In Name Only (1939) Movie Script

You won't catch anything that way.
Well, I might.
Not any fish.
I'm not trying to catch any fish.
Just doing this for the exercise,
a test for keeping my temper.
Well, it's lucky you weren't
trying to catch any fish.
Oh, yes? Why?
Because...I hate to tell you this,
but there haven't been any fish
in this stream for 20 years.
Well, why didn't you tell me
that in the first place?
I didn't want to stop you.
I like watching you.
You know,
there's something about men.
I don't know.
Have a cigarette?
No, thanks.
I don't want one, either.
How about a sandwich?
I have some, thank you.
That's what I mean.
How about offering me one?
Oh, all right. Have a sandwich.
You've got enough of them.
Are you expecting company?
No. I have a big appetite.
I like people with big appetites.
Well, I can truthfully say
I've eaten well.
You certainly have. Four sandwiches
to my two, and half my cake,
to say nothing
of criticising my fishing.
Mm-hmm. I'm sorry about lunch,
but I'll bring it tomorrow.
Tomorrow? Sure. Look, uh...
What do you do? Do you do anything
for a living?
Commercial artist -
design women's clothes
and draw for a fashion magazine.
Really? Are you good at it?
Do you make a lot of money?
Enough to support myself
and my daughter.
You have a daughter, huh? How old?
Five going on six.
Hm. What's your husband like?
He died four years ago.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I've got to be getting back.
So do I.
Well, goodbye, Miss Eden.
I enjoyed this. How about you?
See you tomorrow, huh?
Yes, I'll be here, Mr...Walker,
isn't it?
That's it. So long.
So long.
Want a cigarette?
No, thanks.
Neither do I.
Do you realise we've been here
an hour without smoking?
I was just thinking that.
We haven't said much, either.
That's all right, isn't it?
It's fine.
Conversation's just a nervous habit
with a lot of people.
Do you know
what we ought to do tomorrow?
Tomorrow? Hm.
I'll bring you the car,
show you the Indians.
Real Indians. Branch of the Mohawk.
Should we take, uh...
By all means. Good.
Right now, it's time for her bath.
Will you drive us home?
That was the intention.
Hey, Ellen. Hey! Wake up!
Oh, hello. Hello!
I had a nap, I guess.
You sure did. You slept like a log.
How does a log sleep?
She defeats me again.
Mr Walker is going to drive us home.
You're not supposed to call him
Mr Walker.
He wants you to call him "Alec."
That's right. And Mother wants you
to call her "Julie."
I heard her.
Hm-mm. What else did you hear?
That was all. Oh.
After that, I went to sleep.
Well, you're a very nice girl.
I'll let you hold the reins.
That was the intention.
Hey! Whoa!
Come on! Come on!
Ah-ah. Here.
This is the way.
How did you know that?
Oh, I used to own this house.
I didn't know that.
Sure. I'll tell you all about
it tomorrow.
Oh. Tomorrow? Mm-hmm.
Bye, Ellen. Bye, Alec.
Run on and tell Aunt Laura
you're back for your bath.
Want to come in and watch?
Well, no. Not right now.
Nice kid.
Oh, my sketchbook.
Oh. Well, I'll give it to you
I want to look at it again,
see if you really are any good.
You're not worried about it,
are you? Not a bit.
Goodbye, Julie.
Goodbye, Alec.
Who was that?
Just somebody we happened to meet.
Name's Walker.
What have you been doing
all afternoon?
What have you been doing?
We had lunch and...well, you know.
Yes, I know.
All right. I picked him up, or he
picked me up. I'm not sure which.
It was all pretty raw.
I shouldn't be surprised
if he drank or even worse.
Oh, I'm sorry, but you're always
so suspicious.
Whenever you see a man, you think,
well, you know.
Your husband died
while you still had faith in him.
Maybe if he'd lived longer, you
would have had your eyes opened.
Laura, other women have divorced
their husbands
just as you did Phil,
and for the same reason.
But they managed to keep a sense
of proportions.
You don't know what men are! You
don't know anything about them.
Underneath you're still as romantic
and full of illusions
as any schoolgirl.
What's wrong with romance and
illusions if you can keep them?
You'll find out...some day.
Hi, stranger!
Hi, Dave.
Oh, mine host!
Hi, Archie.
Alec, darling. Where have you been?
Hello, Suzanne.
Looks as if your spouse is soused.
You might at least stay
and talk a minute!
I only came to your dull party
to see you.
Oh. Well, here I am.
We're dining out, but I could
get away early.
Afraid not, Suzanne.
I'm all booked up.
Hello, Dad.
Good evening, Alec.
Well, how's my very nice mother?
Good to see you, Alec.
How are you, Ned?
Fine, thanks.
Well, how are things in town?
If you would come into town,
you'd know.
Didn't you remember Maida was
having people in this afternoon?
Oh, well, you know how I feel
about parties, Dad.
I don't, any more than I know how
you feel about your work.
Oh, well, they seem to get along all
right at the office without me.
your mother and I have been
very worried about you lately.
Isn't there something, well...?
You used to confide in me,
but lately, I feel that...
There's nothing, Dad.
Well, we don't spend
many weekends with you.
You might have arranged to be here.
It doesn't matter if
Alec had things to do.
Hello, darling. Too bad
you didn't get back for the party.
I don't see where you get
your patience, Maida.
Any other wife would tell him
what she thinks of his rudeness.
I don't happen to be any other wife.
I'm Alec's wife, aren't I, darling?
I thought you doctors
were supposed to be so diplomatic.
And here you stand by and do nothing
to smooth over
a little family difficulty.
You're the diplomat, my dear,
better one than I could
ever hope to be.
That's more like it.
Excuse me, will you?
That wasn't very
nice of you, Alec.
I know it.
As for your not showing
up this afternoon...
...all I want to say
is that I understand perfectly.
Understand what?
If you don't like parties,
there's no sense putting
yourself out to come to them.
I don't blame you in the least.
Even when we're alone,
you can do it.
Do what, dear? Make it look
as if I'd beaten you,
and make me feel I want to.
You won't have time to change,
we're dining early.
I'm going out. For dinner?
But, Alec,
your father and mother and Ned.
One scene's enough, isn't it?
Why should there be more?
They might even find out the truth
about us.
You wouldn't want that
to happen, would you?
They wouldn't believe it, dear.
Yes. You've seen to that,
haven't you?
More coffee, Mr Walker?
No, thanks, Al. Just bring
me the cheque, will you?
Hello. Hello.
Surprised? Not very.
How did you know I was here?
I saw your car parked outside
as we were driving back from dinner.
I told you I had to see you.
Now that you've found me,
what about it?
