In Love and War (2001) Movie Script

It was spring 1943
and we were all young
and enthusiastic.
The war, however
had dampened our expectations
in the love department.
In fact, our entire attention
had shifted
to the war department
where plans were afoot
to land Allied armies
on Mussolini's big shiny boot.
And we knew British Commandos
were sure to play a role.
The hastily conceived tactics
had not had time
for even a preliminary reconnaissance
and the only known
aerial photographs
of the Italian coast
had somehow been lost
in the lab.
The whole thing sounded awful
but somehow seemed important
and worth doing.
And the special boat section
of which I was a part
had cheerfully volunteered
to lead the way.
Well, I say "cheerfully"
because we had all grown up
with the notion
that the one great attribute
of the Englishman's character
was his cheerful nature when
faced with absolute disaster.
I mention this only
because I recall
that on that particular night
when we landed
I had an odd feeling
that for better or worse
this theory
was about to be tested.
All clear.
Eric, take a reccy.
All right.
You are spies.
British Commandos, actually.
You don't wear uniforms.
You will be shot.
You're joking!
Where do you think
we're heading?
Still in the Apennines.
Tuscany, I should say.
Perhaps Amelia Romana,
home of Dante & Verde.
That's why they
made you Captain, eh?
Basta! Silenzio!
Do you know
where we are?
Steady, all.
Quiet, Elwood!
Let's just keep it friendly.
Cinque! Otto! Sette!
Guarda che arriva.
Prigionieri inglesi.
Si, gelato.
Inglesi! Inglesi!
Ci sono gli inglesi.
I think more English prisoners.
Ma non e il caso!
Lasciate li stare!
Just watch it,
No! Don't provoke them!
Stupid Maurizio,
such a little boy.
He wears the
black shirt
and thinks
he's somebody.
Ci divertiamo.
circa 16th century
I should say.
Yeah, well, it's
a prison now, circa '43.
Good morning.
You call this
a prison?
Here we go.
These guys must sleep
in their uniforms.
Six teas, please.
Those boots
haven't been polished
since they stomped
on poor old Alabacinia.
You are... not talking!
Only marching!
All right, we heard you
the first time.
welcome to our little piece
of heaven.
Once the digs of a Marquis
or somebody or other--
man was fresco-mad
as you can see.
Oh, come on, lads.
Welcome the new boys.
I'm John Melville,
senior officer here--
Lieutenant Colonel
Royal Coast Guard.
James Fletcher,
Captain, SBS.
Oh, Eric Newby, Sub Lieutenant,
special boat section.
Well, cheer up.
We can't all belong
to a good regiment.
Someone's got to man the boats.
SBS, eh?
Well, for being special, they do
rather skimp on the uniforms.
Never mind-- Red Cross
been very kind to us
very kind indeed.
Would you
and Bolo...
Would you both be good chaps...
...and sort out some
inexpressibles and song
for our guests?
Our sleeping quarters, gentlemen.
Where hundreds of itty-bitty
Eye-tie orphans
wet their sheets for years.
Lovely sense of history here
but a bit of a squash
for grown men, I'm afraid.
Your privacy is at a minimum,
I have to say.
Not that you'll need it.
None of us is likely to see
a chicken's breast
or a woman's bottom
until this war is over.
Bon giorno! Bon giorno!
Bon giorno.
Hello, hello, hello.
Here we are.
Help yourselves.
One size fits all.
This blasted war--
it's every man for himself.
The crumpet are back!
The crumpet is back.
Is back, are back...
All right, come on, lads.
Come on, lads.
Oh, yes!
Look at that!
Oh, come on, ladies.
Oh, pretty things...
They're locals, of course.
Yes, the-the Macaronis
let them in
to pay their respects
to the deceased.
Although I suspect that
they haven't got a clue
who's buried there.
How brilliant.
E proibito!
E proibito!
Guardare le fancuille!
Not allowed! Attenti!
Linea di tiro, tiro, rapido!
Oh, God!
Uh, sorry, chaps.
I should've warned you
they-they tend to pop off
if they catch us
having a gander.
Shame, really.
Not that I'd remember
how to court one,
it's been so long.
Still, it would be rather nice
to... to laugh with them.
To spend an hour or so...
looking into those
wondrously dark eyes.
Oh, well put, sir.
Yes, quiet poetic, really.
"Wondrously dark eyes."
