In Old Arizona (1928) Movie Script

[ Orchestra ]
[ Ringing ]
[ Chattering ]
There's the bus.
- Whoa!
- Hello, Harry.
- Hello. How the hell is everything going?
- Fine.
Uh, hold a seat there for me!
I'll be right-
Well, good-bye, old boy.
Good-bye to you.
I enjoyed your company
very much...
and I'd come back here to stay among people
of such good breeding as you are.
Hurry up, folks, 'cause I'm in a hurry.
Listen. Some of these foreigners have
to be put in their place, you know that?
And I'm the bucko
that can do it.
- Does this coach go to Gallup?
- Yes'm. Get right in. I'm late now.
Well, good-bye, Nelly.
Put that coat in mothballs...
and send on the blue dress
that's hanging in the closet.
Well, good-bye. Take-Take care of your
rheumatism and don't each too much meat.
- Oh, get in.
- And don't let the cat out at night...
and be sure and cover
our bird Wilson.
Well, good-bye. Good-bye.
Say, I wonder if I have everything.
- I hope you have.
- Um, well- Hey, where am I gonna sit?
- Where's a man usually sit?
- [ Laughing ]
I don't think I'm gonna like
these other passengers.
[ Donkey Braying ]
- That gold box in all right?
- [ Man Indistinct ]
Now, Nelly, don't forget
to put the cat in the mothballs.
- [ Laughing ]
- You!
- [ Woman ] Good-bye, Nelly.
- Good-bye, Amy.
Bye! Good-bye!
[ Spanish ]
[ Continues ]
[ Ends ]
[ Chuckles ] Five thousand dollars
for my head, huh?
My friend, we are in very dangerous
business. We must work quick.
This gun, he liable to
bark many, many times...
but he is the best friend I got-
uh, next to you, my friend, yes.
Let's go to work, huh?
Put up your hands!
Keep 'em up.
For the love of St. Patrick,
what's this?
Everybody come out
of the coach.
Oh, there you are.
If this is a holdup, we're lucky
if we get away with our lives.
Oh, I shouldn't have
come on this trip. I told-
Keep the mouths closed.
[ Chattering ]
Throw down the guns.
Now, throw down the gold box.
Phil, get your feet out of the way here
before we get shot.
All right, here it is
and here it comes.
- Keep 'em up. Keep the hands up.
- [ Screams ]
- I think I'm going to faint.
- You do, you'll fall on your ear.
The pretty lady, come here.
Who? Me?
Uh, no.
The other pretty lady.
Oh, for pity's sake.
[ Giggles ]
Come here.
Everybody get back
in the coach.
- Oh! He might get me!
- You have nothing to fear.
- [ Mumbling ]
- Everybody, in the coach. Come on, get in the coach.
Keep 'em up.
I don't know how you live so long
and act so foolish, my friend.
[ Speaking Spanish ]
Ah. Is very pretty pin you got.
It look very beautiful on my girl.
I take him.
Ah, but, first
I give you gold for him.
- Oh, muchos gracias. Gracias.
- Come.
Keep 'em up!
[ Amy ]
He didn't rob any of us.
Ah, lady.
I never rob the individual.
I am so sorry. I cannot travel with you
in this very dangerous country.
Uh, but, I wish you...
a very safe
and pleasant journey.
- Adis.
- [ Amy ] Good-bye, bandit. [ Giggling ]
Be on your way. Quick.
[ Bells Jingling ]
[Jingling Continues ]
Well, Bill, I guess we're out of
shootin' distance from that fella now.
Say, did that there bandit
rob any of you folks?
No, he didn't rob any of us.
Well, if I hadn't been so busy with that
there gold a-gettin' it out for him...
I'd have killed that fella
and I'm not a-lyin'.
I'm mighty glad to see you
throw down that gold box.
You know, there's nothing like being
liberal with other people's money.
Come on!
Let's get a-goin'!
Get up!
By golly, my friend.
[ Chuckles ]
You and me are going to have
lots of fun.
I buy for you new blanket...
new shoes
and a good dinner.
Then we go to see my girl.
Yes, sir, we are going to
have one fine time.
I'll send my gal to the city
And I send my gal
to the town
Daisy, Daisy
Give me your answer do
I'm half crazy
All for the love of you
It won't be
a stylish marriage
We can't afford a carriage
But you'll look sweet
upon the seat
Of a bicycle built
- Two
- [ Chuckles ]
It says in hereJohn L. Sullivan is going to
quit drinkin'. Did you read that, Henny?
I don't believe in them newspaper stories.
Probably ain't true anyhow.
Look! Here comes that
old stagecoach, sure enough.
My golly!
Hey, those boys
are hoofin' up fast.
That's for sure.
- Whoa!
- Hello, there, old boy!
- Hello, there.
- Hi, Charlie.
- Hello, Bill.
- Hello.
Boys, I was held up down there at
the Devil's Pincushion by that Cisco Kid.
And I sure would have
killed that fella, too...
- if my gun hadn't have hung, wouldn't I, Bill?
- You sure would have.
- Where's the colonel at?
- He's inside. Go and see him, Charlie.
[ Muttering ]
Say, there's got to be something done
here about this Cisco Kid.
He held up my stagecoach down here
and took my Wells Fargo box.
He didn't harm nor rob
any of my passengers...
but he like to scared
all of them to death.
Where'd you see him?
I met him down here on the desert,
what they call the Devil's Pincushion.
- [ Typing ]
- Oh, orderly.
- Yes, sir?
- Tell Sergeant Dunn to report to me at once.
- Yes, sir.
- I'll tell you the facts, what I'd have done.
If my gun hadn't have hung on me,
I'd, uh, I'd have shot him myself.
Yes, I know, Charlie. I know just how
you feel about things like that.
- Am I faded?
- Sure.
Come on, sweetheart.
One pass for papa.
One, that's all.
I'll shoot the works.
Read 'em and grieve. Ha!
That's my baby.
Rich and ricey, nice and spicy. All right,
come on, pay me some of that coin, you guys.
Oh, I see where
President McKinley...
is gonna send a bunch
of you boys down to Cuba.
Yeah, so I understand.
Come on, sweetheart.
My Brooklyn baby
needs new shoes. Ha!
- [ Groans ]
- Dynamite. Another natural for Big Casino.
Hey, what's the idea? Did you walk
through a pasture or somethin'?
Come on, long-haired Liz.
- That's the one-
- Sergeant!
