In Search of the Castaways (1962) Movie Script

[People chattering]
- Good night.
- Good night, milord, milady.
[Girl] Excuse me, sir.
Is that Lord Glenarvan's yacht?
- It is.
- Well, we'd like to see him, please.
Oh, would you now?
He'll be horribly hurt
to know you didn't arrive
for the start of the party.
We didn't even
know about it.
I bring news of one of
his ships disappeared at sea.
A message from Captain Grant
of the Britannia.
Captain Grant?
Why, he's dead, isn't he?
And just how would he get
a bottle where he's at?
Go on. Get on with ya.
Captain Grant's our father.
And he's not dead.
I'm Mary Grant,
and this is my brother Robert.
Oh, no offense intended, miss.
He was a good man, he was.
The best this line ever had.
It's just that it's, uh,
hard to take serious,
a note in a bottle, I mean.
Still, uh,
I suppose it could happen.
And that's why we just have to see
his lordship before he sails.
Oh, I'm sorry, miss.
I've had my orders.
Nobody aboard
except invited guests.
But we've come all the way
from Plymouth.
It has cost me my last franc.
And we haven't
had a thing to eat.
So that's it.
Another trick, is it?
Get out of here with your
wild tales, your hard-luck stories.
You almost had me
for a minute.
[Guard] Go on.
Stand clear of the gate there.
Come on.
- [Woman] Lovely.
- [Man] Thank you.
You two, come back here!
[Guard] Come back, I say!
[Guard] You two,
come here at once!
- [Guard] Did you hear me?
- Good evening.
- [Guard] Come back, I say!
- Good evening.
Come out now,
wherever you are.
You wouldn't want me to lose
my bloomin' job now, would ya?
How do we get
past this one?
Good night, sir.
Oh, very simple.
Just walk nonchalantly
up the plank backwards.
Yes. In all the confusion,
he won't be able to tell you
from the departing guests.
Go on now.
Go on.
[Guard] Good night, sir.
Good night, sir.
[Guard] Good night, sir.
- Come on.
- You now.
Go on. Go on, go on.
[Guard] Good night, sir.
Good night.
Little boy, would you be so kind
as to get my wrap for me?
- I think I left it in the...
- You! What are you doing?
Stop those children!
- Excuse me. Good evening.
- [Guard] Come back you two!
[Guard] Come back!
Stop, you two! Come on, stop!
Come on back, you two!
Come back!
[Murmuring, laughter]
[Man] May I get you
some more turkey?
- [Woman #1] Not too much.
- [Woman #2] It's delicious.
Charming. Lovely party.
I hear Lord Glenarvan is going
to the Mediterranean this year.
[Man #1] Yes, he so much
enjoys the season.
[Man #2] How long does he
plan to be away this time?
[Man #1] Six months.
[Man #2] He seems very proud
of this new, uh, steamship.
Good evening.
Cloves from Madagascar.
It is not bad
for English ham. [chuckles]
Oh, excuse me, madam.
[Woman] There's someone
under the table!
There they are!
Head them off the other way.
[Everyone talking]
- Oh, let me go!
- Why?
[Guard] Come back, you two!
Come back!
Ah! Come here. Come here now.
I gotcha. I got you!
Oh! Let me go!
You let him alone!
It's you, your lordship.
- Isn't it?
- I dare say, but who are you?
Your lordship,
we must speak to you.
- We're from Plymouth.
- I'm Mary. This is my brother.
- Our father's Captain Grant.
- Of Britannia.
- [Mary] He's alive. Send a ship.
- [Robert] Quick.
Now, just a minute.
Come along. We'll talk it over.
Now then, how do you know
your father's still alive?
- He put a note in a bottle.
- The professor Paganel found it.
- Oh, that again.
- What do you mean?
Ever since I posted the reward
for news on your father's ship,
people have been turning up with notes
they've found in bottles...
- How many is this, John?
- Twenty-two, father.
If I had my way,
every last one of the culprits
would be hanged
from the yardarm.
Exploiting human misery, it is.
Nothing more vicious,
more treacherous.
But it is from my father.
I can tell.
Monsieur Paganel,
show them the note you found.
[Speaks French]
Well... Oh, I'm sorry.
- Wrong bottle.
- [Laughter]
This is the one.
First question:
Where'd you find the bottle?
You see, I went fishing
with some students.
You cut open a fish
and found the bottle.
Oui, oui, milord,
a 220-pound shark.
Throw this man off the ship
before I turn him over to the police.
- No, your lordship.
- But it is the truth, what I tell you.
Why should a shark
swallow a bottle?
Oh, what was in his mind,
I don't know.
I tell you only
what was in his stomach.
You make a career of this,
do you, exploiting children?
I am Jacques Eliacin
Francois Paganel.
Professor of geography,
University of Paris.
My credentials, milord. Oh!
Forged, I imagine,
like the note in the bottle.
- All right, steward.
- Come along.
[Paganel speaking French]
- Oh, no, you can't.
- Just a minute, children.
I have something to say to you.
If we could be alone for a moment.
Take your hands off me,
Never have I been thrown
from any place in my life.
Let's not set a precedent.
[Speaks French]
Children, don't you think
I'd be the first to respond
if I thought there was a chance
of finding your father or his crew?
I'd go to the ends of the earth.
And that's no idle boast.
The Glenarvan motto:
Been the family creed
for 800 years.
But it's not a hoax.
I saw the note myself,
and I know my father wrote it.
The way he makes his letters.
Just more clever
than the rest, that's all.
When you consider the odds,
it'd be fantastic, finding the bottle.
But this business about it being
swallowed by a shark...
Well, what would
my father have to do,
come back here himself and say,
"I wrote the note. Come and find me"?
Did I understand you to say
you came from Plymouth?
Tell Osmond to get cabins ready.
We'll drop them off there.
- Very well.
- But what about Paganel?
We can't go off
and leave him.
Now, my dear, I'm only doing
what's best for you.
