In Love and War (1996) Movie Script

by new line home video
nurses came from all over
the United States as well,
and I was one of them
and as eager for adventure
as the college boys
who volunteered.
I didn't know it
at the time,
but the choices I made in
northern Italy that summer
would affect
the rest of my life.
[Parade music]
[Klaxon horn honking]
May I?
Thanks, Harry.
You're a great driver.
Allow me.
Thanks, Harry.
I'm sorry about
the bumpy road there,
miss Von kurowsky.
Oh, Harry,
I'm sure in time
my derriere will learn
to forgive you.
Oh, si, grazie.
Don't forget
about our date
for ice cream.
Well, you know
where I am.
We're here to do a job,
[Speaking Italian]
Boy: la signora
a un Angelo?
Buon giorno.
Sei un Angelo?
He thinks you angel
from heaven.
Well, tell him we're just
nurses arrived from America.
I have to find
the bathroom.
Grazie. grazie.
Come along, girls,
it's time we were finding
our quarters.
De long: This is where
we will live and work.
I don't know.
Looks more like
a nunnery to me.
Very observant,
miss MacDonald.
That's exactly
what it was
and exactly
how it will stay.
Now, if you will
all follow me,
let it be
clearly understood
that any nurse
caught fraternizing
with the patients
will be sent home
You have no idea.
You have to stand
with your legs like this.
How do they expect you
to make it from that sort
of distance?
counting out march]
They look great,
don't they?
Look at it
this way:
We sure won't have
to worry about spending
our huge paychecks
'cause there
ain't no place
to spend 'em.
I thought
we were gonna be
in some sort
of city.
Looks like anyone
under 50
is just passing
We go where
we're sent, Rosie.
I'm just glad
we're so close
to the front.
Oh, not close enough
for me.
Yeah, well,
if the Italians get
pushed back again, ag,
you'll soon
have your wish.
Buona sera, signorine.
Benvenute nella nostra
piccole cittadine.
The language is definitely
gonna be a problem here.
But these Italian gents
sure are gallant,
aren't they?
Even the old coots.
Do you know
what I read once?
That Italian men
respect their wives.
They spoil
their mistresses.
But the only women
they ever really love
are their mamas.
[Men screaming]
Man: mama!
[Men yelling]
Man: attacco!
[Machine gun fire]
Man: help me.
Help me, someone.
[Groaning] help...
[Whistlithe caissons
go rolling along]
Over hill
over Dale
as we hit
the dusty trail
and those caissons
go rolling along
Hi, Jimmy!
hey, hey, Ernie!
Where's birdseed?
Burnside. he's in there.
But you really shouldn't--
I didn't come
all this way
to wait tables
behind the lines.
Not why I signed up.
Don't know about you.
Oh, I don't know.
Always play the hand
you're dealt.
That's my motto.
Yeah, well, remind me
to look you up
when I want a good game
of old maid. Watch this.
Sir, lieutenant
Ernest Hemingway
requesting a change
of assignment.
I wasn't aware
lieutenant Hemingway
reported for duty yet.
Sir, lieutenant Hemingway
reporting for duty
and requesting a change
of assignment.
Jimmy: Ernie...
The answer's no.
Shall we?
Italian officer:
I am grateful
for your assistance.
Burnside: that's why
we're here, sir.
Grazie. ci vediamo domani.
Thanks again
for coming over.
Now, young man,
if I were you,
I'd put on an apron
and start serving
some coffee.
You can't do this to me.
I've come all the way
from the states.
Do you know what they're
saying in the papers?
This is the war
to end all wars.
If I don't see action now,
it'll be too late.
This is my last chance.
Let me explain
something to you,
If the American
red cross were
interested in you
as a fighting man,
they would have
issued you a rifle,
is that not so?
Yes, sir, but--
but they didn't do that,
did they?
Well, no, sir--
and your job is to help
the morale
of our weary
Italian allies.
A simple cup of coffee.
A cigarette.
A candy bar.
A few words
of encouragement.
Yes, sir, I understand.
You are dead right, sir.
Simple cup of coffee,
some candy,
a pack of smokes.
I see now they're symbols
of support and encouragement
that carry the spirit
of America
to our war-weary allies
in Italy.
And where are our comrades
the most weary?
Well, in the front line,
right, sir?
In the trenches,
right, sir?
You're wrong, Jimmy.
Birdseed's not nearly
the horse's ass
you said he was.
I'll get my bag, sir.
See you, Jimmy.
in the distance]
[Explosions grow louder]
[Speaking Italian]
Ernest: buona sera.
Buona sera.
Does, uh...Anyone--
any of you speak
inglese? English?
Un poco.
Ernie Hemingway.
Newspaper reporter
from Kansas City.
Voui un caffe?
No. no, thank you.
Enrico biscaglia.
I am a waiter
from bordighera.
Here you go. Cigarette?
How long you been here?
Francesco, me,
we 2 months.
Roberto due,
tre settimane.
2, 3 weeks.
Could you please...
Ask Roberto "could
i see his rifle?"
Mostra il tuo fucile
al giornalista americano.
[Explosions outside]
faglielo verdere.
[Locks safety]
That's a peach.
E' una pesca.
