In the Cloud (2018) Movie Script

(intense music playing)
[Doc voiceover]
So many of us have fallen
for the great lie.
The myth of progress.
The shiny idea that things
can only get better.
The human condition.
Humans themselves.
Technology will perfect us
and the world around us.
Won't it?
But what if,
what if progress
isn't inevitable?
What if it doesn't get better?
They got their start by calculating
the fastest way to kill.
The nuclear dream?
Well, that gave us the bomb.
We think we're doing
the right thing.
We think we learn from history.
But as a great physicist
once said,
"Science advances
one funeral at a time."
Ain't that the fucking truth.
(brakes squealing)
(bomb exploding)
(sirens blaring)
- Did you sleep at all?
- No, not really.
But I'm okay I think.
- You'll be great.
- Thanks.
(machine beeping)
(audience applauding)
Thank you. Thank you.
Can I say what a privilege
it's been to lead this mission.
And I couldn't have done it
without your help.
Without your blood,
your sweat, and your tears.
But we did it!
(audience cheering
and applauding)
We did it!
Ladies and gentlemen,
the first digitized map
of the human brain.
(audience applauding)
Nice one, Theo.
This is my digitized brain.
All my memories, my fears,
my hopes, my secrets,
buried in there somewhere.
But we want to extract them.
Can we?
We will.
We will.
Over here?
This represents my first kiss.
(audience chuckling)
Over here, the day that
I lobbed the ball
over the goalkeeper to score
from the half way line.
(audience laughing)
And here.
Is the day I held my daughter
in my hands for the first time.
But is it enough?
Are we content with that?
We always want to return.
To experience those feelings
as if for the first time!
But there's a price
to be paid for that.
What is it that we give up in...
(electricity sizzling)
(audience gasps)
(audience members
chattering indistinctly)
Someone call
a bloody ambulance!
(phone ringing)
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Yeah, no, I...
Wait, what?
Hale, what is it?
(Rabbi singing
in a foreign language)
(light chattering)
Get in.
- What did you do?
- What did I do?
- Yeah.
- That's a good one.
Yeah, you always need
someone to blame.
Look, we both know
this is about you.
- This is about me.
- Just...
give me a heads up.
Let me know
what I'm walking into.
Shut up.
(bell dings)
Holy shit.
[Mary] Boys,
this is Paul Avalon, MI5.
Theo. Hale.
I'm incredibly sorry
to throw you into this shitstorm
during your time of grief.
This is Max Kavinksy.
He's responsible
for the terror attack.
[Paul] Actually,
he turned himself in
before the first bomb went off.
Seven days ago.
Marched into Stockwell station.
Looked the copper
in the eyes and said...
So, I hid bombs
all over the city.
And they'll detonate
at random intervals.
It's time to take back
our future.
Before Doc died,
- he was working on memory diving.
- Bullshit.
Brain mapping was the
breakthrough he was waiting for.
You mapped a brain?
Life didn't end
when you left the lab.
[Mary] He was on the verge
of figuring out the dives.
In theory.
Isn't it about time you two
put your differences aside?
We need you on this.
If you guys can finish
what he started,
you'll save god knows
how many lives.
Hold on, hold on, kid.
Time out.
So what you're saying
is that Doc was trying to...
Get into his memory,
to find the other bombs.
I mean, that's gold.
I hate to say it, but I think
Doc was blowing stacks.
It can't be done.
I'm out.
Hale, please.
(door bangs shut)
You there, Doc?
Now, where did that
slippery idiot go?
Nobody there, huh?
(Max continues shouting)
(banging on table)
(shouting indistinctly)
(techno music playing)
[Doc on voicemail]
Theo, it's me. I know...
I know it's late.
But listen.
I've been reading this book
by this billionaire guy.
Nev something.
Nev Mason.
This is a guy who's made
his fortune in tech,
but he doesn't fall
for its tricks.
Listen to this"
"Humankind has won the earth.
"Next stop, the digital realm.
"But innovation cannot save us
from ourselves,
"because it is not our savior.
"Innovation is a test
of our humanity."
Isn't that the truth.
It's called Life in Pixels:
A New Dawn.
It's a terrible title,
I know, but.