Honestly, Alec,
you're so direct!
You're not exactly
oblique yourself.
Don't you like me at all?
I mean, not even the littlest bit?
I think you're fascinating.
You do?
I have to tell you, Suzanne.
I've tried to be decent about it,
but it's no use.
Why do you think
I always avoid you?
I can't eat. I can't sleep.
You're with me every moment -
day after day, night after night.
I can't go on like this.
Oh, Alec, dear,
why weren't you like
this long ago?
It'll have to be
a clean, sharp break.
Break? Yes.
Of course, I'll have to give
Maida everything I have.
I doubt if Archie'll give you any alimony
under the circumstances. Alimony?
Of course, we have to
ignore the conventions and,
well, we've got to expect to
put up with certain penalties.
And it'll be worth it,
won't it, dear?
Well, of all the gall!
Oh, but, Suzanne, dear!
Merely because I happen to
think you're attractive,
you want me to throw
my whole life away.
What kind of a person
do you think I am anyway?
An Easter bunny. What?
You call that love, huh?
Who are you to be so high
and mighty about love?
You and that thing you've got
with Maida.
Of all the shams I've ever seen,
that's the worst.
You didn't think you could
make a fool out of me, did you?
I tried.
You have to take me home.
With pleasure.
'He hits him with two short lefts
and another right to the jaw.
'He's back around the ring -
he's coming from all angles!
'Look, there goes a
hard one to his chin!
'He's down on one knee!'
'...left to his head, a hard right
to the stomach, and another...'
Alec, look out!
Alec! Alec!
Oh! Oh, help!
There's been an accident!
Could you help me, please?
I think he's dead!
Oh, it's Mr Walker.
Oh, thank heavens he's still alive!
Oh, I was so frightened.
We'll have to get a doctor.
Have you a phone?
Yes, it's in the house.
Oh, uh...I wonder if
you'd mind phoning.
There's a doctor
at Mr Walker's house.
Dr Gateson.
He's staying there.
It's sort of embarrassing.
I mean, it was
all perfectly innocent, of course
but Mr Walker's wife
is my best friend,
and if people should discover
I've been out with him,
there might be talk.
So would you mind very much?
No. No, of course not.
The number is 5-8-3-9-6.
And I think it might be better if
you didn't mention my being here,
just to avoid any misunderstanding.
Well, there's nothing broken.
Might be a slight concussion.
We'll know better
in the morning.
And I don't have to tell his
mother and father tonight?
John, just give me a hand here,
will you? Maida, perhaps you
better get those car keys. OK.
Thank you so much for your help.
I don't think I know your name.
Eden. Julie Eden.
Thank you again, Miss Eden.
He's all right. I told
him to take it rather easy today.
Come in.
Well, you certainly
were lucky, weren't you?
Yeah, I suppose so.
Alec, you must admit that things
have been rather difficult for me
for some time.
Why...I know you feel that
I've failed you in certain ways,
but it doesn't seem to me that
you've done much to help.
And now, and I don't mean to
complain, but there is a limit.
Meaning? Miss Eden.
How do you know about Miss Eden?
Does that matter?
All right. I've seen
Miss Eden exactly twice.
Yesterday afternoon, we...
Oh, so you've seen
her before last night.
Last night?
Her sketchbook was in your car.
It was all pretty obvious.
No, Maida, you're barking
up the wrong tree.
I wasn't out with Miss Eden,
though I wish I could have been.
And whom were you out with?
Your dear, and, as she insists,
your very best friend, Suzanne.
Don't be childish, Alec.
I have no illusions about Suzanne,
but in this particular instance,
I happen to know that
she's innocent.
Was Miss Eden at the accident?
You know she was.
Did you talk to her?
Of course not.
You probably didn't have to.
Excuse me, will you, Maida?
I've to go out.
To see Miss Eden?
To see Miss Eden.
This is a new development, isn't it?
What? Well, you can see
what this makes me.
After all, people in our position...
Look, you realise what
our position is? Yours and mine?
Oh, I wish you wouldn't change
the subject, Alec.
I'm not changing the subject.
It all ties in. You said you loved
me when you married me, didn't you?
Yes. It wasn't true, was it?
Of course it was.
Do you remember David Stoughton?
What? I said,
do you remember David Stoughton?
Why, yes.
Do you know what happened to him?
He... He died, didn't he? How?
I don't know. Really, Alec!
He shot himself. Well?
Do you know why? How should I?
He shot himself while you and
I were on our honeymoon.
I suppose you're going to say he did
it because of me.
Well, didn't he?
Why, I barely met him, Alec.
He may have imagined that he
was in love with me, yes.
But was that my fault?
Could I help it if he was
so weak-willed as...?
Where did you get this?
His mother sent it to me.
All right.
It's true.
I did love him.
I was mad about him.
What of it?
How could you do it?
I had a choice.
I could take David and love...
and nothing else.
Or I could take you
and what went with you.
I took you.
Well, at least we know where
we stand. Both of us.
Alec...I hope you don't
think my telling you this
will condone anything you might do.
I intend to see Miss Eden
whenever and wherever I can.
Does that mean you think that
you're in love with her?
It means she's the first person
I've met in two years
who's been able to make me
feel like a human being again.
Surprised to see me?
Well, yes. Here's your sketchbook.
I like them.
You did? Ah-ha.
Well, er... It must have been quite
a mix-up last night.
I wish I hadn't slept through
it all. It wasn't that dull, was it?
Aren't you going to ask me in?
Well, this is sort of
a cleaning day. Oh...
Well, incidentally, it was darn nice
of you to cover up for Mrs Duross.
Oh, that's all right.
I hope somebody will
do as much for me some day.
Well, I hope that won't be
necessary. Well, you never know.
Look... Don't get the wrong idea
about last night, will you?
The whole thing was an accident.
Not only to the car, but my being
with Suzanne, Mrs Duross.
She was the accident.
That's something for you to tell
Mrs Walker, isn't it?
Well, I did
and she wouldn't believe me.
And that's something I want to
talk to you about.
It has nothing to do with me.
Oh, but it has.
You see, you and I
were getting to be good friends
and I didn't want that spoiled.
There's nothing to spoil.
We had a lot of fun, that's all.
That was yesterday and that's over.
It's not over. How can it be over?
I'm afraid I'm going to be
terribly busy,
I'm trying to get some sketches
off to New York.
Would you mind? I'm terribly rushed.
You don't want to see me again,
is that it?
Oh, of course not.
We'll probably run into each other,
people usually do in the country.
But I don't think there should
be any more picnics.
Well, Mr Walker,
how was everything tonight?
No complaints, Tony.
No complaints.