Roberto: una pesca?
E quelio che ha detto.
It's a peach.
Cosa credi che non sappia
come si dice pesca?
Non e una pesca.
E' un fucile.
Capito? fucile.
he tell you "rifle."
Ah, si, fucile.
[Explosions outside]
The, uh, Austrians--
through there?
Enrico: eh, si, si.
On the other side
of the Ridge.
[Making gun noises]
You, uh, arditi,
Si, arditi.
We are the best.
Ardiis the best.
Salute. enrico,
voi restate qui?
Si, si. Andate.
Venite, ragazzi.
Andiamo! Siamo pronti.
What do
you fellas think about
while you're waiting?
I think of rosaries--
how many I have to say
if god let me live.
He think of women
all the time.
That's because
he's not had one yet.
No damas?
No, no uno?
No uno.
And you,
bambino americano?
Mucho damas.
Many women.
Enrico: dice bugie, eh?
I think you tell lies.
[Loud explosion]
Enrico: why you not
a soldier?
Tried my damnedest,
but they wouldn't
take me.
Enrico: "damnedest"?
Uh, no possibile.
Not possible.
Why, too young?
Man: ragazzi, siete pronti?
Abbiamo un minute al...
No--no, i--i--i
lied about my age.
It's my left eye.
My left eye,
it's no good.
It, uh--too much boxing.
Uh, l'esercito
non se lo pigliava
perche a guercio
dall'occhio sinistro.
Meglio l'occhio sinistro
che il coglione sinistro.
[Men laughing]
Roberto say
better your left eye...
Than your left ball.
[Artillery shell
Oh, god.
Roberto: aiuto.
Roberto: aiuto.
Oh, god.
[Flares hiss]
[Machine gun fire]
[Speaking Italian]
[Cloth ripping]
[Speaking Italian]
That say...
Does that say
I'm gonna live,
or does it say
I'm gonna die?
Bambino americano.
Si e buono.
Hey, I'm fine.
I'm fine. Help him.
He's never even
been with a woman.
Damn it!
You bastards!
Don't let him die!
We go to him.
Is everybody here?
Yes, miss de long.
Apparently, it's not
a major emergency,
after all,
so we won't
need extra people on
the morning shift.
But we will have
several casualties
within the hour,
so you all know
the routine.
Come on downstairs.
All right.
You're with me.
[Klaxon honking]
Come on, come on.
take it easy.
Piano, piano.
De long:
We'll put him
in number 8. Otto.
And this one in
number 9, miss Rose.
Skip: this last one
must be crazy.
Carried one of
the arditi wounded
right through
a bombardment.
Yes, ma'am?
In that case--
uh, miss Cavanaugh?
We'll put him at
the far end, where
it's quieter. In 17.
Yes, ma'am.
Ho capito,
Do you know
what happened?
It's a bad leg wound.
He got it on the piave front.
Anything you need?
I'll need, uh,
more saline solution.
Hey, kid.
Am I dying?
Oh, eventually,
but not in
the immediate future.
You lying to me?
You promise?
I love you.
Will you marry me?
How we feeling?
What's wrong?
Hmm? nothing.
Mac, would you come
over here for a minute?
the matter. What is it?
Like I said, kid,
nothing's wrong.
I'm just giving
bed 8 a drink.
Yeah, but
what's going on?
I'll be back
in a minute.
Can we get a doctor?
Not until tomorrow.
It might be
too late by then.
I can't help it.
Miss de long
said the only doctor
the Italians could spare
wouldn't be here
till tomorrow.
Hmm, hmm.
You know,
the only thing to do
is irrigate the wound
with daken's.
No. you cannot do
something like that
a doctor's order.
Mac, we can't wait
for a doctor's order.
something like that
could get you shipped
back to the states.
Fine. I won't be doing
the splits when I go
to the bathroom.
Good afternoon, doctor.
I've been assigned as
your surgical assistant.
Major caracciolo.
Agnes Von kurowsky.
Ah, yes, Hemingway.
Shrapnel everywhere.
Some quite deep.
Come, come.
Bullet behind
the patella.
Did you see
any pieces of--
come si dice?
Uh, uniform.
Oh, yes, thank you.
Did you see any uniform
in the wound?
Unfortunately, yes.
And when I was
changing the dressing
last night and then
again this morning,
there was a definite odor.
So if it is,
I will have
to amputate.
I will operate
on this side
with a nurse,
you, on my left.
You do not approve
of an amputation?
I think he is very young
to lose a leg.
You see? I was right.
And how do you propose
that we shall not
have to amputate
this young boy's leg?
Well, in America,
we've had some success
with a treatment
that was developed
at Johns Hopkins hospital,
so I've been
irrigating the wound--
I know everything
about this notion
of irrigating.
Who is
this John Hopkins
of the hospital?
Is he a Saint?
It's Johns Hopkins,
and, no, it's not named
after a Saint.
Then it cannot be
much of a hospital,
can it?
Well, I will operate
tomorrow in the morning.
Please have the patient
ready at 8:30.
And, nurse...
Perhaps you would like
my permission for your
irrigation treatment.
Beautiful girl
with a Martini.
I must have died
and gone to heaven.
