In the Line of Duty 6: Forbidden Arsenal (1991) Movie Script

Drop it!
They'll have the money, that's for sure,
but they won't buy a pig in a poke.
Can we trust them?
- What are you thinking?
I've checked up on all of them.
And you call this a Restaurant?!
They don't even have waiter, right?
You want to see them?
- Sure, where are they?
Please follow me.
So what is it you want to show me here?
He seems to have some music first.
Bullet-proof worn by the cops.
Give it a shot.
Do you think you are?
These goods from Mainland are quite good.
- Indeed.
How much do you want?
How much do you have?
Show him.
No, I want 600 "Red Star".
Come here.
Have a cigarette first.
Where are the documents?
Open the back for a look.
They've gotta look. What should we do?
Don't worry, it won't be
our business anyway.
What is it?
An alarm.
So it's you.
So, you don't have to check this.
I don't know what you are transporting.
I only know we have to put up a show.
Only cars in Hong Kong install alarms.
How come those in China too?
For fear it will be stolen in HK.
Pick off.
You can come back even if it's stolen.
Ok. Go, go
- Deafening noise.
The cars coming.
Go and phone.
Where's Bun?
It should be Ben.
Anyway, the cars are coming.
Yes, sir.
What takes you so long?
Could it be something happened?
These goods will make you rich.
Worth waiting.
I fear something has happened.
Who's inside the car?
He'll test the pistols for us.
How comes Paul's not here?
Paul will have dinner with you tonight.
Are we giving the goods to them first?
Don't worry the money is ready.
We've been co-operating.
Trust me.
Of course I trust you.
Let's see the goods first
600 high quality pistols.
We'll test it's quality.
That's really what we want.
Are they genuine?
Come let's check it.
What are you doing?
Testing the pistols.
You test pistols with human beings?
I aim at the logo on his hat.
Stay aside if you're afraid.
You bastard.
Try it with some more bullets.
Why did you shoot me?
I'm just testing the pistols.
We're the policemen, you've
been surrounded.
Put down your weapons. Hands on your head.
We can't escape.
Don't shoot.
I can't find the pistols.
Are you alright?
Still alright.
Go away.
Keep close with the lorry in front.
You two will be fallen and dead.
The lorry driver below.
You can't escape stop the car.
The lorry is moving into the hill.
We are going to lose it.
Let me go.
I'll kill you cop.
Bad luck.
Are you OK?
Girls should be ladylike.
Go away.
You can't treat me like that.
Excuse me, excuse me.
Sir Hui, I've caught 2 guys.
One claimed to be from the Taiwan police.
The other said he's a Mainland cop.
What? Cops?
They said they were spies.
Reporters are here, watch your tongue.
You've done a nice job.
I'll compliment you on your
achievement in the public.
Thank you, Sir, excuse me.
- OK.
Sir Hui was in charge of this action.
How many weapons have you uncovered?
How many policemen are involved?
One by one.
We've uncovered over 600 guns.
Made in Mainland China.
The largest number of
weapons uncovered these years.
Is this an organized crime?
The weapons are exported from Hong Kong.
Or imported for illegal purposes?
Such weapons make HK a battlefield.
Sir Hui, as to the future
public order in HK.
What will the government do?
We've uncovered the weapons, don't worry.
Well, it may happen again.
With more weapons.
We'll catch the people again.
Don't worry.
Take a picture first.
Please be seated.
Mr. Hua Zhi Yong.
We've proved your identity
as a Mainland police.
How can you unveil my identity in public?
The policemen from Mainland
are corrupted.
Involved in arms trade.
He's a spy like you.
Of course he said so when he's caught.
What do you mean?
You two have special identities.
Though we can't charge you.
But you come here by using
travel document.
So you cant perform your
duties here anymore.
The public order here are maintained
by HK Police.
We from Interpol have discovered that.
Many arms from Mainland are imported
to Taiwan from HK.
The leader who sells arms is a HK citizen.
Of course I am.
I said our information is correct.
There's an underground arms
factory in Mainland.
