In Syria (2017) Movie Script

Inside Life
Are you watching the wedding again?
Did you meet this reporter?
Yes, everything is arranged.
We meet him and his middleman
today at the university.
He brings us to Beirut.
How is he?
He is cool.
Are we having problems with the baby?
No, on the contrary.
He looks French.
The little one will not be
noticed when we are together.
What's up, darling?
What's going on, Samir?
I am ashamed.
Because we are fleeing?
Look where we are.
Don't let anyone tell you
something different now.
Nobody will change my mind.
It's just hard
to leave everything behind,
what we have built.
I know.
But we have no choice.
I have to go.
He wants to interview students.
I am supposed to help him.
Why did you come home then?
To see you.
I love you.
I love you too.
It's terrible, Halima's husband is dead,
shot in the parking lot.
What are you saying?
- Where is he? I don't see him.
- Behind the car there.
I see him.
- Are you sure that's him?
- I wish I wasn't.
What should we do?
We can't leave him.
How do you want to get him?
Do you want to be shot too?
At the moment we can't do anything.
Only when it gets dark.
Halima will not wait that long.
Don't tell her anything!
She must not know, understood?
- But...
- Maybe it's not him.
It's him, I saw it.
Shut up and say nothing.
And if he is not dead?
Do you want to get him?
Then do as I say.
Pull yourself together.
- Good Morning.
- Good Morning.
Clean the bathroom, Delhani.
Something wrong?
No nothing.
Mom, can I use the other one?
No, you know that.
Grandpa has been in there for an hour.
It will stink.
Be quiet.
Is everything OK?
Why are you half naked?
- Mummy!
- This way it will stink less later.
- Don't forget to rinse with the bucket.
- No, mom.
What are you doing there?
The other bathroom stinks.
That is no reason.
What if everyone does it?
That's how we waste water.
Kareem. Kareem!
Stand up and help
the girl with the water.
Why are you not dressed?
And clean up your things.
Why are you looking out there?
Forget the world out there.
She does not count anymore.
Girls? Come in quickly.
- That's far away, mom.
- Come in now!
Come on. You can continue when it stops.
- But Delhani...
- No, Aliya. Does she have her cell phone?
- I don't know.
- I'll call her.
Call your father too.
I have to talk to him.
Come up, Delhani.
We'll do that later.
- Did you see him?
- No, from there you don't see anything.
- Why did I have to come back?
- I don't want to take any chances.
- You always want to control everything.
- I beg your pardon?
Help me with the door.
I have to go up to our apartment,
there is still milk.
Do you think you'll find her?
The bomb hit the living room,
not the kitchen.
Surely someone has already stolen the milk.
I will still look.
Ask Delhani to open the door.
Hurry up,
so she doesn't stay open too long.
By the way, we are leaving the country.
I wanted to say it when Samir is back.
We're leaving today.
I know, we should have told you earlier.
- Does anyone know about it?
- No, nobody.
Let's keep it for ourselves.
I'll help you with the door.
Hurry up.
I don't know
how to thank you for your help.
In the beginning I was
a bit afraid of you.
But now I admire you.
You are a brave woman.
We are all brave.
You too, Halima.
And even more in the future.
- Mom, it's burning!
- Where?
Here, bring this to your grandfather.
Tell your sisters,
they should come to eat.
Yazan, my darling.
Come here.
Thank you.
Will you bring me a tea, my dear boy?
- Grandpa wants a tea.
- I'll bring one to him.
Get your sisters!
Did you sleep well?
No, not really.
Stop it. Don't you think about anything else?
I just feel like it.
We are lucky
that we are stuck together here.
- Don't you think so?
- I don't know.
Mama says you should come eat.
Do you see? He spies on us.
Stay in the kitchen, sweetheart.
All in the kitchen!
Come on, father. Yara, Aliya, Delhani!
Get the baby. Delhani, lock the door.
- Wait, I'm coming.
- Let her in and close the door.
What's up, Delhani? Go on.
Go to the kitchen.
- Where is my son?
- With Yara.
- Where is Aliya?
- In the bathroom.
- I'll get her.
- Quick!
- Did you reach your father?
- No signal.
- All plundered upstairs.
- I told you.
Unbelievable. Everything is smashed.
Did you hear something last night?
Come on, calm down. All right.
- Where is your sister?
- In the bathroom. There she is safe.
Your father said
in an emergency, all in the kitchen.
And everybody means everybody.
What did your father say?
What did you do in the bathroom?
You wash your hair,
although we hardly have water?
- Did you shave?
- Yes, it tickles.
Don't go.
I look for her.
I look on the second floor.
He can't be that far down.
Let's go.
- We have to tell her.
- I know.
It's not good for me to be here.
- What else am I doing here?
- Where else would you go?
I have to think about my son.
I don't want to die here.
No one is going to die, Delhani. Nobody.