[Speaks French]
How'd he get past you
in the first place?
How did he get past you,
if it comes to that?
- Wait...
- [horse whinnies]
Here's his lordship's wine.
- [Guard] And about time too.
- A bit late, aren't you, Charlie?
It'll be a pretty rough trip
if his lordship doesn't get his wine.
Follow me, please.
This way, miss. Cabin number five,
on the starboard side.
Fitchet's a lot older than you.
Maybe not actually
in years, but...
Oh, he's been around more.
I don't know what
you mean by that.
There's probably
nobody else in the world my age
who's made as many trips
to the Mediterranean.
Well, that's just it.
I mean...
...have you ever been to...
...South America,
for instance?
As a matter of fact, no.
- [Mary] Pacific Ocean. Ever seen that?
- It's only an ocean.
You should have waited
and had breakfast with my father.
He'd have to give the order
to change course for South America.
Oh, he would go.
Nothing could stop him.
If it were for something
you could believe in,
and not this...
note in a bottle.
Let me ask you something.
If you were a castaway
and you had a bottle,
would you put a note in it
and throw it into the sea?
Oh, I don't think so.
After all,
it's such a small chance.
- Isn't it?
- What would you do then?
Just sit there with the empty bottle
until you died or something?
All right,
I suppose I would try it.
But I wouldn't expect someone
to find it inside a shark.
Well, if that's
where they did find it,
you wouldn't expect them to just
forget about you, would you?
[John] You never saw
that Frenchman before,
until he showed up with the bottle,
and yet you believe every word he says?
And no matter what he says,
you and your father
refuse to believe him.
Suppose I'd told you
I'd found a bottle with a note in it.
- Would you believe me?
- Well, did you?
- Yes.
- And what did it say?
It said...
..."Disregard first message."
I suppose you think
that's funny, don't you?
You've got your father,
so to you this is just a big joke.
Wait a minute.
I'm not making a joke of it.
I'm trying to show you.
- Do you mind?
- I'll make you an offer.
What kind of an offer?
I don't believe this story
about the shark swallowing the bottle,
but I am getting fed up
with these infernal trips
to the Mediterranean.
Down boy. Good old boy.
I'll bring you a bun or something later.
- That's a good boy.
- [Barking]
In case you've emptied
your own pockets.
And just don't let any shark
get this away from you.
[Chuckles] Thank you.
I assure you, mademoiselle,
your case shall be
properly presented.
After all, Father,
suppose it was you cast away.
Do you think I would give up
if I had even the slightest clue?
I'd live up to all
the legends of Glenarvan,
persevere if I had to move
heaven and earth.
Why don't we try
Corsica Thursday?
- Will you listen?
- Haven't been there for years.
Suppose you were cast away
and had a bottle.
You wouldn't sit staring at it
until you died, would you?
You'd try putting a note into it.
Suppose for some reason,
it did get swallowed by a shark?
Most unlikely, I'd say.
Very well, then.
If you won't listen,
I shall be getting off at Plymouth
with Mary and Robert.
- [Glenarvan] Come, come.
- [John] I feel strongly.
If that's the way you feel about it,
let's look at the note. Where is it?
- In the bottle.
- Where's that?
- The Frenchman has it.
- Confound it, where's the Frenchman?
You had him thrown off the ship
in Glasgow.
That's a fine thing. When I want
something, no one takes notice.
- I drop a casual remark...
- Casual remark?
"Throw him off the ship
before I call the police!
We ought to hang him!"
Now we're in a fix. That Frenchman
might be anywhere by now.
Where's Captain Mangles?
- Tell Captain Mangles to... Oh!
- Oui, milord.
Good gracious, the Frenchman!
I thought...
Oh, but I give you my word,
I was put off the ship.
Fortunately, I do not
let such things upset me.
The note, milord.
Useless. There's practically
nothing left.
Oh, but with a little study,
a little intelligence,
it is possible
to make out what is said.
You will see one thing
without question:
Their location is given
as 37 degrees, 11 minutes
- south in latitude.
- That's no good without the longitude.
Consider first, milord,
on the 37th parallel, there are
only a few places they could be.
I've always said: If Captain Grant's
anywhere, he's in Australia.
It's logical if you know
about shipping and commerce.
Use the head, milord.
The note makes reference
to being captured, no?
You can make out the word
"Indian" or "Indians."
So where on the 37th parallel
would they be captured by Indians?
- Australia, or course.
- Aborigines, yes. Indians, no.
By George, I've got it!
South America.
Couldn't be anywhere else.
If he was captured by Indians,
the west coast.
It's a matter of simple logic, monsieur.
We'll go there.
And follow the 37th parallel
over the Andes
until we find Captain Grant.
Osmond, find Captain Mangles.
Tell him I'm gonna change course.
- Thank you!
- Oh! [chuckles]
Now, don't forget
it was me who arranged...
- Thank you.
- Thank you, milord.
Oh, please.
I'm an Englishman, you know.
(music) Merci, merci
Merci beaucoup
(music) Merci, milord Glenarvan
(music) Merci, merci
Merci beaucoup
(music) Merci, milord Glenarvan (music)
[Paganel singing in French]
[Paganel continues singing]
There, milord,
is where we must go.
The pass of Antuco.
Then follow the parallel
until we find Captain Grant.
Jolly good trick to throw a bottle
into the ocean from up there, I say.
[Chuckles] Ah, but could he not
put the bottle into a river?
Then would it not
flow down to the sea? Eh?
[Robert] (music) Gran-po, gran-po
Gran-po, gran-po (music)
No, no. Grimpons.
- Grimpons.
- That means:
"Let's climb."
It is the French recipe
for the good life.
Whatever you want to do,
don't be afraid to do it
- for fear of failure.
- Humph.
