In the Land of Saints and Sinners (2023) Movie Script

Here they come.
Let's go now boys.
Oh. Fucking kids.
Don't bother it, Patrick.
Oh, that's all we need.
That's it!
Why you did something like that
Pick that up
Apologize to your brother
We don't have time for this
We already late
Fuckin' come on
Just leave it
Fuckin' move it!
Get in the car
Fuckin' drive
Go Go Go
You're devious as shite, Finbar
What, Vinnie?
I can see what you're up to, right?
How can I bloody blast them
if I can't freakin' see them?
Move them back up to
the top of the roof there.
The wind, I can't hear.
All right, sure.
If you're implying that I'm
cheating, guard O'Shea.
I'll take it very thick.
Well, there's a wager. It has to be fair.
Are you gonna whine about fairness all day?
Or are you gonna take your shot and lose?
Like you always do.
Fuck you, hole
Come on with you
See you little bastard.
Thank you.
Robing me blindly, you whore.
So what is the day, premise?
Apart from feeding
your cat and pondering
human reason with
Gulliver and the little folk?
I've finished Gulliver's Travels
I'm on to Mr. Dostoyevsky now.
Russian writer
He is not known to them
I think Christie's gonna make a cup of tea.
Where are we going?
Oh, on a bit of official business.
Mrs. Bailey come up to
me and said the
welcome sign on the town,
out this way has gone missing
Now you'll see what real work entails.
God, that's a bit of a mess.
Someone mad in car back
must have lost control of the car.
Or drunk.
Probably thick in the head.
See, you'll be looking for
some mental chase in town now.
Should nail 'm by tea time, so...
I can feel your eyes
on the back of my head.
I have no doubt.
Adam would have traded his Eve for you.
Have you sown this place?
Well, it's best to have a Hobby.
Oh, this will brighten up a home.
For the table setting.
Which you would know if you'd ever
accepted my invitation to dinner.
How's eh...
how's Brandon holding up?
He's far too worse to be getting better.
So with the fine woman like yourself?
He must want to hang around.
The Explosion left six dead,
including three children.
The IRA is believed to
be behind the bombing,
though they have yet
to claim responsibility.
Anyone with information about the
attack is encouraged to come forward.
Alright, quieten down.
I can't say enough about this next person.
He's done more for this
town than we deserve.
A man of many talents, in fact,
with a little encouragement
perhaps he'd treat us here tonight.
Bart McGuiness.
Would you honor us with a song?
Oh, no, all you kind folk.
Oughten you to know a fella sing
To me own flesh and kin, where are you Ma?
I wished I had you in Carrickfergus,
Only for nights in Ballygrand,
I would swim over,
The deepest ocean...
The deepest ocean for my love...
Right, out you come.
You'll not just shoot me here.
Save us both this exercise.
Keep walking, right to the left.
Here will be fine.
Two steps to your right.
Start digging.
Where are we?
If I'm going to spend eternity here,
nice to know where I am.
You're in Donegal, the
other end of the country.
The Forgotten County.
Seems fitting.
And this is how you earn a living.
She's deep enough.
Out you get.
On your knees.
All these trees.
You've been busy.
On your knees.
Hands behind the old head there.
You have one minute.
Say what you will.
Plead if you want.
Makes no odds.
No pleading necessary.
I knew this day was coming.
Mind you, it took longer than I thought.
It was a lifetime ago.
Had a fierce temper as a lad.
Did my share of killing.
I knew that there was, there was
no going back to what I'd done.
But one day I decided that
whatever was left of my withering soul
shouldn't be wasted, so...
somehow, I...
I blew that black cloud away.
Became part of the community.
Did what I could for those around me.
You know, this is where it ends
for people like us.
In some windswept boggy patch.
Try to do some good
before you find yourself here.
You've only so much time.
Ah, but my days are numbered.
Come all you young men
and lay me down.
So any hiccups then, Kev?
- No, nothing.
You queer, Robert?
Your music suggests you're queer.
You slow, Kev?
Your boots suggest you're slow.
Can't imagine what kind of
mess you left out there.
That's a brilliant Moody Blues 45.
I'm gonna borrow this one.
Indulgence draws the
weak to an early grave.
