In the Fire (2023) Movie Script

The origin of the word
"psychology" is greek.
It means science of the soul.
A new form of medicine that
to explain the phenomena of the
a much-misunderstood part
of the human body,
which for some has greatly
compounded their suffering.
..por los siglos de los siglos.
Martn, nombre de Cristo
nuestro Salvador.
Las seales de nuestra cruz.
Ests salvado.
Ests salvado.
Que vivas en la luz
por los siglos.
Es esto lo que
realmente quieres?
Ya he perdido tantos
de mi rebao.
Hambruna, sequa, enfermedad.
Por qu permites
que los que te aman sufran
You can leave that right there.
Thank you.
- Gracias.
- Thank you so much.
Excuse me?
Excuse me!
You're from the Marquez Ranch?
Dear Isabella,
your son's case is intriguing.
I'm eager to learn more.
I believe the abnormalities
to be related to the mind, not
the body.
I would like to come in person.
With proper time
and the latest in mental
I am confident that we can come
to understand his peculiar
and integrate your son
back into society.
I look forward to meeting you.
Buenas noches, seora.
Doctor Grace Victoria Burnham.
- Pleased to meet you.
- I am Maria.
- You are here to save us?
- Shh!
How was your trip?
Very agreeable.
Thank you.
Come, I'll show you
to your room.
I would like to see the boy
as soon as possible. Is he still
It is best to see the Don first.
Temo will come with your things.
Very good.
Shall I meet Isabella then?
You should speak to
the Don first.
Don Nicols Mrquez,
permtame presentarle a Grace
Victoria Burnham.
Seor Marquez, it's a pleasure
to finally make your
No entiendo.
Dnde est el doctor?
I am Doctor Burnham.
I see.
Temo will return you
to the station tomorrow.
- We have no need of a nurse.
- Excuse me?
I'm sorry you came all this way.
If there is a sick patient in
this home,
I will see to him.
No matter how ignorant
his father is.
Cmo se atreve?
Seor, ya que el tren
pasa solo una vez por semana,
no podra quedarse
hasta ese momento?
pero no voy a consentir que me
falten al respeto en mi propia
You may see the boy tonight.
I'm sorry for that.
It's a bitter man who puts his
before the welfare of his own
- He has good reason.
- Is that so?
He doesn't seem
like a man moved by reason.
I'm assuming
it was Isabella who taught the
Martn taught himself.
- You keep him like this?
- It is best.
It's all right.
This is Doctor Burnham.
- Encantado de conocerte,
- Mucho gusto, Martn, me llamo
Look, Martn.
She's from Nueva York.
- It's a pleasure to meet you.
- Your music was lovely.
Was that Paganini?
May I sit?
Thank you, Martn.
Father Antonio,
thank you, but you may leave us
I'm sorry, Seora, I must stay.
Can you read to me?
Yes. But first,
I'd like to ask you some
Would that be all right?
- And do you like cowboys?
- They're called gauchos here or
That's what I'm going to be.
You are quite the enthusiast.
You'd make Buffalo
Bill very proud.
You've been as well to a show?
I have.
During the World's
Fair in Chicago.
You're very lucky.
Mama says Buffalo Bill
is almost a good cowboy as pap.
I'm sure she's right.
Did she buy you all these books?
But she won't buy
any more books for me.
And why is that?
Because I killed her.
Can you tell me what happened?
Would you like me to
read to you now?
Muy bien!
Despacio, Martn!
Isabella, no!
Why have you allowed him
to perpetuate this idea that he
killed his mother?
Because that is what happened.
He's always been like this.
The very day Martn was born,
that's when the locusts came.
It is like "Exodus 10".
"The Lord sent a plague onto
and that plague was death."
Father Antonio...
before we begin Martn's
let me be clear.
We are dealing with a disorder.
A disease of the mind.
Religion is not a factor.
It is a matter of science
and we'll solve it as one.
S, seora.
Fue a la feria mundial.
- Qu dijiste?