I must make a note
in my diary.
Very, very good.
Thank you, Bolo.
Francesca, Francesca!
Ciao, piccolo.
Who is winning?
The Americani.
...the United States
and Great Britain.
- Bravo,
- Churchill. Bravissimo!
Mi auiti
con la zuppa.
Si, si. Si, prendo.
...the Emperor of Abyssinia...
E periocoloso.
Is dangerous to listen to that.
Danger is better
than humiliation.
Adesso, mangiamo.
E non ci...
Every day I try
to tell my students
about their past.
The genius of
the Republic
the stupidity
of tyrants.
But prudente, eh!
Si, si.
To be forced to
teach children
under the photograph
of that play actor, Mussolini.
To live in fear of his
Blackshirt henchmen.
I give lessons
on Roman history
but I am forbidden to mention
the crime of this sad war.
And now, am I not free
to speak out in my own home?
Ma ecco. Mangia,
Si, "Mangia, mangia. Prudenza."
Chi e?
Eh, non rifuterete mica di
nutrire un vecchio amico
che passa
davanti alla vostra porta
con le scarpe loghere
e la pancia vuota.
Come in,
Your plate
is waiting
to be filled.
Ciao, Salve.
Come in, Doctor.
Sit down.
Si, prego.
Red wine makes good blood.
Un bicchiere al giorno
leva un medico d'intorno.
Fammi vedere le mani.
Tell us the news, Dottore.
Who is sick?
Who needs our prayers?
In other words, who
drinks too much
and who got
Oh, Madonna mia.
I have news.
More British prisoners
arrived today.
They'll be glad
to be out of the war.
No, no.
We'll need them
to fight the Fascists.
Do they look fit?
Well, I don't know.
Oh, yes, fit.
Well, quite fit.
Sapete che la
ginnastica fa
bene ai muscoli,
al cuore.
E al salute sia del
tratto intestinale
che del sistema
nervosa simpatico.
Un corpo in forma
favorisce una mente
sana e un'atteggiamento
sano e attivo.
So che a voi inglesi piace
essere arguti e spiritosi.
Percio dovete marciare.
Per almeno 15 chilometri
al giorno.
Is anybody going
to translate?
What on earth was
that all about?
Doesn't anybody here
speak Italian?
Out of luck there, I'm afraid.
Not at all similar
to proper Latin.
Dreadful really, how they've
butchered their own language.
The Colonel say
all English officer must march.
You capite?
March across campagna!
For exercise you!
Excuse me, Sergeant.
There's no need
for a forced march.
I shall lead the men
in a calisthenics drill.
Yes, well, I don't suppose
you could possiblyunderstand.
Anyway, it's
an ancient set of exercises
developed by
the Royal Regiment
of Volunteer Layabouts.
I say, Newby,
that's out of order.
Left, left...
left, right, left.
Left, left...
left, right, left.
When Britain first
at Heaven's command
Arose from out
the azure main
Arose, arose, arose
from out the azure main
This was the charter,
the charter of the land
And guardian angels sung
this strain
Rule, Britannia!
Britannia, rule the waves!
Britons never, never, never
shall be slaves
Rule, Britannia!
Britannia rule the waves
Britons never,
never, shall...
Heads up, lads.
Parcels have arrived.
Look what we've
got for you.
Things are
looking up!
Looky here,
you lucky lads.
Who wants Plato?
"The Complete Works of Byron."
Not the book that won't sell.
Hey, Billy?
Life Magazine.
That's it.
And a little phrase book,
"Say it in Eye-tie."
I'll have that.
Go on, two
for you.
I don't know what
that is; it's foreign.
What else you got?
Homer? Iliad?
I'll take
it, Bob.
Another one of those
with nothing on the label.
Arms raised.
Arriveder ci.
Arriveder ci,
that's it.
"Good morning,
good morning,"
is, ah...
Side bends, five and five.
"Good morning" is
"Buon giorno,
buon giorno."
Buon giorno, Roberto.
Yeah, same
to you, mate.
No, it's not "mate,"
mate, it's, uh, "Enrico."
Well, my name
in Italian is Enrico.
Well, I think
it is, anyway.
Io Italiano.
Oh, right.
And I'm the Duke of
North Umberland.
Per favore British Officer
hear informations.
Oggi gli alleati sono sbarcati
al sud di Napoli.
