In the Name of Love (2011) Movie Script

Ladies and gentlemen...
Here to perform for the last time...
Tokyo 7!
I have to make a call.
Are you being a good boy?
Daddy will be there tomorrow!
I have a lot of toys for you!
A lot!
Son, let me talk to your mom.
Hello, Emily?
No, you don't have to.
You don't have to fetch me
from the airport.
I can take a bus going home.
Lambatan is just four hours away, right?
Which one?
I can get that from Duty Free.
Okay... Alright.
I have to go.
You gotta do something
about Migo's cold...
Alright, bye.
Where are you?
I've been waiting for you.
It was brought there?
So you'll pack it in tonight?
Isn't it dangerous
that it's just there?
So we're really doing this?
I'm not backing out.
I just wish
there was some other way... right?
- I'm going for a cigarette.
- Make it quick.
- I'll meet you inside.
- Okay.
Here's your passport...
And your boarding pass...
Our gate is 74,
and boarding starts at 8:50...
We're gonna be home soon!
Stop! Excuse me!
Hold the line.
Kindly step aside.
Passport, please.
Do you have some illegal items
in your baggage?
Please open your baggage.
Please open your baggage!
Gift... girlfriend?
Please come with us.
Remove the jacket.
Mouth open!
Pants down!
Spread out. More! More!
- Governor Evelino!
- Bring him down!
- Governor Evelino!
- Bring him down!
Isn't this public market...
For everyone?
Why call it "public"...
If it will only be
to the advantage of the Evelinos!
Bring him down!
They said that the market
would be bigger, better-
like a mall...
But they gave the contract
for building it...
To the son of Evelino!
Bring him down!
- Emmanuel? Emmanuel Toledo!
- Mrs. Malilin!
- I knew it was you!
- I thought you'd left for Canada?
I couldn't take the cold weather.
When did you get back?
- About seven months ago.
- Is that so?
Do you know what I heard
when you left?
There were rumors that
you were imprisoned in Japan.
But when I saw your father
at your mother's wake...
he said you were in Saipan.
And when I talked to your son,
he gave me a different story.
- You can believe what you want!
- So what really happened?
It doesn't matter,
as long as I'm still breathing.
Even the congressman of Lambatan
is a pawn of Governor Evelino!
Now, even the mayor who used
to be on the side of the poor...
Can I have a light?
You're getting fired up again.
In a month's time
they will be reconstructing the market.
Lisa, it's not as if we are still
considered consigners here!
The stall isn't ours anymore...
- Father.
- ...and yet we still have to sell.
The money you send in
can hardly pay for the medicine.
The doctor said that
if Father gets another attack...
he will need a dialysis.
That's too expensive!
Alright, I'll send you
the name of the medicine.
It might be cheaper in Saipan.
Emman, why is that lacking in ice?
You know the fish lose its freshness
if it lacks ice!
Even with that you can be so stupid!
Sis will talk to you.
- I'm alright.
- Get more ice over there!
Did you get the text I sent you?
I was hoping to re-open
the dance studio.
The problem is, it's hard to find a job
if you have a criminal record.
They look into these things.
Around fifty thousand.
Even thirty thousand would do.
Migo, it's your dad!
Uncle Emman!
Uncle Neil has been waiting for you.
Job opportunities are good
in Hawkes Bay.
But we haven't found a place to stay.
I want Migo to study in a good school.
So I accepted a job as a janitor in Auckland
while waiting for our work permits.
Migo, let me do that.
Here are the keys.
And the title, it's all yours.
Thanks, man.
For paying back the loans in the bank.
Of course, we're friends, right?
It's as if I rented this from you.
I did use this place for my dressmaking.
Besides, you will still continue
paying the amortization.
I should be the one thanking you, man.
Do you still remember this?
You'd asked for it
when you were just five years old.
I'm sorry it took me so long
to give it to you.
By the time we get there,
we'll see snow.
Have you ever seen show?
Of course. I even ate it!
I turned it into a snow cone.
Why did you have me adopted by Papa?
You wouldn't have been able
to go to New Zealand...
if I didn't sign your adoption papers.
I didn't think that they would
release me after seven years.
