In Love and Deep Water (2023) Movie Script

[romantic music plays]
[man] They were called... Sirens.
Monsters of the sea
from the legends of ancient Greece.
[female voices singing]
[man] Seafaring travelers would suddenly
hear beautiful singing voices
in the middle of the ocean.
Bewitched by the voices,
the sailors would lose their way,
and end up at the bottom of the ocean.
Encountering the Sirens
was a death sentence.
So to love, you could say,
brings you closer to death.
[singing ends]
[woman] I'm really spilling...
[man 2] Not the kind of story
I want to hear on a boat.
The Starbucks logo. It's a Siren.
I only drink Doutor, myself.
I heard the boss
runs a pretty tight ship here.
Last month, the captain went
on a power trip and got dismissed.
- Mmm. Mmm!
- The new captain is, well...
- Hi! What's today's lunch?
- Hello, ma'am.
- Pizza and chicken.
- [captain] Chicken?
- [server] Yes.
- [captain] Go ahead.
Here we are.
The Nine Secrets of Powerful Women.
Thanks for coming on.
Thank you for having me.
- That show where they follow you around?
- [interviewer] Let's start.
- Our captain's in that?
- [interviewer] Your first secret, please.
I'm not one to limit myself.
You could say it's just my way, I guess.
- [chuckles]
- [interviewer] I see.
"It's just my way"?
[captain] Limitations are obstacles
to self-growth.
[man 2] I'm worried now.
[captain] To have a rich
and creative life...
- [bell ringing]
- have to know what you want...
[woman] Mr. Ubukata, Mr. Ubukata!
Mi... Ah!
Ubukata, we need your help again.
I'll be right there.
[dramatic music plays]
[buzz of conversation]
[man] It's too big to go round...
[woman] Let's go check it out...
- [Ubukata] Thank you.
- [bell dings]
[cheering, laughter]
[man] Let's go!
They're right over there.
How can this be, huh?
I need to make a phone call.
Ubukata is a butler
you can depend on, then.
It's not that he's dependable.
It's that he's quite good
as a lightning conductor.
We are terribly sorry!
Say it from the floor.
We are truly sorry!
Uh... Hey!
- Oh. Don't move, stay there.
- Yes, sir.
Oh, I got a bar!
- Oh! Don't move. Don't move.
- Yes, sir. Sir.
Baby! [laughs]
So, yeah.
Where do you think I am right now?
How do you do this every day?
Do you have no self-respect?
Do I have...
[captain] It's all right.
Ubukata doesn't have to worry
about self-respect.
Don't put any ideas
in our lightning rod's head.
There is a cost to keeping
our boat safe and peaceable.
Keep going!
[dramatic waltz plays]
After you.
I'm afraid you are not allowed
to walk around in swimsuits here.
I'm terribly sorry.
[guest] Where are we?
- Allow me to take you to your cabin, sir.
- [chuckles]
[woman] It's so cold!
- I'm terribly sorry.
- Uh, really!
- It's, like, 50 degrees in here.
- I am terribly sorry.
[woman gasps]
- Oh, no, my apologies!
- [woman sighs]
- [Ubukata] Incredibly sorry.
- [woman sighs] I can't eat it now.
[girl] Kanato.
Take these.
Yes, Miss Kuruma.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
I'm Edward.
I'm real, you know.
The waiting room's this way.
[man 1] She's the youngest of the Kurumas.
The board chair for a medical corporation
and his family.
[man 2] Ah. Are they doctors?
You don't know them?
Sohei Kuruma is the Godfather
of the medical world.
And that's his son, the director
of Kuruma General Hospital, and his wife.
Be sure you're on your best behavior.
- [man 3] This is delicious!
- [woman] Mm, yes it is.
- Bonsoir.
- [all] Bonsoir.
The party has begun.
- [man 3] Wow! Wow!
- [woman] Whoa!
- Any card. Take your pick.
- [woman] Sure.
- [Edward] Now, don't show me.
- [woman] Okay.
- Mmm!
- Have it memorized?
Put it back, please.
- [woman gasps]
- [man 3] It's your card!
- [woman] Incredible!
- [man 3 laughs]
- [applause, cheering]
- [woman] Wow! What a trick!
[man 3] Aah!
Enjoy the rest of your evening.
How can I help you, sir?
You're older than me, right?
Why are you speaking so formally to a kid?
Thanks to you, I'm afforded
the opportunity to serve here.
It's thanks to me?
Are you saying that I made you a butler?
- Very sorry, sir. What I mean to say...
- My mother is a housekeeper.
The family she works for made me
come here to serve their daughter.
You can't call me "sir."
Everyone aboard who has a ticket
is an important guest.
Everyone around you is a selfish person.
Do you enjoy living in a place like that?
- I am sorry, sir, to have offended...
- Stop being formal.
It feels like you can't relax.
Okay, got it.
That's great.
I do have someone
in my life who's not selfish, you know.
You know her? She's a meteorologist on TV.
And she'll come aboard
at Yokohama tomorrow.
To be honest,
right after this trip is over,
we're going to get married.
[chuckles] What am I... Hey.
That's enough. Really.
This ship would be
better off at the bottom of the ocean.
[ominous music plays]
- [man] Can I have some?
- E... excuse me.
[man scoffs] Come on!
[Miss Kuruma] Checkmate.
You got me.
I can never beat you, Miss Kuruma.
You really aren't good at this.
Play again?
Yes, Miss.
[son] My entire life, Father,
has always been in your service.
So, how can it be
that I'm not in your will?
Miss Sakumoto!
Yes, sir?
[Kuruma clears throat]
[both chuckle]
Seduction, then.
I won't be robbed by a housemaid!
Hey! Or at the very least,
show me the will.
[door slams]
When I'm dead,
all my fortune will be
bequeathed to you, Miss Sakumoto.
You have a son, sir. What of him?
Listen to me.
I would like to go to heaven.
- [sighs]
- [phone vibrates]
[ringing tone]
This is Wakaba Funabashi.
Please leave a message.
Hi, it's me. I saw your text.
Mmph... It's fine.
I mean, it's your career.
Can't wait to see you in 45 days...
- [panting]
- [romantic music playing]
[man] There you are!
[female voices singing]
[woman on PA] Attention, all passengers.
We would like to inform you
that the boarding process has begun.
- It's fine, it's fine. Just do it.
- [man 1] Right away!
Yes, yes. Make sure you get it done.
- Whew!
- [man 2] You first!
- Nice, nice! It's like Ibiza here.
- [woman 1] I saw some gelato...
Up there, look. [gasps] It's like Ibiza!
- [both gasp]
- [woman 2] Oh...
[man 3] Excuse me.
- Wait! This place is so dope!
- Oh my God!
- This place feels... It's amazing! Come on!
- [panting] So cool!
What are they?
I didn't know
there'd be nobodies on board!
Here, Miss Shiori!
We have one guest left
who hasn't checked in yet.
[Ubukata] Chizuru Banjaku.
[woman speaking in Italian]
Excuse me.
Yes, madam? You must check in now.
- Ah, Madam!
- [gasps]
[gentle music plays]
Uh... M... Madam, I am extremely sorry!
