In the Palm of Your Hand (1951) Movie Script

The world has lived through the
first half of the 20th century.
In 50 years Mankind has reached goals...
that never before even dared to dream of.
Man has vanquished distances,
ruled the air.
Has controlled the forces of nature.
Has accomplished the
greatest achievement...
The oldest dream of the wisemen of old.
Has liberated nuclear power.
Only one thing Man has not achieved...
Avoid fear, remove doubt,
trust in tomorrow.
Because of this insecurity,
uncertainty and fear...
everyone searches for an answer
that would make them trust their future.
But that answer is
not always reasonable...
or available by common means.
That is why people are sometimes drawn...
to the unknown Arcane forces;
the mysterious world of that which is beyond
and of intelligence.
To use those forces and translate
the messages from that world...
is the mission that I have
undertaken for my life.
To the extent that
my faculties permit it...
I decipher the mysteries of the future.
It's true that I'm unable to
forsee the great problems of humanity.
But I can do it with the questions,
preoccupations and hopes
of the people who trust my...
humble gifts, my integrity...
and good will.
What you say is so true, Professor Karin.
Now I beg you to stay still...
with a calm mind.
To let me penetrate
the secrets of the gods...
it is necessary
that you trust me.
That you believe what
I am going to tell you.
You are married.
Two years...
I see suffering around you.
Now, a person is getting
clearer before my eyes...
It is your husband...
He loves you so much...
You could be so happy...
but between you lies something
hidden that make you unhappy
that "something"...
is another woman.
What should I do, Professor Karin?
If you want to
keep your husband...
don't try to break that triangle...
Even without him knowing...
give him complete freedom.
Between two persons
who love each other...
there's no greater dependance...
that the one involving in
the illusion of freedom...
says the old Chinese proverb.
Just have enough patience and courage...
and you will be
victorious at the end.
I'll follow your advice, Professor Karin.
Even though I know it
will be very hard.
Thank you very much.
You may come in, Miss Arno.
My dear Miss Arno...
the time has come
for you to get married.
Get married, Professor?
You well know what
I think of marriage,
that absurd slavery of women.
Then, get yourself a lover.
Younger, if possible...
Professor! I'm a decent woman...
of solid moral principles.
I'm far from thinking otherwise, Miss Arno,
but in this case,
the message from the
other side is very clear.
A man is needed in your life.
A platonic lover, you meant?
It couldn't be otherwise.
A man to which to
devote my dreams,
my thoughts even if
he never knows about it.
Well, in this case, the message from beyond
has been more precise.
Professor; I know who
that ideal man can be...
Then, Miss Arno, you may
have a long and pointless wait,
for that ideal man to love
you in real proportions.
Meanwhile, don't forget that one thing is
"Morals" and other thing is "Physiology".
Pardon me?
That, Miss Arno...
Please come in, Mrs.
No, Professor, I have to go.
I just came for this.
I don't understand, What is it?
A check, a $500 check.
The price I pay for that,
which you know.
For that which I know?
You mean, that which the gods know
and kindly transmit to me.
I should consider this
paper as a diploma.
Like the academic recognition
of my clairvoyance.
Of my supernatural powers.
But Karin doesn't accept checks!
Only accepts cash!
When you come back
with the metal.
The gods will return you that letter
you imprudently left in hands of a maid.
Don't you forget, ma'am...
you must not trust servants.
They are in direct contact
with the supernatural.
Please, get me Clara Stein.
Clara, you have a phone call.
This will only take
a minute Mrs. Ciprian.
Your client... Mrs. del Valle, is
coming here in a few days...
I need you to find what are
her projects for next week.
It would be of much effect to "guess it".
Wait a second...
This isn't my day, Clarita.
I know, don't look at
me with those eyes.
But I thought it would be a
good idea to help myself a little...
precisely today.
Precisely today.
You'll have to wait a little.
One and a half hours.
I'll be with you in a moment, Miss Arno.
Come in.
Darling! How are you?
Mirtha!, please don't go, Clarita.
No, no, it's now your turn.
Mirtha, how good to see you.
I have a lot to tell you...
As I do, darling.
Don't forget to
go to Professor Karin.
Each day I find him more...
How can I put it...
More alluring...,
more disconcerting.
I owe you for meeting him.
You don't know how thankful I am...
A call for you, Mrs. del Valle.
For me? Yes ma'am.
Don't you tell me!
Poor thing!
Whatever, I think
it's better this way.
Where? In the Alcazar agency?
Ok, see you there, goodbye.
You won't believe this!
You won't believe this!
Ada Romano is inheriting millions!
Some luck some people have...
No! Yes!
Her husband died today at noon.
The $2,000,000 pesos ticket, boss,
this is the lucky one!
- Its numbers sum 13...
- If I could tell the future...
Please, boss, its the lucky one!
No, maybe another day...
Professor! Professor!
I received a letter from my son,
and was waiting for your help to read it.
Let me see what it says...
He says he is now in San Diego, CA
and it is a nice place.
That he may have to leave soon,
but he remembers you often.
That you are the best and most
beautiful mother in the whole world.
Thank you very much, Professor.
Don't you take your paper?
You always forget it.
Grafico! Last news!
The Fortune-Teller Sparrows!
These really foretell your future!
One paper for him and
one for her!
For the lover, for the disappointed!
For the one that needs money!
For the one that needs advice!
I have for everyone, as
long as you don't mob!
Only these birds know the
secrets of life and love!
Give me two.
Good! For the gentleman...