- Doctora Grace estaba en
Vio a Bufallo Bill.
If we say we have no sin,
we deceive ourselves,
and the truth is not in us.
And who decides what is a sin?
Martn, I would like to visit
your mother's grave.
Would you mind taking me?
It's better if we stay
in the hacienda.
No! She should see my mother.
It's not safe.
I will take you.
Do you miss your mother?
Shall we pray, Martn?
Ave Maria, gratia plena,
Dominus tecum.
Benedicta tu in mulieribus
et benedictus fructus ventris
tui, lesus.
Sancta Maria, Mater Dei,
ora pro nobis peccatribus,
nunc et in hora mortis nostrae.
Father Antonio.
Padre Gavira.
l no debera estar aqu.
Nio mrame! !Nio! Mrame!
Te veo. Te veo y te reconozco.
- That is quite enough!
- Grace.
You're scaring him.
Deberas avergonzarte.
Estamos visitando a la seora.
Permtanos estar aqu.
He is a child.
Martn, no!
- Lo saba.
- Martn, come! Come!
- No! !No me toques! No me
- Detngalo! Detngalo ahora.
- Demonio! !Asesino!
- Get the rifle! - No!
Go, Grace!
We'll get the demon later!
We purify the Jesuit's soul.
What have they done?
Hold this. I need my bag.
- Llasaq kay.
- Sach'aqa.
My bag. Now.
I need clean bandages.
What was that Temo said?
It's Quechua, it means
Gavira came
when Martn was only months old.
The Lord had spoken to him.
He said we had to exorcise
to get the devil out of him.
I refused.
And now they blame Martn
for everything bad that happens
You were right.
They say Martn is evil.
Maybe he is.
- I was praying for you.
- Do you know who that is?
- Satan.
- He was once God's favourite
But he wanted to be like God
so he was cast out of heaven.
Satan hides in our world...
until regains his strength.
Then he will rise again
and wage his final war.
Martn, would you warm
some water for me, please?
S, seora.
- Do you actually believe those
- It's the word of God.
But I won't be
of much help in their great war,
because I am weak.
You don't have to tell me.
Gavira broke me with
just a few lashes.
I confessed everything he asked.
"Is the boy in league with
"Did he conspire
to bring famine to this valley?"
Don Marquez!
This is no place for your son.
I think you know that.
Can you hear me?
He died this morning.
Half of my herd is already
Unquy llaqta utaq.
The animals in the village
are sick as well. They will
blame Martn.
Well, you must leave.
You've got to go to someplace
You can leave if you want.
Padre! Padre, por favor. Padre.
Buenos das, seor.
Seguro el patrn
puede darme algo para comer.
Lo lamento,
pero como ustedes saben,
tanto los campos de Don,
como los suyos, estn
Pero l tiene tanto.
Mreme, no tengo nada.
- Se lo ruego por mis hijos,
- Un momento.
- Martn!
- Nios! !Vamos! Aljense!
Aljense! !Fuera!
That was very nice of you,
I see you are still here.
- I am.
So you think you can still heal,
Of course.
Let me tell you about Martne's
She was stillborn.
I'm sorry.
No, she wasn't...
Respire... empuje!
Empuje! !Ms!
- Nicols! Djame verla.
- I wanted her buried with the
But Father Gavira
wouldn't allow it.
She wasn't baptised,
so I buried her by the stream.
- I see.
- No, you don't.
Martn didn't like
the sound of his mother crying,
so he tried to make her stop.
No! No!
- No!
- Martn!
Who would do
something like that?
I believe that Martn has what
John Langdon Down called "savant
It's a disorder.
It is modern medicine
that will help Martn.
Not priests or myths
or delusions of omens.
There is always an explanation.
Hijo mo, qu pas?
Bruja! Bruja...
Vyase! !Fuera!
Father Gavira!
I'm so sorry.
What happened?
- You're arrogant to come here.
- I came to make peace.
And to help you understand.
See, Martn isn't like
other children.
