In the Key of Love (2019) Movie Script

I need love, love
To ease my mind
I need to find, find
Someone to call mine
My mama said
"You can't hurry love
No, you just have to wait"
She said
"Love don't come easy
It's a game
of give and take"
You can't hurry love
No, you just have to wait
You gotta trust
Give it time
No matter
how long it takes
But how many heartaches
must I stand
Before I find the love
to let me live again?
Right now the only thing
that keeps me hanging on
When I feel my strength
Yeah, it's almost gone
I remember mama said
"You can't hurry love..."
No, you just have to wait"
She said
"Love don't come easy
It's a game
of give and take"
How long must I wait?
How much more can I take
Before loneliness
Will cause
my heart to break?
You can't hurry love
No, you just have to wait
[Sasha] Good morning, Maggie.
[Maggie] Oh, hi, Sasha.
[Sasha] Those look great.
Thanks. I'm just trying
to stay on top
of all these weddings
we have coming through.
And we have another one
arriving this afternoon.
It's gotten difficult
to remember
whose wedding I'm shooting.
Well, luckily,
I'm great at my job.
You just need to show up
and take
your beautiful photographs.
[Sasha] You know I could
help you with this mess.
I am a wedding planner,
I do organize for a living.
Evelyn bingewatched
all these videos
of the joys of organizing,
so now she wants me
to go through all the old boxes
she has in storage.
[Sasha] Your guitar.
She's really cleaning house.
Does this mean we're finally
going to get
a Maggie Case concert?
It's not really
something I do anymore.
Oh, well, that's a shame.
When was the last time
you played?
Not since I left Nashville.
You must miss it.
Let's go.
[Sasha] I, uh...
I got a call from MVR Events
in Seattle,
and they want to know
if I'm interested in heading up
their corporate event division.
That's huge!
I guess.
I mean, I've always wanted
to be in charge,
I just always thought
it would be here.
Have you told Evelyn that plan?
Every time
I try to bring it up,
she changes the subject.
I mean, don't get me wrong.
The last three years
being her assistant
have been great,
but being an assistant
isn't my passion,
and that's too long
to be doing something
that isn't your true passion.
Yeah. That's...
that's important.
Uh-oh-oh, uh-oh...
We are ready to record this.
Now, you can hear
Ashleigh likes to play
with the rhythms on this,
and I really want to match that.
Like this, okay?
Uh-oh-oh-oh, uh-oh...
You sound good, Jake.
Hey, everyone.
It's Ashleigh.
I just wanted
to poke my head in
to see how it's going.
Oh, it's going great,
and as soon as
we lock these harmonies down,
we'll be ready to mix.
Good, because the album
has to drop on the 27th
or it messes up the tour
and everything.
It'll be ready.
Trust me.
I love your energy.
You know, my manager
thought I was crazy to hire you.
But I think
you're gonna prove him wrong.
I'm glad I took a chance on you.
Yeah, well, I'm...
I'm glad you did, too.
Okay, yeah, let's...
Let's make it a good one, yeah?
Stand by for playback.
Go ahead.
[female singer]
...the streets
Cooling off
through my window...
Smells of morning dew
Jenn, I checked.
The flight is on time.
I know
it's the only ferry today,
but I have plenty of time
to catch it when I land.
I promise I won't miss it.
I love you, too.
Bride having
some pre-wedding jitters?
She's just worried
I'm going to miss the ferry
to Piedmount Island.
Apparently, it runs
on some crazy schedule,
Hey, good work today.
Give me those mixes,
I'll send you back my notes.
-Will do.
-See ya.
[couple singing]
Still so in love...
Still with you now...
Still with you now
Still so in love
Everything okay, Nana?
And what did I tell you about
calling me "Nana" at work?
Right. At work, you're Evelyn.
Thank you.
I do not look nearly old enough
to have a granddaughter
your age.
You're practically my sister.
You are not so funny.
And aren't you supposed to be
over at Tricia's
doing a shoot for the brochure?
I'm on my way there now.
You need to finish it
and get to the ferry on time
to photograph it coming in.
I've got plenty of time.
Sasha, why don't you give her
a lift over to Tricia's
so she's not late?
Oh, I thought we were going
to narrow down
room layout options
for the Blake wedding
next month?
Already took care of it.
Oh, okay.
I guess I'm your ride.
Bye, Nana.
Is it the flowers?
Is it me?
Am I not photogenic?
You're absolutely photogenic.
I'm just...
I have an idea.
Trust me.
This isn't selling any flowers.
I want you to create
the arrangement.
I just did.
No... Like, actually do it.
Just get into your flow.
Don't even think about me
or the camera.
[shutter clicking]
That's beautiful.
It looks great, Tricia.
See? Photogenic.
So, when do I get to do
flowers for your wedding?
My wedding?
You need a fianc
before you can get married.
Well, you know, my son, Oscar,
is still single.
And just a ferry ride away.
Good to know.
Speaking of which,
we need to get to the dock.
We'll have a mock-up
of your brochure in a few days.
This is where
it all begins...
Whoa, oh, oh-oh-oh
Whoa, oh, whoa, oh
Whoa, oh, oh-oh-oh
This is where
it all begins...
[woman] This is so beautiful.
I'm so excited.
[man] Jenn,
this is something special.
Isn't it?
Also, isn't this
the cutest little ferry boat
you've ever seen?
Yeah. How did you find this?
I have my ways.
So pretty.
...Whoa, oh-oh-oh
This is where
it all begins...
Colby and Robertson wedding.
I'm going to go
check everyone in.
It can't be.
Whoa, oh-oh-oh
Whoa, oh-oh-oh
Whoa, oh, whoa, oh...
Whoa, oh-oh-oh
This is where
it all begins
Whoa, oh-oh-oh
Whoa, oh, whoa, oh
Whoa, oh-oh-oh...
This is where
it all begins...
[Sasha] Hi, everyone.
Hi. Welcome to Piedmount Island,
where one week of tradition
brings you a lifetime of love.
I'm Sasha,
and I'm here to check in
all the arriving guests
for the Colby and Robertson
Hi. Jake Colby.