The Fortune-Teller Sparrows.
Common Manolin!
Let's see! Sound the bell!
That's nice!
Do it again! Very good!
Now you are going to drink a
tlachicoton with flies!
Come on, Manolo! You don't like
getting drunk, only now and then.
That's right! That's right!
Very good!
Now, you're going to call your girlfriend,
but very lovingly!
That's right! Lots of kisses!
Very nice! Very nice!
Now you are going to commit a crime!
You are going to shot your best friend!
You are shooting him on the chest!
Come on, Manolin, do it!
That's right! Very nice!
Let's see... Now...
Very good... take them out...
Another one...
Very good!
Here you have your future, Sir!
Get closer, ladies and gentlemen, don't
miss your opportunity to know your future!
- Good night, Professor Karin!
- Good night, Ma'am!
It wouldn't bother you if I ask
you a question? Not in any way!
I would like to make a bet in
tomorrow's races, if you could maybe...
My dearest Mrs., if I could make that kind
of predictions, I'll be rotten in money.
Disinterest is a condition for my trade.
The supernatural forces that assist us...
would take revenge if we took advantage
of the divine spark inside us.
That is what charlatans do.
Please, forgive me Professor,
I thought...
May I bring you something
or you rather wait for the miss.
I'll wait for the miss.
Your song...
You are sad, Clara...
What is wrong...
I am nauseated, Karin.
I am revolted by everything
that happens arround us.
In life, not everything
is good, Clara.
But we have to live...
Look! I got you something!
- Here it is!
- Karin!
If it wasn't for you...
What is it!
Even I don't know! Our destiny!
Given to me by the birds! Only the birds
know the secrets of Love and Life!
"Love begins when you want to
and ends when you don't want to".
This little bird knows his business!
Love begins when you
want to, that's true.
If I hadn't gone that morning to
our date in Champs Elysees...
we would never had
found each other again.
What do yours say?
You don't do all you can...
and you do all you shouldn't.
This is indeed extraordinary!
I don't do all I can, but
I do all I shouldn't...
I can do so many things...
I have so many dreams...
And, nonetheless, I devote my life to
hysteric ladies that believe my predictions.
If it wasn't for them...
By the way!
What you asked for about Mrs. del Valle...
I found out from her own mouth.
She is thinking of
having a plastic surgery.
Removal of her neck adiposities.
When she visits you, you'll
have to be courteous to her.
One of your phrases, that speaks
about a 'beautiful neck'.
For example: Your neck, Mrs. del Valle, only
distinguishes from that of Anne Boleyn's,
in that there's not been any Henry VIII to
separate it from your beautiful head
I can assure you she
won't understand a thing.
What else did you find out?
Something that stupefied me.
But that doesn't affects us.
What could that be?
Vittorio Romano died today.
So, at last he died.
It seems unbelievable.
I don't see why...
Vittorio Romano would never accepted
the truth without killing himself.
Everybody agrees on that.
I think no one knew
Vittorio Romano that well...
He loved his stupid wife too much.
I don't like to pity nobody.
But the ones who make me feel it...
are guys like Vittorio Romano.
I only saw him three days ago.
That's why his death shakens me.
The thing about his wife,
accelerated things up.
So, at last he knew...
How strange life is...
It always has a final blow...
And how did you find that out?
That day I was at his apartment...
You never told me...
That looks like a Lesa Chiromancy crime.
And I might never had told you if
it wasn't because Vittorio Romano...
died long before
even himself expected to.
A diabolic play by destiny.
I'm dying of curiosity!
What was that play?
I arrived that day, as usual,
to service him at home...
And if you now know,
I don't care...
You should be grateful for my work
at keeping you in ignorance.
That was a kindly act
that you didn't deserved.
That I didn't deserved?
The man that picked you up from the trash?
The one that did everything
to make you happy?
I don't know what to mean.
Do you think I could love you?
That I would waste my life
with a man that could be my father?
That has no attractiveness?
That is always sick?
Shut up!
Do you think I can't defend myself?
That I won't fight back?
Now, hear me!
I will divorce from you!
But I'll do something that
would hurt you more...
I'll change my will.
You and Leon will live in poverty.
You'll be hungry together...
That is simply unbelieveable!
A monstruous fate.
Fate doesn't exist.
Good Clara Stein may believe
in it, but not me.
It's moving that you
haven't dared to think...
of any hypothesis or get
to any conclusion about...
a matter so simple as this.
I hope you don't
expect to use this, Karin.
I tolerate you divinations,
your fantasies...
But some things I can't stomach.
My little one...
My scrupulous Clara Stein...
In Paris or Vienna we
had the black market...
Here we only got my superior
gifts of divination.
Karin, disciple of the Great
Ben Ali Krishna Rama...
the Greatest Sage of India.
Oh, my dear Teacher...
I remember your last words
when we said goodby in
you beautiful garden in New Delhi.
Karin! You forget you have
never been in India.
That doesn't matter, what
happens inside me...
may as well happen in real life.
Well, that nonexistant afternoon
in the beautiful gardens
in New Delhi...
The Great Sage Ben Ali Krishna Rama
let me hear his golden words...
Let me repeat them for you...
Never stay in the middle of the road
always reach the end of it.
To the very end of it.
To the bottom.
Only coward spirits stay
in the surface.
I don't understand what would be to go
to the end in the Romano's affair...
Go to the end, my darling, would
be to go to where his millions are.
I don't know the way,
but there must be one.
Does Professor Karin has a preference
for any musical piece?