Gin and castor oil.
Sorry about that.
What do you know?
I graduated
the same year.
Mm-hmm. me from
nursing school,
you from
My mother told me
never ask a lady
about her age
or her teeth.
Mmm. 26, and they're
all mine.
What's going on?
I'm going to irrigate
the wound again.
Relax. relax.
Now, how do you know
about gangrene?
My old man's a doctor.
And after the war, you're
going to medical school.
Not a chance.
I'm a reporter.
A reporter?
How old are you?
Kid, I hope you're
a better reporter
than you are a liar.
Am I going
to lose my leg?
I'm asking you,
I'm really not permitted
to talk about your condition.'ll have to
speak with the surgeon.
If I'm going
to end up being
less than
all of me...
I'd rather be dead.
Kid, I'm going
to do everything I can
to help you keep your leg.
But you're going
to have to work with me.
I'm going to keep on
washing out this wound
with daken's acid
every hour
on the hour.
You'll be up and
dancing in no time.
I'm not a very
good dancer.
Big feet
and no rhythm.
Well, I am.
I love to dance.
I'll teach you
and get you good and ready
for the girls back home.
[Liquid squirting]
Uno, due, tre.
Ernest: Rosie?
Don't put me under yet.
Where's Agnes?
She's right here.
Jesus, I'm scared.
You and me, partner.
Good morning,
young man.
Morning, doc.
You gotta promise
me one thing.
Save the bullet
for me.
Yes, of course.
[Gas hissing]
Agnes: breathe deeply.
I do not smell the odor
you spoke about yesterday,
but it would...Still be
safest to amputate now.
I'm sorry.
Being safe is not
important to him,
He wants to
keep his leg.
Jill, the larger
sponges, please.
Thank you.
As I'm sure you know,
second operations
are a great luxury
in time of war.
Yes, of course.
But one could say,
what is life without
its little luxuries?
and long forceps.
Holy cow,
he's good-looking.
But young.
I meant
Dr. caracciolo.
miss Von kurowsky?
Perhaps one day
you will permit me
to show you
something of
our countryside...
When you will
be off duty.
I think I hate you.
Everything is fine.
You're going
to keep your leg.
I don't want to dance
with the girls back home.
Bed 8's
an interesting case.
Thought yesterday
there might be some
peripheral vision
in the left eye.
It's still early,
of course.
Are they always just
cases to you, Mac?
It's the only way
to cope.
You should know that
as well as I do.
Well, I do know it with
one part of my brain,
but sometimes...
they get to you.
Especially when they're
good-looking boys with
the charm of the devil,
and you've broken
all the rules
to make sure
they walk out of here
on both legs.
But just remember...
We're here to do a job.
We're here to do a job.
For god's sake,
be careful.
[Klaxon honks]
De long: Villard in 15,
Kenyon in 13, tredici.
[Whistlithe caissons
go rolling along]
De long:
Mr. McBride in 6
needs immediate attention.
We're short of doctors,
but I've telephoned already.
This is villard, Henry s.,
in 15?
Yes, miss de long.
Harry villard?
Hey, you Harvard
yard bastard,
how the hell
are you?
Mr. Hemingway, I will
not tolerate that kind
of language on my ward.
Harry: if that's
Ernest Hemingway, ma'am,
bad language is the least
of your problems.
He's got chronic
diarrhea of the mouth.
Mr. villard!
What are you
in here for, Harry?
whatever it is,
these gals will have
you back in the pink
in no time.
Uh, maybe not.
At least yellow's
more becoming than
that cute--
de long: Jaundice
is no laughing matter,
and if you
bother Mr. villard,
I'll have you moved.
We call her gumshoe.
I see you were hit.
Where were you?
On the piave. You?
I was at grappa.
Was it bad?
Me, too.
Is there
a nurse Von kurowsky
still here?
I'll let you down
fast, old sport.
She's spoken for.
Oh, no.
I--i saw her first.
I drove her here.
For which we are
truly thankful.
Anyway, she needs
a real man.
Why is precisely why
she would never go
for a conceited windbag
like yourself.
Man: no!
Don't! ohh!
Jesus, what
happened to him?
Hit by a phosphorous shell
handing out candy bars
at the piave canteen.
Man: aah! Aah!
Jesus Christ!
Man: aah! Aah!
We were there
De long: Still!
Keep still, son!
Man: aah!
What is it?
What is it?
De long: We'll
leave the dressing
until we give you
something for the pain.
Burton: what's
happening to him?
it's Ernie.
You're gonna
be all right.
You understand?
I promise you.
You'll be fine.
[Jimmy whimpers]
Buona sera.
Per lei.
[Footsteps running past]
You really shouldn't
be in here, kid.
my name's Ernie.
Whatever you say...
"To Dr. James Paxton,
bellevue hospital."
"Dr. James Paxton,
bellevue hospital."
And I don't suppose
it ever occurred to you
that those
might be personal?
Last night, a bunch
of us were talking
about why we came here.
And I said that I came
here because I was
looking for something.
I'm not sure
what it is...
But I know
I'll find it here.
Somewhere about
6 miles from here
in the trenches,
that's where it is.
It never occurred
to me until now
that it might
be possible
to come here looking to
get away from something.