Anyway, I'll let you know
if the rest is shit or not.
Theo, um, I've been working
on something
that I really want
to talk to you about
when we get the chance
but, um, it's complicated.
Anyway. Speak soon.
(techno music continues)
Lucy, have you seen
my battery pack for this?
- Nope.
- I need my battery pack.
Has anyone seen my battery pack?
- I gave you my...
- Yeah, I left it over there.
Carl, battery pack.
Have you seen my battery pack?
- Nah.
- Dean, battery pack?
- Nope.
- Rachel. Rachel!
Now Rachel.
Rachel, Rachel, Rachel.
Rachel, Rachel, Rachel.
Have you seen my battery pack
for my headset?
Rachel, quick! Yes!
Rachel comes through.
I have the same earrings.
The Cirrus 8.
(crowd applauding and cheering)
The Cirrus 8 is the first ever
all-inclusive VR technology
which taps into the
central nervous system.
It tricks the senses,
sight, smell, taste,
touch, and hearing
into experiencing
the virtual world as real.
(crowd applauding)
And the magic is
in the mirror neuron chip
and the micro-dosed DMT.
DMT, that's a...
[Sandra and Hale]
Naturally occurring.
It primes the brain
to accept the digital reality.
No, no thanks.
No psychedelics
before noon for me, thanks.
- Sandra.
- [Theo] I'll give it a go.
(Z clears throat)
Theo Jones.
Dark Horse Combinator.
I don't think I know you.
Freshest incubator
on the block.
Shall we?
What are you doing here?
Thank me later.
Let's do it!
- (machine beeping)
- [electronic voice] Connecting.
All right!
So, if you want
to end the dive,
exit through the door
at the red light.
All right? Pretty simple.
Got it?
Got it.
You can't affect
the landscapes,
but the landscapes
can affect you.
Don't play with fire.
All right. You ready?
Loving looking
in your angel eyes.
Er, gentlemen,
shall we commence?
Close your eyes.
Count backwards from five.
When you open them,
you'll be in.
Got it.
Five, four, three, two, one.
(Theo laughing)
(Theo laughing)
(exhales forcefully)
(Theo laughing)
I mean, you really have
to try it for yourself.
- (laughing)
- [electronic voice] Disconnected.
(all laughing)
(group applauding)
That is legend.
How did you get the code
to mirror the ceiling
in real time?
Oh, what the hell,
it's noon somewhere.
- Let me try it.
- Even the fire burns...
Wait, what?
What, the fire, no, hang on.
You burned yourself?
So hang on, you hurt yourself?
The brain perceives pain
as it would.
How are you going
to get around that drawback?
It's not a drawback.
It's a feature.
It's a real life system.
That's what I'm giving you.
There's no pleasure without pain.
There's no money
in unsafe virtual worlds.
Sandra, what I'm giving you
is a real sensory modality
that other tech companies
aren't even going near!
I don't wanna be open
for any kind of litigation.
Build me a restart button
and then I...
I'm not selling you
video games.
Just think.
The potential applications...
You don't need to speak for me.
It speaks for itself!
Listen, thank you so much for
a really lively presentation,
but it's a pass, I'm sorry.
It's all yours, Mr. Jones.
Thank you.
Thank you, Sandra!
Not the first.
Won't be the last.
No vision.
Screw the suit.
aren't you a suit?
I brought you a present.
Are you bringing drugs
into my establishment?
Nah, not me.
Alaskan Thunderfunk.
Old times' sake?
Step into my office.
(Hale and Theo laughing)
Man, I was having a pint with
the Doc like two days ago.
You were talking again?
Yeah, we were talking again.
He hasn't been himself.
Exer squeezed our funding.
Lab's been stressful.
[Doc] There's gotta be
something more than this.
I don't know,
some gated place,
the only gatekeeper
being a mirror.
If you can stand
the sorry sight of yourself
then you're free to enter.
Well, if the cloud is solved
before that comes a-knocking,
then it's basically choose
your own adventure, right?
Yeah, I'm telling you,
there's something's not right
about all of this.
Myoclonic epilepsy.
It's, you know,
it's unpredictable.
The inescapable feeling
of being watched.
It corrupts
the true self, always.
Truth burns.