Theres the thing...
Finding the way
to the millions.
What did you said, Professor?
The Millions, Maestro,
Arlechin's Millions.
Right away, Professor!
The Millions!
I hope you won't do
something foolish, Karin.
What you want to do
has a bad name.
It's known as "Blackmail".
My God, Clara,
You are supposed to be
a delicate spirited woman.
Why call that way a
legitimate business?
In this case I represent
an honorable character
I'll be the Sword of Virtue,
the Finger of Justice,
the Angel of Revenge.
This night I'll be late
but sleep well.
Where are you going?
To follow a sacred precept
of the Old Sages of Egypt.
Pay my respects to the dead.
"Alcazar Funeral Home"
I've been trying to give you
my condolences, Mrs. Romano.
Thank you.
It's so unfortunate, specially
because he loved life so much.
He hoped he still had some years left.
But, as you see, nobody
owns his own destiny
I'm sorry, Sr., I don't
remember you visiting us...
I'm not good with faces, you know, and
today I'm so distressed... you understand.
It's your husband, he was the
one that visited me.
During these last months he
considered me as a kind of confidant.
Once or twice a month
he visited my office.
Are you a doctor?
In a way, yes.
A Spiritual Doctor.
Visiting me brings peace to people
who have reasons to be nervous.
- My condolences.
- Thank you.
I'm so sorry.
I think my name is
not unknown to you.
No, Sr., I don't
remember your name!
Your husband talked a lot about you,
he loved you so much.
We always were a very
happy couple, Professor...
That is why your case
attracted from the start.
I don't understand what you
mean by "my case".
I don't think I'm someone's "case".
Excuse me, it's
my professional jargon.
I got carried away.
For me, everyone is a case.
The girl who wants to know if
her boyfriend loves her; It's a case.
Someone who wants to know if a long trip
is in his future; Another case.
And all the rest of them.
The husband... that feels
his wife is cheating...
The wife that doen't trust her lover...
The lovers that hope for
the husband's death...
Etc, etc...
I see your job is to live of
others people's private lives.
But with absolute discretion.
This is very important for our job.
Not even under torture would we
reveal a secret that is not ours.
Well, at least that some
guarantee to your customers.
If some day I need you,
I'll maybe look for you.
Thank you. I again give you my condolences and
please tell this to the deceased's nephew.
Who is he?
- What did he wanted?
- Vittorio visited him.
I haven't been able to sleep!
Fortunately you are now here.
I warned you I was
going to be late.
That's not the problem.
I suddenly became very anxious.
I was afraid. I don't know why.
You know I'm not easily frightned,
specially if I know...
what its all about.
But in this case it
was different, it felt wrong.
Where were you, Karin,
what did you do?
In military terms, to take positions...
and study the enemy's positions.
About what?
The Romano's affair.
Clara, what do you see
in the palm of my hand?
Don't you see something unusual?
- Please, Karin, not me!
- Look!
A small line that closes
the "Success Triangle".
It appeared tonight.
It wasn't here before.
My destiny, our destiny
is decided.
I don't like it, Karin.
I don't want it.
The gods punish those who
scorn the gifts of Fortune.
Don't we make enough money so that we
don't have to desire anything else?
Do you think it's fair
to live as we do?
Slaves to work without any future.
Do you think it's good business to
be standing 12-14 hours a day...
serving that disgusting
people you work for?
I'm used to it.
- I've had worst jobs in my lifetime.
- But this has to end, Clara!
Must and can end!
Let me try. If I make it, it will be
the last time I do something like this.
You always make the same promise.
And at the first opportunity
you do it again.
- My Great teacher, Ben Ali Krishna Rama...
- Leave your teacher alone...
I wish he was real, that way
me and him could control you.
I'll control myself, Clara.
But when the time is right.
"We cannot quit belonging to our destiny",
used to say the wise Ben Ali Krishna Rama.
And he never told you if you were in love
with a dumb girl called Clara Stein?
There was no need, I knew
that since the beginning.
His attitude irritates me.
I know he is setting us a trap.
- I'm going to find out...
- No! Don't be imprudent...
We first have to find
what this trap is about.
You may come in, Ada Romano.
I was waiting for you.
Please, be seated.
May I see your hand?
I use to read a customer's palm
first when visiting for the first time.
You are wrong, Karin.
I don't believe in clairvoyants.
Nor I came as a costumer.
That's strange,
why have you come then?
- My husband visited you.
- A great person, believe me.
Of course, I'll like to know
what problems may need...
the services of such a strange
counselor, as a clairvoyant.
Besides, now I must
take care of his matters.
My curosity is natural.
I'm sorry not being able
to satisfy your curosity,
I've already told you that
discretion is the most important...
thing to our profesion.
But maybe some of your
husband's confidences...
may be related to you.
And maybe I can discovered
it in your own destiny.
May I look in the palm of your hand?
As you wish, Karin.
But I don't think you'll go very far.
Somebody said that the face
is the mirror of the soul.
That's not true. The real
mirror of the soul is in the hands.
There are kind and cruel hands.
Selfish and selfless hands.
Ignoble and noble hands.
Inoccent and homicidal hands.
If your claivoyance consists in
describing other people's character,
I don't see anything supernatural about it.
Any first grade student of
psychology is way better that you, Karin.
Of course, but it's not only that...
You are, above all, ambitious...
Your brain is above your heart...
This hand shows coldbloodedness,
and calculation.
And also, betrayal.
Here I see a great betrayal, Ada Romano.
