In the Heights (2021) Movie Script

What does sueito mean?
Sueito ? It means
"little dream."
That's it? No story?
Can we go in the water now?
Let him explain.
All right, all right.
Everybody sit down, sit down.
Yes! Yeah!
All right.
It's the story of a block
that was disappearing.
Once upon a time,
in a far away land called
en un barrio
called Washington Heights.
Say it,
so it doesn't disappear.
Washington Heights!
All right, all right.
Oye, oye, oye.
The streets were made of music.
Mi gente!
It's your boy,
It's 5:30 a.m., and here's
today's news.
In a record-breaking heat
wave, the mayor's urging
Limit air conditioner
use, as brownouts
Check it out,
this weekend's highly
Fiesta in the Heights,
is about to get you out of
your homes and into the
Hey, Pop.
Best days of my life.
Bendicion, Abuela. Bendicion.
Don't forget to take your
God bless you.
- Love you.
Lights up
on Washington Heights
-Yo, what are you doing, bro?
Hey, y'all. Good morning.
Ice cold piragua , parcha,
china , cherry, strawberry and
-Ice cold piragua , parcha ...
I am Usnavi
and you
greatly exaggerated
That my syntax is highly
single greatest Little
I love it
And beyond that
I haven't gone back
I gotta get on that
fridge warm and tepid?
fight the heat
profit If the coffee
-Abuela, my fridge broke.
I got caf but no con leche.
Ay, Dios . Try my mother's
old recipe.
One can of condensed milk.
Oh, hey. Your lottery ticket.
That was Abuela
She's not really my abuela
raised me
I'm up shit's creek
I've never been north
of 96th Street.
the A Train
To northern Manhattan
down I'm gonna test you
Times are tough
bought Ortega's
up and pickin' up
the rents went up
But we live with just enough
my day
and endless debts
without caf
'Cuz tonight
seems like a
Kevin Rosario
at college
So he can't sleep
is mad cheap
Caf con leche
Must be your lucky day
you're so excited
last night
all week
sex and cheap perfume
Oh, no!
trees that you hang from
Ay, no!
"Who's in there with you,
the liquor store!
No me diga!
And that's Cuca.
The salon ladies.
-Adios, papi.
Sonny, you're late.
Chillax, you know you love me.
Mom-and-pop stop-and-shop
too darn hot
Cole Porter said
cold waters
Just a part of the routine
Everybody's got a dream
coffee and smirk
to work
"One dollar, two dollars
I got it
What kind?
quarter waters
The tax is added"
some practice at it
for taxicabs
stressed, yes
through the mess
what's next
In the Heights
I buy my coffee and I go
I blast my radio
Yeah, and let me
also get a--
On the damn back burner
got no skills
on the real
No, no, nooo!
Nooo, no-no-no!
No-no, no-no, no-no!
security deposit
bottom of my closet
a down payment
No, no,
I won't let you down
Yo, here's your chance
Ask her out right now!
We can look at that lease
Make your move, don't freeze!
And I'm on that
your coffee's on the house
Oh, damn, there she goes
Take a walk outside
Don't let life slide
Times is tight
to this corner
Chokin' on the heat
While I'm frozen to my seat
All keep on rollin' down the
So I'm switchin' up the beat
But yo, at least we got the
They left with me,
I'll be on a beach with Sonny
In the Heights
I hang my flag up on display
We came to work
and to live
It reminds me
that I came
we are not stoppin'
Until the day
we go from
In the Heights
I've got today
so we cannot stop
In the Heights
I hang my flag up on display
from miles away my family
It gets more expensive
Ya gotta just keep watchin'
You'll see
the late nights
life of what it's like
Come on,
stack that right there,
Let's just keep those boxes in
order, too.
Ah. the hustle never ends.
-Alejandro, how you doing?
How's the law office?
-You're spitting image of your
old man.
-Yeah, so how was the DR?
I got to visit
some old friends.
I wish I could go back more
That's facts.
-Hey, so you get to check out
my dad's old place?
Same story as last time?
You ready?
-Don't play!
Now, it's probably not how you
remember it,
but it could be an opportunity
to bring it back to life.
My pops would be rolling in his
grave if he saw what came
The electricity's shot.
Half the roof got taken in the
Thus the low asking price,
the quick sale.
"El Sueito."
Pop's little dream.
Yo, I remember, man, when--
I used to be working
in the back
And I was like John Wick.
I'd be like...
I've been saving up all my
pennies in my piggy bank for
Yeah, on these blocks,
you can't walk two steps
without bumping into someone's
big plans.
Okay, I'm in.
Thank you, man.
I'll see you, papa.
- Come on.
This is crazy!
Let's go!
Mine was a... quaint little
If I made it back to the
Dominican Republic, then we
But Nina Rosario's dreams were
all about reach.
Spelling bee champ,
managed her dad's business
and basically...
she was like a little sister
to me.
Girl was a rocket, determined
to go far.
The genius is back!
-I missed you!
-Me, too. Did you just get in?
Yeah, late last night.
-Final week?
-Yeah, it's really happening.
Yo, so much to catch up on.
-Come over for a free
mani-pedi, yeah?