Who's that? Yeats?
It's my mother.
Who's that?
- Only me, Mrs. McQue.
Oh, Finbar, how are ya?
Robbie said you were coming in.
So I made your favorite scones for ya.
Oh, cherry, huh?
- Raisin.
I thought it was raisin.
Raisin it is.
You know me better than I know myself.
I thought so.
I thought so.
You'll take them with you then.
I will.
You've never not taken them.
Ah, good fuckin'' mornin', ya beauts.
That was hot.
Hey, hey, hey, manners.
There he is.
The fastest hand in the West.
No, that was a Dublin mile.
Kids nowadays.
Oh, God.
Here we are.
Oh, yourself.
Oh, new addition.
I took it as payment
from the O'Reilly clan.
Some Mexican fella painted it.
Quite en-vogue in America, apparently.
Worth a lot more than I was owed.
Too bad you can't sell a
back to its rightful owner.
Oh, uh, keep an eye out.
I'll have something else
for ya in a week or so.
Give it to him.
The job.
Give it to him.
All of them.
Been thinking quite a bit lately.
Been a lifetime of poor choices I've made,
Robert, ever since Margaret died, you know.
I mean, there's more to me than this.
I'd like folks to see it.
Oh, and, uh, what is it you're
so anxious to show the world?
This is all you know.
I could plant a garden.
A garden.
- Aye.
you're just going to jilt me?
Well, leave me with that gone bean.
You gonna miss me?
like a hole in the head.
It's seeds do you want?
- Aye, Bob, seeds.
You're not one for buying seeds, ever.
No, not before.
You're sure that, seeds?
At least. Have you got any or not?
- Alright.
We have, uh,
broad beans, cabbage, some of carrots,
and there's some
regular stuff there too.
So, I was thinking I could
start a garden in my own.
A bit of popple.
Maybe some goldenrod.
Like that yellow wave
you've got going out there.
Goldenrod is a weed, Finbar.
Didn't know that.
Might need a teacher, so.
Is it okay?
I don't know what I'm enjoying more,
the food or the company.
Was your wife a good cook?
Margaret, was it?
Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't...
No, no, no. You're
fine. You're fine.
Just... it's just been so long since
I've heard her name spoken.
Always experimenting.
She baked this brick.
This was a long time ago.
Put apples and nuts into the mix.
Wee bit of cinnamon thrown in there.
Never tasted the like of it.
- Oh, sounds gorgeous.
Jesus, no, it was awful.
It's like I said.
I never tasted the like of it.
And thankfully, I never did again.
Was this in Dublin?
Passed the bookshop where
she worked every day.
Walking to the factory, you know.
God, she loved those books.
It got me hooked.
I wish I could have met her.
Well, she was too good for me, that woman.
The same as yourself.
I'll just be a wee minute...
How is it Moya?
If you hook a rod,
be careful because that line
could cut into the palm
of your hand, darling.
Come on, use that.
There you go.
Good girl.
What are you hoping to catch?
The goldfish?
Take him home. Call him Goldie.
A fish wouldn't care for ya.
And my dead Daddy used
to say that you shouldn't
care for those that
don't care for you.
Hm, fair enough.
I was told to catch a fish for dinner.
You're on.
Let some line out.
Let some line out.
It's okay. Moya!
Hey, Pat.
Pleasure, Sinad.
- Finbar.
Surprised to see you on a night like this.
- Catherine.
- Finbar. He is grumpy tonight.
That old bastard?
Never in your life.
And this is my one night out.
A pint of plain for the
grumpy bollocks, Sinad...
And a wee bit cider for
his long suffering wife.
I'll have a wee Black Bush, please.
Flashing the cash, eh? How trading books
ever earned you a living I'll never know.
As long as I keep winning
money off you, I'll do just fine.
Any luck catching
your Evel Knievel boy?
Ah, not a bit of it.
Now, it hasn't been the most
fruitful of days, I have to admit.
But... I'll get him.
I'm sure you will.
A water, please?
Fine fiddling there, son.
Thank you, my friend.
That's an old tune.
Old as the hills, but
it always has a place.
You say that here?
"Old as the hills"?
We call it a jig.
- Of course.
Thank you.
