- Then he'll fit right in.
He could cut our throats
as we sleep.
He wouldn't do that,
would you now, Charlie?
'Course not, Captain.
Besides, best to slit a man's
throat when he's awake.
Quicker heart rate.
Bleeds out faster.
Away you roll
In South Australia,
I was born
Heave away, haul away
In South Australia,
round Cape Horn
We're bound
for South Australia
Haul away,
you'll hear me sing
Heave away, haul away
Haul away, you rolling kings
We're bound
for South Australia
- Ready.
- All right, men.
Three, two, one!
Spot of insomnia?
Never was much one for sleep.
What's the real reason
you didn't kill us, Charlie?
I'm no more a murderer
than you are, sailor boy.
And by the looks of you lot,
won't be long before
you get yourselves dead,
and I get my boat back.
How's a man like you
go from owning to losing
to working a ship like this?
[Flynn laughs]
[vomiting] [water splashing]
With all this retching going on,
it's impossible
to get any shuteye.
I was just asking Charlie
how he came upon the Sirocco.
She belonged
to a French fisherman.
We used her in the war
to move wounded from the Somme.
After Armistice,
I offered to buy her from him.
He gave me the boat,
but he made me promise
to take his daughter with me,
give her a better life.
She was...
We traveled the world together,
she and I.
Nowhere we couldn't go.
We fell in love.
Even raised a child
on these very boards.
But she grew tired of the ocean.
Said I spent more time on deck
than I did on her.
She was right.
She wanted to settle.
Stay put.
But I couldn't.
I longed for the sea.
So I let her go.
I was in the South China Sea
when Achun found me.
Threw me overboard.
Wasn't for a fishing trawler,
I would've made my bed
with Poseidon.
Followed that Chinese bitch
all the way to Old Sydney Town.
That's when I found you blokes.
It's true?
You survived the Great War?
I was lucky.
She's a damn good ship, Charlie.
Just like you.
Been through hell
and pushing for heaven.
I'm at my beam's end, mate.
Just trying to stay afloat.
Now what?
This is serious, Flynn.
Ain't much worse way to go
than starving to death.
No one's dying, lads.
All right, leave it with me.
My compliments to the chef.
See if we can go rustle up
something else.
Wonderful spot.
Perfect place to die.
You got a lot of years
left in you, Charlie.
Maybe I should follow
in your footsteps.
No family to weigh you down.
Nothing on your back
but a stiff ocean breeze.
You're free.
You need to hoist your sail
a little higher, mate.
You're a good lad.
Don't want to wind up
like the likes of me.
Find your own horizon.
Take more than a few fish
to keep us going.
You're their captain.
Their lives are in your hands.
I think we'll make it just fine.
I believe ya.
Careful with that.
- It's a predatory gastropod.
- What?
Venom affects
your nervous system.
Oh. Right.
Son of a professor.
Maybe you retire here, Charlie.
Blow it up your ass, mate.
Hey, we got some visitors.
Hello, girls!
Oh, that's good luck, you know.
You boys thinking
what I'm thinking?
Why am I nervous?
We are eating porpoise tonight.
What are you doing?
- Fishing.
- It's bad luck!
- For the dolphin.
- Dook's right, mate.
You just take that
and put that downstairs, right?
- I'm still hungry.
- You'll doom us all!
No, just you!
- Rex.
- Dook's right.
The next will find your ass.
What, you're gonna shoot me
over a fish?
That mammal has more goodness
in its dorsal fin
than you'll ever have!
Even with a gun,
you're still a pansy.
- And you're a bully.
- So what?
What are you gonna do about it,
crack shot?
I guess you'd better
do something.
Jack Reginald Gough, the Third!
You bastard!
Jack Reginald Gough, the Third.
- That's Rex's real name.
- [Charlie laughing]
- Your real name is Jack Gough?
- You can't be serious.
It's French,
and it's pronounced "Go,"
and damn you, Flynn!
And that stays on the boat.
Do you guys hear me?
On the boat!
