In the Deep (2016) Movie Script

I'm a shark
seriously, look what you've done
I'll get you another
Let's do something
I'm so boring
to be lying in the sun all day
I will not return to the room
I told Stuart that linked him
bring me a drink, thank you
yes that was what you wanted
think fast.
I want to make a toast
thank you for bringing me on vacation.
It will be the best time ever.
thank you for coming
Stuard was losing
I am much more fun anyway.
- Yes, you are.
what are you doing?
what is up?
I lied
of what they talking about?
I lied about why Stuard is not on this trip.
- what?
he is not working
what do you mean?
he left me Kate.
he terninou me.
my God
why did not you tell me?
poque I was ashamed
the mother and father know?
another good thing in my life, I could spoil.
what happened?
guilt and mine, he got bored
he said that?
more or less said that.
and then I thought, I came on this trip with you ...
I would amuse me and show that I can be fun.
in any case he would return.
we have to get dressed
you and I are going out
where? It is 1:00 in the morning
Lisa are in Mexico, we are the ones that have not exited
I've been dying to get out all week
the best night ever
I could stay here all night
Mexico is the fantastic.
it was good that you were here
I'm glad to doors to have fun out there.
I took my stuff
This is crazy
you are crazy
seriously we have to try, do it all
It is astonishing.
great white sharks of 6 meters,
even come up to the grid
6 meters
never seen anything like it
how much is it?
do not tell him.
say yes
are $ 100 each, is a friend of ours
I do not know?
what are you going to do? sit by the pool
all day.
I do not know how to dive
I teach you everything you need to know
but? I perciso one of those licenses
thou wast all classes ...
look this is Mexico, it is not considered diving
will be in a cage, are only 5 metreos
totally safe.
exactly, it is as if the zoo unless you are in the cage.
yes, nothing to worrying you
sounds wonderful, please?
I do not know...
only pensares in photos
will not be the kind of photos of a boring person
she is right
thinks in pictures
It's ok
a kiss
Yes, I just wanted to say I enjoyed very dest night.
- me too.
Eddie is not the ...
thank you.
- It does not hurt
see you tomorrow.
tomorrow for sure.
let's go...
- good evening!
Good night!
- goodbye.
see you tomorrow.
- Goodbye, good night.
they are so cute.
I'm so anxious, it will be wonderful
I do not believe you managed to convince me to go
I have not convinced you to go,
you just wanted to see the boys again.
- I wanted nothing.
do not lie to me.
yeah it is handy.
Kate, I do not know if I want to do this.
It will be fun! I promise.
they probably do not appear
hello girls!
Hello, how are you?
such as?
I'm glad you came.
I was not sure you'd come.
here we are.
let's go?
we see the boat.
show the way.
So how durmiste?
I slept well...
I amuse me a lot last night
You are funny...
- How's your head? after cocktails ...
I am fine!
we will talk with the Captain
seriously? I'm very insecure about this ...
come on, it'll be fun.
will be safe? we know nothing about these people
remember what the receptionist said ...
- Do not buy for activities outside ...
It is his work, saying this
I've heard horror stories about tourists going on tours
like this ... and Stuard to ...
the Stuard is not us
It will be fun.
do not be shy, come on.
this is Captain Taylor.
good days
how are you?
- good.
both know how to swim? right?
ok, welcome aboard.
thank you
I know clumsy es, do not fall, okay?
there this her.
careful where you put your feet.
here we are.
thank you.
Oh no...
Kate, did you see the cage?
make these tanks to the rear sun longue
relax, will spend the best time of your life.
I promise.
I'm afraid.
this seems the place.
is here?
It will be amazing!
this time the dive.
you hungry?
that's disgusting.
here we go, time to feed.
It is so disgusting.
- Smells bad, right?
I thought the water was luring inlegal?
we should call the sharks instead?
Mr. Shark!
I do not think we can hear out of the water.
they put it in the water, the sharks will smell,
and soon they are here.
let's get this party started.