That's really interesting,
this game starts to amuse me.
That's what you wish,
that this was a game.
Let's suppose that if it is a game,
it's a dangerous game.
It's ridiculous! Betrayal!
You use melodramatic words, Karin.
And you betrayed him
with his own nephew.
You have disappointed me, Karin. You haven't
told me anything I couldn't imagine.
I guess this is no more than a joke.
I won't forget your tactlessness.
Excuse me...
You are making a mistake, Mrs. Romano.
I want to show you something.
This is the card where I
wrote Vittorio Romano's data.
I do this with all customers.
Your husband, besides knowing your
betrayal, was very afraid of dying.
Yes, doctors had warned him.
In his last days, poor Vittorio had
his head full of strange ideas.
Like his fear of being killed...
He told you too...
I should have imagined...
I couldn't tell anyone
what was happening to Vittorio.
- Of course not.
- No! I don't mean that supposed betrayal.
You must be very good clairvoyant if you
couldn't see what was happening to my husband.
Vittorio, poor Vittorio,
was crazy.
Yes, that was why he was so apprehensive.
That idea of my betrayal
and his fear of being killed.
That was hell on earth!
The horrendous
nightmare of paranoia.
I confess I was
not that perceptive.
You understand, Karin. If I had let
doctors to take care of this...
there could now be many people
asking for his testament's annulment.
With the excuse of Vittorio's mental state.
Leon and me had to do
anything to keep the secret.
That's why I had to be
sure of what you knew.
Very little, as you can see.
Believe me, you have made
me feel like a failed student...
for not being able to
percieve a so simple matter...
as your husband's mental state.
It wasn't easy.
Vittorio carry on apparently
like a normal person.
Now let me tell you
something, Ada Romano.
You are a liar.
- Charming but without experience.
- What do you mean?
That it is very difficult
to deceive a magician.
Your husband was very
sane until the very end of his life.
If I has known him, I could
have declared so at a trial.
If you had known him?
Because I never had any
relationship with Vittorio Romano...
and he never visited me.
This was what you ignored.
You wanted to hide the fact of the abnormal
circumstances of your husband's death.
And that your case is a
"sui generis" widow.
Lets say, an own volition widow.
Isn't it so?
Now you will believe my clairvoyance.
It seems I have no choice...
I'll become one of your best customers.
On what bases should
we make the arrangement?
We shall discuss that later.
The effort of this session has tired me,
and my mind is not prepared.
I'll see you some other day,
whenever you want.
I have the feeling we will become
good friends... if nothing else happens
I not only feel it but
see it very clearly.
The gods tell me, and they never lie.
See you later, Professor Karin.
And if you need anything
I'm at Del Prado Hotel.
My old house is full
of painful memories.
Yes, I understand.
At your service, Ada Romano.
Professor! Professor!
Oh my God!
Don't you know how to drive!
Look what you've done to my car!
You'll have to pay for this!
If you had been distracted,
he'll had killed you.
Thanks to you!
What, letter from your son?
From my son, yes Professor.
To have tried was stupid,
but to have failed is nameless.
Do you realize our position after this?
- It wasn't my fault!
- Now, it's three of us!
Karin, you and I!
An honorable family of goons...
fraternally united
by ambition and fear!
I'll try again!
As many times as necessary!
We must not give him chance
of doing anything.
We must proceed at once!
- Karin might call the police!
- Imbecile!
You are so stupid as
to believe that!
I should spit in your face!
Karin won't accuse us!
His business is not to denounce.
What a nice susprise,
Professor Karin.
I didn't expected
your call so soon.
I'm sorry to bother you, Mrs. Romano,
but you'll excuse me when I tell you...
that this is about a case of conscience.
I'm very scrupulous about my profession...
and today I forgot to tell you
something I read in the palm of your hand.
In your destiny are written
several money investments...
The first of them of a philanthropic nature
to prevent automobile accidents...
Twenty-five, Mrs. Romano,
I don't understand what
you mean, Professor Karin.
I'll be clearer, I need
$25,000 for tonight.
I'm in El Greco's bar.
And what if I don't comply?
If you don't comply, Mrs. Romano,
then there'll be consequences.
What I told you!
Karin's business is not
denouncing but blackmailing!
Now it's $25,000!
Tomorrow, who knows
how much he'll ask for?
We have to do something, Ada!
You'll soon give him the money.
Tomorrow I'll visit him.
I want to make him trust me,
become intimate.
Tell him we are convinced
we are in his power.
And we can't do anything about it.
We'll see about that!
Let me take care of that!
No, you'll be in when the time is right.
Be patient.
You made me wait, Clara.
I've never been this early!
You've make me wait long years
to give you the homage you deserve.
- What happened?
- Come, it's like magic!
What have you done, Karin!
- This is your place, Mrs. Karin.
- Mrs. Karin?
It's been a long time
since you call me like that.
This must be something
really extraordinary!
I demand an immediate explanation.
Mortals should not try to
know the secrets of the gods!
I don't know the occasion, Karin,
but you really make me happy.
What's all this about?
I'll tell you.
Everything that happens,
or is about to happen,
I see it here.
Really? I don't mind what has
happened, Professor...
but what IS going to happen.
I think Mrs. Karin won't
go to work tomorrow.
- A sickness, Professor?
- A sickness called happiness...
that will prevent her from ever
returning to that dreadful beauty parlor.
And what else, Professor?
I also see money.
A lot of money, soon, here!
In the palm of your hand!
Professor Karin,
someone is looking for you.
