In the Earth (2021) Movie Script

[electric zapping]
[ominous music]
[rocks breaking]
[somber music]
[birds chirping]
[somber music]
[somber music continues]
[Man] Ah, welcome.
You're a little late.
[Man] Am I? Sorry.
[Man] Oh no, it's
fine. How's the town?
Yeah, it's quieting down now.
Food is arriving on time.
Think, I mean I was only there
a day form the transit, so.
[Man] Good, good.
Normal is what we want.
I know Bristol took a bad
hit after the third wave, but-
- Yes. Well this is Dr. Jarrek,
he's handling
lockdown procedures.
[Man] Dr. Jarrek.
Martin Lowery.
Nice to have a
new face with us.
- Yeah.
- It's been awhile.
[Man] It's nice
to see new faces.
Welcome to the lodge.
It looks terrible,
but cost a fortune.
We've been closed for
nearly a year now.
Just want to get open again.
[Man] And you own it, right?
Yes, well, the woods are
leased to the government
during the crisis.
How many projects
have we got running here
at the moment, Frank?
[Man] Nine, including yours.
Oh, usually this would be
teaming with holiday makers.
They're drawn to
it from all over.
Well, it's appreciated.
We really couldn't
do the research
we're doing without
your cooperation.
So thank you.
It's all to the good, isn't it?
[Man] Yeah.
Fashdale Institute grants are
keeping us going.
so long may it last.
Sorry, what specifically
are you working?
[Man] Well, actually
it's Dr. Wendell's project.
A colleague.
She's researching ways of
making crops more efficient
through the study
of mycorrhizal.
Oh, yeah, that was it.
Grows on roots forming
networks, that kind of thing.
Yeah, kind of.
[Man] Funny place to
study crops in a forest.
[Man] Well, no, actually
it's very special land
you have here.
It's unusually fertile.
[Man] Sorry about
all this fuss.
[Man] No, no, it's
a delicate ecosystem.
You can't be too careful.
Mm! Mainly we don't
want to get sick.
So have you got some
paperwork for me?
[Man] Yes.
- Is that it?
- Yeah.
So I don't want to be maudlin,
but a couple of people
died in the village and,
It really brought it all home.
It's very quiet here.
Hmm. Here you go.
Could you direct
me to your toilet.
Yeah. Straight down
there on the right.
Thank you.
Here you go, it's all done.
[man sighs]
- Oh, hi.
- Hey.
[Alma] Dr. Lowery?
I'm Alma.
I'm gonna be guiding
you out to ATU 3278,
Doctor Wendle's site.
It's just Martin. You
don't have to do the.
Do you want one?
Oh yes, please. Thank you.
Do you have any
coffee by any chance?
Yeah. Yeah.
- Oh.
- I think. Yes.
Thank you so much.
It's been months.
You're worried
she's gonna get you?
Yeah. Who is Parnag Fegg?
- Parnag Fegg.
- Parnag Fegg,
[Alma] It's a local folktale.
[Martin] Oh, right?
[Alma] She's the
spirit of the woods.
Oh [scoffs].
[Alma] Yeah, well, it's
something to tell the kids,
stops them wandering off.
[Martin] Jesus.
[Alma] They had a few
go missing in the '70s.
So, this helps keep
them a bit more aware.
All right. So it's not
like people believe in it.
It's just a-
- I don't even know
how old that image is.
That's just something
they picked up along
with the rest of the
decoration around here.
I think the forest is like
something that you can sense.
So it makes sense
that they should give
that feeling of face, you know?
Yeah, I guess so.
I mean, thank you.
Are we sure she helped people?
Because I mean,
there's all kinds of-
- Martin Lowery
Bad things going
on in this picture.
I'm sure I recognize
that name from somewhere.
It's not an uncommon name,
there's another Martin
Lowery in my school actually.
Yeah, he hated me.
So we're leaving first
thing tomorrow morning.
Great. How far is it?
ATU 3278, it's about
two days on foot.
[Martin] Wait, is
there no other way?
What? Like a
boss or something?
Who knows, quad bikes?
Nope. Just a long walk.
[door knocking]
Hey, results
have come through.
- Great.
- You're all clear.
Just a couple of questions.
That's good discipline,
writing a diary.
[Martin] Yeah.
Now I don't want you to
over exerting yourself.
The report said you have
had ringworm recently.
Yeah. I don't know
where that came from.
It's a pretty harmless fungus.
Cleared up now?
[Martin] About
a week ago. Yeah.
How long have you
been in isolation?
About four months,
but I've been exercising
and keeping on top of it.
