In the Name of the King III (2014) Movie Script

I'm so sorry, Ali.
I love you so much.
All right, look here.
It's always "six won't work"?
Plans are heavy as always?
I'll be waiting for you today.
Same time and place.
No questions as always.
See you there, Hazel.
- Nice day.
- Yeah. Were you followed?
- Nope.
- Are you sure?
- Yup.
- Ana.
I told you after the last job,
I'm done.
- Do as you're told.
- Don't touch me!
Lay your weapon down! Ana!
- What?
- Pull your fucking weapon down now.
Look at me, Hazel.
We have worked together well.
You and I, brother.
I see you to deliver
this package for me.
To me then, for cash.
We will deliver it to you.
Then you walk away.
- Just like that.
- Just like that.
You got to be kidding me. Rakovski?
As in the Royal Family?
- You're very bright Mr. Kaine.
- Shut up.
- I'm not going to be able to get within
ten feet of these kids. - You can.
You can. And you will.
Because you are the best.
- When?
- 3 P.M. tomorrow.
Wait for my call.
Take care, Brother.
It's going to be
easier than you think.
No security detail, just one driver.
Black Mercedes 6-0-9-H-5-0-4.
Use the container,
hand over the keys,
and we will take care
of it from there.
When they pass, we'll pay you.
Don't fuck it up.
See you tomorrow.
- Bye.
- Bye. Bye.
Hey man, I'm real sorry.
I didn't...
Whoa, whoa, hey, hey, hey.
- Who are you?
- A friend of your dads.
So just sit back and enjoy the ride.
I am going to call him.
- No!
- Quiet!
Ah, Goddammit!
Comeback! Stop!
Goddamn early for this shit!
You think that's funny?
Making an old man like me run.
Sit. Boxes.
Now, I'm going to take the tape off.
I don't want any screaming.
What did I say? No screaming.
Okay, I got some water.
Are you thirsty? There you got some
cookies, chips, alright?
Now, I'm going to take
this tape off again.
I really don't want to hear
any screaming. Understand?
Do you have any idea
who our daddy is?
He will come for us.
Him and his friends.
Then you'll be in trouble.
- You're going to regret this.
- I already do.
Why are you doing this to us?
If it's money you want,
our father will pay you.
I'm sure he will.
- Whoa whoa whoa...
- Alys! Alys, get away from him.
What are you doing?
Giving you a hug.
My momma always told me
when someone looks sad,
you should give them a hug.
Alys, come here.
Wait. What is that?
Hey! Give it back!
My mommy gave it to me.
- It's magical. It protects me.
- From what?
- Things you don't believe in.
- Right. Sit down.
Don't worry, kids.
You won't be here for long.
Let us out!
Hey. Hey, uhh. Hey, hey! Hey.
Hey! Come! Quickly!
Listen. Sounds like it's leaving.
- What the hell was that thing?
- This? A dragon.
- You've never seen a dragon before?
- How could he not?
Everyone has seen a dragon.
- Maybe he's a...
- Is this some kind of fucking joke?
How did you shoot air
with that sound?
- Is it magic?
- Are you fucking kidding me?
- Is it magic? No. It's a gun.
- May I see this magic gun?
Where are you from?
America. I work in Bulgaria.
We are in Bulgaria.
I'm losing my fucking mind.
- What?
- I'm losing my mind...
- He's crazy. No, he's not.
- I'm losing my mind.
- He just speaks funny.
- He sorcerer.
- We must take him to Ulric at once.
- Take me to who?
Ulric. He's our Shaman.
- Your Chairman?
- Shaman! A Shaman!
Hey, stop.
Emeline, look!
Where did you get this marking.
Our father had this marking.
No one else has it.
And neither should you!
He was King of this land.
Five years ago, he was killed.
And the castle was taken
by his brother. Terrowin.
Please stranger,
where did you get it?
Venice, California.
My wife picked it out for me.
Where is your wife?
She's dead.
- I'm sorry.
- What's your name, stranger?
- Hazen.
- Hazen? I like it.
I'm Emiline
and this is my sister Arabella.
- Come.
- Let's go.
If someone some can help you,
it will be our Shaman.
So let me get this straight,
We aren't going to see the dragon
again, right?
We are safe. For now.