Oh, hi, Jake.
Welcome to Piedmount Island.
If you can just
step over to my right,
Maggie will be taking
your arrival photo.
Hi, Jake.
Hi. What are you...
So who's the lucky lady?
The lucky lady? I...
Yeah... I mean...
Oh, oh!
Jennifer... My sister.
You know, my sister?
Oh, I th--
Did Jennifer invite you
to the wedding?
No. Not--
Not exactly.
It looks like
I'm the wedding photographer.
I thought you moved home.
Yeah, I did,
but my--
my grandma runs
the reception manor
on the island,
so I took a job doing photos.
Well, that's...
that's great.
I mean you've always loved that.
You know, you took the photo
of the Shelby Street Bridge
for our album cover?
The one you hated.
I didn't hate it.
Even though the walkway
wasn't "Exactly Center"?
I've, uh...
come to learn that's part of
the composition's charm.
-Jenn. Hi!
It is so good to see you.
You too.
So you're getting married, huh?
Yeah, well, I figured.
I like him, so why not.
[Maggie] Congratulations.
Thank you so much.
Oh, Maggie this is Lindsay,
my favorite cousin,
slash maid of honor.
And this is Derek,
Kyle's best man.
Like the little brother
I never had.
Cut it out.
It really is so good
to see you.
Thank you.
You too.
you know,
I mean...
I have to ask.
What's with
all the super-secret--
I know. I know.
I'm sorry.
I just--
I really wanted you
to be at my wedding,
but I was scared
you wouldn't come.
Jenn, you could have
just called and asked.
[Jenn] I didn't want
to put that pressure on you.
Yeah, this is
much less pressure.
[bell clanging]
I think our ride is here,
if you'll all just
want to follow me.
That would be great.
[Jenn] Oh, look.
[Jenn] Kyle, look at this.
[Kyle] This is very cool.
[Sasha] This is
the bride and groom.
Oh, hey. Nice to meet you.
Alright, let's get you
on the way to the manor.
Oh, it's so pretty.
Mayor McCready,
they're all yours.
Thank you, Sasha.
[Mayor] Al right...
[bell clanging]
Welcome everyone.
As Sasha said,
I am Mayor McCready,
but today, I'm just
your humble tour guide,
so sit back and relax
as we take the scenic route
though Piedmount Island,
our little hamlet
of the Pacific.
Fun fact number 1:
Piedmount Island
actually qualifies as a hamlet.
So... what was that all about?
Yeah. I, uh...
guess I didn't tell you
the whole Nashville story.
Jake and I
were actually a singing duo.
Colby & Case.
I can't believe
you never mentioned that.
I didn't want the paparazzi
to find out.
It would be mayhem.
I don't think they'd find you
all the way out here.
[Mayor] Fun fact number 4--
In 1968, the island was given
protected status,
ensuring that it would stay
pristine for years to come.
Why didn't you tell me
Maggie was going to be here?
Why, so you could obsess
about it?
Obsess? No, I wouldn't have--
I wouldn't have--
Obsessed about it.
I just would have liked
a heads up.
Here's a heads up.
Maggie's gonna be here.
[Sasha] What's the big deal?
You guys must have
been friends, right?
Well, we...
dated for two years.
Well, what happened?
I don't know.
The pressure of being a couple
and a duo was just too much.
I have so many questions.
And on the right
we have the Mayor's Residence.
Fun fact number 11:
my flower garden
is the second largest
private collection
of local blooms
in the state of Washington.
[Derek] Wow, that's
a lot of flowers.
[Mayor] Fun fact number 16:
the population of Piedmount
can double or triple,
depending on
the size of the wedding.
[guests laughing]
[Maggie] Thanks.
I'm going to go talk to Evelyn.
[Evelyn] Did you get
some good shots of the ferry?
Why didn't you tell me?
Maggie, I had a client
who requested anonymity,
and that's what I provided.
She's not just a client, Nana.
I have--
Sorry, Evelyn.
I hadn't seen him in two years.
It would have been nice
to know ahead of time.
And what
would that have changed?
I could have--
I don't know-- I...
It would have been nice, okay,
to be prepared.
Maggie, you don't have to be
nervous about seeing Jake again.
I'm not nervous.
What? I'm not.
Just please, no more surprises.
-I'll do my best.
Thank you.
By the way, your folks say
to say hi to Jake for them.
Oh, nice. Nice.
So you bothered to tell them?
[Mayor] Fun fact number...
[wedding party] 23!
Thank you.
Downtown Piedmount
houses the most
wedding-related shops
per square mile
of any place in the U.S.
I want all the glasses
filled the same amount, please.
Thank you.
Looking great, everyone.
[trolley bell clanging]
They're here!
Now, remember, next Friday,
there's an open house
at the Mayor's residence,
so stop on by
and try one of my world-famous
Oh, those sound delicious.
Come by Friday
and see for yourself.
Thank you, Mayor McCready.
We're getting married
by a Mr. McCready.
Any relation?
Actually, yes.
That's me.
So you're also a minister?
Is there anything you can't do?
We're getting married
by the mayor.
We're so fancy!
[Mayor] Enjoy.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
I could get used to this.
Enjoy your drink.
Mom and Dad
would have loved this.
They'd be so proud of you.
At least I've got you.
The brother of the bride.
You got me, right?
[Evelyn] Let's all raise
our glasses, everyone.
To Jennifer and Kyle.
To Jennifer and Kyle.
Oh, hey,
I can't wait to catch up.
Jenn, I'm sure Maggie has
tons of stuff she has to do.
Besides, you'll be so busy
with wedding stuff.
I know, but I want you
to be a part of the events.
That's why
I got the deluxe package.
We have a deluxe package?
I created it just for Jennifer.
Here's the itinerary
for the week.
[Jenn] I do love activities.
We'll start as soon as
you get settled.
Maggie will meet you
on the front lawn
for a photo shoot.
[Jenn] Yay.
This is going to be so much fun.
Here is to reconnecting
with old friends.
A five-page itinerary?
I thought we said
no more surprises.
It's double-spaced.
It's not that much.
It's a lot.