It's trafficking arms to HK.
Then distribute them worldwide.
You may go back to Mainland
and crack it down.
Do use your brains.
Since the leader is a HK guy.
Even we deal with it in the Mainland... still continues in HK.
We've got to crack it down
once and for all.
What a nice speech.
Why didn't you deal with that big guy then?
Thanks to you, or I should've succeeded.
According to the Sino-British Declaration...
...we are to uphold our
law, within 50 years.
It's too early for you to come and rule.
She's right.
Yes. Get him back to Mainland.
I'll have you driven back there.
I hope you reconsider.
I know what I'm doing.
Even God can't make you stay.
- The Commissioner calls you.
Those who died are all buyers from Taiwan.
Through Interpol, the Taiwan police.
Wishes Cheng ho-qun to stay.
He got lots of information
about Taiwan criminals.
You arrange for him.
OK, they'll see to it.
Well, I'm ordered to stay and help.
To save you from trouble.
We'll return these to you,
after registration.
Stop that, pack and go back to Mainland.
Sir Hui, your call.
Hi, Commissioner.
You also want a better Sino-HK,
public order.
We've found the body of
your lost cars in Mainland.
We're on the same boat.
And we don't want troubles on either side.
Let's co-operate.
Both in building a new airport and
catching criminals.
Your Commissioner has called.
And asked you to stay and
have a look at this rose garden.
But, Sir Hui.
We know there are criminals.
Let's catch them together.
Thank you, Sir Hui.
Madam, I've got to report this case.
You arrange that for them.
Reporting to yourself.
Mind your own business.
Give me the warp.
Stand here.
Mr. Cheng ho-qun, Hua Zhi-yong.
Call me Cheng Cheng.
A girl in Taiwan called me like that.
So you're Hua Hua.
Are these yours?
- Right.
Stand behind the yellow line.
Stand behind the yellow line.
My luggage.
Stand behind the yellow line.
Never been on the MTR?
No. Only thieves go underground.
HK law may be different from that of yours.
You've got to obey the
HK law when you are here.
Yes, of curse, sure, why not?
These two pistols.
I've got pistols because
we're enforcing the law.
But you're not enforcing the HK law.
Kill me or let me have a pistol.
So go the hell.
Can you save one for me?
Sorry, the rule took effect from Feb.
So I have to keep it.
Acknowledge receipt.
I'm sure we'll crack it down in 3 days.
Show me the night life of HK cops.
I've go something to do tonight.
Let's do it together.
I have shooting practice tonight.
Want to be my target?
Want to be her target.
See, don't let him bring toothpicks doing
Destroying public property.
You bastard.
Ching Ching.
You said there should be no problems.
Now what to do?
Come here.
My brothers are still bleeding.
We can't see the doctor.
The old boat will sink before
we reach public water.
We've got to risk it.
Stop waiting for Por board.
He's called Paul.
He'll be here.
He told you to wait for him.
Paul's coming.
Look at this.
We're finished if the cops know.
What took you so long?
Not very serious.
Find a doctor back there.
I think there's a spy in the incident.
Export all the goods to HK
as quickly as possible.
Paul, are you kidding?
I'm not sure whether
we'll safely return to Mainland.
We may get caught.
We've got to report the arms factory
when we're back there.
No time to export arms for you.
Then you stay here.
You, you go.
Paul, he's only kidding.
OK, I'll have the arms exported to HK.
When you return there, you'll come back?
I'll do as you told.
To hell with you.
Stop it.
Let me off.
Stop it.
Two more blows.
Shui is hurt badly.
How can he return there?
I'll take him to a doctor.
Look after Shui for me.
We can be harmonious.
We don't have to fight.
One page is missing.
How disappointing.
Tam, staying in HK alone are you bored?
What can I do?
You'll have a rough time if I find you.
What do you want from me?
Where do you buy arms from Mainland?
OK, I'll show you to a person.
You're not doing me a favor.
I'm a cop.
You're got to listen to me.
Where are you going?
