In the Moon's Shadow (2019) Movie Script

- Karen.
- Well, it's nice of you to come.
What brings you here?
I thought you
hated this place.
- "What brings me
here?" Are you serious?
You asked me to come.
- I did?
- Yes, you said it was
important and I just had to come
at my next opportunity.
- Well, I didn't say it
was an emergency did I?
- No.
- Well, that's good, that's good.
- I thought it would be
a good time to catch up.
- Well, it's not for lack of trying.
- I'm trying to look
positively into the future.
- Hm.
How 'bout we go for a
paddle out to the lake?
It'll help you unwind maybe.
- No, I'm sorry, maybe later.
I brought way too much
work with me today.
- Coffee?
- Oh, yeah, that'd be great, thanks.
- You know, we're gonna
get a total eclipse here
in a few years.
- Really? When?
- Seven years, lucky seven.
- Huh.
- The whole place is
gonna be rented out I bet.
- Well, that's not a bad idea.
- Sure sure.
But, you know, I wanna be out there.
With the rafts and
their radiometers
and the spectrometers
and all that.
Well, you'll probably be surrounded
by a bunch of pontoon boats
having a party.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- But wouldn't it be cool to be out there
in the middle of the day with twilight?
- Ah!
You cleaned up.
- How do you know I cleaned up?
- It's obvious.
- Am I that predictable?
- Yeah.
- Well, it's no trouble.
- I feel bad about that.
- No, really it was no
trouble. I enjoyed it.
- Wine?
- It's too early.
- Coffee then?
- Why were you sleeping
over at the gazebo?
- I was sleepwalking.
- Really?
- I'll get some sheets for the bed.
- I didn't know you were
a sleepwalker, Karen.
-I'm not a sleepwalker.
-I walk when I can't sleep.
Thanks for coming.
- Ah well, I needed a vacation
and your message sounded important.
- It is.
I mean, I think.
I know you're really busy.
It was time for me
to check in, don't you think?
As time goes on my memories
of this place fade.
They take on a patina
that's almost pleasant.
- I remember the good things, I guess.
- You know you never really said anything
about me staying here after Tom died.
- You know it's your cottage too.
Mom and Dad built it for
more than just summers.
- Equity.
- Yes, equity.
- 'Cause you can't really,
it's not like it's a year
round cabin you know.
Not unless you're a polar bear.
- So how long can you stay?
- Oh, a couple of days I think.
- Good.
- Yeah, this is fine.
I don't mind that it's not perfect.
Just kidding.
There, there there there.
Good good good good good.
What's she saying?
- She's going on a walkabout.
- What's that?
- An Australian aboriginal
right of passage.
- Oh, she's going to Australia?
No, like in the film.
- What film?
- "Walkabout".
Older sister and her brother
get lost in the desert?
- I've never heard of it.
It's an important film.
- So when did you see it this film?
- I've read about it.
- So you haven't seen
this important film?
So what sort of right of
passage is she going to?
- Oh, you know, the usual.
Music festivals, camping
out in state forests,
that sort of thing.
- Well, that's interesting.
- Yeah.
- And she wants you to bring
her dad's ashes out to an eclipse.
- What?
What, no urn?
- It's, well, it's, I can't
say it's what Tom wanted
'cause we never talked about it,
but it's one of his favorite things.
He loved that thermos thing.
- It looked like it was the-
- Exactly.
-Oh no.
I know.
Oh geez.
- I didn't have time to
think about anything else.
He loved that thing.
- All right then.
- I'm so embarrassed.
- Oh my goodness.
- Gimme.
- So what are you gonna do?
- I'm gonna take it!
Well, there's a lot you can tell
from a text message.
It's like a telegram.
Think of all the thoughts
that have been recorded
in Morse code.
- She rarely calls.
It's always a text.
Sometimes a voicemail I guess.
- And?
- And it's always been
like that between us.
- And after her dad...
after Tom died?
- It got a little better between us.
At the memorial service
we got a little bit closer
than ever and then...
I mean she didn't call me
Mom or anything like that.
That would've been a bit too much.
Then she went back to California
and then, well that was it really.
- I'm sorry that I didn't
go to the memorial.
- It's all right. It was modest,
you know, like Tom would have wanted.
- It just wasn't a good time for me.
- You okay?
- Yeah, I've just got a lot on my mind.
- Work?
- Well yes, but I've
had a recent break up.
- Henry?
- Harold.