We've had to send a rescue
party in to get a group out
a couple of months
ago, they got lost.
Thought they could
find their way.
Went without a ranger,
panicked, arrogant really.
Why didn't they use GPRS?
There's no phone
reception in there.
Of course, yeah,
I knew that.
People get a bit funny
in the wood sometimes.
Sounds almost superstitious.
And they would do
well to be afraid.
It is a hostile environment.
[somber music]
[to himself]
It doesn't look hostile to me.
[somber music]
[clock beeping]
[birds chirping]
Is that it?
[Martin] Yeah.
- Ready?
- Sure.
[ominous music]
[Alma] Nobody's heard
from Dr. Wendle since April.
Usually, we get written notes
she leaves in drop boxes.
Yeah. She likes the quiet.
You know her personally?
I do, yeah.
We worked closely together at
Harringdon Research
That was years ago.
I moved on to another project.
And she ask you to come out?
No, I requested.
Not someone from our own team.
Well, the Flashdale
research groups
are pretty thinly stretched.
And I've worked as a
soil sampler.
I know her research.
So made sense.
[birds chirping]
What is that?
We've got a little bird
life that you don't hear
in the rest of the country.
[birds chirping]
[birds flapping]
Uh right.
Me too.
Everyone's good at something.
Some people are
good at some things,
other people are
good at other things.
It's normal.
It's completely normal.
Growing up in a city I don't
know how to do this things.
Can I help.
You've finished yours?
Yeah, I have finished mine.
But let's set yours up.
It's gonna get dark soon.
[fire crackling]
I know where I know
your name from.
Letters I picked
up from Dr. Wendle.
She wrote to you a lot.
Yeah, we kept
in correspondence.
All last year and
then it just stopped.
Conversations just run
their course, don't they?
[animal shrieking]
[Martin grunting]
[birds chirping]
[Martin panting]
[Martin coughs]
I lied to Dr. Jarred, I
haven't been exercising.
I just, [pants]
couldn't face it.
[Martin coughs]
[rain pouring]
[Martin sneezes]
[Martin coughing]
Could have blown in.
Wait, there's someone there.
[eerie music]
I saw a camp like this once.
Family they,
they came out
into the woods, got sick and-
- How far are we away
from Dr. Wendle's camp?
[Alma] Um...
15 Miles.
[Martin] Right so, we're
already on top of it.
[Alma] On top of what?
The mycorrhizal mat.
It connects and controls all
of these, all of these trees.
I read about that
in her research.
She made it sound like a brain.
Yeah. Yeah I suppose it is.
Should we-
[birds chirping]
Hang on a second and
just wait for a moment.
You look like you're
a million miles away.
Yeah, it's just odd
Being outside for the
first time in months.
It's just hard to take
it all in actually.
Well things will get
going back to normal
quicker than you think.
Everyone will forget
what happened.
No, I don't think
anyone will forget.
Yeah, they will.
They'll just get back
to their old ways.
Why'd you leave the
Harringdon facility?
Sorry, what?
Before you said you
worked with Dr. Wendle
at the Harringdon facility?
[Martin] Yeah.
Why'd you leave?
Personal reasons.
[dramatic music]
[Martin grunts]
[rain pouring]
[men thudding]
[Martin groans]
[Man] Get them up.
[Alma screams]
[men thudding]
[Martin screams]
[somber music]
[Martin whimpers]
[wind blowing]
[somber music]
Stay still, stay still.
Are you hurt?
Get up.
Oh my face.
[Alma grunts]
Walk over here it's easier.
[Martin] Why would
they take our shoes?
[Alma] Lucky
that's all they took.
Taunting us,
smashing up the radio.
Do you think it has anything
to do with the tent we found?
[Alma] I don't know.
[Alma] I said I don't know.
Fucking shit.
Oh, fuck!
[Alma] What happened?
Oh shit!
[Alma] What have you done?
Let me have a-
- Oh. Fuck it's bleeding.
It's something sharp.
[birds chirping]
How bad is it?
[Alma] Lift it up.
Thank you, sorry.
Stay here.
I'm gonna try and
look for a crutch.
[dramatic music]
[Martin sighs]
[birds chirping]
Wait, wait.
Someone's watching us.
There are no animals.
[Martin] Why
are they so quiet?
They sense something.
Let's keep going.
[Martin] Do you know him?
What should we do?
Someone stole our shoes.
Yeah. I see that.
What are you doing out here?
I saw you limping
about and I thought,
"I should help them."
And then I thought
you were a park ranger
and you probably don't
want me living out here.
But here you are.
Couldn't in good
conscience let you limp
around on your own.
Could get hurt.
