In the Time of the Butterflies (2011) Movie Script

Funny, the things we forget...
...the little moments we tuck away
inside our minds.
Maybe we put them there for safekeeping... they won't dull and lose their glow
from too much handling.
Maybe we know the time will come...
...when we'll need to summon
these memories.
Summon splendor,
soaring in the wind like butterflies.
I can't think of a happier time in my life...
...than my childhood
with my sisters in Ojo de Agua.
Dede, Patria, Minerva, Mate!
- Dinner is ready!
- Come on. Go.
- Silly bunny.
- Minerva!
Go to your room! Right now!
You're not fair, Papa.
I don't need to be lectured on fairness,
Minerva Mirabal.
But it was an accident.
Dede and Patria didn't break the china,
they only dropped it. The floor broke it.
Come on, Papa, they were just trying to
help Mama set the table. Nobody got hurt.
They have to learn the value of things.
Okay, I have a deal for you.
They broke two plates, one glass
and one cup, total value of three pesos.
- We have agreed...
- Eat your dinner.
We have agreed that you can take
10 cents out of everyone's allowance...
...for the next eight weeks,
but let my sisters out of the house.
Minerva is going to argue
with St. Peter at the gates.
I'm just trying to help my sisters.
- She's representing us.
- She's our lawyer.
Just what we need in this country,
skirts on the bench.
Which brings me to my next subject.
School applications are due next week.
You can forget about that.
But why?
I don't want you to go to school
and be out there alone, without a family.
I won't,
if you allow my sisters to come with me.
Enrique, you've got the money.
And most important, our social position.
Now our daughters need
the education to go along with it.
And our Patria, if she is to become a nun...
How could anyone want to sacrifice
nice dresses to wear those awful habits?
That's no sacrifice at all.
It's a waste of a pretty girl.
That's what it is.
Besides, if all my little chickens leave,
what will become of me?
Who will help me with my business?
I'll stay and help you, Papa.
You see? It's settled.
- Nothing is settled.
- Dede will stay with you.
You'll do as I say.
Nobody's going to leave this house.
- Bye, Minerva.
- Bye.
Bye, Papa. Thank you.
- Minerva.
- Thank you, Mama.
- Take care. Minerva, behave.
- Yes, Mama.
And God bless you.
We should have stayed home,
where we belong.
How could we know where we belong?
We only know the farm.
Thank you.
Our Holy Mother Church,
Mother Superior...
...our families and country,
and our beloved President Trujillo.
In the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Ghost, amen.
Take this.
I don't want your charity.
It's not charity. It's a friendship pin.
As sinners, all women are likely
to get sick around this time in their life.
And the illness comes
in the shape of blood...
...blood that represents the sin
of our forefathers, Adam and Eve.
As soon as you feel that you may have
any new complications within your body... should come to see me.
So, the donkey climbs on top
of the she-donkey...
...and he puts its peeing thing
inside her peeing thing.
Then, the donkey,
he starts making this really loud noise...
...and the she-donkey kicks her hind legs.
People, they do it, too. Your father...
My father is dead.
Well then, your uncle and your aunt...
My uncles are dead, too.
As I am quite sure you have
all heard by now...
...we are extremely fortunate.
Our generous benefactor has agreed
to honor us with his presence... Inmaculada Concepcin.
President Trujillo has always been
very generous to our school...
...and we want this to be
a special opportunity to honor him.
On a day like today,
the 24th of October of 1891...
...Rafael Leonidas Trujillo was born.
Our motherland was reborn that day.
We are deeply honored
to have as our guest today...
...our beloved President Trujillo.
For my motherland, for my people...
...I must do more than what has been done.
The motherland is the future, and
we are the ones who shall make history.
The future will crown the brave,
the hardworking people...
...and we will walk towards it
with confidence...
...shielded by our commitment
to serve humanity.
"I am the shackled fatherland.
"Dare I now hope for freedom
from my woes?
"O, Liberty, unfold your brilliant bow. "
I am free!
Thanks be to Liberty
and our blessed benefactor! Viva Trujillo!
Splendid performance.
What is your name?
Minerva Mirabal.
You're very pretty, Minerva.
And brave. I remember that name.
Viva Trujillo!
Open your eyes, Minerva.
You speak out against El Jefe,
and poof, you disappear.
If your family asks too many questions,
poof, they disappear, too.
This can't be true, Sinita.
Who's been telling you all this?
You haven't been listening to me,
have you?
He killed my father, he killed my brother,
he killed my uncles... he's killed thousands in this country.
Now are you listening to me?
There are many things you don't know
about your General Trujillo.
Hey, look. Please, look. Come on, please.
Where are they taking Lina?
Lina never came back to school.
There were stories.
She lived in a big mansion,
she carried Trujillo's baby...
...she was banished to Miami.
All I knew was that she was gone.
So was Sinita.
She vanished.
And I was afraid to find out why.
We're almost there. Look.
That's Poquita's house.
We spent five years at school together.
On the ride back home,
I had the chilling realization...
