In Search of Fellini (2017) Movie Script

[church bell tolls]
[whip cracks]
[Woman] The rabbit hole dipped
suddenly down... [chains rattling]
...down, down, down.
[man speaking in Italian]
The beautiful confusion...
[man] Lucy!
[Kerri] We all have to grow
up... eventually.
My sister Claire, however,
did not agree.
[indistinct conversations]
She was a normal kid
except somehow
never stopped believing
in magic and fairy tales
and true love,
which basically made her
a magnet for creeps.
Get off me!
Yeah, ouch.
we were super popular.
Except not really.
I was never what you'd call
a sweet child,
and Claire...
Claire had problems.
But we Cunninghams
always had one thing in common:
we didn't give a shit
about what other people
thought about us.
[man on television]
Farewell. Farewell.
But Claire kept on dreaming,
and as we all know,
you should never dream
Lucy Jean Cunningham.
From that moment on,
Claire had one purpose:
to keep Lucy safe
from anything and anyone.
Yep, even me.
[man on television]
You want the moon?
Just say the word
and I'll throw a lasso
around it and pull it down.
that's a pretty good idea.
I'll give you the moon,
I'll take it.
"But I don't want to go among
mad people," Alice remarked.
[Kerri] Okay, so I know every
parent lies to their kids,
Santa Claus, and whatnot,
but Claire took it
to a whole new level.
She made sure nothing bad
happened to anyone,
not even the goldfish,
who mysteriously left one day
for the Great Barrier Reef.
Or Dorothy,
who departed suddenly
to become a competitive
goat herder.
Or Grandpa Peter,
who stopped visiting
and calling
but never stopped writing.
I don't know how much
of this crap Lucy believed.
But she went with it.
And they lived
happily ever after.
Oh, except for one
little problem.
[boys] Hey, Lucy!
This is like...
this is a boring part, hold on.
[Kerri] The problem with
boys is that they're idiots.
[boy] You farted!
[Kerri] They were only ever
interested in one thing...
I see your butt crack!
...and it wasn't Lucy.
There was one boy, though.
I called him Ears.
Lucy fell in love...
But it didn't last.
[thunder rumbles]
Claire made it right.
In the end,
they were happy.
how many can say that?
There was no reason
to do anything else.
They always had time.
Does my butt look big
from that angle?
[singing indistinctly]
[Kerri] Did you ever discuss
her going to college?
[Claire] Yeah,
but she just didn't want to go.
She didn't want to go,
or you didn't want her to go?
I want her to do something that
she's really passionate about.
Your real life is in
your dreams, anyway.
I'm sorry,
what was that?
[muffled] Your real life
is in your dreams.
I think I read that
on a coffee mug.
[man on television] This is a
very interesting situation!
[woman on television]
Please give me my robe!
[man on television]
[Claire coughing]
a situation like this
every day.
[woman on television]
I'd like to have my robe!
[man on television]
Not in Bedford Falls anyway.
[woman squeals on television]
Requires a little thought here.
[woman on television]
Give me my robe!
It's fairly far along.
[door closes]
Knock knock!
Oh, hey, Claire.
another dead goldfish?
What happened?
Come on, what's the matter?
[man on television] Mary, I know
what I'm going to do tomorrow
and the next day and next year
and a year after that.
I'm shaking the dust of this
crummy little town off my feet,
and I'm gonna see the world!
Italy, Greece, the Parthenon,
the Colosseum...
[Kerri] How's she gonna take
care of herself?
[Claire] I don't know.
Do you have any savings?
Okay, um, so she's 20.
She's never had a boyfriend.
She's never left home.
She's never had a job.
You guys just pretend
you're on a cloud...
[Claire] Okay, you're supposed to be
helping me here. ...watching movies?
[man on television]
Why don't you kiss her
How's that?
[man on television] Why don't you kiss
her instead of talking her to death?!
Want me to kiss her, huh?
[man on television] Oh, youth
is wasted on the wrong people!
Does she have any skills?
[Claire] Yes.
[Kerri] All she talks about is
her dreams and her fantasies.
You've created kind of
a fucked-up situation.
Lawn mowing.
She mowed the lawn.
I think I remember that.
I think she was afraid
of the lawnmower.
I'm sorry, honey,
it's not funny.
It's not funny.
[Claire crying] I don't know
what she's gonna do.
Alright, who would
hire a 20-year-old
that still acts like
a 13-year-old?
[Claire] I wouldn't.
Claire, you pretty much...
you fucked it.
You're gonna help her, right?
We'll get her into college.
What she needs
is a fucking life.
[man on television] The chance
of a lifetime, you hear?
The chance of a lifetime!
[woman on television] He says
it's the chance of a lifetime,
[man on television]
Now you listen to me,
I don't want any plastics,
and I don't want
any ground floors,
and I don't want to get
married ever to anyone!
You understand that?
I want to do what I want to do.
And you're...
"Do you love movies?
We sure do.
Gain hands-on experience
making high quality VHS movies
and having fun
at the same time.
