In the Room (2015) Movie Script

Every woman's hole
is a keyhole.
You think the key controls the keyhole?
The keyhole has control.
The man thinks he can enter as he pleases.
But if the keyhole is unwilling,
she can break the key!
You think I've gone mad?
All our things are inside,
I won't lock myself out!
So a woman must learn
how to use her keyhole.
But my father paid for the door
when he built the house,
doesn't it mean it's his keyhole?
Stupid girl!
Women must never be stupid.
Only stupid men like stupid women.
What a woman wants,
a stupid man can never give her!
We have to be smart.
But the man should never know... smart.
Tonight, I will teach you a powerful skill.
A skill that any woman can master.
The mighty power of your inner sanctum.
I have performed amazing stunts
I have lifted a grown man over my shoulders.
I have bent iron rods with my chin.
I have let motorcycles ride across my body.
But my greatest strength is not here...
I know!
It is here.
You think this is love?
Love is what men use
to trap you into becoming slaves willingly.
The most powerful thing women possess
is here.
Pussy power.
Is it funny?
With your pussy, you can lift a man to Heaven...
Or throw him into Hell.
The world is changing fast.
It's time to bid farewell
to the skinny Japanese samurai swords.
Even the big British cannons
have no more gunpowder.
From now on,
we have to target the Chinese businessmen,
and their needles
their tiny acupuncture needles.
To achieve that,
we must expand our arsenal of tricks.
the Queen of Striptease
will share the ultimate female secret with you.
Today I will teach you how to do the same
to drive men mad with lust,
and show them who is really in control.
are you ready to learn?
What are you waiting for?
Clothes off!
And now, we train your muscle power!
With What?
Your pussy
is your ultimate weapon.
It can give men happiness.
But we must also remind them
of its lethal potential!
Boss Lei!
He never even used the keyhole!
Shut up.
My alluring Miss Orchid!
You are very daring.
You are the daring one.
These girls are mine.
You think you can steal them?
You have a lot to learn
about who belongs to whom.
These girls are here to learn about themselves,
that is none of your business.
I'm not here to argue with you.
All of you, leave with me!
All of you, stay!
Have you learnt nothing?
I have shared my secrets with you,
and now you want to leave with this bastard?
Are you idiots?
Boss Lei,
These girls are stupid.
They cannot decide for themselves.
Since only you and I have the power,
let's talk.
What do you have in mind?
Get out, all of you.
Dream on.
Get out.
Get out.
Your Madame is in trouble now.
Boss is famous!
After he fucks a girl, she can't walk for days.
Who's the boss?
Bad girl.
Bad girl.
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
How long more will the boss take?
Worried for your Madame?
Better call an ambulance.
She should be dead soon.
Fuck you to death.
Fuck you to death.
Fuck you to death...
Alright then,
it's my turn.
What are you going to do?
It's my turn,
to fuck you.
What's going on?
Pussy power!
Your boss is dead.
Right now, she's probably doing to him
what she does to pingpong balls!
And bananas!
And goldfish!
For real?
We've come to an agreement.
The girls will train with me in the day,
and continue to work for Boss Lei at night.
And he will send more girls to me for training.
Isn't that right, Boss Lei?
You better buy him some herbal tonic.
He used up a lot of energy.
The most important lesson of all
you can take everything from a man,
from his money to his balls
But you must leave him some pride.
It's me!
I bought something simple.
Are you sure you don't want anything?
I can't.
Doctor's order.
Do we have to be at the hospital early tomorrow?
The nurse said about 8am.
Remind me to ask for a morning call.
When must you stop consuming liquid?
This is my last drink,
before everything is over.
Doctor didn't specify what liquids,
so whatever.
To tomorrow.
By the way.
I'm the one losing my cock tomorrow.
Not you
Why are you so uneasy?
They only started performing
these surgeries in 1971.
Are you sure it's safe?
How many times have they done it?
More than enough.