(music) Don't be afraid of the
beautiful and high mountain
(music) Let's climb, let's climb
(music) Let's climb, let's climb
Let's climb
(music) Don't be afraid of the
beautiful and high mountain
(music) Let's climb, let's climb
Let's climb, let's climb, let's climb
(music) And if we fall, crash, bang
and die a terrible death
(music) Never mind, we've had the joy
The joy of the climb
(music) Oh, don't be afraid of the
beautiful and high mountain
(music) Let's climb, let's climb
Let's climb, let's climb, let's climb
(music) Let's climb, let's climb
Let's climb, let's climb, let's climb
(music) Let's climb, let's climb
Let's climb, let's climb, let's climb (music)
[Wind howling]
[Paganel] Oh, look! Look!
- Straight down that valley, there.
- Where?
Do you see it, milord?
[Paganel] The river into
which one might throw a bottle.
- By Jove, yes.
- And an Indian village.
I say, this could be
just the place.
Have a look.
Better make camp here tonight
and get an early start
in the morning.
Hey, you. Make camp.
Stay here tonight.
- No stay. Drangopeeri.
- Hmm?
- Drangopeeri.
- What's the fellow talking about?
It is not Spanish.
It must be a local Indian term.
Hey, hey, hey.
What means "drangopeeri"?
Drangopeeri. Drangopeeri.
Oh! Uh...
He wants to tell us...
It gets terribly cold up here.
Oh, we build a fire, no matter how cold,
no matter how... [laughs]
- We stay in hut.
- No stay.
Listen to me. I tell you
when to go and when to stay.
- No stay.
- We stay here tonight!
You stay. We go.
Don't you dare
to try and tell me...
I think the fellow
really means it.
Well, that's done it.
Without the horses, we're helpless.
- We'll never make it.
- Can't we still go on on foot?
But of course, mademoiselle.
The Indians have crossed these mountains
on foot for hundreds of years.
- Even drive their sheep.
- Oh, good.
- When do we start?
- We're not going to start.
I'm not gonna go
leaping about like a...
Like a confounded
mountain sheep, thank you!
Oh, please, your lordship.
No, no, mademoiselle, uh...
He's right.
We'll return to the ship
with the Indians
and get some crewmen
who are younger.
Age has got nothing
to do with it.
I'll take over
and lead the expedition.
You can remain
in your deck chair.
You lead the way?
Have the whole lot of you
lost in no time.
On the other hand,
with me in command it would
take a great deal more than...
...drangopeeri to turn us back.
That's right, isn't it?
[All] Right, your lordship.
[Guitar playing]
Monsieur Paganel, do you think
we might have one tonight?
When you are
in the poultry yard,
it is a good time to wish
you catch the egg. See?
Look at this. See?
Any slight tremor of the earth,
and it starts to swing.
But if you're asleep,
how could you tell?
Oh, maybe all night I sleep
with one eye open.
Perhaps his lordship
will sleep better
if we do not tell him
before tomorrow
what drangopeeri means. Eh?
Your pleasure, mademoiselle?
(music) Castaway, castaway
(music) Trust in your star
(music) You know I will find you
(music) Wherever you are
(music) Though all your dreams
(music) May be tossed by the tide
(music) Cling to your hopes
(music) Never cast them aside
(music) Castaway, castaway
(music) Though you may be
(music) Lost in the wilderness
(music) Over the sea
(music) I will discover
(music) Your castaway shore
(music) Then you'll be a castaway
(music) No more
(music) You'll be a castaway
(music) No more (music)
It's my father's favorite.
Ever since I was a little girl,
I've always thought it sad.
Not the way you sang it.
Oh, it's just how I feel
tonight, I suppose.
Oh, it's all so exciting.
We're up here,
Father's down there,
the stars pointing the way.
It's almost like
being in heaven.
- I know.
- Ah, there you are, my boy.
Better get some sleep.
Got an early start.
- We're too excited to sleep.
- Hmm. So I see.
Come along with me
just the same.
I want to make a wish
on that star.
What could you wish for
that you haven't got?
That my father would go
somewhere and get lost.
Just for a little while,
you understand?
- What are you doing?
- This is to wake me up.
- Wake you up?
- Yes, in case...
- In case what?
- Oh, nothing.
And what is this,
may I ask?
My watch, milord.
Perhaps I want to look
at it during the night. [chuckles]
How very peculiar.
Oh, Robert, really.
Do put those things away.
But if there's an earthquake,
I want to see it.
Earthquake? Who said anything
about an earthquake?
I'm so stupid, milord.
I didn't realize it until later.
The Indian. When he did, uh...
...that, you see?
He did not mean it was cold, no.
He meant drangopeeri.
Earthquake. This is the land
of many earthquakes.
Oh, gracious me.
In the whole world, no place
has such big, such beautiful,
such magnificent earthquakes
as right here.
But it is one chance in a million
we should be so fortunate.
[Chuckles] Yes, yes, of course.
Quite right.
This place looks as if it's been here
hundreds of years.
Doesn't it? I mean, uh,
it's safe to assume that
it'll last one more night.
Oui, monsieur?
Oui, milord.
And I'll wake you up
if one comes, your lordship.
- It worked!
- Oh, Robert, do be quiet.
- An earthquake of the first magnitude.
- [Crashing]
I say, do you have
to shake the whole place?
By Jove, it's an earthquake!
[Glenarvan] Outside, everybody!
Oh! Oh, magnificent.
This is an experience that makes
our entire expedition worthwhile!
By Jove,
that was a narrow squeak.
[Mary] Oh!
I say, this is getting
rather dangerous.
Then we'll attempt
to change course.
Everybody to port.
It worked.
That's better. Much obliged.
- [Glenarvan] Look out.
- This way, everybody. Quick!
To port, quick!
- Port, quickly!
- No, starboard.
- Port, I say.
- Starboard!
Where are we going now?
Perfect timing.
Abandon ship!
No, wait.
There's a hole in the ice.
- We don't know where it goes.
- We'll soon find out.
Alpine-type glacier.
Risk minimum.
We'll never get out of here.
The ice melts and gets out.
Why can't we?
