In the Deathroom (2017) Movie Script

Don't be silly.
Put them away.
Mr. Fletcher here is
here to help us with a few inquiries.
Then, he will go back
to his country.
In the meantime...
...Mr. Fletcher here is
our honored guest.
Of course, Ramon...
...if our guest of honor
tries anything...
...foolish or makes any
aggressive moves,
youre gonna have to shoot him.
Just a little.
Hace algn movimiento.
O tonto...
Lo vas a tener que desmembrar...
un poquito.
Smoke, Mr. Fletcher?
Should I? You quit 3 years ago cold turkey,
though if I make it out of this alive...
...I may take up that habit again.
No. I quit.
The men who did that to your face...
...they've been disciplined.
Not too harshly though, I'm afraid.
I myself...
Stop short of an apology.
You will see.
These men are patriots... we all are here.
As you yourself are...
Mr. Fletcher.
I suppose.
- Mr. Fletcher, est listo y empacado
en el hotel? - Si.
- Hay un coche esperando
para llevarlo al aeropuerto? - Si.
Do you understand what I asked him?
I asked him...
If you were already
checked out of the hotel.
I mean...
After all this time... must feel to you
like an apartment.
I also asked him,
if the car was ready... take you back
to the airport.
You'll be on the first Delta flight
to New York.
Your passport will be handed to you
when you land on American soil.
You are not going to be held here,
nor harmed Mr. Fletcher.
Not as long as you cooperate
with our inquiries.
But, you are being deported,
kicked out, or as... Americans say:
"given the bum's rush".
And, you call yourself a reporter...
...if you were still at the Times,
instead of quitting when you met Nuez... wouldn't even be
in this fucking room.
I understand.
Are you ready... help us out
in our inquiries, Mr. Fletcher?
Do I have a choice?
You always have a choice.
But you have...
...worn out your carpet
in our country.
Is that how you say it:
"Worn out your carpet?"
Close enough.
You can't believe him, Fletcher...
As bad as you'd like to.
What they say means nothing.
What matters is what's on the
cart underneath that cloth.
What matters is that guy
who hasn't said a word yet.
Do you deny...
...that for the past 14 months...'ve been giving sensitive
information to a man named...
...Thomas Herrera...
...who funneled it to a known
insurgent communist...
...named Pedro Nuez?
No, I don't deny it.
Have a cigarette, Mr. Fletcher.
Not at this time.
Thank you.
Okie dokie.
Take a look.
Look at Thomas.
He is not too pretty, is he?
We actually didn't want
to bother you, why would we?
We are a small country.
We have our pride, but...
We also have...
We don't want to bother you;
but, for a long time...
...we was watching you.
You didn't see us.
But, we was watching you.
Maybe, because... are so big...
And we are so little...
We know that you know...
...what Thomas knows.
So, we try... go to him. We try to
talk to him, so he can tell us...
...what he knows. But, he won't.
Until finally, we ask Heinz here... try to make him talk.
show us how you got Thomas to talk
when he was sitting right there...
...where Mr. Fletcher is sitting.
- I can do that.
It's quite simple really.
A modification of the device...
...that neurologists use to
administer electric shock... those suffering
from unipolar neurosis.
Only this...
...administers a far more powerful jolt...
I find the pain is secondary.
Most people don't even remember the pain.
What makes them
so eager to talk is... aversion to the process.
Its some sort of an atavism.
Someday, I hope to write a paper.
Now this can be touched
to the extremities, the torso...
...the genitals of course.
It can also be placed...
...if you excuse the crudity,
where the sun never shines.
A man whose shit that has been
electrified never forgets it Mr. Fletcher.
Did you do that to Thomas?
No, he received a jolt
at half power on the hand. Just to get him...
...acquainted with what he was
up against. When he still declined to...
...tell us about El Condor...
- Nevermind about that. - I beg pardon.
When he still wouldn't tell us
what we wanted to know, I placed this wand...
...on his temple and administered
another carefully measured jolt...
...carefully measured, I assure you.
No more than half power.
He had a seizure and died.
I think it was epilepsy.
Did he have a history of epilepsy...
...Mr. Fletcher?
Well, nevertheless.
That's what I think it was.
His autopsy revealed
no sign of cardiac weakness.
Very sad, of course.
Now I'm going to ask you
some questions.
I'll be frank with you.
These are the questions that...
...Thomas refused to answer.
I hope you don't refuse.
I really like you.
You sit there in dignity.
You don't cry, you don't beg
or urinate your pants.
And, I know you're doing this
because you believe in your patriotism.
You need to answer
my questions...
...quickly and truthfully.
You don't want Heinz
to use his machine.
I said I'd help you.
You said it and youd better mean it.
Were not fucking around here, gringo.
I know, youre nott.
How soon will he come?