Find somebody.
Wait here.
Miss Pat.
Beer, charge him.
Let me pay, OK?
I'm gay.
Don't feel shy.
Everybody here loves this.
I don't like it.
No problem.
Let me teach you.
Stop there.
Enjoy yourself.
Why pinching me?
Stop pinching me or I'll hit you.
Hit me if you like.
Stop moving.
Stop, CID.
It's not real gun.
But mine is.
Delicious mutton.
That Taiwanese and the homos
are having affairs.
They'll get Aids.
The homos are inhuman.
He can't escape.
I've had the pistols for you two ready.
That's quick. You're smart.
I want to hear about the pistols.
Who are you?
A security guard from the Mainland.
That's a Taiwanese.
Now a Mainlander.
Nobody remembers this is HK.
You're suspected of arms-trafficking,
go with me.
Any evidence?
Do I have a pistol?
There's evidence in the police station.
What are you doing?
Stop it.
It's him, Sir.
I refused to pay protection fee today.
Catch him I'm a cop.
Hua Zui-young, you're asked to stay behind.
To co-operate with HK police.
And not to destroy HK's public order.
You mean I'm destroying order here?
If I were not caught by these 2 cops...
...I would have caught that Taiwanese.
How would you catch him?
You're not a HK cop.
And you, being a cop.
You take 2 fake pistols to the gay bar.
I'm not gay I love looking at women.
I love reading porn magazines.
So you are an ACDC then.
- Shut up.
Fight outside. Sit down.
I'm not gay.
My information is authentic.
Tam knows where to buy guns.
I know he knows. Evidence?
We can't arrest him without evidence.
How low efficiency here.
In Mainland evidence
will appear after you catch somebody.
Comrade, this is Hong Kong.
They will keep making trouble
if they're by them.
Right, you should keep me company.
Madam Yeung, he's correct.
Find somebody to keep an eye
on them 24 hours.
Keep them from making troubles.
Who should take this trouble?
He should be familiar with HK law,
have a pistol.
Name somebody, Madam Yeung?
I won't follow them 24 hours.
I won't follow somebody who's gay.
So I have to be with you two?
I'll be dead if the window was up.
Sorry, this car has got 2 doors.
4 doors would have saved these troubles.
Our fault for forgetting closing
the windows.
This isn't the night key.
The government's things are bad.
Let me try.
That doesn't help.
Ching. Ching.
This is the right key.
You damn Taiwanese.
Open the window.
You'll know how powerfull am.
Can't see.
I'm opening the window.
Bad excuse.
- I'll knock next time.
Have fun with your men.
Go away.
Ching, Ching. Dinner time.
Isn't sitting better than squatting?
Squatting slims your waist.
And strengthens your thighs.
You don't know this. Poor you.
Stop bullshitting.
What have you put inside?
Canned foods?
How comes they exploded?
You know everything then.
Except this thing.
How come it exploded?
You'll knowl'll send the bill to your
You'll be in trouble.
Gone are my wages this year.
Any big deals.
No. Just give the kids to pay it.
How much can you earn as an introducer?
You'll earn a lot more
if you do it yourself.
Hong Kong isn't my sphere of interest.
What's the difference?
You only need to have guts and brains.
The cops can't do a thing.
It's not as easy as you say.
I'll save a share for your
if I have a deal.
The Mainland girl knows nothing
but you chat for so long.
I'm looking into the case.
- That's the job of our HK cops.
Just to get to know more friends.
That's your type, right?
Sex business makes a country rich.
That's why your country
lags behind 50 years.
As simple as that.
Hua Zui-yong, this is quite advance.
You guys fight during a meeting.
This is passion for one's country.
A kind of patriotism.
You know how to read?
The caption is
"fighting during national party congress".
I'll report to the department
concerned in Taiwan.
Maybe I'll sue the TV station.
They're not fighting.
This is not fighting?
Fighting is you hit somebody
in the gay bar on the head.
Tam trapped me that time.
I'll see to that.
Forget your patriotism.