He's got a sort of sickness.
See, I am an alienist, a doctor.
And I treat patients like Martn
who are alienated from their
human nature.
I baptised
this boy when he was only days
I look in his father's eyes,
and I ask him to let me hold
this baby's head under the
- He trust me, and I failed him.
- No.
The Lord sent me
a warning when Martn was born.
- I didn't listen.
- Martn is different. But he's
no demon.
Satan disguised
himself as an angel.
Martn has a condition,
an illness.
Look, if you just see right
you will understand.
It is all right here. Look.
Please. You'll see.
Our book also
has a name for this condition.
El Maligno.
I'm no child you can scare.
No fue Adn
quien fue engaado, sino una
mujer llamada Eva.
Aqu los nicos engaados
son esta gente.
Por tu ignorancia.
Es como dijo el jesuita.
Ella est aliada con el nio!
- Malditos! !Bruja!
- Get off of me! Let me go! Let
me go!
- Let me go!
- Bruja!
Get off of me! Get off of me!
- Let me go!
- Bruja!
Get off of me!
Get off of me!
Bruja! !Bruja! Bruja! !Bruja!
You will confess?
I do this to save you.
You bastards!
Aquel que vendr
por operacin de Satans,
con gran potencia, y seales,
y milagros... mentirosos!
Sern ellos los que perecern!
Pues no recibirn
la caridad de la verdad...
Van a ser salvados!
S fuerte... S fuerte...
No es suficiente.
You have eleven acres
but only thirteen quarts of
Even if the harvest is good, it
won't be
enough to see the herd through
the winter.
Fourteen qu?
You'll have to slaughter
fourteen head.
Better do it now before they
There is no right or wrong
All right?
What do you see?
- There is nothing.
- Really?
This inkblot was made by
Justinus Kerner,
a German physician.
Like you.
He was also a poet,
inspired by this very picture.
So, tell me, Martn...
do you still see nothing?
That's not a shape.
I see a lake in the mountains
because it reminds me of home.
Does it remind you of anything?
Anything at all.
Perhaps I see a butterfly.
Very well.
How about this one?
What do you see?
I see a moth.
- Everything all right, Father?
- I can't
remember the last time I've seen
You really seem
to have made a connection.
If I may...
what do you see in him?
I see a boy born with
special abilities.
Music, mathematics, language.
A boy born with the ability to
access parts
of the brain that others don't
even know exist.
A boy touched by God.
That's one way to say it.
What else?
I see a... confused,
lost child
with no place in this world,
born incapable of normal
social behaviour.
Incapable of empathy.
And do you believe you
can cure him?
But I can help Martn
imagine what it's like to feel
what other people are feeling.
I believe that only God can
change, Martn.
But who knows, Grace?
Perhaps he works through you.
Not yet.
Thank you.
I didn't know you were
waiting for me.
It would be nice to eat
as a family would.
It's nice to have a woman at our
table again.
- Thank you, Don Marquez.
- Nicols, please.
The east field is ready
to be replanted.
Wheat will grow there now.
"The dusty cowboy rode
into town astride his giant
black steed."
"Outnumbered and surrounded,
he faced down the cattle
"His wife, still in the grips
of these bandits, called out,
'William, run! Save yourself!'."
"But Bill Cody would do
no such thing."
"He drew his two Colt revolvers
and galloped into the bandits."
"And when the dust settled,
there was only one man still set
atop his horse."
"The West's most wild cowboy,
a true gaucho."
- Like my father.
- Like your father.
Now it's bedtime.
Good night.
You know this is
just loneliness.
You know that, right?
Una vez que la tierra est
plantamos la semilla.
- Un palmo bajo la superficie.
- Eso es.
Como nuestra reserva est casi
plantamos a mano, para no
- Cubrimos la semilla con
para que no se seque. - Muy
Puedo plantar otra, pap?
Blessed are you,
Lord, God of all creation.
You gave up your only son,
so that we may be washed of sin.