Look at me, I was born without a home.
Am I complaining?
Out of this home
nobody will drive me away.
Nobody, do you understand?
Now get the rest of the water.
And more to wipe the floor.
Just look how dusty it is.
Abou, you scared me.
Don't worry, girl.
- Where are the toothpicks?
- In the buffet.
Why are you so restless today?
Look at me. Tell me what's going on.
- I can't tell.
- Tell me.
Please don't, she has forbidden me.
Is it about the couple
from the apartment on the fifth floor?
- Do you promise not to tell anyone?
- Yes, good. Now tell me.
Halima's husband has been shot.
This morning in the parking lot.
- Here on the street?
- Yes.
- And you saw it?
- Yes.
- Is he dead?
- I think so.
- Who knows about it?
- Only the Madame and me.
Don't tell anyone, understood?
Is that clear?
Kareem, go into the living room,
if you just hang out.
I don't want you in the bedroom.
Come on, get out of here.
Help Delhani
to bring the remaining water.
What are you doing, darling?
You should study.
Grandpa is waiting for you.
Come on.
- Mummy?
- Yes?
- Why does Delhani say she dies?
- She doesn't die.
I don't want her to die.
Will you die?
- One day I will.
- Will Delhani be with you then?
Nobody will die.
The war is over soon.
Then we are all safe again.
And now get dressed and go to Grandpa.
- Mummy!
- Come along.
Watch out, father! Yara! Aliya!
Go to grandpa.
Close the windows!
Delhani, stuff wet cloth
under the doors!
- Are you all right?
- Yes.
Quick, Delhani.
Everything OK?
Aliya, my child, out there is war.
It will take a while longer.
Kareem, you should not
stay in the bedroom.
Look if you receive internet radio.
- What did you say?
- Nothing.
Liar. I know that you have
told my father-in-law.
Shut up, damn it!
- What do you want?
- Is everything OK?
Yes we're fine. Go away.
Do you need help?
Oum Yazan?
What's happening?
There were three men.
Two ran down,
one must have gone up.
That means nothing good.
I pray that he is just a scout.
May Allah hear you.
If he is a sniper,
we are lost.
I will wipe the dust,
then there is lunch.
- Yara!
- I receive a station.
Just got two car bombs
exploded in Mezze district,
in close proximity to the Ministry of Justice.
Half a kilometer away
drive cars with bombs,
and now we can not even
go outside the door.
- Did you reach your mother today?
- Yes.
She said she sends someone
who will bring me home.
It was irresponsible of you,
to put you in danger.
That affects us all.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
- It's not my fault. It's war.
- Oh yes?
According to official media reports
at least 20 people were killed.
Is everything OK?
I'm so afraid.
At the explosion
he wasn't even screaming.
I wonder,
if everything is right with him.
Thank you for taking care of me.
We will all die, right?
Are you going away?
Go now.
It is lunchtime.
Yara, come back right now!
Aliya, go get her!
Leave it.
Stop mothering her.
What do you want again?
We are interested in
what you see from your apartment.
Let us in.
My husband is not at home.
Open up.
We have our instructions.
But my husband is not here!
Come back later.
When the roads are open again.
You know that you are
the only one in the house?
What do you think, you rascal?
I'll show you!
Come here! Where are you going?
- What's happening?
- He gets a lesson.
- What did you do?
- Nothing.
- I'll show you, kid.
- No, leave him.
What did you do?
- He poked Grandpa.
- Are you crazy?
- Apologize.
- Excuse me.
- And further?
- Excuse me, Grandpa.
All in the kitchen.
Yara, Kareem, Aliya!
- What's wrong?
- Quick, in the kitchen.
Come on!
Where is Halima?
- I'll get her.
- You stay here!
- What's happening?
- Where is the baby?
- In the bedroom, why?
- Go and hide!
Come in!
No, my baby. Close the door!
Nothing valuable to get here.
So, bitch!
Talk to me!
Where are your whore girlfriends?
Do you think I'm stupid?
Where are your girlfriends?
Don't you see? There are two of us.
Or do you want us both for youself?
Where are the valuables?
Do you hide them in your panties,
What are you hiding there?
- Come on.
- Leave me!
Show me your beautiful body.
Undress yourself!
Leave me!
Show me what you are hiding.
You are randy, right?
Answer me, you whore!
You are all sluts!
You will regret that.
Who is in there?
Who is in there?
There is no one.
Only an old woman and a boy.
- Bitch!
- Aunt, I beg you.
Why are you so stubborn?
Stop it!
Open up,
otherwise I can't
hold back my friend.
If you move,
I will break your bones.
- Call your father.
- No net.
- Stop.
- Hold still!
What's up with these pants?
Take them off, now!
No! Let me go!
Listen to me!
Stop it. I don't like blood.
We are listening.
I do what you want.
But then you go, okay?
You think you're smart, huh?
Then tell me,
why should we do you the favor?