Where's the guy with a green bag?
No idea.
No metals or tins, or risk danger.
So we can't put metal things in there.
I know even you don't tell me.
Tidy up.
Not when we finish eating.
Where's Cheng ho-gun?
You shouldn't destroy it
when you don't want to buy it.
Where's the post?
Forget it.
Cheng Cheng.
- What?
What badge is this?
University of HK?
The big guy's got this badge on his hat.
I've seen such badge on the
scene of arms scene.
Have a look at the university.
- No. Why?
You can't look at it, investigate.
Have dim-sum.
Better have shits.
We want to co-operate with the cops.
These are students range
from 20-30 years old.
Is that helpful?
- Thank you.
You are welcome.
I want to buy your school badge.
Here they are. Choose.
Have any you like?
I want the one nailed on the hat.
Excuse me, Miss.
That's it.
What are you doing?
Where did you buy that?
Anyone can buy it here, Nuts.
So large here where should we start?
You look as it dancing.
Fencing is noble and elegant.
Why are you learning fencing?
I'm bored.
You can earn Chinese fencing
then because it's boring too.
That's swordmanship?
Looks like dancing.
It suits boring people like you.
I'm poor with the sword.
Nothing to do with Chinese sword.
This lady is right.
It's boring when you're
poor in any kind of swords.
When Marco Polo saw the Taichi master
used sword in China...
... he followed him as a disciple.
Marco Polo knew the Taichi master?
That's a question still in debate.
But the Taichi master did
leave behind a Polo Shirt.
When Marco Polo saw
the son of the Taichi master...
...he's more impressed
with his son's swordsmanship.
Then he stole the sword
and returned to his fatherland.
Where he became the origin of fencing.
Miss, return to you.
This is not a valuable sword
I can leave it.
Sir, are you a relative of
the Taichi master?
I was bullshitting.
My name is Hua Zhi-yong.
I thought your were the hero Hua.
Can't find it.
Excuse me.
Come here if you need help.
Thank you.
Smoking again?
OK, I'll go out.
School's over.
- Right.
What are you doing?
Go away.
Don't damage my car.
Hua Zhi-yong. You're still here?
- Yes.
The guy who came with me disappears.
Somebody said he would pick me up.
He's still not here.
Go away.
Go away.
You've knocked down Hua Zhi-yong.
Doesn't matter.
Mainlanders are used to it.
This is no big deal.
I drove with my girl today.
And we really hit that jerk's car.
Our car was so close that
we couldn't see his signal light.
My car was in full speed.
Suddenly a Mainlander rushed out.
I stepped the brake.
The guy was thrown up,
and I hit the back to his car.
The girl besides me sweated all through.
What happened to that Mainlander?
He's alright, I'm that Mainlander.
Do you know how to drive?
You said he was hit hard?
Yes. A lorry suddenly appeared.
And his car couldn't stop and ran into it.
And made the container
overturning 3 times.
Am I right, Sweetheart?
Just 2 1/2 times.
The collision is caused
by not knowing how to stop.
I hurt all my limbs when my bicycle ran
into a motorbike.
But he's all right when
he ran into a lorry?
All right? Show it.
Come on.
You're bullshitting again.
You're from the room next door.
Go away.
Cheng ho-qun. Toilet time.
What, again?
You hurt badly, either you go to
the toilet or cut if off.
Alright, alright.
So he's hurt his third leg.
He's still boasting.
He may become a eunuch.
I don't mind his running into me.
But he shouldn't have made me fainted.
You're looking for Hua Zhi-yong?
- Yes.
He's over there.
He's playing sick. Look after him.
God. God.
Hua Zhi-yong.
I'm not.
You're not sick?
No, I'm.
You're playing sick.
- Yes, no, no.
Thank you for saving my life.
My pleasure.
I'll treat you to dinner.
Your dating is so disgraceful.
I saw the Taiwanese with a woman cop
in the university.
The Taiwanese must be a spy.
She's smart, knows to look for
you in the university.
He dates big brother's sister.
Not exactly necessary.
