In the Line of Duty III (1988) Movie Script

No need to be nervous.
When you're out on patrol
just remember these three tips.
See a licence plate, take it.
See a thief, hide.
Refuse to be made a scapegoat,
that's it.
What if you see a thief robbing?
If it's easy, do it.
If it isn't, run away!
This small matter is up to you.
Sir, this is a restricted area.
No parking allowed.
Please give me your driving licence.
Lil' sis, lil' girl...
can't I stop for a while?
- It's official business.
- Are cops so superior?
All you can do is take down
licence plates and nothing else.
Eat shit!
Please be respectful.
I told you to "eat shit",
so what?
200 bucks?
No problem!
I'm used to wiping my arse
with $1000 bills!
Watching the show?
Cops are only good for eating shit!
Drop dead!
Hey, what's going on?
Don't move!
Drop the gun, now!
Madam, don't be reckless!
At worst,
robbery is a few years in jail.
Killing a policeman is a death sentence.
don't... be reckless...
Don't move!
Don't come near, I'll kill him!
There's no shame
in killing scum like that!
Madam, help me!
Go to hell!
Ah Chun, how did you mess up?
Your Serious Crimes Unit
has become the Serious Problem Unit!
There are so many unsolved cases,
they could be used as wallpaper!
My boss blames me every day.
He's very dissatisfied.
It's hard to deal with him.
Sir, I--
You see, I can't protect you.
John, come in here for a moment.
Yes, Boss!
I'll come over right away.
Are you looking for me?
Headquarters called me here.
Did you get the blame?
I told you not to be a cop!
Walking down the street in uniform
is so dangerous!
There's nothing I can do
to protect you!
Fine, I'll do as you say.
I won't wear a uniform, then.
That's so much better!
Come... you go first.
I'll treat you to tea later.
Hey... you go now.
I'm having a meeting with John,
you can't stay here.
- Come... out you go!
- Ah Chun, this time you got lucky!
The boss sent a very
capable person to help you.
- Who is it?
- It's Madam Yeung.
It c-c-can't be her!
In future, you can't say that
there's no one to help you solve cases.
Go on like this, you can
roll up a quilt and guard Sha Tau Kok!
Starting today,
you're a member of the Serious Crime Unit.
Internationally renowned jewellery designer
Mr Yamamoto's solo exhibition now begins.
Don't move!
So what?
Speed doesn't matter.
Most important is how many guns you have.
How can you do this?
A cop mustn't carry two guns.
Now isn't the time for tricks.
In our line of work,
we have to be able to improvise.
If we're disarmed,
a backup can save our lives.
You're wrong to say that.
If you can't even keep your gun...
are you still qualified to be a cop?
Master, sometimes you're
a little too loyal and upright.
What's wrong with being loyal?
Is it better to be a traitor?
Of course,
a thief would've made his fortune.
Can you?
If you have the guts,
go snatch a batch of jewellery
and come back.
Get to work!
I don't have the guts?
I don't give a damn, that's all!
Don't insist.
You and I are both stupid!
Look in the mirror if you don't believe it.
We're doomed to be poor cops!
Ladies and gentlemen,
let's welcome Mr Yamamoto
with enthusiastic applause!
Thank you, Mr Yamamoto!
Look out and be careful!
Nobody shoot!
Don't be reckless!
They've escaped down there!
- Give chase!
- Right!
They're over there!
Still running?
Ken, be careful!
Kill him!
The police have cordoned off the scene.
No one is allowed to leave...
Move along...
Sir, please come here.
What's up?
Are you horny?
Hey, Madam has disappeared!
This is useless!
Piss off!
Go away...
Looking like this,
even a blind man could follow me.
Hey, now she's missing,
should I call it a day?
I did exactly as ordered.
- Now I've done my job, pay up!
- Big mouth!
Get lost!
A team pretending to be informants
is exposed by a newcomer.
Don't you have any face?
And you...
don't think you're so terrific!
You still have a long way to go.
I did it to give you more training.
Chun, Sir,
your training method is wrong.
we just didn't want to expose you.
In fact,
your training method couldn't be worse.
Right! It's simply unbearable.
Remember you also had me follow a fool--
You all think you're so smart?
My training method is the culmination of
more than 10 years accumulated experience.
Chun, Sir,
this is a police station, not the College.
We're here to solve cases,
not to learn.
How else can we be worthy
of the taxpayers?
You talk to me with this attitude?
Think I won't report you, huh?