Experimental art house
film company
seeking production assistants.
Contact producer
Clive Montgomery."
Wait, this is
in downtown Cleveland.
- How you gonna get there, hon?
- I'm gonna take the Vespa.
And, um, you've never
been on a job interview.
So what are you even
going to say?
You say "yes."
You tell them
what they want to hear.
Do you have any
experience filmmaking?
- No.
- Yes!
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Mm-hmm. - "I saw your ad,
and it intrigued me."
- That's all you have to say.
- Intrigued me.
- Okay?
- Do you... have any skills?
"I'm a very hard worker."
"I'm highly motivated,
and I am detail-oriented."
- Yes. Yes.
- That's true.
- Okay.
- Can you start immediately?
- No.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- [stammers] Yes.
I-I mean, it's perfect.
Hon, if you practice
for a few days
and then, you can
make an appointment...
Oh, no, I-I called them.
It's today at 4:00.
[Kerri] Oh, good, I love that you're
rocking the cape and the boots.
I think that's gonna fit in
with what all the young kids
are wearing.
You really don't
have to do this, hon.
You've never been to the city
by yourself.
- You can wait.
- It's okay, I'll be fine.
Baby, let me see you.
Let me get that.
If you need anything, I'll
be standing by the phone, okay?
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Go get 'em, Lucy!
Bye, hon!
[Lucy squeals, crash]
[Lucy] I'm okay!
- Okay!
- Don't worry, guys! Bye!
- See ya.
- Do you have life insurance on her?
Oh, my God.
[swing music playing on record]
[woman on television]
He makes me too happy.
That's the problem.
[man on television]
Can this be true?
[woman on television] His emotions
are like fingers on my body.
[man on television] She's
everything I dreamed of...
[woman on television] There's
so much he doesn't know.
- How do I tell him?
- It's hot in here.
It's the life
I've always wanted.
[cat meows]
Can it last, my secrets?
Cunningham, Lucy.
[man on television]
It all comes crashing down...
[sultry music
playing on television]
[cat meows]
I see you.
Let's go.
Sit, sit.
Okay, so.
Lucy, right?
- Yes.
- Good, and I see that you are...
What the fuck?
Is this a unicorn?
Good lord, ma'am.
And you are?
Lucy Cunningham.
Yeah, no,
your age, honey.
Oh, I'm... I'm 20.
Oh, terrific.
Perfect age. Very legal.
And you've had experience
making films?
Yes, and I saw your ad,
and it intrigued me.
And who have you worked for?
My mom.
Well, I bet
she's taught you a couple
special little skills,
hasn't she?
Yes, she has.
I'm a hard worker.
I'm highly motivated,
and I am detail oriented.
Well, that'll serve you well
in this industry.
Listen, let's talk about
some career goals.
You know,
places you see yourself
down the road a little bit.
Well, I, um...
I love movies.
Think about maybe being
in front of the camera?
Because I gotta tell you,
this whole little get-up
that you have here, this little,
uh, "I'm in a habit,
and I'm pure and innocent,"
and all this naughty
little stuff you have going,
I like it.
I gotta tell you,
I like it a lot.
I mean, we could play
"priest and nun" real quick.
Yes, sir!
Let me ask you,
how bad do you want this job?
I would like this job
very much.
I know there are things
that I have to learn,
but I'm willing
to work very hard and I...
I promise that you can
take a chance on me.
I'm gonna give you a chance,
And I trust you.
I believe in you.
I see it in you.
I think you got it, kid.
I'm gonna have you
on that wall in no time.
I, personally, might be ready
to have you start immediately.
You know what I mean?
Like, now.
- Do you think you might like that?
- Yes.
So why don't you go ahead
and take off your habit?
And then you and I are going
to go up on the altar
and sing a hymn, okay?
Uh, I'll be right back.
[gunshot on television]
Let me see your tits.
[woman on television]
No, Jack! No!
[man] Oh, terrific, beautiful.
Really nice.
[woman on television]
Don't hurt him! It's over!
[man] Look at you, pinky.
You should switch shoes.
Very nice, very nice.
Hey, where you going?
[telephone rings]
Give me that.
Hello? Luce?
[thunder rumbles]
[horse approaching]
[man] Fellini?
I'm not hungry.
[chains rattling]
[crowd murmuring excitedly]
[bell ringing]
[lively music plays]
[man on film] One of the most
celebrated and controversial directors
in the history of film.
[man on film] Like no other
director in the world.
[woman on film]
Winner of five Oscars
and more film awards than
any other film director ever.
The winner is Italy for
Federico Fellini's "8 1/2."
The winner is
Italy for "Amarcord."
The winner is "Nights of
Cabiria." "La Strada."
[man on film] In the history of
movies, there are a few filmmakers
who have expanded
our way of seeing,
and completely changed the way
we experience the art form.
One of them was named
Federico Fellini.
He showed us the darkness
that can overcome the soul,
and then the magic
and spiritual force
that can bring you back
into the light.