I won't tell if you won't.
That's very kind of you.
I'm Martin.
I'm Alma.
I presume you came through
quarantine at the Gantalow Lodge.
So let's keep our distance, hey?
Can't be too careful.
Man and a woman
attacked me yesterday.
Did they have a child?
I didn't see one.
We found an abandoned
camp, it had toys.
Maybe they moved on.
I've got some shoes
if you want them.
I think it will fit.
Yeah, that'd be great.
- Yeah?
- Yeah. Thank you.
[Zach] Follow me.
Wow, it's big.
Yeah, I've been busy.
It's a liberation to
build your own shelter.
What's in there?
Oh, that's just my workshop.
Through here.
- Thank you.
- All right?
You just wait here.
[liquid spraying]
[Martin] Do you
go to the town?
For supplies, once
every couple of months
I like it less every time.
[Alma] Let's have
a look at this.
How is it?
Oh my, yeah.
Let's have a look.
Ooh! That is nasty.
[Alma] Got any disinfectant?
Yeah, yeah. No, I think I
need to wash and stitch it.
[Zach] Yeah. It's
flapping about.
Can't find my bits and boots.
You'll be fine. I'm sure
he knows what he's doing.
It's okay.
All right.
All right, this is gonna sting.
Don't worry about that.
Fatal. There we go.
[Martin groans]
There we are.
- Fuck.
- Burn? Okay.
Right, don't worry.
I have done this before.
I mean, on my self.
I'm always getting
caught on things.
Right, hold his foot.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
Just one moment. Hold it still.
Yes, yes, yes.
[Martin groans]
Oh god, oh god. Oh god!
Okay, good.
- That's it.
- It's okay, it's almost done.
See it's-
[Martin groans]
And again.
You're doing really well.
That's it. Keep
talking to him?
[Martin sobbing]
[Zach] Good. Couple more.
It's okay. It's okay.
Last one.
Now, food.
[Martin panting]
[Martin] How's it look?
Yeah, fine. It's okay.
[Zach] Right. Let's
see what I can rustle up.
[Alma] Can I help?
No, it's fine.
I haven't got much.
it's mostly forage.
- Soak in.
- Thank you.
- I'll get you a spoon.
- Thank you so much.
[Martin] Brilliant. Thank you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
[Martin] Oh, that's good.
- That's really good.
- Good.
A Zach special
See what you make of that.
Hmm, what is that?
- Nice?
- Yeah.
[Zach] Sweet sort
of an elder.. flower.
Not elderflower,
but same principle.
- It's delicious.
[Zach] Yeah. Here's the
petals of various plants.
It took a while to get
the right consistency,
but this is nice, isn't it?
It's like a sweet...
Like a barley sugar.
- Yeah.
- Hmm!
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
[Zach] Well, very
nice to meet you.
Even in such strange
Oh God!
[Zach] You got
to stay hydrated.
[Alma] Oh no I'm fine, thanks.
You sure? Now go on and
have a little bit more.
Always piss clear.
[Alma laughs]
That's my rule.
[Alma] That was a good one.
[Zach] Yeah. I know.
Oh, brilliant.
[Zach] Outside, it
must've been such hard work
without shoes.
[Martin] Oh thank you.
Thank you, thank you.
[Alma] Oh, wow!
[Martin] Oh that's good.
I didn't know how hard it was
walking around barefoot-
- I bet. It must've been such
hard going without shoes.
It really is.
- It is-
- Perfect.
[Zach] Hope they
fit after all that.
[Martin] Not bad, good size.
Got trouble doing these up.
- Yeah
- Yeah, I'll bet.
Here we go.
[guitar strumming]
[Alma] Oh my, I
don't feel very well.
Oh God!
Reassuring words.
Just being kind-
triggers a social response.
Trade of trust.
[Martin] Oh God!
[gentle music]
You must be sleepy.
You sleepy?
You should rest.
[gentle music]
You must be sleepy.
[Martin crashes]
You should rest.
You need some rest.
Close your eyes Martin.
Where are you going?
[laughs] Where's she going?
[Alma] No.
Come on. Here we go.
[Alma screams]
Come on.
[Alma screams]
[Martin groans]
[somber music]
[camera shuttering]
[somber music]
[somber music]
[Alma] Just let,
just let us go.
Hmm, I can't yet.
Look, this is interesting.
Have you ever developed
film? It's fascinating.
Let me show you.
Photography is
like magic, really.
But then, so is all technology
when you don't
know how it works.
What is that?
[Alma] Is that us?
You should relax.
I'm not hurting you.
[Alma] Just let us go.