Ogni atto di ostilita
da parte delle forze
italiane nei confronti
delle forze ango-americani
deve necesari
immediatemente ovunque.
Tutti I prigioniere brittanici
saranno liberati.
American and British Army
now come in Italy.
Italy Army
no more we still fight.
The Colonel say
to you one word:
All go!
Buona giornata!
What the devil's
going on?
At a guess, sir, I'd say we've
been liberated by the enemy.
Good Lord!
I say, Sergeant,
can I have a word?
What, what, what...
Quesca... what is
going on exactly?
German come here.
Where? Where?
Here come!
far away.
Go away. Go!
Molte grazie,
bene, bene, bene.
All right, now,
listen up!
Now I suggest
that we gather our gear
and, um... make
some sort of plan.
Sir, it might be a good plan
to get ourselves out of here.
Thank you, Bolo.
Just an opinion, sir.
Eh... oh, all right, yes.
It might be an idea to try
to get to Switzerland.
there's no resistance movement
in Italy as yet
so we can't expect any help.
And always remember
you can never trust the Eye-tie.
They might welcome
the Hun with open arms.
Sir, with regard
to those Germans you mentioned.
Might they be coming around
relatively soon, do you think?
Ah, yes.
Good point, Feathers.
We need a lookout.
Any volunteers?
You, Newby?
There's a good lad.
Well done, lads.
Okay, Newby, let us
know, loud and clear.
Yes, sir, loud and clear.
Come on, you two.
You've got
holiday packing to do.
Guiseppe? Guiseppe, is
it true what they say?
Yes, I heard it
on the radio.
Badoglio, he asked
for armistice
with General Eisenhower.
Do you swear?
Yes, of course.
Did the Americans agree?
Yes, we finally
have peace now.
Yes, and my brother
will come home.
So, now you
won't have
to fight!
Valeria, you
know I was
refused, no?
I have bad lungs.
Oh, poor little boy!
You can ask anyone.
Everybody knows.
Ask my mother.
Your mother?
Who knows the Mayor very well!
Ciao, Valeria.
Ci vediamo domani.
A domani.
Si, si, ciao.
Ciao, ciao, Guiseppe.
Ciao, Wanda.
So, you think the war
is over, do you?
Yes, we do.
And the best thing,
you know what it is?
We no longer have to see you
in that ridiculous black shirt.
Listen to me: Italy is more
than joking in the piazza.
Italy is a great nation
that once conquered
the entire world.
And with you, Maurizio,
it will rise again.
Is that
what you think?
With help from
our German friends
we will achieve
our destiny.
The Germans are not our friends.
Oh, yes, they are.
And they are the best
soldiers in the world.
Their Panzer divisions
are coming here
from the north any day.
Soon, Armistice
will be over.
We will be back!
Come on, lads!
Only the bare necessities.
Onward ahead.
And the Alps,
of course.
I believe
that they can be, ah...
frightfully high in places.
Enrico, finito!
Just don't melt,
will you.
Bob, uh, I think I
can walk on it now...
Don't be such
a lummox, Newby.
If it's not broken now,
it soon will be.
It doesn't
even hurt.
We found you a mount, Newby.
Goes by the name of Mora.
Funny that.
I-I used to know a Mora.
Uh, yes, well, come on.
Get a move on, lads.
You see?
You're like
Fred and Ginger.
Ginger's not Italian.
Good going, Mora.
Now, don't pay attention
to him.
Listen to you, chief.
Come on, Mora.
You're doing nicely.
We're only mates.
Hey, Eric.
Shh, shh, shh.
Come on.
Quello sull'asino, guarda!
No, not at all.
Hey! I don't...
No, not...
not down here.
Not down here.
Don't go downhill.
No, no, slowly.
Wait, wait, no, wait...!
Come back, Mora.
All is forgiven.
Get down!
Take cover!
Get down! Get down!
out of the way!
Yeah, I'm going to break
my other foot.
Grazie, grazie.
Thank you.
Let's take a breather,
have a look at that ankle.
How are you doing,
uh, Newby?
Uh, very well,
thank you, sir.
Uh, it's much better
without the mount anyway.
Yes, yes, I can imagine.
You've heard some news,
have you, sir?
Yes, I have, Newby.
It seems Jerry is
right on top of us.
Shame that,
but we'll have
to shake a leg.
Um, Newby, I'm awfully sorry
to have to tell you this...