Ben goes bye-bye
under the bright lights
and 24 hours later
we're hunting a Nazi.
I don't buy it.
We've got his brain map.
His research
on the memory dives?
The maths adds up.
He cracked it.
Don't get me wrong,
there's pieces missing,
but there's a chance
that we could sort this.
Then sort it.
Sort, sort, sort, sort, sort.
I can't go lone wolf.
Why not?
I got the software,
but you have the hardware.
Cirrus 8?
Man, that is some serious sex.
Next level.
God level.
God level.
God level.
If we can reprogram your chip
to process memory data
from a brain map
as virtual space,
then maybe we can dive
into Doc's memories.
Dive nice and deep.
Doc's and Max's.
I don't play well with the law birds.
(clears throat)
Government greysuits
climbing my walls.
I want nothing to do with
London's Next Top Terrorist.
Exer could fund
this whole operation.
Play hide and seek
with the cog army.
Nah, sorry.
It's not my style, man.
I may look good
in a suit, but I'm no cog.
I've opened every door
at Wolff for myself.
And for once,
I'm not sorry about that.
I legit just blacked out
the last 30 seconds.
What were we talking about?
I said you built
something remarkable here.
Doc's dive notes.
Is Theo planting the flag
on this hush-hush
little project you're doing?
[Doc] You know,
it really kills me
that you two are...
Why don't you just call him up?
What's behind your gates?
I don't know.
Maybe your return
to the true self.
Heaven for some.
Hell for others.
(festive folk music playing)
(people chattering, laughing)
(banging on door)
(woman screaming)
It's okay, it's okay.
- Shh.
- (groans)
It's okay.
You dreaming again?
What were you dreaming about?
I don't know. It was just so...
Tell me.
They want me to go work on
one of Doc's leftover projects.
- (groans)
- (bones crack)
What are you guys working on?
They want to dive.
No, you're not going to dive.
- Why not?
- No!
We tried everything,
from hypnosis to LSD,
to what was the name again?
- Lucid dreaming.
- [Z] Yeah! And the other thing.
- Astral projection.
- Exactly.
I know you want to know
what happened to your parents
but sometimes it's best
to let go, you know?
Oh, my God.
- (bomb exploding)
- [Z] Hale!
(siren wailing in distance)
(phone ringing)
[Hale on phone]
Hey. Theo, it's Hale.
This is getting out of control.
Let's meet at our spot.
[reporter] At least
17 have been killed
and many more injured
after another explosive device
went off in the UK
this morning.
This time at a
South London mosque.
Authorities are refusing
to comment
on whether this is
a copycat attack
or if there's any evidence
that it could be related
to the two attacks
that have shocked London
over the past week.
The police are not releasing
a statement at this time
but are appealing for anyone
with any information
to come forward.
We'll be back in a moment with
the rest of the day's news.
My gran used to take me there.
We doing this?
(techno music playing)
Couch, up there, now.
It's gonna be a long night.
Let's do this.
The world mourns
for recent victims
of terror attacks.
Candlelight vigils are shown
from New York to Warsaw
as the community shows
its solidarity
with the people of London.
Police refuse
to release the names
of any potential suspects
and have raised
the attack level to critical.
Leaving many people to believe
that more attacks are imminent.
Let me in, let me in.
Test one.
God, I hope this works.
- (group clapping)
- [man] Come on!
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
(clapping gets quicker)
Here we go! Yes!
Yeah, nothing.
Number seven.
DMT won't hold.
(gags, coughing)
Test 25.
Test 32.
(speaking French)
We're effectively building
a biofeedback loop. Right?
Brain-machine interface.
Which is supposed to be
a two way street.
Except right now, it's not.
Information flows
in one direction.
Map to user.
We have to open the loop.
Establish a dialogue
with the memories. How?
- How?
- How?
- How?
- How?
Quickest or cleanest?
- Huh?
- (groans)
Quickest or cleanest?
I got a gun to my head.
Feed the user's brain map
into the target map.
Which allows the user's brain
to fill the holes
in the memories.
- That's it.
- [both] Yes!
Fake the loop until
we can update the chip.
(Z laughing)
Who's first?
Right, let's see
what rotten fruit is stuck
all the way
inside that mind of yours.