- So what brought you over here?
Long ago, an Irishman
came to my village,
playing the most beautiful
song I'd ever heard.
He left before I could learn it,
so I just had to come.
Do you not miss it?
I do not miss the fighting.
I do not miss the blood.
Sinad, I saw your Moya out by
the bridge, fishing for dinner.
Sounds like my wee 'un all right.
She's her own woman.
We're like ships passing in the night.
Me working here all
the hours God sends.
Well, don't be giving her too much grief.
Why's that?
The box of grub,
it tumbled into the river.
But that's on me.
I was yapping and distracting her.
Great. Well, thanks for the heads up.
I know that look.
Where are you after?
Surely you're not fleeing
over the spilled food.
Are ya?
I told your ma it was all my doing.
She's going to miss you
something shocking.
Stuck out here alone.
And you off riding the plains.
You're brave and loyal.
I've seen those horses hit the dark.
Scared stiff of the rabbit holes
and the rabbits.
Best to run away during the day.
So you don't, you know, run
into anything unexpected.
But, up to you, I suppose,
you're the boss.
You're not still on the caravan.
Aye, mom says the bungalow
will never be done.
You can go now.
You can go now.
No, no, a gentleman always
leaves the lady to the door.
I said I'm fine.
Moya, what the fuck?
Where've ya been?
I'm fucking starving here.
Who's this?
- A gentleman.
Oh, just like your real uncle Curtis then.
You're not my uncle.
Here, you watch your back talk.
Do you hear me?
Women, eh?
Fuckin' nightmares.
Oh, if it isn't the wanderer,
back from his traveling.
- About time.
- I came straight away, just when we get in.
What the fuck is this?
I don't know,
it's what they give me.
You've been gone for three hours
and you come back with apples.
Is there something
fucking wrong with you?
Shut the fuck up.
How the fuck does he to be your brother?
He's don't even sound the same.
It is none of your business.
What were you doing all this time?
I've just been waiting
down the caravan.
There's no need to be
hanging around down there.
You just get what we need
and then you come back.
Do you understand?
Knock knock.
Oh, Jesus.
Finbar I mean. Thank you.
Watch it, it's heavy?
Will you take a cup of tea?
- No, no, thanks, girl.
How's Moya?
What have you got there?
Not got anything.
Maybe I should ask your mother.
No, please.
Don't say anything to her.
Show me.
Come on, show me.
Where did you get this?
Did your uncle give you this?
He's not my uncle.
Why did he give this to you, Moya?
Does it have something to do with these...
these bruises on you?
Did something happen
you don't want me to tell me about?
Yo, Moya.
So the gentleman caller returns.
Morning, Sinad.
Morning, Moya.
Hope you're not thinking about
making a move in our Sinad.
She's a wee bit young for you, I'd say.
Shut your hole, Curtis.
Mind him, Finbar.
He's an arsehole.
What, I can't even have a wee
bit of chitchat with the locals.
Me and him are sweet.
Ain't I right, big man?
Ah, here we go.
Nothing like a wee bit of skinny
dip to work up an appetite.
Take it and go.
I'll bring you more tonight after work.
I'm going off my fucking neighbours.
Can't blame me for wanting
a wee bit of a new company.
Fuck you.
Catch you later, Princess.
Old friend.
You can pick your friends.
You don't get to choose
your bloody in laws.
I, um...
My brother married his sister.
Then promptly got himself killed.
I can't wait to see the back of him.
I thought you were all for
leaving this business behind.
Give it to that wee bollocks, Kevin.
I'd pay.
Are you wise?
A local fella?
You want the boys in blue at your door?
His clan isn't from here.
He's a blow in.
With a name of Curtis...
- I don't care.
Not on our doorstep.
Besides, he could be IRA.
Good luck staying away from
them fellows for the rest of your life.
So, we just let him keep on hurting her.
You don't even know what he's done.
- I know.
I could see it in her eyes.
And that's his message
for her to keep quiet.
Jesus, she's a child, Robert.
Shop him to the guards.
An anonymous tip off.
Conscious clean.
- She'll never tell him what he's done.
He's put the fear of God in her.
And he'll never stop.
He'll just go on tormenting others.
Robert, I know what I said about killing.
