In the Shadow of the Moon (2019) Movie Script

[telephone ringing]
[rumbling continues]
[wind howling]
[objects clattering]
[audience applauds]
[applause grows]
[applause stops]
[begins playing]
[counter bell dings]
[piano continues playing]
Okay, see you tomorrow.
[piano music ends]
[audience gasping and screaming]
[audience continues screaming]
-[diners screaming]
[audience screaming]
[horn honks]
[tires squealing]
[horn honks]
[passengers screaming]
-[passengers continue screaming]
-[engine revving]
[horn honks]
[tires squeal]
-[truck honks horn]
-[passengers scream]
[thunder sounds]
[rain pattering]
[radio announcer] From Independence Mall,
this is news radio, KYW Philadelphia ten--
[turns radio off]
[sirens wail in the distance]
[helicopter flies overhead]
[thunder sounds]
[female reporter] Absolute chaotic scene
behind me right now at this intersection,
where just earlier this evening
a bus driver collided
with several oncoming vehicles,
-one of them a cement mixer.
-[grunting] All right, here we go.
A huge mess on the scene here right now.
We're still not clear
as to what exactly happened here,
whether the driver passed out
while operating the vehicle
or simply died at the wheel.
We don't have a cause of death
at this point,
but some of our medical experts
are talking about the fact
that it could've been a heart attack
-or a stroke.
-Mmm, perfect pancake!
We don't have a name on the driver,
no information at all.
Police have not released that
at this point.
-Next of kin still being notified.
-[cell phone rings]
But no other casualties reported,
-which is a minor miracle.
-Fuck. [groans]
Speaking with some of the officers
here on the scene...
[cell phone rings]
Shit. [groans]
-There could have been more fatalities
is what these officers are saying to me.
Uh, we...
[Jeanie] You burned 'em again,
didn't you?
No! No, no, nothing's burnt.
[smoke detector beeping]
Ah, come on.
-[telephone rings]
-[smoke detector continues beeping]
Yes, I'll be right out.
[muttering] Ah, Jesus.
[whispering] Hey, hey, baby.
-[Jeanie] Hmm.
Was that Maddox?
Yeah. I gotta go soon.
I feel like a piata.
[grunts] How's my baby girl?
Kicking up a storm.
Feels like she got your big feet.
Maybe I'll pick up some Doc Martens
on the way out.
[Jeanie chuckles]
Come on up.
[both grunt]
Had that weird pregnancy dream again.
[Tommy] Oh, no.
We were still on the beach,
but a little different this time.
I couldn't see you,
but I knew you were with me,
like how sometimes you just know
things like that in a dream.
Honey, you seen my other shoe?
Your shoes are under the bed.
Go on, I'm listening.
So we were standing
in the shallow water,
and we were playing that game
like you play as a kid.
When the tide would go back out
you'd twist a little and...
[stammers] and sink lower
into the wet sand.
I just kept sinking down and down,
and no matter how hard I tried,
I couldn't get up.
-[Tommy] What?
You make the worst pancakes.
I've gotta go, okay?
I love you, Tommy Lockhart.
I love you more.
But these graveyard shifts are the worst.
I'm tired of having breakfast for dinner.
And they're almost over, okay?
-Detective's around the corner.
-[Jeanie] Mm-hmm.
But I'll bring you something back
to make up for it.
Oh, promises promises.
[Tommy chuckles]
So, I pinky swear.
-I look forward to being proven wrong.
[sportscaster] With the shot clock winding
down, Barkley coming up short once again.
Another good night of rebounding
for Charles, but not enough buckets.
Come on, Barkley.
[radio continues indistinctly]
[Tommy grunts] Shit.
About time.
-Now the Sixers playoff--
-[turns off radio]
-Hey, come on, I wanna see how it ends.
Huh, Winston Maddox, you got some amount
of money riding on this tonight?
-[Tommy] Yeah?
-Don't do it.
[turns on radio]
And that's all she wrote, folks.
Philadelphia loses a heartbreaker
to Atlanta, 103 to 101.
Well, there you go.
Thanks for that.
How much?
[thunder sounds]
[Maddox] Thought most folks think about
moving out of white trash neighborhoods.
Yeah, yeah. Trust me, I'm working on it.
You know, the first perp that ever took
a swing at me was two blocks that way.
Oh, yeah. You never mentioned it.
Yeah, you're all jokes now, but you've got
a pregnant wife back there, pal.
Trust me, I know.
Back pain,
feet the size of a kitchen sink.
She's cranky, she's hungry...
Yeah, I remember those days.
But hey, maybe you can find the guy
that knocked her up
-and make him deal with it.
-[laughing] Fuck you.
[Maddox laughs]
All right, what do we got?
We've got a big pile-up downtown.
The city bus?
That's bridge traffic.
That's gonna be, I don't know, 30 minutes?
Ten spot says I'll get us there in 20.
I'll take that.
[turns on siren]
[siren continues wailing]
[suspenseful music plays]
[horn honks]
[horn continues honking]
[helicopter whirs]
[indistinct police radio chatter]
Oh, 22 minutes. You owe me ten.
I want a recount.
[Tommy] Oh, fuck. Holt's here.
You know, when he, uh,
dry cleans his ties, it's full starch.
What a dick.
-Hey, that's my wife's brother.
-Tell me he's not a dick.
-Maintain a safe distance at all times.
-Keep it clear over there!
This whole thing is nuts.
You should've seen the bus driver.
-You would have loved it.
-Yeah? Why?
Oh, trust me, she's a doozy.
No, man, don't do it.
-Don't do it. You know how Holt gets.
-I'll just take a peek.
[siren wails in the distance]
Is a normal, boring shift too much to ask?
[camera shutter clicking]
[Tommy whistles]
[Tommy] Blood's not from her injury.
-[camera shutter clicks]
-You got some gloves?
You got a detective badge?
I'll bum you a smoke.
[siren wails in the distance]
Oh, God, do you smell that?
Severe hemorrhage...
then hit hard on the steering wheel.
Yeah, but why the hemorrhage?