Wait, the Otherworld's
Envoy has arrived!
I warn you that what I came for,
I'm doing against my will!
You have nothing to warn me,
nor I care about it!
There's no time to loose!
The first of Romano's tributes.
Professor! Professor!
- Letter from my son!
- Come here!
I couldn't wait for
you to finish, Professor,
and had to bother
you with the letter.
So, at last you got
a letter from your son?
Here you have it.
Wait just a second.
My dear Ada Romano!
Come in...
I'll be with you in a second.
I guess you are not in a hurry.
None at all.
Time belongs to us...
Upstairs you'll find a bottle of Scotch.
"The Secretary of Defense
wants to express to you..."
our condolences for
the loss of your son...
First Class Soldier,
Arturo Garcia Luna, 29289219,
he died in combat in Korea...
What he says, Professor?
The letter is not long...
Your son is now very far away.
His unit was deployed somewhere else.
His letter says...
he is now in the most beautiful
place he has ever seen.
Where, Professor?
Does he says where?
His superiors don't permit it.
It's... a secret.
That is like he was nowhere!
I want to tell you something,
Dona Carmelita,
If your son continues to send
his letters to mailing list...
they may get lost.
I'll write to tell him
to send them to me.
What do you think?
This way when I recieve them...
I'll send for you to read them.
Thank you very much, Professor!
What I don't understand is why
my son can't tell me where he is.
They forbid him to do that...
War consecuences...
But... you know all secrets,
isn't it?
You know everything just
by looking in there?
There are things that are
beyond my capabilities.
That even if I wanted,
I couldn't do.
Don't be cruel, Professor!
Tell me how you see my son in there!
I'm poor, you know that.
But if it's about money...
I'll get it little by little,
until I can pay you.
I want to know where is he,
what he does, who are his friends...
I'll be forever grateful, Professor
I'm the one who is
grateful for your belief in me.
Now, now you'll help me.
Yes... sit down please.
Now I see your son...
I hear laughter and songs...
The laughter and songs we know...
are like a shadow
compared to your son's.
I also hear his voice saying:
"In my heart there's no hate,
nor spite or envy...
or envious desires".
"I'm in peace."
"At last, peace."
That's all I see!
All I know!
I can't do more!
How beautiful!
I am as happy as he is!
God bless you, Professor!
At your service, Ada Romano.
I didn't thought you lived here.
I can't pay both an office
and a place to live.
I don't know why I imagined
you lived alone...
You live very modestly.
There are good and bad times.
Lets say I'm getting out
of one of the second ones.
I guess you are looking
for your cigarette case.
Here it is.
You left it last time.
That's weird, I thought I would
find one of those Czech pistols
that have the rare virtue
of being practically noiseless.
Do you know them?
Skoda guns, from Prague.
I confess my absolute
ignorance about guns.
That's true! I forgot!
Guns don't suit you.
I keep one as a novelty.
Let me show it to you.
Nazis use this a lot
during the war.
It seems they didn't like detonations
when they wanted to get rid of someone.
Strange, they liked
Wagner so much...
Nice suppression instrument!
May I?
Why not?
Just be careful... It's loaded.
Meanwhile I'll get you a drink.
Would you think wrong of me
if I satisfy a whim...
Go ahead, Ada, shoot.
Admirable, isn't it?
Almost noiseless.
Barely audible like
a veil in the wind.
Why didn't you, Ada?
If you had turned around
when I was aiming...
be sure I would.
You couldn't either.
At the time I owned your will.
Your mind.
You were like a part of my body
that only obeyed me.
It is possible, Karin.
You and I are written in
our destinies.
We are not going to be able
to get away from each other.
The worst thing is there is a third
person also written in our destinies.
My husband's nephew.
Do you love him?
Then why you had to choose
him as an accomplice?
Being him so useless
for such things.
I don't have reasons to hide it from you.
Besides, you are a clairvoyant who
would find it anyway.
I was weak at the last moment.
I needed someone even if
it meant somebody as Leon.
I couldn't do it alone.
If I had known you then, Karin...
What else you want from me?
What else you ask from me?
- Everything has a price.
- Price?
I don't know what that means.
I'll really like to kill you, Karin.
But you make me feel something...
that killing you is no longer possible.
Then I'll call you tomorrow, Karin.
It'll hurt me if you thought I
was jealous, Karin.
- But that woman...
- You know that this woman...
is one of the many
incidents of my profession.
We have an agreement.
We are now a kind of partners.
Circumstantial partners, that's all.
Of course I know you are
incapable of cheating on me.
That's not what worries me.
I'm afraid of losing
you some other way...
There are things that
may stain a life.
That leave it stained for ever.
I don't understand you, Clara.
What do you mean?
I'm afraid of losing you
without you even going away.
Lose what you are,
the way I think of you.
The image in you.
- That would be horrible.
- Never!
For you, I must always be the same!
The Karin inside of you, is what
I love and respect the most of myself.
It may be a nonexistent Karin.
it's the Karin I aspire to be.
Never lose it, Karin!
You and I are the Truth.
A clean truth after all.
If we lose that, it will
be as we were dead in life.
There are things that
above everything else.
Our love is one of these things.
Don't be afraid.
Karin! Lets go away!
Let's leave everything behind us
and don't care about anything.
It's still not the time to do that.
But we will go away.
Karin knows how to play with
fire without burning himself...
and also how to
put it out on time.
You have gone too far, Karin.
Let's hope there's
still time to go back.
I've thought a lot, Karin.