But this is different.
I want no part of it, Finbar.
Count me out.
Taking your brogues for a walk?
So, you actually can talk, huh?
Only when I'm done listening.
Passing by Sinad's. Hop in,
I'll give you a lift.
So, you're on holiday, eh?
- Aye, holiday. Fuck up.
Couldn't get out to Mallorca,
fixed my farmer's time, but nah.
could have nipped off to
That's all squat in the bag,
ours are bleeding fucking nowhere.
Listen, there's cigarettes
in the front there, help yourself.
The matches are on the floor.
Funny, the road never looks
the same on the way back.
That's 'cause giants made these hills.
Aye, is that right?
This land was once ruled by Famoreans.
God like seafarers, they were.
Slaved the land, ate their
children, so the story goes.
Now, to think I just
used them for shooting.
You're a hunter?
Well, if you call shooting bean cans
and the odd jackrabbit hunting,
then yes, I'm a stupendous hunter.
What do you use?
A smooth bore.
A. H. Fox.
Teddy Roosevelt called it
the finest gun ever made.
You wanna see it?
I had a Remington 17 model
before I got this little baby.
Wasn't as nifty.
Didn't have the same...
boasty qualities.
Beautiful, isn't she?
You want a hold her?
- What did I ever do to you?
- Wee Moya, you bastard.
She's fucking alright.
I'll leave.
You'll never fucking see me again.
You're fucking dead.
Some ginger Jesse Owens, he was.
Why'd he have a knife?
Is that something
all the young ones carry?
Wouldn't consider meself in tune
with modern youth, to be fair.
What are you doing out here?
Robert asked me to check up on you.
Oh he did, did he?
Well, in that case...
I like bingo, yeah?
Royce has a session on tonight.
You'll pay for me books.
What a cheeky point that too, eh.
Oh, now I'll bury you,
and almost I'll get down.
Get down.
Starting to understand why
they whinge so much.
This yahoo one time.
Taken away, so he was.
But he knew
that when he stopped, that was that.
End of the line.
So he just didn't stop.
Must've been something like
nine feet when he was done with it.
Blisters the size of plums.
Who knows?
He could've hit fecking Fiji or some place.
I just stood and laughed.
That was something else.
It's all a big joke to you, isn't it?
This line of work.
Oh, well.
As my dad always used to say,
"Do a job you love."
And the next one up is stuck in a tree, 53.
Here you go, Finbar.
On me, for yesterday.
Oh for God's sakes.
Sinad, there's no need.
Hey, love.
Can I have one?
Which part, Kevin.
She's a feisty one.
Reminds me of one I left
in a forest not long ago.
A woman?
- Yeah.
I'm more... eh... collected in the
fellas, don't you think?
More dignity before dying.
- What?
You never?
- No.
There's enough cruel men in this world.
- She was cruel, alright.
Cruel looking.
But the crying took the edge off.
A wee bit messed up
in the head, aren't you?
Says the one.
It's just a bit of money in
me pocket when I need it.
But a body count like yours,
now that's psychotic.
You listen, you wee shite.
Killing is no joking matter to me,
and I'm done with it for good.
But if I ever hear of you having a
laugh at someone else's dying tears,
I'll beat you with my old man hands.
How many people have
you killed altogether?
Conan's mouthing off in there.
You know, the day they
murdered our father,
Curtis was playing football
in the under-twelves.
Little bollocks wasn't half bad.
I never forget picking him up,
telling him what happened.
He just sat there, just looking at me.
He couldn't make sense of it.
Him growing up in Belfast
and me down south from them.
His whole world turned upside down.
And I made him a promise.
I said I'd always look out for him.
Conan says we should clear out.
Make tracks to France or somewhere.
- Not without my brother.
He probably just had a lock-in...
drinking, you know what he's like.
Unless he developed
the power of invisibility,
a course he didn't spend
the night, in a fucking lock-in!
He ain't no fucking pig.
We're not going anywhere without Curtis.
He's fucking left us, Doireann.
He's probably away on home.
No, he's dead if he goes back. We all are.
Yeah, I know.
Curtis June and Doireann McCann.
You're the reason we're in this mess.
I knew you would fuck it up.