With that, there's already a lot
of happy vaginas out there.
It will be safe.
Even the President has done it.
What nonsense are you talking about?
Benjamin Sheares.
He created the first artificial vagina in the world.
Why would the President do that?
Before he became President,
he was a doctor.
He made it for women
who had incomplete vaginas.
That's crazy.
This country is crazy.
Men are not allowed to have long hair,
but the President
can make artificial vaginas?
Would you feel more at ease,
if you knew
that the President himself will be
operating on me tomorrow?
Not funny.
Are you sure
that the doctor operating on you tomorrow
is trustworthy?
Yes, I'm sure.
Dr. Ratnam,
is the best in Singapore and in Asia.
I called the hospital this morning.
They confirmed that it would be him,
Shan Ratnam.
Can we really trust him?
He's the pioneer.
I trust him.
I'm scared.
I'm really scared.
Aren't you?
I've been scared my entire life.
I'm scared of...
Scared to face my family,
scared of meeting girls,
scared of meeting boys,
scared of meeting you.
I'm scared of facing everything.
And this,
is the last time
I don't need to be afraid anymore.
Are you sure?
You are not sure?
I am sure.
I am sure that I love you.
And it's not important at all that...
Forget it...
I've told you many times.
I want this.
Are you sure you are not doing this for me?
Not for anyone.
I want to feel complete.
We are already complete.
This is not fair.
It has nothing to do with us.
I've told you before,
This is destiny.
You and me.
It is destiny.
May I see it?
I'm going to miss him.
He will miss you too.
He's still going to be there,
Just on the inside...
Did I hurt you?
Don't stop.
It's me.
You're going to the airport?
Leaving for Thailand?
Why the rush?
Will you be back for the party on Wednesday?
With the Ambassador.
Don't worry.
I have my gown ready.
The blue one.
The one you like.
I'll get that.
Thank you.
You are...
my life.
We have been there too.
On our honeymoon.
Yoshihiro Tatsumi.
You are so silly.
If only, it was that simple.
This country is so messy
I love it.
No matter where you look,
you get surprised.
You see something Chinese... Chinese... Chinese...
then suddenly it's Indian.
Or you see white people...
white people... white people,
then suddenly Malay.
Where else on earth is it so mixed up
and so bloody hot!
You're very talkative today.
If you don't talk, then I will.
I don't talk because there's nothing to say.
I don't talk for nothing.
Did I hurt your feelings?
You are the one who suggested
that we take this trip
so that you can forget that idiot!
You don't like the food,
you don't like the people.
I don't get it.
Number 1,
I need to get out of town
I don't want to see places that remind me of him.
Number 2,
I want to be somewhere as un-romantic as possible,
a place like this city
No history,
no art.
Sterile, like a hospital.
With so many strict laws.
Then I can concentrate.
On what?
Hating him.
I thought we were here to forget.
After I finish hating him,
I'll forget.
You eat this with your hands
it's Indian.
Don't make me hate you too.
You cannot hate me.
I am the only man in the world
who will not let you down.
Says who?
Says you.
You dip it,
in this curry.
Didn't we say no crying?
Right. No crying.
If there's any curry
If there's any curry in my hair, I'll kill you.
Saying that now... is too late!
Come here
Thank you.
For being my best friend.
You're probably the only one in the world
who likes me for my nonsense.
My turn to ask.
Have you ever,
worn women's clothing?
do not tell the truth!
Why is it wrong?
I was there,
In primary 6, when we did the school play
you were the angel
and you had a long white dress.
That wasn't woman's clothing!
bible clothing.
All the bible people look like they wear dresses.
I was a male angel.
My turn.
Have you ever kiss your teacher?
You mean no?
I don't believe you.
What about that history teacher you said
you liked so much, Mr Han?
I kissed him.
But I didn't have sex with him.
During the holidays,
I did not have sex with him in the science lab.
I did not do it three times.
My turn!