Mm-hm. Oh, and Benny's on the
dispatch today. Just sayin'.
if you want it
West Side
left side
If you catch the lights
take Route 87
back in again
dispatch, right?
check the technique
traffic accident
Ave and the Jacob Javitz
don't get stuck in
special guest
Live and direct from a year
out west
Welcome her back, 'cause she
looks mad stressed!
the barrio's best
-No, no, no, no...
-Go, go, go.
welcome wagon
You thirsty as hell.
You used to date?
No way,
the boss's daughter?
Nina Rosario!
-Oh! Yo!
-What's up?
-Yo, hold up.
Don't get hit by a car, girl,
you just got here.
Oh, man.
Yo, mad changes
happening on the block since
Oh, yeah. I mean,
at least your dad
Yo, the cleaners next door,
nine dollars a shirt.
-Yo! Look who's home!
Look at you!
Why are you taller than me?
I know, my man grew a couple
inches, he think he a man.
Man, shut up.
-I see you.
Listen, you down to march next
Like we used to?
What's the cause?
They're talking about kicking
out all the DREAMers.
It's time to make some noise.
You want to come?
I know that voice!
Count me in.
-Yo. Later.
-Well, you do good? You done?
-My man, who's watching the
Pete! You can't just take that!
Bro! Get back here, man!
That's on your tab, bro!
Both of y'all.
Oh, yes.
by your mother.
May she rest in peace.
We'll use them for the party.
They're beautiful.
Abuela Claudia never had kids,
so she adopted the whole
block as her own.
Adopted our sueitos , too.
When I got to Stanford...
...the isolation, Abuela.
The loneliness.
I was, like, "What am I doing
Mira , when
my mam came from Cuba...
Ay, Dios mo.
She felt like one tiny grain of
sand from the beaches we left
What did she do?
She bought a winter coat
and a pair of velvet gloves.
Her hands were cracked
from the cleaning fluids.
But the gloves hid that.
We had to assert our dignity in
small ways.
That's why these napkins are
That's why my mother's gloves
were beautiful.
Little details that tell the
world, we are not invisible.
-Hey, Nina. Como ests?
"You're going places"
that while I was away
-Hey, Nina!
you know
real slow
Sigu andando
el camino por
que Dios te bendiga
city was mine
and said
"Nina, be brave and you're
gonna be fine"
But it all seems like
lifetimes ago
to these faces
about me
nuestra estrella
to succeed
who made it out!
But maybe I should have
just stayed home
wide awake
the highest place
lots of papers
oh, God
letting you down
The reality of an elite
it's no joke, Pop.
Yeah, when I left, y'all were,
"It's gonna be great. Go show
'em who we are. Go represent."
The truth is...
is that most of the time I'm
at Stanford feels like a
De verdad? Of who?
Of my family.
My community.
Like the dean, he invited me
to this diversity dinner.
Super-wealthy donors, trustees,
the whole nine.
And I wore this black cocktail
dress and I was walking to my
and one of the patrons shoved
her plate into my arms
and said, "I ordered the
vegetarian option."
And all the servers,
all Latino,
like, "Ooh, what's this
triguea gonna do?"
"Ooh, what's she gon' do?
Is she with us?
Ah, bueno. There's no
shame in waiting tables.
And there's no shame
in having a different path.
Like you.
Dad... the deadline passed.
The extension
on spring tuition.
-But I didn't receive notice.
Yeah, they let me finish off my
classes, but we owe them.
No, don't you give it a second
thought. I'm on it. Hm?
The deadline to pay and enroll
for next semester also passed.
How come you know
about all this
I switched the info.
I gave the finance office
Well, why would you do that?
Because you sold half the
business, and it barely covered
I don't want you doing
- Espera , that sale pulled
us out of debt.
You and I both know that
finances were tenuous before
And this might not be feasible.
-I'm gonna call them right now.
-Dad, Stanford's over.
Stop overreacting,
Nina, please.
-Dad, I'm serious.
You don't tell me how much we
can afford.
You're not the parent. Hm?
God bless you. Dios te bendiga.
What's all over those pipes?
- That's the roof.
On the floor?
Ay, Usnavi.
Tu eres un workaholic.
You think it will be different
in the Dominican Republic?
Just like my mam.
Morning and night, year after
year... to what end?
To wake up and scrub another
floor till the day she died.
Yeah, but... here I work to
El Sueito will be a
labor of love.
The bodega was only supposed
to be temporary,
but now... I'm like, almost 30.
The plan was always to go back.
Hopefully, I won't be going
You, me and Sonny?
Y Sonny? Is he on board?
He's my next ask.
I'm not going without him.
Look, I got Sonny.
You know I can't go nowhere
without you.
I took care of my community,
-Hell, yes!
El Sueito 2.0.
The tropical air'll keep you
young, girl!
Caramba , buy me a bikini!
Let's go!
I don't know, man.
Leave Washington Heights?
I'd have to talk to my dad...
You're just a kid.
You don't even know. For real.
Dominican Republic's gonna blow
your mind.
You do you. It's all good. But
don't be roping me into your
Merengue . Carnaval.
Summer all year 'round.
Who's gonna greet you in DR?
Some cousin you saw two
Christmases ago?
Best days of my life
were there.
That's the corniest thing I've
ever heard.
You came here when you was
You got... "island memories."