Sir, I'd like to volunteer
to remain behind, if I may.
I-I've had a bit of a word
with a local chap.
It seems there's an abandoned
villa up... up the way there.
Apparently, the caretaker
is a bit of an antifascist.
Might be of
some help to you.
Thank you, sir.
Well, um...
uh, we better push off!
Good luck, Newby.
Good luck to you, sir.
Buon giorno.
Buon giorno.
Buon giorno.
Papa, Papa!
Wait, wait.
Buon giorno.
Buon giorno.
Vai a casa subito.
Chi e Leu?
Oh, mia... mia friend.
Yes, yes, inglesi.
Yes, I escaped.
Um... English officer.
I'm a lieutenant.
Come ti chiami?
Que nome? Name.
Name, name.
Eric Newby.
Now... N-N-Nowby.
No, no, no, Newby.
Yes, N-N-Nowby.
What you want from here?
What do you want, Mr. Nowby?
To be honest, I'm...
I'm very tired
and I'm
extremely hungry
and I would love to sleep
in your hay for a little while.
Just for a
little while
if that's possible.
Not possible.
Just for a little while, please.
I-I-I will
be no bother.
No possible.
Vieni, vieni, vieni.
You sleep in my house.
I give you good bed.
Hay is for cow,
not for people.
Cows, yes.
Mr. Nowby...
I-I am Merily.
My name, Merily.
Grazie, Merily.
Tomorrow we bring dottore
from Fontanellato.
do I have a...?
No hospital.
I can't go
to hospital.
Take you
to hospital.
No, it's...
Excuse me, senore,
but the doctor
he brings me
to help with English.
Uh, mia nome...
My name is Wanda.
My name is...
My name is Enrico
and I've really got
a problem here, Wanda.
I cannot speak Italian.
Si, si, Enrico.
Uh, the doctor says, um,
you must go to hospital.
I know. I can't
go to hospital.
Why not?
Because the Germans
will find me there.
No, they will not look
in the hospital.
You must allow him
to treat your foot
or you will not escape.
Trust the doctor.
He's a good man.
I promise.
Si, si.
Enrico, you cannot escape
unless you learn Italian.
Well, I have this.
Hmm, that way
is impossible.
What-what other
way is there?
I can help you.
Maybe I can come.
Th-That would be good.
I-I'd like that.
I will try.
Good luck.
Come soon.
You have a visitor.
Only a few minutes.
I am his teacher.
The Blackshirts
could come.
You mustn't
be here.
Just one moment, please.
Hello, Enrico.
Hello. Um...
Um, this is strudel,
made from apples.
My mother cooked
it for you.
Oh, th-that's...
that's very kind of her.
Tell her...
tell her thank you.
Thank-thank her
for pudding?
Say it.
Grazie per il dolce.
Grazia daya pay dorche...
No, no, no, no, no. No, no.
Per il dolce.
El dolce.
Uh, grazie per...
...per il dolce.
Grazie per il dolce.
Not bad. Si.
Why don't you sit down?
And, um...
I-I'd like that and...
Yes? Please?
Um... uh, per forvore...
Per favore.
Yes, per favore. Right.
I must... I must go now.
Oh, just one minute.
No, no, no, no.
Wait, wait, wait,
soon, yes?
You promise?
Grazie per il dolce.
Yes, old man, that's
my personal diary.
It's private!
"Where is
the station?"
No, it's not "ah,"
it's "eh."
Now it is better.
Yes, it's much better.
So, "I have
lost my ticket."
"I have... ow...
lost my ticket."
Let's see.
"I have lost my ticket."
I'm... so glad you
decided to come back.
Repeat: "I have
lost my ticket."
I look forward
to your visits.
Enrico, we are here
to learn.
You must learn
or you will not escape.
"I have lost my ticket."
O peso il biglietto.
Very good.
Thank you...
very much.
Buon giorno.
Buona sera.
Buon giorno
is only in
the morning.
After, you must
say buona sera.
No, buona sera.
Buona sera!
Enrico, you are so...
My father teaches
language and history.
In, uh, Fotanala...?
But first we lived
in a small village in Slovenia.
For me it was paradise.
And then Mussolini
ordered deportation.
You were displaced?
One day a letter came.
My father...
oh, nothing.
What? Tell me.
No, no, no...
We are here
to learn Italian, so...
It's not just that,
is it?