Tomorrow is big brother's birthday.
Will your girl come?
That depends on his eloquence.
Who is it?
- Paul.
Paul is here.
Where is Ben?
He'll come later.
Called you girl?
- Yes.
Come sit here.
Arranged a girl for him?
How can he work push
up with only one hand?
How's your hand?
It's better.
So I've heard.
Don't play tricks, or I'll hit you.
Shut up.
I've been getting along quite
well with your big brother.
Sorry, Paul.
It's a misunderstanding.
We only ask for money.
Don't bear a grudge.
Your brother must think something
has happened to you.
Give him a call.
Ask him to export the goods
to here from the arms factory.
Then you brothers can meet.
You can't stay in HK.
It's better for you to return
with your brother.
I didn't say I have to stay here.
Shut up or I'll hit you.
See what I've done to the TV.
I didn't want the goods
to remain in Mainland.
Will you help me?
Sure, I call him right now.
Sorry, I couldn't make it yesterday.
I don't mind you're not picking me up.
But I don't like that you
suddenly appear down here.
I'm here because something's urgent.
To have dinner with you.
At my home.
Can you go up with me once?
Today is your brother's birthday.
Ben, what takes you so long?
I won't stay long I've got homework to do.
Have dinner first.
We're all a family.
Sis, you're here?
Smart Ben.
You can bring my sister along.
Any present for your brother?
I forgot.
This is from Ben.
Na gave a present to brother.
It's Edna.
Your brothers happy as
long as you're here.
Paul, right?
A red packet for you.
No red packet.
Brother or lover?
Which night club are you from?
She's my sister, studying
at the University.
She's no whore, like you.
We're whores, why ask us along?
Today's Paul's birthday.
Shut up.
To hell.
To hell.
Keep it, though without red packets.
When will you graduate?
In two-years time.
Ask me to attend your graduation ceremony.
I've never been so honorable.
A nice brother.
How easy it is to get a bog deal packet?
U student is better than us whores.
I'm going to attack you.
Stop it.
What? You taught us how to attack.
Use your brain.
Oh, no is here.
He's got to play innocent.
Brother, I've got to finish my homework.
OK, I'll treat you to dinner
when these guys are not here.
I don't know where you live.
You've got my portable phone number.
So you get troubles.
Stop it I'm angry.
I can kill, I tell you.
I can't do anything about my sister.
Cheng ho-qun, what are you doing?
Come and sit here.
Where did you buy it?
I cooked it.
That's all in the fridge.
There's a fish in the pan also.
Quite nice.
Of course, my dad has got good taste
in food. And I'm his son.
So what?
Let's eat together.
Dating in such weather?
Shut up.
Last supper?
Damn you.
Your girl calls you in a sleepless night.
May I speak to Hua Zhi-yong?
We've cracked down the arms factory.
The Chinese government let
the arms go out on purpose.
They aim at Lai Garden in Central.
So you should arrest the ringleader.
Comrade, we should live up
to our reputation.
Success or die.
You're squatting everywhere.
Goods are all here.
Where's my brother?
He'll be fine so long as the
goods are here.
Paul, he's coming.
Big brother.
Shui, are you alright?
- I'm fine.
Come back later.
You brothers can meet now.
Stop being short-tempered. OK?
Bring the goods down.
Stop moving the cops.
Stand aside.
Take the guns, quickly.
Shui, are you alright?
Shui, don't frighten me.
You bastard.
Let me.
Ask him to come out.
Don't shoot.
Go away! Squat.
Go away.
Excuse me.
Go away.
This side.
Go away.
Go away.
Go away.
Stop moving.
Don't shoot, or I'll kill her.
Don't come over.
Guns down.
Paul, go away first.
Get lost.
Paul, go away.
Bitch, squat.
Don't come over.
To you too.
A bomb.
They are tough.
Stop chasing.
They've got machine guns.
How can I announce our arms
are less powerful.
That's not the point.
It's sad that the arms are of the police.
Can't resist machine guns.