I would, but I can't now.
Not possible.
[Martin] What have you done?
I'm marking you, Martin.
So that he can see you.
Don't worry, I've got them too.
[somber music]
Can you feel him
now, in the earth?
No. No I don't
know what you mean.
I think you do.
[Martin] I don't.
Just wait, wait-
- Here we go. Shsshh shhhs.
Her we go, come on.
Come on, come on, that's it.
Swallow, swallow, swallow.
[somber music]
[plastic rustling]
How are you faring?
[Zach] How are you
faring? You good?
Settling in?
Please Zach.
Don't try and bargain with me.
I can't let you see her.
Dr. Wendle?
Yes, Wendle.
I trusted her, but she has
profoundly misunderstood him.
She wants to enslave
him, but he doesn't care.
Who doesn't care?
She thinks science
appeals to him.
He's not interested.
He likes art, he likes flattery.
Who Zach?
- Sacrifice.
- Who is he?
The thing in the woods.
She thinks she can talk to him,
bargain with him.
I'm talking to him
in a purer way,
making images, praising
him, worshiping him.
Did she not talk about it?
We haven't seen Dr.
Wendle in months, Zach.
I want to believe you
Martin, but people essentially
are the same.
They bargain with what they
have and it doesn't take long
before they get down to it,
to become desperate
and say anything.
Believe me, he has
sent me so many people
in the last few months.
I suppose they're all fleeing
the disease in the city,
but they find their way to me.
Drawn here.
Bet you wish you got your
parents out of the city, Martin?
How'd you know about that?
Your diary.
Lots of good passages in
here, it's very candid.
A lot of boo hoo stuff about
your elderly mother and father.
I'm sorry about that.
A bit of bad luck there.
You've chose the wrong branch
of science to save them.
Please just.
What you doing here?
My job.
Oh, forgot.
Managing the forest
for its own good.
I tell you it doesn't need you.
It knows what it wants.
I've seen it.
Seen what?
I've seen it.
I've seen inside the world.
You were drawn here
to live in the land.
Did you ever consider what
the ultimate expression
of that was?
When you completely separated
from the process of humans,
when you return to the
green, to its rhythms,
rather than the
selfish beat of humans.
I'm making flesh what
you know is right.
Your world has shrunk.
Your world is
sleeping and ritual.
Praising him.
I told you I was always
getting caught on things.
He told me his story.
He's persecuted and hounded
through these woods.
They said he was a practicing
necromancer and alchemist.
You know how people
can be intolerant?
All they found was an
ancient standing stone.
He had gone.
into the stone.
Transferred into the ancient
matter of the forest.
Over the millennia, people
reported sightings of him.
A stranger was said to
help people who were lost.
He wasn't trying to help,
he was asking for help.
He's trapped here.
I believe I can hear
him coursing in my ears.
I honor him with images.
These are his memories.
[somber music]
[intense music]
[mortar and pestal knocking]
[liquid dripping]
He's gonna kill us.
[Alma] I think so.
I think he's given
us a smaller dose.
I feel a bit more awake.
Yeah, me too.
He dropped a blade over
there by the table.
Can you see it? Look,
the closest leg to us.
See it?
Oh yeah.
I can get to that.
I can get to that and
then I can cut through.
Yeah, you have
to do something.
And then I'll hit
him with something
and we can both run in
different directions.
No, why different directions?
So now I can lead him away.
You'll be too slow.
Yeah, but what
if he chases me?
He won't.
If I hit him, he's
gonna follow me.
And you just head
towards the sun
and you end up at
Dr. Wendle's camp
and then I can come find you.
The sun, follow the sun.
Yeah. Oh.
[Martin] What? What?
Okay. Let's put
your foot down.
We've got a bad
situation, Martin.
I think your foot is infected.
So I've got two
courses of action.
I could take you to a hospital,
but I think it
would take too long.
We're 30 miles from
civilization, could take days.
Okay. What's the alternative?
I mean, not whole
foot, just some toes.
Just some toes?
Yeah. Really sorry, but
my axe is pretty sharp.
So you shouldn't really feel it.
Your axe?
Put your foot on there.
Yeah, I dunno.
I think we should go
to the hospital, Zach.
If you struggle, it will
only make it much worse, okay?
[Alma] Or we should
take him to the hospital.
I think it's-
- I've explained,
there's no time.
It's just I'm not
sure it's that bad-
- [Zach] This is for the best.
Now, hold still.
Zach, no listen.
Zach, Zach, listen.
I don't think it's
that bad, Zach.
Honestly I'm happy
with it as it is.
It's fine.
- I can deal with it.
- Look.