[Yodeling echoes]
Isn't it beautiful?
Oh, they'll never believe us
when we get home.
If we get home.
Look out, everybody! Duck!
Where are we going?
[Glenarvan] Starboard,
I tell you!
This is most peculiar.
Look out!
- That was close.
- Oh!
[Robert] Mary!
Come on!
- Where's Robert?
- [Glenarvan] Here's his hat.
[Mary] Robert!
Robert, can you hear me?
[Robert echoing] Not down there!
I'm up here!
Oh! A giant condor.
A Sarcorhamphus gryphus.
Robert! Hold on!
I don't have to.
She won't let go.
This is true. She will not let go
until she reaches her nest.
Reaches her nest?
Yes. High in the mountains.
No doubt she has little ones
that must...
Oh! Hang on, Robert!
- We're coming!
- [Gunshot]
- Robert!
- I got dizzy coming down.
But it was a jolly good view
from up there.
Oh, thank goodness
you're all right.
- I wonder who fired the shot.
- Perhaps he did.
A Patagonian.
It's like turning back
the history book hundreds of years.
Ha! Hope he's not dangerous.
Permit me. I've learned
a few primitive words.
[Speaks foreign language]
[Speaks foreign language]
[Speaks foreign language]
Anyway, even if you
don't understand,
I want to thank you
for saving my brother's life.
Happy to do.
Heavens, he speaks English.
First-class shooting, sir.
First time, right through the heart.
No, shoot through heart,
bird go limp.
Drop small boy.
But shoot back of head,
bird go stiff.
Wings go up.
He circle down,
land boy safe.
You mean you purposely
induced motor paralysis
- through damage on the medulla.
- Not understand.
Can you tell us
where our father is?
- He was captured.
- On the 37th parallel.
They were kidnapped.
Washed up on the shore. Captured!
Three white men.
Indians hold them
for ransom money.
You very slow to come.
Are they all right?
Last time I hear, they're well.
But very tired
of being prisoners.
What do you mean, last time you hear?
Don't you come from where they're held?
No! I'm an Araucanian chief.
Thalcave. My people do not rob.
Do not steal.
Do not hold prisoners
for ransom.
- Well, where are they?
- Far away.
At the foot of the mountain.
Great plain,
as far as you can see.
- Many days to cross.
- The Pampas.
Well, couldn't you
take us there?
First we stop at my village
for horses and supplies.
Then Thalcave will try
help you find them.
Much rain there.
You sleep in tree.
May come flood.
Flood? By George,
that's a good one.
Giant ombu tree.
Phytolacca dioica.
Magnificent specimen.
[Robert] Please,
may we sleep in it?
You can sleep where you like,
but I don't intend
to roost in a tree
like a confounded sparrow.
Pitch my tent just here.
[Horse whinnies]
[Horses whinny]
You, in tree! Listen!
Flood come! Much water!
You stay in tree. I bring help.
- My father?
- I'll wake him.
To be safe, we tie our things
so they do not fall.
Flood come.
You go quick to tree.
I ride for help.
Not even raining.
- Yah!
- [Whinnies]
Make ready for the storm.
Look, the floods.
Father! Father!
John, be careful!
- Father! Hurry up!
- Now what's going on?
- Come with me.
- Can't I get a decent night's rest?
[Both yelling]
Come on!
They've got it.
Hold on!
Highly irregular. Flood like
this and not even raining.
[Birds chirping]
[Paganel whistling]
- [Sneezes]
- [Paganel] With food in your stomach,
the world will feel
a lot brighter. [chuckles]
Oh! Look out below!
Sorry, milord.
(music) Why cry about bad weather
(music) Enjoy it
(music) Each moment is a treasure
(music) Enjoy it
(music) We're travelers
on life's highway
(music) Enjoy the trip
(music) Each lovely twist and byway
- (music) Each bump and twist
- [sneezes]
(music) if there's a complication
(music) Enjoy it
(music) You've got imagination
(music) Employ it
(music) When you see roses
in the snow
(music) Joi de vivre
will make them grow
(music) Voila, that's life
(music) Enjoy it
(music) Since I must do the cooking
(music) Ill enjoy it
(music) This ombu tree
smells gorgeous
(music) You'll enjoy it
(music) A hurricane comes your way
(music) Enjoy the breeze
(music) You're stranded
in the jungle
(music) Ha!
Enjoy the trees
(music) if there's a complication
(music) Enjoy it
(music) You've got imagination
(music) Employ it
(music) This tree's a cornucopia
(music) Why, it could be...
(music) That's right
Enjoy it
(music) Why cry about bad weather
- (music) Enjoy it
- No, enjoy!
(music) Oh, each moment
is a treasure
- (music) Enjoy it
- Better. Enjoy it.
(music) We're travelers
on life's highway
(music) Enjoy the trip
(music) Each lovely twist
and byway
- (music) Each bump and dip
- Good.
(music) if there's a complication
(music) Enjoy it
(music) Enjoy it
(music) You've got imagination
- (music) Employ it
- [Paganel] (music) Employ it
(music) From eggs and herbs
Au natural
(music) Omelette ombu a la Paganel
(music) Pour vous, milord
Enjoy it (music)
[Glenarvan] Robert!
Can you see anything that looks
like an Indian on horseback?
- Coming to our rescue?
- Only some birds.
Only some... [sneezes]
Only gone down half an inch
in two days.
We'll be here for ten years
at this rate.
Ha-ha! Cheer up, milord.
We pay no rent.
Mother Nature sets
the table for us,
and, fortunately,
we have plenty of water.
[Chuckles] That's very
fortunate, I must...
Very fortunate.
My father will never trust
another Indian.
But Thalcave's different.
He said, "I bring help."
And he will.
- If he got through.
- Don't even think such things.
All right.
But if I may paraphrase
what a wise girl
once said to me
many years ago,
"If you were marooned
in an ombu tree,
and you had logs
and something to tie them with,
you wouldn't just sit there
till you died or something, would you?"