Since I had a thirteen year sentence.
I was just wondering...
Because Uncle Dan told me...
I wouldn't be able to petition you
when I grow up...
since we have different surnames now.
Thanks for the gift.
It's time for bed.
I'm sorry.
Darling, Junior called and said
the Governor's party will start on time.
- We can't be late!
- I'm on it!
Come here!
- Not in front of the kids!
- It's okay, mom!
There's more!
And Mayor, you agreed to let my son
be your running mate!
- Hooray!
- Long live the new vice-mayor!
Long live!
They say that Gov. will be running
for Congress in the next elections...
so he's decided
to give his son a position.
This will be the Mayor's last term.
So Dylan will definitely
get the spot after that.
A strong partnership that will always win!
The Evelinos have their grip
on Tabang once again.
Haven't they always?
They hold the smuggling
and gambling industries in the province.
With all their cover-ups,
they'll never get caught.
- ...this is a night of surprises...
- Not necessarily.
- Godfather has suspected something.
- ...Here it is...
- We just need one evidence, man.
- Another surprise from your mayor...
Just one.
Let's have some noise
for Mercedes and Friends!
- This is great, Gov.
- Sit down, Mayor!
Thank you, my boy!
Looks like we're running strong
for the election.
We'll definitely bring them down.
You and my son will make a great team.
Sir, Gov. has called for you.
Turn around, and you'll be mine.
We didn't tell you sooner
because we knew you would back out!
But why me?
Dad, I know nothing about politics.
What will happen to the business
I left in Manila?
No one will be able to run it.
That's why you can still back out, Dylan.
We need to protect
our business interests in this province.
Why do you have to bring my son
into your mess?
Get out!
Why didn't you just pick Homer?
He knows this more than I do.
Who would vote for a killer?
Alright, fine.
I'll agree on one condition.
Come on.
I couldn't say no to Daddy.
That was my job
before you picked me up, right?
It's okay. I know my place.
I'm sorry...
Let me make it up to you.
Let's go to bed.
We'll be leaving
for Manila early tomorrow.
We're staying.
I accepted the candidacy.
Didn't you say that
you hated that kind of life?
Cedes, it was the only answer
I could give...
So that they would allow us
to get married.
Dylan, we don't need that.
Will you refuse me?
I love you.
I love you so much.
And you will marry me.
Migo is my son.
Go and make your own!
With Neil!
Hello, son?
Yes, I have your robot with me.
It's true. I really do have it.
You need help with your assignment?
How will I be able to help you?
Papa Neil?!
Who said you could call him papa?
Let me talk to your mother.
Emily, are you and Neil
playing a joke on me?
Don't have Migo calling him Papa.
No, someone bumped me.
I'm not upset
that you're getting married.
I'm upset that Neil
is trying to be a father to him.
I have to go.
Miss, that's mine.
You let go of it, sir
If you want something,
you shouldn't let go of it.
Excuse me...
Do you have another yin yang keychain?
That's our last piece.
Miss, do you think we can split this?
I have to give this to someone.
Me too, sir,
I have to give this to my crush.
Sir! Hey!
Excuse me! Excuse me!
Sir! Hey!
How did you know my name?
Are you a psychic?
No. But I know how to read!
Hold on.
I thought you were giving that
to your crush?
Garry, someone wants to dine with you.
More drinks?
More drinks?
- Who taught you how to dance?
- Huh?
How did you learn how to ballroom?
My parents were dance instructors
when they were still alive.
Teach me how to ballroom.
I get those requests from my clients.
Especially the Whites.
Only if you tell me your real name.
It's Garry Fernandez.
Jojo said you have an illegal passport.
So I know that's not your real name!
Emman! Emmanuel Toledo!
That's his real name!
- Really now!
- Why does it matter, Miss?
Because I'm a Fernandez--
Mercedes Fernandez.
I wanted to make sure
we're not related.
Because one day,
I'm going to marry you!
Who will pay the bill? You? Or you?
- Him!
- Her!
Me? But you dined with me!
- I knew it!
- Huh? I was just visiting you!
You're trouble!
That's nice.
- I really enjoyed the night.
- Go ahead.