- I don't do horses.
- Why?
What do you mean, Why?
I can't ride a horse.
- Quite simple.
- For you maybe.
- How far away is Ulric?
- Many miles away.
Now go on the horse.
Fucking dragons.
Fucking horses.
Very graceful. Born horseman.
Okay. Let's go.
GODDAMIT! Fucking horses!
I told you! I don't ride!
Fuck. Stupid animal.
Come up here.
He will ride with me.
Hazen, where are you going?
Just let me help you up.
- Oh my God.
- Ah! Goddammit!
Okay. Let's go.
This is hurting my ass.
- Who are they?
- Terrowin's men.
Well, let's not keep them waiting.
Hazen, get off.
Was is Terrowin that sent you?
Or have you come on your own?
Answer me!
Emeline! Get to Hazen!
Dammit! We let one get away.
Cowards. All of them.
- I should track him down.
- We don't have time, it's getting late.
- And he's already halfway back to Terrowin.
- Who's Terrowin?
My fathers brother.
A ruthless man who has the blood
of our people on his hands.
What did he do?
Five years ago
in the dark night of winter,
he stole into our parents' bedchamber
and murdered our mother.
We heard the scream.
Arabella ran in...
and saw him slit her throat,
like an animal.
For this, he will pay with his life.
Our father fought during bravely,
but was killed.
By morning more than half
of our people were dead.
Uncle Tybalt tried to fight back, but...
Terrowin ransacked the castle and...
we were forced to flee.
We have brought a stranger.
It's a magical potion.
No, it's a chicken soup.
Even a Shaman must eat.
Who are you?
Who am I?
Hazen Kaine.
You're not from these pads,
Hazen Kaine.
How did you find yourself here?
- You tell me.
- I'll tell you when you tell me.
Come down here.
Be careful. Slippery.
The marking.
What is it with you people and the tattoo?
This marking is given out to those
with intuitive gifts.
Very few warriors
have this ability.
What ability is that?
To see into the lives of those...
who are intertwined
with his own destiny.
Now follow me.
Come on.
Come along. Follow me, Hazen.
Have a seat.
That's my chair.
Your chair is over there.
Give me your hands.
I want you to close your eyes...
and tell me exactly what happened
before you arrived here.
Man, I ain't got time
for this bullshit.
I'm trying to help you here, okay?
Close your eyes.
I put some kids into a container.
One of the girls had a gold medallion.
I took it from her, locked the container
and moved to my car,
The medallion.
Which had similar symbols
as my tattoo.
Some kind of portal opened
and sucked me into it.
Everything went black
and when I woke up,
I found myself in the forest.
- And here I am.
- Who are these children?
- It was just a job.
- Just a job?
That is no job
for the man carrying the mark.
Maybe you have a job
to do here Hazen.
- We're all connected some way.
- I'm not connected to you people.
You are on a path that you must
follow to it's end.
And that end might come sooner
than you think.
- He will lead us in battle.
- The hell I will!
- Hell is also closer than you think, Hazen.
- Look, I wanna get out of here.
Are you going to help me or not?
- But the marking speaks of your
destiny here. - Damn the marking!
- We need your help!
- It ain't my fight!
- Please, Hazen!
- You know, he's right.
We don't need him.
This man cares solely for himself.
He's vile, selfish and speaks
like a coward.
- I pity your children.
- They are not my children.
Then they are lucky.
If you want to reach home,
you must follow the path of courage.
And when the time is right
it will lead you home.
Your time is now, Hazen.
You cans stay here, or come with us.
I really don't care.
My sister is quick to anger.
But you must understand,
things have not been easy for her.
She blames herself
for Terrowin's assault on our kingdom.
- What happened?
- Terrowin wanted her hand in marriage,
but she loathes him,
and our father
would not force her to marry.
Terrowin was enraged.
Everything fell apart after that.
You are foolish to make
an enemy of her, Hazen.
You must prove to her
that you are worthy.
Worthy? Worthy of what?
Foolish man.
Come on. Get on the horse.
Move along. Let's go.
Move! Move!
Come on!
Your majesty.
Why have you disturbed me?
I... I saw the princesses.
They were in the forest
accompanied by another rider.
Did you shackle them?
No, your majesty.
They fight like demons.
I barely escaped with my life.