- That's what I said, Harold.
- Yeah.
It felt like another job.
I'm done dating.
How 'bout you?
Oh, I am so sorry.
That was completely inappropriate.
- It happened so fast.
I see him sometimes.
I mean, I imagine I do.
- Do you believe in ghosts?
- Me?
I was trained as a scientist.
- Over-rational sometimes.
- Yeah yeah.
Tom thought my cold rationality was sexy.
- Oh, it is.
You didn't move the bathroom did you?
- No.
It's right next to the coffee
maker like dad designed it.
- Okay. Hm.
- You want coffee?
I got up at 4:30
- You want..
So she doesn't want coffee?
- If I had coffee now,
I don't even wanna think about it.
No, you know, I'm really feeling
like I should just go to bed.
You don't mind do you?
- No, course not.
- And in the morning I want
to hear all about Emily
and eclipses, first thing, okay?
- Sure okay.
- Um, yeah.
I don't need any more wine.
- Goodnight, sis.
- Oh, oh, okay, all right.
Good night. I'm just so tired.
See ya in the morning.
- Karen!
Take these off.
I'm gonna get you some towels.
- I took a wee dip.
- Okay, I...
- It's okay.
- What were you thinking?
- It's okay. It's okay.
Okay. Listen.
Here, here, sit down.
Are you all right?
- It's okay.
All right, all right, all right.
- It's okay, it's okay.
-I'm gonna make some tea.
You okay?
- I forget Tom sometimes.
And I don't feel guilty about it.
Isn't that strange?
- There are no rules
of how to handle this.
- It's just me then.
I didn't cry when the cat died.
- Which cat?
- Oh, a cat.
I just went and got another one.
- Of course you did.
- And I know what all this means.
- What?
- This, life, death, everything.
- The meaning of life?
- I do.
And I'm not ashamed to admit it.
- Hm, tell me.
- There's nothing to fear.
Everything is cyclical.
It all returns,
just a little bit different each time.
- And... why is that?
What does that tell us?
- That life and death
are one in the same.
It's day and night, sun and shade.
- And what is behind all that?
- We are.
- We?
- We, us, humans.
I mean, it's like we were bored
with eternity and we're all playing games
and we're breaking ourselves off
into billions of different
people and plants and animals
and we're all playing games
not realizing that we're
all one in the same.
It's really sad actually.
- Now you've lost me. Here.
- And although once in a while, you know,
we see something uncanny and different
and it makes us smile.
- Okay, Karen, it's time for bed.
- An eclipse is like that.
The moon, the sun, and the Earth
lined up perfectly
for one minute out of
trillions, for what?
- And why do you think that is?
- Because we're all one in the same.
- Okay, Karen. Let's go to bed.
- And all these stupid
thoughts in our heads
are like clouds of gas
just waiting to compress
into stars and planets
and moons and...
- And?
It's just...
- Okay, okay.
Come on, come on, Karen.
Here, come on,
let's go. Come on.
Come on.
Come on, Karen.
Go to bed.
You really will feel better
after you get- It's fuzzy.
- After you get some sleep, okay, please.
There you go.
Super careful.
-Here, I've got your pajamas.
- You okay?
-All right.
- I'm tired.
Good night, sis.
Good night, Karen.
Hey, how are you doing this morning?
Feel good.
Good, I'm glad.
Oh, brr.
There was an otter that
just came through here.
Yeah, he went right into the rock.
Very friendly.
- Ugh.
Oh, brr, it's chilly.
I'm gonna go up and change.
- Mm.
- I'll see you later.
I want you to go to Nebraska with me.
- I can't' do that.
We've barely spoken in 10 years.
- I think it's been more like 15.
- Well, there you go!
It doesn't matter, you're here now.
- Yes.
- Well, I don't care.
You can stay here if you want.
It's your place too, but I
have to go see this eclipse
and I want you to go with me.
I can feel it.
- I can't, there's no way.
It's too sudden and I have
way too much work to do.
- Bring it with you.
- I can't. I only asked
for the weekend off.
- Well, tell them you got
delayed on your way back.
I can't.
- Please!
- No! Sorry!
I just can't.
- I wanna show you something.
- After I'm finished, okay?
I'll look at it later.
Will you stop? I'm serious!
- What? I'm testing these
out for the eclipse.
- Well, would you mind testing
them out somewhere else.
- Don't you think
that we should, you
know, get our tickets?