- OK.
walks fishy, fishy ...
if this works? OK.
there! look!
there it is!
It is better look at this.
- Ho my God, it's amazing.
Lisa, are you there?
walking, this a shark right next to the boat.
the boys go first but,
we have to start to dispatch us and ...
I think I will not be able to go.
sorry Sorry.
do not be mad at me ...
I can not, I can not ...
- Come on, it'll be an incredible log. please please...
you know? not make the jealous Stuard
with photos inside the house-of-bath of a boat ...
- I had to say. please...
Oh yeah!
- It's ok.
I love you!
ho my God, you owe me.
- Yes, I'll take you breakfast in bed.
you owe me to the great
Yes I promise.
it is.
Lower the cage.
be careful.
It seems to be scary.
you see? it's all right.
do not slip
come here
Oh my God!
- It is huge!
ho my God, Kate.
it has about 6 meters.
I've seen them reach 7 meters.
- seriously?
They go there wearing the facts.
I'm really nervous.
- Are you? I'm shitting bricks.
- help me.
- At least the fact is my beautiful ass?
the ladies are ready?
Oh God
calm down
- Ok, I'm fine.
it safe
it is
check your air, you must have 200 br.
yes 200.
this is your air.
when you get to 100, you must let me know.
when you get to 50, I bring you up.
50 is the orange?
ok, I know that.
- That's it.
just going down to 5 meters, it is unlikely but ...
if you have any pain in the ears, you have to equalize
put his head back and swallows.
- OK.
head back and swallows.
Now it's fine.
remember, the faster respirares ...
faster spent your air.
trust me, when you're down there not
you'll want to climb.
- Cool.
you are fine?
- Yes, I can do this.
-was optimal, they will love it down there.
Thank Xavi.
it is.
- caution.
sharks do not hear very well up here
under water, it is in his world
You can hear your heart beating
8 km away ...
You feel if you are afraid, if you are weak ...
game you
ready to go.
not connect will talk this geek.
They will amuse you many
Lend me your camera?
yes but if you drop you will have to go search it
what we are doing Kate?
Oh God
I am even afraid
I'll go first, okay?
I'm so excited
You are the next.
it is.
Kate, is achieved see kms ahead of us.
looking fish.
can you see all the fish?
It is much better to be lying near the pool
this is amazing!
I had no idea
Girls, can you hear me?
Lisa, how are you?
- I'm fine, by the way.
and you Kate?
- yes I'm fine.
- I can not see sharks
ok, be patient,
Lure a little water ...
- OK.
to do for breathing.
how deep this goes?
I have no idea
smiles at camera
can you draw me a picture?
- Yes.
ho my God, the boys will be so upset
you have to go get it
Oh my God
this type is the largest shark
this is amazing
There are other.
- My God, he is huge.
ho my God, look at his teeth.
I do not think the next as they are
You are not able to touch them?
- Crazy?
I must look like silk for you.
you felt this?
the cage shifted.
thank God for a moment I thought we were gonna fall
girls, all right?
I think the cage fell slightly.
no, it was the Guicho, this good but glided a little
I know, but would like to back up now
no, I am sure that there is no problem.
- Are you crazy?
I would like to go up now, please
listen, wait we will bring you up now.
- Go there?
I do not feel safe in this cage.
at least we saw sharks.
- I think so.
this is so cool, I could stay here forever.
hi Taylo after Lisa left I can go back to low again?
Taylor are sinking us
we sink us!
help us, Taylor ...
- Gotta get out of here
Taylor helps us ...
wake up
ajundem us! we are in the background ...
I have to get out of here
I not want to die here ...
- I can not breathe
calms your breath ...
calms your breath ...
in ... out ... in ...
if you come in faster panic utilizas
your breath, okay?
you have to breathe more slowly
this same
how deep are we?
47 meters
You must have ripped the boat crane
what do we do?
did you hear that?
help us!
- Taylor?
Shut up, stop.
we should be out of the range of the radio
we have to try to get in touch with them.