Oh, get out of my life,
hard luck.
Come on. Ada from Decatur
crossed the equator. Ha!
- [ All Laughing ]
- It's a four.
Hey, listen, bad news, if I never see you
again, it'll be soon enough for me.
- But the colonel wants you.
- Well, why didn't you say so? That's different.
- Come to papa, sweet mazuma Come to
papa, come to papa - Hey, what's the- Hey!
So long, boys.
I hear my master's voice.
Yeah, but your point is four.
Well, what do you
want me to do, cry? Geez.
Hey, can you imagine? Just because
he's got stripes, he thinks he's a zebra.
- I never saw a guy like that-
- [ All Chattering ]
- Sarge?
- What?
I've got a great idea.
You do the playing,
I'll do the interrupting and we'll split.
Are you trying to make
a dishonest soldier out of me?
- Well, holy-
- [ Chattering ]
[ Both Laughing ]
Sergeant Dunn
reporting for duty, sir.
Sergeant, the Cisco Kid
is back in our territory.
He just held up the stage
coming in from the south.
And it's up to our outfit
to get him.
I want you to take a squad of men
and go into wolf country.
Camp at the Frio and work west.
Yes, sir.
And don't get the idea
this is any picnic.
This is not the usual type
of cattle rustler.
He's smart and he's brave
and he's a killer.
And you don't need to worry
about any court-martial...
if you shoot first
and argue afterwards.
Do you understand?
- Yes, sir.
- Then get going.
Yes, sir.
Charlie, thanks very much for the information.
He'll bring him back dead or alive.
Well, I'm darn glad of that. And I'll bring
over a pistol the next time I come too.
[ Bugle Blowing ]
[ Clanking ]
- [ Man ] Hello, Edward.!
- Howdy!
- Morning, Mrs. Doolittle. How's Henry?
- Fine, thanks.
That's good.
Well, good morning.
Well, boys, he's done it again.
This time it was the stagecoach.
- Who did what?
- It's your lone bandit.
Why, he come tearin' down the gulch
and held up the stage all by himself.
What'd he get away
with this time?
He took the Wells Fargo box
and all the gold that was in it.
[ Italian Accent ] What? I just a-send
my wife $87 to Sicily by the Wells Fargo.
Well, you can kiss that good-bye.
When this here Cisco Kid
does a job, he does it right.
I wish I had my hands on him.
I do good job-a myself.
We've got to form a vigilante committee
and hang him to the highest tree...
and I'm going to start it.
They say he'll shoot you
quick as he'll look at you.
But if I ever meet him face-to-face,
I'll kill him like I would a dog.
You would kill somebody?
- You heard me.
- I kill him too.
First I try to
get my $87 back.
- Huh?
- You lose $87, my friend?
Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk.
That is too bad.
I hate to see working man
lose so much money.
Uh, this Cisco Kid,
he's very bad egg, I guess, huh?
- He's bad, all right.
- And plenty dangerous too.
They say the gals are all crazy
about him. Ha! That's funny.
Funny? Ha, ha. I don't know.
He may be very handsome.
Probably just a dirty greaser.
Oh. You have
never seen him, no?
No, but we're going to. Come on,Joe.
Let's get this vigilante committee started.
We'll make this town
safe anyway.
Yes. We'll get Cameron, Randolph
and Turner and the rest of the gang.
We'll round him up
before the night is over.
It took me six a-months
to save that $87...
and now it's all gone.
My friend, up in the hills,
I have find much gold.
Ha! I tell you what I do.
You fix for me a nice bath...
with nice, sweet soap...
nice, new towel...
and then when I go away, I make up
to you all the money you lose.
[ Chuckles ]
Grazie, Signore.
You are very kind.
Uh, thank you.
That's enough.
No more customers today.
Only you.
Now I fix a fine-a tub.
[ Chuckles ]
That's right, my friend.
I'll send my girl to the city
And I send my girl
to the town
- [ Knocking ]
- And my gal still young and-
just a minute.
[ Mouthing Words ]
Come in, my friend.
Are you the barber?
[ Chuckling ]
No. No.
- I'm the victim.
- Oh.
Well, what's the idea
of locking the door?
This barber fella, I don't know,
but he's much scared. Bandits.
Oh, yeah?
[ Chuckling ]
Well, you tell him he don't
have to worry from now on.
- Oh, that is good news.
- Yeah.
From now on, everybody
should not be afraid.
- I'm glad you come.
- Yeah.
You got nice
big gun too, huh?
Yeah, well, that ain't no
cap pistol you're carrying.
No, here- Oh, no.
This is- Hey, Giuseppe.
[ Giuseppe ]
No, no. No more "costumer. "
What do I look like, a dressmaker?
Yeah- Oh, dress-
[ Laughs ] That's funny.
Hey, Giuseppe, business is business.
Now, you take care
of this gentleman.
- Yeah. Uh, you are next.
- Oh.
Ta-ra-ra boom-di-ay
- Ta-ra-ra boom-dee-ay, Ta-ra-ra
- Thank you.
- Hey, Giuseppe.
- Boom-dee-ay, Ta-ra-ra-boom-dee-ay
- I take my bath now.
- [ Giuseppe ] Almost ready.
- Hey, you got any more perfume?
- [ Giuseppe ] No, no more.
- Ta-ra-ra-boom-dee-ay
- Oh, excuse me. Maybe you use perfume, huh?
For my women, nothing butJockey Club.
For me, nix.
[ Chuckling ]
Well, for me, you see...
I go around so many
different kinds of people, I-
- I got to protect myself.
- [ Both Chuckling ]
And now for nice,
good, hot bath.
Yeah, well, don't burn
yourself, Fauntleroy.
- [ Pump Squeaking ]
- Ah, Giuseppe, you got my bath all ready.
Everything, sir, very nice.
- Soap, towel, brush, everything nice.
- Uh, that's fine.
I stay, a-scrub your back?
[ Chuckles ]
Oh, no. I'm too ticklish.
- Thank you very much.
- [ Dunn ] Hey, Garibaldi, hurry up.
Go. Take care of my soldier friend.
Give him anything he wants.
S, Signore.
Anything you like. Anything.
Ahh. By golly. This is luxury.
- You dropped this.
- Ra-ra-ra-ra- Yeah.
Me and the belle of Greenpoint.
Say, she's got more in a minute...
than Lillian Russell
has in an hour.
But she's-a too skin.