I mean, why you come here.
Y-You do like
being together...?
Do you, just a little?
Una piccolo? Huh?
I will tell you.
I like it better
than working in the bank.
Ah, better than the...
No, I have
no fresh tomatoes.
Enrico, you are strutting.
What do you mean?
You are strutting.
Well, I do not
walk like that!
Yes, you do that.
I do not!
Yes, you do that.
So straight, so stiff
so English the way you walk.
Watch me, watch me, watch me.
You see?
You must walk calm.
Not rushed.
Enjoy your movement.
Enjoy my movement.
One step,
then another.
So. So. Like
an Italian.
Like this?
Like an Italian.
Like an Italian,
like an Italian.
Enrico, what are
you do...?
We must not allow it.
Don't you enjoy it?
Don't be stupid.
Of course I enjoy it,
but we can't.
Yes, we can.
No, we can't.
We must not.
We must not fall
in love, Enrico.
Someone told the Germans
we had an English officer.
What is to become of you?
I'll be all right.
I'm a prisoner of war.
Now, you tell them...
you took me in
because of my ankle.
You had no idea
who I was.
Tell them?
I shall tell them nothing!
Oh, oh..
Uh, toletta.
I need toletta.
No, no, no, no, uh...
Please, no...
I need tol...
Mal di stomaco.
Si, yes, very funny. Si.
Buona sera.
Buon appetito.
Uh, excuse me.
Toletta. Toletta.
No, no, no, toletta.
Diarrhea! Diarrhea!
B-Buona sera.
Buona sera.
This is my father.
Enrico Newby.
You are late.
Yes, yes, si, sorry,
uh, mi scusi, my foot.
We have much to do.
Grazie for everything,
Mr. Skof.
You're so very kind.
No, no, no, we
do only for you
what one man should do
for another.
Wear this.
Clothes for you.
No, no,
these are too good.
Please, come here.
what do you think?
Do I pass as an Italian?
If you don't speak
a word, you'll be fine.
Please, go.
Hey, hey, no time for that.
When will I
see you again?
Be careful, please. Please.
Get in the car.
Please, hurry up.
What is it?
Stay calm.
Sieg heil!
Um, do we...
do we have to do this?
It's the only way
to Baruffa.
Well, I must say I'm feeling,
um... very English.
Yes, you're
very English.
But you must
look Italian.
Put this on.
Yes, thank you.
Ow... No, no, no, no.
Ciao, Enrico.
Grazie, grazie.
They will let you stay
only a few days
until we find a place
higher in mountains.
Grazie. Thank
you so much.
Prego. One of us will come.
Will it be safe for you?
Nothing is safe.
We no longer live
in a time of safety.
Arrivederci. Thank you.
Prego. Stay off your foot.
I will.
I'm sorry. I don't understand
what you're saying.
I'm sorry...
You must go!
Excuse me?
Go now, per favore!
No, no, no,
but you agreed...
Hey, why? Why? Why?
Because I am afraid.
Just a few days.
that's all I need.
My neighbors--
everybody knows us.
Nobody I can trust.
No more is
anything the same.
Somebody see you,
the Blackshirts
they will come
to burn my house.
So, please, go.
Only that.
Go away!
Where am I
supposed to go?
I can't tell you.
You must know somebody
who can help me.
I know nobody.
I trust nobody.
Now you go.
Go to Vincenzo.
Go in the forest;
there is a path, bene?
Then you will find
the Piana del Soto.
Cross over and go
high on the mountain.
Before the big rocks,
you will find Vincenzo.
I think he is
also afraid.
Do not say I
sent you. Capisce?
Say nothing of
me or my wife.
Buon giorno.
Oh, buon giorno.
Buono, buono.
Dai, dai.
Are you Vincenzo?
Si, Vincenzo.
Um, mi scusi.
Mi uno officale inglese.
You're a British officer?
You escaped?
Yes, si.
My name is
Eric Newby.
I'm, um, uno nomo Enrico.
Special Boat Section.
We have no boat here.
Yes, I know,
but I just...
Bene tenente.
I need this stick,
yes, oh, ah, yeah...
Vieni dentro.
Lui e, this is Enrico.
Un inglese
che e scappato.
This is Dolores.
The cousin
of my daughter, Bianca.
Buon giorno.
Lui chi e?
E un ufficiale inglese
che sta scappando.
Si chiama
Enrico Newby.