(machine beeping)
Morning, everyone,
thanks for coming.
Test 67. 68.
Got that.
Right, uh, his mind acts
as the remote, okay.
He needs to concentrate
on what he wants to see
in order to bring up related
memories in the brain map.
And those memories,
should be recreated
in the simulation.
We think.
Blue doors take us deeper.
They skip to the next memory.
Otherwise, red doors are
still our trusty exits.
We'll be tracking audio
and vitals during the dive,
but that's it.
The rest is an unknown.
This is uncharted territory,
Isn't this dangerous?
[Hale] Yeah.
It's really fucking dangerous.
- [Theo] Okay, you set?
- [Z] Okay.
[electronic voice]
(exhaling deeply)
(voices whispering)
You know Noddy?
You know that little character?
[over headphones]
Never mind.
Holy shit. It's working.
You see,
we have this...
we have this idea that
knowledge is freedom!
And that science will illuminate
the complexity of the world.
But what happens
if that's not true?
We will explore
the geographical frontiers.
People like, you know,
Columbus, Marco Polo,
[over headphones] none of that would've
been possible without technology.
For example.
When Christopher Columbus set
out to discover the new world,
he didn't... he had no idea
where he was going.
But more importantly,
when he got there,
he didn't know where he was.
And when he came back,
he didn't know where he'd been.
He's an example
of what we imagine
is the frontier of knowing.
We think it's connection,
but it's not.
It's pretend.
[Doc] Because we are
still human.
We are opening Pandora's box.
We're like monsters.
No, no, we're like the man
who created the monster.
We don't know
what we're going to create.
We could create
our own destruction.
[Mary] Listen, what you've
designed, it's holistic.
It's science,
but it's holistic.
[Doc Voiceover]
Desire to be God!
- (loud screeching)
- (grunts)
Guys, get out the way!
Hale, can you hear me?
(indistinct whispering)
- Tell me.
- Hey, calm down.
No, I'm not calming down.
I'm coming every morning.
If I don't sleep
I save two hours.
We're working together.
And you have to tell me
exactly what's going on.
I didn't know, I mean how...
- How was I supposed...
- What? Of course you knew.
You knew.
Look at me in the eyes.
Listen, I'm on your side
in this.
You can find anyone you want,
but I'm not pushing the button.
You're not listening to me.
- Why are you lying?
- I had no idea...
Why are you lying?
- Why...
- Why are you lying?
Was it such
a bad assumption to make
that he would tell you?
- No.
- [Z] Sorry?
A terrorist?
That's the project?
No, hey, listen to me.
You don't understand something.
I want to be a part of it.
Look at me.
I'm not mad.
I mean, if there's a way
to stop this monster,
I'm in, okay.
Do you understand?
What happened up there?
Your heart rate spiked.
It must have been some sort
of shock to the system.
Overload or something.
Okay, uh, I think we need
to add a second Cirrus.
If we can't force eject,
we need to wing-man each other.
- That's a great idea.
- [Hale] Yeah.
How was it?
[exhales forcefully]
It was...
like future jazz.
(all laughing)
[Theo] I'll see you guys
in the morning.
Look after him.
We don't yet know
the full effects of the dive.
(breathing heavily)
(engine starts)
(engine revving)
[newscaster] At least
17 have been killed
and many more injured
after another explosive device
went off in the UK
this morning.
(tires squealing)
[newscaster] Authorities
are refusing to comment
on whether this is
a copycat attack
or if there's any evidence
that it could be related
to the two attacks
that have shocked London
over the past week.
(indistinct shouting)
Just back away now.
(sirens wailing)
(door opens)
All right, petal?
I can gag him.
Oh, no.
(door closes)
I'm Max.
So I've heard.
So you know me.
Fan of my work?
I'd be quite upset
if you didn't.
I put in a lot of work
to get here.
What's your name?
I think.
I think I'll call you
Black Magic.
Yeah, I quite like that.
Well, it's settled then.
You've got some
fancy tools there.
Have you any idea
how to use them?
I designed them.
Oh, well, look at you, eh?
I love it.
Rags to riches, eh?
Plucked off the streets
and shoehorned into a job
you didn't deserve.