But we got the bastards, didn't we?
That's what matters.
And what about the kids?
What, were they just collateral?
You know fucking rightly,
I couldn't have predicted that.
You made yourself known.
Me and Samus, we were in the clear.
They only saw the back of
our heads running up the road.
I saw the back of her head last night.
The Fuck!
I'm only easing the tension.
Where are you going?
- I'm going out to find that sad bastard
whose only job was to lay low.
Could say he's doing
that only too fucking well.
You cunts want to leave, that's grand.
Just don't be expecting big fucking hugs
when you get back to Belfast.
Hey, sister. What are you
doing out of the bungalow?
Yesterday, did Curtis say
where he was heading?
I didn't see him yesterday.
So he's missing?
Oh, Thank God...
I should never have
let you back in my life.
Go on, pack your shit, I want you's gone.
- Don't you dare speak to me like that.
I'll fucking rip that
tongue from your throat.
Maybe the paver's got him.
They're probably closing in the
rest of you sorry fucking bastards.
I'm fighting for a free Ireland.
And that includes you. You cunt.
So you better start showing
me some fucking respect.
What did he tell you?
He said nothing.
But I'm not stupid, Doireann.
I read the papers.
I'm okay, love, I'm okay.
Here, he swam most days.
Maybe he fucking drowned.
Jesus, here you're going
letting your age get to you.
I suppose the front line would make
a decent shot out of any man.
Now what's your excuse?
- Ah, sure, I was among the last to arrive.
You know, I never knew
the hell of war that you did.
For me, the liberation
of France was... eh...
just a load of faffing about,
if I'm perfectly honest.
Did they mock ye as well,
when you came back?
Well, they're certainly weren't
up to making me feel good about it.
But I was determined to help
fight the Nazi bastards,
even if it meant siding with the English.
But that's why I wear the uniform.
You know, I know right, I know wrong.
And you need the black and white.
Oh, the state of the North at the minute.
And I've seen enough
fighting for a lifetime.
There you go.
Did anyone come out here?
Does anyone know?
- Not one soul.
- So he could be back in Belfast then.
If he is, I'd fucking
kick him back to you myself.
What if special branches are onto us?
- No way, no. Of course they're not.
- Then fuck off!
Just give me something!
Local Intel, any names around here,
someone who'd know!
Where are you again?
Glen gal something...
I suppose.
The best hiding spots are ones
you can't fucking pronounce.
There's an old contact close by.
Freelance, old man.
- Have you got a pen?
- Yeah, yeah.
No, stay back.
- Robert McQue?
- No knock?
Force of habit.
Your, uh, colleague
wasn't specific about
the nature of your visit.
Afraid his phone was being tapped
by the big fellas, I suppose, huh?
Oh, bloody paranoid.
- I'm trying to find a friend.
And none know the shadow is
better than those under the rocks.
Oh, I like that.
And this friend, what's the name?
- Curtis.
Curtis June.
That's a folly of a name, huh?
Was it, June?
Is it short for something?
- What is?
- June?
Is June fucking short for something?
It's June, like the month.
I've never in me life
met anyone called June.
Redhead, tall, skinny fella.
That doesn't ring a bell.
You know, those bandits out there in
Inishwest, they might have heard something.
You give them a try.
Now I, I have to clear up this mess.
If you please find your own way out.
It fits.
I said...
- I heard you.
You're only three foot away from me.
Is he dead?
Without a doubt.
It had nothing to do with me.
Who, then?
Tell me or I blow
your fucking head off.
Well, well, well, put it away, will you?
I'm not staking my life for him.
Told him not to do it.
- Finbar.
Finbar Murphy.
But we parted ways.
He's no longer in my employ.
Who called the hit?
- You'd have to ask him that.
Where does he live?
- I don't know.
Now, if you don't mind, I would be
very grateful if you would get the...
Robbie's not here anymore.
Where is he?
- I shot him.
Believe me, he had it coming. I'm
not trying to be disrespectful or nothing.
What's your name, love?
You've a sweet voice, Josie.
I'm sure you've done nothing wrong.
But I can't let you go
seeing my face now, can I?
- No.
So why don't you go into your
bedroom back there, lock your door,
and don't come out until I'm gone?