I mean,
some of this stuff I get.
Cake tasting, nature walk.
Antique shopping?
Just what every bride
dreams about--
selfies with the groom
with a 19th-century Victrola.
-That's a great idea.
If they do selfies,
I can stop paying you.
Fine, I'm on it.
That's what I thought.
Have fun.
That's a lot of activities.
Jake, you don't need
to be here.
I'm just shooting
Jennifer and Kyle today.
Yeah. I know.
Evelyn told me
to make myself useful, so.
Apparently, when there's
a wedding on the island,
everyone's involved.
I realized
the whole community aspect
when the mayor asked me over
for cookies on Friday.
It's an open house,
so, actually,
everyone's invited.
No, I know he didn't
personally invite me.
I'm sorry all this
got sprung on you.
Well, what can you do?
You okay?
Yeah, I'm good.
How about you, though?
I mean, this island
is pretty relaxed.
I can relax.
What? I can.
People can change, you know?
There are times
I'm downright spontaneous.
Allow me to give you a hand.
See? I'm being spontaneous.
Can you just hold
this end of the bench, please?
-Hold that end?
-Great. Thanks.
You know, I actually think
it would looks good--
Right. Just holding.
-So is this the--
-So, what have you--
I was gonna ask
what you've been up to.
Oh, yeah.
I'm at K & J Records now.
It's actually
a pretty big week for me,
I just finished my first album.
It's been good
to be back in the studio.
Are you singing
all original stuff or--
Oh, no, no, I'm not singing,
I'm producing.
Have you heard of Ashleigh Z?
Yeah, "Barefoot in the Rain"
Ashleigh Z?
-That's the one.
I'm producing her next album.
Wait, are you kidding?
That is huge.
How did you--
She heard a remix I did
of "Wichita Lineman"
and loved it
and told the label
she wanted me
to produce her next album,
so here I am.
Wow, congratulations.
Thank you.
But enough about me.
How are you?
How is life on the island?
Oh, it's...
It's good.
Would you sit?
I want to check the exposure.
Are you still singing?
Not really.
Move to your left a little.
You know, you should
really think about singing
for all the weddings
that come through here.
I'll keep that in mind.
What a perfect spot.
You guys look wonderful.
I know.
He cleans up nice.
[Maggie] He sure does.
Why don't you have a seat?
Let's get some shots here.
And then I was thinking later
we could go down to the Cove.
What are you...
What are you doing?
Oh, I'm just looking
at the frame.
Looks good. I would zoom in
a little, though.
I haven't actually set up
the shot yet, Jake.
Oh. Oh. Okay.
Do you mind if I get in there
to do my job?
You're the photographer.
Right. I am.
Nice big smiles.
Jennifer, tell me
about your first date with Kyle.
[Jake] Maggie,
it was at Conklin's.
How would I know that?
Because you were there,
We came to watch
you and Jake play...
Right... right.
I'm so sorry I forgot, you two.
Yeah, I mean, the one person
that I wanted to find it
memorable is marrying me, so.
We're good.
You know what...
Okay, nice big smiles!
What are the chances?
Well, it is the only cafe
on the island, so.
Oh, yeah.
I see you got the cappuccino.
I got that myself.
I hear it's the best
on the island.
Also, the only on the island.
[text alert chimes]
It's Ashleigh.
She only texts.
Apparently, karmically,
it's the cleanest way
to communicate.
Are these the pictures
from yesterday?
-Can I see?
Actually, I should head off
to the hair salon
to shoot Jennifer's
hair-style test for the wedding.
Ah, the deluxe package.
I need some caffeine.
I'm fading.
It's so dark and quiet here,
I couldn't even fall asleep
last night.
Yeah, it takes a minute
to get used to.
I also can't help but worry
about the album.
What's wrong?
The engineer
hasn't sent the mixes
and I need them like yesterday
to send back my notes.
-You've always been very fast
at mixing notes.
Oh, I know,
but if this is delayed,
then the mastering is late,
and then
the release date is off,
and this is just too big
for me to screw up, you know?
I... [sighs]
And the timing of it
is just...
You're not kidding
about the relaxed pace.
I mean...
this cappuccino has been, like,
15 minutes in the making.
Well, you can't rush
the best cappuccino
on the island, can you?
I guess not.
-Thank you.
-Enjoy it.
At least try to.
It is your sister's wedding
after all.
[Jenn] Okay, that photo,
you can delete.
You need at least
one "before" photo.
How's this for the "after"?
That'll look beautiful on you.
Jake was actually the one
who picked out
that hairstyle for me.
[Maggie] Really?
Isn't he so helpful these days?
Okay, what is her deal?
Usually, she's an open book,
but I didn't even know there was
a Colby & Case until yesterday.
Oh, I'll tell you
anything you want to know.
Don't mind me.
I'm just here to take pictures.
Okay, so how did they
start singing together?
Jake used to host
an open mic night
at this little club
in Nashville called--
The Eagle's Nest Cafe.
She was taking pictures.
And she ended up next to Jake.
And she must have been
humming along or something,
because Jake said,
"You have really good pitch.
Are you a singer?"
Oh, smooth.
[Jenn] Well, she said no.
You little liar.
What I said was, "not tonight."
I was new to the area,
I'd never performed
in front of that many people.
[Jenn] So, they chatted
for awhile,
and then Jake got up on stage
with his guitar
and he announced Maggie
as the next singer.
So romantic.
Definitely not romantic.
I was mortified.
And... I knew
he wouldn't give up
until I sang, so...
I got on stage.
She asked him
what songs he knew,
and he said, "All of them."
Oh, confident.
Or arrogant.
Only if he doesn't know
the songs you chose.
Everybody knows
"Country Roads."
I love that song.
Halfway through,
he started singing the harmony,
and then he did that thing
where they both sing
into the same microphone.
Oh, it's a classic move.
-Hi, Jake.
-I miss anything?
-No. Nothing.
Hey, man, how's the island?
It's good, it's good.
Hey, listen,
I haven't gotten
any of the mixes yet.
Hi, Jake.
It's Ashleigh.
I'm sorry.
