In the Fade (2017) Movie Script

The moment of truth.
Mr. ekerci, do you take Katja Jessen
to be your lawfully wedded wife?
I do.
Ms. Jessen, now to you.
Do you take Nuri ekerci
to be your lawfully wedded husband?
If so, answer "I do."
I do.
You may exchange rings.
Is this OK, too?
Of course.
Can I kiss her now?
You fucker!
Fucking son-of-a-bitch fucker!
- You OK?
- Yeah.
"Son-of-a-bitch fucker?"
Did you get that from Dad?
- No, from my violin lesson.
- You're a lil gangsta!
What's your Social Security Number?
I forgot it, dude.
Forgot it?
It's your life!
What's mine is yours.
"Forgot it..."
- He wanted to see you.
- You need the car.
I'm meeting Birgit.
- What about my taxes?
- I'll do them tonight.
Why not take the train?
Aunt Birgit is pregnant.
Show a little em-pa-thy!
Hear that?
My son will make it further than me!
That won't be too hard, dude.
It's by the bridal store.
What time do you finish?
I'll pick you guys up.
- No need.
- I will anyway.
- Bye, sweetie.
- Bye, Mommy.
Not too much screen time!
I already have glasses...
Do you have yours?
- Bye.
- Bye.
Lock that up or they'll steal it.
I'm coming right back.
A drag.
Just one, pretty please.
One more.
- Let's stop by the baby store.
- You can have Rocco's old clothes.
- You'll need them again.
- So, give them back when yours is bigger.
Let's do something really hot instead.
Buy a huge dildo.
You have no idea how under-fucked I am.
Oh, "Me so horny."
- Exactly.
- You need a comedown.
I just need to come.
Is that new?
It's not finished.
A samurai.
- Must've hurt like hell.
- So bad!
- It's great.
- Thanks.
I promised Nuri it's the last one.
He'll leave me otherwise.
Hope my baby doesn't slip out.
Me too.
This is so good.
This is so good!
The street's blocked off.
My husband's office is right there.
Call this number.
- What happened?
- An explosion. Move along.
I have to get to my family!
On the ground! Calm down.
Let me go, I have to get to my family!
Come in.
Follow me.
Mrs. ekerci?
Let me go.
- Can I help you?
- I just want...
- Rocco?
- Are you looking for someone?
Mrs. ekerci?
Fischer from Missing Persons.
Where's my family?
Your relatives aren't here.
Where are they?
We don't know.
There were fatalities: a man and a child.
The bodies can't be identified.
We have to do a DNA test.
Just your husband's and son's.
Thanks. It'll take a few hours.
The Red Cross will stay here.
See you later, Mrs. ekerci.
Shall we go to the living room?
Come with me.
This way?
Would you like to call someone?
Mrs. ekerci,
I have sad news.
The victims are your husband and son.
Mrs. ekerci?
Chief Inspector Reetz.
I'm leading the investigation.
My sincere condolences.
Do you feel able
to help with the investigation?
Can't this wait till tomorrow?
It's OK, Mom.
Was your husband religious?
Excuse me?
Was he a Muslim?
My husband is agnostic.
Was he Kurdish?
I'm Kurdish! Why do you ask that?
Was he politically active?
Did he raise money for any groups?
No, my husband wasn't politically active.
Did he have enemies?
What kind of enemies?
A bomb was set off in front of his office.
We have to assume he was the target.
Where did you last see
your husband and son?
This afternoon. I dropped Rocco...
at his office.
Did you notice anything?
Wait, a woman left her bike out front.
I told her to lock it up.
It was new,
with a top case
on the luggage rack.
Like on a motorcycle, you know?
Could you help create a composite sketch
and look through our picture database?
I want to see my loved ones.
They're no longer people.
Only body parts, Mrs. ekerci.
Do you think they suffered?
I'm sure they didn't feel a thing.
Imagine Rocco lying on the ground,
seeing his own limbs around him.
Imagine how scared he was.
They didn't feel a thing, Katja.
They died immediately.
What are they saying?
"The nail bomb attack
killed convicted drug dealer..."
"... Nuri S., 37,
and his son Rocco, six.
An Islamist or political motive
has been ruled out."
Let me see.
He was mixed up in something.
Like what, Mom?
You should know.
Maybe he was keeping something from you.
Don't ever say that about my husband.