-[hollow sound]
-What the fuck?
[Maddox] Whoa, don't touch that.
Pieces of brain.
[scoffs] Goddamn.
Who invited you two to the party?
Officers, I'm gonna need you to dust
all this broken glass for fingerprints.
I'm just fucking with you.
[Tommy scoffs] Yeah.
So how's my sis? She about to explode?
Yeah, any day. Uh, you know, these are--
[Holt] Chunks of brain.
Yep, we solved that one, Crockett.
[music intensifies]
Yeah? What about that?
Uh, birthmark.
Maybe a rash.
Looks like a puncture wound.
Sure, sharp glass.
Boys across town
just caught two more bodies.
Bled out: ears, nose, mouth.
They said both had some kind of mark
on their neck.
A whole lot of birthmarks.
Pump your brakes, all right?
You've had your five minutes.
Come on.
[siren wails in the distance]
[Maddox] Nah.
We're not gonna go.
We're gonna stay here. We'll relax.
Find our center.
Practice our breathing.
Plenty of people can stand behind tape,
yell at reporters. Come on.
I'll drive!
Come on.
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
[Holt] You guys going on tour?
Hey, just trying to learn
from the best, Detective.
-Go ahead.
-Well, there was just blood everywhere.
[camera shutter clicking]
[Tommy coughs]
[Tommy exhales]
[camera shutter clicking]
But no brains on this one.
[camera shutter clicks]
[Maddox exhales]
Oh! There we go.
Ah, Jesus!
No kind of hemorrhage I know of
includes brain disintegration.
It could be a drug thing,
you know, puncture wounds.
-What we need to do is run toxicology.
-What do you mean, "we"?
Look, you were right
about the bus driver, good call,
but I'm running point on this.
You do your job, I'll do mine.
-Come on, give me a bone here.
-[man] Detective! Detective Holt!
Look, look, look,
I respect the hustle, I do,
Look, even though nobody said the word
"serial killer" out loud yet,
that time's coming, and when it does...
this is my first big one, okay.
This could make me.
I need to be able
to wrap my head around it on my own.
Just give me a little breathing room,
all right?
-All right.
Detective, what can you tell us
about the other two victims?
[Holt] Sorry, everybody,
no official statement yet.
You know the drill,
we're still collecting evidence.
[man] Is there a connection
to the other deaths?
-What'd I tell you? He's a dick.
-I can't answer that question,
and even if I could,
I wouldn't do it right here, okay?
[reporters clamoring]
[suspenseful music plays]
Eh, you're just making
more work for yourself,
and more importantly, more work for me.
You don't want to see
where this goes? Huh?
[elevator dings]
Shit. I wanna go kick bums
out of the park like we're supposed to.
Yeah, well, bums will still be there
when we're done, bud.
Hey, you Dr. Hanson?
Yeah, three bodies came in tonight,
all of them had brain hemorrhaging,
marks in the back of their neck.
And who are you?
Oh, I'm, uh, Officer Lockhart.
This is Officer Maddox.
Okay. Well, there's been a hold
placed on that report
by detective Brian Holt.
-Yeah, he's family, sir. I'm sure--
-I said a hold, Officer.
Can't break protocol every time
some idiot's stuck with a needle.
So it was a puncture wound.
Injection sites.
And deep enough to impact the vertebrate.
So, some kind of poison,
like blowfish toxin?
No. An unstable isotope.
Some shit.
Lab techs all have hard-ons for it.
Because we have no idea what it is.
No one's ever seen it before.
Now, if you'll excuse me...
I've got other dead people waitin'.
[buzzer sounds]
[snaps fingers]
All right, we need to think.
Last night.
-Too greasy.
Oriental it is.
You know, I think
you're supposed to say "Asian" now.
Whatever, as long as they keep
that sweet and sour pork coming,
I'll call 'em whatever they want. Shit.
Listen, all I'm saying is
we got people getting injected
with a fucking isotope of all things,
and nobody can tell us shit.
And the times of death are minutes apart,
the bodies are miles apart...
How does that work?
I'll take "crazy shit happens"
for 200, Alex.
We had three random victims
with the brains melted out of their faces.
That means nothing to you?
I'll admit, it's weird, but... shit.
Remember them two yuppies washed up
on the shore of the lake couple years ago?
Buck naked, bruised up.
Everybody thought it was a mob hit.
Turns out it was just two gays,
liked it rough,
having a bit too much to drink
before they went skinny dipping.
But you heard
what the coroner said, right?
Man, your energy's
all over the place, man.
Let the game come to you.
Says the grand master.
Everything else aside,
I say this from experience,
once that kiddo arrives...
that'll be the whole boat.
You won't have time
to think about shit this much. It'll be...
-Yeah. Uh-huh.
-...background noise.
-I hope.
-Give me that ten bucks.
-Say what now?
-[Tommy chuckles]
It's not my fault you've got
a gambling problem. Give me the money.
Thank you. Hold that.
Hey, I'll strike you a deal here.
Uh, give me that... that for ten?
Thank you.
Gonna make a girl happy.
Appreciate it.
[siren wails in the distance]
[Tommy grunts] Oh.
Oh, come on, I was gonna eat that.
You're kidding me.
Put it on my tab.
What tab?
[police radio] Units be advised 314
at Hydra on 22nd and Armory,
female, late teens, assaulted,
blunt force to the neck.
Uh, dispatch, this is car 39.
Could you get the officer at Hydra
and get me on the radio?
-[Palmer] Go for it, Officer Palmer.
-Evening. Officer Lockhart here.
You mind looking at the back
of your victim's neck?
[Palmer] All right.
See anything?
[Palmer] Yeah, three bumps.
Little circles.
What about the blood?
Anything weird?
[Palmer] What blood? She's still alive.
-All right, we're on our way.
-[engine turns over]
[siren wailing]
[tires squeal]
[rock music plays]
Girl says she was stabbed
with some kind of metal tool or some shit.
Metal tool?
Last week we had a guy come in
from this place,
egg beater stuck up his ass,
I shit you not.