I mean, the longer we wait,
the less chance you're gonna go, huh?
- I haven't said that I'm going.
Who me?
- God, you are always on this.
-It's just a telephone.
-Gimme it!
God. Don't touch my stuff!
It's just paper, right?
- Ah.
Put it back.
- No.
You are just-
- Karen do not touch my stuff!
Stop it!
-You can't handle it!
-Stop it.
- I can't, look at what you're doing!
-Look at this!
-It's just so crazy!
- Stop it!
It's... it's not just paper.
This is like represents a lot of work.
God, I can't believe
that you just did this.
It just goes to show how much
you care about what I do!
- Care?
You're the one who chooses to live
in a concrete tower away from here.
You're the one who chooses
to avoid ever coming back.
And I bet you can't wait
for me to start growing up
so you can sell this place off!
- Which makes me think,
why come back now, Karen?
Why come back after all these years.
Why now, Lisa?
Why now?
I'm going for a walk.
Don't follow me!
Hey, if you're hungry,
we could go to the diner down the road.
That's what weasel means?
- Everybody owns 'em.
Have a problem.
And. If you want,
you get to live with that.
If you don't...
Four miles from the border up there?
- Think I'd like to-
-It's unbelievable.
-That's gotta be-
- No electric, no phones, no nothin'.
No toilets, no water, no nothin'.
We're all on our own, nothin'.
'Cept when the snows gets wet,
you have to shovel off the snow.
Hi. It's
so good to see you.
- Hi.
- Fried clams, right?
- Yeah.
- Wait, I haven't had a
chance to check out the menu.
I'd just like a fruit salad
with a sparkling water
and a lime if you have it.
- Okay, all right.
Fruit salad.
Um, and about the water,
is a soda water okay?
Like a tonic water?
- Yeah sure that's fine,
with a lime possibly?
Um, I don't know.
I know we have lime
juice if that would work?
- Yeah sure, that would be fine.
- Really?
- What's the problem with asking?
- Nothing.
Hey, do you know we we're in saros 142?
- No.
- Well, we are.
Eclipses paint themselves
like stripes over the Earth.
Every 18 years at the same
orbital node is a saros.
These dots are orbital nodes,
places where the sun, moon, and Earth
make eclipses possible.
But because of an extra
eight hours or so,
the place it shows up
is a little further east
and a little further south.
So the next eclipse for
the saros will be here.
Is that cool?
- I have got to make a call.
I'm sorry, I'll be back.
- Thanks.
So I think you really
need to make a decision.
- About what?
About flying to
Nebraska to see the eclipse.
Oh that.
No, no, no.
- It'll be so much fun really!
- Well, I would just be a sore thumb.
You really don't want me to
go with you, Karen, seriously.
If I'm miserable, I
make everyone miserable.
- Well, you can be unpleasant.
- Thanks.
- But I still think you should come.
It's a once in a lifetime.
- I do hope you're gonna pick that up.
- Sure.
- Because the last thing
this place needs are mice.
They're already here.
- I know they're here.
But we don't want them
to be here, you know.
-Will you please
stop doing that?
- All right. I'll stop.
But you have to make a decision.
About Nebraska?
- About Nebraska.
You know with these on you
can look directly at the sun.
You can make the real
outline of our star.
- It's weird calling the sun a star.
- I know but it is a star.
Like all the other twinkling
ones that come out at night.
I know but it's still weird.
- Here, have a look.
- No thanks, not now.
- Come on, you can make out sunspots.
That'll wake you up.
- Maybe later.
You know, I didn't bring
anything to wear camping.
I think I'm gonna go and
look up over the garage,
see if I left anything there.
Think I might have a couple
of boxes of something.
- Hey.
How did you feel
the first time you saw one with him?
- Ah, I was so afraid!
Oh, a very primal fear.
I had to assume somewhere
in my genetic memory
that an ancestor had seen an eclipse
and it affected them so deeply
and it changed something.
It was like the whole
world had fallen asleep.
It was like a machine resetting itself.
I don't even know what to say.
And then Tom, he just
couldn't stop talking.
You know, Tom, he's such a talker.
-Oh, yeah I remember.
I remember.
- Oh, he was a talker.
Two minutes of cosmic
blackout everything stops.
No birds, no nothing.
It's just silence.
Everything stops.
- Well?
- Well...
We're lost.
Good old paper maps.
- Would you know how to read one?
- Well, the GPS isn't
helping us out here.