Not me. I was in Pampers
on that plane.
NYC's my spot.
I got my island, okay?
Go get yours.
Don't forget how you got your
-Just, fix the fridge.
Yeah, all right.
Bro, you think you're funny?
What's "Usnavi" mean, anyway?
That sounds weird.
No, it doesn't.
-All right. All right, all
right, all right.
On my dad's first trip to
Nueva York...
he saw a passing ship on
the horizon.
And... he was, like, "Wow,
that's gonna be
- Ohh...
I like it.
Thank you.
Hi, Mr. Rosario?
-Yes, yes, I'm here.
Yes, I'm not sure the
information you received
In actuality, we're still
accepting tuition
So the deadline hasn't passed?
No, it has not passed.
Would you like to know the
Yes. I have a pencil.
Sure, the balance that's due
for the fall semester...
Now, remember,
the block was
Exhibit A: Daniela's salon.
Moving in a week, after
decades of makeovers,
the skin-deep kind
and the emotional kind.
No one could fill her shoes.
Literally, they were like
four inches high.
He doesn't have an apartment.
He doesn't pay rent anywhere.
He's bouncing between
two girls' houses.
-Of course he is.
-Mm-hm. Mm-hm. Mm-hm.
You know what?
It's mad we allow
-We need to have a better
Tres paradas...
pickety, packety, poom,
-.and you're at the new spot.
I'm too old,
and the Bronx is
Que voy a hacer?
I was priced out.
Most of my clients already up
and moved to the Grand
Hey, built in customers.
My lunch break
isn't long enough
One: swipe the fare card.
Two: ride three stops.
Three: arrive at my new
Ten minutes max.
Ten minutes? Cario.
What are you riding, a time
Excuse me?
No, she didn't, right?
-Our people survived
slave ships.
-We survived Taino genocide.
-We survived conquistadores
and dictators.
You're telling me we can't
survive the D Train to the
- Okay, okay, okay.
And who cuts your hair better
than me?
-Hello, hello...
For you, mamita , front of
the line! Oye!
-Emergency, coming through!
Mira, Nina!
I don't know
heard around the barrio
I don't know
You didn't hear this from me
little birdie told me
skank like that
Please tell me
you're joking
I don't know
-What? I don't care!
talking to Benny
big... taxi!
heard all that
I don't know
Oh, God.
you'd be
all out west
You were always the best,
no doubt
your graduation
You guys!
I... dropped out.
No me diga.
Yeah. I should go.
-Well, that's a shitty
She probably flunked out.
Or she got a little bun in the
oven, you know?
What the hell happened?
I don't know
Dani, I'm taking lunch.
Go get me a soda, please?
-Where's she sneaking off to?
That was real quick.
Okay, so we're gonna shave the
whole thing.
tough as nails.
Dreamed of being a downtown
fashion designer.
To her, a sueito was something
you keep a secret.
by my window
Don't disrupt my dreams
everyone insane
They can't tolerate the noise
'Cuz I never let them stay
I'm hoppin' that
holler at me
down the street
Doesn't break my stride
Hey, good morning to you, too,
so they say
Holler at me every day
oh, no, no
It will not be with some dude
'Cuz he has nothing to say
I'm hoppin' in a limousine
I'm sorry.
Had to rush to get
I e-mailed you a few days ago,
but I brought an extra copy.
Here, just in case.
Sorry, here.
Ah, Miss Morales.
-Yeah-- yes.
I'm sorry, honey. I meant to
call you.
Oh... Uh, I got bank checks.
First month, last month and
security. Good as cash.
It's just without a solid
credit check, there's not much
Maybe your parents could
Assuming they can prove income
40 times the rent.
You know what? Get it to me by
five. I'll see what I can do.
-So glad you could make it.
-So good to see you.
-Thanks for having us.
-Good to meet you, yeah.
These are the windows I was
Oh, fabulous.
Absolutely gorgeous.
Yo, how'd it go?
Are we popping champagne?
The realtor took one look at
this, and was, like... "No."
Well, nope on her.
There's something
on your shirt.
Just this.
My cousin over there,
with his tongue hanging out...
has been meaning to ask...
What a lady like yourself...
would be doing this weekend.
Does your cousin dance?
Like a drunk Chita Rivera.
Tell your cousin...
Fiesta in the Heights.
We can hit a few clubs.
Check out the fireworks.
Keep it.
-Have a good day.
Freaky, freaky
the weekend
free, man
Dominican Republic
Gon' make a little money
And one day I'll hop
Jet Blue
I'm grateful
Vanessa's running away from
Vanessa's running away from
place I am working for
Ladies talk and share
Who's doin' who and why
doesn't pay me What I
turbo engines
through the sky
years gone by
Girl, what the hell?
Look what you did.
Yes, that's my hair, girl.
What you gonna do about it?
And in the middle!
You got me walking around here
looking like a cockatoo!
- Chita Rivera?
Who's that?
Banana hat lady?
No, that's Carmen Miranda.
Unibrow artist lady?
-What? No.
- Shut up!
What did they teach you
for Hispanic Heritage Month?
Listen, and repeat after me.
Chita, Rita, Frida,
Celia, Dolores, Isabel,
Sandra, Julia, Rigoberta,
- Yes!
