In The Shadows (2023) Movie Script

Choking sound
Grasping for air
Hey, hey, hey.
Get back in here now!
What the hell
do you think you're doing, boy?
Nothing, mama
That's what you always say, Harlan.
Nothing, Mama.
Make me sick, you little fucker.
How many times do I have to tell you?
Not to slam the door
and run in the house?
I don't know, Mama. A lot.
You listen to me, you little fucker.
I will beat the living shit
out of you if you don't start minding
Get the fuck up to your room.
Get the fuck out of here,
you little bastard.
Now, fucker.
Where the hell have you been?
Wheres Harlan? I sent the little fuc
up to his room.
Now answer my fucking question.
You've been out
with that whore again, havent you
No! What's wrong with you?
Don't give me that shit.
What are you, crazy?
Crazy? Ooh!
Are you crazy?
Uhhh, Harlan.
Why? Why?
All rise.
Thank you.
Please be seated
Court will be in session.
We're here today in State versus.
Harlan Hatcher.
It's a juvenile case.
21 JV zero 182.
We're here
for purposes of sentencing,
and I've read arguments from
the attorneys, and I understand
Mr. Hatcher is here.
Dad, come forward.
I understand you have something to
say, and I have a question for you.
I read the victim impact statement.
And you understand
you want me to place your son
in a mental hospital
for the rest of his life?
Is that correct, sir?
Yes, Your Honor.
From what the psychiatrist says, he's
a very disturbed child
and could possibly do it again.
I think
it's in the best interest for him
and the community that he goes
there and stays in there.
I appreciate your comments, Mr.
I know it's a difficult time.
I understand your concerns.
But boy, is young and I can't do that
at this particular moment in time.
What I am going to do is sentence
as follows.
Harlan Hatcher,
would you please stand up?
You will be held from this point
forward at the juvenile detention
Center for Mentally Impaired
until your 18th birthday.
Until that time you are off.
At that time, you'll be transferred
to a maximum adult mental facility
until they deem
you ready for society.
That concludes
the sentencing in the case.
That's all we have for today,
ladies and gentlemen.
So the court will be adjourned.
I'm going to get you for this?
Looks like you didnt eat any of your
food, you dumbass! No need to let it
go to waste.
Damn, This one good burger.
You don't know what you're missing.
Hey bro
George, how did you let this happen?
I told you
how dangerous Harlan Hatcher is.
From what I know, he overpowered
the orderly and took his keys.
This is a maximum security facility,
isn't a George?
Come on, Alan. You know it is.
And how the hell do you let
a murderer walk
right out the front door?
Tell me that
he changed into his clothes,
walked right out the door,
climbed in a car and drove away.
I don't think you understand
what's going to happen here.
God help us all.
Harlan. Harlan,
What are you up to?
Oh, What are you doing here?
What's your deal?
I just saw a man over there
staring at me.
I don't see anybody.
No, he was right.
What are you doing here?
I've been trying to call you
for the past couple of days
to get you to come to this stupid
Halloween dance with me.
You're not returning my calls,
are you serious?
I told you
I want nothing to do with you.
Why don't you go call the girl?
I thought you were the Beths party.
I'm sure she loved to go.
Okay, well, look,
I told you already, Danielle.
I made a mistake, and I'm sorry.
I don't want to hear it.
I have to go get my run in.
Woh, sorry, man.
Nanny, it's Danielle. Hi baby girl.
I see you're out on your daily run,
Gotta get that scholarship. Ahh you w
You just keep putting in all that
hard work. It's going to pay off.
Thanks nanny.
And next year,
you're going to be running for state
I hope so.
Oh, I'll be right back.
Oh. Oh, sorry, Nanny.
What's wrong, Huh?
Nothing, Baby,
you're shaking like a leaf.
Come over here. Sit down.
Tell me what's going on with you.
Now tell me what's going on with you.
I caught Johnny with another girl.
Oh, and he says it's nothing. But
I don't know.
I'm just so confused about everything
right now.