Don't forget we've got the British army.
It's not like China,
military control does not exist here.
We can't use tanks to maintain order.
I worry the existence of the arsenal.
There may be another.
Don't worry.
We can crack them all down.
I worry they'll set up
an arms factory in HK.
But we'll crack it down together, right?
No problem.
We're on the same side.
No problem.
This way please.
- Thanks.
Mainlander, it's time you broaden
your horizon.
I know, this is a karaoke.
I've seen some in the special
economic zone in the Mainland.
What do you like to drink?
Three beers, if you don't mind.
How come nobody stops this lousy singer?
Everyone has the right to sing.
I want to try. Any formalities?
To queue up.
He's asking me, not you.
You said we are like a family.
What exactly should I do?
Queue up.
What's he doing out there?
Queuing up.
Ask him to come back.
People in the Mainland
have got used to queuing up.
What's the matter?
Queuing up.
No need.
You take your seat and we'll notify you.
You said we should queue up.
The waiter told me to wait back here.
Keep calm.
To our success in cracking down
the arsenal. Cheers.
Come on.
Nice shot.
I would have killed them all if
you gave me a pistol earlier.
Save it.
You don't believe me?
Let me tell you.
Two years ago,
I chased a drug criminal up to the hill.
It was extremely snowy.
He couldn't proceed further.
Then he hid himself in a car
with bulletproof glass.
Thought that would save his life.
But I was able to kill him
with just 2 shots.
With bulletproof glass. Bullshit.
You're ignorant if only you shoot twice
on the same position.
Then you can shoot through
the bulletproof glass.
Mainlanders are stupid.
OK, I'm stupid, but not all Mainlanders.
- You Mainlanders are all stupid.
Mainlander and Taiwanese are
all Chinese. So stop arguing.
We're here for fun.
OK, I let you off.
Paul, the arsenal has been cracked down.
What should we do?
The factory in the Mainland is been cracked
down. The technicians are still there.
We can set up an arms factory in HK.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
This is Ching Ching's room.
You've entered the wrong room.
Go away.
I was drunk so I didn't feel a
thing. What a waste.
Get up and have breakfast.
Good morning.
Don't you feel cold?
No I'll have better performance next time.
Your performance was lousy.
I took off your clothes for you.
Where did you sleep last night?
You slept in my room, so I slept in his.
- Where is he?
He was sleeping with you.
If I didn't clean you... would have stunk.
That's it.
The police.
Don't move.
Stop it. You're the cops, so what?
This is HK, keep the law in mind.
Law is made by the nationals.
Mainlander, want to kill him?
So you're putting the blame on me.
He isn't. When he says
you've committed a crime, you name.
Stop it or I'll have a tank wheel on you.
Where can we by guns except from Tam?
The toy shop.
Stop playing with me.
You are destroying order again?
Help. Help.
Stop it.
An act of patriotism again?
Madam, who's this brutal guy?
I really don't know where Tam is.
You've cracked down Lai Garden.
Where else can we buy arms?
Forget it if you don't believe me.
OK, we'll tour around HK.
No, I've got something urgent to do.
Dating again.
This is the first time I tour
around since my arrival.
What do you do in the Mainland?
Do what the government asks us to do.
The same for HK civil servants.
We serve the people in the Mainland.
Price in high in HK Dollar 600 for a doll.
You don't have to buy it.
But you like it, so bought it for you.
You don't like it?
I'll exchange the money back.
I like it.
Go away.
You're going back?
Yes, in two days time
if nothing special happens.
I'll visit you in China.
Do come and see me I'll show you around.
God, it is Edna's doll.
I don't want to see you in that outfit.
Why hanging around with a Mainlander?
You've got no right to ask.
Do you know he's a cop from the Mainland?
You're doing proper business.
What's to be afraid of?
You don't understand.
Don't see him again.
So I don't understand.
What else do you fear?
Edna, come with me to see your brother.
What are you doing?
Hands off.
Run quickly.
- Somebody shoots.
Guns down.
Stand there.
Are you alright?