[dramatic music plays]
[light applause]
[woman shouting in Italian]
[motorcycle departs]
[applause fades]
[breathing softly]
[door opens]
[soft swing music playing]
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm amazing.
I lost the Vespa.
- What?
- Did you get the job?
Um, well, I...
[VHS tapes clatter]
It's amazing.
Um, I'm sorry, uh...
I'm just...
I'm so tired!
It's been such a long day.
I'll be in my room!
[door slams]
- What?
- Whoa.
[woman on television] Marcello!
Come here! Hurry up!
[woman speaking in Italian]
[woman speaking in Italian]
[woman on television]
We are in Fellini's office.
Before he starts a film,
it is here
that people of all kinds
constantly drift in.
This lady,
after telling Fellini
he'll never make a good film
if he goes on using
the same dreary old faces,
reads one of her own poems,
"Is Lightning God's Signature?"
How do you ask a question?
[speaking in Italian]
[speaking in Italian]
[speaking in Italian]
Dear... Federico...
[man speaking in Italian
on television]
[train whistle blows
on television]
I have been...
a huge fan for...
one day.
[telephone dialing]
[woman on telephone]
City and state?
Uh, Italy?
Uh... Italy.
[man speaking in Italian on
[man speaking in Italian on
[speaking in Italian]
Hi. Um, my name is Lucy
Do you speak English?
Uh, [speaking in Italian]
This is me, the Mario. I'm
speaking the English.
[man speaking in Italian]
Yes, right, I'm...
I'm so sorry.
Yes, I'm...
I'm Americana.
Um, may I please speak
with Mr. Fellini?
Do you have an appointment,
Okay, good.
[man speaking in Italian]
3:00? 3:00 tomorrow,
[speaking in Italian]
Okay? Come, Fellini.
[speaking in Italian]
I'm sorry, where?
[speaking in Italian]
[speaking in Italian]
3:00, do not be late.
[click, dial tone]
[soft music plays]
[Man on record] Goodbye,
little girl, goodbye...
Did he say how long?
[Claire] No.
[Kerri] What, like years?
[Claire] No, I don't know.
[Kerri] Weeks?
[Claire] No.
She can never know.
[Kerri] Very funny.
I'm serious, do you promise me
you will never tell her?
[Kerri] Okay, I promise.
[woman speaking in Italian
on television]
[knock on door]
[Kerri] Lucy?
One second, Aunt Kerri.
[insistent knock on door]
- He-e-y.
- Hey.
You planning a trip?
Um, you know, I may have to go
to Cleveland
to get my Vespa
'cause it was towed and...
[Kerri] Oh, yeah, Cleveland?
Like, Cleveland that's in Italy?
No, uh, this Cleveland.
What are you watching?
Oh, uh, it's... [stammers]
Nothing. You wouldn't like it.
Are you blocking the TV?
You're not acting
weird at all.
I wouldn't like it?
Me? Moi?
Aunt Kerri?
Come on.
[click, lively music
and laughter on television]
- Oh, Jesus, Lucy...
- Okay.
N-no, no. I-I like it.
I mean...
I-I didn't like it, but...
it's kinda, like...
it's weird, right?
- Right?
- [laughs] Yeah.
- You like that?
- [laughs] Yeah!
It's a Fellini film.
They're about humanity,
and they're just very real.
Well, I saw the humanity
in that one.
There was a lot of humanity.
He didn't hold back
on the humanity, huh?
I... they're all really...
they're all really different.
There's actually...
there's a film festival.
They're screening, um,
all of Fellini's films.
It's called Tutto Fellini,
and people come from everywhere
just to watch his films.
You should go tell Claire.
Oh, uh, no.
It's okay.
don't tell her, please?
What happened?
I don't, I...
I don't think she'll... she'll...
I don't think she'd
want me to leave, so...
You don't think she would want
you to leave?
You're 20.
You're allowed to leave.
I know that.
This is your life!
What do you want to do?
[man on record]
Goodbye, little girl
[music stops]
[Lucy] Hey, mom.
Hey, Lucy.
Do you remember that story
that I always told you
about when the day
you were born,
I said it was the best day
and the worst day of my life?
The best because I knew I would
never love someone so much,
and I don't.
And the worst because I knew
that I would never be able
to protect you
from all the lessons
you had to learn
in this life.
But I tried.
And I'm sorry.
And I love you so much.
But I just...
I just need...
[soft music playing on record]
[man on television] Comes in
pretty handy down here, folks.
[Claire grunting painfully]
Close the door.
I'm fine.
[men chattering
on television]
[knock on door]
[Lucy] Mom?
Mom, you okay?
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Hey, Lucy.
Is everything okay?
Everything's never okay.
It's that cold again.
I'm fine.
I'm good.
It's okay.
I'm good.
How are these? Tell me.
- Amazing.
- Yeah?
Yeah, they're not like
American movies at all.
The endings are really sad,
and sometimes,
nothing makes sense.