I was too impressed to be disgusted.
All right, let's see it.
All right, tell me what happened.
She had on a blue hoodie.
Honey, you sure she's a "she"?
Yes, yeah.
-What'd she look like?
Like she was in the wrong neighborhood.
[clicks pen]
All right, anything else?
Yeah, um...
Her hand was all messed up.
It was covered in dried blood.
Okay, which hand?
Okay, it's okay. Which hand? Right here.
-Her left. Left.
-Left hand.
-Okay, you're doing great.
Tom, I just got off with the coroner.
What the hell?
Yeah, I was just about to get you
on the radio.
Just please step outside.
Listen, she's got that shit
in her bloodstream. We need to--
Step aside.
What do you mean, "shit"?
Don't even listen to him. It's fine.
From the top. What happened?
Come on, I just told him everything.
He's a little deaf. I want you to tell me.
I was just dancing, okay,
and out of nowhere,
this crazy chick tackles me to the ground.
She was real strong, too.
These guys, they...
they pulled her off me, but...
she... she poked my neck with something.
Jesus. Hey, hey, hey!
I need some help here!
Whoa, whoa!
I need an EMT!
We need an EMT now! Hey! Now, now, now!
Get a medic up here! Get a medic up here!
Hey, hey, hey!
[officer on radio]
Stand by for a single live BOLO.
Suspect is a black female,
last seen at Hydra on Arch Street.
Five foot six, twenties,
dried blood on her left hand,
wearing a blue-hooded sweatshirt.
-[tires squeal]
-[sirens wail]
[camera shutter clicking]
[rock music plays]
[siren wails]
[officer] Freeze!
Put your hands on your head!
[dog barking in the distance]
All units be advised:
suspect last seen on foot
at Chestnut and University.
[over radio]
Repeat, Chestnut and University.
[police radio chatter
continues indistinctly]
-[siren wailing]
-[helicopter whirring]
This is our chance at detective.
Don't tell me
you're not thinking about it.
I'm thinking I got
the wrong skin tone for that.
But you got that sparkling personality.
[Tommy chuckles]
[whistles] Hey, move it!
Get out of the way.
[Tommy] Move along, people.
[siren wails]
-[Maddox] Mm-mm-mm.
-Hey. Right there.
-Right there.
-[Maddox] Whoa, look, man.
[Maddox chuckles, snorts]
You about to draw down on Old Saint Nick.
You almost killed Christmas.
-[tires squeal]
-[Tommy] Whoa!
-Holy shit.
-What are you doing, man?
-[tires squeal]
Come on!
[siren wails]
Come on.
Ah! [grunts]
Suspect heading west across Liberty!
I repeat, suspect heading west
across Liberty!
If you've got a badge on your chest
and a gun on your hip,
I want you at that position now.
[siren wailing]
-[tires squeal]
-[horn honks]
-Whoa, whoa!
-[Maddox] Goddamn!
-[Tommy] No, no, no!
-[horn honks]
Goddamn! Goddamn!
-[horn honks]
[Tommy] Whoa!
I got kids, man.
Truck! Truck!
[Tommy] Whoa!
Go around! Go around!
Police! Move! Go! Get out of the way!
Out of the way! Go! Move!
[woman exclaims]
[Tommy grunts]
-[Maddox] Lock, she went this way!
-[man] Hey!
-[dog barks]
I got this! I got this!
Go around! Go around!
-[dog barks]
-[siren wails in the distance]
[Tommy panting]
I gotta cut back to a pack a day.
What do you got?
I got eyes on her!
[gate creaks open]
All right.
Meet me at Girard subway station.
Block all the exits.
[Maddox] What the fuck
are you talking about?
I'm flushing her out.
[sirens wail]
[tires squeal]
[tires squeal]
You two, on the door!
No one in and no one out!
You two, come with me.
Out of the way!
Philly PD, get the fuck out of here!
-[Tommy grunts]
-[object clatters]
[Tommy, quietly] What the hell?
[radio feedback]
[quietly] Come on.
[man over radio] Officer Lockhart,
I've got Rosewood General on the line.
Your wife's going into labor.
She's being taken there now.
Officer Lockhart, please respond.
You two, stay on this level.
[subway train screeches in the distance]
[newspapers rustling]
[Maddox panting]
I got her.
[cocks gun]
I'm a police officer.
We've got the exits sealed.
Why don't you come on out?
Put your hands up.
[both grunting]
[both continue grunting]
[Maddox] Lock!
[Tommy] Hey! Hey!
[horn honks]
[Tommy] Maddox!
Maddox! Maddox!
Hey, what happened?
Got the wind knocked out of me.
Go. Go!
Fuck! I think she broke my leg.
Officer down. Officer down.
I need an ambulance
at the Girard Street subway.
Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
Stay right there.
Stay right fucking there!
Put your hands up.
Put your hands up.
Get on the ground.
Get on the ground. Hey, hey!
You fucking deaf?
I said get on the ground.
Hello, Thomas.
This is where it happens.
What'd you say?
Congratulations on your daughter.
Shut the fuck up.
I said get on the ground!
I want you to know...
I'm sorry about your partner.
I never meant to--
Fuckin' stop talking.
[both grunting]
[both continue grunting]
[Tommy grunting]
I'll see you soon.
-No! No!
-[train horn honks]
[tires squeal]
[indistinct police chatter]
[camera shutter clicking]
[officer] Step back, guys.
[siren wails in the distance]
[officer] Whoa, pal!
Hey, what are you still doing here?
Did nobody tell you?
[siren wails]
Excuse me.
Officer Lockhart?
Yes, sir. Uh, where's the maternity ward?
Uh, next building, down the hallway,
elevator to the third floor.
I know it's not the best time,
but I need to check a few boxes
while it's still fresh.
Lockhart. Lockhart!
Okay, so far, she's a nobody,
no ID, no fingerprint matches, nothing.
All she had on her were these keys.
We have no idea what they go to.
We're drawing a blank.
Mean anything to you?
-I'll need to see your revolver.
-Your revolver!
Jeanette Lockhart?