Who is the bit guy here?
- I don't know.
Don't you good at fighting?
Why letting him off?
What are you doing?
What are you saying?
He almost shot me.
It's complicated enough.
Stop arguing.
How come the big guy was at your home?
Where is he now?
I repeat, I don't know.
He come to me when he wants to see me.
What's the relationship between you two?
Why shouting at me?
This is complicated.
Do you know him?
What's happening to him?
So you know him?
There's something between you two.
I'll find out.
He's my brother.
What crime has he committed?
He is your brother?
He is the ringleader behind the arms sales.
Where is he?
I don't know.
This is no help to him.
You're his sister.
You must know.
I really don't know where he is.
I don't know a thing about him.
Arrest him if he is a criminal.
Why bothering me?
So you won't tell us.
Mainlander, you deal with her.
It's very serious.
Stop defending your brother.
Don't try to tip her off.
Handcuff her.
Follow me so that you can find my brother.
Can you behave yourself?
Her brother is a criminal.
- Maybe she really doesn't know.
You always hang around with bad elements.
What did you say?
Following me is wasting your time.
Watch out.
Be quick.
I know you are a thief.
I didn't know you've got
guns and traffic arms.
Do your brother a favor.
Give me a few days.
And I'll do as you wish.
You want to set up an arms
factory in HK?
Give you a few days?
I don't want you to be shot by the police.
They want to shoot me.
Stop seeing them.
Didn't know a thing before
you brought me here.
Stop doing what you're doing.
I'm still your brother.
Stand still, hey.
Stop or I'll shoot you.
We're siblings.
Are you alright?
Lock her up.
You're wanted by the police.
Stop hanging around.
HK too large for them to catch me.
Not in the least.
Or they have caught me.
Keep an eye for me.
You work so hard.
But earn so little.
How tough.
But I like porridge it makes
congestion easier.
Why don't you start a 7-11?
Each store makes lot of money.
Do it once and for all.
Better than do it.
What do you mean by "once and for all"?
You've been around for so long.
You should know there's only
a few cops in each area.
If we concentrate our dealings
in one area at the same time...
...the cops will find it hard
to crack us down.
They'll seek help from cops
in the neighborhood.
We'll arrange several big deals together,
and dismiss at the same time.
When cops from the neighborhood
arrive we've dismissed.
But how many men do you have?
A lot, whatever type.
But it's no use if we've only got men.
You've got men I've got guns.
But your guns are with the cops.
I've got continuous supplies.
So your guns will match my men.
Bing, let me.
I depend on you.
Paul, will he listen to you?
Let's see.
- Ready.
Paul, this one is great.
Mine's of course.
Try it on.
What are you doing?
Have a look at your testing.
Kill yourself by this gun,
or you kill others.
Paul, give me some time.
No. Be quick if you want
to revenge for your brother.
I kill
I'll kill you.
What happens to you bastard?
Quite nice.
Of course made up of metal.
20 sets.
Should be enough.
I've done my job.
Let's see your's.
Young man, a chained robbery.
Is your intelligence authentic?
Don't trick me.
Why don't you doubt
the genuineness of these guns?
These days are public holidays.
6-7 million cash will be kept
in the 7-11 in Harbour Road.
In the restaurant opposite,
a fat electronic goods trafficker.
He will have dealings with
Mainlanders tomorrow.
They'll have a least 4 million cash.
Remember him.
Find the fat guy.
Fat guys over here.
Robbery has occurred in the7-11
in Harbour Road.
PC199, PC796, please go to scene.
Shootings in the nearby restaurant.
Can guys from the third unit help.
I'm being attacked.
An armed robbery happens
in a grocery store in Jaffe Road.
PC, any men can go and help?
Stand there, guns down.
Sir Lo, can you go and help in Jaffe Road?
Something happens here too.
Ask somebody for help.
Madam, call somebody from
the neighborhood to help.
Armed robberies in Harbour Road
and Jaffe Road.
Can somebody from Central go and help?
Open the door, come out.