Too bad about
the worthy white man
whose place you took, huh?
You know,
I don't hate your kind.
(computer beeps)
My kind?
Your people.
Everyone's got someone
looking out for them.
But who is securing
the existence of my blood
and a future
for proud white children?
Who's doing that?
It's me!
I am!
So do your worst.
Make me a martyr.
- A martyr?
- Hmm.
- Make them remember me.
- Max.
Has anyone explained to you
what's going
to happen here today?
Everyone's been so rude
to me since I got here.
- I bet. Poor you.
- Hmm.
Well, allow me.
I'm gonna make a copy
of your brain.
Then I'm gonna rummage around
in all your memories.
Poke my nose
in every little dark corner
in that twisted little mind
of yours
and find every last bomb
you planted.
That's not possible.
You're a dirty liar.
Black magic.
No one out there
knows your name, Max.
Mine's Theo.
Bet you won't forget that.
Yeah, well,
you better be quick.
You never know when
the next bomb might go off.
[Hale] What this is
is time-released dosage, DMT.
It allows us to dive deeper,
for longer.
Are you sure about this?
Yeah, I promise.
[electronic voice]
- (exhales deeply)
- [electronic voice] Connected.
Oh, my God!
It's like he's really here!
It's crazy.
(knocking on door)
It's four in the morning.
Who is behind Exer?
According to these documents,
it's the CIA.
The fucking CIA!
- What?
- You know what that means?
It means I've been working
on a weapon
for the last two years,
and I had no idea.
Do you understand?
They can access anybody's mind,
anywhere, anytime.
They will not have it!
(football commentary on TV)
I can't even imagine
the pressure you boys are under.
Mary, we got it to work.
We can dive.
You just started.
Are you positive?
- What the...
- [gunshot]
(body thuds)
Theo! Theo, wait!
Theo, stop!
(Theo panting)
It's okay.
Jesus Christ, you shot him!
Exer played us all.
We've been collaborating
with you for 15 years.
15 years. With you!
Exer's not who we thought
they were.
They couldn't care less
about the bombs.
They want the cloud algorithm.
They need you to perfect
the dive tech
so they can extract it
from Doc's memories.
Just lay low.
Don't talk to anyone.
We will find a way
to protect you.
Just go.
Theo, go!
What's going on? Here.
(grunts softly)
(electricity crackling)
Why do I still remember!
Why the hell do I
still remember!
What are you doing?
(Doc gasping)
(grunting, screaming)
- (gagging)
- [electronic voice] Disconnected.
(retching, coughing)
[electronic voice]
Doc never wanted to stop Max.
Doc was trying
to erase his memory.
Is that what killed him?
That's what killed him.
It wasn't the epilepsy.
He did it to himself.
That's what it was.
There's something wrong
with the dive tech.
I know, I know.
Our memories, they were
leaking into the simulation.
I know.
I just watched
Mary shoot Alfie.
- What?
- Doc's driver!
- What do you mean she...
- She just blew his brains out.
Exer is after
the cloud algorithm.
They think it's in his memories.
Oh, my God, is it?
I don't know.
Okay. I mean,
this is some serious
deluxe gaslighting
Sophie's Choice sort of shit.
No, it's not. It's not.
We have the dive tech.
We have Max's memories. Right?
So until someone's breaking
down our front door,
- we keep going.
- If we give the locations of the bombs,
they will know we can dive.
What do you mean they'll know?
Who's they?
We'll win the battle,
but we'll lose the war.
- [Theo] What war? What are you talking about?
- The war? What war?
- What are you talking about?
- [Hale] What do you mean what war?
You just saw Mary kill a man.
Probably CIA.
I need you
thinking clearly, okay?
We don't need you breaking out
into this conspiracy...
(all arguing)
I am trying to prevent us
from falling into some sort
- of Orwellian nightmare...
- (arguing)
There is no choice!
We have to trust Mary.
And stop Max
while there's still time.
[Z] Thank you.
[man] Welcome, gentlemen,
old and new.
Those old, good to see you.
Those new, welcome aboard.
Now why have we met today?
Well, last night,
I read an article.
Lugenpresse clickbait.
Some tech conglomerate
gloating about
how many less whites they hired!