And... and they're kind of...
they're kind of dirty.
Um, and there's a lot of,
you know, um...
they sound horrible.
No, I mean, but you love them,
and that's amazing.
That is great
that you like them.
- I do.
- Good!
I do, I have
so many questions, though.
You know,
I wish I could meet him.
Can you imagine?
Think about it.
- Remember "Summertime"?
- Yeah.
Katherine Hepburn?
Juliet's balcony in Verona?
They're all real places,
not just movies.
And Rome,
that's where Fellini is.
- No. Yes, Rome!
- Yes.
I think he's there right now.
- No. You have to go.
- We have to go.
We have to go.
We can't go.
But you can go.
- Mom, it would be so much fun.
- I know.
I know it's far,
but I've saving up.
- And I think if I break open my piggy bank...
- No, I know, I know,
- we can have enough...
- I know, I know, I know, I know. Just listen to me.
Wait, I cannot go!
You have to go
on your own.
We just have to
stop this, okay?
You need your own life,
and so do I.
I'm tired.
I... I just need
to take care of myself.
- I'm... I'm sorry if you're not feeling well...
- I... I want you...
You need to... I need...
- I can help you...
- No, I'm fine. [coughs]
- ...get better.
- No, I'm fine. I'm fine, Kerri's here.
I need some time, okay?
Look at me!
I need some time for me, okay?!
I need a life right now, okay?!
- I need a life!
- But... I-I... it's...
- I'm sorry, love!
- [sobbing] I don't understand!
I don't feel well!
[knock on door]
Went to find who?
[man singing in Italian]
[singing continues on record]
What's the worst
that could happen?
Oh, I don't know.
Lost. Robbed.
Assaulted. Raped.
Chopped into little bits.
[Kerri] Okay.
[women giggle]
Who the fuck is Fellini?
[Kerri] Fellini,
he's an Italian filmmaker.
You know,
he makes Italian films.
What... what films?
[Kerri] Well,
no one actually watches them.
Well, what are they about?
Just, you know...
mostly humanity.
How humanity's depraved.
A lot of orgies.
[bell tolling]
Like, asses, breasts.
Just like, jiggling breasts
You know, art.
[Mario speaking in Italian]
- Yes.
- Hi, uh, hello.
- This is Lucy Cunningham.
- Ah, the american, yes.
Yes, Americana. Yes. [Mario
chattering in background]
I-I missed my flight to Rome,
- and I ended up in Verona.
- Verona.
And I lost my bags.
They said they went to Germany
or Austria or something.
So I just wanted to call
and... and tell you
that I was...
that I'm on my way
and I'm... I'm very excited!
[Mario speaking in Italian]
- Okay, Lucia, Lucia, Lucia--
- What was that?
[speaking in Italian]
Fellini, is not here.
So you miss him, okay?
Your appointment
with Fellini is missed.
So he's not in Rome anymore,
and you have to wait, okay?
You have to wait, Lucy.
A few days.
- A few days?
- Maybe a week.
You are in Verona,
Romeo and Juliet, is very nice.
You know, have a gelato
and look at the balcony.
- Do something, get busy okay?
- Okay.
Right. Sure.
[Mario speaking in Italian]
Eat a bombolone, it's very
- Okay, yes, thank you!
- Okay. [speaking in italian]
[speaking in Italian]
[woman speaking in Italian]
[man speaking in Italian]
[man speaking in Italian]
[speaking in Italian]
[speaking in Italian]
[speaking in Italian]
tiramisu, pistachio,
What... what are those?
Rhum baba.
Rum balls.
[speaking in Italian]
Would you like to taste?
[speaking in Italian]
[speaking in Italian]
Thank you.
Thank you.
It is said that I have
the sweetest balls in Verona.
That will be 5,000 lire.
Eat. Drink.
Fall in love.
Doctor said four of these a day.
Or was it these?
I'll have all of them.
Oh, uh, these induce an
exaggerated sense of euphoria.
[Claire] I'll have it.
[Kerri] That's a bonus.
I'll have one of these
as well.
- Cheers.
- Cheers to you.
[uplifting music plays]
Can you please pick
another one?
You sure it's the cancer
that's killing you
and not these movies?
They are a bit depressing.
[helicopter whirring
on television]
[sound fades]
[speaking broken Italian]
[woman] And then they asked me
if Italian nue realism
was dead or alive.
Neo realism, darling.
You said alive, of course.
Well, I didn't know
what to say.
[woman speaking in Italian]
What's your name?
[man speaking in Italian]
Can I help you?
Oh, poor thing, she can't
understand a word we're saying.
She's completely foreign.
Oh, my!
Your English is...
- She's American, dear.
- Oh, yes.
What brings you to Italy?
I'm looking for someone.
Oh, how romantic!
Are you traveling alone?
No, I'm with my mom.
- Oh.
- Sylvia, and this is Robert.
Oh, Robbie, she's adorable.
- She's not a pet, dear.
- I just... Oh, fuck off, Robert.