- We're not closely to
remote to any network towers.
- We're not even close
to any network towers.
- Well, it's probably better that way.
GPS has been known to
steer people wrong before.
- Like booze and religion.
Oh sure, yeah like that.
- Something Tom used to say.
- Oh, cool.
- So what else?
- What else what?
- GPS steering us wrong?
- Well, I read once about a couple
who were driving near the Grand Canyon
and the GPS sent them right off a cliff.
- Well, we're not close to any cliffs.
- Well, you never know.
- Well, there's ditches, okay.
- Yes, there's ditches
and see, there's a lot
of them around here.
And those are like cliffs.
- Yeah, well, we wouldn't
get stuck in a ditch.
We wouldn't die or get killed
-in a ditch.
-Okay, okay, okay.
You know, it's really hot out here.
Why don't we just keep moving.
Why don't we double back,
and go back to that last crossroads
and see if there's like a
road sign or a county marker
or anything-
- If we double back
we'd lose time.
It would be hours out of the way.
- Well, where do you think
this road is gonna take us?
What are you doing?
- Dead reckoning, my dear.
- Dead reckoning?
- Yes.
I'm using the time,
the position of the sun,
my general knowledge of the surroundings,
and the position of us,
and using that data estimate,
and deciding which way we should go.
Oh god, I'm wanna kill myself right now.
Oh, I'm so tired.
I guess so.
- This may be the last time
that people can afford to do this
and come to an eclipse coast to coast.
How's that?
- As long as people with influence
keep their mouths shut
about the climate change.
Oh, come on are we
gonna go through this again?
- Lisa, you have influence.
- No, I don't.
Seriously, I am just a tiny,
little cog in a very big wheel.
You know, and I'm a woman to boot
so that does no favors in
me influencing anything.
At your age?
- At any age.
Men choose to make decisions
with or without our input.
And they made this mess.
So they can either fix it
or get buried by it.
We get buried too.
- No, we won't.
Women always survive.
Our job on this planet has always been
to make sure things keep moving forward.
I can see why you're not dating.
- Thanks.
I don't miss it.
I didn't say you did.
- Well, I don't.
Wow, are you sure that this is the place?
It's completely deserted.
Look at that.
You know what?
I really am tired of
your complaining, Lisa.
Well, this is pretty scary.
It's beautiful!
What about rattlesnakes?
Do they have them in Nebraska?
Just keep your head down
and if you see a rattlesnake
just don't make any sudden moves.
Keep still.
Just like this.
So what do I...
So what if it comes after
me, I'm not supposed to move?
You just don't move.
Are you serious?
They sleep at night.
They're not out in the day.
Do you think she's here?
Yes! This is
where she told us to come.
I think she said...
my coordinates say
she should be right up here.
It's really hot.
Look at these bones.
Oh my gosh!
I know.
- I'm so glad
-you guys made it.
How long have you been up here?
Thanks for coming up for this.
- We wouldn't miss it!
I know you, right?
- Hi, I'm Karen's sister Lisa.
Right the high-powered lawyer.
Dad was always talking about.
- Hardly high-powered.
- Well, um, it's not much
but it's private and it's
well away from all the crowds.
- Good.
You look well.
Yeah, I feel good, yeah.
Did you bring...
- Oh, I brought it.
- So you've
been backpacking all
this time since...
Since I quit grad school.
-More or less.
-She didn't quit.
She didn't quit.
You took a break.
No, I quit.
- So you hitched?
Some of it.
- That sounds dangerous.
I was careful.
I hope nothing scary happened.
If it did,
I wouldn't tell you or anyone.
- So here we go.
- Cheers.
- So good to see you and uh, be here
in this most amazing place.
- Once in a lifetime.
- Event!
- Yeah.
-It's gonna be awesome.
It's gonna be awesome.
I'm gonna be the moon.
I'm gonna be the sun.
You're the sun.
I'm gonna be the sun.
So you need to orbit around the sun.
Oh yeah, okay.
-You're orbiting.
You know, I'm gonna.
I'm gonna add a little bit
-of the sun moving here.
-But farther away
from the sun.
-'Cause you're like
the third planet.
-So keep rotating.
And I'm gonna go around you.
-And I'm the moon.
-That's right.
-But you go around the sun.
Okay. All right.
Around the sun.
I know, I'm sorry.
And I have to spin too?
I'm sorry, I'm teasing
you, I'm teasing you!