Too skin?
Listen, she has more curves
than a scenic railway. Geez.
I like 'em a-fat.
Oh, fat dames are old-fashioned.
just the same.
I like 'em a-fat.
All right, all right, Garibaldi,
you can have 'em fat. [ Laughing ]
Who is that gent in there?
He's a-nice fellow.
He's a-big gold and silver man
from the hills.
Say, listen. Do you happen to know anything
about a fellow they call the Cisco Kid?
[ Dunn ] I understand
he drops into this town occasionally.
I'm very anxious to see him.
Do you know him?
[ Cisco Kid ]
I'll send my gal
- Do I know about him?
- [ Continues ]
Say, I'd like to meet him just a-once
and that would be enough.
- Just a-once.
- [ Continues ]
Well, meet him with that,
not me. Geez.
[ Cisco Singing, Indistinct ]
Say, he's a-got a nice voice,
that fellow.
And she's ready
To settle down
Nice? He must have
promised you a big tip. Geez.
So I send my gal
- Want a shampoo?
- No.
- What a singe?
- Singe?
Say, what do you think
grows on my dome, pinfeathers?
- Want a tonic-a?
- No tonic-a. Shave-a.
And my gal
She's young
And she's pretty
And she's ready to settle down
Hey, Pop,
where's the sergeant?
He just went on up
to the barbershop.
The barbershop?
What for?
Wait till he sees
the gals in this town.
Why, the old connoisseur
is liable to burst right out crying.
Talcum powder and witch hazel.
Well, he has to smell sweet,
doesn't he?
What's the matter
with the gals in this town?
- Talcum?
- No. No sissy stuff.
[ Chuckles ]
Gettin' dolled up, eh?
[ Toots ]
Well, we've been
all over town, Sergeant.
- You won't like it here.
- No? Why not?
Well, all the dames
we've seen is fat.
Yeah, there ain't
a skinny ankle in town.
just a lot of old, broken-down warhorses.
The sun's bleached 'em.
Yeah, the sun and peroxide.
Say, don't they make
any pretty girls anymore?
Say, listen, you roughnecks, get down
to business and cut out the dames, see?
Oh, there ain't no better
business than dames.
Get back to camp now,
pronto, understand?
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Say, what did I say?
I don't see why-
- You're the big a-boss, huh?
- That's right, kiddo.
This little frontier town
of ours...
will soon be a thriving, prosperous city
of the great Southwest.
The railroad is
coming in down here...
and it's up to us
to suppress the bandit...
the outlaw
and the desperado.
[ All Chattering ]
If the sheriff can't do it
and the army won't do it...
then it's up to us
to drive him out of here.
[ Speaking Chinese ]
There, boys.
There's the proper spirit right there.
[ Speaking Chinese ]
Ah. Well, now
I feel very good.
- How you feel, Sergeant?
- All right.
Oh, excuse me.
I forgot to introduce myself.
My name is Conrado Sebastin
Rodrigo Don Juan Chicuello.
[ Chuckles ] Ah, but the girls,
they call me Conejito.
That mean little rabbit.
Oh. Little Rabbit, huh?
Are you that fast?
- [ Chuckles ]
- No, no.
Well, my name is Mickey Dunn...
and the girls call me Big Casino.
- Mitt me.
- Oh, thank you.
- What do I owe you, Garibaldi?
- Oh, no, never mind.
- No, this my treat.
- Oh, fine.
Sure. I bet.
Now, my friend,
I give you all the dollar.
- That make up all the money you lose.
- Grazie, Signor. Grazie.
Poor fellow.
Somebody steal his money.
Hmm. I got no use
for that kind of thief.
You're right.
I'd like to get
my hands on him.
- Adis, my friend.
- Good-a-bye.
- Is that your horse?
- Uh, that is my horse.
Uh, he's a fine-looking animal.
Ah, this fellow Yaqui,
he's the best friend I ever got.
What you say, my friend?
I meet you down to the saloon
at, uh, oh, at 3:00, huh?
- 3:00? Right.
- Yeah.
What are you going to do in the meanwhile,
call on the seoritas?
[ Chuckles ]
No, no. Only one for me.
Oh, I like lots of seoritas...
but... I love only one.
Same with me.
One at a time.
That's only fair to the sex.
Know what I mean?
Adis, my friend.
So long... Little Rabbit.
[ Both Chuckling ]
Well, I'll be blowed.
[ Chuckling ]
Little Rabbit.
Come on, my friend.
[ Dunn ] Well, if it ain't
the old village blacksmith himself.
- Hello, Sergeant.
- [ Donkey Braying ]
Hello, there, Little Rab-
Well, Pop, did you give the old boy
a new pair of patent leather shoes?
Yeah, all around. She's ready and
waiting for you. Cost you 80 cents.
- Good.
- Good morning, Mr. Higgins.
Good morning, Matilda.
Good morning, Matilda.
Say, you know any people
around these parts?
I reckon I know
almost everyone.
You know a fella
they call the Cisco Kid?
[ Laughing ]
Say, that was him you just
shook hands with over there.
I just- I just
shook hands with him?
Sure. That was the Cisco Kid himself.
[ Laughing ]
[ Laughing Continues ]
- Well, I'll be-
- [ Donkey Braying ]
[ Braying Continues ]
Shut up, ya jackass.
[ Tango ]
[ Speaking Spanish ]
Tonia! Tonia!
[ Speaking Spanish ]
Well, what you want, eh?
El Conejito is coming.
He's here at the corral right now.
[ Speaking Spanish ]
- Hold him there. Keep him there. Hurry! Hurry!
- [ Speaking Spanish ]
Come out. Come out!
- What's the matter?
- Go! Get out quick!
- Why?
- Don't make talk.
My lover he come
and he kill you. Quick!
[ Speaking Spanish ]
What kind of greeting
is this?
You stand there as though
I was the devil himself.
S. S. Welcome home,
my very good friend.
Where is Tonia Maria?
I tell her. She come.
Now I must go feed my horse.
Uh, who will feed me?
I'm hungry.
- Get me ham and eggs.
- S. S.
- Plenty eggs, huh?
- S.
What's the matter with you?
Uh, you cannot move?
- I must give you start, huh?
- No. No, seor.
Th-That old woman
is getting crazy.
- He does not suspect?
- No. But someday he will catch you.
Then what?
You will have a flower in your hand,
but you will not smell it.
- Then all your troubles will be over.
- So will yours.