You let the Princess best you?
It's alright.
It's alright.
Embrace me soldier.
I will ease your pain.
Assemble my army at once.
It is time to end this.
And bring Princess Arabella
to me. Alive!
Let's run into the forest!
- So Terrowin has attacked Ulric.
- We believe so.
- Uncle Tybal.
- My dear.
Everyone is speaking of this man.
I have come to see him
for myself.
Uncle, this is Hazen Kaine.
He comes to us from a time
far away.
Give me your right hand.
- Here you go.
- The rumors are true.
The mark of a great warrior.
So I'm told.
You have been sent by
the heavens...
to help save our people
from Terrowin's brutal reign.
He has a powerful weapon, Uncle.
He called it: Gun right?
The gun is out of bullets.
- Then you must make some more.
- I cannot make more bullets here.
We have a decision to make.
Ulrick spoke of your medallion.
A magical medallion
we believe Terrowin possess too.
Maybe Terrowin carries your fate.
I will leave you to rest.
You should be sleeping.
You don't like me, do you?
- No.
- I don't blame you.
I'm a selfish son of a bitch.
Of course it's like where I come from,
every man and woman for himself.
This is not what I believe.
Well... that's how it is where I live.
Then I will not choose
to live in your world.
Listen, I understand
what I need to do now.
I need to defeat Terrowin
to get the medallion...
so I can go home and you won't
have to worry about Terrowin anymore.
We can work together.
Look... you fight only for yourself,
and you're not a skilled fighter.
Even if you think you are.
Try me.
Where the fuck are you guys
coming from?
Help! Help!
Take the kid! Get out of here now!
Go! Go! Go!
- You're outnumbered!
- I will not surrender.
You will surrender. Let's go!
Come on! Let's go
Please, I need some water.
Alright here.
Olag, come.
Please, we need some food.
I haven't seen him.
You. Lift me up.
He's coming to kill us.
I thought you said no.
Children go. Go play...
Looks like you made a friend.
Where are their parents?
They died in the first battle.
The day Terrowin took over
the castle.
They've been living
with their grandfather.
They are orphans of war.
Don't worry.
We take care of our people.
We are all connected.
So I see.
We need some water.
Why don't you two go to the river
and get some.
Sister. Make yourself useful.
Thank you.
- Hey Tybalt, how are we doing?
- Ulric.
- Is that all we have?
- Yep.
- We'll need to go to the armory.
- You're right.
We need every sword
to defend ourselves.
Yes. But first we will eat.
Join me, Tybalt.
You fought well today.
Wasn't enough. Never is.
What troubles you, Hazen?
I see dark shadows on your face.
Thinking about my wife.
Tell me about her.
She was the love of my life.
And she's dead because of me.
Because of the people
I associated with.
I owed them money.
I came home one afternoon
and my house was on fire...
and I found my wife tied
to the bed.
Burned alive.
That kind of thing happens
to... to anyone,
life becomes meaningless.
I understand.
Since the death of my mother...
I've felt so alone.
The only thing
that keeps me going is Emeline.
And the thought that one day,
I will take revenge on the man
who destroyed my family.
I will fight with you.
I know you will.
I've done some bad things in my life.
Really bad.
You may have made some bad
choices, Hazen,
but you are not a bad man.
I see that now.
Soon there will be none of us left.
Most of our fighters are dead.
Terrowin is very powerful.
But he will not destroy us.
They say Hazen can.
He has not made us any safer.
Are you certain he is the one?
He has the mark.
We must wait for Hazen
to accept his fate.
Your Majesty.
We return victorious.
The village is in ashes.
The ground is bloody with their bodies.
They were no match for your arm,
your Majesty.
- Where are the girls?
- The girls escaped.
For the moment. But we have
scouts patrolling the forest.
They will be found.
You can count on that.
I give it till dawn.
Do not disappoint me.
Your Majesty.
You are mine.
I control you
and you will do my bidding.
More of Terrowin's men
are sure to come.
We already lost so many.
We will defend those who are left.
Look, I know it's
damn near impossible,
you have fifteen, twenty soldiers.
You need to attack first.
- Impossible.
- What do you mean it's impossible?
It's not impossible.
If you want this, we can do this.
What we need is stealth, surprise.