Believe me, I'm not sorry
of having met you.
Quite the contrary...
Thank you!
I like that strange feeling
I get when I'm with you.
It's like the roller coasters at
amusement parks where you pay...
to get that disturbing feeling in your gut.
And at the same time
enjoying that feeling.
Do you feel the same about me?
A kind of attraction and
repulsion at the same time?
How do you see me Karin?
Very similar to those
amusement park machines.
Like a little precision machine,
precise and inalterable like a Guillotine.
I like it.
It's admirable the way you are
so sure of yourself and your destiny.
- Why do you think so?
- You haven't even asked me where I'm taking you.
Where is this precise
human guillotine taking you.
You know that better than me.
I decided to trust you completely.
They call it "The Dream".
The Dream Cascade.
Don't you think a capricious name?
It's fascinating, as life is.
Like your own life, Ada Romano.
A downward force that
invades everything.
To dominate everything to its
endless ambition.
You are right again, Karin.
I am that, or have wanted to be.
But in the inside...
without it showing on
its peaceful surface.
A secret cascade of death.
That's your spirit.
That's weird...
your words have made
me remember it.
This cascade has also...
has also taken a life.
You can see it.
The cascade doesn't worry...
nor feels remorse.
It goes on, unafraid of punishment.
Tell me, Ada...
how did you commited the crime.
Poison in small doses.
You are a sadist, Karin.
I didn't meant yours.
I meant the Cascade's.
Do you like this place?
- Admirable!
- It's my retreat.
Only yours, or do you share it?
Don't speak nonsense, Karin.
I see you are well prepared, Ada.
You have a lonely place.
Oh, no! The forest
ranger takes care of it.
But I give him a few days off
to go to his hometown.
And now, you know it all.
I'm not hiding anything.
This means that Leon has
become a real threat to you.
He hasn't said anything but
he is capable of denouncing me...
even if it means he'll
also go to jail.
How did you find out you
and him were his heirs?
My own husband told me so.
It's a fortune!
For a fortune like that,
the risk could be taken again...
isn't it so?
What do you mean, Karin?
Better yet, what do you propose, Ada?
I guess we aren't here to
talk about our lives.
No, Karin!
We are not here for that!
Speak! I'm listening.
Speak as if you
were thinking aloud.
Like you said, Leon
is a threat for me.
I want you to help me!
What kind of help?
The only possible help
in this case!
You want me to talk to him?
To convince him?
To offer him money in your name?
That wouldn't help.
More that money, Leon wants me.
In that case, you are
better suited to fix things.
But, I can't on my own.
Can't do what?
Do it. Don't you understand?
And what do you want?
I want you to do it, Karin!
That's too risky, Ada.
I've never killed anyone.
I'll give you all the money you want!
And what if I don't want money?
I wouldn't deny
you anything, Karin.
You like danger, Karin...
and today you're convinced
I'm not dangerous to you...
But now you are...
"For you, I must always be the same!"
"The Karin inside of you, is what
I love and respect the most of myself."
"It may be a nonexistent Karin."
"But, it's the Karin I aspire to be."
Keep him, preserve him.
What's wrong, Clara?
I scared you, Karin?
It was a bad dream.
Well, it's over.
Maybe it happened
because of the Scotch?
I've been anxious all day.
I wanted to see you so much!
I am so dumb!
What hour is it?
It's 4:00 A.M., Clara.
It's 4:00 A.M.
You are late, Karin.
I don't want to
know where were you.
Don't explain anything.
Thank you, Clara.
I wouldn't know what to tell you.
Karin has agreed to meet
us this night at the cabin.
He knows that there, the
three of us will be alone.
I made him think we
would settle the money problems.
In our cabin we have
that beautiful waterfall...
where the body will disappear forever.
The Dream. Did you
know they call it "The Dream"?
How could you
convince him so easily?
I'm resourceful.
I have secret weapons...
Women know the
most efficient methods.
Don't try to irritate me!
Speak clearly! What did you did?
Don't be stupid!
There's nothing between us, yet...
Nor will be... Understand?
The thing is, I wouldn't
know who to prevent it.
Now, everything depends on you.
Where should I meet Karin?
At midnight tonight at El Greco's.
Karin won't miss the date...
I'm warning you;
Don't play with me...
If you don't go to the
cabin nothing will happen.
Karin and I will
come back unharmed.
- Understand?
- Mrs. Romano?
Thank you.
Karin. Karin sent them.
I have to go.
An appointment with the lawyer...
It's about the will...
He'll probably tell me when...
See you later, darling...
Good night sir, please come in...
Mrs. Romano will be
here in a second.
Thank you.
You may go now.
Thanks for the orchid...
It was very nice of you.
It was nothing.
Something to drink? Music?
- Your help won't be necessary.
- Ok, ma'am.
I talked to Leon and everything is set.
He thinks it's an excellent plan.
He didn't suspected anything.
He thinks we set
you an infallible trap.
When I think of it I can't
avoid feeling some kind of
enervation, as if I had smoked opium.
This delicious hands killing me
and afterwards pulling my body
to throw it down the waterfall.
Or something like that, isn't?
- The perfect crime.
- Don't say that!
You make me shiver!
But I won't be the dead body.
However I feel a morbid pleasure
imagining how could things be...
if you and Leon
proceeded with that plan.
That imaginary plan, of course.
You are distrustful, Karin.
But Leon won't try to hurt you
if I'm not present at the cabin.
And I won't be.
That will show you there's no trap.