[ Speaking Spanish ]
- Hey, my Tonia.
- Ah, my Conejito.
Ah, you always
come to meet me.
What's the matter?
What you been doing, huh?
Never mind that. Where you got that
perfume? You been with other woman, eh?
- Ah, no, no, no.
- Don't tell me that.
[ Chuckles ]
My Tonia.
- [ Rooster Crowing ]
- [ Speaking Spanish ]
[ Squealing ]
Hey, hombre!
[ Speaking Spanish ]
[ Continues
Speaking Spanish ]
[ Chuckling ]
Tonia Maria. Tonia-
You cannot hid from me,
little peaches.
I find you wherever you go.
Ah, Tonia, I have not been with a woman,
you little silly.
I get this perfume
from the barber.
So you will smell nice
for other girls, eh?
Ah, no, no.
I care about nobody but you.
- How I can be sure?
- I swear.
I swear it is only you.
Ah, Tonia Maria, I would not
so much as look at these other women.
- You swear?
- I swear.
Look. By the name
of my mother.
[ Door Opens, Closes ]
Ah, Tonia.
Conejito. Conejito!
How do you like a-them?
Turned over?
- Turned over?
- The eggs.
- Turned over.
- [ Speaking Spanish ]
[ Chuckling ]
Yeah. Ah, Tonia Maria...
I love you like
nothing else in this world.
Every time I go away...
I come back and find you
more beautiful...
more divine.
Ah, the touch of your hand
is like the touch of an angel.
And your kiss, ah, your kiss-
- [ Stops ]
- [ Speaking Spanish ]
[ Cisco Kid ] Dios mo,
it is good be home again.
I have been in the hills so long alone
I get to talking to myself.
[ Tonia Maria ]
You got something for me?
"You got something for me?"
"You got something for me?"
Oh. [ Chuckles ]
Come down here. I show you.
Did I ever come back
unless I bring you something?
- Look.
- Oh! It is lovely!
No. It is you who are lovely.
By golly, I'm dry.
You got something for drink?
- I got you some nice, cool vino, eh?
- S, s.
Lots of vino
and ham and eggs.
Well, nobody, he can cook
ham and eggs like you.
S, s.
Ham and eggs. Nice.
Hey, we keep this door locked
while I'm here, you understand?
- Siempre.
- Mm.
[ Sniffs ]
[ Sizzling ]
Mm! That-a smells good.
- [ Speaking Spanish ]
- Ahh.
- [ Speaking Spanish ] You are pretty as ever.
- [ Giggling ]
Oh. No matter how old they get,
they never lose hope.
Who you say is pretty?
You, mi favorita.
Only you.
Here is your vino.
To you, my flower of love.
[ Sighs ]
That hits the spot.
Makes you, uh, warm, eh?
I don't need anything
to make me warm.
Come here.
I could squeeze you to pieces.
I'm crazy for you.
Why not?
I am lovely.
Lovely. All the day and the night
when I ride over the desert sand...
you are always in my mind.
In the winds,
your rippling laughter.
And in the night...
your sad, sweet smile
among the stars.
I count the hours till I can come back
and hold you in my arms again.
These words too damn beautiful
for that old woman to hear.
[ Chuckles ]
S, s.
- Ah, come here.
- Qu?
Listen, go down to the saloon...
find out how many soldiers or sheriff
there are in this neighborhood.
Also, find out how many
is look for me, s?
You keep the eyes
and the ears open...
- but the mouth closed.
- [ Speaking Spanish ]
- Right now this very dangerous place for me.
- [ Speaking Spanish ]
- Here.
- Gracias, Conejito.
- Gracias.
- Yeah. Hey, no cognac. Vino, please.
[ Speaking Spanish ]
Uh, now,
what was I saying to you?
You were telling me
how beautiful I am.
[ Chuckling ]
I don't got the words enough.
Probably you get the idea
that I love you.
Something is burning!
You bet your life
something is burning.
The ham and eggs.
[ Giggling ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Humming ]
[ Tango ]
- [ Cisco Kid ] Tonia Maria.
- Huh?
What you want?
[ Continues ]
[ Speaking Spanish ]
- [ Piano ]
- [ Chattering ]
[ Man ] Hey, uh, two beers and a whiskey.
Two beers and a whiskey.
How are you?
What'll ya have?
Say, I know you.
Usen't you be at the old Chatham Club
in Chinatown in New York?
Sure, I was. I used to be
the bartender there.
Sure you was.
Don't you remember me?
Usen't you wear a brown derby?
Sure, I use.
- How are ya?
- All right.
She may have seen
Better days
When she was in her prime
She may have seen a better place
- What's the matter, girlie? Why are you crying, huh?
- Once upon
A time
It's that durn song.
- It's breaking my heart.
- Oh, no.
I wish I hadn't
left my husband.
- Well, I'll have the gent stop it.
- No, don't do that.
- I enjoy it.
- [ Continues ]
It's terrible sad,
though, ain't it?
Yeah, it sure is.
[ Chuckles ]
He puts so much soul into it.
Is that what he's putting into it?
[ Chuckles ]
- [ Ends ]
- [ Clapping ]
Bravo. Bravo.
- Where you from, girlie?
- Boston.
- Well, you're a long way from home.
- Thank goodness.
Say, uh, you know
any gentlemen around here?
Where do you think you are?
Now, don't get sore.
Anybody can make a mistake.
That's why they have rubbers
on lead pencils.
What's the idea of the uniform?
Is there a war?
Say, are you trying to
show me a good time? [ Chuckles ]
- I don't like soldiers.
- No? That's tough.
And I don't like sailors either.
Ha! There goes the navy.
[ Chuckles ]
What do you prefer,
traveling men?
Oh, all men are bums.
Say,you, get up and shake a hoof
with those customers.
Oh. Didn't I tell you
all men are bums?
Ha, ha. It's a cruel world,
girlie, a cruel world.
Come on, come on.
Say, since when were you
in Chatham Square, Corporal?
Oh, no. Sergeant.
Sergeant. Geez.
Oh, I send my gal to the city
And I send my gal to the town
And my gal she is young
And she's pretty
And she's ready to settle down
Her flirtin' days are over
And she's going to settle down
Ah, music, wine and love.
[ Chuckles ]
I don't know which one
I could give up if I have to.
Maybe I could do
without music and wine...
but love-
[ Chuckles ]
I got to have all of it.