- Chita, Rita, Frida,
Celia, Dolores...
Isabel, Sandra, Julia...
Rigoberta, Mirabal.
Plus, Sonia.
Supreme Court Justice.
Come on! Let's go.
Thank you.
Yo, you all still open, man?
Everybody closed early
-We headed to the pool.
-Let's go.
There is a god!
Yo, don't take nothing from
there without my permission.
Yo, come on, let's roll, man.
All right, all right.
-Yo, Sonny, come on.
-Yeah, I'm coming!
- Yo, answer that.
Holy shit!
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yo, why these chancletas
make my toes wrinkle?
Move, come on.
-It's like they're squeezing my
joints together.
Phone call! Lotto office.
-What, are these Lotto numbers?
-We sold-- a winner.
Oh, shit, I played, bro.
Yo, let's talk profit sharing.
-I want a cut of your cut.
-Yeah, my cut is zero.
-What's the payout?
And don't tell me no $500. I
spent a lot of money on these
the Lotto tomorrow
wouldn't bother goin' on no
And pay the entrance fee
You'll stay friends with me
Richer than Nina's daddy
the links
I'm goin' from
the brass ring, like Frodo
Mr. Braggadocio
You lying like Pinocchio
Stay out the rodeo
Obi-Wan Kenobi, oh
You not ready
And you already sweaty
And pull your damn pants up
As for you, Mr. Frodo
of the Shire
retire-- C'mon!
your ass Off its axis
of jack after taxes
goin' real slow
no regrets
For respect or a paycheck
from the wheel
Everybody here
Take it easy
check my ticket
What would you do with
ninety-six G's?
you and me
brand new lease
Malibu Breeze
-Look at her.
Into these
bread? Then go ahead,
as you pursue 'em
I know precisely
What you doing?
- What am I doing?
cash Just to save my ass
with a view
Abuela Claudia
to Puerto Plata
You really love
this business?
the youngest tycoon
I'd finally fix housing
And wireless web browsing
A good edumacation
Teach 'em
When we should be
and picket
'Til the city takes notice
I'll never sleep
million promises For me
You are so cute.
I was just thinking off the top
of my head.
-What's your name?
Stay broke, then
For real, though, imagine
how it would feel
Goin' real slow, down the
highway of life
breakin' your neck
where I've been
from the wheel
And no breakin' your neck
for respect...
Take it easy
We could tell
everyone we know
and go
We'll get the dough and
We're never gonna
We'll get the dough and
We're never gonna
-We got the numbers, let's go!
We're never gonna
-You put in ten dollars?
Oh, shit. This is the one.
Oh, man.
This is it! This is it!
So who won?
That's what everyone was
But the ticket was never turned
What? Now you talking crazy,
-Yo, you lying. Tell us, man.
-Yeah, tell us.
If I knew, I would.
The point is not who won...
but that we all had a sueito.
And when it comes to dreams...
we had to keep scraping by.
tengo de parcha
are today
shut me down
can say
-You hit my truck?
-Get out of here!
This is my block.
scraping by
Lai, lo, le, lo, lai!
keep scraping by
Keep scraping by
que calor
Stitchwork like this doesn't
exist anymore.
Handmade by an old friend.
How much will you take for 'em?
Oh, no, no. Not for sale.
They're for a special occasion
this weekend.
-Does tomorrow by 4:00 work?
-Oh, perfect!
- Gracias.
-All right,
Plus tax. I'll waive the rush
Cash or credit?
-Let me think about it.
-Of course.
Welcome to the block.
Admit it.
You're happy
I didn't make it at
I mean, Nina,
I'm not gonna lie.
This feels great.
Girl gets into NYU, she gets
into Columbia...
-but she had to go to the
farthest place.
Nina, I'm not gonna be a ball
and chain.
Right, I told you--
We talked ab--
-Here we go.
-What do you mean,
Shh. Let me just listen to my
top of the world
a subway map
to my place
in the sky
subway map
Oh, no.
At my corner fire hydrant
every summer
Till my face got drenched
dispatch window
They're coming to get me!"
No, I wasn't.
snide But he'd let me
When you're home
When you're home
seems clearer
it me?
I wanna show you all I know
And the light is getting low
to Castle Garden?
take a shot When the day
A little ways away
it darkened You'd hang
would bring his radio
from Senior Studies
-Get in here, girl!
Come on!
No par! Sigu, sigu!
No par! Sigu!
When you're home
here with me
you are hearing
cheering you along
I'd imagine what would happen
Puerto Rico
If I had never seen Manhattan
with my people
I've tried to find the answer
learning Spanish
answer out at
at the sea
to be?
proud of me
you all day
That may be how
That when you find your way
world and then We're all
I'm home.
Hey, boss, I got your caffeine.
I'm in a meeting.
Oh, hey, Pike.
Everything okay?
Thank you, Benny.
Thank you very much.
-Need anything else?
-No, no. We're good,
If you need--
Caf con leche.
Number twelve...
It's better
than his current
I can pay for his flights, to
and from.
Christmas, summers...
Just so that he doesn't go too
long without seeing you.
And, you know, I know
you're his dad,
and I'm just his big cousin,
I mean...
this could be good for
You're unsure.
Talk to me.