We didn't want you to be
transferred to Sha Tau Kok.
Transfer me?!
Madam Yeung,
you're so mighty now.
Any of you dissatisfied with me?
Don't hold back.
Speak out.
Any of you dissatisfied with me,
raise your hand!
Fine! I'll transfer you to Sha Tau Kok
to feed the giant mosquitoes!
Good Little Yamato,
burn a stick of incense for Daddy.
Pray your daddy rests in peace.
Uncle Fujioka!
Is Little Yamato a good boy?
Little Yamato is good,
he wants to be like Daddy,
- catch all the thieves,
- Really?
- And be a good policeman.
- That's a good boy.
I want to avenge Daddy
and catch the male and female thieves
to let Daddy rest in peace.
Uncle, help me catch the thieves.
I don't have a gun.
Uncle will.
I surely will.
You done taking a shower?
Let's buy a yacht
and live it up on the Caribbean Sea.
How could you do something so selfish?
What's the big deal?
We risked our lives to get that money.
That money's for the Red Army
to buy firearms.
We must sacrifice everything
for the great Red Army.
If we're to die, we'll die together!
I suspect the male and female thieves
were in collusion with Yamamoto.
Colluding to cheat the insurance.
These male and female thieves
are ruthless.
After taking Yamamoto hostage,
there's no reason not to kill him.
To catch the male and female thieves,
we start by investigating Yamamoto.
You know Yamamoto's status in Japan.
On the surface, he's a jeweller.
In fact,
he's no different from a thief.
But he has close ties
to Japanese politicians.
We can't touch him.
I too really want to catch the male
and female thieves and avenge Ken.
But now you're after Yamamoto,
I can do nothing.
Right, I understand your predicament.
That's why I'm resigning to investigate
Yamamoto in a personal capacity.
That way, the commissioner
won't have to bear the consequences.
Of course,
being a cop can be frustrating.
If you resign over a little setback,
you truly have no resolve.
Yes, Commissioner.
Of course,
we can't touch Yamamoto in Japan,
but later he'll be in Hong Kong.
Anything that happens to him
in Hong Kong,
would be nothing to do with
the Japanese police.
Until then,
I'll turn a blind eye to what you do.
You see what I mean?
I understand and thank the commissioner
for his instruction.
I know what to do.
In short, I won't embarrass you.
We stowed away here this time,
so must be careful in everything.
The Hong Kong nightscape
is really beautiful.
- You really like Hong Kong?
- Yes.
If only I could stay here permanently.
If the Red Army overthrow the government,
you can do whatever you want.
I want to cherish every minute,
every second...
What we need most is ammunition.
This is the boat fare.
Count it carefully.
If it doesn't add up,
you'll be in deep shit!
Hey, it's not enough.
You want to raise the price?
You want to arrive safe and sound?
How much do you want?
I want everything you have.
You must be joking.
Don't move!
The two of you
are international fugitives.
Police all across the world
are looking for you.
I deserve to earn more from you.
Take it all out!
"Mad" Ming will meet a "white guy"
This "white guy" is a very dangerous man.
When you arrest him,
you must be careful.
Come in'!
You go out now.
Aren't you happy at work?
Chun, Sir,
when will you give me an assignment?
Isn't it more comfortable
to sit in the office?
I'm a cop.
If I'm not catching thieves,
I consider myself useless.
Hong Kong has so many thieves,
can you catch them all?
If you have an accident,
how can I face your late mother?
Chun, Sir...
I hope you act professionally.
Here, I'm an ordinary police officer,
not your niece.
You want to be professional?
OK. Go out and retype all the files
from the past decade,
then put them in order.
As a detective,
you must obey orders.
I'm giving you a week tops
to sort all the files.
If you don't do it well,
I'll get rid of you.
- Who introduced you?
- Chaozhou Hero introduced me.
- What's the matter?
- He said, you make guns for people.
This kind of gun,
can you make it?
This kind of gun
couldn't even kill a mouse!
Follow me.
Choose as you please.
This one's good.
This one's more impressive.
It can even shoot through
an armoured vehicle.
This time, I can make a big score.
Chun, Sir, just in there.
- Well?
- Get in there!
Get in there!
- What's going on?
- Don't move!
- Chun, Sir, how's it going?
- They ran that way, chase them!
Hey, it's dangerous!
Go back down that way.
Our operation this time was the result
of a lengthy investigation
that combined clues from all angles
with my analytical experience.