Well, who's mourning
these crimes against us?
No one.
Because this is what they want.
- [man 1] Yes.
- [man 2] That's right.
We used to be conquerors.
We used to be journeymen.
And now we are nothing more
than cucks and weaklings.
(audience agreeing)
Shame on us.
Shame on us.
But from ashes,
something stronger is born.
And change starts with each
and every one of you.
Ask yourselves!
What have I done to protect
my European heritage?
Ask yourselves.
What have I done to deserve
my ancestor's pride?
[man] Well,
this movement needs leaders.
This movement needs martyrs.
This movement needs you!
We will not be replaced.
We will not be replaced.
We will not be replaced.
We will not be replaced!
We will not be replaced!
We will not be replaced!
We will not be replaced!
- We will not be replaced!
- Shut up!
- We will not be replaced!
- Shut up!
- We will not be replaced!
- Shut up!
Shut up!
We will not be replaced!
(chanting continues)
There's only four bombs.
We only need to find one more.
- [Jude] Hale.
- Yeah.
It's finished.
Yes! Yes, okay, great.
Jude. Come with me.
monitor their vitals.
This is a bad idea, Hale.
We can't track you in the unit.
We haven't run
all the tests, Hale.
Great job, Jude.
Watch the door.
I wanna fire it up.
[Theo] Are we still
in Max's memory?
Why are we here?
(upbeat dance music playing)
[Z] We're in
the Royal Unicorn!
This is the night.
That I met you.
And Hale.
(glasses clink)
- [electronic voice] Disconnected.
- (gasps)
(gagging, coughing)
(breathing heavily)
We only need to find one bomb.
The memory leaks are
getting worse with each dive.
Where's Hale?
(breathing heavily)
You okay?
[Z speaks French]
- (chuckles)
- You all right?
(inhales deeply)
(violin music)
(speaking in foreign language)
(speaking in a foreign language)
(upbeat folk music playing)
(singing and clapping)
(music picks up tempo)
(banging on door)
(speaking in foreign language)
(phone beeping)
(engine starts)
(indistinct announcement
on PA system)
You're CIA.
Where's Theo?
He's bomb hunting,
like you told him to.
You're CIA.
I'm not CIA.
I work with Nev Mason.
You work with Nev Mason,
tech billionaire Nev Mason.
Diamond Dust Nev Mason.
He's the only reason
all of us are still breathing.
(laughs sarcastically)
When did this happen?
We were trying to help.
'Cause I count one, two ghosts
in your haunted house, Mary.
That was never the plan.
What, are you gonna shoot me?
You gonna shoot me?
If I could go back
and save Doc, I would.
Do you wanna see him again?
- What?
- Doc.
You wanna see him again?
Hear me out.
So we build the cloud algorithm,
all right, cook it up real nice
and then maybe,
maybe you can ask Doc
for forgiveness.
What are you saying?
What I'm saying here,
Mary, is that
what we have is a recipe
for a virtual heaven
where we can basically
live forever.
And what do you want?
Don't take us out
of the equation.
We'll get you the code.
Then what we do is we get Nev
to build a dome over it.
We go public with it.
We do this, like, yesterday.
And then...
And then we watch
the sun scrape the secrets
from the shadows.
I'm in.
(intense music playing)
(people chattering, laughing)
No, no, no!
What am I doing back here?
Not again.
(electronic dance music playing)
(people laughing, shouting)
(violin music playing)
(dance music continues)
(moans softly)
- What's going on?
- We don't know.
Their heart rates are skyrocketing.
We need to get them out.
I need to get in there.
I need to help them, guys!
What are you doing?
We can do that.
We can do that.
Just follow me. Come on.
He made us build it for him.
Help me get it up the stairs.
[electronic voice]
(Theo grunting)
(Hale laughing)
Stop it!
(both grunting)
Stop it!
Stop it!
What is he doing here?
This is Max's memory.
This is Max's memory!
Fragments of our memories
are leaking.
This was his memory
the whole time.
Where is he going?
Z, Z, Z!
We can't lose Max, okay?
You're gonna have
to go after him.
I'll go after Hale.
(dance music continues)
- [electronic voice] Disconnected.
- (gasps)
I need to go.