That's very good.
For a girl, I mean.
[Sighs] I suppose most girls are
taught embroidery and things,
but Mother died after Robert was born,
and Father being a sea captain...
When we first met,
I had a different impression.
Most girls
can be rather silly.
Do you know what I mean?
- No, I don't.
- Well...
- You're different.
- How different?
I don't know how to say it.
I had it all worked out
last night.
Sounds rather silly now, though.
What does?
Well, you don't
expect things of a girl.
Certain things like climbing mountains
and going through floods.
Making the most of it.
You know what I mean?
Don't think I do.
Well, I want to say that...
...I think you've
been just fine.
For a girl.
What I really mean
is that...
...if we get
out of here alive,
and when we're old enough...
- John.
- Mary.
There's the log you've needed
for your raft.
[John] That's it.
Just what we need.
[John] Got it.
- Oh!
- Keep out of the way!
- It's a tiger.
- No, no, it's a jaguar. Felix onca.
Get that beast out of here.
[Paganel] It's probably
as frightened of us as we are of it.
- Just a big cat, milord.
- Get rid of it. Get rid of it.
Can't stand cats
at the best of times.
Confounded things
always make me sneeze.
- [Growling]
- Go on! Get out of here!
[John] Go on! Get out of here.
Don't, John.
The poor thing.
[Bird screeching]
[Whispering] Do not move.
Not an eyelash.
[Starting to sneeze]
[Stifling sneeze]
[Loud sneeze]
[Glenarvan sneezing]
[Glenarvan] "Marooned in ombu tree.
Latitude 37 degrees south,
longitude 66 degrees west.
Send help. Immediately."
[Paganel] One, two,
three, four,
five, six,
- seven...
- [thunder]
More than two kilometers away.
My father always told me,
never go near a tree in a thunderstorm.
[Paganel] One, two,
three, four,
- five...
- [thunder]
I think it's getting closer.
Yes. At 35 degrees centigrade
sound travels at approximately
- one...
- [explosion]
[Glenarvan] Good heavens,
the tree's on fire!
We'll put it out.
No time for that sort of thing.
Get out of the way!
You see? It's too late now.
Abandon the ombu tree, milord.
It has a remarkably
low flashpoint.
[John] Onto the raft!
Our only chance.
- Look out!
- [Growling]
Oh, no!
- I'll get it.
- No, don't.
Apparently we have our choice: Eaten raw
down there or roasted alive up here.
Hold on, everybody!
Mother Nature comes
to our rescue.
A water spout!
[Glenarvan] Ahoy!
Hmm. We're still several degrees
off course, you know.
Hurry up with the canvas.
There's a breeze coming up.
Aye, aye, captain.
You're strangely quiet,
aren't you?
Sorry, milord.
I was thinking.
I don't know which is worse.
You so happy
you sing all the time,
or so glum you won't even talk.
"Ze ombu tree is gorgeous.
Enjoy it." Ha!
I am stupid. Stupid!
I know, but that hasn't
worried you till now.
It is better they do not hear.
What are you talking about?
It is something I remembered
in the night.
How could I be so stupid,
I don't know, but the shark.
[Shouting in distance]
- It was a mako shark...
- Ahoy!
As well as I know anything,
I should know
that the mako shark
lives only in...
Be quiet.
- [Shouting in distance]
- Ahoy there!
Ahoy there!
- [Shouting in distance]
- I think I see it. There.
A canoe!
Ahoy there. Ahoy...
It's an Indian war canoe. This is
a fine fix. We're completely unarmed.
It's Thalcave!
He did come back!
Thal... Ho-ho, Thalcave, my good man.
Delighted to see you.
- [Thalcave] I bring news.
- News? What kind of news?
You come in canoe. We go fast.
To village where they hold prisoners.
Three sail men.
Three sailor...
Oh, monsieur, we found them.
It's like a miracle.
- [Laughter]
- [Mary] Thank you!
[Glenarvan] I say, careful!
Come along. Let's get aboard.
Careful, now. Careful.
You're a welcome sight, sir,
believe me.
Is this thing safe?
47, 48, 49, 50.
Now it's come,
I can hardly believe it!
White men! [shouting]
Stop it! Stop it!
Who are these people?
Where's Captain Grant?
Is not right men?
It's all my fault.
How could I be so stupid?
It's what I started to tell you,
milord. About the mako shark.
What about
the blasted thing?
It lives only in and around
the Indian Ocean.
That's what the word "Indian"
means in the note.
Not that they were captured
by Indians.
If you knew this, why didn't you tell me
before I paid all that money?
I kept hoping, milord,
that maybe somehow
I could be wrong.
This can mean only one thing.
Captain Grant is in Australia.
That's where I wanted to go,
only I let you
talk me out of it.
Oh, my dear children.
I'm sorry it all had to end like this.
Thalcave speak.
For many years, my people hunt.
Trail game many miles.
Sometimes sneak up
but game not there.
But Indian knows
if game not there,
it somewhere else.
Keep looking.
Otherwise, Indian die out
many years ago.
Keep looking?
He's right, you know.
Now we know where
Captain Grant really is.
And by Jove,
we'll go and find him.
Oh, thank you, Thalcave.
Thank you.
- How does she look to you?
- Just what we need.
Ain't a ship hereabouts
could overhaul her.
- What about the steam?
- We can learn.
The old man wants to know
what happened to the Britannia.
- Maybe I should tell him.
- You're not serious, are you?
Maybe I should tell him.
The very spot,
your lordship,
where she sank
beneath the waves.
Me own dear brother
lost his life
trying to put out in a
small boat to save the crew.
- It was shocking...
- All right, pay them off.
- Very good.
- Thank you, lordship. Much obliged.
- [Glenarvan] I won't see anymore.
- Very good.
Look at that!
Ridiculous, preposterous!
How can a ship go down
in a dozen different places,
sometimes 500 miles apart,
answer me that!