Robbie isn't going anywhere.
Put that away.
Take a look at this.
Blood money.
Fuckin' massacre.
Well, thanks again, Rita.
Oh, wait a minute.
I'll teach you bits whenever you start
planting, but I can't remember everything.
Books help. You done good.
I's a start.
Good night.
- Night.
It's Robert.
Oh, Mrs. McQue.
- Thanks for coming.
- Finbar.
- No, no, no, Mrs. McQue. Don't.
Robbie was a good man.
Of course he fuckin' wasn't.
Oi... For what he was,
he was a good man.
Did you see who he was?
- Oh, it was a her.
And no, I didn't.
She was talking to Robbie, though.
She said she was looking
for someone named Curtis.
The ginger Jesse?
She'll need a shovel.
We can't stay here.
Fucking hate waits.
Go and siphon some petrol.
Mrs. McQue, go in the kitchen.
- All right.
I'll sort this out.
Everyone knows each
other in these small towns.
They'll know him.
- But why does it have to be me?
Because you always
look lost. Now go.
Good evening.
I'm off for the weekend.
Visiting my uncle.
We've got a bit turned around.
You wouldn't happen to
know a Finbar Murphy.
Know him all right.
Lives up the road there.
Oh, for fuck sake.
Evening, Guard.
You want me to fill her up?
- Huh? Yeah.
Ever see that fellow around here before?
Never have.
Says he's up to see his Uncle Finbar.
- Finbar?
No, Don's never said he had a nephew.
Aye, look at this. Beautiful.
How do you suppose they found him?
Maybe he asked his network
about this Curtis fella.
Checked on you after you spoke to them.
Just wait for you outside, then.
How long you'll be?
Pull over there.
Something spook ya?
Somebody's in my house.
Well, that's me un-employed then, I suppose.
Old Robert took advantage of me,
but he treated me right.
He'd say you was a friend?
We had things in common.
Things to keep hidden.
But you're a runaway?
Your home is an old pile of shite
and there's no love to be had,
I hardly call it running away.
Escaping's more like it.
One night, I got myself
into a fierce bust up in a pub.
But I come out of it on top.
And there Robert was.
Buying me as many pints as I wanted,
and offered me thirty quid to
push some fella off a pier.
Of course I didn't know
he was getting 130,
but that was Robert, the
old sleeve and bastard.
It was easy money.
Uh, I lost track long ago
how many I've killed.
The war had turned me into
somebody I didn't recognize.
And when I came home and
learned my Margaret had died,
whatever was left of my old self
had seemed to disappear into a black hole.
And then Robert came calling.
As you said, it was too easy.
Fuckin' seniors and their raisins.
He's not here by now...
He's probably head down watching us.
Well, if he is, let's give
him something to watch.
Nah, Jesus.
Go back inside, Rita.
You must be the nosy
fucking neighbor, huh?
You should be minding your own
business if you know what's best.
You know Finbar?
Never had the pleasure, but I will.
Mr. Murphy has done something.
Something unforgivable.
Hey, what are you doing?
I'm gonna fucking kill her.
We've got no advantage.
Advantage? What's that, war talk?
- Put that down.
I don't want Rita getting
caught in the crossfire.
God, it's lonely out here.
Especially for a frail
old one, like yourself.
If you see your friend,
you can give him a message.
I'll tell him a mighty wee bitch sent it.
Talk to the cruel...
Come on.
Oh God.
Grab her legs.
You go first.
Two cottages down
from the crossroads.
The one with the flowers.
And who is this again?
- For God's sake, it doesn't matter.
Look, you're a doctor. Just go to her.
All right?
Here we are.
Home sweet home.
Here you go.
Good boy.
There's some money's worth here.
No wonder you need someone
to buy your bingo books.
Maybe I just wanted the conversation.
Do you play this thing?
Just a chord or two.
No trainer, I mostly teach meself.
I'll make my own record someday.
Maybe over there in California, if
we can save enough for the journey.
People over there just
seem... free or something.
Enjoying life, you know what I mean?
The teams, that's...
- Okay, let's go.
I don't recall you
buying a paper before.
I don't recall you being sober.
Hey, Pat. Give us 20 Gold, would ya.