-Lockhart. Just give me one moment.
-You didn't fire your weapon at all?
-Well, somebody did.
They pulled a bullet
from our girl's wrist...
and it matches a service revolver.
-What are you talking about?
-No one else reported a shot fired.
We can't make heads or tails.
what happened down there, son,
in the subway station?
Are you Jeanette's husband?
Yes, yes. Hi, I'm... I'm Tom...
Tom Lockhart.
There's been a complication.
Placental abruption.
She's hemorrhaging.
[faintly] But so far,
the baby appears to be safe.
[Jeanie screaming]
-[Jeanie screaming]
[doctor] Keep going! Keep going!
[nurse] Come on, Jeanie!
Hey, I'm right here.
I'm right here. I'm right here, baby.
You're doing great.
It's okay. Yeah.
-It's okay. Look, I got you something.
-[groaning and panting]
I got you something good.
Yeah, I got you a bracelet.
We're gonna push right through this.
We're gonna push right through this.
[Jeanie exhales]
-Okay. Come on, Jeanie, one more push.
-You're almost there, Mrs. Lockhart.
[Tommy] Come on.
The next one, big push, okay, Jeanie?
-Honey, come on.
-What are her vitals?
-Baby? Honey?!
-[all yell]
-[heart monitor beeping]
-[nurse] Get out of the room!
-Honey, honey!
I got CPR!
[instrumental music plays]
[Tommy] It's okay.
It's okay. Everything's gonna be okay.
[TV news theme song plays]
I'm here on location in Center City
on the nine-year anniversary
of the Market Street murders.
As you can see,
protesters have gathered here once again.
They're calling for a new investigation
into the death of a still unidentified
African-American suspect.
Those gathered here believe
the Philadelphia police are to blame.
Black so-called perpetrator.
We got a white cop,
and based on his own admission,
the woman was unarmed.
Yet, he could not bring her in
without throwing her in front of a train?
They never identified the woman's body,
and they never released a motive
for the homicide.
And the icing on the cake
is the man got a promotion.
A promotion?
But Mayor Ed Rendell disagrees.
[Rendell] Whereas there's an unfortunate
divide in our community today,
we also have to remember the victims
and their families.
Because there are no easy answers here,
just as there weren't
on that night nine years ago.
-[reporter] In terms of the traffic...
[Tommy] Yeah?
What's that, baby?
Your breakfast is melting.
I thought we agreed
on no more ice cream for breakfast.
Even on birthdays?
You got me, honey. Why don't you put mine
in the fridge? Uh...
I'm gonna be right out.
Happy birthday, kiddo.
Which hand?
-That one!
-I don't know. Are you sure?
Put it on.
Wow, we got so many places here.
We've got this one, we've got that one.
There we go.
-Well, what do you think?
-it's not as good as last year's.
I'll take it.
[Tommy chuckles]
[Tommy chuckles]
Happy birthday, honey.
How's Maddox?
and hungry.
Bears love bunnies.
Dad, we need to hurry up.
I wanna get there right when it opens.
Honey, the bears
are gonna be there all day.
Yeah, but brown bears are diurnal.
So we have a better chance
of seeing them in the morning.
Well, you know we gotta
do something first though, right?
That's right, Mommy.
Eat up.
[protesters shouting]
[Amy] And these.
And some of these.
[Tommy] These are good.
[Amy] And...
Whatever one you want.
Or do you want pink?
[Amy] Maybe, yeah.
[protesters continue shouting]
[Amy] Why are they so angry?
Don't worry about them.
They're just celebrating your birthday.
But they sound mad.
Well, you know, some people
aren't happy unless they're mad.
You'll see what I mean when you get older.
Daddy, what's wrong?
Nothing's wrong.
[siren wails in the distance]
[cell phone ringing]
[horn honks]
Megan's dad makes his own schedule.
Megan's dad ain't a detective.
He's a doctor.
-So, we both save lives.
-[cell phone continues ringing]
It's true. Hey.
Detective Lockhart, yes, hello.
Slow down. Slow...
What do you mean it's happening again?
Yeah, I'll be right there.
[dramatic music plays]
[protesters shouting]
[tires squeal]
[Tommy] Sit right here.
See the body yet? Back of the neck?
Good morning to you, too.
Somebody get a badge for their birthday?
I got the call just now.
-She's eight.
All right. Happy birthday, kiddo.
Thank you, Maddox.
It's fine. Don't worry, okay?
I'm gonna be right back, okay?
No frowning.
We're still going to the zoo, baby.
Give me a pinky swear.
I don't do pinky swears.
[Tommy sighs]
Do me a solid.
Look after Amy for a second.
-[Yates] Uh...
-I appreciate it. Go.
Hey, stay with her.
-Have they been here all day?
-[Maddox] All day.
[Maddox sighs]
[Maddox exhales]
I don't think it's a good habit
to start bringing her to work every day.
It's one time.
It's a crime scene.
Yeah, calm down. She's in the car.
I won't have her inspecting the corpse.
You didn't, uh,
put flowers on her grave, did you?
Say what now?
Jeanie. There were fresh flowers
on the grave this morning.
No card, no note.
All right.
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
Nine years, huh?
[camera shutter clicks]
Political copycats?
Where would they get the poison?
Labbies could never reverse-engineer this.
[Tommy exhales]
Well, well well, now it's a party.
[Tommy] Nice to see you, Lieutenant.
[exhales] How's the birthday girl?
Ooh, she's a whole year older.
Hey, uh...
You didn't go by Jeanie's grave, did you?
Uh... not yet. Why?
[Maddox] Josiah Warren.
-Who's that?
-[Tommy] Rings a bell. Uh...
It's an anarchist.
One of those Ruby Ridge types.
Look at us, right back in it, all this
Market Street shit all over again.
[officer] Lieutenant Holt?
You guys gotta see this.
-Hey, man, I'll take it from here.
-All right, let's see it. What do you got?
[keyboard keys clacking]
[dramatic music plays]
[Maddox] Shit.
Damn good copycat.