- Katja?
- Yes.
Can I get you a drink?
Was Nuri still dealing?
He'd stopped that.
Was it about protection money?
Nuri could've handled that.
Was he involved in anything?
Anything you know of?
He wouldn't have put you guys at risk.
So, who did it?
They're looking for an Eastern European.
She was German.
As German as me.
Nazis did it.
Who else would've had a motive?
Did you tell that to the cops?
Do you have anything here?
What do you need?
Katja, please. They were gifts
from clients. I'd only throw them away.
We want to take our son and grandson
with us to Turkey.
So, they're close to us.
We're going back for good.
He's my grandson, too!
Excuse me.
I've lost my family.
And you want to take them away again.
You can't.
I won't let you.
Well done.
It's alright, it's alright...
This one's for Nuri.
Thanks for coming.
You know,
if you'd taken better care,
my grandson would still be alive.
My condolences.
Katja, can you come here?
Good morning, Mrs. ekerci.
Developments in the investigation
mean we must search the property.
What developments?
This warrant permits us
to search your house.
Mr. Hartung from the district authority
is here to observe.
Please stay with your visitors.
Stay where you are!
Would you please fill this out?
Gerrit, could you come here?
I found this.
- That's all?
- Yeah.
Keep searching.
- Her husband's drugs.
- Mom, stop.
- Katja!
- Stay out of this.
They're mine.
Please step into the kitchen.
Just briefly.
Can we have a minute?
Do you have more?
Possession of narcotics
violates Section 29.
You may remain silent.
But I do need you to come to the station.
To answer a few questions.
Contact my lawyer.
Don't worry, Mrs. ekerci.
It's such a small quantity,
there's no chance of prosecution.
Surely you want to know
who murdered your family.
Without your help,
we won't find the killers.
Any idea who might've done it?
Nazis did it.
How so?
His office is in a Turkish neighborhood.
Were there ever racist incidents there?
Like a pig's head in front of the mosque?
Not that I know of.
Would you like some?
How did you meet your husband?
I bought grass from him as a student.
What did you study?
German studies and art history.
Did you graduate?
I dropped out.
Your husband studied business in prison,
then opened his office.
He was a tax advisor and translator.
And he sold flights to Turkey.
Do you know how much he earned?
I did the bookkeeping.
Do you have any other work?
I was a mother.
You have a big house. Wasn't it expensive?
It's out of town and
has poor public transport.
Your husband's annual income
was 50,000 euros.
How could he afford
a 70,000 euro deposit on the house?
How do you know that?
From his tax documents.
Some of the files survived.
The money was from my father-in-law.
A loan.
Where did he get so much money?
He owns land in southeast Turkey.
Does he grow anything?
Like cotton?
He grows houses.
You want me to incriminate my husband
and confirm your theory.
What theory?
That he was still dealing drugs!
For months, the drugs unit
has been surveilling suspects.
Some repeatedly called your husband.
Can you explain that?
My husband interpreted for offenders.
He had to speak to them.
It was his job!
- Why are you investigating my husband?
- We're not investigating him.
He didn't murder anyone!
He was murdered!
We have to assume
that your husband maintained his links
to the criminal world.
We believe he engaged
in criminal activities with the murderers.
Maybe there was a disagreement,
and your son and husband
were victims of revenge.
So, who did it?
The Turkish mafia.
Or the Kurdish one.
Maybe the Albanians.
We'd hoped you could help us.
Can I have a beer, Michi?
Sure thing.
Why did you do that?
Say they were your drugs.
Because it's true, Mom.
You're getting yourself in trouble!
What did your husband turn you into?
What did you say?
Annemarie, let's pack.
Thanks, Michi.
Fuck off!
Take care, Katja.
Want some tea?
Pregnancy tea?
Should I leave you alone for a few days?
I can't leave you like this.
But I want to be alone.
I'm always here for you, OK?
Call me any time.
Hi Katja, it's Danilo. I tried your cell.
Listen, you were right: Nazis did it.
You have one new message.
First message:
Hi Katja, it's Danilo. I tried your cell.
Listen, you were right.
Nazis did it. They've been arrested.
Call me.
End of messages.
Welcome to the ekercis'.
This is yours truly, Boss ekerci.
And back there...
Rocco ekerci!
Say "hello," Rocco.
Thank you. Rocco ekerci!