Here are all your checks
for this last week, Mr Walker.
50.25 altogether. Thanks, Al.
Here, keep the change.
Thank you, sir.
Glad to see you come in
so regular, Mr Walker.
You know, I like to have
your kind of folks.
You might drop the word
to your friends.
Tony, when my friends
start coming here, I stop.
Goodnight. Goodnight.
Laura! Answer the door, will you?
How do you do? Why, Mrs Walker.
Won't you come in? Thank you.
It's Mrs Walker, Julie.
Good morning. Just a little thought
for your kindness of last week.
It's a bit late, I'm afraid.
Thank you, they're lovely!
Won't you sit down?
You'll have to excuse
the way we look,
I'm afraid we're a little late
getting at things this morning.
Let me take those.
Well, how nicely you've fixed the
house up. It used to be deadly.
We like it very much.
You must have thought
me awfully inconsiderate
not having called before to welcome
you to the neighbourhood.
You're very kind.
Are you staying all summer?
Oh, another month or so, and then
I've got to get back to New York
and get down to some
real serious work. Oh.
May I look? Oh, sure.
Oh. Oh, they're stunning. How I envy
someone who can really do something.
Really, these are beautiful!
I'm so glad you like them.
Oh, and by the way, I'm giving
a garden party next Thursday.
I'd like very much to have you come.
Your sister, too.
Thank you, but between my work
and the house here,
I don't have much time.
I'm sure that you could manage it.
Really, I'm afraid that...
You'll make her come, won't you?
I'll send a car for you. About four?
We're going to be very good friends.
I know we are.
Well, goodbye, Mrs Morgan.
Goodbye. Thank you.
Oh, hello. Hello.
Ellen, this is Mrs Walker.
How do you do, Mrs Walker?
Oh, what a cunning child.
Yours? Yes.
I must have misunderstood you.
I thought your name was MISS Eden.
It is. I used it in my work
before I was married,
and after my husband died,
I took it again. Oh.
Well, goodbye again. Goodbye.
Was that Alec's mother?
Really, Ellen!
You know, Horace and I are going to
Europe in August. I'll try, my dear,
but Alec and I haven't... The old
boy should go fishing, too...
Oh, he'll love that...
...soon as possible.
Here are your aspirin, Maida.
Oh, thank you, Ned.
It will all be gone in a moment.
Oh, dear.
Those powders I gave you help
you at all last night?
I guess I'm a little self-conscious
about trying to get some sleep.
What's worrying you, Maida?
What's on your mind?
Nothing's the matter.
I'm just a little tired and nervous.
What about? Oh, you doctors, the
moment that anything happens...
Is it Alec? We missed you at bridge
yesterday, Maida.
Thank you, Dolly, but I'll be there
next week. Don't forget.
It is Alec, isn't it?
Oh, Ned.
I just don't know what to do.
Here, sit down a moment.
Now, what is it?
He wasn't alone,
that night of the accident.
That girl, that Miss Eden
was with him.
How long has this been going on?
For weeks, I guess.
He never comes home any more.
Stays out till all hours.
You talked with him?
Yes, but what can I say, Ned?
I don't want to be a nagging wife.
What did he say?
He said, "I'll see Miss Eden
whenever and wherever I can."
You told his father?
They couldn't believe it
of their own son.
And anyway,
I wouldn't want them to know.
He's getting so bold about it
that they're bound to...
I can stand it for myself.
That's where you're wrong, Maida.
You can't stand it yourself and
there's no reason why you should.
Ned, Ned, please.
Oh, Mother.
Have you seen Mrs Willoughby?
She's been asking for you.
Oh, Maida, my dear.
Maida, why didn't you tell us?
Oh, Ned, you promised.
Oh, please,
let's not talk about it now.
There's such
a nice party going on outside.
I'll never forgive you, Ned.
Thank you.
Hello there!
Hello. Well... Didn't your wife
tell you I was coming?
Maida? Of course!
You don't think I'd go round
crashing garden parties, do you?
Hey, wait a minute.
Good afternoon, Mrs Walker.
Why, Miss Eden.
How nice of you to come. Thank you.
You've met Dr Gateson,
I believe. Yes.
I don't suppose you remember me.
Yes, I remember Miss Eden.
Excuse me, Maida.
My goodness,
he's rather abrupt, isn't he?
Julie, you'd better get out of here.
Isn't it too late for that?
Oh, please. Mother, this is...
Sorry. Come, Grace.
Wait a minute, Dad.
Tell them, you asked
Miss Eden to come here. But I did.
She came on my invitation.
Really, she did.
You needn't lie for him
any more, my dear.
Julie. Please let me go. Here.
Get in.
You all right?
Please take me home.
No, I want to talk to you.
But I don't want to talk.
Sorry, but I've got to.
There's a lot you have to know.
I might as well start now.
I didn't know there were
women like that.
I only told you all this so you'd
understand what happened today.
I'm glad it happened.
Changes a lot of ideas
I've had about you.
I'm glad, too. Because it brought
us together again. What?
Have you so many friends you
can't stand one more?
No, I haven't many friends.
But I can't be friends with you.
Why not? Let's not talk about it.
Julie, I thought we were only going
to say the things we meant.
Why can't we be friends? Why?
All right, because it wouldn't
stay that way.
With anyone else, yes,
but not with you.
Take me home, Alec. It's late.
We've driven a long way.
I love you, Julie. No, you don't.
You're just lonely, you're unhappy.
Any woman with a little kindness...
No, darling, that's not true,
it's only you. Oh, Alec...
It can't be this way,
I won't do it to any woman,
no matter who she is or what she is.
I have a sister, her home was broken
up and I know what it means.
Maida never loved me. Maybe she does
in some way I don't understand.
Look, darling,
suppose there were no Maida.
Supposing since the first day we met
there never had been a Maida.
But there is! But if I were free...
Alec, don't.
Please leave me out of this thing.
Let's forget we ever met.
Let's do anything,
anything not to get us
into something that'll hurt us all.
Please take me home.
All right, darling.
I'll take you home.
I still think I should've stayed
and talked to Alec.
No, dear. Maida's right.
This is the best way,
I'm sure, Father.
I'll have a talk with him
and find out how things stand.
I want to talk to you.
Must it be tonight, Alec?
I have a splitting headache.
Sorry, but it must.
Where did you go? I took your
mother and father back to town.
I might have known you would.
Maida, I've asked you
several times for a divorce
- and you've refused
to give it to me.
I'm not asking you now,
I'm telling you.
Either you get one, or I will.
I'm giving you the chance to do it
the way that'll be easiest for you.
I was so sure.
I thought I could keep you, somehow.
Didn't care how I did it.