- Oh?
- Madam?
- Uh, yes?
- All guests...
Uh, no, I am not here as a guest.
- [Ubukata] Uh...
- Excuse me.
[Ubukata] Madam!
This person...
is on this boat, right?
Miss Wakaba Funabashi.
Where is her room, please?
[Ubukata] Madam.
Please wait.
- Madam?
- Yes. Um, oh... sorry for the trouble.
- Sorry.
- Uh, madam? Sorry to ask.
But are you an acquaintance
of Miss Wakaba Funabashi, by chance?
- I guess you could say that.
- [female voice singing in distance]
Mr. Ubukata?
Right. Butler Ubukata at your service.
Wakaba Funabashi's boyfriend?
- Huh?
- I'm right, aren't I?
Now please, could you
tell me where her room is?
She's not aboard the ship.
Miss Funabashi was unable
to make it due to work.
May I ask why?
I'm leaving.
- I'm getting off the ship!
- Huh?
- Uh... madam? Madam!
- I'm getting off!
- I'm leaving! Please let me off!
- Our departure is imminent.
[Chizuru sighs]
- Mr. Butler.
- Yes?
The reason your girlfriend didn't make it
on this cruise ship at the last port.
Do you know what it is?
- Something came up with wo...
- Incorrect.
Right now, your girlfriend
is together with another man.
[dramatic music plays]
She's going behind your back
to be with another man.
Are you going to just let it happen?
[laughs] You have evidence?
The person she's having an affair with
is my boyfriend, okay?
We are being cheated on, both of us!
We have to stop them!
Madam, wait.
Madam! Madam... [groans]
- Madam!
- Huh?
[engine chugging]
[ship's horn blares]
[upbeat disco music playing]
Right here.
- Care for one?
- Yes!
- Thanks very much.
- Sure.
Like a drink?
Thank you for your patience.
Here you are.
Here you are.
Here you are. Please enjoy yourselves.
- [cards fluttering]
- [crowd gasps]
[cheering, applause]
The party has begun.
Thank you for your patience.
Excuse me.
Good night.
Were you able to get in touch
with your weather girlfriend?
Apologies. I can't speak
to personal matters, ma'am.
Excuse me.
Just out of curiosity,
how is it that you came to hold...
such suspicions?
And what is that?
My boyfriend and your girlfriend have
been sending each other text messages.
I found out his login information.
They're not aware I'm watching, so I can
read their messages without them knowing.
- That is what we call snooping, ma'am...
- It's my boyfriend.
Generally, looking at your partner's phone
is not socially permissible...
- This is an emergency.
- [winces]
"Stare into the abyss,
the abyss stares back."
Yet it's my duty, perhaps, to see
if what you say is the truth or not.
Wanna see?
[sighs] Only to verify. Just for a moment.
Hold it down so it doesn't show as read.
Thank you, madam.
- They are meeting up.
- They're meeting up, yes.
Your moment is up, isn't it?
[Wakaba] I... have a boyfriend, you know.
[dramatic waltz plays]
Yeah, well, I have a girlfriend too.
Maybe we should stop meeting.
[man] No, we're only meeting. It's okay.
[Wakaba] You can't just
take my hand like that.
I'm sorry.
Don't say that.
No, I mean
for putting you in this position.
The position's okay.
Don't apologize.
[Chizuru sighs] How far did you get?
To where she says, "Don't apologize."
- [sighs] Oh, and then...
- I've seen enough already.
Then it gets really bad!
Really bad?
What do you mean by that?
But I thought you were done.
I mean, if you know
the basement is haunted,
then why go down there, right?
[Wakaba] Hot springs?
Near Hakone.
Hot springs, huh?
- Sounds nice!
- [both laugh]
- Good idea.
- [laughs]
What does this mean anyway?
Exactly what it says.
Hot springs in Hakone.
- A day trip?
- A sleepover.
[water bubbling]
[Wakaba giggling]
[ringing tone]
- This is Wakaba. Please leave a message.
- She's not answering?
- He hasn't picked up for me for a while.
- No, this can't be right!
Oh! This is like a viral thing.
Like when people are getting married.
She must've put you up to this.
Whether you believe it or don't,
those two are going on that trip
to the hot springs.
Yeah, but...
We have to go back to Japan
and put a stop to them.
We've set sail.
So, this is fine?
She's going to cheat on you!
They'll get in those hot springs.
There'll be two futons, side by side!
[both chuckle]
[nervous chuckling]
One moment, please.
[toilet seat opens]
[Ubukata screams]
[toilet flushing]
I am terribly sorry.
I'm sorry to say, we won't return to Japan
for another forty... two days.
Can't we say we forgot something important
and need to go back for a sec?
With 4,860 passengers onboard,
you can't just go back like that.
Once the ship has set sail,
we can't return.
By the time we do get back,
those two could be getting married
for all we know.
Excuse me.
[upbeat disco music playing]
- [laughter, cheering]
- Madam?
Madam! Madam.
Uh... Sorry. Excuse me. Excuse me.
Madam, where are you going?
I need to talk to the captain.
Where's the captain?
[Ubukata] Madam.
Go fetch Miss Sakamoto for me.
Why talk to that housemaid
when I'm right here by your side?
[Ubukata] Please, wait.
Uh, Madam?
- Madam, please...
- [woman] Hey!
You, there! You, yup.
Do you work here?
Yes. Is everything to your liking?
Is it to my liking?
[gasps] You mean you're seeing this,
and no part of you thinks
that there's something really wrong
going on here?
[scoffs] You're a bit slow
on the uptake, aren't you?
Tell him what my favorite word is.
[woman] Yes, it's "exclusive."
Exclusive areas, parties, Avex.
But our table?
- It's shared!
- It is a shared table.
You see?
- My apologies. We're busy at the moment.
- [woman scoffs]
That's not my fault though.
I don't think
that's for us to worry about. Do you?
- It's a them thing, yeah.
- I'm terribly sorry.
[woman] Don't apologize.
Let us have this table alone,
and then everything will be fine.
What? You all should leave.
Yeah, we got here first anyway.
Look. That kind of "I got here first"
only applies at a ramen stall.
You two probably have never
been to Europe, then, huh?
[chuckles] If you've got
a higher status there,
it doesn't matter who sat first.
[woman] Look, I've been going to Velfarre
since I was 18.
The Avex people would bump me
to the top of the list.
- What is Velfarre?
- Avex is, uh...
Velfarre is Velfarre.
Just like Avex is Avex.
I call it
"the unbearable lightness of being."
I don't get it.
But I can tell they're being rude.
- You need to get rid of these commoners.
- [woman sighs]
You calling us common?
No, I didn't call you common,
I called you commoners.
Or, in French, le commoners.
Get them out of here.
- My sincere apologies...
- Get us the captain right now!
- I'm terribly sorry.
- We are guests, are we not?
Uh... if I may.
Don't you think
you could handle this a bit differently?
- [scoffs]
- Why should that matter to a guest at all?
Oh, because you are a guest.
You know who the biggest idiots
in the world are?
The ones that think
they're superior to the staff.
- Let's go, Mr. Butler.