Then, deployed with precise execution,
the operation was carried out
under my careful command.
- In a lightning-quick manner--
- Hey, Madam's here!
Take this arsenal...
I-I-I haven't finished!
Madam, I hear this arms ring is allied
to the Japanese Red Army, is that right?
Police are still investigating this case.
No comment for the time being.
Madam, you displayed great heroism
in this operation.
I was only following orders.
Solving the case is to everyone's credit.
Is the one you arrested
a member of the Red Army?
Y-y-you... don't talk nonsense!
Careful you're not made a scapegoat!
You know I can't answer that,
that's all for now.
how come you're here so soon?
The cops aren't following you?
How many arms can this batch of jewellery
be exchanged for?
How can this be?
You can buy a few fake guns.
An expert made these.
Fakes that could deceive
even the male and female thieves.
they couldn't fool my laser gun.
Yamamoto, that bastard!
He tricked us!
what's wrong with you?
I'm fine.
Did you get the arms?
The jewellery is fake.
How can this be?
This time
we've been tricked by Yamamoto.
- I must settle the score!
- Don't!
You only have a few months to live.
Don't fight anymore.
Let's go!
I don't want to hear such talk!
I'd rather be shot dead
than die in shame of an illness like this.
I swore I'd fight for the Red Army
even with my last breath.
Kazuo Nakagawa,
Michiko Nishiwaki...
are Japan's male and female thieves.
They're suspected of being involved
in multiple terrorist massacres.
We got a tip that they're coming to
Hong Kong to buy arms for the Red Army.
I'll send someone to watch for them.
Don't bother so much!
These matters should be handled
by Special Branch.
The Japanese police only sent one man.
I'm afraid he can't cope.
So what?
Him not coping
is better than us not coping!
Our only responsibility
is to entertain that Jap.
This case isn't simple.
It may endanger Hong Kong people.
We can't stand idly by.
My experience is much greater than yours.
Answering back?!
Take this file to Special Branch
in the morning and ask them to fix it.
Fujioka is a Japanese detective.
He's now been sent to Hong Kong
to investigate the whereabouts
of the male and female thieves.
He looks so manly.
Eh, are you kidding me?
He probably smells of body odour!
See, I'm different,
more the intellectual type.
Don't look upon me as skinny,
I have copper skin and iron bones.
I know Tricky Snake Form Hand,
it's resistant--
Shut up!
You don't know how skinny you are.
This sister thinks
you're not man enough for her.
You're not to my taste.
Right, I'm not your match.
Look at your big mouth and nose;
that Japanese boar is a better fit
for you to breed with.
My God!
You and your bitchy mouth!
Hey, stop arguing!
Don't say anything disrespectful
in front of our guest.
It's all his fault!
I was afraid she'd seduce our guest
and embarrass herself.
Madam, a gentleman asked me to
bring you this bunch of flowers.
My goodness,
I've no idea who could feel so aggrieved
they would send me flowers wherever I go.
I can't stand it.
Hey, Miss, the man who sent her
this bouquet must be an idiot.
Oh, I don't know about that.
I just follow orders.
Then, do you know who he is?
It was this gentleman
who asked me to bring the flowers.
Madam Yeung, how are you?
I haven't seen you
since I graduated from college.
I never expected to see you here again.
Do you like the flowers?
You nasty man!
Madam's in the middle of a case.
If you don't piss off, I'll charge
you with obstructing an officer!
When you're free,
let's see a movie or have dinner.
Besides, it's been such a long time
since we last got together.
You can give me a call anytime.
My number hasn't changed.
Hurry up and give back the flowers.
You got it wrong!
Think you can seduce a woman
with just a bunch of flowers?
This sister isn't so easily seduced.
A cash conversion's just as good.
I still have things to do.
Excuse me,
I must leave in a moment.
I hope next time I ask you out,
you won't reject me.
This sort of creep likes to deceive women
with the ruse of sending flowers.
You mustn't let him seduce you,
you understand?
Eat dinner...?
Eat a banana!
Alright, this bouquet is for you.
Take them back and brew tea.
Calm yourself down.
- I don't want them!
- Stop arguing! Why are you so angry?
Let's go see if Fujioka
has arrived yet, OK?
Mr Yamamoto,
I'm Michael Wong, the security officer
for your visit to Hong Kong.
Thanks for your trouble.
- Mr Yamamoto, welcome.
- Thanks.
- Welcome, Mr Yamamoto.
- Thanks.
- Welcome to Hong Kong.