- as?
almost that we can hear,
we may be very deep ...
maybe if I swim up a little ...
may be able to contact them ...
we have to tell them that we are alive and
to see us get
yes and the sharks?
they can feel that we are here, right?
I swim the more possible next ... it will run fine
no, no...
Kate please, promise me you will not leave me here
I do not leave you, I promise
I promise
it is stuck
no, it's not...
if we can ...
we did it
oh shit
we will not get out here ...
- Yes we
I can, of me a second
may be able to pass between these bars
I have to take the bottle of air ...
- Wait, what?
this is safe?
- it's gonna be okay.
- Pass me the bottle when I'm on the other side
is very tight, you think you can?
- You will see that I can, okay?
perciso to look for me
please be careful
I get that, okay
I am fine
come thou canst
, pushes Kate
- you can
I can not go
we make Kate?
What are we going to do?
- I have to take the mask
no, no, no ...
has to be, there is no way outa
- Not to and think first ... you can not take the mask
Lisa calm down!
I can not stop, I can not ...
- please
let me take a deep breath and then shot the mask, step grid
and raisins me soon ...
and if you can not ... by afogaste
It will go well,
are you ready?
takes puts it, we ...
Put it quickly
hurry up, hurry up please
I will try to get in touch with them ...
just to say that you need out of here
and you are my heroine ...
- Do not say that Kate, let's get together here
keeps you alert, okay?
It is not tinkering
I will be if I can hold the base
Kate'm afraid
and the sharks come?
this stuck with some rocks,
I think I can move it ...
- Ok, but hurry up, please
come on Kate
I think I could release the base
let Kate.
push it, you can do it.
this tinkering
to be continued
I did it!
I will try to contact the boat
let's get out of here, okay?
hurry up please
Taylor, can you hear me?
is anyone there?
someone please answer
hello, can you hear me
- Is Kate, this hearing?
I hear you, loud and sound Kate
You have to help us ...
- Are both well?
how much air is left you in the cookie jar?
- 150 bar
which says your depth manometer?
we are 47 m, had to go up to 40m to be able to hear you
ssustador is, what do I do?
- Kate perciso you back into the cage immediately
... It is the unique safe place of sharks.
Xavi will come to you now, will connect a cable
will cage and we will pull the alternate winch ...
- Remember do not try to climb too quickly, because of decompreso
ok, I know
promise me you come from?
- Is in the cage
and earn your air ...
- OK
continues to breathe
could contact the boat ...
Lisa, I contacted them ...
- Yes?
What they said?
- Xavi goes down ... will connect a cable to substitute winch ...
thank God, ho God
... Thank God ... ho
- We have to save our air
It is almost over
I was so scared Kate
will you wait ...
I thought there were going back
I am sorry to have to put it
the hotel which wanted to say when disses you that your
relationship was the only thing that was good in your life?
you are always doing things as fun Kate,
traveling the world or doing crazy things
and guys behind you ...
I can not compete with this ...
and I was always the boring of the older sister but ...
my relationship with Stuard was the only thing ...
I had that you didnt have.
We never have been to compete
maybe you you were not
what do you think the Stuard say if she saw you now?
he lost his head
- Yes
What is this?
what is this?
ho my God, is the boat engine
ho my God, they left us
- They would not let us, okay? perhaps another boat?
we would have heard come
wait where are you going?
I will try to contact them by radio
Kate we do if they were not there?
- Would have left us, okay?
Taylor can hear me?
They're there?
please someone answer?
can you hear me?
Is somebody there? please someone answer?
I will come back...
I have to go back because of the shark
I can not open this tied in the chain
is there
- Hurry up!
I thought I would die
I thought ... this dead
the cage to give way this will go ...
it will come
shut up ... shut up
he could almost walk in the cage.
we're not safe here
conceguiste contact with Taylor?
- They were not there.
ho my God, my God ho ...
they do not will leave here.
- They said they would send someone down here to hear ... but leave ...
it was not?
also they said they had a winch supelente
and they hoisted the cage ... but saw some on the boat?