This is how much I owe you.
You can keep it.
- Please...
- I told you, you can keep it.
Papa told me that debts
should never be left unpaid.
That will do. Go home!
Turn around, and you'll be mine.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Stop being annoying!
I feel like I'm being stalked.
You paid your debt, what else do you want?!
You're crazy, you know that?
I do!
Papa told me that's how it is
when it's love at first sight,
it's like a big hit to the head.
You better get that checked!
It's exactly like the song.
- Thank you Jing.
- Thank you so much.
You still owe me for that, you know.
It wasn't easy finding someone
who'd tune it.
It doesn't matter.
As long as Sir gets this.
Girl, he better give you an answer soon.
I don't know
how I can keep hiding from you!
Please stop following me!
It's me. Not "Bro"?
Your breath smells.
Stop it!
I just wanna say,
welcome to the family... sis.
I didn't ask for that.
What do you want from me?
I just want to know
what my brother saw in you.
Cedes, I'll be heading up to our room.
Please don't forget, this coming May...
Vote for Dylan Evelino...
For Vice-Mayor.
Dylan Evelino... offering reform.
On the tenth of May, don't forget!
The Republic Alliance,
headed by Mayor...
Dylan Evelino for vice-mayor.
Thank you. Vote for me.
Reports say that the incident
at the market earlier today...
is proof of the growing anger and distrust
of the citizens towards the Evelinos.
There are speculations
that this has to do...
with the disappearance of Councilor
Ruben Cabigting a year ago.
Suspicions have risen that the Governor
has something to do with this tragedy...
and is in connection with the death
of Rolando Baguios...
the head security of the Evelinos.
Just a month ago, their corpses
were discovered by the Dinalupihan River.
If there is anyone interested
in the results of this investigation...
it's me.
And I have requested for help
from Camp Crame...
They will never stop hounding us now!
This is your fault, Homer.
You gave them the bullet,
and now they're shooting it right at us.
It was cemented, Dad.
No one would've guessed
the bodies would reappear!
- Wait.
- Have you spoken to General Frio?
Yes, and even General Acuna of Camp Crame.
You don't have to worry about them.
What does all this mean?
Shut up!
A lot of people are upset with us,
so they're digging up all our dirt.
Even old news suddenly holds bearing!
Oh my God.
Enough with the speeches, Rene.
Do your job as a campaign manager
and find a solution!
Yes! What should we do?!
Hon, our wedding will be announced
at the Governor's Ball, okay?
As Rita said, this is the biggest
dramatic event of the year.
Come on...
The prince and the whore, right?
Of course not, hon.
Think of it as the Alabang boy
marrying a dancer.
As with Mommy and Daddy.
You are starting to act like them.
Why can't we just go back to Manila?
We're happy living the simpler life.
Daddy has never asked anything from me.
I have never felt like he needed me...
- Until now.
- Dylan, please...
You can leave all of that to your brother!
It's always about Homer, isn't it?
My entire life,
it's always been Homer beside Daddy.
He's the bastard son...
But I'm the one who's left unnoticed.
There's Homer.
Why don't you tell him how you feel?
Bro! Cedes, stop it.
- You're being stubborn.
- It's true!
Why are you such a coward?
Stop being so harsh!
I feel insulted!
Even you don't trust anything
that I do...
Or say!
I'm just being honest.
How will you survive politics
if you can't even face your bro--
- You won't shut up?
- Sorry...
Why don't you drop by
the governor's office?
Patrick said they're offering you
a generous reward.
It'd be a waste if you didn't.
You could use the money
for your renovations.
Darling, are my old ballroom shoes
still around?
I think so. Why?
The Governor's Ball
will be pushing through...
And auditions will be held for dance
instructors for the wives of Gov's sons.
Homer's wife, and Dylan's girlfriend.
Was that the girl dancing last...
Game. I'm in.
Are you sure I look okay?
I'm dressed like their security!
Come on, stop being so anxious.
You keep going back to the bathroom.
So do I look okay?
- Good morning, Ma'am.
- Good morning.
Positions for pasodoble!
Just watch them
so you can choose your instructor.
For Ma'am Rita... Junjee Zamora.