Enrico Newby...
my wife, Rosa.
Nice to
meet you.
What do you want,
Mr. Enrico?
We no money, eh?
We poor.
You understand?
Yes, I do.
And I'm willing to,
um, work for my keep.
I like to work.
It's good to work.
Um, work
is great.
Ah, it's good
to work hard.
Yes, it is,
and I'm happy
to do so for a
small bit of food
and somewhere
to sleep where
I will be safe
until I can go back
to rejoin my army.
Nowhere is safe.
Uh, bene...
We give you food
and a bed.
No money.
Buon apetito.
Buon gio...
Wh-What do you want?
Is your father home?
Why do you ask?
Mr. Skof, we
would like you
to come with us.
The Commandant wishes
to ask you some questions.
He has done nothing.
You must come.
Per favore.
It's nothing.
Don't worry.
Be strong.
Maurizio, you did this.
If he has done nothing,
he will be allowed home.
Perhaps even
this afternoon.
Mama? Mama?
Your father has done
nothing wrong.
He'll be back.
We gain nothing
by tears.
Eccoci qua.
Buon giorno.
Uh, buona
sera, excuse...
You sleep on this.
But every day
it must go away.
You capito?
Si, yes.
You will wear my clothes
all the way to Switzerland.
Switzerland, no,
I'm not going to Switzerland.
I'm going south
to rejoin my army.
Yes, but not now.
The fight does not go
well at this moment.
Your leg is good?
Uh, yes, it's
much better.
Then you come work
in my field.
it make you strong.
Ow, vieni qua.
All stones
over my field
put in this cart.
And then what do you
want me to do with them?
I do not care.
At the top, my field
is finished.
Throw them
down the mountain.
Maybe they can roll
all the way to Baruffa.
Questa e Dante Alighieri.
Dai, lavora, su.
Non ci voglio tanto bene
Perche portiamo
la camicia nera
Ci hanno detto
che siamo da catene
Ci hanno detto che siamo
da galera
L'amore con il fascisti
no conviene...
Wanda, are you all right?
Si, fine.
Si, fine, tutto bene.
Why'd you make this?
For emergency.
You hide, hmm?
For me?
Yes, you like?
What do you think?
I like.
Benissimo grazie.
No, no, no.
"Molti grazie."
"Grazie tante,
mille grazie."
Never, never, Enrico,
"benissimo grazie."
Is better...
"grazie di tutto."
"Grazie tutto"?
No, "di tutto."
Grazie di tutto.
Grazie di tutto.
Thanks for everything. Yes.
I just wish I
could repay you.
To repay,
you must stay alive.
That's why I should
be heading off soon.
Ah, the war in the south
does not go well for English.
Germans are
in every place.
They shoot
many escaped prisoners.
I think it's time
you go back...
work in my field.
Dai dai.
Ho detto che il
maiale non si tocca.
I maiale non si tocca.
Va bene, va
bene, non.
Quello non s'interessa...
Mi piace
il maiale.
E una questione
di maiale e
non maiale.
Non si tocca...
E questione... salame...
Bene, maiale, non.
I maiale no bene.
I maiale che si
tocca e come quanto
il maiale
fa il salame
e cose varie, va bene?
Eat your food.
Siete ignoranti.
Eh, che ignoranti, ignoranti...
Pig... pig, huh?
You're talking about your pig?
Enrico, sei carinissimo.
You are so adorable.
Very nice doggie.
Buona sera.
Buona sera, Dolores.
Buona sera, Enrico.
It's wonderful,
wonderful to see you.
It's so nice,
your friend come for visit.
Yes, it is.
You must have come from far.
Not so far.
He's so charming, our Enrico.
Your Enrico?
I didn't know this.
They've looked
after me well
although I can't
stay here forever.
But I'm sure
you'd like to.
We are so happy to care
for Enrico.
As long as
he needs us.
How are your
family, Wanda?
The Blackshirts
took my father.
German headquarters.
He's still there.
Is it my fault?
No, no, Enrico, no.
These things are
to be expected.
It is war.
you look so well.
You also, Enrico.
I put peppers in the sauce.
The special way you like it.
I must go now.
When will I
see you again?
You're safe; that's
the important thing.
I needed to know that.
Wanda, there's something else
I need you to know.
My friends and I--
we used to call Italians
Eye-ties and macaronis--
we were stupid schoolboys.