Ah, the poor fellow must have been a hermit
out there, for I never saw him in the town.
Went with the name of Robert McQue.
Did you know him at all?
The mother said that there
was a woman that did the killing.
I can't make a head
nor tail of it at all.
You know, I was wondering if maybe
the sign had something to do with it.
You know, maybe the sign was, a sign.
Anyway, we'll get the
detectives down from Dublin.
There'll be all over it.
There'll be nothing for me to do.
Oh, here.
You never told me you had a nephew.
Aye, nice lad.
I don't see him that much.
You mind dropping me by Sinad's?
- Oh, get in.
cheers for the ride, Vinny.
Yeah, hey.
Don't be smug about it.
Can't be seen to have favorites.
- Get on with you.
Stay low.
Stay out of sight.
You come to a fucking football match.
He'll be here.
Everywhere fucking rats.
They didn't get your good side.
This pushes us into a corner.
We're gonna have to leg it.
Not yet.
Anybody can recognize us, Doireann.
Curtis is dead.
Try to give an ounce of shit.
Let's burn the fucker's place
then as revenge for Curtis.
Then we get out of here.
We get to Amsterdam, France maybe.
We've got that money,
we can start over.
Have you lost your fucking mind?
Run off and leave Ireland?
So what's the point of all this, then?
- If we want to live...
So they died for nothing?
- For a while, 'til things settle down.
Am I the only one who understands
what we're fighting for here?
We're not fucking leaving.
Someone hired Murphy to kill Curtis.
We need to find out who.
The old lady, the fucking shopkeeper,
someone knows where he is.
We're just gonna have to pry it from them.
Better find the loo.
Maybe the two of you can come up
with just one fucking idea while I'm gone.
- Hassan.
- My biggest fan.
See you stuck around.
What do you think?
They all looks so blood-thirsty,
I don't know who to root for.
Hey, Sinad.
- How about you, Finbar?
Not too bad.
Seen Moya?
- She's around here somewhere.
Up to something, I'm sure.
She's grand. We're good.
- Good.
Okay, I'll see ya.
See you later tonight.
- Aye.
Finbar Murphy.
Deireann McCann.
It's Doireann.
I've only seen it printed.
And they've printed a lot about you lately.
You tell me who ordered the hit, or I'll put you
down right here to die in this shit-fed turf.
Look, we've killed each other's friends.
One for the other.
Lets draw the line.
Walk away.
No, no, no. Fuck you.
I killed a degenerate bottom feeder.
Curtis was my brother.
Then you must have
known about his tendencies.
Give me the name.
All right.
I can bring him to you.
Easier that way.
And you're just going to have this,
whoever, turn himself over?
Convinced the boy
into my car, didn't I?
I'll be back here.
Eight o'clock.
It'll be quiet.
No one will see.
No, fuck right off.
Do you think I'm stupid?
We meet at that pub.
- That's it.
Full of merry fucking
villagers about that time.
None of who suspect you're a
murdering bastard, I suppose.
So no tricks.
I won't have you hurting anyone
else in this town, do you hear me?
You be there.
Or we leave a special delivery
that'll blow that pub all over Donegal.
If that happens to us,
people will come looking.
People who are a lot worse than me.
And they'll tear right through
this god forsaken place.
And that quaint little
nosy neighbor lady of yours?
No one will be safe.
Fuckin idiot.
You take my pistol and
nip off without a pip?
Certainly into your dramatics, aren't you?
I found the leader.
She didn't take to my ceasefire.
She left me no choice.
I'm gonna finish her.
Finish all of them.
What's your plan on doing that?
It'll be good and public.
So if anyone comes looking
for blood, they'll come for me.
Leave this town out of it.
You can go.
I'll be fine on my own.
No way, Jose.
The great Finbar Murphy's going to war,
I'll be fucked if I'm
missing out on all the fun.
Good boy.
Knock knock.
A wee gift for you.
Will you take him?
He's yours.
What's his name?
- You know, I never gave him a name.
What do you think?
- He looks like a Sean.
You'll take good care of him, won't you?
It's good to care,
even if it hurts.
It keeps you human.
Bye, Sean.
You want an audience?
I'll meet them inside.