- Thanks.
Mr Yamamoto, have you come to Hong Kong
this time to hold a jewellery exhibition?
Mr Yamamoto has come to Hong Kong
for a vacation only.
However, I will participate
in a charity auction.
Mr Yamamoto is always enthusiastic
about charity.
At that time, everyone,
please root for us.
Still want to run?
See where you can run now?!
Who are you?
Let go!
What the hell are you doing?
Don't be reckless!
something's going on over there.
I'll go look.
The other thief...
where's that bitch hiding?
Let my buddy go!
Let go now,
otherwise, I won't be polite to you.
I'll call the police to arrest you.
Just like a mad dog!
Hey, over there!
Excuse me, please!
Stop fighting!
I'm from the Royal HK Police,
my name's Yeung Lai-Ching.
I'm a Japanese police officer,
my name's Hiroshi Fujioka.
That right?
I'm Yamamoto's security officer,
Michael Wong.
Mr Fujioka,
I'm here to meet you.
- Meet me?
- Right, I'm responsible for greeting you.
Oh, turns out,
we're on the same side.
Michael, he's our guest.
How about
we forget any misunderstandings?
Since Madam Yeung gave the order,
how dare I refuse?
I won't bother with him.
I've come to Hong Kong to track down
the male and female thieves.
- I hope you're able to lend a hand--
- For sure,
all you need now is a good rest.
I'll notify you
as soon as I have any clues.
I'll notify you
as soon as I have any clues.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye, take care!
Ah Lai.
Uncle, don't worry.
I know what to do.
No need.
You don't have to do anything.
Just take the lap out for a meal;
go shopping, OK?
- How will that work?
- You saw it at the airport just then.
He's your typical impulsive bumpkin,
You mustn't let him make trouble
in Hong Kong.
Just humour him for a few days,
then send him back to Japan.
Then no one will be made the scapegoat!
I won't do such nonsense work.
Is that right?
You can always resign.
In fact, I'm also uneasy about you
keeping this Jap company everywhere, OK?
- Uncle.
- Alright, then...
- Uncle!
- I know... I know it!
When can you arrange for me to find
the male and female thieves?
Don't worry, we'll arrange it.
Call me if you need anything.
I live next door.
Mr Fujioka, over there is
the Central Business District.
I hope you will provide me
with Yamamoto's whereabouts.
Mr Fujioka,
you needn't be so tense.
I'm not afraid to tell you the truth.
This is a very serious case.
Yamamoto's connected to the Red Army.
I couldn't lose sight of this lead,
so I followed it to Hong Kong.
I'll take a picture for you.
Miss Yeung,
please don't waste my time.
I came here to handle a case,
not to travel.
I've been a cop for many years,
I know when someone is wasting my time.
I'm really disappointed with your approach.
You can't rush it.
Catching thieves takes time and patience.
These two are no ordinary thieves.
If they come to Hong Kong
we'll surely catch them.
You underestimate them.
Do they have three heads, six arms,
and superhuman abilities?
Must it be someone
wise and brilliant like you?
Is only a Japanese cop who knows kendo
qualified to arrest them?
You're not capable of arresting them,
I mean it.
Then you underestimate the abilities
of the Hong Kong police.
Take a look first.
Good afternoon!
I'm a ninja!
You can't see me!
Right, we didn't see anything.
Thank you.
Hey, Brother!
You play "ninja" every time we get the bill!
- So, what now?
- I'll pay the bill, then!
Never mind.
Your friend is rather funny.
I won't get in your way.
Take your time eating.
Excuse me!
The male and female thieves'
methods are cruel.
They may not be in Hong Kong.
They're involved with Yamamoto.
I saw them at the airport.
Yamamoto's a jeweller.
How could he have anything to do
with the Red Army?
If he doesn't break the law in Hong Kong,
I can't arrest him.
- Regarding the Red Army case--
- Enough!
The male and female thieves...
I won't let them go!
Mr Yamamoto, I wish you success
with your charity auction.
- Thanks.
- Cheers.
Are you sure you can get clues on the
male and female thieves from Yamamoto?
They work hand in glove.
I can't be wrong.
Excuse me, please.
Sorry, I got it stained.
I'll gift you a new one.
Gift, your head!
You're trying to take advantage!
Damn bastard!
You cheat me with fakes?!
Listen up!
Give me US$5 million within three days!
Excuse me.
- I'll wipe it for you.
- Thanks a lot.