And now I'm thinking
that you've all done
so much for me
and risked your lives
for me, even, and...
I feel so, I feel...
I feel ashamed.
War has been
my teacher, too.
Many things
have changed.
Many things, but not
everything, right?
Not everything
must change.
I wish you good
luck, Enrico.
I must go now.
No, don't go.
I must be home before
dark, the curfew.
Oh... m-my bicycle is
far down the mountain
and it is not
so fast.
I'm so sorry if I've caused...
Please, please, stop always
saying you are sorry.
That's all you English ever do.
"Sorry, old chap.
I'm frightfully sorry."
Enrico, when something
is impossible
people must face it
and not apologize for the pain
they feel in they hearts.
It is a great pain I feel.
Such a great pain that
it will never go away.
But I will never
be sorry about it.
Durschsmcht alle nauser.
Ich will dab jeder meter
des Gelandes
durschmcht wird--
Die sieten strassen!
Die keller mussen
untersucht werden...
...Mubihnen leider berichten
einege inhrer landsleute
sind deserviet, und haben
inre uniformen verseckt.
Wir musseum sie
soforrt suchen.
Cia, Guisep...
You have become a Blackshirt?
No, it's not true...
Yeah, they made me
an interpreter
because I know German,
thanks to your father.
Wanda, I saw him today
in the orphanage.
Your goons took him away.
Wanda, please, you have
to understand...
This is how I can help.
Grazie, I have no interest
in Blackshirt ideas.
I must go home. Arrivederci.
Listen first.
Then tell me
if you're not interested.
We will make a time for you
to meet the German Commandant
about your father.
He will then call
his interpreter
which will be me.
And you pretend
you don't know me.
I will then translate
everything you say
so that he hears
the right answers.
Will you trust me
on this?
All right, ciao.
Was haben wir gesagt, uh...
Be quiet!
Shut up.
Yeah, you too.
Shut up!
No! No!
Nero, Nero, no! No!
Get out, bastard, Nero!
Whoa! Whoa!
Enrico, Enrico...
Enrico! Dinner!
Wanda Skof.
Wanda Skof
please tell Herr Commandant
about your father.
My father has no interest
in politics.
He is a simple schoolmaster.
Uh, none of our family
has any interest in politics.
I only ask you
for the sake of my mother
to let my father come home.
Enrico, you are
coming, yes?
No, no, I don't think so.
you must come.
No, I can't be seen.
You go, Enrico.
No, no...
A small party, ha?
Only friends.
Aye, Enrico
it will be good
for you.
Si, not
too bad for you.
Oh, si, si, si.
Tonight you will
have fun, you know?
I promise.
I also promise.
Thank you very much.
That's very kind of you both.
You will enjoy yourself.
Are you a good dancer?
Yes, I am.
Oh, yes, dear. Bellissimo.
Oh, Dolores, you better
watch your step there.
Yes, I do.
You are a good dancer.
Oh, no, don't think so.
I'm a bit rusty.
We must practice, yes?
Oh, no...
Hey, ciao, bella.
Ciao, bella.
Come stai?
Non ti preoccupare,
che poi te passa.
Tiene questo
e buonissimo.
Si, si.
Dai, dia, balle con me!
Ma io non sono
una bambina!
You dance very well.
Si, prego?
I teseschi stanno
arrivado adesso!
Attento, Enrico! Quick, go!
In diesem hause
gibtes Partisanen!
Alle Ausgange
werdem herritisch
abjeriegelt und vontroller!
Everyone stay where you are!
I habe informationen.
Wir suchen nach einem Gerfangenen.
Es gict kine
zeit zu verlinenem!
Hop hop!
Ab zum landhaus.
Unser nochtes ziel ist?
No, no, no!
You hide the British
prisoner here?
Non, non prigioneri! Non!
No prisoners
here, no!
Stick with me.
No, no!
We will find him!
Rosa! Rosa!
Who is in there?
My room.
Me and Vincenzo.
Who is up there?
Nothing. Nothing.
You watch her.
Si, senore.
Sel una bougiarda.
Ich will dab jeder meter
des Gelandes durchsucht wird!
Ja wohl. Ja.
Hier druben
Los. Sucht die Gegend rechts
von vir ab.
Uber hier!
Wir mussen
den schneinehund finden.
Ja, hier.
Hier druben, hier.
Nast du was?