Confounded wharf rats!
Lie to you. Take your money.
Cut your throat,
given half a chance.
How the dickens can I tell
where to start, eh?
- What do you want?
- Mr. Ayrton to see you.
- I didn't want to see anybody else.
- This is a gentleman.
I hope I haven't arrived
at an awkward moment.
I couldn't get here sooner.
I would have warned you.
You'll find very little integrity
among some of the men
who frequent our waterfront.
It happens that I have
the very information you require.
- About my father?
- This is the daughter of Captain Grant.
Well, if I could reunite this
delightful child and her gallant father,
that is the reward
I'm interested in.
- Were you ever in Plymouth?
- Plymouth, England?
No, I haven't had that pleasure.
May I inquire, sir, as to the
nature of your information?
Two years ago, I was caught in a
violent storm in the Tasman Sea.
We picked up a poor fellow,
badly battered and half-drowned
just off the coast
of New Zealand.
- New Zealand?
- He said he was from the Britannia.
She'd gone down with all hands.
He died in the night, and our ship
combed the area the following day.
Until I read about the message
in the bottle, I had no idea
- there were any survivors.
- Why wasn't the sinking reported
- when you reached land?
- I assumed it was.
I was only a passenger
on the ship.
If he landed in New Zealand,
he must have been captured
by the Maoris.
I'll report this
to the authorities.
I'm afraid it isn't
as easy as that.
- Why ever not?
- You haven't had my experience
in dealing with our government.
You learn to get along
in spite of them.
They talk endlessly and they
need authorization from London.
You'll be lucky
if they're ready in a year.
Anything could happen
to him in a year.
- What do you suggest?
- Oh, I can't get mixed up in this.
I've told you all that I know.
I've got my own estates to run.
Sir, the lives
of three men are at stake.
I'd like to speak to this
gentleman alone, please.
The trouble is New Zealand
is not in the Indian Ocean.
There's something strange.
Very strange.
I don't care what he says.
I've seen that man.
- You're just imagining it.
- No, I'm not.
I can't stand people that look at me
like that. "Delightful child."
"Gallant father."
It's a good sign
that neither of you take to him,
because everything else
that you've welcomed with open arms
has turned out dead wrong.
- I don't wish to break the law.
- Certainly not.
I don't intend to leave Captain Grant
in the hands of bloodthirsty cannibals.
So, I appeal to you,
as a man with experience
and knowledge of local conditions
to help us before it's too late.
All right, I'll gather up
some men who know the Maoris
and who can handle
any kind of situation.
By Jove, you mean we just go in
and have it out with them?
Oh, no. We'll take along
some supplies to barter,
and if Grant and his men
are still alive, we'll buy them back.
Capital idea. I can't tell you
how grateful I am to you.
I need hardly remind you that we
must be discreet about what we plan.
Of course. Don't want to be tied down
by a lot of red tape, do we?
Just my son John and Captain Mangles,
otherwise not a word to a soul.
Yes, just as it should be.
[Man] Get this crate
down in the hull.
[Men shouting]
Motley looking lot of fellows
you've got together.
Well, when you look for men
to go into Maori country,
you don't choose
from among the social elite.
[Laughs] Jolly well put.
I didn't realize
you'd require quite so much merchandise.
The days have gone
when one could impress the natives
with a handful
of colored beads.
If they choose to sell their prisoners
dearly, we'd better be prepared.
I see.
John, you've got to tell me
what's going on out there.
Ah, mademoiselle,
you are too beautiful
in ze new gown
to worry your little head
about such things.
But what's
in all those boxes?
If my father wanted you to know,
he would've told you.
Every man out there looks
like a fugitive from the penal colony.
John, you've got
to do something.
Don't let this man make
a fool of your father.
Just because he calls you
a delightful child
and you don't like it,
he's trying to make a fool of my father.
It is better that we
think it, monsieur,
than give him
the opportunity to prove it.
Let me tell you something,
both of you.
My father huffs and puffs
a little bit,
and we've all smiled at him
just in fun,
but I don't think anybody is going
to make a fool of him as easily as...
Well, certain people
I could name.
And now, if you'll excuse me.
Patience, dear.
Nous verrons ce que
nous verrons.
We shall see
what we shall see.
I'll wager she's faster
than any ship in the Royal Navy.
I'd say that steam was the coming thing
if it weren't so complicated to handle.
Don't know about complicated.
It's simple.
- Yes?
- Pardon, milord.
Could I talk to you sometime,
before too long?
- What about?
- No matter how much I think about it,
it is always the same.
Captain Grant is in Australia.
There is no way the note could mean
he is in New Zealand.
My dear fellow, don't worry about
that note. Mr. Ayrton knows precisely
- where the Britannia went down.
- Of course.
Milord, I'll be the happiest
man in the world
if it turns out
that once again I'm wrong.
- I have no doubt you will be.
- If it's no trouble,
- I'd like to see the engine room.
- Delighted to take you.
I think you'll find there's
nothing complicated about steam.
It's a beautiful day.
Why not enjoy it?
Let bygones be bygones.
Now that we're at sea,
I can let you in on our secret,
if you're interested.
Those boxes you were wondering about.
Would you like to know what's in them?
Trinkets, trade goods.
They're for barter
so we can buy your father's freedom.
- Who told you this?
- Mr. Ayrton.
And you believed him?
All right, Miss Suspicious.
If it'll make you more companionable,
I'll take you below
and show you.
[Men chattering]
Well, here you are.
All right, Pandora, which box
do you want me to open?
That one.
You sure you don't have
a guilty feeling?
After all, it is rather
like spying on someone.
Especially when they've
gone out of their way to be nice.
- Open it.
- I will.
Nothing is too much trouble
if it satisfies your curiosity.
Voila, mademoiselle.
Trade goods.
Trinkets, he said.
So that's his game. He's using
my father's ship as a gunrunner.
Pity you did that.
Wilcox, down here!
[Whispering] We must warn the others.