And the fabulous woman next to him
is car mechanic ekerci!
Say "hello!"
What's she up to?
And now... it should work.
You're the best!
Who's the best?
Look, I'm boring now. He's over me.
He's over us.
- Good morning, Mrs. Mller.
- Good morning.
Are you ready?
Good. My colleague will handcuff you.
Roll up your sleeve, please.
Good morning. Please be seated.
I hereby open the trial
of Edda Mller and Andr Mller.
I note the presence of the defendants,
their defense attorneys,
the public prosecutor,
the approved joint plaintiffs,
and their attorneys.
Excuse me, your Honor.
I have an urgent request.
I hereby move that witness ekerci
be removed from the courtroom. Thank you.
Mrs. ekerci has a right
to be present as co-plaintiff.
Attorney, allow the prosecutor
to read the charges first.
Please remove Mrs. ekerci. Thank you.
I will not.
Then I formally request a court decision.
Mrs. ekerci is a key prosecution witness.
Thank you.
His Honor and the prosecutor have
overwhelming evidence at their disposal.
She must leave. If she stays,
she will be privy to all the evidence and
other testimonies before she testifies.
She will of course
adapt her own testimony accordingly.
The witness will be worthless.
I therefore request that witness ekerci
be removed from the courtroom. Thank you.
My client appreciates the attorney's
concern regarding her testimony's value.
She will nonetheless exercise her right
to be present as co-plaintiff.
I reject your motion, attorney.
Then I request an immediate decision
by the entire court. Thank you.
Very well. I hereby suspend
the proceedings. Please remain seated.
What's going on?
He's trying to disrupt procedure,
hoping the judge falters.
- It's all he has.
- I'm staying.
I hereby announce our decision.
As a co-plaintiff, Katja ekerci
is entitled to be present at the trial.
We can now hear the charges.
Prosecutor, go ahead.
"On October 20, 2016, Hamburg,
Andr and Edda Mller are accused
of having acted in concert, on malicious
and base grounds, to murder two people
and maliciously attempt to murder
an indefinite number of others
by knowingly, intentionally
and collaboratively conspiring
to plant a pre-prepared "nail bomb" made
from fertilizer, diesel and 500 nails,
and, by detonating it, to murder or injure
as many foreign residents as possible..."
Stay home tomorrow.
It might be too rough.
See you tomorrow.
They're rotting in there.
The first danger
is the shock wave caused by the blast.
The child suffered inhalation trauma
in the upper respiratory tract,
and also barotrauma with acute distention
and peripheral bleeding in both lungs.
The second danger is debris and shrapnel.
The child had a gaping 3 cm wound
in the central upper abdomen
caused by a jagged metal fragment
that was still embedded.
It also pierced the eighth vertebra.
The resulting wound
ripped the small and large intestines.
It also tore the liver
and totally severed the abdominal artery.
The torso sustained
over 14 small, round and linear wounds
with nails up to 10 cm long
embedded at various depths.
The third danger is the immense heat.
The center of the explosion
briefly reaches up to 1,000 C.
There were extensive burns
to the front of the body, head, face,
torso, arms and thighs.
The hair was burnt to the scalp
at the front of the skull.
The eyes also sustained burns
and had totally melted.
The right forearm
was roughly severed at the elbow joint.
The limb was found 6 m from the body.
- I can't take anymore.
- You want out?
One moment. Yes, Mr. Fava?
- I request a short break.
- A break of five minutes.
Look at me, you cunt!
Stop that at once!
I'll kill you!
Two more shots.
Not for me.
You don't want another?
I'm driving my son
to kindergarten tomorrow.
You gave Mller a good smack.
Imagine if they'd gotten me and Rocco.
If Nuri had survived.
He wouldn't have stood
for all the chit-chat.
I changed my mind. One more.
Mrs. ekerci, I can well understand
your emotional reaction, your outrage.
But this court deals only in facts.
Should there be another incident,
the court must eject you
for the rest of the trial
for disorderly conduct.
Even as co-plaintiff.
So long as the accused
are not found guilty by a court,
they are presumed innocent.
Do you understand?
I call witness Mller.
Witness Mller, please.
Good morning, Mr. Mller.
Please sit down.
Mr. Mller, as a father
and direct relative,
you may refuse to testify
against your son and daughter-in-law.