That great lover is taking advantage
with his tricks again.
It's her!
Wait for me here.
You're Japanese?
Well, have I got it wrong?
- Exactly, you got it wrong.
- Really?
But I haven't got it wrong.
You're Michiko Nishiwaki!
Are you kidding me?
What's all this nonsense about?
You needn't pretend.
I've been looking for you for a long time!
So, what now?
Hey, why'd you hit my car?
Get out the car!
You can't carry a gun in Hong Kong!
I must catch the male and female thieves!
This isn't Japan.
You're breaking the law!
That bastard Yamamoto called the cops.
I'll kill him!
You think of yourself as Rambo?
Shooting up the streets with a gun!
Hong Kong's streets are full of people.
A single bullet can take many lives!
I notified the Japanese consulate
that you are to be prosecuted.
You've made such a mess,
I can't protect you.
Take a statement from him.
You're here again?!
Do you know how many people were killed?
We'll be made scapegoats as well!
I warned you already.
I told you they were cruel.
Having killed so many people,
you should believe me now.
If not for you,
it wouldn't have been such a disaster!
So many people have died;
I too feel sad.
I will be absolutely responsible for this.
I'm willing to make amends in death.
Hey, what are you doing?
What did you swallow?
Don't scare me!
what the hell are you trying to pull?
The Jap took poison to kill himself.
You see...
He's gone!
He climbed out.
Why aren't you rushing out to save him?
Call yourselves bodyguards?!
Damn dogs!
My face got beaten to a pulp
and neither of you knew!
I asked you to protect me,
but you're chasing after girls like dogs!
Mr Yamamoto, we didn't expect you
to have so many enemies.
They even seek revenge in the toilet!
Being a bodyguard
means close personal protection.
Otherwise, I'd been better off
getting a Pekingese!
A bunch of trash!
Even dogs are better!
You need to show us some respect,
even when you scold us!
Didn't I pay you?
Yet you talk to me like this?!
Are the wealthy so superior?
Bodyguards aren't there just for you to insult!
We quit!
Hire a dog to guard you!
I'm wealthy enough to hire anyone.
Get out now!
We've quit.
Take your time, have fun.
Talk, where are the
male and female thieves?!
I'm just a jeweller,
how should I know where they are?
Nonsense! You colluded with them
to cheat the insurance.
Even now you're still playing dumb?
I really don't know where they are.
Let me go!
Let you go?!
What about the dozens of human lives
lost at your exhibition?
And my murdered apprentice.
Who will pay for his life?
- Hey, stop that!
- Stop!.
Don't get in my way!
This isn't Japan.
You're breaking the law!
Continue like this
and I can't protect you.
Don't worry, the Hong Kong police
won't let these villains go.
You let him harm me!
I'll sue the pants off you!
This is an internal matter
for the Hong Kong police.
If you're dissatisfied,
feel free to file a complaint against us.
Let's go.
Be ready to go to jail!
Hey, let me go, OK?
Only I can catch
the male and female thieves.
Let's go!
You're too impulsive.
Hong Kong's a place ruled by law.
There's no messing around.
What's there to believe in the law?
The law's there to protect villains.
Especially scum like Yamamoto.
Move it!
There's no use in arguing.
Get in the car...
Madam, you hear that?
Hey, aren't you going to help?
Let me go, OK?
Let you go?
Let you go and I'll get the blame!
Get out!
Don't move!
Drop the gun, or I'll kill him!
- I'll bring the arms, you find Kikugawa.
- Right.
Get hold of a boat
and we'll leave right away.
After you get hold of the boat,
meet me at Dai Wing Shipyard.
I have to save Nakagawa!
Don't be so impulsive,
let's wait until things are clear.
Nakagawa and Fujioka are injured.
They're now at Dak Gei Dockyard.
Go there immediately.
- What a mess!
- Go now!
Stop the car!
The male and female thieves
are over there!
Pull him up!
Stop the car...
Nakagawa... are you OK?
Nishiwaki, you must avenge me!
Calling HQ!
Calling HQ!
Don't be so impulsive.
You're only throwing your life away.
Nakagawa is dead.
My life has no meaning.
He made a sacrifice for the organisation.
that policewoman killed him.
I must take revenge.
I'll kill her with my own hands!
Calm down!
Don't be impulsive!
I don't want you to die, too!
Fine, I'll help you get revenge.
Why transfer me
to the Marine Police Department--?
It's good to be a marine cop.
The vast sea best
suits your adventurous spirit.