I'll take "Dook" any day.
In fact, I don't even
feel sick anymore.
Look, you guys, I wasn't
gonna shoot the dolphin.
So why don't you just
put down the...
FLYNN: You hit the engine!
Dook, hold her steady!
Where's it coming from?
She's missing a bloody bolt!
Got bigger problems.
We've got a hole this big.
[hissing] [screams]
Let me see! Oh, bloody hell
Charlie, where's the pump?
By the stairs!
We need to take care
of his hand!
- No, don't!
- You need warm water on it.
Don't move.
- Get it in here.
- [yells]
Keep it in there, boy!
Charlie, I've got a second pump.
All right.
Dook, get down here!
- Oh, my goodness.
- Take over.
Think, Charlie, think. Think!
[groans] Goddamn it!
Goddamn it!
Quick, get me something heavy!
Right, in there!
That'll do it.
Oh, I'm too old for this.
If it's not one thing...
Don't! Stop! The rag! It'll...
Get caught up in the prop.
A rag.
That's not a dolphin.
That's a bloody shark!
- Flynn!
- Flynn!
- Hey!
- Flynn!
- Flynn!
- Flynn!
- Flynn!
- Stop! You might hit Flynn!
- Flynn!
- Errol!
- Errol!
- Flynn!
- Flynn!
- Errol!
- Flynn!
- Errol!
Oh, my Lord.
Did I miss something?
Thank the heavens.
- You son of a bitch.
- What?
Nothing to
concern yourself with.
Let's go have a look
at the pump.
Having fun yet?
Will she hold?
Tight as a nut.
You all right?
You were right, Charlie.
On the island.
Their lives are in my hands.
You're doing okey-kokey, kid.
Blown engine, hole in the hull,
Rex's hand.
You see, that is the thing
about horizons.
There's always a new one.
Welcome to Townsville!
A little whiffy at the moment.
You'll get used to it.
Yeah, business been
a little bit slow of late.
And you are?
Christian Travers,
Harbor Master.
And as of last election, Mayor.
I'm also the local priest,
if you've got
a bit of confessing to do.
- Quite the rsum.
- Oh, too right.
Oh, this is my son Rudolph.
He's the heir to
the local throne, aren't ya?
Are you a boxer?
Look like you can
handle yourself.
I don't condone violence.
Where's the liquor?
Well, that's one thing
we're never short of here.
Look, if you boys need anything,
I mean anything at all,
anything, just come to me.
I'm at the Northerner,
up on Main Street.
I'm there every day.
Every day, I'm there.
Every day I'm there.
Every day, except for Sunday.
That's when I'm at church.
That's also up on
Main Street. Yeah.
Well, I don't know
if we'll be here that long.
- You see, she needs some...
- Engine.
Some engine work
and a patch job on the hull,
then we'll be on our way.
Oh, we've got
a great engine man here.
He's a great engine man.
He's up on the south side.
Yeah, he'll fix you
right up, yeah.
All right, well,
you boys have a look around.
There's quite the bustle
in town at the moment.
We're a fine modern city
we are here,
with all the needs you'll be,
um, you'll be... needing.
- We'll keep that in mind.
- Yeah, good on ya.
All righty, well,
we'll see you Sunday, yeah?
- Yep.
- God bless youse all.
Let me know
if you change your mind.
To the Sirocco.
May she live to be
a seaworthy vessel.
To you, mate. Thank God
it weren't your wanking hand.
A pint, sir.
How old are you?
What do you mean, how old am I?
- It's all right. He's with us.
- All right.
- Thanks, old chap.
- What's this then?
Name's Johnson.
Errol Flynn.
This here's Dook,
Charlie, and Rex.
Nearest zoo's
in Brisbane, fella.
So what's an outfit like yours
in Townsville for?
We're on vacation.
We blew an engine.
We need supplies.
We're headed to New Guinea.
Don't tell me you bastards
are looking for gold.
The mere scent of it
drives men to wretchedness.