Is that clear?
- But you wish to testify?
- Yes.
Then please proceed.
I live in Meldorf, Schleswig-Holstein.
The last storm felled a tree in my garden.
I went to the garage
to fetch the chainsaw.
It's on my property,
but my son uses it because I have no car.
He lives next door,
but we avoid each other.
Why do you avoid each other?
We fell out over his worldview.
What is his worldview?
The one that led to these accusations.
Could you elucidate?
My son reveres Adolf Hitler.
You were looking for
the chainsaw in the garage.
What happened next?
I saw a plastic bag of fertilizer
and an oil can.
I didn't think much of it.
But there were also
at least seven packs of nails.
I remembered the Hamburg attack.
I wanted to stop him from copying it.
Andr has priors
for assault and disorderly conduct.
I went to the police
and asked them to stop him.
Please continue, Mr. Mller.
They sent over some experts.
After their search,
they told me...
I'll never forget it...
"You wanted to protect your son
from a crime he already committed."
And then?
- The police arrested Andr and Edda.
- Mr. Mller...
it was your son's garage?
You had a key?
No, I didn't.
- How did you get in?
- I know where the key's hidden.
- Can you tell us where?
- Under a big stone by the entrance.
- Outside by the door?
- Yes.
Did anyone else know?
- Your son's friends?
- I don't know.
So, it's conceivable
that other people knew of the key
and had access to the garage?
- That's possible.
- Thank you.
- Yes, Mr. Fava?
- Mr. Mller,
you don't know if anyone else knew
of the key. What does that mean?
Did you ever see anyone else
enter the garage?
My daughter-in-law.
Anyone else?
No, never.
- May I add something?
- Go ahead.
I want to take the opportunity
to offer my condolences to the victims.
I'm so sorry for what happened.
You never get over losing a relative.
What my son did is wicked,
cowardly, and stupid.
Excuse me.
Do you have a light?
You're from Schleswig-Holstein, too?
- Husum.
- But you don't live there anymore?
My mom and her boyfriend do.
The next time you visit them,
drop by for a coffee.
If you'd known your son did it,
would you still have gone to the police?
I knew.
That's little Fritz.
Come in.
Do you have a tampon?
You have your period already?
Keep them.
I haven't had my period since it happened.
How are you making ends meet?
Nuri's life insurance.
How's the trial going?
They'll get their punishment,
I promise you.
Someone's awake!
Do you want some cake, too?
You'll get something even better.
Here you go.
It was good to see you.
The explosive material found at the scene
contained the typical components
of homemade ANFO explosives.
95% ammonium nitrate,
sourced from imported fertilizer,
and 5% diesel.
Did you find enough material
for the analysis?
Mr. Fava.
Can we conclude the materials in the
garage match the explosive at the scene?
The garage contained traces
of the explosive?
On the garage floor,
traces of an explosive were found
that are identical to those
found at the scene.
So, yes.
Following Mr. Mller's tip-off
and seizure of evidence,
every item
was carefully examined for fingerprints.
What kind of evidence?
Over 700 Black+Decker nails three liters
of diesel in a five-liter can,
50 kg of fertilizer from Israel
and its packaging,
components of a Bosch flashlight
and of a Ninetec drone.
Were all items treated with due care
as potential sources of evidence?
Of course. We collected trace samples
and everything was sealed.
What were the results of fingerprinting?
Fingerprints found on items were analyzed.
We found clear prints of both suspects
and those of witness Jrgen Mller.
Did you find any other fingerprints?
Yes, one more, but
it couldn't be identified.
A further accomplice?
It couldn't be identified.
But the other fingerprint
could have come from a store assistant?
Mr. Reetz.
I have a diesel car.
So, I have a can of diesel in my garage.
Sometimes I need nails in my house.
There are nails in my garage.
My wife is a keen gardener,
so there's also a bag of fertilizer.
All these items carry my fingerprints.
Chief Inspector,
would you conclude that I'm a bomb maker?
Mr. Haberbeck, does your garage
contain traces of the explosive
that killed Nuri and Rocco ekerci?
No, but my key isn't kept under a stone
where anyone can find it.
Thank you.
They'll be punished, right?
I can guarantee you that.
Who or what is Makris?
Haberbeck's new witness from Greece.
Will he be a problem?
I'll fucking shred the bastard,
just watch.