We let these insane protesters
take it up a notch every year.
-This is what we get.
-[Maddox] Well, up a notch to murder.
[Holy] It only takes one deranged enough
to dress like her and kill like her.
-If it's not one of them, who is it?
I mean, come on,
you're the brilliant detectives.
You got any ideas?
[keyboard key clacking]
-[Maddox] None of it makes any sense.
-[Tommy] Has anybody else seen this?
-[officer] Not so far in security.
-Good, let's keep it that way.
No news, no talking to reporters.
Protesters are just looking
for a reason to riot.
That's not your call, Detective.
[phone ringing in the background]
[Maddox] Lock?
You good, man?
Nine years, huh?
You know, there was something
I never told you about that night,
down in the subway.
She told me things.
She knew about Amy.
Things she shouldn't
have been able to know.
What are you talking about?
She said we'd see each other again.
After she died, there were no more bodies.
We stopped looking.
We never put together
any of the pieces because, hey,
case closed, right?
Well, yeah. I mean, shit.
I think it's time we put together
some of the pieces.
Hey, hey, find out anything you can
about these keys.
-[Tommy] Yeah.
You got it.
-Your dad putting you to work, Amy?
-She's got a point.
[reporter] Breaking news.
We are going to go live with a briefing
about the Market Street murders.
Uncle Brian!
We have reason to believe
she's still currently in the city.
No, don't show her.
-Our suspect is wanted in connection...
-Don't... don't show her.
with the Market Street murders of 1988.
Damn it! Motherfucker!
-Yeah, he's your uncle. Great job.
-It is believed she may be connected to...
at least two homicides
in the last 24 hours.
She is priority number one
for all law enforcement agencies
in Philadelphia.
-[officer] Get me, uh...
-Philly PD tip line....
[Holt] At the present moment,
she is considered to be armed
and extremely dangerous.
[Yates] Yes, we are aware
the killer is a woman.
[Holt] Now to the good people
of Philadelphia, let me assure you...
that apprehending this woman...
[glass breaks]
[Holt] our department's
primary objective.
But we need your help.
[siren wails]
If you or anyone you know
has any information on his woman...
or if you've seen anyone
who matches her description...
do not engage,
but call our tip line.
Officers are standing by to hear you.
Working together,
we can apprehend a vicious criminal.
Thank you.
And stay safe, Philadelphia.
-[man] Lieutenant Holt...
We couldn't find anything these fuckers
had in common when there was four of 'em.
Adding folks doesn't make it any easier.
These two were both left-handed.
These two both voted for Perot.
These two have nothing in common,
except for the fact
that both their blood is red.
No. It's her hand.
It's her hand.
What about it?
We never told anybody
about her hand injury.
We didn't release that to the press.
How in the hell a copycat
gonna know that detail?
It's nine years ago, brother.
Shit gets leaked.
What, you think she didn't actually die?
Is that what you're saying?
Please tell me
that's not what you're saying.
Key is to a Falcon 160.
Fairly common on small airfields.
Unfortunately, there's no way
to match up the key
to a specific plane.
Now, hold on now.
It says that this plane
was manufactured in 1996.
Yeah, the model came out last year.
Last year?
How in the hell
did she have these keys in '88?
Eight years before?
I made some calls. A hundred-mile radius,
there's only one airfield with this model.
Yo, man.
Uh, hey, why don't you do me a favor
and look after her until I'm back, okay?
Hey, hey, hey.
How you doing?
I've gotta work
a little bit longer, all right?
But Miss Tabitha right there, she's gonna
look after you till I get back.
It's dark.
The zoo's closed.
Baby, I know.
I'm gonna make it up to you tomorrow
when we go in the morning,
'cause that's when
they're gonna be out, right?
They're diurnal, remember?
[Amy] Mmm.
I'll see you later.
Let's go.
I almost forgot. A Dr. Naveen Rao called
for you three times on the tip line.
They wanna talk to me, they gotta come in.
Yeah, that's what I told him.
Detective Lockhart, excuse me.
Detective Lockhart,
I've been waiting for over an hour.
Hi, my name is Naveen Rao.
I'm a senior physicist at--
-You have from here to the door.
-I know you've got a lot on your plate.
I know what I'm going to say
will sound more like fiction than fact.
The door is pretty close, by the way.
I believe your case intersects
with my work in a significant way.
Both appearances of the murderer have
happened during a specific lunar perigee.
In this case, nine years apart.
What you may know
simply as a super moon or a blood moon
are actually events
of great scientific significance.
When the lunar cycle
reaches exactly the right point,
its gravitational forces react
with electromagnetic pockets and...
Hey, whoa!
...theoretically creates a kind of bridge.
Yeah, bridge to where?
Another place entirely.
My advice:
take it to Channel Five.
They'll eat this shit up.
[dark music plays]
[dramatic music plays]
Well, it's locked.
Time to call it a night. Let's go home.
[object clattering]
Oh, you see that? Someone's here.
We gotta go in.
Don't do this, man, not like this.
Hey, you got a better idea, I'm all ears.
You've got that look.
-[Tommy] What's that supposed to mean?
-You know.
No, I don't know.
Don't use this
as some kind of fucked-up way
of dealing with what happened
to Jeanie.
Leave it alone.
Hey, how'd you get in here?
Hey. Detective Lockhart. Uh, Philly PD.
You, uh...
seen this woman?
Can't say that I have.
[sheet of paper rustling]
-Everything all right tonight?
Yeah, everything's fine. Why?
No, just...
you're here kind of late.
Yeah, I had a...
I had a guy call in and cancel.
But, you know,
still gotta do the paperwork, right?
Never enough paperwork.
No. No, there never is.
[dark music plays]
Well, okay.
Well, you know, let me give you my number.
In case anything...
you know, comes to mind.
Thanks. Yeah.
Thanks. Maybe I will.
All right. Oh, uh, you know,
before I forget...
what's the best way to get back
to the turnpike from here?
Could you draw me a map?
It's, uh...
It's that way.
Appreciate that.
[cocks gun]
[gun cocks]
Hey, Tom.