It's my fault.
I've just been giving Kevin
some notes.
Oh, okay.
They're on the way.
Okay, great.
Look, can we hang off
making any changes
until I get to listen
to the tracks?
Oh, absolutely.
[email alert chiming]
Oh, look, I got 'em.
Okay. Thanks.
[Ashleigh] Bye, Jake.
Teddy! Teddy Bear!
Teddy Bear Jamboree?
Teddy Bear Jamboree wedding?
Ring, bear...
Yes, that's it!
We're behind.
All right, here we go.
Focus. Let's focus.
Alright, good job, ladies.
Let's see what we've got here.
Okay, well,
this is impossible
so I'm going
to draw another one.
No, no, no!
You can't do that.
-Why not?
-Because those are the rules.
Yeah. Since when did
the Colby family allow redraws?
[Jenn] Never.
Remember? I played this
once with you guys.
I got the phrase
"All that glitters is gold."
I remember that.
Yeah, and I used up
the whole minute
just drawing little dots
all over the paper.
Well, I got it, didn't I?
You did.
That proves our point exactly.
No redraws.
Okay, okay. Alright.
It's fine, Jake, you got this.
Okay. Go.
A dress!
Dress, dress, dress, dress.
Dress. That's, um...
That's a bouquet.
That's a bouquet.
Yes, yes, bridesmaids!
Um, um...
"Always a bridesmaid,
never the bride."
You're a genius.
How did you get that?
[Jake] That was fun.
Are you coming to dinner?
Of course. Yeah, no.
I'm just gonna run to my room,
see if the mixes downloaded.
Okay. Don't work too hard.
I won't.
I'll see you all there.
They're probably
not downloaded.
It's a really old system
on the island.
If you do need
to download faster,
there's an Internet cafe
by the dock on the mainland.
You could take
the ferry there tomorrow.
How do you put up
with this place?
We don't really have the need
to go back and forth
all the time.
I need to listen
to these mixes tonight.
It'll download
when it downloads.
How do you do it?
Do what?
How do you always stay so calm?
Well, I don't drink
double-shot cappuccinos.
No. For real.
Even when
we were playing together,
you never stressed
about anything.
You did enough of that
for the both of us.
Look, I can tell
you're concerned.
It's just, there's no point
in stressing over something
you can't control?
Try to be in the moment.
I wish it was that simple.
I have a lot riding on this.
I need this album to be great.
Yeah, I've heard
that line before.
You know,
it's not always a bad thing
to want to be the best
at something.
You're right.
It's also not a bad thing
to try to enjoy the process.
I'll see you tomorrow.
[text alert buzzing]
Sasha, let me help you
with those.
Oh, thanks.
The guests arrive Thursday,
so I'm just getting
some last-minute items
for the welcome packs.
Oh! And I confirmed with Julio
for the salsa lesson tonight.
Jake is gonna love that.
He took one salsa class
in college,
and he fancies himself a pro.
How are you feeling
with all that by the way?
It must be so strange
seeing him again.
Yeah, I feel like
I've seen Jake more this week
than in the two years we dated.
I'm sure that feels...
Yeah, but maybe
it's in a good way.
I mean, he's been
super helpful to Jennifer.
How about you?
How are you doing?
I got an official offer
from MVR Events.
But they need to know by Monday.
Well, that's great.
Are you gonna take it?
I don't know what to do.
I want to talk to Evelyn,
but I'm getting this feeling
that she's not happy
with my work or something.
What? No...
I made
this really nice one-pager
for who the guests should call
in case of a problem.
You know, so they don't
bother the bride.
Fantastic idea.
I thought so, too,
but every time
I tried to talk to Evelyn
about incorporating it
into all of the weddings,
she just said,
"We'll talk about it later."
Well, keep trying talk to her.
[Jake] Mind if I join you?
This is an amazing cappuccino.
I had to get another one.
You seem chipper.
I am.
Got the mixes last night.
They sound great.
Thank you.
It's exciting.
And I just found out
that the studio
is going to send me
to supervise the tour.
Oh, my gosh.
That's incredible.
Guess where
they're gonna kick it off.
Alright, I'll tell you.
The Olympia, in Paris.
-Wait, what?
That is an amazing venue.
I can't believe you're going
to get to play there.
Well, I mean...
I'm not--
I'm not playing there,
you know?
I'm just--
They're just sending me
to supervise.
Jake, you don't have to
downplay it.
You're her producer.
That's a big deal.
You have every right
to be excited.
I know, it's just
you and I talked about.
playing there with Colby & Case.
I didn't want you to think
that I was--
No, Jake, I'm--
I'm really happy for you.
-Thanks, Mags.
You've always been
so supportive.
It means a lot.
You deserve it.
you're really talented.
You are, too.
I should, um...
get going.
You can't stay for a minute?
I don't have time right now.
I'm sure
I'll see you around.
Looking forward to it.
Give me a twirl.
Bueno, bueno.
You learn very quick.
Now let's do it again
with passion.
Okay, everybody,
face your partner.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
I'm sorry.
Ahh, you missed the lesson.
Well, I took a salsa class
in college,
so I think I can keep up.
Oh, good.
We'll put you in front.
-Oh, hey.
We're short a partner.
Maggie, why don't you dance
with Jake?
Oh, no.
I need to take photos.
The deluxe package, remember?
I don't mind if there are
no pictures of this.
You know what, I can--
I can just watch.
No, no, no.
You cannot let all that
dance training go to waste?
Come on!
You did that on purpose.
Five, six, seven, eight.
In salsa, you pause
on the four and the eight.
-I know, Jake.
One, two, three, pause.
Five, six, seven, pause.
One, two, three, pause...
Five, six, seven, pause.
I'm just trying to help.
Well, you're not.
Maybe if you relax
your hand a little bit?
My hand is fine.
First of all, you are
too far away from each other.
We need tension here.
Oh, so my hand
shouldn't be relaxed?
Good. Thank you.
Let's try again.
Try this.
Close your eyes
and just listen to the music.
Five, six, seven, eight.
Step, step, hold...
Step, step, hold.
Step, step, hold.