Our mayor, for instance,
he'd extort shit from a dunny
if he thought it could
earn him a quid.
My old man
worked himself to death
paying off what he owed
that son of a bitch.
But his day's coming, yes, sir.
Anyway, no subject
more fascinating for a scribe
than the vain pursuit
of capitalism.
You're a writer?
Journo, Townsville Bulletin.
Oh, really?
What section do you handle?
Politics, mainly.
Like a moth to a flame.
Excuse me, sir.
Anything the lady wants.
Get scarce, mate.
Well, I don't see a ring,
old boy.
Not that that stopped me before.
Fair game,
as far as I'm concerned.
No worries, bruv.
Watching her for my cousin.
Oh, my Lord.
You're gonna suffer.
It's all right, it's all right.
I've got this.
Told you this weren't
a good idea.
I've fought bigger.
One moment.
Oh, my.
We can't just sit here.
We have to do something.
Such as?
I suppose you would like
a blind captain
because his eyes are
about to pop out of his head.
Oh, my God.
Watch your stern there, Captain!
[glass shatters]
- That's gotta hurt.
- He'll be all right.
Come on!
Come on, Flynn!
[clapping continues]
Bet you weren't expecting that,
ya crook!
Oh, wow.
I've fought bigger! [Laughs]
I thought you were done!
I have fought bigger.
I believe ya. Many wouldn't.
Hell of a wallop you handed
Travers' prizefighter.
- That was brilliant.
- David and Goliath.
- Lucky punch.
- Wait, his prizefighter?
He runs an underground
fight club every Friday.
Big money.
- That legal?
- Ish.
But he's the mayor!
And priest.
Local boxing promoter too.
That sounds very tiring.
Hedonism on Friday,
confesses to himself on Sunday,
he's square by Monday.
That does not sound good.
Hello, ladies.
It's for a good time.
- Where did you get that?
- Oh, my Lord!
Wasn't going to give the razors
everything I have now, was I?
You blokes better get
your priorities straight.
We're gonna need that there
for the boat.
You put that back
in your pocket.
I'll take care of this.
It'll be my pleasure.
Let's go!
You're not coming, Charlie?
The only warmth
this body needs tonight
is coming out of a bottle, mate.
Go. You have some fun.
Just watch yourself.
Let's go.
Oh, hello.
Oh, God, hello.
I say.
It's as close to heaven
as we'll find, lads.
WOMAN: Errol.
You scumbag.
Well, I...
Well played.
Can I join in?
Still hanging with the likes
of this loser?
He makes me feel better
about myself.
Oh, delicate.
You fishing for scoops, Johnson?
You got one?
We might have a murder soon,
after what he did
to The Mountain.
In Townsville,
word spreads faster than legs
in this bathhouse.
Are you here for anything
other than selfish pursuits?
Most selfish.
Let's get you cleaned up.
Zaca can take care
of your mates.
What sort of bathhouse is this?
The good kind.
How much for
the whole damn package?
I guess you'll find out.
Look, darling, there's one.
Oh, there's one.
- Evening.
- Evening.
We'll look tomorrow, darling,
when there's more light.
MAN: We are not seeking men.
We are seeking rats.
I know rats.
Hide in the shadows
and the cracks,
stealing to live.
You have to think like a rat
to find them and kill them.
ACHUN: Then find them!
I will.
I can smell them.
[Achun speaking Chinese]
You've been through the wringer.
You know me, Rose.
I have a genius for living.
It's the consequences
I'm not so versed in.
Well, you deserve
every last bruise.
I had to leave.
Yeah, that's what they all say.
I should cut your throat.
Police were on my tail.
What was I to do?
Yeah, well, they found me.
They tried to book me
as your accomplice,
but they didn't have any proof,
so they let me loose.
Then I caught a boat,
hoping to find you.
I followed all your crumbs,
stories of your antics
up the coast.
This was as close
as I could get to New Guinea.
Figured you'd wind up here
sooner or later.
I didn't know.
You always were
a bullshit peddler.