Oh, life can be cruel sometimes.
Yeah, but sometimes
you just got to stand up to it.
Don't let it control you.
What does that mean?
Well, you're
the only one that can control you.
What's somebody else
have to say about it?
Only you can control what's in here.
Now, don't follow your mind.
Tell your heart.
Thank you. I love you.
Now. I jumped up and ran to the
Had to go because I got you a gift. W
I do?
Oh, my goodness.
You like it?
Yeah. This is beautiful.
Oh, look, I have one just like it.
So now I have your heart.
And you have my heart forever.
Thank you.
You better get back to that run.
Now, go get that scholarship.
What's wrong? Uhhh.
While I'm on my way over here?
Before I ran into Johnny,
I saw a man staring at me.
And then I turned back,
talk to Johnny.
And when I looked back, he was gone.
A man. Who was it?
I don't know.
But then I got here
and you left the room,
and I was looking out the window
and he was staring at me
from across the street.
Well, there's nobody there now.
Yeah, no, I know it's
probably nothing, just making
a bigger deal out of it. But
I am housesitting for the Jones this
weekend. So.
I'll be leaving in a couple of hours,
and I'll call you before I leave.
Okay? Are you Mom and Dad
looking forward to that? Cruise?
Yeah, they left yesterday,
but yesterday I had it in my head.
It was next week.
I wonder why your dad didn't tell me.
Who knows?
Thank you.
I love you.
Go get that scholarship.
Hey, Jess.
Hey girl, how's it going?
I just got done with my run and
stopping at my grandmother's house.
Oh, how she doing? Good.
You know, a nonstop motor is always.
I feel like she's always cleaning.
I just hope to have her energy
when I'm her age.
Oh, not me. I hate cleaning.
What are you doing tonight?
Oh, nothing.
But I think Tommy is going
to pick me up tomorrow,
and I guess we'll get into something.
How about you?
my parents went on their cruise,
so I told the Joneses I'd house it
for them while you're housesitting.
Okay. That's so weird.
How have they ever heard
of a security camera?
Okay, well,
I guess they're just old fashioned.
Besides, I am getting
paid for it. Okay. Boring.
Hey, uh,
would it be okay if me and Tommy
hang out at your place tomorrow?
Uh, Jess.
I don't know if that's the best idea.
My parents would flip out
if they knew.
How would they know?
They're literally out
playing with dolphins.
I'm leaving in a couple of hours.
I'll leave the back door unlocked.
Oh, my gosh. You are the best.
But please, just don't break anything
or bring anybody else over here.
No, no, I won't.
I won't. I won't. I promise.
Thank you so, so much.
Bye bye.
She's hilarious.
Oh, no,
I did this happen,
ow, ow, ow!
Why isn't she answering?
it's me.
Why didn't you answer my call?
Where are you?
What's going on?
Nanny. Nanny.
Nanny, wake up.
Oh, Hello.
Yeah, my grandma, she's on the ground
and she has markings.
Ah, a neck.
Oh, I am at 77 Elm Street.
Okay, Please hurry.
Please hurry.
it's okay.
It's okay, Nanny.
Just hold on, okay?
Oh, Nanny. Just stay there.
Oh, please.
Please come home.
Danny, What's going on?
Where's your grandmother?
She's. She.
Mr. Hatcher, I'm Detective Hammond,
the Henderson P.D..
What's going on?
Your wife's been murdered.
How? As far as we can tell,
she was strangled
with a telephone cord.
How is that possible?
I think I can answer that question
for you.
Dr. Lucas, what are you doing here?
Harland has escaped.
I'm confused. When?
he overpowered an orderly.
He took his clothes, his keys, and
he walked right out the front door.
That's over
a hundred miles from here.
How could he get here?
I don't know. He.
He must have taken somebody's car.
You've got to protect us.
He's out to get us.
He said he would get me.
He's right, Detective
Harland is a very dark individual.
I've overseen him
for the last 20 years,
and I've seen the distance
in his eyes.