[ Ticking ]
By golly, I just remember. I got date
with soldier fella down at the saloon.
[ Chuckles ] Ah, he's very nice fellow.
I like him very much.
But I'm afraid if I keep this date,
I will have to kill him.
Ah, he is so charming too.
I hate to do this.
I tell you,
you go down to the saloon...
you tell him you meet
stranger in post office...
and that he give you
this message.
Say the gentleman,
Seor Chicuello...
he go out of town, huh?
- S, s.
- All right.
What you do
while I am gone, eh?
Oh, I think I take little nap.
I ride all night, no sleep, no rest
and plenty dangerous.
Everybody look for the Cisco Kid
and nobody catch him.
- This Cisco Kid very smart fellow.
- Hmm.
[ Chuckles ]
Come on. You must hurry now.
Wait. You lock door?
- [ Click ]
- I lock him.
Hmm, hmm.
Now for good sleep.
[ Sighs ]
[ Speaking Spanish ]
Yes, I take care of him.
It is no trouble for me at all.
[ Speaking Spanish ]
[ Crying ]
Don't cry, baby. Don't cry.
I take care of you.
Oh, no, no. Wait a minute.
I be back. I be back.
[ Baby Crying,
Continues ]
By golly,
whose baby is this?
[ Crying Continues ]
- Uh, seora, come here.
- Yes. Yes, yes, yes.
Where's Chicuello?
[ Speaking Spanish ]
I no speak English.
No. No speak English.
You can't get anything
out of these coyotes.
He's heading for there soon and- and
there's where we'll get him. Come on.
[ Woman ] Hello, sweetheart.
Would you buy your mama a drink?
[ Man ]
Hasn't mama had enough, huh?
- [ Woman ] Please? One drink?
- Coochie, coochie.
- [ Woman ] Oh,you cheapskate.
- [ Man Laughing ]
- [ Woman ] Hello, sweetheart. I want a drink.
- [ Man /2 ] You want a drink?
- Yes, I want a drink.
- Hey, bartender, give this Georgia jam something, eh?
- Where do you want it, Ace, in the woods?
- [ Man Laughing ]
I have a message for you.
How do you know
it's for me?
This message is for
the handsomest man in town.
Well, you're on the right
street, sister. Speak up.
Seor Chicuello, the man you meet
this morning is called out of town.
Oh. Is that so?
It's a swell world.
This place is terrible rough
place for nice girl to come.
Oh, it is?
These women are very bad.
These women are very common.
[ Chuckles ]
You wouldn't fool me?
No, I wouldn't fool you.
I hate to see a nice soldier like you
get mixed up with bad women.
Well, girlie,
I'm glad you warned me.
Come on, sit down,
have a drink.
- You speak to me?
- Yeah.
What you trying to do,
make fun of me, eh?
Let me tell you this.
I am the prettiest girl
in town.
Well, what am I supposed
to do now, drop dead? Geez.
You are a conceited fool.
Yeah? Well, you're
no shrinking violet, baby.
You can't understand any man
not falling in love with you, huh?
Well, what is the matter with me?
Turn around, let's see.
[ Chuckling ]
You think my favors are cheap, eh?
You think I'm like these other women, eh?
- How do you know what I think?
- I don't care what you think.
Well, that makes
everything square, baby.
Maybe I'm not like
these other men, either.
Maybe you are a saint,
a soldier saint, eh? That is funny.
The last soldier who come to this town
was carried out on a stretcher.
Well, you still got that stretcher.
- [ Chuckles ]
- A soldier saint.
- That is funny.
- [ Snaps Fingers ]
[ Dunn ]
Now that's as funny as a cry for help.
- Hello, Sergeant.
- Hello.
Looking for someone?
Sit down.
Can I help you?
Say, who is that girl?
You'd be surprised.
Huh. By golly, you get lots of love letters
all the time, huh?
No, no.
This from my sister in old country.
Yeah, I wish I had sister.
I got nobody.
Where you come from,
Well, I tell you.
My mother, he is born
in the Portugal.
And my father- my father,
she is come from San Luis Obispo.
Uh, my father- Ha-
he terrible smart man.
Yeah. Uh, but my mother...
beautiful like a rose.
I run away from Portugal
when I was this big.
I never see them no more.
And now, well, I am sorry.
You are very mysterious.
Life is full of mysterious.
Yesterday and tomorrow.
The rainbow's end
and the moonbeam's kisses.
Who knows?
All the time,
your life is in danger.
My life? Ha, ha.
What is my life, after all?
The warm breath
of a few summers...
and the cold chill
of a few winters and then-
By golly, I think
I need a drink, huh?
- [ Giggling ]
- [ Laughing ]
Elenita. Elenita.
Excuse me.
I come for my baby.
This your baby?
- I go bring him- her- I bring it
to you right away. - Gracias, seor.
[ Both Speaking Spanish ]
- How much you take for him in gold?
- [ Speaking Spanish ]
What you say?
Ha, ha. She say
she only got seven others.
She cannot part
with this fellow.
Ah, look at him.
Oh, he is so sweet.
The most precious things in the world
cannot be bought with gold.
The tender touch
of a little baby's fingers...
the light in the woman's eyes
and the love in a woman's heart.
Maybe you better
take him, huh?
- Where the devil's this Tonia Maria?
- [ Tonia Maria Shouts ]
Uh, get my horse, pronto.
[ Speaking Spanish ]
- You see soldier?
- Yeah. He smart-aleck. Stuck on himself.
I hate that kind of man.
You make eyes at him?
Oh, you hurt my feelings.
Oh, well, I am sorry.
Oh, you go away so soon?
I must go to work.
- Come on, hold out the hand.
- S.
Plenty of gold for
mi enamorada.
All right.
That is why I like to work so hard.
So I can buy pretty things
for my gal.
Where you go this time?
I know where there is lots
of cattle on the Guadalupe.
Soon I get rich.
Then we go far across
the sea to Portugal. Hmm.
Yeah, that is
beautiful place- Portugal.
Nowhere is the sea
so blue like the sky.
Nowhere is the rose so red, and
nowhere is the south wind so soft.
Of course, you got to remember
I see this place when I was a kid.
Every place look good to kid.
Maybe I don't like Portugal.
Maybe I not be happy there.
Ah. Then we go
wherever you want.
But first,
you got to be happy always.
That is what I say to myself.
- When you come back? Soon?
- Uh, I don't know. Maybe I come back very quick.