Nice to see you again.
Holy shit, it is you.
Gun on the floor.
[gun thuds]
If you were a better shot, I'd be dead.
Now, sit down.
Tape his wrists.
-Tape his wrists!
-[man] Okay, okay.
-Let's go! Move it!
-[man] Easy.
[cell phone beeping]
Just stay calm. Relax.
-[stammers] I'm trying.
[cell phone ringing]
Hello? Hello?
Get me the key to that plane outside.
I saw you die.
Yeah, you did.
-Here it is.
-Toss me the keys.
Yeah. It's one... it's one lock 206.
Stay down! You too!
All right, all right.
-[sirens wail]
[Tommy exhales]
Now you're coming with me.
-[Tommy] Yeah, yeah.
-Nose on the floor!
Move it!
I'm running out of time!
Freeze, bitch!
-[screams] Maddox?
[Tommy grunts]
[sirens wail]
Hey! Don't shoot!
Don't shoot! Nobody shoot!
Don't risk it!
Somebody give me
some fuckin' bolt cutters!
Fuck me.
[clock ticking]
[wind whistling]
[horn honks]
You have to stop chasing me.
I'm doing all this for a reason.
I'm saving people's lives.
You murdered my partner.
That was never part of the plan.
How the hell are you alive?
Every nine years...
when the moon sets,
I can come back.
But not for long.
The moon?
What do you mean come back? Huh?
The more I tell you,
the more you'll keep coming after me.
And I've seen how that turns out for you.
You can choose to stop.
Go home to your daughter.
Pretend none of this ever happened.
Yeah, can't do that.
-I don't have any more time.
-What are you doing? Whoa!
[Tommy screams]
[thunder sounds]
[dramatic music plays]
[panting and grunting]
What the fuck were you thinking?
There's a dozen different ways
you could have died.
[sighs] Goddammit.
-[man] Hey.
-I'm sorry...
about Maddox.
We'll continue searching the area,
but so far, there's still no sign of her.
Well, keep looking.
You won't find anything.
She's gone, Holt.
Just like the last time.
What's that supposed to mean?
She's gone back.
The future.
She's from the future.
["The End of the World" plays]
[shovel digging]
Why does the sun
Go on shining?
Why does the sea rush to shore?
Don't they know
It's the end of the world?
'Cause you don't love me any more
Why do the birds go on singing?
Oh, man.
Don't they know
It's the end of the world?
[dark music plays]
[panting] Ah.
Hello, Harold.
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
[sportscaster] Philadelphia,
their whole, white uniforms,
Iverson going left to right,
looking to add to the lead.
Oh! A wicked crossover by Allen.
Spins into the paint,
hits it out to Chris Webber.
C. Webb knocks down the J
with a right elbow.
Natural speed now,
smooth and tight in the mid-range.
He and A.I. continue to build
a great chemistry together.
Philadelphia leads by four, 37-33.
Take a break here--
Tomorrow, buddy.
This time we're gonna get her.
[woman] Mr. Lockhart,
in answer to your numerous inquiries,
Dr. Rao has been working
in the private sector for the past decade.
and he has had no recent contact
with this office.
And even if he did, policy prevents me
from giving out information
-of any employee or previous--
-[turn off phone]
[sniffs, clears throat]
[birds chirping]
[dog barking in the distance]
[woman] Hang on.
-Mrs. Nowak?
Thomas Lockhart. I'm...
I'm a private investigator.
Wonder if I could just ask you
a few questions about your husband.
Harold's dead.
[stammering] I'm aware of that. Um...
gathering information
on local drug overdose cases.
Where were you 18 years ago?
May I come in?
[TV plays indistinctly]
Don't let the cat out.
[fly buzzing]
I went away to see my sister
for a week or so.
Came back...
found Harold...
on the floor.
Cracked his head open
on the desk when he fell.
All turned black.
Still got one of them flags in here.
Your husband, he, um... wrote these?
Those and a lot more.
Sent them all over the country
hidden in these books.
Let people have some privacy
about their ideas. [chuckles]
Had quite a following.
The movement was his thing.
Were you into it?
I was young and he a good dope.
But he took it pretty serious.
How serious?
Enough to freak me out.
You don't know, um,
who he mailed all these to, do you?
Give me a minute.
Who's the girl?
Heather Russell, Harold's ex.
You heard of drinking the Kool-Aid?
She fuckin' made the Kool-Aid.
So they were working on this together?
Until they split, crazy bitch.
You know where she's at now?
You keep track of the people
that fucked your wife before you did?
Here you go.
Mailing list.
Seems pretty important to you.
Suppose it is.
[Arleen] Then I'd say...
I've been pretty generous with my time.
Lots of other things
a girl could be doing.
[Tommy] Hmm.
Well, what do you propose, Arleen?
How much you got on you?
[staccato mouth sounds]
Holy shit.
[Holt] You've reached Captain Brian Holt.
-Come on.
-Please leave a message.
-I'll get back to you soon as possible.
Hey, it's me.
We gotta meet tonight.
Think I found something.
Might be a big something.
And if it's, uh, not too big of a...
of an ask,
I need you to run a current address
on a Heather Russell.
Call me.
[sniffs, exhales]
[brakes squeal]
Hey, kiddo!
I'm sorry I'm late.
Got caught up.
That beard's ridiculous.
You look like a homeless person.
And it's good to see you.
Got time for a...
late lunch or dinner?
Can't. Aunt Maggie's taking me
to King of Prussia.
I could've taken you
to King of Prussia, too, you know?
It's a girl's thing we're doing.
Not really your scene.
Oh, okay.
[Tommy clears throat]
[Tommy exhales]
How's school?
Guidance counselor thinks I have
a good shot at the scholarship to Penn.
[both laugh]
Thought you wanted to go out of state.
George is gonna stay around here, so...
-Oh, what, the football guy?
Right, you told me about him before.
You've met him,
like, twice.
Yeah, nice guy.
[Tommy clears throat]
How's staying with Holt working out?
Closer to school, so...
Good, I'm glad.