I have not seen.
- They do not leave will die here, okay?
you have to be calm
We have to go back to supreficie ...
- We can not porcausa decompression ...
You know what decompression?
It is an oxygen bag in the brain ...
the only way to go up is slow with a 5 minute stop
to decompress ... unprotected in the ocean
I'm so afraid
going to die down here,
I do not want to die here, Kate.
we will not die down here.
they come and get us.
like this your air?
says 80 bar, I do not know what that means
means we have about 20 minutes at most
before finishing.
and thou?
30 bar
Oh my God
I am well, it will all be fine
you're going to run out of air
is Xavier?
there, there ... there
can you hear us? We can see your flashlight
because it does not come here?
perhaps out of Range
Xavier ...
we must be sure u he knows where we are
what is doing?
do not know...
if he heard us because it does not sign
we have to get that cable
17 bar?
these breathlessly.
I'll look there, you just have to tell me
exactly what I have to do
you are sure?
mantente as possible near the ground, the sharks attack from below ...
des you stay close to the ground you should have no problems
this button fills your vest ... used to go up
this button leak it ... the most important is it you come
in panic, not nades for supreficie ... you die, you know?
I'll be right back
goes to the ground as quickly as possible
this to go well
Keep Calm breath, concentrate only on the lantern
this a shark to go in your direction ...
fast ... fast ...
Lisa can you hear me?
I am fine.
I'm fine, I'm in a cave ...
barely escaped this shark.
where is he now?
I think it's gone
what is happening?
Lisa, are you okay?
answer me please
I am fine
I'm getting low on air
I can see the lantern,
I see the focus of light, is getting close
Oh my God
Lisa, what's up?
what's it?
I'm on the edge of a precipice ...
I can not see the bottom ...
we are running out of time
ok, I can do this ...
I can do this ...
Lisa are you okay?
I'm so afraid ... men can not see what this
under me.
I see her
I see her...
I found the flashlight
he is not here Kate
I will come back, okay?
that way I came?
Kate, can you hear me?
please answer
I'm really lost and I'm freaking out
Oh my God
keep calm...
keep calm...
I have to take a diciso
Kate, I'm so lost.
Kate can you hear me?
back to the cage
I can hear you, can you hear me?
I'm losing signal
I perciso thee
hit with a stone when light view or anything
for I know where to return
I can hear you
it has no air
You have to take the winch cable ...
I see the flashlight, they are approaching you ...
I can see the light of the cage, I'll
I'll have Kate
Lisa, thank God
- Where this Xavi?
one devoured the shark
I have the winch cable
I was so lost, I thought I'd never see you
rolled it through the channel ...
- The winch cable is very thin
do you think it will take?
- Have to endure
give me the flashlight
I will go up, tell them that we are ready to go up now
I'll be right back
Taylor can you hear me?
- Kate?
Lisa is able to connect the cable to the cage, percisamos up, already.
Xavier is with you?
- No, Xavier is dead.
what? not ... Jesus ...
back to the cage,
back to the cage now, I'll bring them up.
They will pull us up now
Thank God
Kate heard this?
you hear this?
- Look we are starting to move
let's go home
thank God ... this almost finished.
let's go home
this to work, we are to rise
- Lisa did you get saved you in.
the cage is beginning to move ...
Kate looks ... 46 m
45 ... 44 ...
let's get out of here
- Yes
Kate, Lisa, can you hear me?
- Taylor, I hear you.
estmos to 36m ...
35 ... 34 ... 33 ... 32 ...
... 31 ...
- Optimal're almost there
... 30 ...
soft and slow ...
- 29 ... 28 ...
Taylor, the cable from this is
- what?
Taylor helps us
listen, be calm ... do not move
I will decrease the rise.
- Taylor Help
... strip draws off me ... Kate
this prey can not move it
we are running out of air
I have to talk to Taylor
- Do not leave me here, I'll put down
will be all right, I'll be back
Taylor is Kate
- Are you hurt?