Our car has been robbed.
We're on Seaside Street, they've got guns.
Bullet-proof glass.
They've got grenades.
Be quick.
Armed robberies occurred
in my area in 5 minutes.
We don't have enough men to tackle this.
Such chained robberies are no coincidence.
It's an organized move.
Don't worry, I'll arrest
the leader to this soon.
And maintain the prosperity
and order of HK.
I understand you want to save
your girlfriend as soon as possible.
What are you talking about?
- Stop quarreling.
I fear that such chained
robberies will continue.
And there'll be no peace in HK.
We can't let this happen again.
I'm curious.
We've cracked down the arsenal.
How come they've still got so many guns?
Judging from the guns on the scene.
They're not the imported ones.
The quality is bad.
I guess they've set up an
arms factory in HK.
Get up.
Look for the arms factory.
Yes, Sir.
2 guns missing, the money's all here.
What a secret place.
No one can find you unless you're betrayed.
You won't betray me, right?
Less than 3000 Dollar is found in the 7-11.
All the fat guys in the restaurant
together couldn't give 400 Dollars.
And you said there are 4 million.
You may earn more if you sell
an armored car to the Mainland.
So you're using me against them.
Any way to get this even.
You're young I won't blame you.
But it's not enough to heal my brothers,
since you've hurt them.
Are we brothers?
How much do you want?
20 million US dollars.
We are good brothers.
I'm no brothers of yours.
I'm not giving you a little bit.
Your big brothers dead.
Want to follow me?
Good brother.
You won't want a half, will you?
Burn the corpse.
Dust to earth returns.
Hoi, you go out first.
Accompanying your girl to the toilet?
You're not staying, are you?
Hua Zhi-yong.
Paul. Paul.
Many cops outside.
Check if all are here.
Yes, Sir.
Guys inside are brutal,
their guns are powerful too.
Right, your's are beyond comparison.
Call the British army?
Maybe call the tanks as well.
I know how to tackle this.
Excuse me.
Nothing good comes from your dirty mouth.
How can a dirty mouth produce
something good.
Those inside, listen,
we're the Royal HK Police.
You've been surrounded.
Guns down and surrender.
Put your hands up, come out one by one.
It's metal.
Save your bullets.
The first unit shield and
drive away the bus.
With your police cars.
Yes, Sir.
This is the first unit?
Close the door.
Don't come back.
Call the special tactical unit.
- Yes, Sir.
Will they wait for us inside?
They'll be all gone when
the special tactical unit arrives.
You've used the wrong tactics.
Some of us should've sneaked inside
and cooperated with the ones outside.
We sneak inside and try to delay.
The special tactical unit
will join us upon arrival.
Pack all the things into the car.
We can't escape when more cops arrive.
Quick! Quick!
Get into the car, quick.
Close the door.
Stop! Stop!
We've dropped the gold.
Hua Zhi-yong promised that
you won't kill my brother.
It's he who's trying to kill us.
Go and stay with the cops.
Go quickly
or you lose your life.
Little Evil, bring Edna along.
Stop moving.
Little Evil, Little Evil.
Pick the gold, run quickly.
Come out.
Pour water onto the fire.
Only a thumb.
You want a gun without bullets?
Go away.
Why don't you shoot?
It's bullet-proof glass.
Stop chasing.
He can't rush out.
Prepare to open fire.
- The car is bulletproof.
Brother, stop the car.
Brother, surrender please.
You can't escape.
- Miss, it's dangerous.
The car is rushing over here.
It's moving so fast.
You can't shoot twice on the same position.
Run away quickly.
Cheng Ho-qun.
Cheng ho-qun, Cheng ho-qun.
- Edna.
Go away, you liar.
You promised not to kill my brother.
Don't go over there.
Listen, we didn't mean to kill him.
Cheng ho-qun.
Cheng ho-qun.
What's the matter?
Are you alright?
Playing hero?
Don't you know it was dangerous?
Stop pushing around.
Who do you think you are?
I know you like me.
Not yet.
- Not yet.