Step, step, hold.
[instructor clapping]
[guests clapping]
You two dance much better when
you don't look at each other.
Ladies and gentlemen,
that's how you dance
with passion.
Oh! Hi, Maggie.
If you're looking for Evelyn,
she's already left
to help with
the fire cookout tonight.
I was just going
to run up to the office
and drop off the mock-up
for Tricia's brochure.
Here. Let me help you
with that.
-Of course.
So, I heard you and Jake
were quite the hit
at salsa yesterday.
It was more like
we moved around while we fought.
He just can't help himself.
It's like...
It's like when we sang together.
So, Jake and I got asked
to be in a showcase
for this record producer.
And Jake kept obsessing
about everything.
The lyrics, the harmonies.
And even though we had performed
this song a million times,
he kept changing things
at the last minute.
So, when we got up there,
I just...
It was not good.
Needless to say,
the label didn't sign us
and the producer lost interest.
We were just so...
different with how we handled
that kind of thing.
You never wanted
to try it on your own?
After going through all that...
It's just too hard.
I love singing so much,
I didn't want to associate it
with rejection.
So now it's just...
a hobby.
It is also tradition
that we say a few kind words
about the bride and groom.
Growing up, Kyle was like
an older brother to me.
He taught me
how to play basketball,
how to ride a bike...
He even taught me
how to talk to girls.
And while I'm tempted
to use this moment
to kind of say
an embarrassing story about him,
I'll just say...
I'm proud of you, brother.
You found a good one.
Jennifer called me
the night after
her first date with Kyle,
and she said,
"I think I found the one."
And when I met him,
I knew she was right.
So here's to a wonderful couple
and a perfect night
on this beautiful island.
-We love you.
-We love you.
[Kyle] Thank you.
You know what would be amazing?
If Jake and Maggie
sang something.
[Kyle] Yeah.
Oh, no.
Jenn, I don't think so.
Why not?
Well, because,
I-- I don't have my guitar.
You know,
Evelyn told me to bring it.
I actually have it.
-What do you think?
-I think I'd rather not.
Oh, please?
For old times' sake.
Maybe... maybe Jake should
just sing something by himself.
Well, she didn't ask me.
She asked us.
I'm so excited.
[Jake] Come on.
Let's see here, um...
-What are you doing?
-A little out of tune.
-Well, it's... it's--
- I was just gonna play.
No, it's my guitar.
I will play.
How about...
"For the Road"?
How about...
"Feel the Earth"?
I don't know
any of those songs.
Oh, that's because
we wrote them.
They write their own songs?
Feel the earth
under your shoes
Feel the earth
as it moves
'Cause it's alive
So are me and you
So place yourself closer
Don't take too long
Operate the rhythm
Move it along
I know you well...
I know you well
'Cause it's too strong
Can I breathe
a little longer?
Can I hope
a little harder?
'Cause I feel alive
when I'm with you
[Jenn] I have an idea.
I know we chose
the song "Everything"
for our first dance,
but Jake and Maggie
have this beautiful song called
"I Belong in Your Arms."
What if they did that instead?
What do you think?
I love it.
Jenn, no.
[Jenn] Please?
Who's gonna take pictures
of your first dance
if I'm singing?
I can do it.
Jake, I don't think
this is a good idea.
It's just one song.
Yeah, but we don't have
a very good track record
with "just one song."
You're right.
You're absolutely right
about everything.
Thank you.
it's my sister's wedding.
And I know that
if we sang, that...
she'd be really happy.
But, you know,
no pressure, obviously.
Thank you, of course.
thank you.
No changing anything.
No changes.
Good morning, Nana.
No one's around.
Good morning.
You and Jake sounded great
last night.
Yeah, it was
actually kind of fun.
Time for a reunion tour?
This is just a one-time thing.
It's not what I do anymore.
Maybe not...
but maybe it should be.
Maggie, you've always been
such a great singer.
And that song...
That is a great song.
I haven't forgotten
what a talented
songwriter you are.
it's time to move on, Nana.
I'm not sure this is something
you can move on from.
Just think about it.
You were the last thing
I thought I'd find
Miles and miles away
you should be gone now
But our years together
Play like movies in my mind
'Cause I found your letters
And that Don Martin record
that we spun
Till it was dead
I found your mixtape
for the road
And two tickets to the show
And your sock
from under my bed
Get out of my head
Get out of my head...
Get out of my head
Get out of my head...
Get out of my head
[Maggie and Jake]
Two parts together
Always divide
Let's never divide
And get better with time
That went well.
Yeah, it's amazing
how fun it can be
when it's for the love of it
and not for the labels
or producers.
No offense.
I think it's great that
you're working with Ashleigh.
You know, I was listening
to the final mixes this morning
and I realized whose voice
Ashleigh reminds me of...
In case you wanna listen...
Remind me again
why don't you sing anymore?
Well, I keep pretty busy
with photography.
Okay, what about you, huh?
Well, I tried
the whole solo thing,
but I never sounded
as good alone
as we did together.
[text alert buzzing]
Ashleigh likes to send
these texts
that go on and on and on.
I just gotta scan it
and make sure everything's okay.
Of course.
The release is canceled.
For the album?
Yeah. We lost the rights
to one of the songs.
Wait, I thought Ashleigh wrote
all her own stuff.
Okay, Jake, I'm sure
you'll find another song.
No, no, no.
This song was like
the concept the album
was built on.
I can't just throw
another song in there.
I should have seen this coming.
Jake, there's no way
you could have known.
No, I knew something was up
when the songwriter
listened to what I did,
and now, all of a sudden,
he wants to record it himself.
I don't know.
Jake, I'm so sorry.
I know how hard
you've worked for this.
I gotta go.
I gotta see if I can
get ahold of her.
-I'm sorry.
-Yeah, okay.
Alright, ladies.
So beautiful.
Oh, wow.
Wedding pedicures,
not a bad way to start the day.
[Lindsay] Only two more days.
Are you ready?
I can't believe
the wedding's almost here.
It goes so fast.
It really does.
I really wouldn't have been
able to do any of this
without Jake.
He's been so great.