- It's fine.
- Stop moaning.
- It hurts, but I'm okay.
- I'm not a doctor.
I know you're not a doctor,
that's what I'm saying.
This is for your
own wellbeing.
I know, I know, but
I'm okay like this.
It hurts but I can deal with it.
It's fine-
- It's important that you stop.
Let me concentrate, okay?
Right, okay.
Keep your toes still, okay?
Yeah, but Zach.
[axe thudding]
Oh, Jesus Christ.
That was just
taking aim, okay?
Just got to get
my bearings, okay?
Listen Zach, Zach maybe,
I think we should just leave it.
What's the matter with you?
[Martin] Just take
me to a hospital.
What is wrong
with you? Be quiet.
You got to let me
concentrate, okay?
[Axe thudding]
Good, okay, great.
This is the one.
- Oh no, Zach.
- Are you ready?
- Zach, Zach.
- Sit still.
No, no I'm not ready.
[Alma] Do you really
have to do this?
Martin, brace yourself.
Please Zach. Please, please.
[axe thudding]
Missed! And that's your fault.
I can't concentrate with all
this babbling gibbering on.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[axe thudding]
[Martin groans]
Half off. And that's on you.
Oh fuck!
I told you to hold still.
Yeah but no.
[axe thudding]
Oh fuck!
[Zach humming]
[Zach continues humming]
[Alma crashes]
[Alma groans]
[camera shuttering]
[somber music]
[liquid splashes]
[Zach screams]
Alma, please don't leave me.
[head hitting]
[Zach crashes]
Please don't leave me.
[Alma] Oh my God!
[Alma panting]
[Zach groans]
[Martin] Did you kill him?
[Alma] I don't know.
I hit him with
something really hard.
Come on.
[Martin] Where is he?
[Alma] Oh my God!
[Zach] Get back in the house.
[Martin] Alma come on.
[stick hitting]
[Zach] Get back here.
Oh my God!
[bow shooting]
Shit, shit.
[Martin crashes]
[Martin panting]
[Alma panting]
[Zach] Alma.
[Alma crashes]
Hey! Over here.
[agonised howl]
[from far away]
Fuck the consequences.
[pants] Fuck.
[Zach] Martin?
[Martin pants]
[Martin grunts]
Is anyone there?
Help me please,
help me, help me.
[Female] Who is that?
What are you doing?
Leave immediately, this
is private property.
[Zach] Martin?
[mic echoing]
[axe sheering]
[Martin pants]
I know you're there.
I know you're there.
You're so easy to track.
Lumbering about.
Galump, galump.
[ominous music]
[scary music]
[lights clicking]
[pulsing noise]
[Martin groans]
[metalic clank]
[Zach groaning]
[scary music]
[flare hissing]
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
[ominous music]
What do you want from me?
Tell me what you
want I'll do it.
Let me give it to you.
[ominous music]
Move quickly.
It's you.
[Zach screams]
Let me get you into the camp.
[Martin] Is Alma here?
She said she'd be here.
[Olivia] Alma?
The park ranger?
[Martin] Yes she was with
me. We have to find her.
Just hold on. Hold on.
[ominous music]
[Martin] Alma?
[Olivia] You stay here and
I'll see if I can find her.
No, I'll come with you.
[Olivia] No you're
in no fit state.
I have to.
[Olivia] Okay.
Alma? Alma?
I think I can see something.
Stay here and make sure
she doesn't double back
around past us.
Stay there Martin.
[Martin breathing heavy]
[cracking branches]
[cracking and
groaning branches]
Oh God!
Who's there?
It's you.
[ominous music]
[wind blowing]
You'll have to forgive me,
I haven't talked to
anybody for a few months.
Martin, I think we should
take a look at your foot.
I'm so sorry about what
happened to you both.
There really was no
way of warning you
about how dangerous the
situation with Zach could become.
You know he's killed
people that live here.
- Killed?
- Yeah.
[Alma] Maybe one
family, maybe more.
[Olivia] May I?
So, how do you know his name?
Zach is my ex-husband.
That needs cauterizing.
You're going to burn me?
Wait at a hospital?
[Olivia] No, no, there
isn't time for that.
Sorry about before.
I don't know what
to say actually.
I said I'd run and find you.
- It's fine.
- Thank you.
Last night I saw
something in the woods.
I don't know what it was.
It was-
- [Olivia] I didn't
think anybody was coming.
When you stopped writing
I started to worry.
I couldn't speak to you.
I couldn't speak to anybody.
My initial line of
experimentations failed.
It was just months and
months of dead ends.
Alma, can you hold him for me?