In his body, we find the
bread of life.
- You are saved.
- Amen.
You are saved.
Socorro! !Socorro!
Fuego! !Fuego! Socorro!
You keep the boy inside.
No, that's wrong.
He's supposed to say the
benediction next.
Fear not, for I have redeemed
I have called you by name, you
are mine.
- You are mine, you are mine.
- Martn. Martn.
You are mine, you are mine.
- Madre de Dios!
- Agua! !Agua!
You are mine, you are mine.
You are mine, you are mine.
You are mine, you are mine.
Martn, I need you...
You are mine, you are mine.
You are mine, you are mine.
You are mine, you are mine.
You are mine, you are mine.
You are mine.
You are mine.
When you pass through the
I will be with you.
When you walk through fire,
you shall not be burned.
And the flame shall
not consume you.
Agua! !Agua, por all!
So, Martn, I need to go help.
Will you stay here for me?
Please? All right?
- Nicols! Where's Nicols?
- He went inside.
Nicols! Nicols!
Nicols! Nicols!
Qu hace? Aydeme!
Martn. Martn.
Get up now, and
follow me outside.
Stay here.
Go! Go!
The fire, he...
Yesterday, in the field,
Martn took my hand.
You'll need stitches.
I saw something.
During the fire.
Something... impossible.
If I...
If my reason...
If I of all people
can't see Martn without
then how am I to help him?
God works through us.
It is by his hand you came here.
God didn't send me, Father.
If he exists,
God abandoned us a long time
Do you know what "grace" means?
Grace is when... God reaches out
to us
in moments when we want nothing
to do with him.
When he puts his faith in us,
even when we've lost it in
What I'm trying to say
is that perhaps it is you
we needed here in this hour of
Not in spite of your beliefs,
but because of them.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Look at me.
Martn, it's time for
our morning talk.
Pap should plant amaranth
in the east field.
Is that so?
Amaranth is more tolerant
to blight and drought. We had
both this year.
All right. We'll tell
him tonight.
We should tell
the other farmers in the
village, too.
And why would you
like to do that?
So they don't burn
our house down.
Only that?
- Or could it be that you also
want them to go hungry? - No,
only that.
- Why do you think that they
down your stables? - To punish
- Why?
- Because I killed their crops.
Martn, did you kill
their crops?
Did you sneak out in the middle
of the night and release the
And did you also cast a spell
on their animals and make them
sick and die?
- Martn, did you?
- No.
- Well, then it can't be true,
can it?
- What about the man last night?
Hey, Martn, you did
nothing to him.
You didn't do anything.
Do you hear me?
He started a fire and
it killed him.
That's what happened.
those people are scared, all
They're scared, and they
need something to blame for that
and it's going to be you,
because you are different.
All right?
Do you understand me?
How's Martn?
He understands what happened.
He blames himself.
What can I do?
Treat him like a son.
Love him...
without judgement.
He mentioned planting amaranth.
Perhaps you could take him back
with you.
But he needs that. He needs
to spend time with you, working
in the fields.
He will work with me.
But we cannot plant
together again.
They've sown my land with salt.
Nothing will grow now.
In the case of common hysteria,
it not infrequently happens
that instead of a single major
we find a number of partial
forming a group of provoking
They are components
of a single story of suffering.
Ven, ya es hora de levantarse.
We must presume,
then, that the cyclical trauma,
or, more precisely,
the memory of that trauma,
acts as a foreign body
long after its entry must
to be regarded as an agent still
at work,
only disappearing once the
has been vividly provoked.
The process must be
brought back to its "status
its state of birth.
Can you hear it, Martn?
Each click in rhythm
like the one before and the one
Each moment no longer
and no shorter than any other.
Time passing in
perfect symmetry.
I'm going to name a thing, and
you're going
to tell me how it makes you
- Horses.
- I like to ride horses.
But they smell very bad.
- Yellow clovers.
- I hate them.
- Why?
- Because they remind me of
Tell me about her.