Chill out. You're hovering.
You're doing that thing, you
That's your first of the day?
Listen, if I could be like...
"Out you go, Sonny," I would.
I thought about it.
But, I can't.
The kid doesn't listen
to shit I
-So is that a yes?
-Is it a yes?
Tio ... Come on, man.
He's a good kid.
He's smart. He's funny.
He cares.
That kid does well in school,
he works hard.
And I could tell you.
I'm with him every day.
Working in my store.
I got that kid working to the
bone, but look, I'm...
He has an opportunity to have a
life that you and me didn't
Come on, Tio.
How do you pay him?
Ever wonder why?
-Perdn, Alejandro.
Thank you for letting me
come in
I was just wondering
about the status
We got good news, mijo.
The check is cashed.
there's no chance,
just to tie up some loose ends
before... before I go.
The place
is yours, mijo.
Yeah, well...
You got cold feet?
No... No.
No, man.
I mean, that's amazing.
That's amazing.
Thank you again.
You know, just, life throws you
curve balls, but...
I'll figure it out. Thank you
A dream come true, right?
So... Sonny's dad is okay with
him leaving?
Yeah... he's fine with it.
That's great.
Pero you wore your papi's hat?
Yeah. It fits.
Okay, okay.
-Okay? Gracias, mi amor.
I want
to talk to you.
Oh, yeah. Okay.
-It's open. Est abierto!
Oh, we're in trouble now.
-How cute!
-Oh, my God, I love that dress.
I love your dress.
Yo, look at this.
Good luck.
You're gonna need it.
I'm sorry, you just--
You look amazing.
-My favorite color.
Well, I...
have a date tonight, so...
Right. That's right.
You have a date.
-I have a date, too.
-Oh, you do?
We. We have a date.
We have a date.
This is a date.
Let me get you a drink.
-Think fast.
All right, let's clean this up
before Abuela gets here.
Usnavi, Vanessa. Ven, baila.
-No, not this song again!
That scratch on the record is
her favorite part.
-The scratch on the record
is my favorite part.
You don't want any
of it? Oh, yeah, you're trying
Let me give you
a vegan pastel.
You got sauce on my sleeve!
Pass me a tissue or something.
No, I got you.
-You're good.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Now you know.
-Be generous.
-Yeah, we're gonna get it out.
-You know what I'm sayin'.
I take note.
You know,
my first business,
You know what?
Every time you tell the story,
you're a different age, and you
get younger
-and younger and younger.
-I was seven or eight...
I took a rag and a coffee can,
I went to the plaza in Arecibo
to shine shoes for a nickel.
But every nickel went to shoe
polish, right?
Because the next time I could
charge a dime.
-Wow, my man was a hustler.
-'Cause you got that investment
-Hey, Benny!
-Hey, yo!
-The party's just starting,
-Let me make you a plate.
-No, no, I'm not hungry.
Benny, not hungry?
Yo, Kevin, that
meeting I walked in on with you
Is that what I thought it was?
'Cause, you know,
I keep playing
Adios. I was saving that
news for dessert.
What news?
You know, when Pike originally
approached me, he wanted the
So today, I reopened the
-I knew it.
I guess we're gonna
do this now,
Nina... it was about your age
that your mother and I,
God rest her soul, we came here
and we emptied our savings to
put a down payment
Two burgundy Cadillacs,
that was
Start small, dream big.
I look at you, mija,
I see her.
Y te lo juro , if she were
here, she would've done the
I sold Rosario's.
- Felicidades!
-Raise a glass.
- Felicidades!
- Yes,
To Nina, who can now finish
what she started at Stanford.
To Nina!
-To Nina.
-To Nina.
Nina, say, "Thank you, Papi."
Dad... the deadline passed.
-I don't know what you're
talking about.
Stop with the lying. I called
I called them!
Stop trying to protect me here.
There were other things other
than the finances.
Did you not hear what I said?
Yes, about the ignorant
idiotas --
That's the same thing that
we foresaw when we came!
-No, it's not the same thing,
It is not
the same.
When you came here and Mom came
here, you all had a Latino
ready to welcome you,
open arms,
and teachers and lawyers,
first generation,
There's no community for me at
I got searched.
I got searched.
On moving day...
my roommate lost
her pearl necklace and...
the RA and her parents
came in...
and searched me and they...
emptied my drawers,
turned over my purse...
and I just stood there.
I stood there
and didn't say anything.
And then eventually,
they found it... in her bag.
You're the best
we've got, Nina.
If you can't stay in the ring,
what's that gonna say about us?
You can't keep
putting your life's work
Dile, mi gente,
isn't she the best we got?
And then I apologize
like an idiot.
I stood there,
I didn't do anything,
and then I apologized.
Well, you keep
getting A's, baby,
that's your revenge.
-My God, you're not
hearing her, Kevin.
-I'm not going back!
So all of my decisions
can just go to hell here?
-I'm doing this for you!
-No, you're doing it for you!
What if I refuse your money?
What if I don't want it?
I refuse.
She refused.
Okay, se acabo todo. Get out!
Fiesta in the Heights!
I really like what
in Washington Heights
This music's tight
that you look great tonight
Because you do
You really--
-Relax, que relaxed?
I'm relaxed.