- Huh?
Uh, madam...
[woman scoffs]
Not me, of course.
[upbeat dance music playing]
Wow, look at that!
Wow. Wow!
- [Edward chuckles]
- That was cool, thanks!
The party's begun.
Rena is more excited than, well, any of us
to be on holiday with her grandpa.
[laughs dramatically]
She sure does love her grandfather!
Actually, I don't have any grandchildren.
What's that you're trying to say?
Rena, of course, is your grandchild.
I had the matter looked into.
That child is, in fact, the result
of your having an affair with another man.
Oh, that boat!
That one's heading toward land.
The direction doesn't matter, ma'am.
You can't transfer.
How are you calm at a time like this?
It is my duty to ensure the comfort
of the 4,800 guests on this ship.
These guests are
more important than your girlfriend?
Uh... that kid. Is he trying to off himself?
- Wh... what?
- Uh, don't you think so?
Do people ever call you
slow on the uptake?
- Yeah, just a moment ago.
- You should step in.
[Ubukata] Kanato?
Oh, it's you.
Good evening. And goodbye.
- [Chizuru] Good evening.
- Goodbye.
One must imagine
a guiding star of their own.
Follow that star,
and you're sure to reach your dreams.
- It's another secret...
- Captain!
An illegal vessel is obstructing our path.
Avert the ship.
Starboard... ten!
[man] Ah, perfect, got it!
It was some years ago.
A person was sent to our hospital
by a cabinet minister.
And that person was in great need
of receiving an organ transplant.
[eerie female voice singing]
[Sohei] I found a candidate
who was a perfect fit for the job.
She had just been married.
Her husband was there visiting with her.
I told her
that it was I who would be
performing the operation on her.
She started crying from happiness.
The next day,
some apples
picked at her parents' house arrived.
The operation was a success.
Well, the operation was a success
for the person who needed the transplant.
The husband who lost his wife
would never be the wiser
that there was something missing
from her body.
[thunderclap echoing]
Money isn't something
you can take to the afterlife.
Which means
my feeling now is,
things would've turned out for the better
if I had instead just eaten
that apple back then.
Even so,
giving your fortune to a maid
isn't the answer.
Miss Sakumoto reminds me of my first love.
Hers is an honest and pure soul.
I see. Why, you've been seduced, then!
Do not presume to think
that everyone lives the way you do.
[music fades]
Take your daughter... and leave our family.
Miss Sakumoto will receive my fortune,
and I will get to see my first love again.
I am going to heaven.
[eerie music plays]
[footsteps approaching slowly]
[squeals] No! Oh no!
- [gasping]
- Sorry! Oh, what should I do...
- Uh... wait, wait.
- [spluttering]
- Oh, I'm so sorry! Sorry!
- [wails]
- [yells] Sorry! Aaah!
- [Sohei gasping]
- Oh! Oh!
- [Sohei groaning]
[grunting] Here, here...
Just hold on!
[squeals] You son of a...
- Stop it!
- [gasps]
[elevator bell dings]
Why are you following me?
Were you drawing a picture?
Isn't it too dark to see?
Want one?
Don't treat me like a kid.
I don't want any treats.
[murmur of voices]
- [woman 1] Right now! Come to mine.
- [man 1] Okay! Later. Later, later.
- Mmm! Oh!
- Oh, it's here, it's here.
- Which floor would you like, please?
- [man 1] Thanks. 16.
- Oh, it's all over me!
- [grunts]
What do you want...
- [man 1 groans]
- [woman 1] Get off.
[man 2] Why don't you two get off?
- [scoffs] The two of you got on after us.
- [buzzing]
You haven't been to Europe?
There, it doesn't matter
who got there first.
- I will leave the car.
- Hold on. Don't leave.
- [buzzing]
- Stay still.
Stay still...
- [woman 1] It's why I hate shared tables!
- [buzzing]
[man 2 groans]
[all exclaiming]
- [man 1] This is lit!
- [woman 1] Like a photo in a calendar!
- [woman 2] Cute!
- [man 1] It's just like Ibiza.
It's like I'm there!
- [woman 1] Whoo! Mm-hmm!
- Photo!
- Go on!
- [woman 2] Wait a sec.
- [man 2] Yeah!
- [woman 1] You're in the way.
[woman 2] Do I look...
- [man 2] Looking good!
- [woman 2] My hair?
- [man 2] Hey, this is cool!
- [female voices sing briefly]
- [woman 1] Good, yeah.
- [man 2] Cool.
- [man 1] Check this.
- Did you hear something?
- [man 1] Whoa!
- [woman 1] Awesome!
- Sirens...
- [man] Like that.
[woman 1] Stop it!
- [energy crackling]
- [Sohei wailing]
[woman 2] Huh?
Hmm? Eh?
[wailing fades]
This is the cruise, right?
Yeah, stop getting so worked up.
[man 2 scoffs] What's with her?
- [woman 1] Ugh!
- One moment, please.
- Let's look around.
- Yeah.
- [man 2] Right?
- Oh!
- [man 2 grunts]
- [man 1] Someone's there.
[suspenseful music playing]
[screams] Move it, move It,
move it, move it!
- [all gasping]
- [man 2] Here! Here! Let's go, let's go!
[Chizuru] It's okay, it's okay.
["Runaway" by The Salsoul Orchestra]
Hey, what was that?
Hey, hey... That was a dead body, right?
- Yeah.
- We witnessed a murder.
- That's messed up!
- This is too crazy!
- So then this party is...
- That's the way I see it
Oh, runaway
You better not hesitate
[waves splashing gently]
[Sohei's son] Why now?
Now that he's dead,
the lawyer will read his will.
Even in murder, timing matters.
What is your secret
to staying so beautiful, Captain?
Beautiful work keeps me beautiful.
- It is... one of my Nine Se...
- Captain, there's a guest.
Do not stand there.
You're blocking my face.
My apologies.
Over there.
Where is it?
So, where is it, the body?
It was right...
I saw it. It's true.
[gasps] And it's not just me.
There are, uh... including me...
[dramatic waltz plays]
There are seven witnesses.
Were all of you on the pool deck?
Yes, yes we were.
- Right?
- Mm-hmm. Yeah.
Is there an issue?
Did you see anything out of the ordinary?
Uh, did we?
[man 1] Like... a dolphin?
[man 2] Oh, was there a dolphin?
I want to see.
- [woman 2] Yeah, me too.
- Uh-huh...
Did something happen?
Uh... But you all saw it, did you not?
"Waah!" There was a person who yelled?
Then someone else was like,
"Aargh," and ran out, and...
And then an older person,
"Ugh," fell into the pool.
Did we see that?
Mister, are you pullin' our leg?
[woman 2] Maybe it's a movie you saw?
- There was a big TV screen there.
- It was not that.
It wasn't on the TV.
There was an actual murder here.
You all saw it, didn't you?
[tense music playing]
[air conditioner rattling]
- [son grunts]
- How's he look?
- Huh?
- Here, here, here.
[son sighs]
It was in the pool, right?
He doesn't have much water in him.
Uh... uh...
He spat it out, then?
- Why do you have the AC on so low?