It's no use
him writing you,
you know.
'Cause you're
in love with me.
Oh. ha ha ha.
I am, am I?
You just don't
know it yet.
Will you get out
of here, kid? Please?
Good morning,
miss Agnes.
Good morning.
May I present
you my adjutant,
tenente alberti?
He will be
our chaperon.
[Speaking Italian]
Look at him.
He's good-looking.
He's Italian.
He's a doctor.
It's all over
for us.
It'll never work.
Take another look.
He's ancient.
He's got to be
close to 40.
Maybe more.
No wonder he wanted
to chop off my leg.
He might not
have stopped there.
Caracciolo: Von kurowsky?
My father's very
proud of that "Von."
He's from
konigsberg, Germany.
So you are...
Come si dice?
First generation?
On my father's side.
My mother's American.
And now you are nursing
young Americans in Italy,
where Austrians
and Germans are...
Fighting against us.
The red cross
doesn't take sides.
That's one of
the reasons I joined.
And, uh, the others?
Someone else
asked me that
just yesterday.
I hoped to be
assigned to one of
the surgical teams
operating on the front.
Me, too.
Sorry, Harry.
Thank you.
Thanks, partner.
What's her name?
Harry: Emilia.
Emilia, scusi, scusi.
Uh, per favore,
uh, can you get us
some--some alcohol?
Some Brandy?
Some bran-Brandy?
No, no, no,
Brandy, Brandy.
The--you know,
in a bottle?
Ah, latte.
No, no, no, Brandy.
Come on, Brandy.
Yes, Brandy.
No. mi dispiace
ma non possibile.
Emilia. oh, Emilia,
Emilia, Emilia.
No, Emilia?
Scusi, scusi, scusi.
See, Emilia,
my leg...
It's very sick,
my leg.
Very sick.
You need to help me.
'Cause my mom
isn't here, see?
And--and you need
to be my mama.
Mama. mama, huh?
Very sore.
It's very sore.
Va bene.
Va bene. Va bene.
Grazie, Emilia.
Got her.
I think
she likes me.
Ha ha ha ha.
Ah, come on, Harry.
You know what they say
about nurses.
Why--why don't you
just shut up,
you bunch of drunks?
They're always
seeing us naked,
our private
parts for us.
It's bound
to affect them.
my private part.
You're way out
of line, kenyon.
I--i don't know
if it affects them,
but when i
first got here,
um, one of them,
of course I don't
know which one--
is there anybody
drinking here?
she was down there,
um, sudsing me up,
and it was pretty
damn embarrassing.
All our nurses seem
like nice girls to me.
Except maybe Rosie.
Larkin: thank god.
whose bet is it?
Well, gentlemen,
have we all moved
our bowels today?
Mr. Larkin?
8:32, ma'am.
Good. mmm?
8:33, ma'am.
Now that we're
all so regular,
do you think we could
have our cocktails tonight
without the usual glob
at the bottom?
There will
be no cocktails
this evening, gentlemen.
It worked.
Playing cards,
gentlemen, or what?
Raise you 2 bits,
Jimmy calls.
It's big trouble.
I fold.
Remember what I said...
Back at the canteen?
I always play the cards
I'm dealt.
Larkin: what are you
doing, villard?
I don't...
Think I can...
Play this hand.
Sure, you can.
Three 4s.
Three 9s.
Larkin: Ernie?
I folded.
That's, uh,
2 bucks to me, then.
Wait a minute, wait.
McBride called.
Straight, queen high.
Don't trust you, hem.
You trust me,
don't you, Joseph?
queen of hearts high.
All right, boys,
why don't we let Jimmy
get some rest?
Mac: yeah,
that's better.
Not so fast.
Time for lunch, Mac.
I'll take over.
Mac: hey, kid,
take it easy.
It's not a race.
Why does everybody
keep calling me kid?
Why, indeed?
I'll be back
in a half an hour.
All right.
Well, look at you.
How we doing?
Pretty good.
Very impressive.
Let me try with one.
By all means.
Whoa, easy.
You have no Patience.
Who's that fella
in New York,
keeps writing you
all those letters?
It's this way.
Well, he's...
None of your business.
What about caracciolo?
You got to be careful
about him.
You know,
he's old enough
to be your father.
He's also none
of your business.
All right...
But I meant everything
i said the other night.
Let's turn around.
Kid, you say
a lot of things.
I have trouble
keeping track
of all of them.
About you being
in love with me.
Only not knowing it.
Well, what about you?
I mean, I would really
hate to be the only one
in love here.
Oh, I love you
all right.
Nobody will ever
love anybody as much
as I love you.
just a little bit. Just...
[Patient coughing]
Come on.
Just a little bit.
Just a little bit.
Here you go.
Jimmy, please.
Just a little bit.
You have to eat
If you don't, Jimmy,
you won't make it.
Burnside: uh,
atta boy, Ernie.
Just, uh--
let me just, uh--
there. now, remember
to say cheese.
There you go.
"I give
this silver medal..."
"For your courage action
"on the piave river
on the 8th day
of July..."
"When you are much wounded,
"Ernest Hemingway,
"carried private
Roberto zardini,
"also much wounded,
behind the lines..."