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Shouldn't I have something
to bite down on, or
just anything?
[Olivia] Try this.
Hold him.
[Martin groans]
[torch hissing]
[heat searing]
[Martin crashes]
Can't tell you how sorry I
am about what's happened.
It's not your fault.
You didn't attack us.
Well, Hey.
[Martin mumbles]
Do you have any water?
On the shelf.
[Martin] Oh, I
can't feel anything.
[Olivia] That's for the best.
Just try and lay still.
[Martin panting]
You said your research,
you said it had stalled.
Fashdale Institute
wanted results,
and I had nothing.
When I found the stone, I
don't know how I missed it.
It had been there all along.
I used it to take my
mind off my own work.
I thought I could shake myself
out of the hole I was in.
The markings on the
stone led me down
a rabbit hole of research,
until I found this book.
This contains amongst other
things an English translation
of Malleus Maleficarum,
"The Hammer of The Witches."
The book is dated 1640,
but some of the pages are much
older and from other books.
There's a section in
here about this forest.
[Alma] Parnag Fegg.
The name translates
in the local dialect
as sound, Parnagus
and light, Fegg.
Heartfelt prayer
and God's light.
You see, I don't think Parnag
Fegg was a person at all.
I think it was a process,
but it got me thinking.
I mean, of course they
wouldn't have gotten anywhere
with torches and drums,
but with modern equipment,
maybe I could.
There's something in there
and it wants to talk.
Zach came to the forest
to help me set up
this new experiment.
But I don't understand,
why did you get Zach involved?
Why didn't you ask the board
at the Fashdale Institute?
They would never
have understood, Alma.
This was all just too
important to risk.
We need to open this up
and clean it, Martin.
I think there's
something under the skin.
It's very tough.
It's animal gut I think.
[Olivia] Does it hurt?
[metal clanking]
Oh fuck.
I wouldn't try to make
any logical sense of it.
I need water for this.
Tell me where I can find it.
Fine. This is a sterile area.
I'd like to keep it
that way, thank you.
Hey, I think
the scars on my arm
match the markings
on the stones.
It's pattern-making.
Zach is trying to make
meaning where there isn't any.
It's a psychological
problem with humans.
You want to make stories
out of everything.
Zach seems to think that he
can communicate with nature
through art and worship.
It's idolatry.
He isn't interested in
the scientific path.
It's bonded with the
flesh, that's very unusual.
[Martin] Oh God!
Yes, but he isn't here, is he?
[Martin] What's unusual?
Well, that the infection
will take hold so quickly.
You have very special
flesh, Martin.
[electronic sounds]
[electronic sounds]
[varying electronic sounds
[electronic sounds get louder]
So, you're using light
and sound to communicate?
The light pulse is in
reaction to the feedback
that the microphones
give me from the trees.
What feedback?
Well, plants can make noise.
The trees can actually
control some of the sounds
that the branches make.
Even the roots make sounds
at a certain frequency.
Now, once you filter out the
wind on the woodland noise,
there is a definite pattern.
Through these reactions, I've
created a very basic language.
[ominous electronic sounds]
We tried to make contact
with the mycorrhiza
in a more direct way, using
the rites in the book.
We pushed it too far.
Zach, he was never the same.
Whatever Zach saw terrified him.
He ran, I didn't
see him for months
until I found him living
in the opposite Valley.
He barely recognized
me. He was wild.
Why did he use the
ritual in the book?
It seems like a contradiction.
I was just reacting
to the results.
Using the book seem to
accelerate the progress.
I had to learn to
have an open mind.
I'm surprised you don't.
[buttons clicking]
[Martin giggles]
It all emanates from
the surrounding stone.
This is where there is the
densest cluster of mycorrhiza.
Now it regulates this forest
for about 30 square miles,
but I think it could
be bigger still.
How big?
[Martin] Really?
Nature is one giant system.
This, this is the key
to communicate with it.
I'm so close to a
real breakthrough.
It makes sense that you
were here to witness it.
But we're not
gonna wait for that.
As soon as Martin's strong
enough, we're gonna go.
You still want to leave after
I've shown you all of this?
We don't have a choice.
It's only a matter of time
before Zach comes here
looking for us.
We have to go.
This is a mistake.
Talk to her.
But, I mean, she
has a point, Olivia.
I don't trust her, Martin.
Why not?
She said she's been
imprisoned here.
And what?
He never came here
in all that time?
She's just over that hill.
Wouldn't it make more sense if
they were still
working together?
On what?
I don't know.
Did she tell you
that she was married?
Well, she must have said
something about herself.
When? When would she say that?