I get so busy with the store
It's a brand new chore
No time for the dance floor
Hang out some more
Without so much
as a thank you
On the weekend
Hey, if you want to
She's tryin' to
I can take
Oh, shit!
Vanessa, let me
Get the next one
Interject some
The way you flex on the floor
Get the next one
Interject some
The way you flex on the floor
Get the next one
Interject some
The way you flex on the floor
Let me get an amaretto sour
You complete me
You know you need me
Let's get freaky
The strong and silent type
Caribbean island type
All night
Say something
- Where you been?
-Yo, you been
doing your thing all night!
Yeah, hold up.
Wait, wait. Let's take a shot.
-You want a shot?
-No, it's fine.
Let me get you a shot.
-I'll be right back,
I'll be right back!
Two shots, please! Same thing.
Ay, Dios!
Ay, Dios!
We are powerless
These goddamn doors
Somebody better open
these goddamn doors
-I can't find Usnavi!
Everybody is nervous
Streetlights out of service
Our hour is at hand
We gon' light up the night
Everybody, let's focus
Grab your ammo and stack up
Till the power comes
-When was the last time
you saw her?
-Did she text you?
Did she call you?
I called her twice
and I texted her.
-She not hittin' me back.
-Get out of my car!
I gotta get
to the dispatch, man.
Yo, I gotta wait
for Vanessa, man.
-What are you talking about?
-Look, I might not
but I still
got one tonight, Nina.
Let it go.
I can't.
Just stick with Usnavi.
I'll see you later, all right?
We are powerless,
we are powerless
And shoving and shouting
You barely even
I've been trying all night
With like half of the Heights
from us tonight
Anything tonight
Keep running away
From home
Look at the fireworks fly
Nagle at Broadway,
I got a woman in labor,
she needs to go to
Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.
Can you get her there?
Thank you and happy birthday.
Yo, Kevin, I, um... I routed
all the incoming calls
-and I got the generator
covering the outgoing.
You smart.
-You so smart.
- Hi, baby.
You got here mad quick.
What's going on?
Yeah, long night
at the club.
Usnavi, what's wrong?
-Forget about it.
-Have a drink.
Toast to drama.
but you're too comfortable.
-Bingo, mother-lovers!
if you don't have a fare, the synagogue
and head up to Regiment.
So if you're
crossing the bridge,
-pick up multiple riders.
-Go up to Dyckman, then.
Do what you gotta do.
I'll get you some water
in a minute.
All right. Put your feet up.
-That's better.
-All right.
-Ooh. That's better.
-You okay?
-Yes, thank you.
-All right.
Look at the fireworks
Look at the fireworks
I'm done. I'm done.
- Are we touching
Oh, my God. The fear!
In La Vibora
Of Havana
The same as mine
In La Vibora
In the plaza
You would find work
In the sky
Beyond our streetlights!
You gotta bribe the supa
In Washington Heights
En La Vibora
Anger in the streets
Playing with my friends
Mama says we're poor
"Vamos a Nueva York"
But Nueva York had work
Imagining what you'd do
We went through
You'd say
Paciencia y--
In America
Mayor La Guardia
Welcoming Mami and me
Paciencia y fe
Than you were
Trying to catch a break
Finally got a job
Polishing with pride
Of the Upper East Side
The weeks into years
Paciencia y fe
When your dreams come true?
I survived
Abuela, Abuela.
Call 911!
-Okay, okay, okay.
- Call 911!
-Wait, what?
- I got you,
What's going on?
-No, no...
What's happening?
- Bring her
Come here with some towels!
Okay, okay.
-It's gonna be okay.
-Abuela, it's gonna be okay.
I'm right here, Abuela,
I'm right here.
I'm right here, I'm right here.
I'm right here, I'm right here.
And pronounced...
She was already lying in bed
That her heart gave out
What they said
A combination of the stress
Took her medicine
She went out in peace
In her hand
Had simple pleasures
Of things we ignore
Bread crumbs
To raise this thing
"Praise to this"
The path was clear
Claudia, Seor
Doa Claudia, Seor
Alabanza a
Doa Claudia, Seor
Doa Claudia, Seor
Doa Claudia, Seor
Paciencia y fe,
Doa Claudia
Should we take a break?
No, Daddy, keep going.
Hey, Pop.
Best days of my life.
It's creepy quiet.
Usually, the One Train's
up there, screeching.
Yo, I was thinking...
there's so much stuff going on.
And all it just got me thinking
about is, like... all the
And I just thought about you.
You're about
to change zip codes.
Country codes, actually.
Yeah, but
that's not till August.
I mean, you know, we got time.
I'm the girl who paints nails.
There's plenty like me,
here and over there.
Yo, you're an artist.
Yo, your senior year
lab book...
I should've been
paying attention
all them doodles you made.
Yo, it was like...
Wonder Woman meets...
The Simpsons meets...
-And I would...
I would watch, like...
I just want to see
the whole world
Mira para all.
Benny, you know,
before I bought Rosario's...
it was O'Hanrahan's.
The whole block was Irish.
You know why I bought it?
My dad, he, uh... he pulled me
out of high school,
so that I could work on
the same farm as him.
Making the same pennies.
I thought to myself,
"No, no, no, papi."