- [sighs]
Until we find the will,
we need to keep him cool.
- You all saw it.
- Ubukata.
- How can't you remember?
- Give it a rest.
These are our guests.
Deepest apologies.
I'm sorry.
The thing is, we want to help,
but we have no idea what he's saying.
- Right?
- Mmm. None.
- Not a bit.
- [sighs] Not even a little.
You saw it, right?
You saw it?
- On the pool deck.
- We saw nothing.
Nothing, right?
Forgive the transgression.
I apologize for calling so late.
[Sohei's son laughing]
Aah! Oh yes, everyone's accounted for.
Oh, Dad. I've heard that one before!
Ah, evening.
Uh... good evening.
Sorry to disturb.
Good night.
Mmm. Good night.
He's alive.
I actually respect him more
now that he's like this.
Uh... the cruise will continue
as usual, right?
- Of course, ma'am.
- Good.
Dear, dear.
So, nothing happened.
Could we just confirm
all the passengers are safe?
There are 4,000.
- You expect us to ask if they're alive?
- The murderer likely dropped the body...
It's too bad.
I thought you were a great lightning rod.
I'm going to suspend you for a while.
- [bell dings]
- [doors open]
[Chizuru] Ah!
[Ubukata sighs]
I did see it, you know.
Not just me, either.
Everyone who was there at the time
did witness a murder.
[mysterious music plays]
[Ubukata] So, why didn't you say that?
[Chizuru] Because
that little boy went into shock.
I hadn't thought about that.
Well, then what about the other guests?
Oh, you don't get it?
Having a murder happen,
their fun little cruise trip
comes to an end.
[Chizuru] They chose
the Aegean Cruise over a stranger's life.
If I had to guess, they're thinking,
"Why'd you die now? Read the room, man."
[Ubukata] A person has died!
You can't ignore it
and just go on normally.
In your own mind,
you can tell yourself anything.
we can't let things
stay unresolved like this, can we?
Certainly. A life was taken.
We can't act as if it didn't happen.
- We should do something, right?
- Yes, we should.
What could we do?
We could persuade them.
Persuade them?
We could talk to the four witnesses
at the scene
and persuade them to testify.
Yes, sure.
- That's a good starting point, yes.
- Uh-huh.
Uh... just a minute.
What are you trying to accomplish here?
- Accomplish?
- Are you doing this for the deceased?
Or so you can go back to Japan
and stop your boyfriend?
Of course it's to help the deceased.
Has anyone told you how bad you are
at lying, madam?
- [sighs]
- Such a crooked motive!
Would it solve the problem
if I had a better motive?
This... is what?
Something beautiful she saw today...
New couples tend to do this sort of thing.
A beautiful scene that she saw today.
Here's their shadows together.
Something else that a couple would do
if they just started to date.
[laughing shakily]
Well, I guess that's it.
I got cheated on.
The chances of coming back
from this are exactly nil.
Giving up is the best thing to do.
[laughing, sobbing]
Uh... Are you okay?
My apologies.
[chuckles] Sorry.
- Ah, madam!
- [chuckles]
The water's pretty cold at night,
isn't it?
[gentle music playing]
[both laugh]
- [Ubukata] Mmm.
- [sighs]
Tell me, why did you want to be a butler?
[Ubukata] Mmm...
From elementary school,
I was always behind the scenes
at parties and festivals.
You don't ever just wanna enjoy it?
Without someone to handle everything,
a party can't happen.
If there are drunk people, say,
someone needs to look after them.
Like the supporting role
in a romance movie.
- [Ubukata] Aah!
- [both chuckle]
[Ubukata] They're often
the one getting in the way.
- Like the ex of the main character.
- [chuckles]
But without that supporting role,
the main love doesn't go anywhere.
All right. Then what of
the supporting character's love?
It goes nowhere.
The leads get to have their wedding,
and then the support,
do they just say "I get it"
and then back down?
I don't think
that you would ever say that in romance.
Then where's the butler in all this?
[sighs] They don't need one.
- [chuckles]
- Anyone can be the main character in love.
[laughs] Madam, you are quite persuasive.
[both laugh]
- [Ubukata] Aah!
- [sighs]
[Ubukata] Let's do it.
Let's persuade those four guests,
go back to Japan,
and take back our leading roles.
Let's go for it?
Yes. Let's go for it.
[both laughing]
I am starting to enjoy myself.
[laughing loudly]
- Aah!
- [Chizuru] Mr. Butler?
- Yes?
- This is a murder scene.
[Ubukata winces]
[adventurous music plays]
- [man 2] What for dinner?
- [woman 2] Let's see.
[man 1] Should we grab something to eat?
- [woman] Try that...
- [man 2] Well, meat or fish?
- [man 1] How about the Club Lounge?
- [woman 1] Mmm...
[man 2] Meat. How's that?
- [woman 2] Fish for me, I think.
- [man 2] Ah, fish!
- I thought you'd say that.
- Those two.
I'm supposed to be suspended right now.
No one'll know it's you now.
- I don't think it'll make much difference.
- [couple speaking Italian]
[butler] Ah, sir.
Excuse me. You dropped this, sir.
Oh, my sincere apologies...
Uh... Oh, thanks.
- [man 2] I'm just going to the bathroom.
- [Chizuru] Oh!
[woman 2] Sure, I'll be here.
[Chizuru] He reeks of "up to something."
- [whimpers]
- Hey, you!
- What are you tailing me for, man?
- [whimpering]
- Huh? The gang?
- Uh-uh.
Are you part of it?
Did the boss tell you to tail me?
- Uh...
- [Ubukata] What the...?
This dick...
Are you all right?
So... who's this boss
you were talking about?
Shut up.
None of your business is who.
[grunts, sighs]
Chopped up by the propellers or...
[Ubukata gasps]
Or quartered and fed to the sharks.
Pick one.
[woman 2] Stop it, Ryuki.
My father... is the boss he mentioned.
Let's stop pretending.
Let's stop being shady,
'cause we could use their help.
Mmm, I'm a...
Well... to put it in terms
that you would use,
daughter to a crime boss.
Seijuro Hagiwara, the boss
of the Hagiwara Syndicate, is my father.
And this one here is
a former member of the clan.
- Former?
- My father wouldn't allow us to marry.
So we stole money from the clan
and made a run for it.
I always ruin everything.
It's all good.
I'm happy I'm able to be here.
Miss Shiori...
And that's why you can't go back to Japan.
And also why you kept silent
about seeing the murder.
If we go back, we're dead.
You saying some dead guy's life
is more important than ours?
- Can't you just talk to the police?
- We are yakuza.
- We don't really count on the police.
- I can give them your statement.
- Oh!
- I'll kill you!
- [Shiori] Ryuki.
- I won't be intimidated.
Okay, great.
- [yelps]
- I will end you.
- Sir, please!
- [Shiori] Stop it.
I protect her,
even if it means wasting you!
Stop, no, Ryuki.
Sir! Sir! Sir! Stop!
Go on. You can threaten me,
but I won't give in.
- [Ubukata] Sir!
- [Chizuru whimpering]
- Stop this at once!