Sometimes in my business,
I have to go places very quick.
Well, good-bye, my sweetheart.
I always like to
see you wave to me...
when I ride away.
[ Chuckles ]
Good-bye, my sweetheart. Good-bye.
- You bring me something?
- I always bring you something when I come back.
Here. Good-bye.
Ah, Conejito.
Adis, my Conejito.!
My Conejito. Portugal.
Well, finally
you got a kiss, eh?
That should last you
the rest of your life.
Say, it's funny.
What you think men like, huh?
- Big fat cows?
- I think men like...
big armful of woman.
You? You so small, take three or four
of you to give man appetite.
You crazy.
I get any man I want.
just now, down at saloon, a soldier,
he threw himself at my feet.
- Fine American soldier.
- Hmm?
A officer.
A general, he was.
He look at me
and he say-
[ Kissing Sound ]
"What a beautiful figura
that girl, he has got.
"I would walk over broken glass
in my bare feet...
for just one of her kisses. "
That's what he say.
He must have been drunk.
[ Chuckles ]
Drunk? Yes, he was drunk.
- With love. [ Giggling ]
- [ Gasping ]
He say to me, "If you
do not let me love you...
I will kill myself. "
[ Dunn ] Well,you're not gonna let me
kill myself,are you, baby?
[ Laughs ]
I am so sorry.
We were just playing a little game.
- Won't you come in?
- Will I?
Can a duck swim, huh?
[ Chuckles ]
Who's the old girl?
[ Chuckles ]
That is my cook.
Is she up on Irish stew?
We will excuse you.
Cook! Dios mo, what next?
[ Both Chuckling ]
She is very bashful.
You don't mind?
Not at all, not at all.
Well, finally you change your mind,
Mr. Soldier, eh?
When I'm wrong, baby,
I admit it.
Yeah, you should. You were
very bad to me in saloon.
I'm sorry. No gent can say more.
[ Chuckling ]
Well, of course I was
a little fresh myself.
- I know that. [ Chuckles ]
- Yeah, I should say you were.
But big-hearted Mike
forgives ya.
Maybe- Maybe you like
to come in house.
- Eh?
- Eh, huh?
Well, I'm practically in.
There'll be a hot time
in the old town tonight
Pobre Tonia.
Qu mal camino.
[ Spanish ]
I get you some
nice, cool vino, eh?
- Red ink? Yes, ma'am.
- S. [ Giggles ]
Put a little red ink
in front of the old Sarge...
and he'll begin to chat
like Laura Jean Libbey.
- You. You come this way...
- [ Chuckling ]
- often?
- Often?
Say, I'm already runnin'
for office in this town.
I would like to know
if you got a girl.
Sister, I been
a hermit all my life.
It's made me
just a little bitter.
[ Chuckles ]
You should not feel this way.
You should... be cheerful.
Yes, huh?
[ Chuckles ]
Baby, I see where I'm gonna be putty
in your hands in no time.
- [ Both Laughing ]
- You ready?
- You like some vino, eh? Huh?
- Mm-hmm. You bet I would.
[ Chuckles ]
To you!
My soldier.
To you, muchacha.
Ahh! Nice, eh?
Yeah. That and the caress
of a mule.
Would you like me to...
tell your fortune, eh?
Yeah. Sister, if that's in the system,
gimme the works.
- Hey. My soldier, huh?
- Oh!
[ Chuckling ]
Ah! What is this? Huh?
Hey! That's my traveling bag.
Oh! [ Chuckles ]
Now I tells your fortune, eh?
- Are ya good at it, baby, huh?
- Good?
- Anything I tell you, you can believe.
- Yeah.
Ah, look! The first one.
You are lucky.
Yeah. The Big Casino shoots
another natural. [ Clears Throat ]
There is...
a very beautiful girl...
coming into your life.
Beautiful face.
The most beautiful eyes.
Hair and teeth.
She is a dream.
And what a figura.
- Figura?
- Yeah!
He got a shape just like "Venice. "
Venice? That's in Italy, ain't it?
You are going to fall
madly in love with her.
"Going to"?
Come here.
[ Laughs ]
Tell me.
Do you make much money, eh?
Enough for two, and maybe three, huh?
You like to look ahead, don't you?
You are very... romantic?
Yeah? Well, you ain't
doin' so bad yourself.
[ Both Chuckling ]
Listen, baby.
I'm gonna be transferred next month
to Governor's Island.
- Yeah? Where is that?
- Mm-hmm.
Back to civilization.
New York, right at
your front door. Gee.
- [ Chuckles ]
- Oh, I'd like to see it.
You take me there, huh?
Sister, that's the idea that's been gallivanting
through my mind this very minute.
Aw, you and me
in New York together.
Say, you'll love it.
Aw, New York! Gee.
Why in New York, you can get
a glass of beer that high for a nickel.
On ice, too.
[ Chuckles ]
And the Bowery!
Baby, you ain't seen nothin'
till you see the Bowery.
Finest street in the world.
Saloons and dance halls
everywhere. Hmm.
Free lunch.
All you can eat for nothin'.
And the finest whiskey?
Ten cents a throw.
You can pour it yourself.
They got pretty clothes
for girls there, eh?
[ Laughs ]
Baby, you can get the swellest
pair of shoes in the world there...
for two dollars.
And hats?
Well, you can get a hat for a dollar
and a quarter with a feather that long.
And petticoats? Oh, baby.
Wait'll you see the petticoats.
Every color under the sun.
Girls show 'em on rainy days.
Oh, rainy days!
That's when you see the sights.
[ Chuckles ] Hot tomato.
[ Continues ]
- Oh, I would love to see it.
- Yeah?
You and me together.
Is it a go, hmm?
Yes. It is a go!
Let's seal it with a kiss.
One for Big Casino. Hmm?
[ Speaking Spanish ]
- You mind your own business.
- [ Rapid Spanish ]
You get out.
Get out, quick!
- She-devil!
- Get out, you-
Oh, I hate that old woman.
- She's always so nosy.
- [ Dunn Chuckling ]
She's always spying on me.
- Yes?
- Where's your camp?
- Far from here?
- No, not very far.
I would love to see it.
- You take me there?
- Sure.
- You got a horse?
- No.
- But I ride with you, eh?
- Aw, that suits me, baby.
Please. I get my shawl, eh?
All right.
[ Chuckles ]
I be with you
in just a minute.
- I am ready.
- Yes.