You painted a pretty picture
of life in the tropics,
just you and I.
And I'm the fool who bought it.
Well, it could still be,
you know.
You and I.
I can't.
You see, I got here
without a shilling.
Travers took a shine to me,
and I figured I'd use that
to find his stash.
I didn't get far until
his thugs caught up with me.
They gave me a choice.
Work it off on my back...
or worse.
I should have chosen worse.
And I never should have
left you behind.
Let me help you, Rose.
The last time I trusted you,
I wound up here.
Well, here isn't so bad,
so far as I'm concerned.
Flynn! Oh, jeez.
- We've gotta go, mate.
- Why?
Achun's here.
Oh. I've gotta go.
Excuse me.
Hey, come here, come here.
DOOK: I say, it is very tight.
Do you have any oil?
No matter.
A little spit
might do the trick!
Darling, let me.
I'll give it a good shove!
- Going somewhere, gentlemen?
- Oh, not today gents.
Ripper of a show
you put on today.
It'd be a shame
to see you depart so soon.
You know, before you've had a go
at snatching the title
from our champ.
Kid Lozetti.
33 and 0.
Is that him?
Oh, no, not him. Him.
Thought you were getting me
a real man to fight.
- Easy, easy.
- Ooh!
How are you there, sweetheart?
Got something to say?
Word to the wise.
Inform your next of kin
'cause you're going home
in a box.
Good night, ladies.
What the hell is this?
Took down
his top challenger today.
We're short of a pair of fists
for tomorrow's fight.
I invited a heap of municipal
types with very deep pockets.
See, what I'm thinking,
you take on the kid, yeah?
You go hell for leather
for two rounds.
I want two good rounds,
you hear? Two good rounds.
At the end of the third,
then you go down.
Real clean.
No one in our outfit
takes a dive. No one!
Then I'm assuming no one
in your outfit wants a boat
with an engine.
Or we just kill 'em now, Dad.
Settle down, will you, son?
Just settle down, all right?
So what you thinking?
No, don't. No, no, no, no.
If I fight,
what guarantee do we have?
Well, you know, you seem
like a pretty smart lad to me.
You fail to put on a good show,
you fail to take your nap
at the scheduled bedtime,
and you and your mates here
will end up as chum
for the local fishermen.
Got it? You got it?
Good on ya.
We'll see ya tomorrow, right?
Evening, boys!
Good evening, Mr. Travers.
Now what?
It's fairly obvious these chaps
intend to double cross us.
Leave it with me.
I've got an idea.
I had a feeling
he might say that.
What do you want?
- I'm getting you out of here.
- [chuckles]
Errol, the truth wouldn't hurt
you every on once in a while.
Travers has got you
and your boys in a vice,
and you need my help.
Well, you know him
better than us.
He has our boat.
What do I get out of it?
Come with us.
Come with us to New Guinea.
We'll start fresh, you and I.
You can't turn a stale crust
into a fresh loaf.
It's pretty clear how your story
will end if you stay here, Rose.
You guys take care of the fight.
We'll take care of the boat.
[crowd chatter]
That's right, gentlemen!
This one's a shoo-in
for Errol Flynn,
Tasmanian devil
what took down The Mountain.
[crowd cheering]
Get to the body! Get to the...
Get up!
[bell dings]
You've got him now!
Come on!
Why don't you try doing
something called fighting?
What kind of prep boy shit
was that, huh?
You need to gouge his eyes out.
Bite the bastard!
Do you wanna win, Flynn?
Drink up.
You go out there,
and you attack him.
[bell dings]
Come on!
What are you doing? Coward!
You coward! Come here!
Yeah? Come on!
Yeah, come here!
- Yes!
- Yeah, come on!
Yeah! Bring it on!
Come on, Flynn, get up! Get up!
Up you get! Up you get!
Let's show this son of a bitch!
Come on, Flynn.
Attaboy. Here we go!
Come on!
No, no, no, no! No!
[bell dinging]
[bell dings]
Come on! Come on!