"And you do not accept
medical attention
until private zardini
is attended to first."
Uh, yes, now,
for this, could we--
uh, Ernie, could you just
come up here a bit,
and, you...Just turn.
Ah, yes, uh, good, good.
We'll--we'll do that
in just a minute.
Let's just
get this first,
and, uh--
yes, in closer.
Good, yes.
Ah, let's get one with
all the young gentlemen.
Now, just over against
this wall. If we--
Ernie, will you just, uh--
over here in the center.
And, yes, uh, nurse,
could you join him,
please? Right here.
That--that's fine.
If you'd rather
be there, that's ok.
And our--please.
And can we see heads
through there?
Stand up in the back
there, gentlemen.
There you go.
I suppose
are in order.
your American troops
are to join us soon...
And there will be
a big push.
And I must leave
to set up a forward
surgical unit.
I was hoping...
We could have another drive
together before I go.
I'm sorry. I promised
two of the patients
that I would take them
on a small excursion.
Young Hemingway?
Maybe some other time.
I would like that.
[Counting quietly]
Can I talk to you?
I've lost count.
It's Harry.
I'm worried about him.
What is it?
He's a lot sicker
than he's letting on.
Oh, he is, is he?
1, 2, 3, 4...
In fact, I don't think
anybody realizes just...
How sick the poor fellow
really is.
And you do?
E-Ernie, don't--
please don't do that.
i just wanted to see
what it was made of.
Is it some kind
of cotton?
It's a chambray.
It must get warm
in the heat.
It does.
1, 2...
The thing I was
thinking is that...
It might not be
such a good idea
for him to come
on the picnic with us.
Ernie, please.
What are these, silk?
Anyways, I was--i was
thinking that if Harry
stayed here...
And we went on
without him, that...
He might be disappointed
for a while,
but, I think,
in the end,
it'd be best.
You do have
his best interests
at heart.
Believe me, I do.
Shall I tell him,
or will you?
Oh, i--i think...
Maybe you should--
you should leave that
up to me.
What's the matter, Ernie?
Cat got your tongue?
Driver: su.
Teresa: fermo!
Fermo, per favore!
E' mio zio.
Questo e mio zio,
il padre di
Roberto zardini.
Vorrebbe dare
al signor Ernie
la mantella
di suo figlio.
Ernie, it's
Roberto zardini's father,
and--and that is
Roberto's cape.
Mia moglie ed io--
he wants me to have it?
Mia moglie ed io la
ringraziamo per quello
che ha fatto.
Thank you,
signor zardini.
Please ask her if...
E' morto.
di a tuo...
Your uncle that...
Signor Ernie , um,
Ernest: grazie.
Di--di ricevere...
La mantella...
Di suo figlio.
E' molto onorato.
There's a hundred tiny
little fish down here
nibbling on my legs.
Lucky bastards.
If this was
walloon lake,
they'd be bass,
and I'd have reeled in
6 of them by now.
Agnes: walloon?
It's in Michigan.
I'll take you there.
I'll catch 'em.
You'll clean 'em.
We'll both eat 'em.
The day I clean a bass
will be the day
a one-legged,
big-headed boy
swims himself
across this lake.
Harry: Ernie.
Can you swim?
I hope not.
Ernie, you--
[Ernest gasping
for breath]
Come on, Ernie--
ok, fine!
I'll clean--I'll clean--
I'll clean one fish.
Fine, Ernie.
Ok, you win, Ernie.
I'll clean
all 6 stupid fish.
How many?
How many?
All right.
[Ernest and Agnes laugh]
"I have a rendezvous
with death at some
disputed barricade.
When spring comes back
with rustling--"
et cetera, et cetera,
ad nauseam.
"I shall not fail
that rendezvous."
For god's sakes,
Ernie, every--
every freshman at Harvard
has that one memorized.
I can't imagine
what's sticking
in your craw.
Come on, you two.
You're both getting
on my nerves.
Harry: now, are you
going to prance around
all afternoon
in a dead man's cape
like some third-rate
shakespearean actor?
Pardon me, old man,
but I carried him
across the damn
battlefield on my back.
And every time you
tell the story, it gets
bigger and bigger.
First, it was
20 yards, and then 50,
and now it's
the whole battlefield?
I'm leaving
if this does not stop.
Too bad, Harry. It must
have been tough for you
these last few weeks.
The rest of us shot up
or, at least, injured,
and you in the hospital
because you turned yellow.
Ernie, that was a stupid
and thoughtless
thing to say.
Whose side are you on,
Whoever will put an end
to this ridiculous
I will, Agnes,
but just for you.
Are you going to ride back
with us peacefully?
I'd rather walk.
Walk, then.
Come on, Harry.
Well, Ernie, it looks
as though the best man
has been granted
the lady's favor after all.
Oh, you're right, Harry,
and it was granted to me
the other night...
In her bed.
All right, girls,
lift it up.
De long: We're
trying to get it
straight, Rosie.
congratulate, Ernie!
Congratulate, Ernie!
[Distant artillery fire]
Caracciolo: we have
to keep...Quiet.
American surgeon:
He's good.
And, uh, I'll come back--
who knows...