Nat jemand
etwas gefunden?
Blessed Dio.
You must come.
I can't stay with you
any longer.
I can't put you or your family
in any more danger.
The committee wants
to keep you safe...
What committee?
The Partisans.
The Resistance.
Now it begins.
No, you must tell your committee
that I should go back...
No, no.
You tell them.
lui e quel tenente inglese
delle truppe
il teneute speciale da soarco.
Tenente Enrico Newby.
You have a request?
Yes. I am going
to rejoin my army.
I need information.
Mm. The time is not yet.
Your army is far away.
The winter is close by.
You will wait until it is safe.
I will not risk
any more lives.
everyone here you see...
we all have sons, brothers
or fathers
who are hunted by the Germans.
Every man and woman here
believes you are
in as much danger
as their young boys.
From their hearts
they wish to help you
the same way they hope
others will take care
of their own.
Do you understand?
Bene. But if they shelter you
in their houses
it is too dangerous.
That's exactly
what I'm saying.
Per favore.
You will allow me
to speak.
If they cannot have you
in their houses
they will build a house
for you, hm?
Signora, no, no,
io experienso, huh?
Sbarcano dal mare
o ciei gli aerie?
Uh, maiale.
Prego, Senore.
Eccho perche non vengorio.
If you build a fire here,
smoke going out there, eh?
Okay, yeah.
Here, you see.
Yes, um,
emergency escape.
Escape? Si.
No, no, no, no, no, escape.
Emergency, dai!
grazie di tutto.
Ah, hey, bravo!
Italiano correcto, bravo.
Do not wander
too far, Enrico.
If you show yourself
everybody in the
village will know, mm?
Remember, this is
chippy, chippy Italia.
Um... Vincenzo,
thank you for everything.
Thank you.
Be careful.
After this, I will
not feel clean again
until every filthy
one of those...
Papa, please...
Shh, not here.
Open the gate.
Maurizio tudpresto...
You see these boys?
They have an interesting story
about an Englishman who
lives in the mountains.
What are you talking about?
Go ahead. Pretend all you like.
It doesn't matter anymore.
Soon we will fill
your father's cell.
Penso diavere I
tedeschi alle calcagne!
Stiamo calmi!
Look at you.
What is it?
They know.
You were denounced.
It doesn't matter how
or why or by who.
You must go.
What about you
and your family?
We will survive.
Come quickly.
I will show you
the way over the
mountain. Come!
Such! Such! Such!
Viemi presto.
Wohin Sie?!
No, this way.
Quick, come on!
I can't let them
find you here.
I will be fine.
No, no, I won't
risk it, I can't.
Enrico, you must go quickly.
You've all done
enough for me.
More than enough,
and... you need
to stay here.
You promise me...
You promise me.
What are you thinking?
It's my turn now.
What are you
going to do?
It's for the best.
Ciao, lads.
Lovely little war
we're having,
don't you think?
Guck mai nach was
er im quicksadr hat.
Drop your bag!
Gut gemacht, Harry,
gut gemacht.
Dem wird es jeht
bitter schlecht gehen.
Komm runter da!
Los vorwarts, bewegung,
runter den Berg.
... rimastra sola?
Bella guerra.
Poverina pera.
Eh, si.
Nicht auf der stele tretaaen weitergehen.
Excuse me.
In April, 1944
the remainder
of the Allied invasion force
finally caught up
with the Special Boat Section.
Our brief little operation
had been a sort
of curtain-raiser to the epic
battle that became known
as Primavera della Patria--
the rebirth of the country.
Buon giorno.
Finita! Finita!
Ciao, bella.
Ciao, stai bene.
Ci vediamo domani. Si.
I was in the last boatload
of returning prisoners
from Camp 79.
We were debriefed
at the repatriation center
in Tilburg
and given two months leave.
After the tedium
of prison camp
travel seemed the thing to do.
And I had a pretty clear idea
where I wanted to go.
Oh, Americani, te paiace
come te sto a pulir le scarpe?
Tanta lucidatina...
Amore mio.
Mio Inglese.
nobody believed
you would come back.
Well, I did,
you see?
Yes, I see.
I did.
Yes, I see.
Miss Skof...
would you care to stroll
in the piazza with me?
Yes, I would like to,
very much.
Congratulations, Newby.
Good luck, Newby.
And a happy life
to you.
Seguita a scoppare.
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