I never thought...
And now...
I've lost.
Well, I must admit,
I'd expected more of a...
More of a battle? Why?
The battle's over.
Now that it is over, I suppose
I ought to wish you happiness.
But I don't.
I hope you will be miserable.
I hope you'll both be miserable.
Yes, that's more like you.
No, I...
I can't. I won't.
I won't go to Reno.
Oh, you'll get your divorce.
But I won't subject myself
to all that publicity.
Like a gossip holiday
for my friends.
No, I'll go to Paris.
But you can't avoid talk
if you go abroad alone.
But I wouldn't have to.
I could go with your father
and mother.
They're leaving on Labor Day.
They probably won't go when
they hear about us.
But why do they have to know
just now?
Why couldn't I tell them when
I get to Paris? No, that's my job.
Yes, I know, but...
Oddly enough, they consider me
rather a satisfactory
I'd like to be the one to tell them
that I haven't been.
All right.
All right, if that's the way
you want it.
But understand, I don't intend
to let anything interfere with it.
I'm selfish in a lot of ways, Alec.
But even my worst enemy
couldn't say that I'm stupid.
I know when I'm beaten.
But what can you tell Mother and
Father after what happened today?
I'll tell them that I had things out
with you and that
everything's fine again.
You know, Maida, in certain
respects, I admire you a great deal.
You needn't bother.
I'd do the same thing again
if I thought I could win.
Mm-hm. That's what I mean.
Good evening. I'm the census man,
I have to find out a few things.
May I come in? Thank you.
May I kiss you? Thank you.
Alec, I told you not to come here.
Well, I have to take the census.
How many females in here?
Three? That's good!
How many males? None, huh?
Oh, that's bad. Got to do
something about that.
Alec. Can you cook? Can you sew?
Can you take care of a man in the
style he's not been accustomed to?
Got to know those things before I can
give you a licence. What? Licence.
No, not for a dog, the other kind.
Will you please...
Oh, by the way,
will you marry me?
I can't marry you.
But that's all changed.
Last night, I asked Maida for a
divorce. I told you not to do it.
She agreed to give it to me,
so you and I can get married.
I can settle down here,
watch you work your fingers
to the bone for me.
Oh, and by the way, I
start work again on Monday.
That's all settled, isn't it?
Where are my slippers?
It isn't settled,
you heard what I said.
I didn't pay any attention to it.
Where's your sister?
She's out, and will you please
go before she comes back?
Oh, no, no. Only one thing can make
me go, Julie,
if you said you didn't love me.
What's the sense of
your coming here at all?
You haven't answered me.
All right, I love you.
I'll scrawl it on fences,
I'll put it on a banner
and wear it across
my chest - "Julie loves Alec."
Ah-ha. And what'll it get you?
What'll it get either of us?
Could get us arrested.
Scrawling it on fences. Dear, dear.
I told you yesterday how I felt,
and I meant it.
Look, darling, whose life are you
living? Your own or your sister's?
I'm trying to live my own,
if you'll let me,
and I'm trying to live it my way.
It's the only way I can
and have any self respect.
It's just a lot of words.
Can't you see that words
don't make sense any more?
This is my sister, Mrs Morton. Oh.
Mrs Morton, I've got to make you
understand that Julie and I...
Make him go.
Well, I can't go until you realise
that... I said make him go.
Alec, please.
I'll wait for you downstairs.
No, Alec.
If you don't come down in five
minutes, I'll come back and get you.
All right, all right. Now please.
Don't worry, Laura.
I'll send him away.
You're doing just what she did.
You're breaking up a home,
just as mine was broken up.
And I hate you for it.
Laura, you don't know
what you're saying.
You've become so... Do you think
I don't know what I've become?
I used to be able to laugh.
I used to be able to enjoy life as
much as anyone. Now look at me.
Look at me and then ask yourself
how you can do what you are doing.
I am looking at you.
And I'm realising, for the very
first time, what's changed you.
It's not the woman Phil ran off
with, it's Phil himself.
It's not having him with you.
It's knowing you will
never have him with you.
And if I send Alec away,
I...might end up just like you.
But, Laura, I'm not going
to send him away.
I was, but I've changed my mind.
His wife is going to
give him a divorce
and we're going to be married.
They were all out of grapefruit,
I had to get oranges.
Laura, darling, please try to
understand. I'm leaving, Julie.
Leaving? Well, where you going?
I'll go to a hotel tonight,
and tomorrow I can look
around for a room.
But Laura, Alec and I can't be
married till fall, and until then,
I want you to stay on here,
just as you have been doing.
Say goodbye to Ellen for me
in the morning. Tell her...
Tell her anything you
think best. Laura, please stay!
ALEC: 'Julie.
Julie, can you hear me?
'I'm waiting. Are you coming down?'
Yes, darling. I'm coming.
Wait for me.
Your father told me you would
check these, Mr Walker. Mm-hm.
Oh, he did, did he?
Seems to be afraid I'm going to go
stale while he's gone. Yes, sir.
Oh, Mrs Duross is here, sir.
What does she want?
She came down to go to the boat
with you, I believe.
Ah, she did, huh?
All right, tell her to wait. Yes.
Certainly a bear
for punishment. Hello?
Well, well, well. Oh, darling!
Those sketches, I've sold them,
I've got the cheque right here
in my hand, and you should
see it, it's beautiful!
Well, that's fine. Nothing like
having a wife that can support you.
I'll tell you what you do, honey,
you put it in the bank,
I may need it some day
for lunch money.
Put it in the bank nothing!
Why, I'm going to keep
it in my trousseau fund.
Yes, I'm going to buy
my veil with it. Oh...
Oh, I suppose
I can't wear a veil, can I?
Well, then, I'll buy a hat.
I know just the kind, too.
You know, all covered
with fruit and seaweed.
Mmm... Sounds very practical.
Bilious, but practical.
Yes, the magazine offered
me a job in Paris.
Well, I've always wanted
to go there.
Oh, of course not.
I told them I had a very personal
reason for not going,
he said, "Who is it?" And I said
you'd be surprised and he said
I was missing a chance of a lifetime
and I said... Who's babbling?
You are.
Listen, darling, I've got to
get down to the boat.
I'll call for you around two.
It's none of your business
where we're going.
Did Snow White know where she was
going? No, then why should you?
Yes, darling,
every hour and every minute.
Oh, good morning.
If that was Maida,
you've changed a lot.
Ah-ah, little pitches, big ears.
Who is she?
I haven't the remotest notion.
She calls me up every now
and then and we talk.
I call her my telephone dream
girl. It's practically weird.
Very funny, but not very true.
Oh, oh, Suzanne, that's the
trouble with your generation,
you're so sceptical.