- Why do you always fucking talk
to me like--It'll be fun for us.
Would you like to come with us?
Where are you going?
Does it matter?
[indistinct conversations,
lively music playing]
[man singing in Italian]
Guido! [laughs]
Sylvia! Oh, my God.
Let me look at you.
[Sylvia] Meet my new friend.
This is Lucy.
[speaking in Italian]
[Sylvia] She's from Ohio.
[speaking in Italian]
[chuckles softly] Hi.
[Sylvia speaking Italian
on TV]
[dramatic music playing
on television]
There are three things
I like most:
love, love...
and love!
Oh, it's nothing,
it's nothing.
A memorable performance,
by your left breast.
I thought you were beautiful.
Of course you did.
You directed it.
[Robert] Tell me, Guido,
have you ever actually
directed anything
with a plot, hmm?
How about a love story?
Why is European cinema
so obtuse?
Oh, oh! And here's an idea...
See, darling, you're clearly
missing the point.
[Robert] Lucy, tell me, what do
you think about Italian cinema?
How would you describe it, hmm?
Oh, I don't know.
That's perfect.
[speaking in Italian]
The beautiful confusion.
There's no lack of
beautiful confusion over here.
You're not supposed
to understand his films.
You're supposed to let them
wash over you like a dream.
Yes, a visionary is
the only true realist.
To overblown,
egotistical films
that make no fucking sense!
Just to you, maybe.
Time to go. [laughs]
[Robert] Lucy, darling!
It's our song!
[indistinct chattering
and laughter]
[both speaking indistinctly]
[Sylvia] Come on.
[speaking in Italian]
[upbeat music playing
on television]
What... what's going on?
[Claire] This is so weird.
Did I miss something
in the plot?
- There's no plot.
- There's no plot, right?
Whoo! [laughs]
Come here.
["In the Hall of the
Mountain King" playing]
So, tell me.
Do you have a boyfriend?
A husband? No?
Mmm... [kissing]
Make a slutty face for me.
Make a slutty face.
No? No?
Life is nothing
more than an illusion.
It is a tale told by an idiot,
full of sound and fury,
signifying nothing.
Guido can be such a bear.
Let's drink.
That always helps.
Oh, what's this?
[gasps] Oh, no, no,
please, please...
How cute!
It's little cartoons.
Did you do all these?
They're so adorable!
- They're awful!
- Oh, looks like abstract realism.
Completely derivative.
[Sylvia] Or you could
just say "bad."
Here, Lucy.
[whispers] Draw me.
["In the Hall of the
Mountain King" continues]
[whip cracks]
[whip cracks]
[music stops]
[crickets chirping]
[music box playing]
[distant conversations
and laughter]
[man speaking in Italian]
I draw you next to the statue,
that is beautiful!
Is that okay?
Uh... I draw you, okay?
[gate creaks]
[gate creaks]
Um... [speaking in italian]
Um... are you...
um, uh...
are you hungry?
Hungry? Eat?
Um... okay.
[thunder rumbles]
[rain pattering]
There is bar.
[Lucy chuckles softly]
[speaking in Italian]
[speaking in Italian]
Uh... c-cappuccino.
[speaking in Italian]
Can we do three?
[speaking in Italian]
[speaking in Italian]
Two coffee?
This one?
My mama.
She likes three sugars.
In her coffee, yeah.
It's very sweet.
I... I don't like it.
- Sweet. Dolce.
- But...
- Dolce.
- Dolce.
"La Dolce Vita."
You know Fellini?
[chuckles] Yes.
I love Fellini.
I like Fellini.
I want to meet Fellini.
- I love "La Strada."
- "La Strada."
- Gelsomina.
- Gelsomina.
Mm-hmm, Zampano.
He's very...
[laughs] Yes.
You like big man?
[man singing in Italian]
[indistinct conversation]
Mamma mia!
[speaking in Italian]
And most important:
[speaking in Italian]
[speaking in Italian]
[man] My father says,
"Oh, Pietro,
this is stupid."
And I tell him, "Fuck off."
And run away crying.
But I think, this is life.
Um, follow your dreams.
[clears throat]
Thank you.
For showing me.
Oh... pleasure.
You're welcome.
- Goodbye.
- Bye.
Hey, um...
Can I show you something?
Three... two... one...
Holy shit.
[laughs] Oh my... wow!
Oh, yes.
[clap echoes]
- [gasps]
- You hear?
[echoes] Whoo!
Shh, they might...
they might hear us.
- Yeah!
- [laughs]
[speaking in Italian]
No, what if...
we're gonna get in trouble.
[softly] Whoo.
What is that?
- Come on. Come on!
- [laughs]
No, I can't.
[speaking in Italian]
Come on.
Show me.
- No, no. No.
- Show me.
Oh, I think I see someone.
Your lines are beautiful.
And yours?
- You don't wanna see mine.
- Oh, come on!
- They're not... they're not as good.
- Come on. Come on.
- Why is he like...