Are you really
still a virgin?
No reason.
That's not an answer.
There must be a reason.
You're not waiting for marriage, are you?
You're not waiting for me, are you?
You're drunk.
Are you waiting for me?
Are you still playing the game?
Are you?
You're lying.
Why would I be waiting for you?
What use is that?
When will it ever be my turn?
Are you gay?
I'm not playing any more.
I cannot imagine why you would
want to stay a virgin.
Is sex so important?
Sex is good.
Sex is life.
Is that why you need so many guys?
Aren't you afraid of AIDS?
All that matters is
what pleasure you can create together.
Then why can't you just stick to one guy?
If sex is about pleasure.
That's the problem!
Once the sex becomes the same,
then it's not really about pleasure any more!
When it's pure,
it's amazing.
All your senses in the body
are busy just enjoying the moment.
and the smell, the sounds.
All you can see is flesh.
Your flesh,
his flesh,
The whole world is flesh.
And nothing else exists,
except what the flesh can do.
Sleeping so early?
All this sex talk makes me sleepy.
As long as you're satisfied,
keep watching.
We have to check out early tomorrow.
Do you want to pack?
Are you going out again later?
Aren't you meeting the guy from last night?
You want a repeat performance?
You want us to do it so you can watch?
You are the one having sex right there,
while I was trying to sleep!
Who asked you to watch?
You can choose not to watch!
Who asked you to fuck?
You can choose not to fuck!
No I can't!
Why did you have to do that?
You knew I was there.
You knew it would affect me.
What game are you playing?
I'm sorry.
I wasn't trying to do anything to you.
I just needed to have sex.
Because I want to have an orgasm!
I've never had one.
Not once.
What do you mean?
You can't believe it, right?
All those guys, all that amount of sex.
Not once.
Can you imagine how that feels?
Like there's something I cannot reach,
some secret thing.
I'm incomplete.
Every time I have sex,
I'm afraid.
I know I need to keep trying,
as we are having sex,
I can already feel the failure.
What's wrong with me?
Am I broken?
I've tried everything.
Every toy, every tool.
I've even put my pager inside.
Isn't that hilarious?
That is how...
desperate and pathetic I was!
And then I just keep paging myself.
It was useless.
I almost couldn't pull it out.
Thankfully, there was a chain.
Otherwise, every time you page me,
Even if
the whole world pages me,
it's no use!
The thing is,
I've read that there are a lot of women
who never climaxed.
It doesn't mean they're unhappy.
Why are you making yourself unhappy about this?
It's a common thing...
I don't want to be common!
Do you know?
Sex makes me feel so...
Everyone in the world does it the same way.
Doesn't matter how creative you try to be
millions have done it that way.
But when I see the man climax
I know,
he is experiencing something truly his own,
something he can never describe, never share.
Something that he can never share.
When he climaxes, he's unique.
How many guys have I helped to feel
unique like that?
Even you!
When will it ever be my turn?
Come on, come on.
Stand up, stand up.
Stand up.
I don't get what you've been saying.
Common? What do you mean by common?
You don't know how special you are,
especially to me.
How could you not treasure yourself?
Min Jun...
Min Jun...
Min Jun.
You're up?
Are you having a hangover?
You drank a lot last night.
I've packed all your stuff.
Except your toothbrush.
But hurry,
the bus to the airport is leaving.
Min Jun.
About last night...
You were very drunk and you vomited.
No. I know
I'm saying last night...
This is not the time,
we'll talk on the plane, okay?
Where's the toothbrush?
Hurry up and get ready.
I'll wait for you at the lobby.
I'll stop by the coffeehouse
and get breakfast.
I didn't forget our child's birthday.
I feel better now.
This is Yoko's mother.
I'm so sorry!
Her ballet shoes right?
I'll send them over immediately.
See you later.
How are you feeling baby?
Why did I do it?
Why didn't I say goodbye?
Come back to me.
You came back to me.