Where's your sense of romance?
And where's my hat?
We've got to get underway.
What are you doing after the boat
sails, Alec? How about lunch?
Sorry, previous engagement.
I think you'd better
call it off. Why?
Because if you don't, I might decide
to tell Maida a few things.
And she might decide
not to sail after all.
Oh, Suzanne! You wouldn't.
Surely you wouldn't? You know, when
the cat's away, the mouse will play.
Might be a mouse and might be a rat.
But if it does play,
why can't it play with me?
Oh, good morning, Suzanne.
Well, are we ready?
Remember, I gave you your chance.
Here you are, my dear. Well, Alec,
I think a toast is in order.
Thanks, Ned.
To a successful trip.
And a quick return.
I can do better than that.
Here's to all of us.
Just as we are.
Funny, I've never seen you
cry before.
Well, don't be upset.
I'm not crying over you.
Go on back, there's no reason for
a goodbye scene, is there?
I just want to thank you again.
I do thank you, you know.
It's all so sporting.
The way it is in books.
Or prizefights.
I suppose I'm interrupting
what is undoubtedly
a most touching farewell.
But Maida, darling,
I do hope your going abroad
at this time won't be a mistake.
A mistake?
To go away and leave such a
fascinating husband around loose.
I don't like to tell
you this, dear, but...
Then I'm sure I won't want
to hear it, darling.
But you must hear it, I wouldn't
feel comfortable if you didn't.
There's someone in particular
whom Alec intends to see a lot of
while you're away.
I know it.
Don't forget to get left
on the boat.
Now, honestly, Maida, you're not
going to let that girl
take Alec away from you, are you?
What do you think?
Really, Maida, you're marvellous.
Well, bye, Dad.
Don't worry about the office.
It'll still be there
when you get back. I hope!
We'll take good care of Maida.
Bye, darling. Stay sober.
Know where we are?
Valley Forge? No.
Well, that's supposed to be a joke.
Do you know why I said Valley Forge?
No. Because I knew I
wasn't even warm. Get it?
Ignore it. Come on.
It's ours, Julie. I bought it back.
Come with me.
Wow. Well, what's happened?
This is our house.
Wasn't good enough when I
bought it before,
but you liked it and you picked it.
But it's all so different.
Everything's different now.
How do you like it?
Why, I...
I... I knew you would.
I mean, I hoped you would.
I wasn't quite sure about the
Like it? Yes...
What's the matter with it?
Well, it's... Oh. But it will be
lovely, Alec, it really will.
Oh, it will? Oh, it is lovely.
Well, I've seen it all now.
The world would be a better place
to live in
if men didn't buy wallpaper, hm?
And women didn't buy neckties.
It's a deal. Come with me, I'll show
you where the animals sleep.
Pardon me, madam, do you snore? No.
Oh, well, then I guess I'll have to
buy an alarm clock, won't I?
Oh, darling, it's wonderful.
Mm, a kiss for each room, huh?
Should have built a hotel.
You can change the wallpaper
if you like. Yes.
Funny, it looked nice all rolled up.
You see, the man said that...
Yes, darling, what did the man say?
Well, it hardly matters now,
does it?
Come on, I'll show you
Ellen's quarters.
Girls don't have quarters.
Oh, sure they do.
When they grow up, they have
better halves, like you and me.
Oh, Alec, she'll love this.
Just about big enough for
her and her pony.
Oh, she has no pony.
Hmm, you never can tell what people
may have in the country.
Alec, what's this?
Oh, I...
I thought some day we might need it.
Why, Alec...
I mean, I only thought that...
The architect said that is...
I told him...
My darling, you're blushing.
I am not. I'm only saying...
Well, you see...
I've never seen a man blush before.
Well, you've seen one now.
You're cute.
I'm not cute, I'm only...
Oh, well, I'll have it torn down.
That's what I'll do.
You'll do nothing of the sort.
That's for Ellen's room
and that's for this room.
I love this wallpaper.
Oh, darling.
This will be a very special room.
Ooh, I'm shaking like a leaf.
Well, now, relax. Calm yourself.
Good heavens, if an empty room
will do this to you,
what will happen when it's occupied?
I don't know.
I think I'll open a window.
It's Fred the gardener.
I've got to talk to him.
Hey, Fred.
Oh, hello, Alec.
Beautiful day.
Where are the chrysanthemums?
I don't know. Where are they?
Oh, the chrysanthemums.
Sure, from the big house.
When are you going to
transplant them down here?
Oh, no chance, Alec. What?
We're out of luck with
them chrysanthemums.
Mrs Walker don't want 'em touched.
Well, I want them
transplanted down here.
I know, Alec,
but we ain't got a chance.
She told me that next spring...
But if that's your orders, I will.
Well, those are my orders.
All right, Alec.
Beautiful day, Alec, isn't it?
Beautiful day.
There are two things that Fred
doesn't know -
one, that I saw that jug, and two,
the other house is going to be sold.
What's the matter? Nothing.
Come on, what's wrong?
Don't you think you shouldn't have
bought this house
until you sold the other one?
Oh, no, we haven't time. We're going
to be in here by Thanksgiving.
We're going to have
a big turkey right there.
We might even be here by Halloween.
Mr Alec Walker
calling Mrs Alec Walker,
Ritz Hotel, Paris.
Mr Walker is ready.
Go ahead, please.
Hello, Maida. This is Alec.
How are you? What about the divorce?
Another two weeks?
Well, you know how long it's been,
why shouldn't I be impatient?
All right.
All right, fine.
Give my love to Mother and Father.
All right, goodbye.
Hello, Alec.
What did you think of the game?
We did all right, didn't we?
You bet.
It's over. Come on.
Darling, I'm so hungry
I could eat a horse.
Well, I doubt if they serve 'em,
however, we'll try.
How nice.
Hello, Suzanne.
I think you two have met before,
haven't you?
Yes, we have. How do you do?
Oh, of course.
This is Mr Graham, Miss...
I'm sorry,
I don't remember your name.
Eden. And Mr Walker.
Oh, how do you do?
Where have you been keeping
yourself, Alec?
I haven't seen you for years.
Well, I've been here and there.
I had a card from Maida last week.
She seems to be having
a marvellous time.
Mr Walker's wife has been abroad
all fall.
Steak all right?
Fine. Good.
I suppose you're terribly lonesome
without her.
Green salad?
And coffee.
She's staying over there longer than
she'd planned, isn't she?
Dessert, cheese or something?
The strongest they have.
Not that I blame her,
but it must be hard on you.
You know Mrs Walker, don't you?
Yes. Isn't she lovely?
She's my best friend, you know?