Cedes, who will be your instructor
for your dance with Dylan?
- I would recommend...
- Him.
For Ma'am Cedes... Bojie Yap!
Shoot, man.
You were so much better
than that clumsy Bojie.
They made a ridiculous move.
I'd never give my vote to that family.
Lower your voice!
But I noticed you kept looking
at that girl!
Aren't you the guy from the market?
The one who saved me?
I'm Dylan Evelino.
Emman Toledo, Sir.
Patrick Montinola, Mayor.
I mean, Vice!
I spent all week searching for you.
I wanted to thank you and give some...
you know.
Come with me.
We're not here for that, sir.
You don't have to pay me.
And we're on our way home anyway.
What were you doing here?
We auditioned for the Governor's Ball.
Ma'am Chloe was looking
for dance instructors.
But they rejected us.
Mommy rejected you?
And the pretty girl from Manila.
Cedes? She's my girlfriend.
Don't worry about her.
I'll handle it.
- Okay.
First, you refused my money.
And now, you're refusing my help.
What do you want?
Sir Emman?
Just contact us
if you'd prefer a different studio
It's filthy here!
I'll be at Ma'am Rita's.
Do you still remember?
What would you like to dance?
What can you teach me?
Anything you taught me before.
I was surprised to see you
at the club last week.
I'd rather not be here.
I just wanted to show you my studio.
I told you about this before.
I don't want to talk about the past.
Dylan's the reason I'm here now.
Is he the reason for your change?
I still remember.
Excuse me...
Migo, son?
Your papa told me you had a nosebleed.
From all the English speaking!
Okay. I'm okay.
I have a student with me.
I hope so.
Maybe she'll get me as her instructor...
so that I can earn enough
to follow you to New Zealand.
I'll call you.
No, I will call you.
I have credits, Migo.
Alright. Bye.
It was Migo.
We'll begin tomorrow.
No wonder Cedes left so early.
The heat in here is too much!
I just opened up the studio.
What were you doing before this?
I was in Japan.
You'll need a split type
or a five toner.
I'll send some over to you.
No need,
I wouldn't be able to afford it.
Come on, it's my treat.
If only to make up
for what you've done for me.
Daddy has a lot of unused units
in his office.
You know, if I had it my way,
I'd rather not do that dancing thing.
But Mommy kept insisting...
this would be the only way
for me to get closer to the people.
Singing... dancing... greeting them...
kissing the toothless...
You can't win everyone's votes
by doing that.
Really? How can we win their votes, then?
I wouldn't want to say.
Come on.
By all means, give it to me straight. Go!
They say, that anyone
who speaks out is killed.
They... said.
You're a funny guy, Emman.
Won't you get that?
No. Let her wait.
Tacky huh?
That's Cedes' favorite song.
I really went out of my way to get it.
Know why?
Whenever Cedes is in a bad mood,
all I have to do is play that song.
And just like that, her mood changes.
It's her parents' theme song.
You know, I really can't resist her.
Excuse me.
Hello? I'm at Emman's studio.
I wanted to surprise you,
but you weren't here.
I kept calling you
but you wouldn't answer!
Yes, we've eaten.
No, we're not rehearsing.
We're just having a few bottles to drink.
Hello? Hello?
I missed you so much.
Where's my kiss?
It's late. You're drunk.
Emman and I got carried away talking.
Thanks to him, I finally understood
the problems with the market.
Unlike the things Homer would tell me,
which would never make sense.
He had a lot of suggestions on how
I could get closer to the people.
You know, Emman's a good guy.
I like him.
That's good.
Don't be so cold towards him.
He said you were being a snob.
Well, you are, anyway!
Emman will be a lot of help to us.
By the way.
Emman used to work in Japan.
As an entertainer... like your brother.
What's his name again?
I forgot!
Right, Garry! How is he?
Is he doing well in Switzerland?
Will he be home for our wedding?
Loving you is a wonderful feeling
The world is alive and colorful
And even with your flaws
In one kiss, I forget it all
Loving someone is a wonderful feeling
Believe that my heart is true
All I want is to be with you
You're my only happiness
In every moment, I remember you
In my dreams, you're always with me
When I'm alone,
all I think about is you
- would never have to love another.