I'll lead them off. Make for the door.
[Men shouting]
- [Man #1] There he is!
- [Man #2] I see him.
[Man #3] Grab the boy!
Now, is that a nice way to behave when
we're taking you to meet your father?
Come on.
Make no noise. Just stop the paddles.
Anything else, and I'll shoot.
[Bell dings]
Been to New Zealand before?
Yes, twice.
Do as I tell you. Perhaps you'll
live to make it three times.
[Bell dings]
We're stopping.
That is most strange.
- Raise the hands. Quietly.
- Do as he says, Robert.
- [Screams]
- [John] Help, Lord Glenarvan!
Lord Glenarvan! Help!
Lord Glenarvan!
I thought I heard
the boy call for help.
You did.
Now give me that gun,
and no harm will come to him.
[Glenarvan] You can't put us out
there without oars. It's not human!
Oh, the current will carry you
to the shore, if that's any consolation.
But I'm afraid we'll have
to keep your crew on board
until they've taught us
the fine points of using steam.
We're unaccustomed to such
luxuries in the South Pacific.
- You'll pay for this.
- You've got it backwards, old man,
we have been paid for it,
and quite handsomely.
Cheer up, Frenchy. You promised
you'd be the happiest man in the world
if you were wrong about Grant
being in Australia.
And you were.
Brian and Riley,
lay her off and stand by
to make sail.
- [Man] Aye, aye, sir.
- You were in Plymouth.
My father signed you on
the day he sailed.
As third mate. What a memory.
You'll hang for this, you know.
I'll see to it personally.
I'll make a report
to the admiralty.
[Chuckling] You do that.
And here's a bottle to put it in.
Hope it isn't
swallowed by a shark.
- Lower away!
- You'll never get away with this.
That's what Grant said when we put him
over the side at this spot.
With his two rather
foolishly loyal mates.
If you're lucky, you might all
end up in the same stewpot.
[Men laughing]
If anyone is interested,
I might explain.
It is the influence
of the west wind drift
playing against
the East Australian current
that might drive us
right up onto the shore.
Yes, yes, yes.
That's the second
of my ships he's got.
First the Britannia, and now
my beautiful new steam yacht.
It's all clear now.
It was a mutiny.
There's no reason why
he should lie about it.
My father was set adrift here...
Then he must be
a prisoner of the Maoris.
What did he mean, we might all
end up in the same stewpot?
Not to change the subject,
but our reception committee
seems to be waiting.
[Glenarvan] Maoris.
Hundreds of them.
A deuce of a fix,
no trinkets to bargain with.
What have we got to offer, huh?
Just us, I suppose.
- Good gracious!
- You come a stranger. I'll take you in.
I have prepared a place
for thee in the presence of thine enemy.
- [Shouting]
- [Screams]
It's all right.
I'm sure he's harmless.
What think ye now?
I be crazy, eh?
Not a bit of it.
I be smart.
Mark ye well,
the words of old Bill Gaye.
Bill Gaye?
Weren't you the mate
on my father's ship?
Depends entirely
who your father was.
What was his ship?
And who you be, for that matter?
You see? I be smart.
Makes a difference who she is.
I'm Mary Grant. My father's
Captain Grant of the Britannia.
Well, why didn't
you say so before?
Fine ship, she was.
I walked her decks
across the seven seas.
Woe, be unto thee, O Moab,
for thy sons
are taken captive.
- Who is he?
- He seems to be the mate
- from the Britannia.
- Do you know where he is?
Can you tell me?
Where is Captain Grant?
Have you no eyes?
Can you not see?
- He's gone.
- Where?
Same as before.
Diane's Inlet.
- Did the Maoris take him?
- Nay, he be smart too.
He learns the way
to keep alive.
For they need him
when they get more guns.
Guns? That must be Ayrton.
Aye, that's who it be.
Somehow the devil
has got another ship.
- Were there three of you?
- Aye, three of us there were.
Captain Grant, McKnabb
and old Bill Gaye
against Ayrton and
all of his mutinous crew.
My father, Captain Grant, did he and
McKnabb go together to Diane's Inlet?
Nay, my child. I say unto you,
McKnabb, he was not smart.
[Cackles] He was caught
when he tried to escape.
- Poor devil.
- [Shouting]
What's he laughing at?
For this child I have prayed.
And the Lord hath granted my petition,
which I asked of him.
This is the night the Lord
hath given us our salvation.
What think ye?
Could a man force
himself through there?
Even a man who has gone without food
to make himself as thin as a man can be?
Nay, I say unto you
it is impossible.
It is easier for a camel to go
through the eye of a needle.
Robert, do you think you
could crawl through there?
- Maybe if I tried very hard.
- [Cackling]
- You be smart too.
- If he could, what good would it do?
I'll show you now. The Lord
helps them that helps themselves.
Two years we took to make it.
From the hairs of our heads,
from the garments we wore,
from a thousand things
we gathered.
Preposterous. What could the boy
possibly do all by himself?
There'll be more
to it than that.
For this be
the night of the harker.
Bide ye your time
till the night be well be gone.
And the horns sound and
the flames will leap upward
and the devil hath seized
the souls of our captors.
Then, I will show the way.
[Shouting in native language]
- [Mary] Nobody's looking. Now!
- [John] Up you go.
- It looks awfully small.
- [Bill] Go on. Go on!
I'm stuck.
Let out all the air.
I don't know which is worse.
A crazy man who thinks he's smart,
or a Frenchman who admits he's stupid.
Hold that.
Now, to get the pendulum
swinging. [cackles]
- Oh, do be careful.
- [Cackling]
Lower away.
I've the unhappy feeling we're going out
of the frying pan into the fire.
[Straining, cackling]
He can't get over.
The rope's not long enough.
Lower away.
- He still can't do it.
- Go on. Lower away!
That's all there is.
- Then let it go!
- [Gasps]
He did it!
- [Men chanting]
- [Horn blowing]
Tie that down there.