- [Ryuki grunting]
None of what you say will make it
out of this room.
Why not?
It is my duty as a butler
to protect the privacy of guests.
Please step away from the lady.
I have no idea if this tastes good or not.
- Please, follow me.
- The last movie we did was... entertaining...
- [woman 1] Mm-hmm.
- [man 1] But I want to be in a good movie.
[woman 1] Mmm?
I want to star in a good movie.
What does that mean, "good movie"?
There are movies that make money,
and movies that don't.
- That's all.
- Like a movie that goes to Cannes.
Cannes? What's that?
[scoffs] It's a film festival. An award.
We need to start going to Cannes.
- Going to Toho Cinemas is good enough.
- [sighs] They're different!
They wear tuxedos at Cannes.
It's the entire...
- The whole town's involved.
- Oh, like a town fair.
I know the movies you produce
are cash cows.
But when all you do is take a great manga
and make it into a boring movie,
it gets old.
So basically,
you're still getting money at Cannes,
but it's just from rich people,
instead of normals.
Yeah, you're right.
I am Aina Horikawa.
If you follow my advice, you'll sell.
- Okay?
- [man 1] Yeah, I know.
[Aina] Excuse me!
Menu, menu. Right here.
Hurry! Excuse me!
- [waiter] Hello, may I take your order?
- [Aina] That took forever.
AINA HORIKAWA'S MARRIAGE PRESS MEE- She's... married to someone else.
- [Aina] Oh, we had this one already.
I was actually in one of her movies.
- What?
- [Aina] This? Yeah, let's do this one.
Ms. Horikawa,
I was in the cast of a movie you produced.
Huh? You're an actress, then?
I've only booked
one gig I've auditioned for,
and it was for your movie.
You should be thanking me, gosh.
Which role was it?
A woman who gets her butt trapped
in the doors of an elevator.
[laughing loudly]
Oh, mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
Yep. Yeah, yeah. Yep, yep, yep.
The derrire lady.
And what brings her here now?
Well, madam,
I hope you will forgive my impertinence.
But would I be right?
The two of you...
are involved... in an extramarital affair?
You are out of line!
My apologies, madam.
If there's a big fuss about the murder,
then your affair would be exposed.
It would then come to light
that you are a lady of disrepute.
And that is why you claim
not to have seen anything.
[Aina humming]
Excuse me, that's prohibited...
[drink pouring]
I am only holding it in my mouth.
Why should the cruise end?
All 'cause someone died?
I am not wrong here. Know why?
The customer is always right!
- My apologies.
- There is no need to be sorry.
You can't get a person's love with money.
Derrire Girl.
Do you dislike me?
Unclench. Most people I encounter don't.
"She's arrogant,
self-important, and money crazy."
That may be.
However, I'll tell you something.
It's that I am not your enemy.
What it is that people like you
actually dislike isn't the rich.
It's that you lack self-confidence.
It's that you have
absolutely no self-confidence!
What, the poor are moral?
And the rich are evil?
Hmm, not so sure.
You know how I got this way?
I'm relentless.
Richard Mille, Patek Phillippe,
Birkin, Centurion card...
I've got it all on my own.
I haven't done anything wrong.
Even if climate change causes
a food crisis
and there's nothing to eat but crickets,
you will still find me eating meat.
'Cause I've earned it.
You haven't earned it.
If you blame others
when things don't go your way,
you'll be Derrire Girl forever.
All you'll eat is crickets. Understand?
- Not even a little.
- All right, then.
Same with you. You're a servant,
so nut up and do your job.
Take Derrire Girl
and leave this room at once.
No way!
- Yes, of course.
- Huh?
My apologies, madam.
Right, then! Commoners, out!
Don't get your butt trapped somewhere.
[door opens]
[Ubukata] Madam.
[inhales shakily]
[emotional music plays]
- Excuse us.
- [Aina] Mm-hmm.
[door opens]
Just put them there.
Ah, no. I'll wash them.
Actually, I used to work at a laundromat.
- Seems you've done a lot of things.
- [chuckles] Yeah, I really have.
There have been jobs I wanted,
but I've never found
something that suited me like you.
It hasn't all been bad.
Mmm. Work that you're not suited for...
can be good in its own way.
I'm not sure... whether I'm suited
to being a butler anymore.
[both chuckle]
[phone chimes]
[Wakaba] He is a good person.
But good people are boring.
I know! It's not exciting.
They're not really enjoying their lives.
Mm-hmm. It's hard to feel a spark
with someone who doesn't enjoy life.
My girlfriend too.
She's kind of uptight.
I don't see her as a woman.
I don't feel that my boyfriend's a man.
[both laughing]
There you go.
It's just as she said.
I'm a boring person.
You're different, though, ma'am.
[chuckles ruefully]
But he said I'm not womanly.
It isn't true at all.
You feel like a woman to me.
- [inhales]
- Uh...
Please, forgive me.
I retract my statement.
When I say retract, what I mean
is to retract my statement
that you feel like a woman,
rather than the objective viewpoint
of your being seen as a woman.
- This is what I meant.
- [chuckles]
- [both chuckle awkwardly]
- Excuse me.
I do think
that I'm enjoying life in my own way.
Me as well.
I am enjoying life in my own way.
I mean, look around.
We're on this beautiful ship.
- Yes.
- [chuckles]
Well, madam. There are enjoyable places
aboard you haven't discovered yet.
If I may, I would be pleased
to show you around.
Do you mean it?
I'll return in a moment. I need to change.
Ah, wait a minute.
If we're committing to it...
["I Can't Help Myself"
by The Four Tops plays]
Ooh, sugarpie honeybunch
You know that I love you
I can't help myself
I love you and nobody else
- In and out my life
- In and out my life
- You come and you go
- You come and you go
- Leaving just your picture behind
- Oh
- And I kissed it a thousand times
- Oh-oh-oh-oh
When you snap your fingers
Or wink your eye
I come a-runnin' to you
- I'm tied to your apron strings
- I can't help myself
- And there's nothing that I can do
- Oh-oh-oh-oh
[song fades]
[Chizuru] When I leave the house
in a rush...
they end up that way.
- Really. Is that so?
- It's not the first time.
Oh, really?
- Huh.
- I like how it looks, though.
Yeah, you wouldn't expect it,
but it looks good.
The party's begun.
- Oh!
- Ah, sorry, sorry. Careful.
That's fine, thanks. Sorry.
[chuckles awkwardly]
Excuse me.
Please... pick any card.
Don't show me the card.
Got it?
- [Ubukata] Yes.
- [Edward] Okay, back in.
Is this your card?
Please... enjoy your evening.
[both giggling]
[gentle music plays]
Um, sorry.
I had a great time.
Mr. Butler, you're a good person.
Is that meant to be an insult?
[both laugh]
[Chizuru sighs]
I think those people
we talked to are wrong.
Good people aren't good, I think.
Good people aren't just good inherently.
They make an effort
not to talk badly of people,
to think of others.
So, to say being selfish
is the more appealing way to be...
It's not right.
They don't know
what a good person even is.
Madam, I believe you're a good person.
Not me, I'm afraid.
My brain comes up with
thoughts that are terrible.