Come on, come on.
Listen! Hey, listen to me.
Every time he goes left,
he drops his right.
So you make him go left.
When he drops his right,
You promised me
a shitload of gold.
[bell dinging]
Come on!
[crowd groans]
Why don't you stay down there
where you belong?
Come on!
Get up!
[crowd cheering]
CROWD: Flynn!
Get in there, you pussy!
Get back in there!
Get back there!
CROWD: Three!
Come on, Boss,
let's get you out of here.
[crowd cheering]
COP: Everybody out!
Come on, move it!
Flynn, let's get out of here!
[shouting continues]
Hey, hey, not so fast.
Get your hands up.
Yeah, good one. Good one, yeah.
Who's been a naughty
little girl then, eh?
You in cahoots with these bums
now, are you?
She's not yours anymore,
- Yeah?
- No time like the present.
Oh, spare me days.
Hold your horses, all right?
Spare me days.
So where is it
you were thinking...
Shoot 'em all!
- What now, genius?
- We make a run for it.
All right.
Pull yourself together,
you bloody idiot!
Johnson, what are you doing?
Staging a revolution, mate.
Hey, son! Son, help me!
Help yourself,
you son of a bitch.
This one's for my dad.
Easy. Easy!
Bougie dog.
[switchblade clicks]
Have a nice day!
What's going on?
The girls and I made a killing
from your fight.
But like I said,
last time I trusted you...
We're not afraid
of a bunch of girls.
How about her?
It's amazing the folk you meet
making your way up the coast.
The rats always
return to the nest.
ACHUN: Well done, Vassilis.
Take the money.
That's no way to treat a lady.
Easy, easy, easy.
I have a genius for living too.
Enjoy the consequences.
You had that coming.
ROSE: Achun will
take care of them.
[Vassilis speaking Greek]
What's he saying?
- He's praying.
- That's not good.
[speaking Greek]
Where is it?
We don't know
what you're talking about.
Hey! Ease up, sport!
- Shut up now!
- Leave him alone!
[speaking Greek]
What does that mean?
You don't wanna know.
- Jesus.
- No, no, no, no, no, no!
[speaking Greek]
Listen, boys,
I can't deny him any longer,
so where is my merchandise?
Your what?
The opium!
In the tea box.
You idiot.
You! Such a pity.
You had so much potential.
It was me!
I threw it overboard.
you men need no longer live.
This is going to hurt a lot,
paidi mo...
I'm taking my boat back,
ya bitch!
They're coming!
Get down!
How's she looking?
She's certainly seen better
days, that's for sure.
We're still leagues
from New Guinea,
and we'll be passing through
the height of cyclone season.
- We turn back.
- To what?
We've got half of
Queensland's law after us.
We're outlaws.
There's more.
Rain barrel took a bullet.
We have no water.
It's all right.
We keep our heads,
we'll be fine.
Are you listening to me?
These are our rations.
It's all right.
I have all I need right here.
You won't be joking when your
body starts shutting down, Rex!
No one's body's gonna be
shutting down.
Know what happens to human
bodies without fresh water?
- Stop it!
- Your organs fail.
- Stop it.
- Your blood thickens.
You go insane!
Stop being a bloody coward!
- Flynn.
- Dook.
It's all falling apart now,
isn't it, Admiral?
- Oh, shut up, will you?
- What are we doing out here?
- You know where the door is.
- I should've stayed in Sydney.
With those razor boys
on your back? Good luck.
We wouldn't be in this mess
if you hadn't swindled
the Chinese
or trusted your goddamn whore.
- Come here!
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Take it back!
Get off me!
- Hey! Hey!
- Take it back.
You wanna know why I came on
this godforsaken trip?
Get off me!
I came to die!
Got it in my mind
to make this the last voyage.
Family didn't leave me.
Far from it.
They stuck it out.
Stood by me on that very deck
through thick and thin.
CHARLIE: It was the sea
that took 'em from me.
Achun's like a poison.