Agnes, quietly:
I think so.
i hope...
I--i can't hear you.
I hope...
I hope? I hope...
All right...
There? there.
[Distant klaxon horn]
Jimmy, I'm terribly
sorry. The other--
I'm afraid the other
patients have arrived,
so I'm going
to have to leave.
Jimmy: you...
Send it...
Won't you?
I promise. I'll be back
as soon as I can.
We're getting more
than we thought.
Go get the doctor.
We'll be using
all the beds.
We need wheelchairs.
Nurse: yes,
miss de long.
Listen, I need to talk.
Kid, this is
not the time.
I've been such an idiot.
It's over, isn't it,
you and me?
I made a mess out of it,
and now you're never
going to forgive me.
Let's move the patients
into bed carefully
but quickly, everyone,
and get these stretchers
out of here.
Burton: nurse?
All right, son.
What is it, Burton?
I'll take you.
De long: Put the amputee
in bed 22.
I want the doctor
to see him first.
And the head wound
in 20--
be sure to keep him
[Bottles clatter]
Oh, dio santo.
Aiuto, a morto!
Jimmy dead!
Agnes: kid, go away.
What's that?
It's the letter that
Jimmy was dictating.
"Dear mom and dad,
"thanks for the package.
"The weather here
is hot,
"but maybe it will
cool down soon.
"The food is good.
"Everyone is
all right here.
I hope everyone
is all right there."
I was trying to think
of how to finish it.
Dear mom and dad--
start over again.
dear mom and dad...
The thing this war
has taught me...
Is that it's important
to get things said
before it's too late.
You've been
the very best parents
a son could ever ask for.
When I was a kid...
And I used to get scared
of the dark,
it was the thought
that you were there
that got me through it.
I think about that
a lot...
Because I guess
I'm scared now.
I don't know
if I can make it...
And if I don't...
Please understand
that sometimes...
I have to go
to places alone.
But whatever happens...
Always know that...
I will be
your loving son...
I love you.
[Knock on door]
Mac: aggie, gumshoe's
on her rounds.
Harry, we're leaving.
Agnes is looking
for you.
All right.
Hey, have you
seen Ernie?
Harry. Harry.
Thank--thank god
I've found you.
They're moving
some of us closer
to the front.
I need for you
to do me a huge favor.
Mac: ag, come on.
I'll be--I'll be
right there.
I can't find Ernie
anywhere, and...
Could you give this
to him for me?
I'm sorry, Harry.
I honestly never
expected anything
like this to happen.
Ag, we're leaving.
You won't forget?
I won't forget.
Harry: Ernie!
Listen, old man,
I'm glad to run into you
with no one else around.
There's something I'd like
to get off my chest.
That business
i said the other day
about Agnes and me was...
Well, it was all bull.
Well, uh...
She--she asked me
to give this to you.
Orders came through,
and, uh...
They sent her...
[Opens envelope]
I'm sorry, Ernie.
I know how you feel.
Agnes: dearest Ernie,
new orders came through,
and, suddenly, I find myself
on my way to the front.
I'm writing this
with a shaky hand,
partly because
i am afraid
and partly because it is
so hard to say good-bye.
I wanted to say this
to you in person...
[Klaxon horns honking]
[Bugle blows reveille]
Agnes: I'm on duty.
Just read your letter.
Ernest: dearest aggie,
I miss and yearn to see you
more than words can say.
Every time someone
comes through the door,
I can't help but look up
and hope it's you.
I wear the ring
you gave me
and look at it maybe
a hundred times a day.
Harry has new orders
to report to your sector,
but the red cross medics
took one look at my leg
and turned me down.
I may surprise them yet.
sei in buone mani.
Doctor: I need more ether!
Nurse, hurry!
Second doctor: Stop what
you're doing and wait.
Right, nurse, ether.
Coming through.
Coming through.
He's coming around.
Doctor: hold him down!
Get those swabs--
sister, quickly!
Doctor: hurry!
If I had known
it was going to be so...
I wouldn't have asked them
to assign you here.
cut for me, please.
This is what
i was trained for.
You have been up
almost 24 hours.
So have you.
Doctor: and again.
Man: I've got
to get it!
You are such a child.
This was a stupid
thing to do.
When are you going
to grow up?
I couldn't leave
without seeing you again.
I'm on orders
back to the states.
I got to catch a train
tomorrow morning at 5:30.
Mac: they've
called us, ag.
I came to tell you
that I love you.
And I will love you
There's a hotel
by the train station.
Kid, that's not a hotel.
That's a brothel.
There's nowhere else.
I've asked around.
Will you...
I'll try.
[People laughing]
[Accordion plays
romantic air]
[Hinge creaks]
I'm sorry. I didn't
think it was going
to be this bad.
It's just...
Part of war.
Men desperate for sex,
women desperate for...Money.
You shouldn't
be here.
Let's go somewhere
else, anywhere.
[Closes door]
It wasn't supposed
to be like this.
Never mind.
We were going to be
in the most beautiful
place on god's earth.
Then close your eyes.
I told you I wasn't
a very good dancer.
To me, this is
the most beautiful waltz
in the world.
This isn't a waltz.