- Sorry!
In my loneliness,
I only hope to be with you
In my eyes,
I would never need anyone else
I will love you
And wait for you
Forever, I promise
In every moment, I remember you
In my dreams, you're always with me
When I'm alone,
all I think about is you
I would never have to love another
In every moment, I remember you
In my dreams, you're always with me
When I'm alone,
all I think about is you
I would never have to love another
Loving you is a wonderful feeling
Believe that my heart is true
Miss hasn't been around
for three weeks.
Could she have found someone else?
I'm looking for Mercedes Fernandez.
Here's our address.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Cedes Fernandez...
Mercedes Fernandez. Filipina?
It's a good thing you found our place.
This is Joy. Emman.
She's over here.
Cedes? It's Sir.
I'm off. I'm running late.
Just take care of her. Cedes!
You have a fever.
What do you need?
What do you want?
It's cold!
Is this your medicine?
- Where's your medicine?
- Cold... It's cold.
- I'm freezing...
- Are you shivering?
Here's a blanket.
- Sir!
- What are you doing?
I knew it! You like me!
- Aren't you sick?
- I'm much better! My fever's gone.
Oh my god. Oh my god.
You are my cure!
Please no! Please! No!
Thank you!
- Say hi.
You're so heavy.
Come on! Let's go!
- Wait for me!
- In Nihongo!
Wait for me!
- I love you.
- I love you too.
I love you!
I love you even more!
Really now?
I won't let you be some courier
of money for the Yakuza!
Do you know the sentence
for money laundering?
Do you?
What's gotten into you?
It's Jing...
in the three years they've done it,
they've never gotten caught.
And in two years, they managed
to put up a house in their province.
I figured...
you'd be able to pay
for your bank arbitration.
And you'd be able to send Migo
to a private school...
like you've always wanted.
And we can get married.
All that can happen...
If we just work hard.
Tell Jing you won't be
a part of any of this.
Tell her that.
I already talked to her boss.
Even if I wanted to,
I can't back out anymore.
The Yakuza will go after me.
I'm scared, Emman.
Okay, thank you.
- I could never forget you...
- Stop!
- In the nights that have passed
- Please open your baggage.
You are the dream I've always wanted
- You give meaning to my life
- Please come with us.
My love is undying
If only I could hold you again
It's still you this lost heart
yearns for
To make its way back to you
It's your love this lost heart
yearns for
Always and forever
You and I were written in the stars
And it shows in the skies at night
It's a bittersweet feeling...
And without you,
half the stars are gone
If only this happiness would return
When we meet again
And I will show you my love
It's still you this lost heart
yearns for
To make its way back to you
It's your love this lost heart
yearns for
Always and forever
It's still you this lost heart
yearns for
To make its way back to you
It's your love this lost heart
yearns for
Always and forever
Always and forever
Always and forever
Wow. I didn't know you had
to go through all of that.
It's like a plot from those soaps
my wife watches on TV.
And she just left you?
She suddenly disappeared?
I did receive letters
from her for about a year.
And one day...
the letters just stopped.
I spent the next five years
waiting for nothing.
What do you intend on doing now?
Be careful about your plans.
That girl's trouble.
- Patrick!
- Godfather!
Here are the pieces of evidence
found in the cemented drum.
What did the crime lab find?
As usual... nothing.
I'm positive they once again
used their pawns in Camp Crame.
The memory card in Baguios' cellphone
was never returned.
They said it got lost.
Or did they lose it?
They really think they can fool us!
This is where I need
your expertise, Patrick.
Because my gut feel tells me
the evidence is there.
I need you to find out
if anything's in there.
How much do you love me?
For you, I'd give my life.
What happened?
Jing was beaten up by Mr. Fukuda!
Emman, I'm scared.
Don't worry.
I'll take care of you.
Daddy, I'm #2 in the honor roll.
If I finish at the top of my class,
will you come home?
- Neil is planning to adopt Migo.
- No! He's my son!
- But are you the one raising him?
- Emily, I'm begging you.
Think of the child's future, Emman.
How much longer will he have to wait?