Isn't it better,
if it happens voluntarily?
How do you know?
You have experience, right?
- I'll take care of her.
- Wait.
I like her suggestion.
So you want that?
Let's go to the other room.
Go on, go!
- Wait outside.
- But boss...
- I don't mind if he stays.
- Be quiet!
Go outside. That is an order.
I'll call you then.
What's in the other rooms?
- My baby.
- I understand.
I don't want him to touch me.
He scares you, doesn't he?
Do I scare you too?
Promise me
that he leaves me alone.
And what do I get for that?
You are allowed to come back.
I can come back anyway.
I know.
But if you want me
and if you want to come back,
you have to protect this apartment.
Good, you get what you want.
Let me out, I beg you.
- Please!
- Be quiet!
But the baby.
Kareem, please be quiet.
Leave me!
Look, boss!
Not my baby. Go down!
Stop it!
Go down!
Now it's my turn.
I want too!
Stop it! You will kill her!
Dirty Slut!
Don't kill her!
Do you want to die too?
We will sort that out later.
Let's go.
Shitty day!
- Should I take the child?
- What for?
To sell it.
No, drop it.
- What is wrong with you?
- Drop it.
Let's go!
Come on!
They're gone.
Give me my baby.
You have to tell her.
I know.
Are you sure?
I saw him fall.
God help me.
May I come in?
Delhani, come here.
Take him.
Change the diaper and clean him.
My darling,
is the diaper full?
You sweety.
You poor thing,
we were so worried about you.
Let's take a look at your diaper.
Take off your clothes, my dear.
I'll get water.
Would you like some tea?
Yes, please.
I have to talk to you.
There is nothing to talk about.
Yes, there is.
It's about your husband.
He musn't know the details.
That's not what it's about.
We believe,
that he was killed this morning.
Who told you that?
- Delhani has...
- Delhani?
She has seen a sniper
shooting him this morning.
This morning?
And you tell me now?
Down in the parking lot.
Take the children
and turn off the light!
- Hide, kids!
- Delhani!
- Delhani!
- Leave me.
Show me where he is!
And you knew he was dead.
You knew it all the time!
Where is he? I beg you.
Go on, shoot me!
Come on, kill me!
- Come away. Kareem!
- Let me go!
Let me go!
Please calm down.
Your screaming does not help us.
How dare you
leave my baby and me outside?
Should they kill me too?
You know exactly
that they could have killed us all.
I protected you!
But you sacrificed my baby
to save your skin.
That's not true.
We just didn't have time.
May God forgive you.
If I could I would do to you
what they did to me.
That's enough!
Please, my child. That's enough.
Yes, it is enough...
It is enough...
I'll go get him.
I come with.
- Kareem, no!
- Yara, stay here!
Stay here, I'll go, okay?
- I'll go with you.
- Stay with her!
Halima, he is still alive.
My sweetheart.
Samir, my darling.
- A sniper!
- Quick! Quick!
They are coming!
We put him on the table.
Delhani, he is alive.
He is alive!
Come on, pull yourself together.
We need water,
towels and disinfectants.
And take an old sheet out of the closet.
Father, lock the door.
Yazan, help him.
We have to turn him around.
Yara, call your father.
He should come here as soon as
possible and bring someone.
Yara, Aliya!
Help her into the living room.
He didn't shoot...
He didn't shoot...
Give me water,
so I can wipe his face.
My God, the wound is deep.
We can't do anything now.
I hope Monzer is here soon.
Yazan, come to the kitchen.
Alright, Aliya.
I was so scared.
Forgive me.
I thought it would be better
if it hits you.
I was so scared.
Forgive me.
I'm so sorry.
Why did you do that?
- What?
- Save him.
I don't know.
It was natural for me.
- You could have been killed.
- You too.
No. Never.
This is your son.
Kareem, please help me.
Hello, Ghassan.
- Where is Monzer?
- I don't know.
Why don't you know that?
- Didn't he call you?
- Nothing works anymore.
- Did't he call you?
- Yes but...
He said we should not wait for him.
Everywhere are roadblocks.
Probably because of the explosion this morning.
- Good evening, Mustapha.
- Good evening.
- What else did he say?
- The connection cut out.
So what's going on?
Take her husband with you.
Help me.
I'm trying to pick you up tomorrow night.
- With my baby?
- Yes of course.
But without luggage. Only one bag.
All right then. Raise him up.
You can't stay here anymore.
It is too dangerous.
I don't go anywhere. Not without Monzer.
At least the kids have to get away from here.
Let's talk tomorrow. Think about it.
- Whoever hears from him first, says something, yes?
- Yes.
Don't worry.
He is probably on the way here.
Thanks for everything, Ghassan.
Kareem, lock the door.
Don't be afraid, sweetheart.
Go to bed.
Delhani, clean up the table.
Hello, honey. Can you hear me?