Like hoping for an accident
on their way to the hot springs.
Right? It's pretty bad.
That makes perfect sense.
You know,
I... have the urge to get back at them.
I want to get them back too.
- Yeah, we should.
- What do we do?
- Oh...
- Did you have an idea?
Uh, no.
Ah, that's right.
There was one more witness.
The last of the witnesses.
[mysterious music plays]
Just find the will as soon as possible!
Hurry up, or the body will start rotting!
I am drying to a crisp.
Don't let me down.
Can you refrain
from using words like "rotting"
when a person is trying to eat?
[son] One more day to pretend he's alive.
[knocking at door]
[Miss Sakumoto] Thank you for waiting.
- Excuse me, sir.
- Hey!
[door closes]
Has he... passed away?
He's alive.
He just had his breakfast.
Right, Father?
Eggs Benedict was good, huh?
[door opens]
[running footsteps]
[woman] Here you are.
- Thanks.
- You are welcome.
[woman] I'm going to take a bath,
I'm kind of busy right now.
- [son grunts]
- [gasps]
You cannot leave
your father's body like that!
You were so tired.
- That is how you took a spill.
- [gasps] What?
Might there be...
something that you're hiding?
- [clattering]
- [glass smashes]
[woman] Oh gosh, are you okay?
Oh my God, she's not moving!
- [man] Get help!
- [woman] She fell from there!
- [Ubukata] Are you okay, madam?
- [woman] Someone help! Oh!
- Oh my God! We've got to find help.
- Are you okay?
- [woman] Someone get help!
- [man] She needs a doctor!
[captain] Responsibility.
An important word in our language.
I'm ready to step down as captain
if any guest were to be injured on this...
One of our guests has been injured
falling down the stairs.
[monitors beeping]
[man] Her breathing is stable,
but she hasn't regained consciousness
from the impact.
The medevac will arrive in 30 minutes.
Please return her son to his room.
He won't be going with her?
The Kurumas believe
that he needs to stay behind
and attend to their daughter.
On my mother's behalf,
please accept my apologies
for causing any concern.
Your mother is quite the klutz.
Rena has gotten bored.
Sure. Right away.
[Ubukata] Since that night,
no one has seen Sohei Kuruma.
They've refused housekeeping
for the last two days.
But you have the master key.
It's prohibited to enter a guest's room
without permission.
[female voices sing briefly]
- [knocks]
- [beep]
Forgive me...
[adventurous music plays]
[air conditioner rattling]
[knocks gently]
- Isn't the AC quite low?
- [shivers]
[Ubukata] It's, like... 50 degrees in here.
[music stops]
We were wrong, then. [sighs]
I was sure that we would find him here.
[Chizuru gasps]
[both sigh]
[Ubukata] Two shadows.
Let's get them back, huh?
Send them a photo of us?
Hmm. [giggles]
Yeah, here might be good.
- Right here?
- Yeah.
- A bit closer...
- Oh, yep.
Yes. Mmm.
Here we go.
- I feel nervous.
- [laughs]
It's just a shadow.
[Ubukata] Right. It is.
[gentle music playing]
[camera clicks]
[Chizuru] It's a bit...
[Ubukata] Uh-huh.
Their photo was
definitely better than this.
- [chuckles] Insufficient.
- Yeah.
What if we turn...
- Like...
- Hmm.
- Oh!
- It was like we...
- We were kissing!
- It looked that way!
[both laughing]
- Really got me there.
- Yeah, surprised me.
That is better, isn't it?
It would have a bigger impact that way.
- Mmm.
- Hmm.
Right, then. Ahem...
[romantic music swells]
[camera clicks]
[both chuckle]
- I'll send it, then.
- Oh, okay.
- [phone chimes]
- Oh...
Oh! [laughs]
Came out great.
- This'll show them, right?
- [laughs]
- [Sohei's son] Yes, it's me.
- No way.
[door opens]
- Oh!
- Oh!
[Sohei's son laughing loudly]
Okay, that is great news!
Managed to find it, then, huh? [chuckles]
Yeah, yeah, I know.
You'll get paid big time.
Go on and get started changing the will.
Yay! I did it, I did it, I did, I did it!
[laughing loudly]
[door closes]
[suspenseful music plays]
The evidence is clear.
I'll let the captain know.
[footsteps approaching]
It's just when you think it can't get
any worse, it does.
That is just how life works.
And what am I talking about?
- Captain.
- Move it.
Sohei Kuruma has passed away.
[Sohei's son] He said
he wanted to lie down for a bit.
He was in here a while.
We came to check on him.
He had a history of heart problems.
So clearly,
the cause of death is a heart attack.
[man] I have been tasked
with writing the death certificate.
This is my father we're talking about.
It's my duty as a son!
Our condolences.
[Sohei's son sobbing]
[sobbing continues]
[phone chimes]
- [sighs]
- [phone ringing]
[ringing stops]
[ringing stops]
Hi. It's me...
Sorry to... leave you hanging.
It's fine.
You... probably already know...
I was about to make a big mistake.
But I realized before it was too late...
that the most important person
in my life is you.
Can I see you?
Something is going on.
[phone vibrating]
We'll be making a brief stop in Hong Kong.
We will transfer Sohei Kuruma's body
to the party handling transport.
Take note. As the rest
of the Kuruma family
will attend the Council of Europe,
they'll remain aboard the Bellissima.
Keep up the good work.
- Sir.
- Yes, sir.
I can't understand it.
After losing one of your own,
why stay on vacation?
It doesn't matter
if you understand or not.
Mr. Kuruma didn't pass away yesterday.
Nor from disease.
When you get paranoid about everything,
that's when you know
you've lost your mind.
You are the one who's lost his mind.
What time do we get into Hong Kong?
It'll be midday, madam.
Okay. Well, then.
You're gonna leave it like this?
Leave what?
Leave what?
The incident.
The son's testimony
is obviously a bald-faced lie.
It's none of my business.
It's someone else's?
I'm getting off at Hong Kong
and going home.
You only care about yourself?
My boyfriend matters far more to me
than a rich man's death.
He almost went to a hot spring
with another woman, ma'am.
Yes, that may be.
- But I can't give up on my boyfriend.
- He cheated on you.
He didn't cheat. He almost did.
Did and didn't are the same here.
Cooked and almost cooked rice
aren't the same.
- You can't eat the second.
- Love and rice are different.
Cheating on someone
and almost cheating are the same.
[breathing shakily]
Why? Why do I need to hear
what you have to say?
Because, for me, madam,
almost loving someone
is the same as loving her.
[emotional music plays]
Am I not a good enough reason to stay?
Can I not be the reason
you let go of the past and stay?
[breathing shakily]
What are you saying?
You got a call from your girlfriend,
didn't you?
- Get back with her.
- You know that I can't do that.
That ship has sailed, and it won't return.
Get out of here.
- Madam, I...
- Is this policy?
Not to leave a guest's room?
My sincere apologies.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[emotional music swells]
[camera clicks]
[PA chimes]
[woman] This is an announcement
for all guests.
Attention, the Bellissima
is now arriving in Hong Kong.
Thank you for your patronage,
and for travelling with us.