- The opportunities are already there.
- No... No... Please Emily.
I'm begging you.
- Forgive me, Mother.
- Mother's dead, Emman.
Forgive me, Mother.
- Let me talk to Father.
- He won't talk to you.
- Mother died with a heavy heart.
- I'm sorry, Dan.
This is your fault!
You're useless, Emman!
This is all your fault!
That's what you get
for throwing away everything...
for a girl who just kept
your hopes running!
You're resigning?
I am.
We have to stop this foolishness.
And if Dylan asks?
You can tell him the truth.
Don't you need the money?
Isn't this a big opportunity for you?
I don't want to see you anymore.
You still haven't forgiven me.
Is that how it is?
you know,
I thought I was already doing fine.
Because I spent a lot of time
being angry at you.
After a year, everything just stopped.
You stopped writing.
You stopped answering calls.
The gang couldn't contact you.
And being stuck in prison...
I could've gone insane.
And it really hurts
It was torture being imprisoned
in another country...
Because you couldn't talk to anyone,
because you couldn't understand anything.
So I would read your letters
over and over again.
And I would replay the voice I'd hear
when I'd speak to you on the phone.
That's how it was.
And suddenly, it was all gone.
You probably bit your tongue
countless times...
with all the curses I had for you.
It really hurt.
I wanted to end my life.
But I thought of my son.
I had to live for my son.
I prayed to God for him
to remove the anger inside me.
To let me live.
And when I saw you again,
I thought I was finally okay.
Because at least one of us
got their dream.
I never realized how hard it was.
Because the longer I was with you...
The love I had for you returned.
And all the anger, too.
The questions came back...
Why did you disappear?
What did I do wrong?
Why did you leave me alone?
I've had enough!
I'm not getting any younger.
This will not go anywhere else.
I'm sorry.
Why did you leave me alone?
Why did you leave me alone?
I came to a point when...
I could no longer give myself to you...
Because I love you too much.
What kind of excuse is that?
It's true.
Did you not hear what I said?
Don't you understand
that you wrecked my life?
You betrayed me,
and you ruined the life of my son!
- Do you understand that?
- I do.
Then stop lying to me!
Stop making me believe
that you love me...
because you don't!
- I love you.
- You love me?
But here you are sleeping
in someone else's bed.
You love me?
- This is enough!
- Emman!
What do you want from me?
What do you want?
This? Me? This?!
Is this what you want?
Aren't you content with Dylan?
Do you like this?
I'm sorry, Cedes.
Thank you. Thank you.
Yes... yes.
Cedes, you should come with us.
I already spoke to Mr. Nakpil.
He'll pick me up.
Are you trying to kill yourself?!
Do you know why that contact
is meeting you?
So he can kill you!
Because you and Emman
failed in your task!
You have to hide!
You won't be safe!
What about Emman?
What will happen to him?
Come on!
Toby and Jojo
did a lot of convincing...
But I was stubborn about it.
Mercedes Fernandez?
I had to be.
Because I needed to find someone
to talk to...
who would help set you free.
It was foolish for me to think
that Ver would help us.
That he would pity us.
When will you introduce me
to your boss?
- I have to meet him.
- When I've had enough of you!
He made me his mistress.
I could handle that.
But he wasn't the only one who used me.
He passed me on to others.
Again, and again, and again.
Until I could no longer stand
seeing myself in the mirror.
Whenever I would send you letters...
I couldn't keep pretending
that things were okay.
When I would hear your voice
on the phone...
I would feel so disgusted with myself.
The Lord must have shown me
some mercy...
Because I met Governor,
who had connections to the Yakuza.
I met his son, too.
They found a way to bail you out.
Emman, I never left you.
I just chose to end my life...
so that you could live.
I'm sorry for everything...
For the seven years you lost...
For the son you lost... I'm so sorry.
Sorry... I'm sorry.
Sorry... I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
For you, I'd give my life.
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry.
Father was rushed to the hospital!
It's too bad you just missed him.
Uncle Roger really hates
being in the hospital.
Send my regard to Aunt Leony.
Good morning.
Sir, the new batches of medicines
have come in.
Here are the figures.