Oh, uh...
don't you want to leave
a note for, uh, somebody?
Why do you say this?
Well, I thought
the old woman might worry.
Oh, let her worry.
I hope she worries
the rest of her life.
- The old cat.
- [ Chuckles ]
Come on, baby.
Are there nice soldiers
in the camp, eh?
Huh? Yeah.
Perfectly nice.
[ Chuckles ]
There'll be a hot time
in the old town-
[ Mooing ]
[ Cowbells Clanging ]
That's the Cisco Kid, all right.
What do you reckon...
he's gonna get for them steers?
About 4,000.
[ Whistles ]
5,000 on his head
and 4,000 in his pocket.
That's 9,000 for us.
Say, all we gotta do is
to trail him in the hills...
and give him both barrels
in the back.
Why, it's the easiest money
we ever got.
Now, he's heading through
to Coyote Wells.
Now, come on.
Let's take to the pass.
- Ol, camino.! Andele, ndele.!
- [ Mooing ]
Well, this is the place.
Now, let's wait for him
up on the bluff. Come on.
Thank you for the money, my friend.
Good-bye. Good luck.
Ben, have you ever seen
that fellow before?
No, I don't believe
that I ever have.
Well, take a good look at him,
because you'll never see him again.
Those three cattle rustlers have been waiting
for him. Two-to-one, they'll get him.
Beat him to it. Bring him down
the first chance you've got.
There he is!
Give it to him, Art.
[ Gunshot ]
Hey! You coyote, you!
Tell him you meet
the Cisco Kid.
These other two fellows
don't talk no more.
The Bowery
They say such things
- And they do such things on the Bowery
- [ Harmonica ]
The Bowery
I'll never go there anymore
Go on, sister. Try it.
You got a swell voice.
- I should sing it?
- Sure, go ahead. Gurgle it.
Give her a chord,Joe.
[ Laughs ]
- [ Chord ]
- Now. Ta da
[ Together]
The Bowery
- The brewery
- No, no. Not the brewery.
The Bowery!
[ Laughs ]
Go on, baby. Now.
Ta da
- [ Both ] The Bowery, the Bowery
- [ Harmonica ]
They say such things
And they do such things-
On the "bawry", the "bawry"
I don't think
I go there some more
[ Laughing ]
That's fine, baby. Swell.
Sweetheart, you got
a voice like a Brooklyn sparrow.
I don't understand it.
You tell me what a nice
place this Bowery is...
and that you're gonna take me there
to show it to me.
Then, in the songs, you say: "You don't
think you go there some more. "
- How you make that out, eh?
- [ Guffaws ]
- Say, I never thought of that. Whoo!
- Hey!
Hey, wait a minute.
Where ya goin', huh?
- I go fix your place, eh?
- Yeah?
- I come right back.
- All right, baby.
- [ Harmonica ]
- Don't be long, baby.
- Sweet as a peach.
- I guess. Some worker.
I gotta give you credit, Sarge.
You sure can pick 'em.
Ha, ha. Love and duty.
For once, they go together.
How do you mean, "together"?
- You fellas know why we come up here.
- Why, sure.
Hey. Listen.
Now, this gal used to
belong to the Cisco Kid, see?
But when I came into
her life, things changed.
[ Sucking Sound ]
Cut that out.
[ Speaking Spanish ]
- Mickey. Mickey!
- Yeah?
- What do you want, sweetheart?
- Come here.
Oh, I'm practically there.
- What's on your mind, sister?
- Now I know why you come to my house.
You come there
looking for someone.
That's right, baby.
I was lookin' for you.
Not the first time. The first time,
you come looking for a man.
A bandit!
- How do you know?
- I am not blind.
- Here is a paper, offering-
- Wha-
reward for him.
A big reward. Is that the reason
you make love to me?
- To get the man and the money?
- [ Laughing ]
- No, no, no, no. N-
- That is a lie.
You are a cheat.
I hope he kills you.
- Hey, baby-
- No me toques. No me quieres.
- No me quieres.
- Hey, wait a minute, sister. Gee!
Doesn't come
to the level with this gal.
Oh, he ain't.
He plays them all.
He's serious this time.
This morning he asked me
if I knew anything about...
buying furniture
on the installment plan.
- No!
- Wanted to know how much it would cost...
to furnish a flat in Flatbush.
[ Chuckles ]
Say, don't let that fool ya.
Six weeks lets him out
with any gal.
Say, listen. He buys weddin' rings
like you and me buy bananas.
That is, if we bought bananas.
How much is this reward?
Say, you didn't think I was figurin' on
any part of that, did ya?
What do you mean?
Why, I was gonna turn
the whole amount over to you.
Ahh! [ Laughs ]
I did not know this.
- Yeah?
- $5,000, all for me?
Why, certainly.
I'll get a promotion out of this.
[ Chuckling ]
And a gal, huh?
That's enough for me, baby.
You get the money, all of it.
Oh, the things
I could buy with this.
- Dios.!
- Yeah? [ Chuckles ]
Hey. The sarge is framin'
a nice surprise on this bandit.
Only gonna take his life
and his gal. That's all.
He ain't out of it yet.
Don't worry. Don't worry.
- He's the best shot in the army.
- Well, he'll have to be.
If what I hear of
this Cisco Kid is true.
Yeah? Aww-
When do you expect
the Cisco Kid to come back?
Soon. Guadalupe is not very far.
Yes. He will be back soon.
Maybe you better
take me home, eh?
I tell you this.
You will never capture him alive.
Well, I ain't figurin'
on capturin' him alive.
- [ Chuckles ]
- $5,000!
- I'll be rich. Rich! Come on. We go now, eh?
- All right, baby.
Maybe you got better
mantilla than this, eh?
This is the best one I got.
It is very rare.
It come from Seville.
Yeah? Huh.
How much you take for him?
One hundred dollar in gold.
- [ Snaps Fingers ]
- That is fine. I buy him.
[ Chuckles ] By gollies, you know I ride
many miles just to find you.
I say to myself...
I cannot go home unless I bring
something nice for mi enamorada.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, I can see her in this now.
Beautiful like angel.
[ Chuckles ]
- Adis.
- Adis.
- Adis.
- Adis, amigo.
- Adis.!
- Adis.
[ Gramophone: "My Tonia"]
Soldier... in the house.
[ Continues ]
Well, baby, that's what
I call a perfect evening.
Pardon me.