[announcement continues in Japanese]
[ship's horn blares]
[man groans gently]
Thank you for your work.
Please, I pray nothing else goes awry.
[feedback squeals]
[Ubukata] This is an announcement
from the crew.
To all passengers leaving us here,
please take care
not to leave any belongings,
especially if you have checked
any luggage with us.
We would like to express our thanks
to all of our passengers.
I hope you have found
the six days of our trip
since departing Hakodate in Hokkaido
to be a comfortable experience.
On behalf of the Bellissima crew,
we wish you the very best,
and hope you may return
for another voyage with us.
One day...
One day,
we sincerely hope to...
cross your... path once more.
Although I will remain on this ship,
I will never forget you.
I am so grateful to have met you.
It was an enjoyable time
together with you.
I have a...
- I want to tell you...
- [clang]
[man] What the hell are you doing?
Please forgive me.
[woman] We are now departing
for HLong Bay, Vietnam.
[announcement continues in Japanese]
[loud laughter]
Show down, please.
[onlookers gasp]
Ah, yes!
[croupier] Would you like to turn too?
- [exclaiming]
- [Ryuki] That's what I'm talkin' about!
- [woman] What's this?
- [Ryuki laughs] Ah, yeah!
- [croupier] Please don't turn these over.
- Of course you pulled it out, miss! Yeah!
- [sighs]
- [footsteps approaching]
[emotional music plays]
Mr. Butler.
M... madam.
What happened?
I forgot something.
Something you...
I just found it.
[drops bag]
[echoing thud]
[romantic music swells]
[romantic music continues]
[thunderclap echoing]
What are you doing?
My mom. They say she woke up.
She asked about you.
She was worried, miss.
I think he may have a crush
on the youngest Kuruma.
I think he might've kept silent
in order not to hurt her.
It's a sad time for a family
when someone dies.
It is a sad thing when there's a death.
And it's okay to be sad.
Why are you saying this?
It looks, miss,
as if you're in a lot of pain.
No, I am not!
Why say a thing so rude?
Miss Kuruma.
Would you like to come to my house?
I don't need you anymore!
[Ryuki laughing] You see that dick's face?
[Shiori] It was hilarious.
[Ryuki] You could see
he knew something was up.
[both laughing]
If we keep this going,
we could afford this ship, man!
[both laughing loudly]
- So, miss, could you cover the deposit?
- Aaah! Mmm.
- [Ryuki] Yeah?
- Sure.
- [Ryuki] For real?
- [Shiori] Mmm.
- [groans]
- [Ryuki] Forget this ship.
- There.
- [Ryuki] Let's buy the world!
[Aina] Take that to the pawn shop
and get money.
I'm, uh, out.
Listen, you wanna be a star?
I've booked that audition.
The one in Japan.
You couldn't buy this watch
with that budget.
The budget is not what I care about!
What I care about is the art.
Miss, um... [sighs]
Why don't you stop calling me that?
I'm not the boss's daughter here,
and you're not a member anymore.
We're boyfriend and girlfriend now?
[phone chimes]
- Once we get to the...
- Ryukiki...
Yuki-poo. Who's that?
It's... not what you think. Uh...
Convince me.
[dramatic music plays]
I said
the Cannes Festival,
they watch films and they eat mussels.
Why not just eat clams?
The French government puts it on!
That kind of festival!
You think eating mussels
from taxpayers is art?
- It's not just mussels!
- What, then?
Canels! And... I've had it!
I'm going back to Japan!
You do know we're going to the Aegean?
Those two said, remember?
If there was a murder,
then the boat would go back to Japan.
- [energy crackling]
- [Sohei wailing]
If we show them this video,
Japan, here we come.
What are you... Aah! Hey!
- What are you doing? Let go!
- [guests murmuring]
[all gasp]
- I'm going to Japan too.
- Come on!
- We're going!
- Oh!
- ["Waltz of the Flowers" playing]
- [singing along]
- [door closes]
- What's up?
Back to your studies.
[door closes]
[Kanato] The truth is,
is terrible at chess.
Not just chess.
[gentle music plays]
Most games at her school,
she's not good at.
And yet... she doesn't lose.
Her father will... call up the game company
and get them to change the rules
so that she wins.
But then,
there's no one who'll play with her.
I feel... sorry for her.
She's had strawberries
that cost a thousand yen each,
but she's never had candy
from a convenience store.
She doesn't know... what loneliness is.
And someone who doesn't know loneliness
is the loneliest of all.
Nobody likes Rena.
Even her family.
She has you, right?
Having someone like you thinking of her,
she's not lonely.
You can be her protector.
Rena and I,
we're not from the same class.
That kind of thing isn't real.
We need more humidifiers in here.
We're not going to Granddad's service?
Well, we don't have to go.
I heard Miss Sakumoto was worried.
So then, the maid
regained consciousness.
Will we be all right?
Yeah, should be.
It's fine.
Is it possible
that the kid said something to her?
Did you hear anything?
It's fine.
It'll be fine.
I'll apologize to him!
He's a servant, why apologize?
I was rude to him.
I'm finding him.
Stop this right now.
I can't go on without Kanato!
[door opens]
[door closes]
That kid of ours...
He heard from his mother. He knows.
It'll be fine.
We're fine, right?
Could you tell us what is most important
about a voyage, Captain?
In life, a great many things happen.
With a little laughter,
you get through it all.
Ultimately, on the sea,
short of sinking, the rest is navigable.
- [thunderclap]
- [guests exclaiming]
We're gonna sink.
We're not sinking.
[thunder crashing]
[woman] What?
- [man] Let's go to our room and calm down.
- [PA chimes]
- [woman] You ruined our trip.
- [PA] This is a passenger announcement.
[man] What are you talking about?
- [PA] Rain and strong winds...
- Rena.
- ...along the ship's course.
- Kanato!
- For your safety, return to your rooms.
- Kanato!
Crew members are available to guide you.
- Rena?
- [announcement continues in Japanese]
- [actor] Aaah!
- [Shiori] No! No! Aah!
- [actor] Hey!
- [Shiori] You there!
[all yelling]
- I'm open! Pass, pass!
- Here, here!
- [Aina] To me!
- [Shiori grunting]
- [Ryuki] Nice!
- [announcement in Japanese ends]
Go on.
- [man] Ooh!
- [woman] Wow!
[Rena] Kanato!
Miss Kuruma!
[thunder crashing]
[dramatic music plays]
[actor] That person
who's wearing the cloak.
I know who they are.
They're from that family of doctors.
[Aina and Ryuki sigh]
[crew member] We're terribly sorry.
- [man] I was just getting the hang of it.
- [woman] They have...
- [crew member] Please take care.
- [man] All right.
Give us something good to watch on TV.
- [Ubukata] What are you doing?
- Hey!
You twit.
You work for us, no?
That how you speak to guests?
Uh... I'm very...
Yeah? You're very what?
Then start acting like it.
[Chizuru] It's okay, stand up.
Let's go. Let's grab her, too, huh?
Hey! What do you think you're doing?
[mother] Rena? Rena!
- Come back here, little brat.
- Pardon me. Sir.