Yes, I remember.
She's an extraordinary person,
Maida is. So...
Well, so tolerant, so understanding.
She certainly understands you,
doesn't she, Alec?
Bring a sharp knife with that steak,
will you, please?
Archie doesn't understand me at all,
does he, Paul?
Oh, I think Archie understands you
all right, Suzanne. He's just tired.
Don't you drink?
No. How do you stand it?
Alec has such a sense of humour.
He needs it, don't you think?
Keep the change.
Yes, but now and then,
when you're on the receiving end,
it's not so funny.
I'd like to hear your views on that
sometime, Miss, eh...
You're on my coat.
Oh. Miss Edem.
In, say, about a year from now.
I'd like to hear your views on some
other things then too.
Love, for instance.
Goodbye, darling.
Glad to have met you.
Beautiful personality, that.
What doe she mean, Alec?
She meant no good,
I can tell you that.
No, I mean, "Love, for instance."
Oh, darling,
don't pay any attention to Suzanne.
She's always got her claws out.
I know her.
Maybe she knows you. Maybe she knows
you better than I do.
Maybe Maida knows you
better than I do.
Maybe I don't know you at all.
Darling, what...?
Julie, you didn't mean what you
said, you know you didn't.
What am I supposed to be,
what am I supposed to believe in?
In August, it was just a few weeks,
in September, it was Thanksgiving.
Now it's Christmas, maybe.
When is she coming back?
How long is it going to be like
this? Darling, I told you.
She's running into all sorts of
legal red tape over there.
They're tightening up on the
All she can do is wait.
That's all any of us can do.
Wait, wait. We've been waiting,
it's been four months and we're just
where we were when we started.
Look, dear, do you think I like it?
Don't you think it means as much to
me as it does to you?
I don't know whether it does or not.
It can't be much longer, dear.
It can be as long as she
wants it to be. Julie!
Can't you see it's no good?
Can't you see it's no use?
Go away and let me have some peace.
Forget it all and let me forget it.
I can't live like this. I can't
stand it any more. I've had enough.
I've had enough.
Stop that, Julie. Stop that.
You're not going to give up now.
I'm not going to let you give up.
No, no, I didn't ask for
the Carlston Hotel in London,
I asked for Mrs Alec Walker at the
Carlston Hotel, London.
Oh. Well, all right, put them on.
Well, where did they go?
Well, how does it happen they didn't
leave a forwarding address?
Oh, all right. Thank you.
Now stay there, you little angel.
How's that? Straight? Ellen?
I see.
Hello. Mr Walker's private office.
Yes, it's me again.
My, how your voice has changed.
It's so long since I talked to you.
It was only an hour ago.
Well, you tell your mother I'll
be right over...
WHISPERS: soon as I can go to
my hotel and get a package for you.
What's in the package?
Ask him how his cold is? How's your
cold and what's in the package?
It's only a sniffle.
You should use your handkerchief.
There, now, when you can blow like
that, young lady,
you'll be somebody.
And tell your beautiful mother not
to be so beautiful until I get
Hear? All right.
Stay where you are.
ALL: Merry Christmas!
My dear, you ought to see your face.
It's wonderful.
Hello, Mother. How are you?
Well, I'm fine. I'm sort of bowled
over at the moment.
It was Maida's idea.
She said we'd make the best
Christmas present you could get.
Merry Christmas, darling.
Oh, we had such a time.
...but we were determined to have
Christmas Eve with you.
Oh, well, I...
I'm terribly sorry, I can't stay.
What? Can't stay?
No, I...
I wish you had let me know.
It's my fault.
Well, I'll come up the house first
thing in the morning.
Oh, but, Alec...
You see, I had other arrangements.
Well, can't you call them up and
tell them your family's here?
They'll understand.
I'm sorry, I can't.
Oh, it's a shame. But, of course,
we should have cabled him.
Well, at least we can have a drink
with you before you go, can't we?
Well, it seems our little surprise
wasn't very successful, was it?
No. Apparently not.
Never you mind, dear.
We'll have a nice Christmas Eve
together and then we'll see
Alec in the morning. Oh, but
what will we do about his...?
Why don't we give them to him now?
Alec, your Santa Claus speaks with
a French accent this year.
Well, Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas.
I... I'm awfully sorry about this.
Isn't this where Mr Walker lives?
It is?
There's a lady there.
Oh, don't be silly. He's fooling you
because you pester him so much.
Now go get your packages.
Who's calling, please?
Oh, how do you do, Miss Eden?
This is Mrs Walker.
May I have Alec call you back?
We're having cocktails now.
There are a few people here.
Or, if you would rather,
you can call later.
We'll be in all evening.
Merry Christmas, darling.
Aren't you going to kiss me, Julie?
Oh, darling, forgive me.
You were right and I was so wrong.
But I understand about you and Alec
now, and I want to wish you,
well, the best,
because you deserve it.
Oh, darling,
I was so hateful to you.
And I know it.
But, well...
I've changed, Julie. You see, I...
Julie, I'm going to be married.
His name is Jackson. He lives over
in Jersey with his sisters.
I was on my way there now, but...
but I just couldn't go without
stopping by to...
Oh, Julie.
I'm so happy.
It's awfully funny, isn't it?
I mean, the way I was
and the way I am now.
It isn't funny,
it's wonderful, Laura.
You're happy too, aren't you?
Things haven't changed.
No, I mean, yes, I'm terribly happy.
Isn't Alec going to be here tonight?
Yes, I expect him any minute now.
I wanted to see him to apologise.
Did his wife get the divorce?
Not yet, that is, not quite.
It's just a matter of a few weeks.
You see, she ran into legal
difficulties in Paris.
You know, I've been expecting
to hear all fall
that you'd been married,
but I'm glad now you weren't, 'cause
now when you are, I can be there.
When's it going to be?
Well, we haven't quite decided yet.
We were sort of waiting and...
Julie, is anything wrong?
No, no, nothing's wrong.
Well, where are you going?
I'll be right back.
Will you stay with Ellen?
Oh, but, darling, I have to go.
Aunt Laura!
Ellen, darling.
Ellen, where's you mother going?
I don't know.
I know it was great mistake to let
you go abroad without telling you.
I'll take the blame for that.
But I don't think you should feel
this way about me
because I love Julie.
I don't know what Maida has said to
you about my life with her.
I imagine she said a great deal.
But the fact remains
that I'm in love with another woman,
who's not my wife.
All I ask is that you see my side of
it and try to understand me.
As you say,
I have my own life to live.
It would help a great deal if I knew
that you believed in me.
Thank you.
After all,
that's water over the dam.
It's still hard for me to realise
that you can't understand
what she means to me.