He wants something.
I think it's revenge is to hurt you.
I'm going to post two uniforms
outside your house until we find him.
Thank you very much.
I hope you understand what you're
dealing with here, Detective,
and take it seriously.
I take every homicide
Serious, Doctor.
You'd better, because Harlan
is a very dangerous individual.
So if you knew how dangerous he was,
why was it so easy for
him to get away?
Here you go.
Thank you.
I was with her just a few hours ago.
I know. Danny.
Now she's gone.
I got to start
getting arrangements together.
You, on the other hand,
you have got to find something
productive to do
to keep your mind off of this.
It's going to be impossible.
Of course it will.
But what would your grandmother
want you to do?
Yeah, you're right.
She's always motivated me
to do something.
There you go.
What are you doing anyway?
I was on my way to the Jones's
to house sit,
and I stopped by grandma's.
You go do that.
And don't
worry about what's going on around
I love you.
Get a hold yourself.
Hi. Yes, Mrs.
I am going to be a few minutes late.
I'm on my way. Yes.
Okay. All right. Bye.
You know the story behind this mess?
No, not really.
I mean, I heard
different stories growing up,
but I don't know much about it.
Well, ten year old Harlan
Hatcher killed his mom
with a butcher knife
right in that house.
My God.
Why do you do it?
Say, his mother was drunk,
came at Tom Hatcher with a knife.
He knocked it out of her hand, and
Harlan picked it up and stabbed her.
It's terrible.
Poor kid.
Poor kid.
You know, that poor kid is 45 now
and wanted for murder again.
Hardly call that a poor kid.
You have anything to worry about?
I've got this bad boy.
I'd be careful
who's out there?
This is the police.
Come out. We can talk about this.
Tim, where are you?
Come out here.
Hey, Grandpa.
How are you doing?
Well, I'm just thinking.
Where are you?
I'm at the Jones's house sitting.
having a hard time
keeping my mind off
everything. I understand.
It's not easy.
Just hang in there.
Are you okay?
Do you want me to come over?
No, I'm okay.
So do you need to go to
Jones's house?
Yeah, I know
what you know about anything
right now.
I miss her.
Your grandmother would want you
to keep doing
exactly what you're doing, okay?
And don't worry about
what's going on around here.
she did
want me to get that scholarship,
so I'm going to do just that.
That's my girl.
You stay strong
and go kick some butt, huh?
Love your grandpa.
I love you, too.
Bye Bye.
What the hell
You guys all right?
Where are you guys?
Who are you?
Is that you, Harlan?
Who is this?
I'm not in the mood for prank calls.
Listen, asshole.
No, not today.
Who is it?
Jessica. Hi.
What are you doing here?
I was bored, so decided to come see
you and hang out.
What's up?
Oh, that's great.
I think what you should have told me.
It scared the crap out of me.
I scared you. Why?
I don't know.
It's just been a hectic day.
I saw this man
staring at me earlier on my run,
and then just a second ago,
before you got here,
I got a bunch of prank
calls from a block number,
and I could hear them breathing.
I don't know.
That is so weird.
Oh, gosh.
how are you doing now?
I'm okay.
Considering all that's happened
Had something else happened to the.
You don't know
My grandmother was murdered today.
Are you serious?
Oh, my God.
They think it was my step uncle,
Harlan Hatcher.
He escaped from a mental hospital
last night.
He's the prime suspect.
It's terrifying, dude.
Oh, my God.
I'm so scared.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Hey, I'm sorry I wasn't here sooner.
Oh, my gosh. You know, it's okay.
That's crazy.
Took it out of. And here I am.
So sorry, Danny.
Oh, my gosh.
I know
you've just been out of it all day,
and everything's working.
I think you're now okay.
Thank you.
Thanks. Jess.
I love you.
Mm mm,
mm mm mm.
Wait, did.
You did you hear something?
No, I think we're good.
We're good.
Calm down. Okay? Yeah.
No, I know.