Tell them I've got the fella out back.
Where I'll be waiting for them.
Now that's an advantage.
I was listening.
I have an advantage of my own.
Go on now.
Take this.
There's an envelope in the outer pocket.
Give it to Robert's mother for me.
The rest is yours.
What are you getting now?
We agreed...
We agreed on nothing.
Now listen.
There's nothing more here for you now.
This is my war.
Take that money.
Let it be my hand down to you.
You don't have to use that ever again.
You're young.
Find something else to do.
Get to California.
I'm not saying you need to be
a saint or anything like that.
Just don't waste your life doing this.
Nobody ever gave me nothing.
My advice is more value
than that money, son.
Trust me on this.
Go on.
Ah, Jesus. Jumpy tonight, aren't we?
- Geez, Vincent,
I've got an old heart.
Aye, but with a young spirit.
Come on.
We're sitting over here.
Black Star isn't a truce.
He didn't try anything at the pitch.
Not with the crowd.
I'll have a peep in first.
Conan, you bring the case in after.
I am?
Because you're shit with a pistol.
Because I went looking for
Curtis with no help from you.
Because I organized this trade.
And because I fucking said so.
Just keep the car lit.
Any foul play, you set that timer
and we get the fuck out, y'hear?
Scorch the bastards.
Sure, half the village is in there.
And some, who can hang those
dead kids round our necks.
I was hoping for a quieter night tonight.
You know, a few stories, bit of a yarn.
How, you getting on
with yon Russian book?
Not finished it yet.
Dare say you would enjoy it, though.
Bit of mystery?
Intrigue, is it?
There's a clever detective
investigating a gruesome murder.
Name of Porphyry. He's... tenacious
in his quest for the truth.
Drawing out of the suspect, and
too much isolation is destroying him.
Eating away at him.
Making him understand
that the parity ended.
It's all his.
So keen instincts, this detective?
It reminds me of you, actually.
Did he get his man in the end?
- I don't know.
Will your nephew be in tonight?
Or has he moved on?
You don't trade books for a living,
do you, Finbar?
What is it that you do?
You don't want to know.
If you need to tell me
something, I could help.
No, Vinnie. You can't.
Moya, Moya.
Come here. You have to scoot on home.
- Where are you going?
This is no place for wee uns.
- But I'm allowed in the bar.
No, no. Not tonight.
- I just want Sean to meet my ma?
Not tonight.
- Take Sean and go home now.
- But I...
Sean can meet your ma some other time.
Okay? Go home.
Quite a crowd?
And your partners in crime?
You said no funny business.
They're around to be sure of it.
Now just produce the fucker, like you
said, and you can get back to your music.
We'll meet out back where
we can hear ourselves.
You move from that fucking spot,
and I promise you, I'll shoot you dead.
All right. It was me.
Don't you love how a song can just
fill your heart with joy?
The music.
Makes you want to just
grab one of the nearest
young dolls and kiss
the face clean of her.
This how you cunts court?
- How 'm I doing?
Aren't I a bit ripe for your tongue?
I'd target any
woman who's up for a...
Grateful for your charity, Finbar.
But a saint's got to
be a sinner first, don't he?
This him?
- Calm down.
I told you.
It was me.
- Course it's me.
Now, why don't we all
go out back and... Whoa!
That's mine, you bastard.
That dumb bitch!
She shot me!
Just letting you know
I'm still here, Doireann!
Jesus. Why the fuck
did you come back?
Hassan! Stay down!
Stay down!
Oh yeah, money's in me car.
Guessin' you'll get out to
California before me.
You lookin' for him to save you?
I'm not the one who needs saving.
I've done what I've done.
I had my reasons.
And the Lord was them.
I take no judgment from you.
I'm not here to judge.
We've all got our reasons.
Just shoot me.
You're at your end.
Make your peace.
My brother.
He's all alone.
I'll make sure you join him.
Those brutes didn't get you.
Rita, I am so sorry.
- It's fine, Finbar.
You never asked me
what I did for a living.
Should I have?
You see... erm... nothing grew.
I should have started it ages ago.
No, you keep it.
Maybe somewhere down
the road you'll try again.
Bye, Rita.
You eh...
you take care, yeah?