You wanna talk about cowardice?
Well, you're looking at it!
I didn't even have the nerve
to top myself.
I thought I had nothing left,
except this boat.
And then you sods come along.
Sticking your necks out
for one another, for me.
That means more than
any bloody gold, mate.
This man is our captain,
and we're his crew.
Stories or not,
he made us dream.
Now you all quit
your bloody whining.
Orders, Captain?
I'm no captain, Charlie.
But I am certain
that over that horizon
is the promise
of something better.
And I wouldn't have
brought you boys along
if I didn't truly believe
that we could seize it.
- Then let's seize it.
- All right.
But with a new captain
at the helm.
I'm with you.
Let's make a run at it.
Till beam's end.
Till beam's end.
We're getting close.
You know, Captain Cook
ran aground in these waters.
Yes, well, Cook didn't have me.
This belonged
to a friend of mine.
He saved my life.
I want you to have it.
You've always looked out for me.
When we were young lads,
When Dad lost everything
in the crash...
I didn't know what to do or...
who I was.
Then I got your letter.
This person.
This is the most certain
I've ever been about myself.
I love you, Flynn.
Good lad.
FLYNN: What's the saying?
Red sky at night...
CHARLIE: Sailors sleep tight!
Land! We've got land, boys!
We've got land, we've got land!
- We've got land!
- Land! Land!
- We've got land.
- Land!
CHARLIE: New Guinea.
Thank bloody hell.
Land! We've got land!
What happened?
[thumping, creaking]
We've hit a reef!
Oh, my Lord.
Launch the dinghy!
Flynn, look around the hull.
Look for bubbles.
I'll check the engine.
Flynn! Flynn!
- Dook, this is serious.
- I know, I know.
Christ. That's the gas tank!
Abandon ship!
Everybody off!
- Come on!
- Flynn, come on!
Everybody off!
- Quick! Everyone!
- Hurry!
- Wait! Charlie!
- Where's Charlie?
- Charlie!
- Charlie! Charlie!
- Charlie!
- Charlie! Charlie!
Rex! Rex!
- Errol!
- Flynn!
Flynn! Flynn! Come on! Come on!
- Come on!
- [coughs]
What are you doing?
- Charlie!
- Hey!
- Come back!
- Charlie!
- Come back!
- No...
No, no, no!
[seagulls cawing]
Where are Dook and Charlie?
Where are Dook and Charlie?
Where are they?
They're gone. They're gone.
- No!
- They're gone. They're gone.
No, no.
Who are you?
I'm your nurse.
Where's Rex?
He's fine.
He said some rather disturbing
things in his sleep.
You should hear him
when he's awake.
You're both incredibly lucky.
Missionaries found you.
It's a miracle.
I'll check on you later.
FLYNN: Bones of
many a fine sailor
at the bottom of this ocean,
but no men finer
than Dook and Charlie.
Theirs were far too kind
and decent spirits
to be lost so young.
BOY: Mr. Flynn!
Mr. Flynn!
BOY: What's it say?
"Mr. Errol Flynn. Stop."
Come at once to play a part
in my Hollywood picture. Stop.
All expenses paid. Stop.
Gonna make you a star, kid.
"Joel Schwartz."
[bell ringing]
- [knocking]
- Yes?
- Mr. Flynn, you have a visitor.
- I haven't time for any.
- I ran out of stories.
- Good to see you, old sport!
Errol Flynn, pansy actor.
I don't know anything
about acting,
but they pay me just the same.
To what do I owe the pleasure?
There's an uprising in Spain.
I've heard.
I thought I could interest you
in a real adventure.
It was in the Brisbane paper
that year.
Hell of a story.
Wouldn't make
a half-bad picture.
[crew chatter]
[bell ringing]
Yes, sir.
Your ship is sinking.
The ocean rages.
And your crew, dead.
Can you do that?
MAN: Yeah. Okay, it's clear!
- DIRECTOR: Quiet on set!
- [bell ringing]
Roll sound!
Roll camera!