Sorry. It's just been a
hectic day thats all.
What was that?
Yeah. Okay.
What was that?
I don't know,
but I definitely heard something.
I just think it.
Yeah, we just need to sleep and
start fresh tomorrow.
Im glad youre here.
Me too
get through this.
You mean you can't find them?
Call them on the cell phone and.
Hatcher, this is bullshit.
Are you all right
to ensure our missing?
And so is Tom Hatcher missing?
Yep. Jim And she was taking out
Hatcher's house.
Now, the all gun.
I don't know if it's Harlan,
the father,
or the two of them working together.
It's a bit of a stretch for the
two of them to be working together.
Who knows?
And you've got to find out. Watch it.
Come on, let's go.
thanks again for spending the night.
I appreciate it.
Especially with all those noises
last night.
Of course.
What are best friends for best?
I love you. Text me.
Well, thank you. Bye
What do you got for me, Joe?
Yes, sir. Right over here.
If you look there,
you see a little blood.
You got a body, you know, sir,
Do you take a blood sample?
We didn't get the body yet.
Do you have a sample?
They took it in to get checked out.
Good job.
Come on.
Oh, my God.
Joe, get a search party together
and start.
Combing these woods.
Do it now.
Let's get some guys in here.
Sue, she's 25 years old.
Who would do this?
Somebody sick?
No, it's not sick.
That's evil. It's just plain evil.
No, I know what the Doctor meant.
Hey, we got another one
Look at his neck.
He broke his neck.
Let's keep looking. Joe.
Sam here. The neighbor saw Tom
Hatchers car here last night
around 11 p.m..
Well, I got an APB out on that car.
Now, right now,
we guys want to know
what you want to do with the car.
Leave it here.
You're going to take to the impound
later. Yes sir.
Hey Cynthia. How was everything?
pretty good.
How are the kids? They were good.
I mean, once I got them out
of the oven.
Oh, that's fine.
Well, thank you for coming over this.
This is for you.
I appreciate it.
Thank you
for coming over to watch them. Yeah.
Call me if you need
me again. I'm sure you will.
For sure I will.
What the hell is going on.
I get it.
I'll get a candle.
I lit a candle.
Thank you.
So what do you think happened?
Some drunk probably hit a pole
or something
I'm worried about. Dad,
I know.
He probably just needs some alone
Must be one of the kids
don't go, I'm going to go
check on them.
You stay here.
I'll be right back.
Hey, babe.
Oh, you can't be that tired.
Come on.
Come on,
babe. Oh.
Oh, thank you.
Is that your phone, Sam?
You know, I'm having dinner
with Nancy
tonight, right?
What happened?
Alright, alright.
What was that?
Beth Hatcher just called.
Justin's been
murdered. I got to go. What?
Oh, my gosh.
Do you need me to drop you off?
Please? Okay, I got you.
We'll be there in about 5 minutes.
I'm sorry, Nancy.
Okay? I need you more than I do
to have dinner
another night to celebrate.
you're the greatest.
Thank you, Sam.
What I would do with that?
Oh, wow.
What are you doing? Some for beer.
Get out of there. I told you. No.
We won't get into anything, okay?
Like with your pants? Or.
Oh, my God,
What the hell.
A God damn peeping Tom.
Hey, asshole.
I'm talking to you.
What the fuck are you doing here?
What the fuck are you doing?
Did you hear something?
No, no
Hey. Hey.
How are you doing?
I'm okay.
Oh, good. Yes,
I made it to your house.
I wanted to let you know.
Oh, I completely forgot.
That was tonight. Okay.
You guys have fun?
Yeah. Um,
I can come there instead.
It's not important to be here.
Oh, yeah?
How would Tommy feel about that?
I'm sure he's looking forward
to a crazy night.
Oh, screw him,
my friend, is more important.
Mm. Oh, no,
I couldn't do that to him.
You guys go have fun.
You sure?
Yes. Don't worry about me.
I'm fine. Have fun.
Okay, Well, if you need me, I'm here.