[Glenarvan] Deuce of a fix.
[Bill] Off to the mountain.
[Glenarvan] We'll never outrun
these fellows.
By Jove, I never saw
a rope burn like that.
It's woven in like a fuse.
Aye, what say you?
Who be mad now? [cackles]
Vengeance is mine.
I will repay, sayeth the Lord.
Father, come on!
If this is the sacred volcano
of the taboo,
they dare not follow.
You know of such things
even though you be a stranger?
I be smart too. [laughs]
We be two of a kind.
- By Jove, they've stopped.
- What think ye now of old Bill Gaye?
Be he crazy or be he smart?
They dare not set foot here,
for all this is taboo.
I say, that's splendid,
isn't it?
[Speaking in native language]
But they're moving on again.
A slight miscalculation.
I'm afraid we're on the wrong volcano.
Just as I thought. Out of the
frying pan, into the fire.
Don't worry, milord.
Come help with this.
- [John] What are you planning to do?
- Uncork the bottle, let the genie free.
On your marks.
Poussons tous!
[Glenarvan] I've got it.
Everybody, push.
Lucky shot, that.
Chance in a million.
At the university, I'm considered
the wizard of the croquet court.
Come ye,
where we be safe.
Oh, it's horrible!
Have no fear, mademoiselle.
The Maoris can run faster
than the lava. Enjoy it!
And now, Mr. Gaye,
to Captain Grant.
Aye, to Captain Grant.
[Bill] Old Bill Gaye,
he's got it all planned out.
All right, Grant.
Tell them there are six more boxes,
nearly 200 rifles, still in the hold.
I'll send the lot ashore
as soon as they hand over the money.
How do I know the rest
are as good as this one?
- I give you my word.
- That's what you offered last time,
when you unloaded
a pile of junk.
[Speaks native language]
Now really. Every time
I do something charitable,
I live to regret it.
- Like putting you ashore alive.
- And I intend to stay alive.
By not recommending rifles
I haven't examined.
My beautiful,
beautiful yacht.
If they've done anything
to damage her,
I'll have them strung up
by their thumbs.
How did you know
where she was going to be?
This be where they
always unload.
- In Diane's Inlet.
- Diane's Inlet?
Oh, sacre tonnerre!
In the note, what I thought said
"Indian" was really...
I'm stupid.
Stupid. Stupid!
Cheer up, my friend.
Your stupidity may turn out
to be of divine inspiration.
Mr. Gaye, I thought we were
going to find Father.
We be, we be.
Looky now.
It's Father!
[Mary] He looks well.
Thank goodness.
They're all getting into boats.
They're coming here.
We have a little time
to prepare our reception.
- I come to see thy ship.
- No one comes aboard.
Surely, you be not afraid
of old Bill Gaye.
Bill Gaye?
All he had was a crown of glory.
- Know ye not that?
- [Grunts]
[Man] How many cards
do you want?
Where's mine?
How do we get past him?
Excuse me, sir. But is this
Lord Glenarvan's yacht?
Well, sonny, I guess...
Here! Wait a minute! Ain't you the boy
that's with them. Come back here!
We have to break the door down
the best we can.
- [Man #1] Jacks, gentlemen.
- [Man #2] Thomson's got money.
All right. Your deal, Bob.
Hey, come here quick!
- The brig!
- Brig!
Know ye not
what the Good Book says?
He that diggeth a pit
shall fall into it.
[Bill cackles]
[Glenarvan] Send him over to me!
Ooh! Got him.
I suppose we'll have to open every box.
Put the best ones on top.
Ayrton, you scoundrel!
Don't move. You've made
it long enough to hang.
Hello, Glenarvan.
Welcome aboard.
Well, here we are.
This makes us even, doesn't it, uh...
You've got your ship back,
and I'm bringing you Grant.
- So, uh, why don't we, uh...
- Captain.
Take him below
with the rest of the scoundrels.
Aye! You've sown the wind.
And I say to ye,
ye reap the whirlwind!
[Gaye] Back, you dogs!
Back, I say!
- [Speaks in native language]
- Bill Gaye!
- What on earth...?
- [Mary] Father!
Mary. Robert!
[Bill] You think I be crazy,
don't ya?
[Bill shouting at native
and cackling]
- How did you find me?
- Monsieur Paganel.
- He's a professor.
- He found the note.
- Glenarvan took us.
- We've been around the world.
- We were captured by Maoris.
- Maoris.
[Grant] My dear children.
Oh, how I've prayed
for this day.
- I was beginning to give up.
- Must be catching your cold.
[Grant] And now you're suddenly here,
and I'm able to hold you both
close in my arms.
I can't find words to express
my gratitude to all of you.
We would have been here months earlier
if I hadn't been stupid about the note.
- Note?
- The note in the bottle.
The note?
In the bottle?
What think ye now?
'Twas I put that note
in the bottle.
[Cackling] And put
the bottle in the sea.
Cast thy bread on the waters
for thou shalt find it
after many days.
But they seemed so sure it was
their father's handwriting.
It was. Wasn't it?
Now you know my secret.
Why I ran away to sea.
The voice is a voice
of a God-fearing man.
But the hands...
...are the hands of a forger.
Oh, par exemple!
Bill, you scoundrel!
Just think,
if he hadn't put
the note in the bottle,
and if Paganel
hadn't caught that shark...
And if you hadn't tried to slap my face
on the way to Plymouth,
I wouldn't have talked Father
into making this trip.
Funny how things work out,
isn't it?
Isn't it?
Here we are,
all of us together.
All of us.
Did you ever see
so many stars?
Once, on top of a mountain.
Did you know that there,
out of the light,
you can see
the Southern Cross?
Southern Cross?
So, that's my little girl.
By George, they do grow up.
[Speaks French]
I was just thinking to myself,
no matter where
you are in the world,
it is always different
but it is always the same.
In English, you would say:
"All climates
are the same for love."
[John] There it is.
The Southern Cross.