"That don't make no sense."
I'm gonna drop out
so somebody else
So I came here.
So I could make
my own damn work.
But, you never
finished high school?
But Nina did.
You asked me,
"What a sueito means?"
I'm not gonna sit here
and give you
some fairy tale version.
You know, a dream isn't some
sparkly diamond we get.
You know, sometimes, it's...
it's rough.
And it's not so pretty.
DACA was not
a gift from some benevolent
You made
it happen, you fought for it.
And that's why
it still continues now.
'Cause what about the people
who don't qualify,
She gets into college
without papers, but...
no work-study for her,
no federal aid for her
so she doesn't
get to go to college.
-What did she say?
-She said her niece
We can dream bigger
Yo, Sonny!
What's going on man?
Let's do this. Yes!
I knew I couldn't
get a license.
But no college?
She was talking
about undocumented folks.
I remember when I was your age,
they used to say...
"If you work hard
and you live by the rules,
the money will come,
the things will come.
And that, those things
will complete you."
But, they won't.
We work so hard to try
and get there, that we forget
I was gonna be like you.
Share your stories!
Share your stories.
There's nothing
Tell our stories!
Tell our stories!
Tell our stories!
Tell our stories!
Tell our stories!
Dad, I know what I have to do.
You've given me
this amazing education
and figure out how
every undocumented kid
Maybe Stanford isn't a way out.
Maybe it's a way back.
Like Abuela
always used to say...
asserting our dignity
in small ways.
This is it, huh, mija?
This is the moment
when you do better than me.
Not because of
some fancy degree...
It's 'cause you can
see a future that I can't.
You're Nuyoricua.
We're a people on the move,
so yeah, bring us with you.
Ignore anyone who doubts you.
You take all the bruises, baby,
but you stay in the ring.
I called,
and it's still available.
But Vanessa needs a co-signer,
and not one who's about
Would you?
As a personal favor?
We're all ready, ma'am.
That's seorita to you.
Yes. Yes, ma'am--
Seorita. Yes.
Listas. We'll follow behind.
-It's hotter in here.
-Put on the AC.
Come find me in the Bronx.
3843 Grand Concourse.
Where the hell is everybody?
Diablo. It's like
they've given up.
Bye, people!
Our matriarch bites the dust,
and this is how we move on?
We are not power-less.
We are powerful.
If Claudia was here,
she'd say, "P'alante."
In Puerto Rico,
blackouts happen all the time,
This is like
Gilligan's Ghetto Island.
Mi amor, clmate, huh?
What would Jesus do?
Do I look like Jesus to you?
I mean,
sometimes when I squint.
That I'm seeing
I'd see the day
Scared of heat?
Growing up in the hills
Was Christmas time
An ounce of snow
The coquito would flow
The carnaval
And we're about to go
Get off your butt, avanza!
Bring your tambourine
Dani, I have a question
What you're cantando
We are improvisando
Lo, le, lo, lai
-Wait, what?
Into your head
My dad is from Chile
I'm from Queens
We're sweating
This block's getting worse
With a friend
Shove you
That Usnavi's your "friend"
That he love you
That sexual tension
For free
Here comes Usnavi!
Everyone gather 'round
I got an announcement
Holding me down
Tell the whole town
Sonny, grab everybody
Kiss it up to God
It's time to fly, though
pack up the carro
For DR tomorrow!
La bandera dominicana
La bandera puertorriquea
La bandera mexicana
La bandera cubana
Have you seen
Went for a roll in the hay!
Benny and Nina,
Sitting in a tree
-It's your fault.
Nina and Benny
-Okay, okay.
For the Dominican Republic
And stole the girl
My babysitter first!
Is this what y'all want?
The neighborhood is gone
And they closin' the salon
The lights back on
We are powerless
And singin' and celebratin'
And this place disintegratin'
We are powerless
So light up a candle
That we can't handle!
Call in the coroners
A corner full of foreigners
Changing forever
Is our last night together
When the end is so close
With your head in the sand
That I got in my hand
Our voice tonight?
Can we make
A little noise tonight?
Contiene mi alma entera
Can we sing so loud
Across the bridge
To Santo Domingo
We rep our people
What coulda been
In the hood again
Alza la bandera,
la bandera mexicana
La bandera
la bandera
We love you!
We love you! Bye!
All right.
Watch your hand, move--
Okay, okay, okay...
Got it...
-My finger!
-Oh, my gosh. Yo.
Listen, I got this.
Just push. Just push down.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh. You're only
gone to Thanksgiving.
Let me just listen to my block.
Sunset looked better
in the blackout.
Well, how about...
...we pretend
we're still in it?
-I like that.
Early July...
The whole summer
is ahead of us.
Need a flashlight
A calling card
'Cuz I'm falling hard
For you
To make my way
That's when
I'll see your face again
I'll be waiting
Drift apart
Change the world some day
Every night
Nina didn't even let them
drive her to the airport.
She had to take that step
on her own.
An independent, stubborn lady.
Like you, hija.
And that's good.
No, you didn't!
No, you didn't!
No, you did not!
Yo, you playing tricks on me!
Yo, you playing tricks
on me, man!
Yo, Abuela...
Hello? Yes, what time
do you close?
Word! Yes!