Who said such thing?
We are supposed to be honorable.
You are irreplaceable, Karin.
Aren't you afraid?
I wish I had. That
would make me feel alive.
I'm very calm, however.
As calm as a dead body.
Who knows, maybe
killing is dying yourself.
But let's stop saying phrases.
This thing is decided.
It is the only fact.
It seems that Leon has to die.
And by my own hands...
Let me see that small
and quiet Czech revolver, Karin.
It is like you,
precise and silent like you.
It affects me like a chasm...
Tell me, what do
you think of Ada Romano?
Probably the same as you.
It seems she doesn't like you.
Keep your thoughts to yourself.
I thought you wouldn't mind.
- Scotch?
- Yes. Straight please.
Thank you.
Isn't it strange Ada is not here?
She'll come.
She never avoids her obligations.
Maybe the storm delayed her.
And if she didn't came?
We'll go back to the city. She didn't
authorized me to negotiate without her.
Leon, I don't dislike you.
Why do Ada and you want to kill me?
Nobody wants that.
We only want you to stop bothering us.
That's all.
We could make an arrangement.
You give me some money
and I leave the country.
You could give me the money at the
airport for you to have peace of mind.
Ada doesn't believe in you.
She says we'll have you around forever.
Ada doesn't know me.
She thinks I'm as greedy as her.
But I'm not.
I only want to live peacefully.
You may be sure of that.
Ada tried to double play us.
According to her plans,
I was supposed to kill you.
- Why did you shoot, Leon?
- Don't move, Karin!
Stay where you are!
Calm yourself. I'm no criminal.
I'm no more than a clairvoyant
who doesn't wish to change professions.
Ada Romano is not coming!
Do you know what that means?
She is not stupid enough
to help you in another crime!
I don't believe
anything you say!
You see, she came!
Ada! Ada! Ada!
You won't be able to do anything!
I've killed Leon!
What do you want?
Who are you?
I didn't wanted this to happen!
I didn't wanted to do it!
Why did he shoot?
This is like a diabolical
and absurd nightmare!
Fill it up!
Do you have a telephone?
Inside, sir!
It's Karin. You can rest now.
Everything went ok.
Are you sure?
I did it for you, Ada.
Thank you.
But you could have waited
until tomorrow to tell me.
Now I'm not going
to be able to sleep!
Ada! Ada!
Don't be so loud, sir.
Can't you read?
- Yes, sir?
- Scotch, straight.
"There are kind and cruel hands."
"Selfish and selfless hands."
"Ignoble and noble hands."
"Inoccent and homicidal hands."
Little Clara has not sleeped,
waiting for me all night long.
Your eyes are like the frightened
eyes of an indifference hurt gazelle.
Where have I read this?
Or maybe this was told to me by
my dear teacher Ben Ali Krishna Rama!
Enough Karin!
Lets not fool ourselves!
You come from her place, isn't it?
From Ada Romano's place.
I knew this from the beginning!
You guessed it.
It's natural!
Of course!
You've had a great teacher!
None other than Karin The Clairvoyant!
The Great Magician!
The Owner of the Future!
There are limits to
everything, Karin!
If at least it was a
non serious affair...
But it's like a a swamp,
slowly drowning you.
I can't stand it!
Please understand,
I'm drowning with you!
Jealous, Clara?
A jealousy scene?
My sweet and delicate Clara Stein...
- That's not you!
- Leave me alone!
I had to burst sooner or later.
Living at your side like
a shadow, like an echo...
submitted to your egoism
without ever complaining!
I was thinking that tonight we
had to decide certain things...
but not like this...
It seems like it
isn't you who's talking.
You've never tried
to look inside of me!
You! The clairvoyant!
The one who knows everything!
You have always ignored
what I am and what I feel!
That's true, Clara.
- But these conversations unnerve me!
- You'll have to listen all of it!
I would like to hear you, Clara.
But I can't!
Not today, not tomorrow,
nor another day!
It's better for you to leave.
And leave right now!
It would be worst for
both of us if you stayed.
Then, it's worse than I thought!
Don't ask anything!
Let's say goodbye
without emotions or violence!
Like two individuals
who love each other!
You don't know
what you are saying!
I had decided it!
I decided it a few hours ago, but it
seems like I had done it years before!
I had planned to tell
you with other words.
Perhaps with some explanation...
But it is done!
The curtain has fallen!
I begin a new act on this play!
And in this act...
you are not included.
That's not possible, Karin!
It cannot be!
Karin is dead!
That Karin you kept in your heart.
- I killed him!
- No!
Ada Romano and me killed him!
Do you understand now?
With what you've said is enough!
Goodbye Karin!
What were we talking about?
Yes, of course, that thing
about the first and last day isn't it?
You are wrong Karin.
This day has nothing to
do with our first day.
That time I was the one who
humiliated herself going to your house.
This time you are the one
who had to come to mine.
That time you were the
cat playing with the mouse.
This time you are the mouse.
You've won Ada.
I congratulate you
again for your victory.
It's a wonderful show,
and I am very curious
to see how will you end it.
Very simple.
Take this Karin.
I don't understand!
It's $5,000; Your fee for last night.
For your inconvenience when
futilely knocking at my door.
And if I didn't accepted it, considering
insignificant what happened last night?
Comparing it to this
excesive amount of money.
That's your problem.
Believe me, it's all I can offer to
the man who killed my nephew...
and who I can accuse by
calling the police right now!
Conceited stupid!
Don't get smart on me!
Go on! Call the police!