Will he come like
Zorro in that movie?
Will he come to the city...
...or will he strike at the garrison
on the hills of Candido...
...or the St. Therese...
St. Teresa.
Will he not want the
TV stations...
...or the government radio stations?
- No.
- Does he have rockets?
- Yes.
- How many?
- Not many.
They know I'm lying. I need to find
a way to surprise them somehow.
Make a sudden move, but
Ramon will shoot me if I do.
And if I went for Ramon and managed
to get his gun, what then?
Escobar and Heinz would
be all over me by then...
...and even if I managed to
kill everyone, surely there are...
...guards outside the door.
They'll hear the shots, they'll come running.
You're lying.
What... Why would I lie?
Don't you think
I want to get out of here?
I don't know
why you would lie Mr. Fletcher.
And I don't know why you'd work
with Nuez in the first place.
Perhaps, it was a little bit of
American naivete, as they say.
And I think, that played
a part in it, yeah...
But that can't be all of it.
I think, we need a demonstration. Heinz.
No, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, you can't do
this to me. You can't do this to me.
I'm an American citizen.
I work for the New York Times.
People know where I am.
- Hold out your hand.
- Right hand. - No.
Do it, or I cant help the
How do you describe it? Now that
feeling is still fresh in your mind?
How do you describe it?
- Like dying.
- Yes.
And you see, he's wet himself. Not much; just a little.
- And Mr. Fletcher...
- Heinz! Don't be an ass.
Step aside.
Let us do our business.
That was one quarter power.
You've been bad, Mr. Fletcher.
We know Nuez will come to the city.
We know that he will try to get to
the radio station and he probably can...
...for a couple of days,
hours maybe.
Is of no concern...
...what matters is that we give you
a little bit of a rope... see if you can
make a noose, and you do.
Do we have your attention Mr. Fletcher?
Why do you want to suffer...
to protect this man Nuez?
He takes the cocaine...
...and if he wins the revolution, he will
proclaim himself president for life...
...and then, he will sell
the cocaine back to your country.
Then he will go to Sunday mass.
And fuck the cocaine whores
for the rest of the week.
In the end... who wins?
Maybe the Communists...
But not the people.
Mr. Fletcher.
Help us. Of your own free will.
Don't make us make you help us.
Don't make us pull your string.
You can still
be on that plane to New York.
No, I want to help.
I'll help.
- Do they have Rockets?
- Yes.
- How many?
- At least 60.
- Russian?
- Some are...
..others, I think, they came
in crates with Israeli markings.
And the writing on the missiles,
it looks Japanese.
And Nuez?
Who does he talk to in the city?
Not who he fucks,
but who he talks to.
You have to make a move. The truth
isn't safe anymore. It's now or never.
There's a man...
Can I actually get that cigarette now?
Of course Mr. Fletcher!
Oh shit! Not again...
Grab him, Ramon!
Dont let him fall on the floor, you idiot!
Hell swallow his tongue!
Get that Yankee son of a bitch!
- Shut up, bitch. Look at me
you bitch, look. - No, no!
Look at me!.
I'm the only one who can give you
safe conduct from here.
Yes, sure... Yeah.
"Were not fucking around?"
That's what you said "Were not fucking
around?" Right...Right? Neither am I!
Listen to me. Listen to me!
Your dead colleague
over there says that
El Condor uses cocaine,
that he's a communist fucking whore.
Maybe he is. Maybe he isn't.
I don't care.
Because what I care about,
what I know more than anything is...
...he was never part of that group.
He wasn't watching the civilians in 06,
either was Nuez. Nuez was at NYU in 06.
He was the one that followed
those nuns on a retreat to La Caya.
You know what they did?
You know what they did to those nuns?
They put their heads on sticks
and showed them for everyone to see.
And the thing about that is that the nun in
the middle was my sister. My fucking sister!
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I can get you out of here.
- I swear, I swear. Please.
- Fuck you!
Take it, take it!
Take it!
Go ahead, take it, pick it up.
Now! Pick it up or I'll kill you!
- I want you to put in your mouth.
- No, no, you can't make me.
Put in your fucking
mouth or I'll kill you.
Suck on it like
it's a lollipop. That's it.
I'm not going to kill you.
I'm not going to shock you either.
I just need you to know what this feels like.
We're doing this for your research.
Mother fucker. That's it.
How do you describe it?
Now that experience is still fresh, huh?
Nothing to say?
- Can I help you?
- Pack of cigarettes.
- No? What do you mean "no"?
- Keep it.
You smoke?
You can have one if you want...
- I don't smoke, it's a bad habit.
- Very bad.
- Nice day today.
- Yes, very lucky to be alive.
All of us...
All the time...
All of us, all the time...
Subtitle Editing by ssniper
"Emin GVEN"