Yeah. He really has been
watching out for you.
Especially with everything
he's had going on.
I just don't get it.
I mean, there's got to be
a million songwriters out there
who could write something.
Apparently, she doesn't trust
a lot of people.
He had to meet with her
about 12 times
before she hired him.
Looking good, ladies.
So we have a lot
to get done downtown,
so whenever
you're finished your drinks,
the trolley is ready for ya.
Here's to smelling flowers
and tasting cake!
Are all of those roses
for my wedding?
All of them.
The words
"forever" and "always"
Were fairytales...
How do I look?
But I keep
endlessly falling
You've unveiled it
all for me...
This pistachio is so good.
-Hey, Evelyn sent me over
with the all-important
cake topper.
Oh! It's so beautiful.
I should be on payroll
with all the stuff
she's got me doing.
We can only afford
to pay you in cake.
Not that one, it's pistachio.
You hate pistachio.
I used to hate pistachio.
Oh, so you just suddenly
like it now?
Oh, yeah.
I've matured a lot
over the last couple of years.
[Maggie] Oh.
Oh, yes.
Very mature.
So mature.
[Mayor] I just need you both
to sign here
and then we'll get this
This is adorable.
They should pass a law
that all city clerk offices
should be in gazebos.
You're in a good mood.
Did you get the rights
to your song back?
I called the writer to tell him
how important the song was
for the album,
but he made up his mind,
he's going to record it himself.
Then why are you so happy?
I took advice from someone
I really respect.
Is that so?
I didn't want to fight it.
I tried my best,
but, it's like you always say,
some things
are just out of my control.
But I can control
how much I enjoy this time
with my sister
and make sure
this is special for her.
That's what's important.
Look how happy they are.
Now, that's worth fighting for.
-Is that everyone?
Our population just doubled.
Well, thank you, Mayor.
Let's get a shot of you all.
Oh, no.
Maggie, come on.
I want you to be
in a picture, too.
Come on.
[Maggie] Okay, sure.
Hi, Maggie.
Ooh, rough night's sleep?
I'm going to talk to Evelyn
about my job offer today,
so I got her
her favorite coffee.
Sasha, you're amazing
at what you do.
Just tell her what you want.
She knows how valuable you are.
Thanks, Maggie.
-Wish me luck.
-Good luck.
Good morning, Evelyn.
Can I talk to you
for a moment?
Thank you.
So, I've been working for you
for about three years now...
[cell phone buzzing]
...and I...
I love it.
[cell phone buzzing]
I need to take this.
Hello, Tricia.
We have a problem.
Oh, um...
I need you
to get Jennifer and Kyle
and walk them
through the ceremony.
I'll talk to you later.
Oh... okay.
How bad is it?
Now Jake and Jennifer.
Wait, so is this the archway?
'Cause it just
looks like branches.
No, no, no.
It'll be covered
in flowers tomorrow.
That's a lot of flowers.
I just want it
to be perfect, you know?
Trust me.
You'll love it.
My little sister
is all grown up.
I want to see these.
[Maggie] Oh, yeah.
Come look.
Excuse me, everyone.
I'm sorry.
Why doesn't everyone
head back to the manor?
I need to speak
with Jennifer and Kyle.
Nana, what's wrong?
Tricia's refrigerator
broke down last night
and we have lost
a lot of flowers.
The bouquets for the bride
and the bridesmaids are fine.
But the other flowers...
I'm so sorry.
It's going to be alright.
-I'm sorry.
-Jenn. Jenn.
There's gotta be
another solution.
I mean, well, look,
we're surrounded by flowers.
Why can't we just pick these?
But there are
so many weddings happening
here this summer,
we can't just ruin the gardens.
What about the ferry?
We could take it
back to the mainland,
hit every flower shop,
and just buy them out.
It's Friday,
the ferry already ran,
it's back at the dock
on the mainland.
Wait, it's Friday?
It's Friday.
-It's Friday.
-Come on.
And only Mrs. McCready and I
know the recipe.
They're amazing.
I started making those
when I first ran for mayor
25 years ago,
and I've run unopposed
ever since.
-Your Honor...
-Your Honor?
When someone calls me
Your Honor,
it usually means
they need a favor.
Or they want the cookie recipe.
No, I can't imagine
you would divulge
such a closely-held
government secret, so...
[Mayor] What's the favor?
[Jake] I can't believe
that worked!
Are you kidding,
he couldn't resist
the Colby charm.
I think it was
the Case charisma.
You know,
I think it's really great
how much you're doing
for Jennifer.
Well, when something's
important, you make the effort.
I just want
to make it special.
I can't wait to see her face
when she see's all this.
Hey, thanks for all your help.
And I'm glad
you weren't too upset
when she surprised you
like that--
surprised both of us.
I was at first...
But not anymore.
If you'd known beforehand,
you think you still
would have taken the job?
I don't know.
I'm glad I did.
Yeah, me too.
You know, it's nice to know
that after
everything that's happened,
we can still be friends, right?
We've got flowers!
[Sasha] Amazing!
You two make quite the duo.
I'm gonna go tell Jenn
the good news.
I still can't believe
you got flowers
from the mayor's garden.
Well, I can't take
all the credit for that.
Maggie agreed to do
a photo session with the Mayor.
I'm pretty sure
that's what clinched it.
It's been nice
seeing her again.
It has. Yeah.
I have to say,
when the two of you
were singing,
it's like you never stopped.
It was nice.
Maybe this could be
the start of something.
Don't you mean
the re-start of something?
Well, now that
you're not leaving
on a nine-month tour
to Europe...
I don't know.
Maggie seems pretty happy here.
You're right, she does.
Especially the last day or two.
The question is,
how has the last day or two
been for you, huh?
Are you ready?
-I couldn't be happier.
I just want you
to be happy, too.
No, my work is gonna be fine.
Don't worry about me.
I'm not talking about work.
I'm talking about Maggie.
I know you regret the way
the two of you ended things.
Maybe this is your chance
to reconnect.
I don't think she thinks of me
that way anymore.
Well, do you still think
of her in that way?
You get me, don't you?
You get me.