She smelled like lavender
and her hair was the colour of
burnt coffee.
- How did she make you feel?
- Safe.
That sounds very nice.
Why would you dislike
that feeling, Martn?
Because it's a lie.
We're not safe.
We're all going to die
because of me.
- What is your lie?
- What?
What is your lie?
What is your lie?
That I'm a fraud.
That I repeat the teachings
of great men, but I'm not one of
That I'll travel to the edge
of the world to prove myself,
only to fail.
Those aren't lies.
They're fears.
- Temo?
- Uma wakcha kunan.
What is it?
I believe it to be typhus.
- Plague.
- It's spread by lice.
I need you to go inside and burn
that she could have touched in
the last few days.
Linens, blankets, clothing...
Anything that could spread the
Do you understand?
Te prometo que vas a estar bien.
Ya vers.
Through this Holy Unction of oil
and through the great goodness
of his mercy...
I can't... do this.
I'm not who you think I am.
- I'm a fraud. - For the first
I know my son and he knows me.
This is just science, a disease.
But what you have done
with my son is a miracle.
She's gone.
It's God's will.
by evil use of sight, hearing,
smell, taste and speech, touch,
ability to walk.
Padre! !Salve a mis hijos!
Por favor! !Nuestros hijos!
No tenemos a dnde ir.
Ayuda, Padre!
Mis hijos! !Mis hijos!
Dios no ha olvidado su familia.
Dios no ha olvidado su gente.
Solo os manda pruebas.
No, no nos quedaremos de brazos
mientras el Maligno nos ataca.
Es hora de hacer la
voluntad de Dios.
Maskhay nan.
- Which books would you like me
to pack?
- We won't have room.
The violin, then. We
must bring this.
I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- What?
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to hurt Maria.
I don't want to leave.
I'll be better, I promise.
Please. I'll think whatever
you want me to think. I just
want to stay!
Martn, look at me.
I can only imagine
how confusing this must be for
This is not your fault.
None of this is your fault.
None of it.
Now come help me pack.
Seor, dame la fortaleza.
- Padre.
- I'm ready.
Your things?
I have all that I need.
Very good.
Paykuna hamuy.
- They're coming for him.
- Martn, come inside. Come.
If the worst should happen.
They would be cruel.
Vamos! !Vamos!
You know what? Martn...
Why don't you play some music
for me?
I think that would...
- That would make me feel
- S, seora.
Temo, kunan!
Let's go.
Let's get him to the horses.
These take you to the
cold cellar. Here.
Good luck, Doctor.
El nio est enfermo.
Con nuestros votos
estamos llamados a ayudar a este
y usar la gracia de Dios para
de cualquier manera que se
Ahora ests con ellos?
La ciencia solo es la
con la que el hombre descubre lo
que ya existe.
Para entender
la belleza de la creacin de
Dios no cre a este nio.
El Diablo ejerce ms poder
se toma un camino rpido para
formar un juicio.
No dejemos que nuestra rabia,
o indiferencia, o egosmo...
El nio.
- Vamos, vamos a por el nio.
- Vamos!
Vamos, vamos.
Aqu estn, Aqu estn!
El nio.
- Mtalo!
- Sach'aqa.
Get behind me, Martn!
Martn! No!
Y fue arrojado al gran dragn.
La serpiente antigua
se llama el Diablo y Satans,
el cual engaa al mundo entero.
Y fue arrojado a la tierra.
Y sus ngeles fueron
arrojados con l.
El ngel del Seor,
Miguel, levant el cielo...
Mtalo! Mtalo! Mtalo!
Mtalo! Mtalo! Mtalo!
La mato yo, la bruja!
Vamos a matar...
Vamos a matar a esos infieles.
Pap, vamos a viajar en tren?
De verdad? S?
They won't understand.
I killed those men.
That's not what I saw.
I killed them. That's
what you saw.
Nothing else.
What will become of him?
I will protect him.
He will be safe...
and happy.
It's time we take our trip.