It's for the best.
I mean, for now, you know, honey.
I mean, it's just temporary.
I'll be back on track soon enough.
Seriously, Dad, still?
Uh, you know, somebody's gotta find him.
Yeah, I gotta work.
I'm close this time, Ames.
Real close.
You'll see.
Ah, bada-bing, bada-boom!
Here we go.
[police radio chatter]
Why do you still have a scanner?
You're not a cop anymore.
Wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey, hey.
Almost forgot the whole thing.
Happy birthday, kiddo.
For your bracelet.
Dad, I haven't worn that thing in years.
Well, I kept the receipt, so...
Thanks for trying.
Look, Ames, I know how things have been.
I get it.
I'm not Mr. Ideal Dad or whatever.
But I'm gonna finish this thing soon.
I promise you,
and then we're gonna get back to normal.
Just me and you, just like old times.
Dad, that's not how things work.
You can't just...
You gotta let it go.
And seriously,
lose the beard.
Uncle Brian home?
Bye, Dad.
You have him call me!
You got that address?
Heather Russell?
Yeah, that's why you're here, right?
Look, for Jane and for Amy's sake,
I've been patient.
Hey, hey, we missed one of our victims.
Harold Nowak.
Just outside our jurisdiction, so...
Local boys wrote it off as a drug overdose
so we never caught it.
How'd you get that?
He was a nut.
Had a fringe militia club.
The Real American Movement.
Wanted to take the country back
for the true patriots.
You know, homemade fertilizer bombs.
You know the type.
And I got his mailing list.
Two of the four victims from '97
were on it.
All of 'em from '88,
that's the connection.
They're all part of this radical movement.
-They were up to something big.
And I'm thinking that isotope
that she injects them with
is some high-tech way
of killing people remotely.
And it's triggered
from the future, maybe. I...
I don't know. I don't...
I don't entirely
have that pinned down yet.
-You remember Naveen Rao
and his theory
about the lunar cycle bridge thing?
Jesus, Tom.
Had to do with the moon.
You need help.
You don't get it.
She gets torn apart by a train
and nine years later she's back,
alive and killing.
We're all going forward.
But her...
She's going backward.
Decade by decade.
So that shit in '97...
she didn't come back to life.
She just wasn't dead yet.
You sound insane.
Okay? You sound like a fuckin'
insane person right now. You need help.
She knew things about me, Holt.
She knew things about Jeanie,
and Amy.
Things that she couldn't know.
And she killed Maddox.
She's coming back again...
and it's today.
Do you...?
Have you completely lost
your fuckin' mind?
You're talking about a case...
that's been cold for a fuckin' decade.
You know how many murders
I've had in the past week?
I'm raising your own daughter,
for Christ sake,
and you're coming to me
with fucking time travel?
Are you even listening to yourself?
You're all I got.
I couldn't stop what happened to Jeanie.
But I can stop her.
This is Harold Nowak's wife.
This is his muse.
All I want is her address.
And I won't ask you for nothing
ever again.
I promise.
You're chasing moonbeams
while your own life got away.
It's just fucking sad to watch.
It's sad that Amy has to watch it.
Is it worth it?
[Holt sighs]
Maybe you're right.
Maybe I...
maybe I need help.
I'm sorry for all the shit, man.
And I'm sorry
for you taking care of Amy and, uh...
Oh, I'm a fucking mess.
-Take it easy.
Please. Come on, it's okay.
-All right?
if you're serious about getting out,
I got your back.
Thank you, brother.
Take care of yourself.
I'm gonna give
the department shrink a call.
See if she can make a recommendation.
Okay. I'll do it.
I'm gonna owe you one.
You're a good man, Holt.
No, I'm a dick and I know it.
But you're family, so...
That's what we do, right?
We take care of each other.
Even the crazy ones.
I'll call you.
Yes, hi, this is, uh, Captain Holt.
I just need a last known address
for a Heather Russell.
Just a second.
Badge number 0304.
Yeah, ready when you are.
[brakes squeal]
[man on TV] Save up to 80 percent
by buying factory direct.
[knocking] Ms. Russell?
...a direct diamond importer
and manufactures factory direct.
The Jewelry Factory has thousands
of diamonds and setting mounds
and guarantees the lowest price.
The Jewelry Factory's one-carat--
Ms. Russell, mind if I come in?
...are 899.
Three-quarter-carat bracelets are 149.
...and one-carat studs are 399.
[TV continues indistinctly]
[vacuum cleaner running]
[vacuum cleaner turns off]
-[footsteps overhead]
-[floorboards creak]
[footsteps increase in pace]
-[glass shatters]
[woman grunts]
[Tommy panting]
[tires skid]
Hey! Stop, stop, stop, stop!
Get out of the car. Get out.
Get out!
[dramatic music plays]
[tires squeal]
-[horn honks]
-[horn honks]
[tires squeal]
[tires squeal]
[motorcycle tires squeal]
[motorcycle revving, tires squealing]
[motorcycle continues revving]
[turns off truck engine]
[motorcycle revving]
[motorcycle engine turns off]
[tires squeal, motorcycle revs]
[Tommy] Damn it.
[panting, grunts]
[seagulls squawking]
I'll see you soon.
[shaky breathing]
[Tommy] Holt! Holt!
I shot her in the hand!
This is when she gets shot.
I'm the one who did it.
It already happened!
But we've gotta wait
nine more years, Holt.
We've gotta wait!
But listen, if we kill her,
we can stop it all from happening.
I could be there for Jeanie, Holt.
We can stop it all from happening, Holt!
Listen to me!
Hey, listen to me!
[keys jangling]
[pigs snorting]
Timestream location and determination.
Trial number 32.
[pig snorts]
Injecting marks one through three.
[pig groans]
[pig snorts]
[pig snorting]
attempting termination
of marks one through three.
[pig squeals]
[pig squeals]
[pig squeals]
I have brain dissolution on mark one.
And on marks two and three.
I think we may have a winner.
With the pairing of the coronal isotopes,
we could eventually be triggering
this solution from a future point in time.