And tell them that you, Ada Romano,
your husband's killer,
lent me your cabin to
bury Leon Romano's body.
Tell them that Leon is buried 10 steps
from the entrance's stairway.
That's where I buried him!
Tell them!
That's what you did?
You didn't throw him down the waterfall?
You made me an accessory
to manslaughter Karin.
I should have known!
That was a great move!
Your words are always true.
You and I are written
in our destinies.
It could have been avoided.
But nothing matters now.
From now on I'll live
up to that destiny.
Don't doubt this.
We'll go down...
but we'll do it together,
do you understand?
And so, the property of Vittorio Romano...
be it realstate, furniture,
money, banking accounts...
will now belong to Mrs. Ada
Cisneros Vda. De Romano.
Giving 1/5 of it to Mr. Leon Romano
the decedent's nephew.
And so both heirs should stamp
their signatures in this document.
Please, Mrs. Romano?
Ok, everything is legal now.
You only need Leon'e signature.
Leon has to sign?
That's a prerequisite.
It's the only way
to get the inheritance.
Didn't you heard both
of you are the sole beneficiaries?
Yes but...
But I don't understand these things and
don't have an idea of Leon's whereabouts.
Then it's necessary to bring him.
How? It's not the first time
he disappears without notice!
Just suppose he is in another country
and he will not come
back for months or a year.
Or just that he doesn't
want to come back to fix things.
He is so original that maybe
he will never try to take care of this.
Not even think it!
We will have to litigate this...
with one of those
trials that last a lifetime!
We have to bring
Leon back at any cost!
Dead or alive!
Like the police posters say.
Karin, wait!
Now what?
Listen to me please!
You cannot leave me alone now!
Everything would
have been in vain!
Besides, you'll loose a fortune!
May I know what your plan is?
Dig him up...
leave him somewhere
for the police to find him.
That's funny...
now you use the impersonal.
Dig him... leave him...
And who will do that?
Without help?
You wouldn't ask
me to help you, Karin?
That would be too much for me!
I couldn't resist it!
I'm sorry, it's very late.
I have to go.
It shall be as you wish.
We'll dig him up together.
Slow down, Karin!
Please slow down!
Bad luck, friend?
At least it was a rear tire.
If it had been a front tire with
these curves you could had rollover.
And we wouldn't
be talking about it.
Let me help you.
No, thank you.
Don't bother. I can do it.
Don't worry, it
doesn't bother me.
It won't take long.
Don't use the car jack yet.
Get the spare tire first.
What about the spare?
You don't know about
these things, isn't it?
Let me see... I'll take it out.
What happened, ma'am?
I hurt myself trying to move the
motorcycle to get you more light!
Help me please!
I can't stand!
Please, take me to the car.
Wait! Let me rest a little bit
before I climb in.
I think I sprained my ankle!
I'm better now.
Please help me get inside.
- Thank you very much!
- You are welcome, ma'am.
Open the trunk for the tire.
Please, put it in the rear seat.
I have to get it fixed
in the next gas station.
Thank you very much.
Sorry for the inconvinience.
At your service, sir.
At your service.
May I first talk to my lawyer?
You may.
It's Ada Romano.
Aren't you Mr. Montes?
Will you give him a message?
Thank you.
It's urgent!
Tell him they are taking me
right now to the police station.
Tell him to meet
me there immediately.
Thank you!
Professor Karin?
Please, come with us.
- What's this about?
- Our orders are to take you to the station.
Let's go!
Professor Karin!
You are forgetting
you paper again!
Thank you!
Dona Carmelita...
Your son sent you this money.
He says he'll write soon.
Sit over there!
Could you give me a cigarette?
Is that all?
Unfortunately no, ma'am.
There is some paper
work that has to be done.
It won't take long.
We need some information
about your nephew.
Please, walk this way.
Come this way, Mr. Karin.
Please come inside.
I understand that
this may be uncomfortable.
But you have to identify
the body before you make your statement.
I don't want to see that body!
I don't want to!
You'll have to do it!
It's the law.
I couldn't stand it!
It'll be too much for me!
I'll confess everything with details!
But let's end this torture!
I killed him!
I killed Leon Romano!
Come this way.
We'll take your confession.
- I told you this was all routine!
- But it's so annoying to deal with these people...
Mrs. Romano!
Now what!
You are going to continue bothering me!
Mrs. Romano, you
are under arrest!
Ada Romano and I placed the
body on the railroad tracks...
to get rid of the evidence.
Ada was with me all the time.
Please sign here.
You still have
to identify the body.
I don't know why you insist!
I've told you everything!
You have to do it! Let's go!
"We'll go down,
but we'll do it together."
"You and I are written in
our destinies."
In all these years I've
never seen a perfect crime!
This one nearly was...
if it wasn't because you, Jaime Karin,
got confused at the last moment.
Please come this way.
This is the body we
wanted you to identify.
among all the people
who could forgive me...
you are the only one capable
of doing it, besides God.
She leaved this for you
before killing herself.
"It's a way of loving
you for the last time."
"I couldn't survive
the loss of our truth."
"My heart lose that truth
you were for many years."
"Listen to this words as if I
told them from the other side of life."
"Where it's not
longer possible to live."
"When expiation returns us the truth..."
"then doubt not that
in spite of death..."
"we will meet again
somewhere, sometime."
"But, we will certainly meet again."
"He that seeketh findeth."
"we will meet again
somewhere, sometime."
"But, we will certainly meet again."
"He that seeketh findeth."