The season runs from early May
to mid-November.
But we're open year-round.
Guests can visit in the low season, too.
Mr. Makris,
might you be mistaken?
Another witness
claims to have seen my client in Hamburg
at that time.
- He's lying!
- I remember them.
They stayed from October 15th to the 20th.
It's noted in my booking record.
This one?
Let's take a look.
Mr. Makris, can you show us?
Please sit down.
Don't you think it's been squeezed in?
- I'd like to present something.
- Go ahead, Mr. Fava.
Prosecutor, defense attorneys, please.
Please take a look.
You can sit down again.
We'll let everyone see.
Is that you?
What's that symbol?
The logo of the "Golden Dawn" party.
For your information,
Golden Dawn is a Greek neo-Nazi party.
It's a democratic party.
Democratically elected.
The photo is from 2013
when your party tried to open
an office in Kassel, Germany.
It has 160 "likes."
Let's see who "liked" it.
They're all in it together.
A global Nazi network,
all butt-fucking each other.
- Tell it to the judge.
- About the butt-fucking?
He knows that.
You should still tell him.
Follow me.
What was Edda Mller wearing?
Gray jeans, brown leather boots.
Green parka, black wool cap.
Was she walking from
the left or the right?
- Right to left.
- Make-up?
- No make-up.
- Very good.
Haberbeck will ask about your drug use.
- What should I say?
- The truth.
It was to numb your pain.
Can I say that?
The police file says they found something.
I guess it's the stuff I gave you?
- Shit.
- Forget it.
If Haberbeck demands a drug test,
we'll refuse.
Or should we get them high from your hair?
You saw her.
You told the police. You told the court.
They'll believe you.
It's late.
Get some sleep.
Tomorrow is showtime.
Do you remember the woman's clothes?
She was wearing gray jeans,
brown leather boots,
a green parka and a black wool cap.
Any further details?
I noticed the bike was new.
That's why I spoke to her.
Did you immediately tell police
in a witness statement?
Yes, I was questioned that evening
and everything was recorded.
I also helped to create
a facial composite.
Attorney, go ahead.
Mrs. ekerci,
when you spoke to the woman with the bike,
how far was she from you?
Closer than you are.
Was she leaving the bike?
She was starting to leave it.
- You saw her from behind.
- I saw this...
When I spoke to her,
she turned around and looked at me.
What kind of person was Nuri ekerci?
Irrelevant. My client
doesn't have to answer.
He was a very good person.
A father and a decent man.
Tell us about your husband's priors.
These priors are known
to police and the court.
You're holding the file, read it!
I have read it.
Nuri ekerci was caught with 50 kg of hash
and served four years in prison.
Thank you.
Nuri ekerci isn't on trial here.
He's the murder victim.
Your Honor,
please ensure
the attorney's questions are relevant.
After release,
did your husband continue dealing drugs
or break other drug laws?
I got pregnant right after his release.
Rocco's birth
was the best thing to ever happen to us.
Nuri never had anything
to do with drugs again.
But the police found marijuana,
cocaine and opium in your house.
My client lost her husband and child.
she tried to numb her inconceivable pain.
The quantities were for personal use.
My client need not incriminate herself.
Mrs. ekerci,
are you a drug addict?
- Have you taken drugs today?
- No!
In the past year?
- No!
- My client...
On the day of the crime?
- No!
- My client refuses to answer!
I request
that the witness immediately undergo
a drug test and hair analysis
at the Institute of Forensic Medicine
in order to verify her perceptive faculty
and fitness to testify
at the time she allegedly saw
the suspect with the bike. Thank you.
The co-plaintiff must consent to that.
Do you consent, Mrs. ekerci?
The defense's request is intended
only to discredit the co-plaintiff.
It's irrelevant to the facts of the crime
and the defendants' guilt.
Katja ekerci was a loving, caring mother.
Her deceased husband
was a model of rehabilitation.
She has suffered unimaginable pain
for malicious and base reasons.
She needn't accept this humiliation!
She will not answer
the defense's defamatory questions.
Then I'll summarize.
The witness refuses to undergo
a drug test and psychological examination
and to answer the defense's questions on
her drug use. There's only one conclusion:
She wants to prevent
the court from establishing
that she made her supposed observations
and, shortly thereafter, her statement,
while under the influence of drugs.