When you were
in a relationship.
I don't want to talk
about that, it's private.
Private maybe, but I mean,
under the circumstances can
you see that it's relevant?
[Alma] What
happened between them?
I don't know.
She didn't talk
about other people.
It's the first I heard
about her husband.
Okay, Martin, I don't care.
We need to go.
She's not gonna
leave this place.
The whole reason why you came
here was to see her, right?
I thought it was.
So then, so if
you care about her
then you need to
get her to leave.
Olivia, I think Alma
has a very good point.
You can't convince
me to leave Martin.
And it really is
too late now anyway.
What do you mean too late?
It was like I
didn't have a choice.
It's so strange that the stone
doesn't appear on any maps.
The only mention of
it is in that book.
How did you volunteer
to come here?
I came
here to see you.
All through lockdown I
thought a lot about us.
I know that's weird, but-
- The thought, did it grow
inside you like a seed?
A voice in your head
that you couldn't deny?
Martin, I lied to you before.
I did get Zach involved,
but I didn't call him.
He just turned up.
He said exactly the same thing
that he couldn't deny the urge.
I found him here by the stone,
the same way I found you
and you found out Alma.
No, no, no, I wanted to come.
Martin, the
mycorrhizal network,
it draws resources to the
forest from many miles,
and maybe it brought you too.
Okay, let's say that's true.
How could that be possible?
Did you have ringworm?
Zach and I did too.
I wondered what it was
doing to our bodies.
Was it pushing our body
chemistry in certain directions?
Obsession, love?
This is too important, Martin.
Think about why we're here.
This isn't chance.
It isn't.
And you can't fight it.
[shovel scraping]
[electronic sounds]
[creaking branches]
[whooshing air sounds]
[ominous whooshinig
and creaking continues]
Martin, Martin.
Martin, wake up.
Who is it?
[Alma] Dr. Wendle, she's gone.
I can't find her.
You sure?
[Alma] Yes. I'm sure.
[Martin] What time is it?
How long has it been light?
[Alma] About half an hour.
[ominous music]
[birds chirpping]
[piercing high pitch sound]
[loud electronic sounds]
[unearthly loud noises]
- [electonic sounds stop]
- [Alma] Agh!
[tent rustling]
[trees creaking]
How are you feeling?
What are the symptoms?
Anxiety? Blurred vision?
Extra acoustic
and visual stimuli?
Where did you go?
I was checking the readings
from the monitoring
devices in the woods.
When I came back,
you were both gone.
[birds chirping]
Everything seems
to just keep us here.
[Olivia] The mist
encircles the camp.
Ranging from 400 meters to
100 meters from the center.
[Martin] What is it?
It's a suspension of mushroom
spores and water droplets
in the air.
Forest is acting to contain us.
I've seen it before with Zach,
it forced him from the Valley.
Why didn't you
tell us about that?
Sorry, didn't I say?
[Alma] No, you didn't.
It was quite a lot of
information to keep track of.
Well, why don't we
use your hazmat suit
and walk through it?
And what if the mist
is less than 0.3 microns?
It will go through the filter.
It's gotta be worth a try.
We can wait it out.
When it happened before it
only lasted a day or so.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Come here. Come here.
You see that?
The person who stood there.
See the three trees?
Middle tree, look.
Wait, Alma.
[birds chirping]
What does that mean?
It means Zach can
come at anytime.
[birds chirping]
[ominous music]
Excuse me.
If you pass out, I'll
pull you back, okay?
Get through the mist,
head straight to the camp.
I'll be there and
back in a few days.
How's that?
Yeah, it's fine.
Okay, ready?
[ominous music]
[labored breathing]
[tense music]
[indistinct confused voices]
[Alma moans]
Alma, you okay?
Alma, are you okay?
[ominous music]
[indistinct voices]
[scary music]
[loud cracks]
[Olivia] Alma?
[Martin] What do you see?
[Alma] I see
things [indistinct]
[Martin] All right,
Alma come back.
I'm pulling you back.
[ominous music]
I'm pulling you back in.
[intense bird noises]
[Alma screaming]
[Olivia] For god's sake,
- pull her back in
- I am.
[Alma screaming]
[Alma screaming]
Are you okay?
[Alma crying]
Have some water.
[crying] Oh my God!
It's okay, you're
out of it now.
You're out of it now.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. You're out of it now.
What did you see?
It was everything.
She's delirious.
I told you this wouldn't work.
Yes. Yes, I know, I know.
You're out of it now. Come on.
[Alma] It's not
what you think.
I know, I know let's go now.
You're outside of
it, so it's fine.
Let's go back to the camp.