Even I know that.
You'll write me,
I'll write you
every day.
Be careful.
I will.
[Whistle blows]
[Train whistle blowing]
I love you,
Mrs. kid.
When this is over,
we'll get married,
Mr. and Mrs. kid.
Tell me you love me.
I need to hear you
say it.
Tell me.
[Drowned out by noise]
I love you.
Say it.
i love you.
Well, that's--
that's terrific news.
he and I have had
our differences,
but he's all right.
I hate to admit it,
but he's more
than all right.
You'll do him
a world of good.
What's that
supposed to mean?
You know Ernie and...
He needs someone that
can take care of him.
That's his mother's job,
I don't want
to be his mother.
Even though it'll probably
look as though I am.
Now, what's an
8-year age difference
when you're in love?
7. he just
had a birthday.
Is this enough?
Well, so what.
He can go on
having birthdays,
and you can stop.
I saw a gray hair
the other day, Harry.
You and Ernie will
actually be aging
toward each other.
Older people start
going backwards
at some point,
and, uh, well,
eventually you'll
meet in the middle.
Am I making
a mistake, Harry?
It's not just
the age difference. It's--
you love him.
That's what counts.
Listen to you...
The voice of experience.
I have to ask you
a question.
Hmm, can't it wait
till I've had
a few hours of sleep?
No. this is important.
Just promise me
you won't say no.
No to what?
Just promise.
This is very, very
important to me.
Ok, I promise.
Now can I have
a few hours of sleep?
We're going to spend
the weekend with
the good doctor.
Doctor caracciolo?
I--i don't think that--
at his mother's house.
You just swore to me.
You just gave me
your solemn word.
I don't have
anything to wear.
Aggie, he's a doctor.
How fancy can it be?
ma faccio strada.
[Bell rings]
Come, come.
you never told us
about any of this.
i was afraid
you might not come.
It's so very beautiful.
It is you
that are beautiful.
[Church bells peal]
[Speaking Italian]
Are--are these bass?
Ah, non capisco.
All right.
It is the best moment,
early in the morning.
I do not wish to hurt
Mac's feelings, but...
It would please me
so greatly if you...
Just you alone...
Would come
back to venice
on your next break.
D-domenico, i--
Come on, look at these.
They're great.
Ah, how about me
as a clown?
Oh, why would
that be different?
Yeah, I'm going to take
one of these home. Um...
i would buy any mask
for you.
But this is the one
i would choose.
Just hold it right
there, Mr. Hemingway.
Just a couple
of more questions,
Mr. Hemingway.
How'd you feel about
being the first American--
thank you, ma'am--
about being
the first American
wounded in Italy?
Well, I would have
much rather been
the last.
You must be very proud
of him, Mrs. Hemingway.
Ernest was a hero
to this family long
before he went to war.
How exactly
were you wounded?
Like I said, I was
just fooling around
in the trenches.
I'm sorry, folks,
that's enough.
I have patients
Just one more question,
Dr. Hemingway.
Did you fall for any
of those Italian beauties,
No, but I met just
about the best-looking
American girl
you ever saw over there.
Can we have her name?
Mrs. Hemingway,
soon as the war ends.
Woman: another one
for you, Charlotte.
Ernest: so I told the folks
all about us.
Just know you'll
win them round,
the moment you arrive.
Once we're married,
I'm sure pops will
let us live in his cabin
on walloon lake.
Imagine. you'll be
making the old place
while I write great works.
I haven't heard
from you in over a week,
so I just hope that
you're safe and well.
Hey, Ernie! Ernie!
Wait, let's see them
again, Ernie.
Ernie, wait!
[Car horn blares]
[Dog barking]
Let's see them again,
Hi, Joe.
How many of them
went in you?
Just like these.
Nothing from Italy.
Sorry, Ernie.
I can't complain.
She sends me
a telegram practically
every other day.
First all I knew
was buon giorno,
but now, your poor brother
has to sit through
my conjugation of verbs.
Agnes seems to live
only in the present.
She has trouble
with the past tense,
perfetto e imperfetto.
signor conte.
I like to concentrate
on the here and now.
Amici miei.
My dears, I have
wonderful news.
The armistice
has been signed.
[Bells pealing outside]
The war is over.
Now I suppose that
the red cross will post
you back to America.
Is that to be
your future?
Oh, I don't know,
May have
to give it up.
But why? Medicine
is your life
as it is mine.
May I say something?
Of course.
[Domenico laughing]
I was going to say
I've never worked
with a more
gifted nurse.
I would hate
to give it up.
Hey! e' finita!
Over there will be
the maternity ward,
and there
the operating room.
Where I will be able
to do the, um...
Taglio cesareo
and other surgery
when needed.
It's exciting.
Of course, it will
be not so impressive
like your
Saint John Hopkins,
but it will be done
with love.
Why is it,
signorina Agnes,
I can perform
6 hours of surgery
the slightest fear,
and now...
And now mi sto
morendo di paura.
Excuse me.
We should be going now.
I'm sorry
i brought you here.
No, no. Wait.
In fondo cosa
che io voglio
domandarvi se...
I'm sorry.
What I'm asking, Agnes,
Will do you me the honor
to be my wife?