I bought you the bedpan
so that you could use it.
And not so you would have to keep
getting up and tiring yourself.
Watch your head, Father.
Raise his feet.
Thank goodness
you just had a mild attack.
Unlike your previous attacks!
We'd never be able to afford it!
We can't even pay back
the loans for this house...
because of Father's first attack!
What's wrong, Father?
How many times
will you take the wrong risks?
As you can see...
we've basically covered
the whole province.
Besides Tabang,
and a few portions of Sisiran.
Dad, I thought Tabang
is an important target?
Of course!
All our businesses are here!
We've been arranging
the medical missions...
But their numerous complaints...
about the takeover
of the market override our efforts.
This is why we need
to form a cooperative.
And where did you pick up that idea?
From your girl's dance instructor?
Yes, but I was the one who thought
of a way in which it could favor us.
At least, we know that there is something
in the internal memory.
We just need to figure out what it is.
Hello, Emman? Listen up.
Daddy has approved your suggestion
to talk with the market tenants.
We're planning a dialogue.
Really? That's good.
Even Mayor will join in.
I spoke to Raul and asked him
to coordinate it with you.
Me? Why me?
Come on, man!
This is your bright idea!
No. It's you I want to deal with.
I'll be leaving for Manila
to fix some papers.
You're going to Manila?
Emman, this wouldn't happen
if it weren't for you.
Just do this for me.
And whatever it is you're working on,
you'll be sure to get my help.
This is Fred, from my younger days.
He's poorer than a mouse.
Ugly. Dark gums.
But you know what?
This is the man I love.
We almost got married soon
after I won a beauty contest...
Miss Yellowfeather.
That's when I met Tony.
He was one of the judges.
And from that moment on,
he kept pursuing me.
How old were you?
Nothing but a village lass!
I was scared to go with him!
And because he couldn't win me...
he started getting
on my father's good side.
Did your father force you into it?
I was blinded by his riches.
I was a blind fool!
And when Fred learned
I was set to marry Tony...
he cried by my feet!
He said he would return for me
once he made it big.
And when he came back,
Tony was already the Mayor.
But he still had nothing...
He was drowning in his debts.
Even if that was the case...
I wanted to join him...
even if it meant making everyday
a quest for survival...
If that's the only way to be away
from that evil Antonio.
What happened?
We met at a club in the next town.
I was beautiful in my best clothes.
And we shared a single dance.
I gave him back my ring.
I told him we could never
see each other again.
- Why?
- Because...
That's how it is...
when you become a mother,
your life is no longer your own.
What happened to Fred?
After three days...
his corpse was found in the woods.
It was Tony who returned my ring to me,
with a piece of Fred's skin.
- Why are you telling me--?
- Why am I saying this?
Because I don't want you for my son...
Because you don't love him enough.
You're going to ruin him...
And yourself.
Cedes, my son is not stupid.
One day, he will find out
who brought back the life in your eyes.
You have to run away.
I will help you.
What if Chloe is just leading us on?
We'll wait and see.
She said in a week's time...
Her connections
will release the new passport.
Where are we going?
Cebu first.
Then we'll fly to Singapore.
We can wait there while our papers
are processed for Australia.
Isn't that near New Zealand?
Yes, you can finally go there...
One day,
you can finally be with your son.
Listen to me!
You don't have to just sell
in the market...
Because you can also own the market!
No, listen to what I have to say!
We're going to take a bank loan to pay
for the lot and establishment...
in the new market...
Hello, Emman?
Your new passport has arrived.
We have to leave.
For every deposit in our cooperative,
70% will go to your debts...
I can't hear you!
Are you with me?!
You stupid fool!
Do you realize what you're doing?!
Stupid! They can kill you!
You can die!
Forgive me, Father.
I'm sorry for everything.
Take care.
It's late.
The rehearsal with Emman was taxing...
I'm worried for tomorrow's ball.
Is that why you sent your driver home?
Here are our tickets to Hong Kong.
We're leaving
after the Governor's Ball tomorrow...
We'll get married.
We won't wait until the elections.
- My passport's missing!
- What?
I must've left it in the restroom.
I'll accompany you.