I know you're afraid for me.
But the case isn't over yet
with so many people dead.
How can I just let it go?
That female thief is crazy!
We'll catch her.
You needn't be responsible
for these small matters.
You needn't worry.
Don't think I can't beat
that female thief.
The better you fight,
the worse it gets!
When you patrolled the streets
I feared you'd get run over.
Now you're shooting people with guns
I can't sleep in peace.
Then why don't you leave me be?
Ah Lai,
I do this entirely for your own good.
If you run into bad luck,
how do I explain it to your late mum?
I can handle it--
I know you're dissatisfied.
Why don't you resign and I can hire
you as a secretary right away?
You needn't say any more.
I'm telling you,
even if you don't let me be a cop,
if I run into that female thief,
I won't ever let her go!
Ah Lai!
Are you kidding me?
You in a hurry to reincarnate?
Oh, sorry!
Don't move!
Hands up!
No one has ever been allowed
to touch my arse!
Now it's almost burst!
It's all your fault!
You hurt me like this.
I'm telling you,
I'll sue the pants off you!
- Uncle.
- Uncle?!
- Be careful...
- Thanks a lot.
My buttock!
Don't be angry.
She made me look like a deep-fried crab!
No wonder I'm angry!
Hey, the old horse getting angry
is no small matter.
- Yeah...
- Yeah, sure...
You guys aren't afraid to gloat!
Ah Lai...
Now that Uncle has failed,
I can't stop you from doing anything.
I know you're going to go find
that Jap bitch.
I won't be around,
so take care of yourself.
That Jap bitch is
crazy enough to do anything.
Please be careful.
These are for Madam Yeung.
Oh, you can go straight in
via that corridor over there.
Victor, go to Special Branch,
ask them for any info on the male
and female thieves, and the Red Army,
and bring it to me right away.
Those Japs have made a right mess.
I think Special Branch
has even more headaches than us!
These flowers are for Madam Yeung.
I'm here.
Must be a romantic trick by that
great lover from the airport.
Male and female thieves?!
- What was that?!
- Madam Yeung!
Madam's office exploded!
Get help, hurry!
- Hurry, come and help!
- Help!
Madam, are you alright?!
- Hurry, call an ambulance!
- Call the police!
Call what police?
This is the police station!
- Sit down first, Madam.
- Sit down...
My God, what an explosion!
Whoa, lucky it missed!
- Hey, see if the fire's out.
- I'm alright.
- See if that girl's alright.
- They're looking.
Who's so bold they'd dare
to bomb a police station?
Madam, there's a call for you.
Not dead yet?
Consider yourself lucky.
However, it won't be the same
for the two in the hospital.
Get to the hospital right away
and you can see them one last time.
Seal off the scene
and don't let anyone in.
Call in the arms specialists now.
Send some men to seal off the scene.
The others follow me.
- Uncle!
- How are you?
Ow, you're hurting my arm!
Are you alright?
Hey... what are you doing?
It's nothing...
Hey, if it's nothing,
then carry him out for me.
Carry him out!
Now go!
- Hurry up...
- Carry him?
Why are you just standing there?
This is an order!
They're all inside the room.
Mr Fujioka, I'm sorry!
Take him to a safe place.
Evacuate everyone
from the hospital immediately.
Hurry up!
- Don't panic!
- OK!
- See where it exploded.
- Hurry them up!
See if anyone else's inside!
The boat's over there.
We arrive in the Philippines in two days,
no one will catch us then.
Now for a special news report.
Critical explosions took place in both a
police station and a hospital this morning.
A senior police officer was killed
in the hospital explosion.
Police suspect a connection
to members of the Red Army.
The police officer involved in...
- the investigation of Red Army members...
- It's here, get on board.
Active in Hong Kong, was attacked
yesterday and admitted to hospital.
Police have now sealed off airports
and harbours
to conduct a strict search
of outbound passengers.
I used to use this boat to go fishing.
This boat can withstand stormy seas.
Coming inside?
I want to feel the sea breeze blow.
As you please.
I'm going down to check the engine room.
That policewoman isn't dead yet.
I must kill her.
We can set sail.
Why are you jumping on my boat, huh?
Hey, Miss!
What the hell are you doing, huh?
Why did you jump down?
Go with Fujioka to the Dai Wing Shipyard
right away.
If not, I'll blow up
all the police stations in Hong Kong.
Look out!
Nakagawa's dead!
I don't want to live either.
Let's die together!