Okay, thank you so much.
Thank you, bye.
-Were you just
standing there, just...
I... I heard you
fly out tomorrow.
-Yo, come in, come in, come in.
So how's the new spot?
It's great.
My fingers won't budge.
I haven't sewn a single thing
-You will.
Just... waiting for inspiration
to strike, I guess.
Well, you're pretty creative
and artistic, I mean...
-So... it's gonna hit you,
I think.
Of cold champagne
All sweaty and everything
I already packed the cups
Straight from the bottle
What you did for me
The sweetest thing
To possibly repay you
This gold shit off?
And the signs are taken down
the neighborhood
To open this champagne
Is broken
Open this damn champagne
drop the champagne
To all this trouble
It's been a long day
Maybe save this place
Sonny's got role models
Yo, what are
you talking about?
Can wait
Vanessa, you left us too
West Fourth Street
Gonna see you again
You trying to say?
Addicted to your coffee
Why you're mad at me
How long
does this process take?
from the original
appearances, appeals,
to a final decision...
could be five months.
Or five years.
Five years?
- Yeah.
For a green card
or a rejection.
See, the courts work
at their own speed.
Then we start today.
This is worth 96,000.
How much fight
does this buy us?
I wanna pay for your fee,
and the rest put
-It don't matter.
Holy shit,
that's a lot of money.
-Watch your mouth, bro.
-When did you get that?
What you mean,
when did I get it? Don't worry
Why you always
asking questions?
You know, payment in checks
is more common.
I leave on the first flight
in the morning.
I don't have time
to cash in now.
I wish I did, but I like--
All right.
Bueno, mijo...
...this is gonna be
an emotional rollercoaster.
It may end in heartbreak.
-But, there's a chance, right?
But it's my responsibility
to make sure that he knows...
the odds are against you.
I still want to fight, though.
My bad. Use one of those rags.
How much for this?
Free. I got tons like that.
You hear that?
The voices of the gods.
My last morning,
the One Train...
sounded like Juan Luis Guerra.
And the garbage trucks
smelled like island flowers.
Best days of my life.
Here I come.
Para siempre--
Para siem--
And on and on
But I'm doing the math
To have Sonny
Up on a beach
How it's gonna be
Leavin' today
Off the Hudson
You're sick of living here
Off the fire escapes
Blasting Big Pun tapes
To tell you the truth
From his dispatch booth
Vanessa at the salon
But who's gonna notice
To a crawl, son
When we're all done?
In the long run
I'll miss Abuela's whispers
Every Christmas
When this whole city's
This raggedy little business?
Hey, you.
Do you have two minutes?
You said you wanted
to see the world
-Come with me.
-No peeking.
-All right.
-All right.
Watch it.
-Where am I going?
-Just stand right here.
-No peeking.
-I'm not--
-I can feel you trying
-I'm not trying--
-Just don't.
Hold on.
Okay, open.
After I left your place
last night, I just...
walked around for a while.
And then I ran into Pete.
And I saw one
of his drop cloths, and...
I thought that this
is my next piece.
So I called Sonny and I told
him to open up the bodega,
'cause my fingers
needed to move.
She started working
and was like,
So I started painting.
Yo, how did you...
That's my dad's beach.
Yeah. You had all those photos
by the register.
I worked from memory.
-I did the crab in the corner.
What's so funny?
Who cares
about the crab in the corner?
What you mean,
the crab is like the best part.
No, it is not.
It's in the corner
So what, are you saying
you don't like my crab?
I may be saying
a lot of things,
that just looks like
a fourth-grader drew that.
You could sell that.
- No, I cannot.
-25 cents?
- No,
-I'm saying... just...
-He hates it.
He's forming
an artistic opinion.
Need some new cans
There's been
A slight change of plans
I'm not playin'
Tell the whole block
Tell everyone we know
Yo! Usnavi's stayin'!
Chillin' in the heat
Of the people in the street
Some are bittersweet
And that's what
The coffee sweet
You live in my memories
This corner is my destiny
We pass a test
You know I'll never leave
That hydrant is a beach
On a palm tree
But I ain't goin' back
Your story
To you smilin'
I'm home
Until then...
I thought it was past tense.
The best days of my life.
So I stayed.
And I built my little dream,
my sueito,
here, in Washington Heights.
Say it,
so it doesn't disappear.
Washington Heights!
Because this place...
this is it.
You... you, nena.
You're it.
Para siempre--
I have a date tonight.
I take note.
But, there's a chance, right?
We sold... a winner!
Start small, dream big.
Little details...
that tell the world
we are not invisible.
Can we go to the water now?
Man, you've been
talking forever.
Yeah, come on, Iris.
Please, Daddy? Can I go, too?
Ask your mother.
Mami, can I?
Yes, mi vida, go.
Love you, Daddy.
That I've known
Building and Loan!
That's your throne
Have all flown
And I drop this hip-hop
I'm home
Let me show all of these people
The record straight
I'm gettin' a second date
Where it's 100 in the shade
We remain unafraid
In the air?
To the top of the world
The islands are today
Has broken down
Send somebody over here.
I don't--
All his customers my way
Ain't that some shit?
Hike up the price
Lai, lo, le, lo, lai!
Blackouts on ice
Keep scraping by