[gags] - [laughs]
Wow. This is...
[man shouting angrily
in Italian]
[bells tolling]
Fellini!! Fellini!!
[man singing in Italian
in distance]
[man singing in Italian
in distance]
singing in distance]
[man speaking in Italian
on television]
Who watches this?
Oh, my God, look how short
their skirts are.
[Claire] You can almost see
their balls.
Their balls are coming out
the bottom of their skirts.
Boys, cover up your balls.
[both laugh]
[theme music plays,
music box tinkling]
[Claire] Can you shut that off,
Just trying to remember
what it was like in here.
- When it was my bedroom?
- Yes.
- That movie was so wrong.
- "Blue Lagoon"?
It was like light porn.
You were pretty fun back then.
I was pretty fun, wasn't I?
I'm not so fun anymore.
[glass shatters]
- Sean Cassidy.
- Mmm!
- Mark Hamill.
- [laughs] Mark Hamill.
[Claire] Leif Garrett.
[Kerri] Yes.
[Claire] Who was the other
Hardy Boy?
[Kerri] Parker Stevenson.
The Bay City Rollers.
Woody in the Bay City Rollers.
[Kerri] So hot.
[Claire] So hot.
[Kerri] Is this where
you got knocked up?
- I think so.
- Slut.
- ...than the charcoal.
- You're a pencil person I know that.
I am a pencil person.
The classic...
- Everything has to be at its place.
- Well, I like... Yeah...
and everything
has to be defined.
Your fingers have
to get dirty, come on!
Your fingers don't have
to get dirty.
It's like making love!
Your fingers on the...
- On everything.
- Mm-hmm.
- You have to get messy, come on.
- Very messy.
Charcoal in your bed.
- Charcoal on your floor.
- Yes! You have to touch everything!
- Everything has to touch you!
- Charcoal on your kitchen! Charcoal in your pasta!
Yeah! Charcoal everything!
Why not?
I mean, that's the beauty
of art, come on!
Did you know Fellini
was a cartoonist
before he started
making movies?
- Was he? Really?
- Yeah.
- Wow.
- And he's, like, known for drawing on napkins.
Like, everywhere he is,
he just draws on napkins.
And I know that he prefers
pencils over charcoal.
You love Fellini.
- Yeah.
- Why do you love Fellini? Because he's a big man?
- Powerful man?
- I don't like Fellini that way.
Okay, so you...
you want to make movies?
You want to be in movies?
But Fellini makes movies,
so why?
Wait, wait, wait.
This is it.
This is Lucy.
Lucy's way cuter than that.
No, the movie that she went
to see in Cleveland.
She saw something
in this movie.
[Kerri] You think she left
to join the circus?
No, she left because
I was an asshole.
Don't flatter yourself.
[man singing in Italian
on television]
She's in love.
In love with... with who?
[soft jazz music playing]
[Pietro speaking in Italian]
Life is a combination
of magic and pasta.
[speaking in Italian]
We have time.
[rain pouring]
[woman speaking in Italian]
[speaking in Italian]
Hey, you have a boyfriend?
You should never trust a man.
You can make love with them.
But never trust them.
They'll steal your money,
break your heart,
push you in a river
or off a cliff.
And still, you keep trusting
and forgiving and loving.
[speaking in Italian]
They need you.
You don't need them.
[speaking in Italian]
[both laugh]
Hi, Mario,
it's Lucy calling.
Uh, I-I just wanted
to thank you
for making me stay in Verona.
It's actually been, um...
it's been... amazing.
I know I said
I was coming to Rome, but...
[click] Pronto, pronto,
Lucia, it's me, the Mario.
Listen, listen, listen.
You have to come to Rome, okay?
You have to come to Rome.
You take the next train
and come to Rome.
- It's very important.
- I can't.
No, Lucia, listen to me.
Fellini wants to see you.
- He does?
- So you have to come to Rome.
And you have to do it now.
It's very important.
You put your [speaks Italian]
on the next train,
and you come now,
it's very important.
- Yes, o-okay.
- Very, very important.
- There isn't much time, okay?
- Okay, [speaking in Italian]
[watch ticking]
Where are you going?
It's early.
I have to go to Rome.
Hey, hey, hey,
hey, hey, hey, hey.
[speaking in Italian]
You are my Fellini.
[man singing in Italian
on television]
[man speaking in Italian
on television]
[singing continues,
dramatic music plays]
[chains rattling]
[woman speaking in Italian]
[door closes]
Excuse me,
where is this train going?
[Mario speaking in Italian]
Mario? Hi, hi, it's Lucy.
- I don't know what happened. I'm in Venice.
- No, no, no, no, no.
But I just wanted
to let you know
that I'm definitely coming...
I am sorry.
It is impossible, no.
Do not come.
You missed your appointment.
[speaking in Italian]
No more appointments with
[speaking in Italian]
No, I understand, but...
[speaking in Italian]
but you told me to come.
I told you to come
last week, Lucy!
No, I understand that.
You're very busy.