Presto, presto!
I'm sure miss Von kurowsky
has told you
we will miss you all
very much.
You've done
a wonderful job.
The porters need
to know which transport
your bags go on.
You have to make up
your mind.
Going to venice.
De long: Come along,
everyone that's going.
Let's go.
No, I don't know.
I--i--i don't--
I don't know
what to do.
I can't stop
thinking about him.
The kid?
Come on.
Just see it
for what it was.
A flirtation.
Maybe even a fling,
but that is all
that it was.
Oh, Mac, it was...
It was more than
just a fling.
I told him
i would marry him.
You can't marry
Ernest Hemingway.
I mean...He's a child.
You never liked him
much, did you?
No. I liked him fine,
and I think he's
as good-looking as sin,
but, my god, aggie...
He is not a husband.
But whatever you decide...
I'm with you all the way.
Oh, Mac.
I can't bear
the thought
of you leaving.
And once again,
you are right.
I must start thinking
with my head.
Agnes: dear kid...
This is the most
difficult letter
I've ever had to write.
And I'm afraid it's going
to hurt you a great deal.
But Dr. caracciolo
has offered me
a wonderful opportunity
to help him set up
a new hospital here.
And he's also asked me
to marry him,
and I have agreed
to consider this.
What I do have
to recognize, though,
is that you and i
are years apart,
and it would be
so very wrong of me
to tie you down
when there are so many
stories yet to write.
So after a long think
by myself,
I have decided
that our relationship
must come to an end.
Mrs. Hemingway: Ernie!
Ernie, what's happened?
[Knocking on door]
Ernie, open this door,
do you hear?
I'm going to get
your father!
Agnes, my brother
has waited a long time
to find true love.
I do hope
you will say yes.
You could be
so happy here.
May I?
I love to dance.
[Waltz playing]
Dolce Agnes...
Having you in my arms
make this the most beautiful
waltz in the world.
[Car horn honks]
Man: taxi. Taxi.
Good day, ma'am.
I believe there's
a reservation for...
Excuse me.
Agnes, how great
to see you.
You too, Harry.
Won't you...
Thank you.
You look so grown up.
I must say, a suit
looks much better on you
than a pair of pajamas.
You look
just as beautiful.
I, uh, I took the Liberty
of ordering a chianti
for old times' sake.
Uh, may I?
For old times' sake.
Feels more like
a hundred years than...
8 months, is it, since
we saw each other last?
Do you remember?
Certainly. you were...
Giving front-line advice
to the lovelorn.
Which I, uh, understood
you didn't take.
I'd, uh...I'd heard you'd
married the good doctor,
but i--i don't see
a wedding ring.
No, no, I didn't
marry domenico.
I think I've made
a mess of things all
the way around, Harry.
How did you hear
i was married?
How do you think?
I heard through an angry,
gin-soaked voice
over the telephone
at 3:00 in the morning.
Do you ever see him?
But I get raging,
rambling letters from him,
mostly about you.
He's very angry.
He has every right
to be.
Where is he?
Well, he's at walloon lake.
Trying his hand
at scribbling.
Living off his old man,
if you ask me.
Do you mind
if I ask you something?
Do you love him?
Did you ever tell him?
But I don't think
he heard.
Don't you think
it might be a good idea
to tell him now?
Catch any bass?
What are you
doing here?
There are some things
that needed to be said.
I just hope
it's not too late.
Do you want a drink?
all right.
In that case,
I'll have one, too.
How's your leg?
Is that a personal or
a professional question?
absent friends.
Do you remember dottie?
She...she married
Of all people.
And Rosie?
Rosie ran off
with Larkin.
Mac said
if I see you again,
i should say hello.
As you'd expect,
she's still
with the red cross.
It's, uh...
She's nursing in Cuba.
Birdseed. never liked him.
Pompous ass.
Are you in touch
with any of the boys?
Harry sometimes.
Yes, he says you've
Sold a few pieces.
Jesus, it's stuffy
in here.
Just as I'd imagined
it would be.
My little palazzo
in the woods.
I heard you and, uh,
Dr. what's-his-name
didn't go through with it.
Why not?
Too old?
It was a mistake.
There was always
somebody else.
Anyone I know?
Who else but you, Ernie?
It still is. That's why
i had to come back here,
and I had to tell you
how sorry I am.
Sorry for what?
It was the war.
Lot of things happen
in the war.
What did either
of us know?
No, we knew.
We knew.
You can't deny that.
We had a fling...
Kid stuff.
There's still
a part of me that...
Wants to take you
in my arms.
Just like it used to be.
But I've changed.
Of course.
Things change.
It wouldn't work.
Not now.
Not this time.
Oh, kid.
Kid grew up, ag.
Thanks to you.
I love you.
I'll love you
as long as I live.
Agnes: I never saw Ernie again
after walloon lake.
I often wonder
what might have happened
if he had taken me
in his arms.
But I guess his pride
meant he wasn't able
to forgive me.
Some say he lived
with the pain of it
all his life.
The hurt boy became
the angry man,
a brilliant,
tough adventurer,
who was the most famous
writer of his generation.
And the kid he had been...
and tender...
Lived on only in my heart.
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