It's fine now. You're safe now.
Let's go back to the camp, okay?
It's only-
- I know. I know.
[hysterical babbling]
Yes I know. Let's
go back to the camp.
It looks like a
human, but it's not.
- It is not a human.
- Yeah, okay. Come on.
You can tell me
back at the camp.
Come on.
[wind howling]
How far has it moved?
I don't know,
10 meters, maybe?
I mean, at this rate it will
cover the camp by morning.
[flare crackles]
What do you want?
I need to talk to him.
This is important.
I've never seen him come this
close to the camp before.
Is that a good idea?
Martin, he won't hurt
me. I know he won't.
[gentle music]
[Alma] We can't trust him.
[Martin] I don't know
what choice we have.
What are they talking about?
I don't know, I can't hear.
He said he wants to talk.
[somber music]
One of us needs to go
to the standing stone.
It is where the light and
sound activity will be focused.
Then they have to
take the sacrament.
[Alma] What sacrament?
I thought you said you
were gonna use your equipment
to make contact.
[Alma] So then why are
you referring to this?
[Olivia] The book is
the most direct route.
[Alma] And then what?
It's just going to release us?
That's what Zach said.
I can't believe we're performing
a ritual to be honest.
Martin, I know this
makes you uncomfortable,
it makes me uncomfortable too.
But if it wants to talk,
then we have to listen.
I don't think
you are listening.
I don't think you've
been listening.
What do you think it
wants to tell you?
Well, Alma, I would think
that was clear by now, no?
No, not really, no.
How we can all live together
without destroying each other.
This is the same as
any other creature,
he's worried about its
environment, food, shelter.
You keep talking about
this thing as if it's human.
You sound just like
Zach, it's not.
We are at the forefront
of human discovery.
Don't you think we
should endeavor to speak
to this creature
regardless of the cost?
[Alma] All right. Okay, great.
[electronic sounds]
Doesn't look too bad.
I mean, on a scale of one to
10, how bad does that look?
I'd say a five.
It looks like milk.
Yeah, exactly.
- Mushroom milk
- You don't have to do this.
Yeah I know, I know.
I know.
But you saved my life already,
so at least let me
repay the favor.
You don't have
to repay anything.
[Martin] Yeah,
you drink it then.
[electronic sounds conitnue]
[Martin burps]
[Martin] Oh,
that's disgusting.
[Olivia] Martin,
can you hear me?
Okay, now we wait.
Oh, goodness!
Now we're gonna wait.
Yeah, just gonna wait.
What can you see out there?
What did she say?
What can you see?
Oh, nothing really.
I can see the shapes of
the trees from the strobes.
[pulsing electronic sounds]
Just keep focusing
on my voice.
How are you feeling?
Feeling okay.
Just thinking about my parents.
[ominous sounds]
[sound crackles]
Oh my God, it's too loud.
Oh, God!
Something's tripped
the electrical system.
Ah, where?
It's lamp 15. Can you check
it out for me please, Alma?
[machine beeps]
Okay, I'm restarting
the system now.
[electonic sounds]
Can you hear me?
[electronic sounds continue]
It looks like somebody
is knocked it over.
[face hitting]
Remember me?
[Martin groans]
Come on Martin.
[ominous music]
She didn't tell you about
the whole ritual, did she?
Mycorrhiza always asks
a price of its host.
Your death will allow
me to speak with it.
Please Zach, please Zach.
I wish it could be me, Martin.
I would have given anything
to have been the one.
Please Zach. Please Zach.
Please Zach.
Please Zach.
Wouldn't take me.
It called me, but
wouldn't take me.
[radio screeching]
[ominous music]
[pulsing sounds]
I told you not
to come in here.
[women thudding]
[women screaming]
[ominous music]
[women screaming]
[Zach crashes]
[Alma crashes]
[Alma screams]
What have you,
what have you done?
That's how accidents happen?
I need, okay.
I think I had.
No, no.
You have to take
me to the hospital.
[Zach crashes]
[Olivia] I wasn't surprised
you were seeing him.
[Alma] Oh my God!
[Olivia] [indistinct]
[ominous music]
You, you're so open, so trusting.
You are .[indistinct]
This is the most important
moment of your life.
[Alma screams]
[somber music]
[loud cracks]
[ominous music]
[loud cracks and noises]
[woman screams]
[rocks breaking]
[ominous music]
[woman screams]
[birds shrieking]
[rock breaking]
[birds shrieking]
[deep growling]
[somber music]
[birds chirping]
[birds chirping]
Thank you.
[birds chirping]
Let me guide you out of the woods.
[dramatic music]