Just. Just a phone call away. Okay.
Hang in there.
Well, thanks.
Okay, bye.
You're right.
Yeah. Sorry. You sure? Yeah. Okay.
I think I hear something
I told you.
Are you sure?
I mean I dont know.
Are you kidding me?
Alright, bag the evidence
and get it in here now.
Yes, I think
Tom Hatcher, was body was found
100 feet up the trail
from where my officers were found
and Justin Hatcher was murdered
last night.
Dear God,
we have to find him, Detective.
And quick.
You think
I'm just worried about who's next?
Gwen, what do you got so far?
Well, Mr. and Mrs.
Hatcher came in for the evening,
the power went off,
so she went upstairs
to check on their children.
When she came down, Justin was dead.
The police officer that arrived at
the scene was able to find out
that the power was turned off
at the power box.
A cunning son of a bitch.
So what do you think caused this?
I don't know.
It's a pretty big hole.
Where's the ambulance?
I don't know,
but they've been called.
Well call them again.
Get them to come over here right now.
poor woman has been through enough
without having to stare
at her dead husband on the couch.
Okay, Im on it right now.
Mrs. Hatcher, I'm Detective Hammond.
I'm real sorry
about what happened here tonight.
Thank you, sir.
Uh, I've been hearing that
maybe Justin stepbrother did this.
baby, he's done all of this.
He's a prime suspect. maam,
Mr. Hatcher,
I'd like to post a police officer
inside your house tonight,
if that's all right with you.
Yes, that would be nice.
Thank you.
Hey, Detective.
Yes? Do me a favor.
Of course. Get the son of a bitch!
Yes, ma'am.
What are you doing?
I thought I heard something,
I don't hear anything.
Did you get a hold of Tom
Hatcher's granddaughter?
No. I called
and went right to her machine.
You think Harlan did something
to her?
I hope not
Who lives in that house over there?
That's Tom Hatchers.
father's house he died 30 years ago.
You know, no one has been
in that house since then.
Not even Tom.
What kind of man was he?
Kept to himself.
I see
You know doctor.
When Harlan killed his mother,
I was a teenager.
And I remember there were a number
of unsolved murders back then.
What do you think?
was killing people at ten years old?
No, that's not what I'm saying.
Not Harlan.
I think I want to go take a look
in that house and that shed.
Well, do you need a warrant
or something for that?
There's no one to write a complaint.
Give me that.
Hang on.
Hey, look at this.
What is this? Some kind of chart.
What is it?
I don't know. Tell you what.
Hold this all the access
and get a picture of
the map
One more... Alright give me that.
Hey, take it easy, huh?
Hang on.
Here's something.
What do you got?
You hold this.
The newspaper clippings
Shadow killer strikes again,
huh? Shadow killer.
Where one was investigators baffled.
They have no leads.
The fifth murder.
Four weeks that have gone unsolved
were when?
No. You look another one here.
Look, wait a minute.
Heres a headline?
Clarksville, Mississippi.
October 31st, 1951.
What are you thinking?
We better go back to the police
station, do a little research.
Give me my flashlight back. Good.
I want to get out of here, place
gives me the creeps. Watch it.
Ill call her back.
That's what I'm talking about.
What the heck.
I'll call Grandpa.
Nothing on Ralph Hatcher
before he moved here in 1953.
Just like,
came out of nowhere. Hmm.
What about his wife?
That's an idea.
Ethel Thompson.
Shes a local girl, he married her i
She died 1964
of a mysterious illness.
Then there's nothing more on Ralph.
What was the last attack
in Mississippi?
It was September 7th, 1952.
so then, uh
see if there were any attacks here
after that day. Okay
October 3rd, 1952,
Rose Betchel walked to the local mark
and never came back.
They found her
tied to a tree with a circular wound
in the middle of her back.
And then for the next 30 plus years,
there were over 50 unsolved
murders in this county alone.
Okay, one last thing.
When did Ralph Hatcher die?
I know where you're going with this.