She saw someone walking away
and shouted something after her.
She claims to have memorized a face
she saw only for seconds!
Again, while she was on drugs!
Her attorney now claims
these drugs were taken later,
not to enhance
her perceptive or observational skills,
but "to numb her pain."
She took them to forget.
But let's not forget one thing.
A witness who was
under the influence of drugs
claims to have seen the accused,
Mrs. Mller, at the scene.
But as witness Makris stated and confirmed
with the document shown in court,
she was in fact vacationing in Greece.
Thank you.
Go ahead, Mr. Fava.
Witness ekerci described a woman
who left a bike with a top case
at the scene of the explosion.
She did so before forensics established
that the top case contained the bomb.
Forensics confirmed her statement
about the bike,
that it was new and unlocked,
and about the top case.
They also confirmed
that the woman Mrs. ekerci described
must be the perpetrator.
Mrs. ekerci described this woman
in the same detail
as the new bike with its top case.
That woman was the accused.
She's married to the co-accused,
whose garage happened to contain traces
of the same explosive that blew up
outside Nuri ekerci's office.
No drug,
drug test or psychological examination
can relativize this fact.
And anyone who tries to do so
has the same base motives
as the accused did who murdered
my client's husband and child.
And it disgusts me
to have to play the defense's game.
Thank you.
On behalf of the people,
the court returns the following verdict.
The accused, Andr Mller and Edda Mller,
are acquitted.
Away from each other!
Fuck this court!
Behave or I'll clear the room.
The state will cover
the trial costs and related expenses.
The defendants will be compensated
for time spent in detention.
Please be seated.
Today's acquittal
is not based on the court's belief
that the defendants are innocent,
but that the evidence presented
leaves reasonable doubt as to their guilt.
Based on the "in dubio pro reo" principle,
this doubt requires that we acquit them.
The court considered
that the defendants did not provably
have sole access to the garage.
Others may have entered.
The key was accessible.
One set of fingerprints
could not be identified.
Co-plaintiff ekerci stated
that she recognized Edda Mller
as the person she saw at the crime scene.
We were unable to confirm
the accuracy of her observation.
The co-plaintiff
exercised her right to refuse examination
to assess her ability to testify.
Daddy, can we go in the water?
- Please.
- Go with Mom.
I want to go with you.
Go on.
OK, go, come on!
Mom, come on!
No, I just put on sunscreen.
Come on, Mom!
- Later.
- Now!
Please, Mom!
Welcome to Greece.
- I'm Katja.
- My name is Tala.
Let me show you the place.
Do you like it?
Hotel Old Dream
Do you speak English?
For sure.
Can I help you?
I'm looking for
two friends of mine
A couple, I think they might be
staying here from Germany.
Here is nobody from Germany.
Are you sure?
No Germans,
just Greek people.
These are my friends.
Have you seen them?
I don't know these people.
Can you give me your number
so I can call you
if I see your friends?
It's, um, 0049
And what is your name?
It's not working.
Stay here, you fucking bitch!
American Spirits, please.
Take care.
She's not here by chance.
She's playing detective,
looking for evidence on the Greek alibi.
- Does she know we're here?
- How would she?
- She found that Greek pig.
- He has a website.
- Let's go home.
- They'll stick cameras in our faces!
What if she finds us?
If that Turk-whore comes near us,
I'll smash her skull!
I'll put her in the grave with them!
Hi, Danilo.
Katja, where are you?
I've left you 1,000 voice mails.
I know.
Let's file an appeal.
The deadline's tomorrow,
I have to submit the papers.
I don't want to anymore.
I know it feels like it's over,
but believe me, it isn't.
We'll keep going, Katja, we'll keep going.
We'll get them on an appeal.
We'll take this to Federal Court.
They'll get life.
Where are you? I'm coming.
Grocery shopping.
Let's meet when you're done.
No, today's no good.
Katja, listen to me.
Come to my office tomorrow
as early as possible. Everything's ready.
We'll go through the papers together.
I'll get pastries.
I need your signature.
Are you coming?
Yeah, OK.
Can you be here at eight?
I can do eight.
I'm looking forward to seeing you.
See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
Thanks for everything.
The fight goes on, Katja.
OK, go, come on!
Come on, Mom!
No, I just put on sunscreen.
Come on, Mom!
- Later.
- Now!
Please, Mom.