I'm teasing you.
You don't know your clockwise-
- I know, I don't.
I think Emily is better
at the celestial stuff..
-Celestial procession.
-I do.
-Come on.
-Yeah, I'm doing
this for for a study.
- I hope that's enough wood.
- Should be.
- You know, you coulda gone with Emily.
I would have been fine.
Leave you alone with the coyotes?
You'd have been spooked for sure.
- Yeah, well...
- I thought you and Em
were hitting it off great.
Really great.
You're not interested in
Native American culture?
- It's not that.
I just don't like to be around crowds.
- Mm.
That's why you didn't
come to Tom's funeral.
- I already told you.
I was traveling for
work when it happened.
I was too far away to make it.
- Yeah.
You don't like me.
I mean, I know you care about
me, but you don't like me.
Oh, that's fine.
'Cause we're sisters after all.
- What makes you say that?
- Maybe 'cause I remind you of Mom?
I mean, I'm nuts.
But she was really crazy.
- Don't say that.
You're right.
I shouldn't taunt our dear mother.
Are you like this with everybody?
I mean, you know, at work?
- I have no idea what
you're talking about.
- I mean, I have tried here, now,
all these years to reconnect,
but it doesn't seem to work with you.
- You're drunk.
- So what!
Even sober you don't trust me.
- Karen, leave me alone. Let go!
- I'm sorry, are you okay?
Oh god.
I guess what I just want
to say is that my life
hasn't turned out
exactly how I wanted it.
I was married and tried to have children.
And I ended up with three miscarriages
and then a divorce.
Did I tell you he's married now?
He's got two kids.
I'm happy for him.
After all that, I just accepted
that I'd probably be alone
for the rest of my life.
You and Tom, I...
I guess it was just too difficult for me
to be around two people
who were so much in love.
- You wanna go to the
prayer circle and see Em?
- Yeah, sure. Let's go.
I got some lights here.
-Let's try it.
Do you know how to get there?
- Yeah, it's down the road.
So they're having
some sort of service or something?
Spiritual vortex.
The Lakota tribe believe that
there's a spiritual vortex
on their land.
- It was really good to see
you and Emily like that.
- It was.
She's a good kid.
- Yeah.
- You had a hand in that, you know.
- I suppose.
My back is gonna kill me all day.
- Ah, I guess I'm okay
with tents after all.
- Oh no, it's instant.
- That works.
- There's some really
cool mountain action
going on over there if you're curious?
Not without coffee.
Where's Emily?
- Oh, she's an early riser.
She took some hike over
there over the ridge.
- You know, even though
Emily didn't share
all the rough stuff with us,
I, you know, I'm feeling envious of her.
- Really?
- Yeah!
I mean, she's like Amelia Earhart.
She just went out and did her thing.
She went out on her adventure.
I haven't been anywhere.
Not really.
- Oh there's Emily.
Neat huh?
- My back hurts.
- Yeah, it's really great!
- You should come with me tomorrow.
- Oh uh, Lisa has to
work really really early
so we've gotta leave.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- You just got here.
- I know, I'm sorry.
It can't be helped.
I have to go back to work.
- Oh well.
- But I'm thinking of quitting my job.
- Yeah! You've inspired me.
- But you can be with us.
- Right, absolutely.
The plane was half empty when we came.
- Well, I'll think about it.
But I think I just need to stay out here
and walk some more.
I'll come home soon, unless...
- Well, you know, you
can come visit me anytime
in New York.
- Okay, thanks.
-I appreciate that.
- So can I have Dad?
- Oh.
- Yeah, I found a really good spot
just over the ridge.
- Oh really, how far is it?
- Oh, about 15 minutes.
- Oh, that's not far.
- Yeah.
It's coming soon so we
should maybe start thinking
about heading up that way.
- Hey.
- Wow.
- It's getting so dark.
- It is.
- Oh my god.
So fast.
- My skin feels like it's crawling.
My whole system feels
like it's upside down.
- I think your hair is standing
on your arms, you know.
Yeah, it is.
-Hoo ha!
-Oh, it just
got darker again.
- Oh my gosh!
It'S almost there!
-Oh my god.
-It is getting so close.
- Look at the mists in the distance.
- I know.
Oh my god.
- It looks so strange, doesn't it,
like the land?
- Oh.
It's happening so fast.
Oh god.
- Oh, getting darker again.
I'm so excited. Oh my gosh.