[Maggie singing]
One thing I know
Is life goes fast
And all these moments
soon will pass
Time will wait forever
while we talk about...
Nice recording set-up.
Oh, thanks.
And thanks for coming down.
What's up?
Okay, you're starting
to freak me out now.
No. I was just thinking
about Ashleigh's album.
Jennifer said she doesn't
trust a lot of people,
so what if the song
came from you?
Well, I can't write
a song that fast.
What if it was already written?
I was looking at
that song we wrote,
It's a great song, Mags.
I don't think it works
for the album, though.
-No, I know.
I changed the key
and rewrote the lyrics.
Now it's called
"Worth Fighting For."
I can't believe
you did all this.
Well, I know how excited
you were about the album.
When you heard the mix,
you said everything was great,
I wanted to help.
These lyrics are great.
-Yeah. Yeah.
I mean...
I mean...
I mean, I've got to check in
with Ashleigh,
but, I mean,
there's a real chance
that she's gonna love this.
I also recorded it.
I thought
maybe you needed a demo.
It's all on there
if you want to send it
to Ashleigh.
Or not.
Whatever you--
-Whatever you want.
-Are you kidding?
I mean, the least we can do
is try, right?
I mean, honestly, no pressure.
I... I had a lot of fun
doing it.
It was...
really nice
making music again.
Thank you.
I should get going.
I have to set up
for the rehearsal dinner.
Yeah, no.
I'll let you go.
I'm going to listen to this
and I'm going to send it
straight to Ashleigh.
Mags, really...
Thank you.
You're welcome.
This place
continues to surprise me.
Jenn, look at these pictures.
This deluxe package is no joke.
Well, it's not actually
part of the "package."
It's just something
I thought Jennifer
would really enjoy.
How did you find the time
to do all this?
Well, when something's
you make the effort.
I want to make sure
it's special.
Well, it's definitely special.
Shall I get things started?
No, I've got this.
Welcome, everyone,
to Jennifer and Kyle's
last night
before they journey
into wedded bliss.
Every couple
who gets married here
signs their name on a shell
the night before they wed.
So, Jennifer and Kyle,
please come and sign your shell.
Now let's all move inside
and get this party started.
Next question.
Who can name
the five starting players
from the 1997 World Champion
Chicago Bulls?
-You wanna bet against me?
They seem to think Kyle.
Jennifer and Kyle, who is it?
Prove it.
Pippin, Rodman, Longly,
Harper, Jordan.
What tiiiiime is it?
Game time.
Okay, next question.
Who can perform, by heart,
the entire NSYNC video,
"Bye Bye Bye"?
Okay... Who is it?
Sasha, why aren't you up there
asking the question?
Evelyn's got it covered.
I'm just--
I'm gonna take the job
on the mainland.
It's fine.
It's fine.
The job is great.
It's just that...
Evelyn's never going to trust me
to take over the business.
I think you may be
misreading this.
I think my Nana
is struggling more
with the idea of retiring
than with trusting you.
I'm not saying she's in denial,
but she does make
her only granddaughter
call her Evelyn.
Really try to talk to her.
Alright, final question.
Who takes longer to get ready
for a night out?
Get a good night's sleep
Good night.
Thank you.
Big day tomorrow.
You feel like talking a walk?
Yeah. I would love that.
[Jake] Oh, look at this place.
This little lake
was my secret hideaway
when my family used to vacation
here as a kid.
[Jake] So amazing.
[Maggie] Come on.
Dark night
In the middle of the day
Signal flares come...
I heard you say...
I used to spend hours out here.
it's where
I wrote my first song.
[Jake] Really?
You never told me that.
Something about floating
just made me want to write.
It is still...
and peaceful.
You nervous about tomorrow?
No. I'm not the one
getting married.
No. I mean about singing.
Yeah, I thought I would be,
but I'm...
I'm not, really.
I'm looking forward to it.
Me too.
I, um...
I know there were times
I could be pretty unbearable
when we were singing together.
I'm sorry about that.
It wasn't just you.
I'm sorry I left the way I did.
I was...
I was just scared.
Well, that's in the past.
We're different people now.
I know I've grown up a lot
since then.
So have I.
Yeah. I can tell.
I'm so sorry!
I got you straight in the eye.
My oar.
I'm good, I'm good.
Oh, no...
Oh... Hurry and change
and meet me back at the manor.
I can fix it.
Cell phone pilaf, my favorite.
A Piedmount Island classic.
Here, give me your phone.
This doesn't really work,
though, does it?
-It hasn't failed me yet.
Hey, thanks for showing me
your secret hideaway.
My pleasure.
Even though I did dunk us
in freezing-cold water.
Sorry about that.
It's been really nice
seeing you again.
You too.
Maybe we could...
see more of each other?
I'd like that.
If, uh...
Ashleigh likes the song
and the tour happens,
how long will you be gone?
About a year.
But, I mean, we don't know
what will happen.
We could just take it
one day at a time.
you should go to sleep.
You have a bride
to give away tomorrow.
I do.
Here. I'll see you tomorrow.
-I will see you tomorrow.
You make me
want to say "I do"
I do
I do-do-do-do-do-do, do-do
Yeah, I do, I do
I do-do-do-do-do-do
'Cause every time before
It's felt like
maybe yes and maybe no...
You got the rings?
Right here.
You're ready.
...Ooh, what I did
I get myself into?
You make me want
to say "I do"
I do...
I do
I do...
I do
I do...
Tell me
Is it only me?
Do you feel the same?
You can trust I never felt it
like I feel it now
Baby, there's nothing
There's nothing
we can't get through...
So can we say "I do"?
I do...
I do
I do...
I do
I do...
Love you
Nice and slow.
I now pronounce you
husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
Thank you, girls.
So beautiful.
See? Like it?
It could be a little better.
I'm kidding.
No, you're doing great.
How do you feel?
Like I'm floating.
It was
such a beautiful ceremony.
Now it's time
to start the party.
No, first,
we need some posed photos.
What's wrong?
This memory card's acting up.
-[Jenn] What?
The pictures I already took
are fine.
It's just this card...