Lisa this stuck with a leg under the cage
I'm running out of air, I just 5 bar
You should end at any time.
I will send bottles of extra air, but Kate there is a risk
to do much up your nitrogen, that is the reason
because I did not do it before
They will have to be attentive to one another,
to see if you are behaving strangely
or hallucinate ...
informed the coast guard, they will send
a prepared team to the rescue
the seabed, must arrive in less than 1 hour
I'm so afraid
everything will work out
look, are the bottles of oxygen
are cylinders of oxygen
please be careful
- I'll be right back
Jesus ... I'm running out of air
Kate changes your cruse
Kate, are you okay?
- yes I'm fine...
They sent us torches also
we just have to wait until the Coast Guard arrives
I have the cruse alternate
lowers you
is below
where is it, Lisa?
is right over you, do not move
ho God, I can not see it
I will move to the cage
Kate no, no ... do not move ... is down
- Opens the trapdoor
I will not die here
I will run out of air
go there ...
- Kate?
Lisa are you there?
ho Kate ... I weighed you had died
I managed to escape ... sharks around me
I wound ...
it is severe?
is serious, I'm bleeding heavily ...
It is attracting more sharks ...
how much air you still have?
30 bar
a shark tore the air tube'm losing oxygen
I'm afraid Lisa
- I know ... ok ... listen to me, you have to remain calm ...
- They come the way you focus on breathing, okay?
... In and out as you told me, okay.
in ... and out ... in and out ...
so cold ...
- I'll get you ... I will find you, now
I'm tired...
walk, walk ... walk
stay with me Kate continues to talk to me ...
I'm talking to Mike ...
Kate are you still there?
I'm so cold ...
Kate continues to talk to me, please
my vest ...
... I'll get us out
please work.
please please...
Oh God...
I will find you ...
I'll find you, Kate, okay.
-I can not breathe...
I'm going, Kate.
can you see the flashlight?
It is so cold ...
continues to speak, please
can you see the flashlight?
I see you, I see the flashlight ...
-Yes, yes, I can hear you
I will find you stay where you are
can you see the flashlight?
I'm here
... God ... ho my ...
you are bleeding, we go Kate up now
I will not let you die
we, the able
Kate uses the torches to scare away sharks
Taylor, can you hear me?
Taylor, can you hear us?
hi ... can you hear me?
- Taylor, can you hear us?
Lisa, I can hear you ...
ok ... we are swimming to the surface
- Not ... it's not safe, it has to be in the cage ...
we have no choice this Kate seriously injured
let's go now.
this well ... but have to climb very slowly, you know?
if fast rise more may die
- OK...
check the pressure gauge, tell me what is your
we are 30 meters
You have to rise more slowly ...
if you do not get blisters on the brain ... and die
Yes, I understood
we are up ...
we get there Kate
go there, it's just a little
we are 20 meters
optimo now have to stay there five minutes
to perform decompression stop
You have to let the nitrogen out
current sanguinia
4:30 minutes
we have to light another, quickly
I have two more
I dropped it
holding the flashlight
Where is it? at where...
I can not find it Kate
already have
- Only an additional 3 minutes
Taylor ... sharks everywhere
and this is the last torch
we get, Kate ..
You stay with me, okay?
no longer we have torches
what we do?
- Go to supreficie, now!
- Leave your equipment and flee ...
help us
- Kate
help us
grab ...
let's grab pulls them ...
...I do not arrive...
hold my hand
picks up my hand
holding pressure on the wound
that's weird
your voice is funny
can you hear me?
we did it
Lisa ... co ... ear pl ...
we got Kate
Lisa ...
- My vest let me ...
Kate co ... ... water .. .. cos ...
... Is hallucinating ...
Kate got
we did it!
we did it!
Lisa? ... If cons.gues hear me coastal gured
is coming at this time, they will bring them
up ... the Coast Guard is here
you will be getting good,
we will bring you back home
Kate ...