- But you told me to come...
- Busy?!
It sounds like you are the one
that is more busy!
You have an appointment
with Federico Fellini!
- You have to understand, I...
- Please shut up!
- You are very sweet but maybe a little bit stupid!
- No...
I don't have anywhere to go.
I don't have any money...
These are not my problems!
These are your problems, Lucy!
Yes, Mario, but you told me...
and I... I...
Do not tell me
what I told you!
You said you were coming,
and you did not come!
I know,
I just came such a long way.
[sighs] He gave me a message
for you, Lucia.
W-what... what did he say?
He said, uh, "Mario,
you tell this to Lucy.
Everything you need is there,
Sometimes you have to travel
far, far away
in order to find
what is closest to you."
[speaking in Italian]
This is my favorite part.
[Claire] What?
You've never even seen it.
Yeah, I know, it's the ending.
So good.
I'm so glad it's over.
You just don't get it.
I totally understand
what Lucy was saying.
It's like this beautiful
love story,
but it's like art and...
[Kerri laughs]
[Claire] What? [Kerri] That's
what you're getting from this?
[Claire] Yeah, it's so sweet.
[Kerri] Are you serious?
It's just a bunch of abstract
images shoved together.
You're reading
your own shit into it.
[Claire] What does that mean? [Kerri]
Although, well, that makes sense since you're
in a complete fantasy world
of denial at all times.
- Why are you being so mean?
- It's just the truth.
[Claire] It's just because
you... you can't appreciate it.
You don't understand art. [Kerri]
I just thought we could have
an honest conversation
for once.
- No, can you just please stop?
- It was a piece of shit.
I'm dying, and you're mean.
Oh, okay, yeah.
Pull out the dying card.
That makes sense. [Claire]
Yeah, like you have this like,
you have this
like fantastic life.
When's the last time you had a boyfriend?
[Kerri] Oh...
When's the last time...
[Kerri] I'm sorry.
And have you ever had a child?
No. Have you been a mother?
- Well, I don't think so. I don't think you have a kid.
- What is wrong with you?
I take care of you and Lucy.
That's my life.
That's what I do.
Lucy is my daughter! She
is not your daughter!
Yeah, you're my kid.
You're my fucking kid.
- You're so selfish, Claire.
- Get out.
- No wonder she left.
- Get out of here! Get out!
[Kerri] You're losing your mind.
You're a monster.
[Claire] Get out,
get out, get out!
Can't wait to get
away from you!
[bells tolling]
Oh! I'm sorry!
[speaking in Italian]
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
Uh, need help?
Yes, I'm... I'm looking
for the train station.
Oh. Train station.
Uh, yeah! [speaking in
I'll show you.
Placido. [speaking in
[Placido] So, Lucy...
you are an artist?
I'm sorry.
I saw you drawing earlier.
So beautiful.
[chuckles] They're nothing.
Forgive me,
I don't wish to frighten you.
No, thank you.
So, um...
traveling alone?
- Or maybe... boyfriend?
- No, my mom.
She's actually waiting for me
at the train station.
Oh, yes, of course.
I know a short cut.
Come on, take my hand,
let's go.
[Placido chuckles]
There's, like, a thousand ways
to get lost in Venice.
With these little canal,
we have, like,
more than 400 bridges.
- It's beautiful.
- I love it.
[woman singing in distance] I hear
someone singing. Are you a singer?
[singing in Italian
on television]
So, uh, your mom
is an artist, too, like you?
Um, she... she draws some.
We're lost.
[meowing and barking
in the distance]
This way. [chuckles]
No, my mom,
she's a teacher.
My sister is a chef.
[Lucy] Mm-hmm.
A pastry chef. Delicious.
[Lucy] Wow.
And I have a brother also. We are
a big family. [chains rattling]
[laughter in distance]
This way is the train station.
Come on, follow me.
The train station, over here.
Or you want to go there?
[both chuckle]
[Placido singing in Italian]
[speaking in Italian]
[speaking in Italian]
[speaking in Italian]
[speaking in Italian]
Fuck, I forgot to tell you.
There's a party.
My friends organized
a party for me.
- And I have to go there. Please? Please?
- Umm..
I know, train station.
I know, mom.
But please, please,
please, please, please?
I-I start to cry.
Please come with me?
- Five minute. Five minutes, you come?
- Umm..
Can you just
give me directions?
- Yes.
- I have to go meet my mom.
- Party first then directions.
- No, I'm so sorry, I can't.
I can't, so if you can just
tell me how to get there,
I will get there by myself.
Okay, okay, that's fine.
Forgive me.
- Okay, listen to me, you go straight on.
- Mm-hmm.
- And you will see a bridge.
- Mm-hmm.
You cross the bridge,
and you'll see a rest...
no, you go first right,
and you will see
at the end of the street
a restaurant, okay?
Then you go left,
and you cross a bridge,
and there's the station,
okay? Repeat.
- Um...
- Focus, it's... I know, it's dangerous. Okay?