- This is so weird!
I know!
- Oh my gosh.
- I wanna look at both
places up here and down here
-at the same time.
-It's just
a tiny little sliver.
Oh wow.
Should I get Dad?
-Okay, you're right by it.
-Go ahead.
Yeah you better get him.
- You have to ask me that?
After what I, we just went through.
-What you had to go through.
-There's a bird.
What is that bird doing?
-I don't know.
-He's just standing-
-Right there.
Right here, look.
Look, there's a bird.
He's just staying
-in one spot.
-Oh my god!
- This is so weird.
- He is not flying at all.
-This is the strangest.
- I think it's, there he goes.
-Oh my god!
-That was wild.
Oh my god!
It's so close.
- Just imagine if this
was like 500 years ago
and we were aboriginal peoples.
What would we be thinking
-is going on?
-I know.
- I can see the lights,
like the towers for
airplanes for nighttime.
Oh my gosh, we're almost there.
Celestial winds from the depths
of the universe.
No, seriously.
All the stuff that's usually
blocked out from the sun.
The sun, its heat, its
energy being so strong.
It's gonna sweep over us.
All the stuff from the
depths of the galaxy
that we don't normally get in touch with.
- Oh, there's a planet.
- Oh my gosh, you can see the stars!
And all over here.
Oh my word, this is gorgeous!
-Oh my god!
-What is that?
- Look at the bird, it's under the sun.
-Don't look at the sun.
-Oh wait, wait, wait.
Oh it's getting so close.
- Look you can see car lights
-down on the...
-Oh my word.
- Oh my god.
- Uh oh, oh my god!
-Oh, here we go.
- It's coming.
It's coming.
I feeling it rolling over us.
-There it is.
-Oh my gosh.
Look at how dark it is.
Look at how dark.
It's like a sunset.
It's like I didn't see- It's not
about that.
I'm so happy!
I'm so happy!
I'm so happy!
That was crazy.
I was looking when it was coming out.
- You're okay, sweetheart, you're okay.
I hope so.
- You're okay.
You think so.
- You're okay.
You're okay.
- Wow, that was crazy.
- That was unbelievable.
Oh my god.
- I couldn't breathe for a minute there.
Okay, I gotta breathe.
I know.
- I feel like I can't breathe.
I know.
- Oh goodness.
I just can't sleep tonight now.
- That was-
- I knew you'd love it.
- Amazing.
- Something you can't ever
put into words.
Feeling that you feel when
you see something like that.
- I knew that it was gonna
get dark and everything.
But I had no idea
about how strange and unusual
and beautiful that that was.
It is such a special thing to see.
It's amazing.
Thanks for bringing me.
Or talking me into coming.
-Begging you to come.
-'Cause I didn't want to.
I did not want to come.
-Oh that was awesome.
-It's okay.
The next one's Africa.
Let's start saving up our money.
- I'll go.
- I'm serious.
I believe, well, okay.
- All right now you have to come with me.
-We have to go together.
-We're going.
-We're going.
-All right.
It's a deal.
- Thanks, Lisa.
For everything.
- Thank you, sis.
It was awesome.
- I miss Tom.
- It's okay to miss him.
You're gonna be okay.
- I guess I could get a pet.
- You could get a dog.
You could get another cat.
- Oh god, no.
It's like that squirrel.
Remember that squirrel?
- Oh my.
How did that squirrel...
You were a little scaredy cat back then.
And you had me trying
to get that thing out
and it jumped off the shelf.
- I've never seen a
squirrel so rabid like that.
-That thing was crazy.
-Onto the oven
and then it
ran across the floor
and jumped up on me.
I thought it was gonna
keep crawling on me.
- That thing had like fangs.
The teeth were like this.
- It was so scary
-that it bounced off.
- Oh my gosh.
The things I did for you.
- Things I did.
-I was protecting you.
Yes, I was.
- Oh my gosh, protecting schmecting.
- I'm still scared of little squirrels.
You're scared of snakes too.
- Oh my gosh.
If you had told me that there
were rattlesnakes out here
instead of just snakes
I never would have come.
I would not have come.
And I'm so glad I did.
- I think I see one next to you.
- Yeah right.
I just wanna get home safe and sound
without seeing a rattlesnake.
- Let's keep our fingers crossed.
- You did zip up the
zipper didn't you, tightly?
-I think so.
-Good night.
- Good night, sis.
- I can't sleep, sis.
Oh god.