Hang on
1985, a heart attack,
But. But
after that, it was a significant drop
in the number of unsolved murders.
I bet you my
I bet you my pension that he's or
I don't know.
Harlan Hatcher
hasn't uttered a word in 35 years.
It's all been bubbling up
inside of him, and now he's come back
to get revenge on everyone he blames
for ruining his life.
And he's unleashing his evil
on anybody who gets in the way.
God help us.
Yeah, God help us.
That's pretty amazing.
I know.
Don't you forget it, Okay?
I just.
Should we go check it out?
Are you fucking kidding me?
You want me to go?
Yeah, I want you to go.
I'm not going.
The hell.
Oh, my God.
Oh, no,
Damn it.
I forgot my charger.
Call Grandpa
maybe Jess could check on him.
Hey, Jess, that's me.
I haven't heard from my grandpa,
so I was wondering
if you could go check on him
if you get the chance.
And when you get this,
give me a call back.
Wheres Grandpa's car.
Whats going on here?
Grandpa, where are you?
Have you seen my grandpa?
Anyone here?
Hatcher hasn't spoken in 35 years.
That's what you telling me.
That's exactly what I'm telling you.
I find that hard to believe, Doctor.
He just sits in front of the window,
staring out at nothing
past the hills, past the trees,
past the days and nights.
To this moment.
If you were
him, where would you be right now?
I don't think anyone on earth
could tell you
what Harlan's thinking right
now. Doctor.
That's a hypothetical question.
If you were Harlan Hatcher,
where do you think you would be right
now? Well, if I were to guess,
I'd say with his family,
that's what he wants.
We should be at Tom Hatcher's house,
staking it out.
So, Grandpa, are you here?
I thought you were going
to be at home.
What are you doing here?
And Jess,
you left the door open.
You were that excited to come over?
What's going on?
What happened here?
Tommy, quit fooling around.
Come, guys.
Just trying to find my grandpa.
come on guys.
no Johnny?
Im gonna get help,
Come on Jess.
911, what's your emergency?
Help me!
Help me, please.
Maam could you speak up?
I can't hear you.
My friends are dead.
Did you just say
your friends are dead? Yes.
What's your name
and your address? I'm.
I'm the Danielle Hatcher,
and I'm.
Are you there?
I hear something.
I hear something
I hear something Im at 1119 Oak Stre
119 Oak Street.
Are you available to go to 119
Oak Street for a possible disturbance
This is detective Herman?
We're in the neighborhood.
I want to check it out.
Where is this?
It's about a mile down the road
Let's go. Okay.
Okay. Danielle,
Patrol is on their way.
Hurry, please hurry!
I don't want to scare you,
but do you think the
person that did
this could still be in the house?
I don't know.
I Don't know.
It's my step uncle, Harlan Hatcher.
He escaped from a mental hospital
last night.
Oh, my.
Authorities are looking for him.
I can't find my grandpa.
His car's outside.
I dont know where he is?
I don't know where he is.
Is your grandfather, Tom Hatcher?
Yes. Why?
Why? I'm so sorry.
He was found along with two officers
in the woods, murdered
across the street from his house.
Are you sure it was him?
Yes, I'm sure.
Are you there?
I'm sorry.
I have to get out of here.
I have to get out of here now!
No! Stay put!
No, no.
I have to go
my friends are dead.
and my grandpas dead.
I'm going. I'm leaving.
Okay. Okay. Okay.
Do you see a way out?
Where are you in the house?
I'm upstairs.
Is going
The front door.
Do you see a weapon or anything
to protect you? Theres a bat.
I'll stay on the line with you
while you get out.
Okay? Oh.
No! nooo.
Hello. Are you there? Hello
Oh, no, uh,
Danielle, Yeah.
What happened, huh?
Harlan's inside.
I killed him with a pickax.
Where? Hes right there!
Oh, stay here.
Oh, no.
Oh, no, no, no Ow!
Ow, ow, ow,
ow, ow!
Here we go again.