- Yeah, I... I go straight.
- Yeah.
- And then I take a right.
- No, no, no, no first you go straight on.
- Second right after you cross the bridge.
- Bridge.
There's a restaurant.
You go right.
You go straight on,
after left, another bridge.
Straight on, station.
- Okay. Bye, Lucia. It was nice to meet you.
- Okay. Thank you... thank you.
If you have some problem,
scream, okay?
Okay, thank you.
[speaking in Italian]
[Placido speaking in Italian]
[train horn]
[man speaking in Italian]
[Placido speaking in Italian]
[speaking in Italian]
[speaking in Italian]
[speaking in Italian]
[Placido speaking in Italian]
She's an artist.
[all gasp happily]
[music box plays]
[all cheering and chattering]
[Placido speaking in Italian]
There's some foods.
[speaking in Italian]
[Placido speaking in Italian]
[speaking in Italian]
[speaking in Italian]
And you wait for me.
[woman cries out in distance]
[faint laughter]
[woman giggles]
[women moaning]
[Placido speaking in Italian]
[Placido speaking in Italian]
[Placido speaking in Italian]
We're all friends.
Come, Lucia.
[whispering in Italian]
[all cheer, Mozart's
"Eine kleine Nachtmusik" plays]
[Placido speaking in Italian]
Wait, Lucy! Lucy, Lucy!
Lucy, Lucy!
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Sorry, sorry, sorry,
sorry, sorry.
- Okay, okay, okay.
- [whimpering]
[Placido speaking in Italian]
Sorry, Lucy.
What is a kiss?
the desire...
to immerse yourself...
in the woman you love.
[both grunting]
[speaking in italian]
[both yelling]
[speaking in Italian]
[speaking in Italian]
[train horn]
[chains rattling]
[motorcycle departing]
[Claire] "The rabbit-hole went
on like a tunnel for some way,
"and then dipped suddenly
"Down, down, down.
"But it was too dark
to see anything.
"She looked at the sides
of the well,
"and noticed they were filled
with cupboards and bookshelves.
[Claire coughing and wheezing]
[Train horn]
"in a dreamy sort of way,
"'Do cats eat bats?
Do cats eat bats?'
"Wondering if she were ever
to get out again."
Excuse me,
d-do you have a phone?
[telephone ringing]
Hello? Lucy?
I need to talk to mom.
I know you do.
Um... I wanted to tell you
She didn't want you to know.
Lucy, I'm so sorry.
She's gone, Lucy.
I'm sorry.
Are you there?
Lucy, don't hang up...
[Nino Rota's "Tema Della
Strada" plays on the trumpet]
[whispers in Italian]
[woman speaking in italian]
[soft music in background]
What is your name?
Lucy Cunningham.
Lucia. Light.
[woman speaking in Italian]
[Beppi speaking in Italian]
[woman speaking in Italian]
[Beppi speaking in Italian]
Are you here on holiday?
Visiting family? Friends?
Why are you here?
I was...
looking for Fellini.
Federico Fellini?
[speaking in Italian]
[speaking in Italian]
[speaking in Italian]
[Beppi speaking in Italian]
[Beppi speaking in Italian]
[Beppi speaking in Italian]
[Beppi speaking in Italian]
Yes, they call him the
lighthouse. Light, Lucy.
Fellini was the maestro
of illusion.
No, no, no, no, no.
We met on the set
of "Satyricon".
Oh, it was a long time ago.
We were much younger,
much thinner, very naked.
[Beppi speaking in Italian]
Huh? Ah, [speaking in
Everything serves a purpose.
Even that stone.
Even you.
[Beppi speaking in Italian]
[Beppi speaking in Italian]
[Beppi speaking in Italian]
Ah! 110 Via Margutta.
Fellini's address-in Rome!
[Beppi speaking in Italian]
[Cosima growls]
...where we fell in love.
[Cosima growls and grunts]
[Mario speaking in Italian]
Hi, Mario.
I just wanted to tell you
that I'm coming to Rome.
No, no, no, Lucia,
no more appo...
[man speaking in Italian]
[bells tolling in distance,
men speaking in Italian]
[man speaking in Italian]
[man laughs]
[Man whispers] Sylvia...
[news reporter on television]
And now to the loss
of a cinematic legend.
Italian director
Federico Fellini died today
after two weeks in a coma.
He was 73.
[Claire] "Bats and cats,
we're all mad here.
I'm mad, you're mad."
"How do you know I'm mad?"
said Alice.
"You must be,"
said the cat,
"Or you wouldn't
have come here."
[fades] Alice didn't think
that proved it at all.
However, she went on..."
[children laughing
[thunder rumbles]
[news reporter on television] How
long would you like to make films?
How many more years would you
like to keep doing this?
[Fellini on television]
Let's see. For 200 years.
[man speaking in Italian]
[Sylvia speaking Italian]
[woman laughing]
[Sylvia speaking Italian]
There are three things
I like most:
love, love and love!
[man speaks Italian]