[man clears throat] Dr. Rao?
Damn it.
[cell phone ringing]
[line beeps]
[Amy] Hey, Daddy. It's me.
It's, um...
been a while, so...
I'm calling because...
The baby's due soon.
Really soon, and, um...
George and I
have been talking it over and...
I'd like you to be here for it.
I think it's what Mom
would have wanted, and...
I think it's what I want too, so...
I know...
I know it's that time of year again,
and I know things between us have been...
But I'd still love it
if you could make it.
Either way, please...
call me back.
[Amy] Daddy, what's wrong?
[Naveen] I knew you'd be back,
Mr. Lockhart.
I really am sorry about all this.
You're a hard man to find, Rao.
You disappeared on me.
Of all people, you should understand
an obsession with work.
Yeah, speaking of work,
you can just let me out right here.
I'm afraid I cannot do that.
If you don't, she keeps killing.
That is the plan.
Changing the world
is a bloody business, Thomas.
Fucking crazy.
I think we're both a little
beyond the pale, really.
I'll be keeping you in a safe place
for the next few days.
Then you'll be let go.
But truthfully...
I have to thank you.
It was your investigation that made me
realize she wasn't a murderer at all...
but a savior,
and a culmination of my own research.
I'm developing the technology
she'll use one day.
is using now, really.
Time travel is complicated.
Hard for even me to wrap my head around.
She's killing innocent people!
To stop something much, much worse.
Imagine you could erase
the American Civil War.
How would you do it?
Would you kill Jefferson Davis?
Robert E. Lee? Lincoln?
All the Confederate and Union leaders?
But that might not be enough
to erase an idea.
Maybe we have to kill the people
who made them who they are,
who gave them their moral
and political beliefs.
Friends, fathers, mothers, grandparents.
How far back would you have to go
to snuff out the spark that lit the fuse?
But if you eliminated
the right combination of people,
one by one,
until you got to the exact start of it,
until you got to the one
that undoes it all...
you could reshape the future.
And that's what she's doing.
And I won't let you stop her.
It's beautiful, isn't it?
We can't feel it's pull,
but we know it's always there.
Nothing escapes it.
You know, the moon is responsible
for conditions that allow life on Earth.
Well, now, it's responsible
for us being able to save ourselves
from ourselves.
-It's... amazing.
[both grunting]
-[tires squeal]
[both grunt]
["Wie ein schner Frhlingsmorgen"
from Der Vampyr plays]
[glass shattering]
[device beeping]
[beeping continues]
[Naveen] Stop!
-[Tommy grunting]
[Naveen] Don't do this!
You have to let her finish!
[groans in pain]
[continues panting]
You know, when I kill you...
you'll never be able to kill anybody.
Some version of me
won't have to chase you.
If you kill me now...
the world as you know it will end
in a very short time.
And you have no idea...
what's coming.
You're not the only one
trying to change the past.
I'll be a regular guy.
Regular family.
[dramatic music plays]
You don't kill me.
'Cause I know you.
I've known you my entire life.
You're the one
who told me to take this job.
[cocks gun]
And you taught me how to ride a bicycle.
You made me my first ice cream pancakes.
And you held me on the day I was born.
This was my mother's.
You're my granddaughter.
Believe it or not,
you actually come around
to what I'm doing.
It's okay.
It's over.
No, no.
But I do kill you.
Twenty-seven years ago.
I watched you die.
You have to go back.
You have to go back
and you have to stop me.
Then it already happened.
Time travel is a one-way trip.
I can't go back
until my mission's complete.
If it begins with you warning me
here in this beach...
then it always ends with me dying.
[softly] No.
[shaky inhale]
Go home.
Take care of mom.
Take care of me.
I'm sorry.
I'll see you soon.
-I'm sorry.
-I have to go.
-I'm sorry.
-I have to go.
[female automated voice]
Welcome to Rao Technology.
Tide pull ready.
Bridge pending.
[woman] When I was nine...
an ordinary man parked an ordinary truck
full of homemade explosives downtown
and watched it explode.
-[voice 1] Electromagnetic levels primed.
-[voice 2] Seven, six...
-[voice 1] Programming destination. 2015.
-[voice 2] Five, four...
[woman] His attack was just the first.
[voice 2] ...two...
[woman] Eleven thousand people died
the first morning.
Millions more in the Civil War
that followed.
It fed on anger.
It spread through fear.
[voice 1] Initializing.
[woman] It made monsters out of men.
Until even the ordinary
were broken...
by one.
The voice that gave birth to a movement...
[typewriter keys clacking]
...turned a small crack
into a great divide.
It drowned out the best of us.
And it amplified the worst.
So we found a way to silence it.
We found a way to undo the damage.
[voice] Coronal fluid active.
Timestream online.
[woman] To disconnect the dots.
[voice] Subject four terminated.
Subject three terminated.
Subject two...
[woman] I volunteered to untell the story.
[voice] Subject one...
[woman] I came back to erase an idea.
Because some thoughts
are meant to be buried.
Some before they even begin.
When the war between us all disappears...
it won't make a sound.
It won't leave a scar.
There will be no great tale in your time.
Just an echo of what might have been.
But this...
this is your story.
And it doesn't end here.
It's written in sacrifice.
It's written in forgiveness.
And it's time to start your next chapter.
[dramatic instrumental music plays]
You will love.
And you will heal.
[wind howling]
You will teach me how to live.
And you will make me who I am.
A fighter.
Just like you.
Because right now...
both of our lives
are about to begin.
[baby fussing]
It's okay.
It's okay.
Everything's going to be okay.
["Everyone's Gone To The Moon" plays]
Streets full of people
All alone
Roads full of houses
Never home
A church full of singing
Out of tune
Everyone's gone
To the moon
A long time ago
Life had begun
Everyone went
To the sun
Parks full of motors
Painted green
Mouths full of chocolate...
...covered cream
Arms that can only
Lift a spoon
Everyone's gone
To the moon
Everyone's gone
To the moon
Everyone's gone
To the moon
[dramatic instrumental music plays]