I'm gonna head back
to my office,
copy off the photos.
I'll be 15 minutes, tops.
While she's doing that,
I've got a little something
for you in my room,
so I will be right back.
-We'll be right here.
I'm just going to go up
and see if everyone's okay.
[text alert buzzes]
[line ringing]
Jake, you've already done
so much already.
[Jenn] What is it?
I just got a call
from Ashleigh
and she loved the song.
-That's amazing.
[Jake] I know, I know. It's--
The only thing is...
in order to stay on schedule,
they'd need to record it
first thing tomorrow morning,
so she asked me
to fly a red eye back tonight.
Then you have to go.
What? No. No.
I can't leave your wedding.
The ceremony was the wedding,
which you were here for,
and you gave me away.
The whole week was perfect.
You've worked so hard for this.
I know, I know, but...
You should go.
-Are you sure?
But, look, I don't even know
if there's a ferry today.
Well, you're in luck,
because the next one leaves
in about seven minutes.
What? No.
We don't have to--
I'll just get the next ferry--
whenever that is.
[Sasha] There is no next one.
What is with the ferry
on this island?
[Jenn] Stop asking questions
and go.
Jake you're not just
producing anymore,
there's a Colby & Case song
on this album now.
I know, exactly,
so I need to stay
and tell Maggie the good news.
-There's no time.
-I will tell her.
[Jenn] Just go.
Okay, okay, okay, all right.
Okay, all right.
[Jenn] Okay.
Thank you.
[Sasha] We're gonna make it.
You think Maggie's
going to be upset?
She'll understand.
Thank you, thank you,
thank you.
You're going to make it!
Wait! Wait!
I have a--
Here, I have a ticket.
All right.
Let's get some pictures
of the newlyweds!
Ashleigh loved your song.
She did?
Yeah, she wants to use it
for the album.
That's amazing!
Where's Jake?
In order to stay on schedule,
they have to record
first thing tomorrow,
so he had to go tonight.
Wait. What?
He really wanted to wait
to tell you himself,
but the ferry was leaving,
and everything got so hectic--
This is so exciting.
The world's finally gonna hear
a Colby & Case song.
Which means
that he'll be going on tour.
[Jenn] Right.
I'm so sorry, Maggie.
No, you know...
you know what,
that's great news.
It is.
It's so great.
Our song is gonna be
on a hit album
and the two of you
just got married,
so let's celebrate that
and take some pictures.
Why don't you guys go grab
the rest of the wedding party
and I'll head down to the pond
and set up?
Are you okay?
You are worth fighting for
You are worth
fighting for
You are worth fighting for
All right,
so you guys are all done.
You can head up
and enjoy the reception.
Your main job
as the maid of honor
at the reception--
to make sure the bride eats.
And to catch the bouquet.
-Thanks, Maggie.
-You bet.
Come on.
Let's get up there.
Over there, please.
Thank you.
Sasha, once the photos
are finished,
I'll introduce the newlyweds.
[Sasha] Oh, I can do it.
That's okay.
I've got it.
I would like to do
the introduction.
You are amazing at what you do,
but someday,
you're going to have to hand off
the reins to someone else.
And I'd like
that someone to be me.
Is that so?
I've been watching and learning
from you for three years now,
and I know I can do it
and I know I can make you proud.
And the truth is,
I've been offered
another opportunity.
But I love this island,
and I was really hoping
that you'd give me a reason
to turn them down.
Another job offer, huh?
Yes, ma'am.
in that case...
We'll start by making you
my partner.
I am not going to retire.
-Oh, of course.
-I'm not.
Now, get up there.
I hear Jake had to go back.
Duty called.
Now, I know
you are a grown woman,
capable of making
your own decisions,
but you'll always be
my little Magpie,
and it's my job
to look out for you.
Thanks, Nana.
I think you've been here
long enough.
What are you talking about?
When you came here,
you were hurting.
And I gave you this job
to help you heal.
Don't get me wrong,
you are
a wonderful photographer.
your music...
I saw it at the fire pit.
It's what you were born to do.
If you don't trust me ...
trust the fact
that you wrote a song,
in a day,
and Ashleigh Z loved it enough
to make it the centerpiece
of her new album.
You have to share your talent
with the world.
Well, I'm not just gonna
leave you
in a bind like this, Nana.
[Evelyn] You're not.
I have a new partner,
so I can go back
to what I was born to do--
Nana, are you firing me?
I'm pushing you
out of the nest.
It's your time to fly.
Thank you.
Now, give your Nana the camera.
-You have a song to sing.
Thank you so much.
Good afternoon, everyone.
If you could please welcome,
for the first time ever,
as husband and wife...
Kyle and Jennifer Robertson.
And here to sing
their first dance
is Maggie Case.
[Maggie] Kyle and Jennifer
have chosen something
very special
for their first dance.
It's a song written by me
and her brother, Jake.
Jennifer and Kyle, we love you.
I look at you
Walking my way
I'm weak in the knees
Like I just met you today
[Jake joins in]
One knowing look
From your eyes
The place I go to confide
I belong in your arms
Where the music
gets stronger and right
We belong to this world
Two parts together
always divide
Let's never divide
And get better with time
We now invite everyone
to dance with the newlyweds.
[Maggie] Jake, what are you
doing here?
Well, it's a duet, right?
Well, yeah, but--
You made me promise no changes.
That's right.
I did make you promise.
See, I do listen.
I belong in your arms
Where the music
gets stronger and right
We belong to this world
Two parts together
always divide
Let's never divide
And get better with time
Let's hear it
for the bride and groom.
[Maggie] I can't believe
you made it back.
Mags, the minute
the ferry pulled away,
I knew I was making
a huge mistake.
I realized that producing
isn't what makes me happy.
What makes me happy
is singing with you.
Me too, Jake.
I had no idea how much
until they told me you left.
But what about the song,
the tour?
The Olympia in Paris?
She still wants me
to do the Olympia.
With you.
She wants Colby & Case
to open for her.
What did you say?
I said I needed
to check with someone.
So, what do you say?
You want to get
the band back together?
I think we're due
for a reunion tour.