The last bomb is
at the Royal Unicorn!
- Call the cops.
- I got it.
Get off me.
It's Caden.
She found the last bomb.
(engine starts)
What's the play here?
We stay here.
We protect the tech.
That is priority.
(engine revving)
(Hale whooping)
Do you love her?
Snap out of it!
Do you love her?
I didn't want to stand
in the way of your happiness.
(shouts indistinctly)
That's why I walked away
from you and Z.
That's why I walked away
from Fluxxx.
Just tell me
you love her, man?
Yes! I love her!
There you go!
(Hale laughing)
I've loved her from the start.
Here we go.
Now if you please,
I'm trying to have
a quiet dinner with my family.
(woman humming)
I'm the only family you have.
You selfish prick.
Look around.
Look where we are.
Innocent lives hang
in the balance
and we're here.
(knocking on door)
(kid shouting
in foreign language)
(speaking in foreign language)
He's here.
(knocking on door)
Who's here?
(woman gasps, laughs)
Hale, who is it?
(speaking in foreign language)
- (glass breaking)
- (fire alarm blaring)
Get out!
(people screaming)
Get out!
(speaking in foreign language)
(people screaming)
My best friend!
She's still in there.
Go, I'll get her.
- (phone ringing)
- (bombs exploding)
You fucker!
We gotta move, come on.
Where's Z?
Where's Z?
Where is she?
She went to the Unicorn.
- She's gone.
- What? Why?
She tried to stop
the last bomb. We gotta go.
Get off me!
(sirens blaring)
(tires screeching)
Come on! Let's move it!
(cell door clanking)
(lighter flicks)
- (tape rips)
- (groans)
Where the hell am I?
What happened?
What happened.
Uh, nothing happened.
Okay, that is a lie.
That's strike one.
Three strikes.
And I'll put a bullet
in your head.
You can have a cigarette.
I know my rights!
I want a bloody lawyer!
I got three dead bodies.
Two missing people.
That's a mess, Theo.
That's a mess,
that's a real mess.
Now you can scream and kick,
you can shit yourself
for all I care.
But you're not leaving here
with a pulse
unless you answer my questions.
What happened?
Doc died.
- What was Doc hiding?
- Fuck if I know.
Strike two.
Watch the tone.
I've told you
everything I know.
Z. She saved all those people
and you had to kill her too.
(sobs quietly)
- Where is Hale?
- Where is Hale?
How the hell would I know!
I don't know!
I don't know!
I don't know!
It's okay. Take it easy.
Just give it to us.
Just give us
the cloud algorithm
and we'll all be copacetic.
I don't have it.
But if I did,
I'd sooner die than give it
to you bastards.
That's strike three.
(gun clicks)
But I'm feeling generous
so I'm gonna give you
a five count.
Do it!
Do it!
(inhales deeply)
[Nev on speakers]
That's enough, thank you.
Yes sir, Mr. Mason.
What are you doing?
I was getting into that.
What's happening?
You passed.
You're not the CIA.
Hell, no.
Nev Mason has a proposition
for you.
The alpha test?
Within a month.
We'll start with
the initial upload tests.
How's Theo?
He's underground.
It's a process.
And the algorithm?
Did he get it?
[Caden] Doc never managed
to erase it from his memory.
It was there the whole time.
And Z's avatar?
Have you seen it?
[Caden] He created
something incredible.
Test 367.
Olfactory authenticity.
This is it.
This is it.
(exhales forcefully)
(machine beeping)
[electronic voice]
You forgot your shoes.
You haven't changed.
When can I see Doc?
Doc's avatar is ready.
That's good.
My favorite quote is by
a German physicist,
Max Planck.
And he said,
"science advances
one funeral at the time."
Isn't that the truth?
Isn't that the truth?
This is the...
We're taking the red eye.
Theo has seen the space.
As you can see, we got lots...
[Caden] Mr. Mason is
almost ready to launch.
Here's the
bathroom downstairs.
That would be perfect
for a little office space.
What about the name?
Has he chosen one?
Yes, he has.
What about Hale?
[Caden] He went dark.
Find him.
We need to shut him down.
(electronic music playing)
[electronic voice]
(breathing deeply)
(techno music playing)
(chorus humming)