- Sir.
- What do you think you're doing?
- Showing appreciation.
- You think you'll get away with this?
- I am terribly sorry!
- [cracking]
- [groaning] Ah! Ah! It hurts!
- I'm aware of that.
It hurts, dimwit!
I am not a dimwit. I am a butler.
The hell?!
I'd like to say, you have no right.
And shame on you, sir.
We are your customers.
Yes. We're meant to treat the customers
as gods here, yet...
Forgive the impertinence.
If it is the case
that you are indeed a god,
why don't you start behaving like one?
You would need an ambulance
if I were to start.
Please sit down.
Butlers shouldn't act this way.
It is the work of a butler to protect
the welfare of each and every guest.
I can't ignore it
when a murder takes place.
[Ubukata] Please tell us what happened.
The scene of the crime's on this video.
'Kay, I'll go back to my room, then.
Why do you get to leave?
I don't think that this concerns me.
[gasps] The dead one is your father,
after all.
That's not fair.
- It does look like rain.
- [clinking]
Tell him it's off.
I see we're all gathered.
Captain, look at this.
[captain] Hmm?
[Ryuki] ...lit!
- [Shiori gasps] Hey, look over there.
- [Sohei wailing]
- [energy crackling]
- [wailing fades]
[suspenseful music plays]
[actor] Someone's there.
- This is what?
- [Shiori] We all witnessed it.
Those two, they're murderers.
Ah, wait, wait. Hang on a minute here.
I was not involved.
The murderer...
is right there.
- Uh-huh?
- You're the one who did it.
- Whatever are you talking about?
- You were right over there!
- Next to the pool!
- [man] Really, that...
You shoved the old man into the water
and made him drown!
[laughs loudly]
You've had one too many, don't you think?
Did you hear that, Captain?
All I wanted was for you to be
a good lightning rod.
- [Ubukata] Captain.
- You...
This is not going to sink our ship.
What is this about?
I happen to have a video of my own.
That evening... this person
before you took my father here.
- [gasps]
- She had planned to kill him.
- You know very well you...
- 'Cause he found out!
'Cause my father found out
that Rena is not my daughter.
Which is why she wanted to keep him quiet.
[Sohei] And I will get to see
my first love again.
I am going to heaven.
No! [gasps]
- Oh no! [gasps]
- [splashing]
- Sorry! What should I do?
- [Sohei wailing]
- Sorry!
- [Sohei] You bitch!
Having said that, why were you
just sitting there in the room afterwards
pretending you hadn't seen anything?
I was in shock.
Who was the other guy, then?
Shibata? Ozaki? Hamaya?
It was Mr. Miki.
Miki, huh?
Anyway, I have nothing
to do with this! Hmph!
Um... excuse me.
Do you mind if I take another look?
Something wrong?
Trust me.
[whimpers] He won't.
You won't give it... Ah!
[Sohei] And I will get to see
my first love again.
- One more time, please.
- [Sohei] I am going to...
And I will get to see my first love again.
- It was just there. Play again.
- I am...
Why are you watching
the "first love" part over and over?
- And I will get to see...
- There wasn't any real conviction in it.
- That's why.
- first love again.
I was right.
Can I play your one again?
- [Sohei wailing]
- I will get to see my first love again.
- What am I looking for?
- I am going to heaven.
- [actor] This is the cruise, right?
- Oh!
[Aina] Yeah, right.
The position is different.
- [Chizuru] Right.
- [Aina] Yeah...
- [actor] It was filmed by two people.
- No, the position is different.
- Of what?
- The moon.
It's in different positions.
- Huh?
- Oh...
[Shiori] On the left in this.
- [Ryuki] On the right here.
[Chizuru] Right.
[Ryuki] Yeah, they're at different times.
But the moon wouldn't move that much
in that span of time though.
No, it's not the moon that moved.
Ah... Yes, yes, yes, yes.
I changed our direction.
[dramatic waltz plays]
Starboard... ten!
[Ubukata] It's not the moon that moved.
It was the ship.
[Chizuru] These are from before
the ship changed direction, and after.
The man was pushed into the pool twice.
Well... couldn't have been me.
I went straight back
to the room afterwards.
So, who was it, then?
This one.
Ha-ha! I was with you.
We were in the room together.
Father didn't have
excessive water in his lungs.
[wife] Eh?
Before he hit the pool,
he was already dead.
His hand had a burn mark on it,
as if he'd held onto something hot...
- Electric current.
- [music fades]
He had held onto
something with electricity.
An electric current...
[footsteps approaching]
Don't be scared.
My weapon's broken.
From when I made him hold it.
[emotional music plays]
[gentle rainfall]
[Edward] Do you need help?
[Sohei gasping]
- Wow!
- This is lit...
Just like a photo...
And rest assured,
I'll pay you back for this kindness.
All right.
- Uh...
- Go on and pay me.
- [crackling]
- [Sohei wailing]
- [Aina] Huh?
- [wailing fades]
[heavy rainfall]
Sir, why?
There's more to the story.
If you're willing to listen.
Call a... a doctor!
I'm a doctor.
- You all right?
- [groans]
You all...
you are not doctors.
[echoing] Thank you, truly, for your help.
[emotional music swells]
Until the police arrive,
please wait in here.
I could escape, you know.
They say that sailors called them Sirens.
Or maybe... they were just at sea too long,
don't you think?
- Ah! Ah, it's possible.
- [both chuckling]
I do feel like
I've heard it a number of times.
- The Siren song.
- Mmm.
[both shiver]
Wish there was a hot spring.
- I'm done with hot springs.
- [laughs]
Let's talk about us.
Oh. Did you look into employee policy?
Can a crew member
and a passenger be involved?
It's too late for that now.
Oh, no, it's not too late.
We haven't done anything.
They're shadows.
And our lips didn't touch.
With all due respect, it doesn't matter.
Whether our lips touched or not
doesn't mean anything.
It's whether the feelings touched or not.
Huh, was there connection
of our feelings? I don't know.
Do you not recall?
No, I don't recall.
Well, that is very hurtful.
[Chizuru] Hmm.
I'm trying, but I don't recall.
How about now?
Not sure.
And how about now?
Maybe let's try it one more time?
[gentle music plays]
We came all this way, why do
we have to go back to Japan now?
We can't keep going
when there was a murder on the ship.
Hey, know what?
Wanna be in a feature once we get back?
Big bucks in it for you.
I'd like to introduce you to my dad.
Do you think he's someone
who'd appreciate my art?
[laughs] I do.
My pops adores art. All good.
Something I can do for you, miss?
Please, be seated.
I'm serving guests at present.
When a guest requests something, listen.
Ahem. I'm afraid that...
the biggest idiots in the world
are the ones who think
that they are superior to the staff.
Are you sure that you are a butler?
Or could you be... my boyfriend?
Ooh! [chuckles]
Uh, well...
[female voices sing briefly]
[squawks] The party has begun!
[squawks] The party has begun!
[both chuckle]
[guests cheering, laughing]
[music fades]
[dramatic waltz plays]
[music fades]
[emotional music plays]
[music fades]
[dramatic waltz plays]
[music fades]