No. There's not enough to do battle.
- You have to attack first.
- I will not send my men...
- to be slaughtered.
- You'd have them slaughtered here?
He's right.
That may be our only chance.
And we need to take it.
If that's our decision, Hazen,
do you have a plan?
we need to get to Terrowin
to get rid of him.
Get my medallion
and I can go home.
We need to create some kind
of a diversion.
Like us engaging Terrowin's army
outside of his castle...
and me getting into it alone
with Terrowin.
- I will come with you.
- Me too. - No.
The castle was our home.
You need us.
I will come too.
Alright. We go tonight.
If that is so,
we must gather our arms.
Okay, take the troops
and head them to the armory.
Emeline will stay here with me...
so we can secure the camp
and round up more men.
We will wait for you in the valley.
Very well. Let's go.
- Let's go!
- Get ready, get ready.
Grab some weapons.
Pick some thing that fits you
and then get around.
Listen up!
This is the sword of my father.
The King's own sword.
Now it's yours.
May it protect and give you courage.
Tonight we move against the castle.
We will take our last stand.
And I will not lie to you,
we are out numbered
and this sparrow is desperate.
But we have a simple choice:
- Either we fight or await our DOOM!
- Fight!
Perhaps with the element
of surprise...
and with the help of our friend,
Hazen Kaine,
who bears the Royal marking,
we will prevail.
This battle is for our children...
and our grandchildren.
Men, we need to meet the honor
of fighting for all that is OURS!
- Yeah!
- Ready! Let's go!
We're all gonna die.
Hazen, happy to see you.
We need to take our men
and head west to the forest.
Where's west?
I'm guessing towards the castle.
Some Shaman you are.
- Hey-yaw.
- Yaw.
I will enjoy watching you suffer,
as I did your mother
all those years ago.
You stood by
and watched that man you call King,
took my family from me.
You deserve to die!
You naive child.
You think it's that easy
to attack me?
Terrowin, not hiding in your castle.
You call yourself a leader.
You stand in the shallows
of our kingdom...
while your minions do thy bidding.
You have no right
to call yourself a leader.
Well done, brother.
I've been waiting
for this moment so long.
It must take a great deal
of courage to face me now.
Courage... you know nothing about courage.
You betrayed our kingdom
and family the day you killed Cardem.
What do you know about betrayal?
I've been through this all my life!
I've been betrayed by love!
So don't you talk to me
about betrayal!
Arabella! Look at me.
Ride with me.
She will never.
And you, you must be the warrior
they all talk about.
- You've come to kill me.
- Yup.
They all come to kill me.
Is that right?
Well, I know guys like you.
This time it's going to end differently.
there is only one way to end this.
With a duel in the name
of our true king, Cardem,
you will fight to the death
against the marked warrior.
Do you accept the challenge,
I accept, Tybalt!
I'm out of time, warrior.
We need to get to Terrowin. Now.
Getting better.
Good Luck!
Don't worry.
I know they will succeed.
Terrowin. Let's finish this.
As you wish.
Come on, get up. It's okay.
Terrowin's dead. It's over now.
You have to go.
You must save the children.
Oh my god!
Drive! Now!
Take a right!
Go! Go! Lose it!
Do you see the fucker?
Shit! Move!
Ana, go get the kids out, honey.
Thanks for the shirt.
It's stuck!
Something is now right.
Look around.
Ana! Get it open now!
I got it!
Go! Go-go!
Where the fuck have you been?
You had a job to do!
You wouldn't believe me
if I told you.
Let the kids go.
Fuck you!
Your last words.
Stay there, motherfucker!..
Girls, run! Now!
Are you going to shoot me now?
After all these years
we've spent together?
And now you have a guilty conscience.
I trusted you!
You are like a brother to me.
And now, you wanna shoot me?
Things change.
But people like you never do.
This belongs to you.
You're right. It is magical.
Let's go home.
- Daddy! Daddy!
- Daddy! Hey!
I'm so happy to see you, daddy.
That's good. I love you.
I missed you
and I was so worried about you.
It's okay Anatoly,
it's okay! Lower your gun.
This is no way to treat the man
that returns my children.
- I'll see you inside, girls.
Sir, I understand
if you wanna press charges.
What's done is done.
You're free to go.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.