That you can't see that my whole
happiness depends upon this.
Where's Alec?
I said, where is he?
I wish you hadn't felt it necessary
to do this, Miss Eden.
Somehow I'd expected
better taste of you.
I want to talk to Alec.
This is Christmas Eve.
Alec understands that
he should spend it with his wife.
Why can't you? Are you going to give
him a divorce or aren't you?
I should think by this time it would
be quite obvious
what my intentions are.
Alec, dear,
she's been lying to you all along.
I know.
You didn't really think
I'd let you go, did you?
I'm leaving for Reno tomorrow.
The moment you file suit
for divorce against me,
I shall file a
counter-suit against you.
I don't know or care what you'll
base your suit on,
but I shall base mine on infidelity.
And it won't be any vague other
It'll be one woman in particular,
by name.
You understand, I think.
I'm warning you, Miss Eden.
Alec isn't the only one I'll sue.
I'll sue you also,
for alienation of affections.
You have a little girl, haven't you?
How old is she, six, seven?
Well, you might as well begin to
teach her now how to behave on
a witness stand,
because she'll be there.
You must be out of your mind.
Oh, Alec.
Please, God, thank you for the day
that's done and watch over me
for the night that's coming.
Make me safe and keep me from harm.
God bless Aunt Laura and Alec,
most of all - Mother.
Shall I say anything about
I don't think so, darling.
I'm not sleepy. You will be.
Good night, darling.
Mother. Yes, dear?
Who's the man Aunt Laura
is bringing to see me?
I don't know, darling,
I have never met him myself.
I hope he's as nice as Alec.
There's a perfectly good dinner
going to waste out there.
I'm afraid I can't do
anything about it.
Here's your present, Julie.
I don't want to look at it.
Why not?
What's the sense of looking at
something you can never wear?
But, darling, she can't stop us.
Can't she?
Be honest, Alec, you know her.
You know there's nothing too cruel,
too vicious.
We never had a chance, Alec.
Not from the very beginning.
Look, dear, you're tired and upset.
Let's wait and see if maybe
tomorrow we can't...
We've been living on tomorrows for
the past six months.
Why don't we face it?
This is today,
this is all we're ever going to get.
If you want to go on fooling
yourself, go ahead, but I can't.
Not any more.
The magazine still wants
me to go to Paris.
Now there's
no reason why I shouldn't.
I'll take Ellen, I can put her
in school there.
Julie. Please go.
Go now while we still love
each other.
At least let's not give Maida
that satisfaction.
I love you, Julie.
Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!
No, operator,
I didn't ask for Bayside 92901,
I asked for Bayside 92-NINE-01.
Scotch, please, then bring
me a hot toddy.
Hello, is that you?
Well, this is Charley.
I just called you up NOT to wish you
a merry Christmas.
Did I not wish you
a merry Christmas? No, you didn't.
Well, I don't wish you
a merry Christmas.
I don't wish the same to you either.
My pal.
Have a drink on me.
No, you have one on me.
Let's both have one on each other.
All right. Barkeep,
two triple Scotches.
Yeah. Yeah.
Hello, this is Mr Walker.
Is my apartment still occupied?
All right, wake her up and tell her
I'm not coming home.
Wonder if she'll tell.
Who? Your wife.
Tell who? My wife. What? Where I am.
I hope my wife doesn't
know your wife.
My wife knows everybody who'll
tell her where I am.
I'd better go home and face her.
You coming home? No.
You don't care what happens
tomorrow? Tomorrow?
No more tomorrows.
Then I'm OK.
Ooh, stuffy. Turn off the heat and
open the window, huh?
Here you are, sir. Oh.
Keep the change and give him half.
Oh, thank you, sir. Thank you, sir.
Thank you very much.
Merry Christmas.
CHOIR: # Joy to the world,
the Lord is come... #
Drunk and no luggage.
Might be another suicide.
Why didn't you report this earlier?
Well, sir, I thought he might just
be asleep. A lot of them are today.
With all that racket? Fine chance.
The door between the rooms is
Come on, put your shoulder here.
# And make the nations prove
# The glories... #
Get some heat on in here. Yes, sir.
Hey, wake up.
Just as I thought - out cold.
Tell Doc Hastings to come up
here quick. Yes.
Tell Doc Hastings to come up
to 1524, on the run.
Gee, he sure pinned one on,
didn't he? Everybody did last night.
Not a dime,
somebody must have cleaned him out.
I want you to witness this, Joe.
See if there's anything in his coat.
Well, well, well.
Another happy hangover, huh?
He's still out, Doc, and I don't
like the way he's breathing.
Mm-hmm? Yeah.
Say, you'd better get in touch with
somebody who knows him.
This guy's sick.
Where's he from? New York City is
all we know. Here's something.
Christmas card he didn't mail.
See if there's a party named Eden at
5 West 10th Street.
If there is,
tell her to get here in a hurry.
Well, it's about time. I thought
I'd try the whisky treatment.
Well, nobody can say you didn't give
it a fair test. How do you feel?
I don't know, I...
What is this place? A hotel,
and you certainly do pick them too.
How did I get here? I guess you just
floated in. Here, take this.
Why? Because I want you to. What's
it for? What you've got, the flu.
Ohh. Got the flu, huh?
Flu? Well... Don't worry about it,
you'll be all right.
Hey, I didn't have these on when
I came in here, did I?
I hope not. What time is it?
Four o'clock.
Four o'clock what?
Four o'clock Christmas Day.
Oh, sure.
Merry Christmas, darling.
Merry Christmas, darling.
I think maybe
this is going to be
the best Christmas
I've ever had.
Probably be one you
won't forget anyway.
Don't go.
Oh, I thought maybe you were
Julie? Yes?
You make a swell nurse.
Thank you.
Alec, if you don't let
me take care of you,
I'll have to send you to
the hospital.
I don't want to go to hospital.
I know, but...
I don't have to go, do I?
You'll be all right tomorrow.
Julie. Yes, darling?
Let's not think about tomorrow.
We won't. Go to sleep.
No, no. I don't want to sleep.
I like it just the way it is.
If I sleep, I...
I'm afraid I'll miss...part of it.
Hope I didn't disturb you.
What is it? It's about the bill.
It's two days now.
Your, eh, friend paid the
first day in advance,
but since he has
no luggage, the house rules are...
Just a moment, please.
Oh, I didn't mean you should pay.
I always hate to take money
from a woman,
especially one so, eh, good-looking.
Please. OK.
Afraid I haven't got the
change though.
Think you can trust me?
Just leave it at the desk.
You must get pretty lonesome up
here, don't you?
How about a little nightcap?
No, thank you.