[ Clears Throat ]
[ Tonia ]
I love no one but you.
My soldier.
And the Cisco Kid-
[ Scoffing ]
I never, never loved him.
I swear to you.
Mickey, my love,
he will come back soon.
He will kill you on sight.
You must not let him find you here.
He is a beast.
I wish he were dead.
You must kill him. He tell me
he would never be captured alive.
He is desperate.
Oh, I wish he were dead.
Will I get
this reward money soon?
[ Dunn ]
Ha-ha. Sure you will.
just as soon
as they identify him.
I will send you a note
by the old woman.
When he returns.
Maybe- Maybe tonight.
About 10:00.
My lover!
So long, my muchacha.
Yaqui, my friend.
You remember I told you...
I was great lady's man.
[ Scoffs ]
That does not go now.
I am not as good
as I think I am.
[ Chuckles ]
And maybe I never was.
Coney Island! Brooklyn!
- The Bowery! $5,000!
- [ Cisco ] I send my girl to the city
- And I send my girl to the town
- Dios mo.!
And my girl, she's young
And she's pretty
And she's ready
to settle down
- Well, mi vida.
- Ahh! My lover!
I was afraid something
might have happened to you.
I was afraid
you might not come back.
I would not disappoint you.
[ Chuckles ]
I know how anxious you have been
for me to come back.
Tell me. Have there been
anybody here looking for me...
Why, no, no.
- No?
- No!
Tonia Maria, this law
is closing in around me.
Tonight, I am sure that this-this life
I live- it does not pay, but-
but like the man who is caught
in the- in the whirl-
whirlpool, I cannot get out.
That is what a thief comes to know.
He cannot rub out his past.
Ah, he may be able to get away
from these people...
who hunt for him...
but he can never
get away from himself.
I go on, Tonia, till the chapter here
is finished, but...
[ Scoffs ]
I know in the end I will pay.
we will go far away
tonight together, huh?
To Portugal!
Ah, Tonia, I try.
I try to start all over again,
just for you.
Ah, that will be grand!
But... I cannot
get ready tonight.
- Tomorrow?
- Yes, maana.
Well, you get ready
for long, long journey.
Get me wine.
Get me vino.
- I get you wine and fruit, eh?
- Yes.
I put my horse in corral.
Elenita? Elenita!
- Where you been?
- At the market.
- In the wagon?
- Sure, in the wagon.
Take this note to soldier.
Ride in the wagon to his camp.
Do you know where it is?
Hurry, quickly.
It's very important.
Don't make talk. I explain to you
when you get back.
Here. Quick.
Hurry! Hurry!
The old cat.
Say, listen.
Why don't you fellas change
the bill of fare once in a while?
Beans, beans, beans.
Geez. General Grant said,
"Let us have peas. "
What a memory
that boy has got.
Eggs! Why don't you
get some eggs?
Say, do you know that
eggs cost 15 cents a dozen?
- Do you have to buy 'em?
- Well, what do you want me to do? Lay 'em?
[ Laughs ]
You can't do that.
For soldier.
S, Conejito.
Men all love Tonia Maria.
You can get any man you want.
[ Orchestra: Dance ]
- [ Stops ]
- I did not tell you, I was to Yuma.
You got something for me?
[ Chuckles ]
The surprise of your life.
A mantilla!
- From Seville.
- Oh, it is lovely.
It is you who...
are lovely.
To you, my faithful...
loyal, constant sweetheart.
To your eyes,
with their warm devotion.
And to your lips,
with their warm kisses.
And to the heart of you and all
the other girls in the world who-
[ Chuckling ]
who are true...
I drink.
To you, my brave caballero.
The bravest of the brave.
- My lover.
- [ Spits, Coughs ]
[ Chuckles ]
I'm sorry, Tonia.
The wine was so strong,
it-it make me cough.
[ Laughs ]
It don't make me cough.
ndele, ndele.!
- The old woman.
- Listen, you better be careful, Sarge.
- You know, you're liable to get in some trouble.
- Listen, you fellas, keep quiet.
No funny business, now.
You understand?
I didn't say anything.
What's the matter with the guy?
- Who is the old woman?
- Aw, she lives with the gal.
Well, he better look out
for them foreigners.
- They do things different.
- [ Laughs ]
Gracias, seora.
I guess I know who it's from.
Anda, caballo.
"He is here, but he is
going away tonight.
"He is frightened. He thinks the posse
knows his hiding place.
"When he goes, he will be
disguised as a girl.
"He will wear my clothes,
and on his head...
"a large, white mantilla.
I will wear his clothes,
and ride away. "
"Come at 10:00 tonight.
"Do not fail.
Shoot quick and straight.
A hundred kisses, Tonia Maria. "
Hey, here's something else.
"Remember, he will wear
a large, white mantilla.
You will be able to see it
from a distance. "
You get the idea, boys?
The bandit's gonna try to escape tonight
in a girl's clothes.
Well, this is empty.
- You have more, eh?
- No, no. No.
I have had... enough.
The job's finished, boys.
I get my man tonight.
Get him alone.
You better let us
go with ya, Sarge.
No, sir.
I've got a particular reason for wanting
to turn this trick all by myself.
So long, boys.
The old sarge has got a new gal...
and she's a pippin.
- [ Clicks Tongue ]
- Hey, we ought to go along with him anyway.
Nah, nah. Didn't I tell ya
he was the best shot in the army?
Oh, well-
I think it is getting
dangerous for me to stay here.
- I better go. I send for you. Adis.
- No, no!
You must not go.
You must not.
I will not let you.
I will not let you.
You must stay here tonight.
I am afraid to be here alone.
Tomorrow, you can go.
But I will not
let you go tonight.
Such anxiety is touching.
[ Chuckles ]
You are so beautiful...
I could not refuse you...
anything. [ Chuckles ]
We should have gone...
to Portugal tonight.
I better look around outside
to make sure there is no danger.
[ Hoofbeats ]
Somebody is out there.
[ Gasps ]
Adis, my beautiful angel.
That is what you are.
And what you will be...
an angel.
When I ride away...
you stand outside
where I can see you...
and wave good-bye to me.
Then I know you love me.
If it is to be the end,
I want to know that...
you are thinking only of me.
My beautiful angel.
- Adis.
- Don't forget...
to wave to me when I ride away.
[ Tonia Screaming ]
Her flirtin' days are over.
And she's ready
to settle down.
[ Orchestra ]
[ Ends ]