You don't have to.
I won't take long!
- Hello?
- Emman, where are you?
I'm at the airplane.
We're leaving soon.
You can't come back.
What? Is that true?!
Sir, I have a companion.
Let's wait for her.
She'll be back soon. Wait!
Don't stop.
Your condition is done.
He's escaped.
Now, it's your turn to agree
on my condition.
Councilor Cabigting!
You have no escape!
- Tony, we had a partnership...
Then why did you betray me?
Baguios, give me the gun.
Do the honors, Cedes!
Do it for your brother's freedom!
- No!
- Or you might never see your brother!
It is evident that Mercedes
was forced into this.
You don't tell me
what to do with my wife!
Listen to me, Homer.
You will not kill him.
You have to make your brother
learn his greatest lesson!
Do you understand that?
So where's that bitch?
Listen to what your girlfriend wrote.
Dear Emman...
Don't look for me.
In this bag are all my savings.
Use it to start a new life
with your son.
Forgive me.
I didn't mean to go against our plans.
Damn, it's as dramatic
as those soap operas.
I love you so much, Emman.
Always yours, Cedes.
Shoot the damn gun!
Shoot it! Enough with your stalling!
Do it!
If I had it my way,
I would have finished you at the airport!
But Dylan wanted to do the honors,
as soon as the Governor's Ball is over.
And Pops is ecstatic about the idea.
Because his son
finally found his balls!
- Dad...
- I won't be able to go there anymore.
Senator Figueras arrived early.
I just want to make sure
that everything is set as planned.
Rubeles called in sick.
Carandang is bringing in another sniper.
Relax, leave it to me.
If I have to be the one to pull the trigger
on Mercedes Fernandez, I would.
- This is no time for jokes!
- I'll take care of everything!
I'll be there soon. Okay.
You heartless beast!
Think about it!
Do you think my father will allow
my stupid brother to marry that bitch?!
No way!
Dylan would never let you kill Cedes.
He won't give his opinion
because he doesn't know anything!
Here's what will happen.
This is the scene.
This is all he knows.
He is at the Governor's Ball.
Dancing with the woman he will marry.
Everyone looks on...
And then out of nowhere... bang!
His beloved is now bloodied.
And will die in his arms.
It'll seem as if our opponents
went for the trigger.
Dylan was their target,
but the poor woman got hit.
Brilliant, huh?
Presenting Mr. Evelino,
the future vice-mayor of Tabang!
My boy!
Good evening everyone.
I realize you know how important
this night is for me.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
I would like to introduce my future wife...
Mercedes Fernandez!
Is that it?
I know a better story.
It's even more brilliant.
Is that so?
What's your "brilliant" story?
On how a poor woman was used as
the bait in the murder of a congressman...
And how the head of security...
who took the video of the crime,
was killed...
Because he wanted to break free
from his cruel and heartless bosses!
That's a load of crap!
The regional director
is your pawn, right?
Why don't you ask his chief
about the content in the cellphone?!
Shut up! Send him back there!
They're holding the evidence now!
You have no way out!
You're all goners now!
With her, I learned
what it is to love truly...
- Their dance will begin after this.
- Copy.
- Emman.
- Patrick, I shot Homer Evelino!
Please help me!
They're going to kill Cedes!
I'm on my way to the Evelinos!
Emman, do not go there!
They're going to kill you!
I have to save Cedes...
I have to save her.
An incident is in progress
at the Governor's house...
while a party is being held.
I need us to go on full force
to secure all the civilians.
They're about to dance.
You know what you have to do.
Ladies and gentlemen...
let's give the floor to the future
Mr. and Mrs. Dylan Evelino!
Rodriguez, lead your team! Go!
Have an ambulance follow right away.
Are you ready?
Let's go! Let's go!
What's taking you so long?
No clear shot.
Take the shot!
Take the shot!
When someone inquires about
the dance studio I'll let you know, man.
Thank you.
Take care, okay?
Be safe!
Take care of Patrick.
- You take care too.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Take care.
I could never forget you
In the nights that passed
You are the dream
I've always wanted
You give meaning to my life
It's still you this lost heart
yearns for
To make its way back to you