He's married, isn't he?
Are you an actress? No. Now, look...
Can't we be a little friendly?
I mean,
sometimes when you've got the blues,
as you probably have, it helps to
have a shoulder to cry on.
Get out. Now, don't excite yourself,
brother, I was just trying to...
Get out!
You'd think she
was your wife. Alec.
Oh, what a mess.
What an awful mess I got you into.
Alec, you've got to go back to bed.
I want you to get away from here,
You don't have to stay here
and take things like that.
You're an awful fool to let
yourself in for it.
And I want you to get back in bed.
And I've got to get away too.
I want to get dressed.
Alec, please do as I tell you!
I've got to get out of here, Julie,
so that you'll get out.
Please, for my sake,
get back into bed.
Do it for me,
that's all I ask of you.
Then, if you want me to, I'll go.
It's time you did what's best for
yourself. Yes, I will, darling.
If you don't do it,
I'll do it for you. Yes, darling.
You shouldn't be here, Julie.
It's not good, your being here.
You've got things to do.
You've got to go to Paris.
You ought to be getting ready now,
and I'm keeping you from it.
I want you to go to Paris, Julie.
You and Ellen.
I want you to take Ellen
and go to Paris.
Get me Dr Hastings.
Oh. Well, then get me
Dr Edward Gateson.
He's in the book.
Tell him it's Mr Alec Walker.
And hurry. Please, hurry.
I can understand why you didn't want
to send for me, Miss Eden,
but you might have had some
thought for his condition.
The doctor didn't tell
me it was pneumonia.
They said it was only flu.
It's not too late.
He'll be all right, won't he?
I don't know.
It won't be necessary for
you to come.
I want to be with him.
I've called his family, Miss Eden.
Oh, please, let me go.
I'm sorry, there's been too much
time lost already.
What's the number of Mr Walker's
room, Mr Alec Walker?
Who's calling, please?
Miss Eden.
I'm sorry.
Dr Gateson left orders.
No visitors.
Mr Walker's room? I'm his father.
Has Dr Muller come in yet?
He's with Dr Gateson now.
Mr Walker.
Who's Dr Muller?
Consulting specialist.
Will he come down this way
on his way out?
Yes. May I wait for him?
Sure, you can wait if you like.
But I don't know how long.
His mother was very upset over
his disappearance.
That's why I told her not
to come down
unless we thought it was
absolutely necessary.
But if we should find it
Richard, this is Dr Muller.
Mr Walker. How do you do, Doctor?
How is he? Mr Walker, I always
believe in absolute honesty.
Your son is in a serious condition.
It's a bad case of pneumonia,
What? What are his chances?
Physically...good, I should think.
I should say a little better than
a 50-50 chance.
by that I mean psychologically...
...not nearly so good.
What Dr Muller means, Richard,
is that Alec shows
no desire to get well. Exactly.
And it is our business to find
someone who should give him that
His mother is... I've explained to
Dr Muller about Grace.
His wife is on her way here now.
She should be here at any minute.
Is she the Julie
he keeps calling for?
Well, no... You see...
You see, Doctor,
it's rather a difficult situation.
Family complications.
Oh, I'm sorry to be blunt,
Mr Walker.
I'm not interested in family
As a physician, I'm interested only
in the patient's complications.
I don't say that this Julie
is our answer,
but she is the only clue with have.
Do you know where she can be
Well, I left her at that hotel.
She was downstairs when I came in.
I don't know if...
I see.
I imagine she will still be there.
Yes, sir.
They want you up in room 802.
YAWNING: Oh, dear.
Come in, please.
Dr Muller, this is Miss Eden.
How do you do?
How is he, Doctor?
Our patient wants
to see you, Miss Eden.
I think all I need to tell you is
that his chances of recovery
depend upon your seeing him,
and upon what you say to him.
Dr Muller, you don't realise...
Oh, you don't need to worry.
We're not going to see each
other any more.
We both know it's hopeless.
Ah, does he think it is hopeless?
Then it is necessary that you get
rid of that thought for him.
You must tell him that
there is hope.
In fact, that there is certainty.
Tell him whatever you think
he wants to hear.
If you think he wants you to say
that you love him,
then say that you love him.
If you think he wants to hear that
an obstacle to that love
has been removed, then tell him that
it has been removed.
Tell him...
Well, I think you know what to tell
him better than I do.
Alec, dear.
Can you hear me? It's Julie.
Go away, Julie.
Alec, darling,
everything is going to be all right.
Julie's all right.
Julie's gone to Paris.
You don't understand, darling.
This is Julie. Everything's going to
be all right for us.
Oh, do you hear me?
For you and me.
You're going away.
No, Alec, I... I don't have to.
I'm not going to Paris.
I've thought it all out and nothing
matters now except us.
She can do anything she likes,
but she can't keep us from
loving each other.
Only, you've got to get well.
Can you hear me?
You've got to get well.
You're only telling
me this because I'm sick.
Please, get well.
You've got to get well.
Tell him. Say something.
Look, Alec, it's your father.
He'll tell you too.
Yes, son.
Is it all right?
Yes, son.
You wouldn't fool me, would you?
No, darling. And you will try, dear.
You will try to get well.
I'll get well.
Is that what you wanted?
I, eh...
I'm sorry it has to be this way.
Your house telephone, Mr Walker.
Your wife said she's coming
down anyway.
Oh. Where's Dr Gateson?
In his office. You can take the
stairs there. Room 706. Thank you.
802. The first door.
Thank you.
Please, don't go in there.
How dare you!
Alec is very ill.
He may not live.
But if he does live,
it'll be because he believes
he'll never see you again.
And how did you manage that,
Miss Eden?
I've told him that you won't
fight us any more.
That we can be married.
What makes you think it's as
simple as that?
Oh, you needn't worry.
His father was there.
He knew it was a lie.
Everyone knew it was
a lie except Alec.
You've handled this very skilfully,
Miss Eden.
You've made it look as if Alec's
life depends on you.
I admire your ingenuity.
But it won't work.
You'd rather see him dead than with
me, wouldn't you?
Yes, I would.
You don't love him.
You don't love anybody except
I gave up love for what I've got.
Do you think I'm going to let you or
anyone else get it away from me?
All you can possibly get from Alec
is money. He'll give you that.
If Alec gave me every cent he has,
it still wouldn't be enough.
But someday his father is
going to die. Oh!
She wants to keep me out. She...
Maida, you might as well take what
you can get from Alec,
because you won't get
anything from me.
He's asking for you again.
Oh, Alec, darling.
Everything is going to be all right.
I thought you told me that before.
I must have been dreaming.
We were both dreaming,
darling, but...
...but now it's true.