...that maybe everything I had
experienced had been for nothing.
And there I was, with all my knowledge...
...going back where I began, the farm.
Mate, stop worrying about your nails!
Jaimi's here!
Welcome home!
Jaimi, how nice to see you!
- How have you been?
- Fine, how are you?
- Good.
- Jaimito!
Patria, how are you?
Minerva, how are you?
This is Virgilio Morales,
a teacher at the university.
And this is Patria, Minerva, Dede and Mate.
Jaimi was telling me
he had some pretty cousins...
...but this is ridiculous.
What a refined young man.
- What do you teach at the university, Lio?
- I teach law.
Minerva wants to be a lawyer.
- In what country?
- In this one, right here.
Last I heard,
women weren't allowed to study law.
Last you heard,
you hadn't heard of Minerva Mirabal.
Is that right?
So you want to be a lawyer?
You look more like a farm girl from here.
I don't want to be a lawyer.
I'm going to be a lawyer.
- What for?
- Because I believe in justice.
Here, there is no justice.
- Only fights to be fought.
- I'm a very good fighter.
- And what battles have you won?
- Some.
Small ones,
but you have to start somewhere.
You're not gonna win any of
the big ones with two eggs in your hand.
I want you to read this.
It's by Jose Mart, the Cuban liberator.
- I know who Jose Mart is.
- So you've read him?
You can let go. I've been doing
my own reading since I was 6.
Lio, let's go!
Come in, Minerva. It's beautiful.
Come in. Come on.
That's the way. It's beautiful.
Have you read this?
Don't you care what happens to any of us?
Good morning.
- Did either of you know about that?
- About what?
A demonstration
at the university last week.
Led by a bunch of young professors,
Virgilio Morales among them.
"Enemies of the state," it says here.
Mama, anyone who believes in
fair government... an enemy of the state these days.
Minerva, are you trying to get us all killed?
What kind of government is this that
we're afraid to speak in our own home?
Where the walls have ears...
...and every household
has someone on the payroll.
So you watch that mouth of yours,
Minerva Mirabal.
You will not see that young man again,
not in this house, not anywhere.
Do you understand?
But, Mama, you heard Lio's ideas,
and you liked them.
I didn't know they were Communist ideas.
You're gonna get yourself killed
if you keep going up against them.
Well, they better do it quickly,
because I'm leaving this country.
If I could only make it to my ride.
I don't understand why you wanna
go around stirring things up anyway.
Why don't you just leave it alone?
Because it's not enough, Dede.
Don't you understand?
This regime is insane!
Do you know that Trujillo
has a secret campaign... make our population whiter than it is?
He secretly murders
thousands of Black Haitians...
...that cross the border because...
...he claims that they're contaminating
the Dominican race.
- Okay, you heard him.
- Open up.
- What do you have in there?
- It's only clothes.
Over here.
Look at me. I'll write to you.
What are you doing?
You can go through.
- You can pass.
- Move it.
Minerva, what are you doing?
Get back here! Get back.
Check that hood. Okay.
- It's okay.
- What is she doing?
It's okay, just stay quiet.
Welcome to the revolution...
Let's go.
I don't think you can topple Trujillo
from another country's mountains.
I can't do it if I'm dead either.
But if I stay, I won't last long, Minerva.
I'm still gonna fight the regime,
but from a safe distance.
That's my ride.
- Will you write to me?
- Every day.
I gotta go.
I didn't yet understand Lio's revolution...
...only that it had
taken him away from me...
...and that without him, my life felt empty.
Patria's life took an unexpected turn,
and when her calling came... was not the sort we expected.
Thank you very much.
- Anything for me, Papa?
- No, not today.
Your friends from Inmaculada
must be too busy...
...getting married and having babies
to write letters.
You should find a nice boy
from a good family and marry him.
No nice boy from a good family is gonna
want to marry a lawyer.
Which you are not,
and which you never will be.
When are you going to
come back to reality?
Bye, Minerva.
Since the last time I saw you, Minerva...
...not a day has gone by
when I don't think of you.
Although this is the fourth letter
I write to you without response...
...I can't help hoping... I'm far from you.
Lost in these mountains,
I've never felt so close to anybody.
I still haven't heard from you.
I long to kiss your lips and talk...
I'll write to you.
And I'll write to you until we're free...
How dare she go through my things!
That's to remind you
to respect your father.
- You don't have my respect anymore.
- I was trying to protect you.
I know of at least three of Virgilio's friends
who have disappeared.
You can't be safe
if you're in contact with him.
Enrique, Capt. Pea's here to see you.
Capt. Pea, to what do we owe this honor?
Trujillo has requested the presence
of your daughter Minerva... the party he is giving at the palace.
You and your other lovely daughters
are also invited.
We are not won'thy of such honor,
Capt. Pea.
I haven't been feeling well lately.
The President will miss you, seora.
For the rest of you,
this is a party I wouldn't miss.
Have a good day.
Your table is right over there.
No, no, my dear.
El Jefe has invited you to that table.
That's quite an honor.
Go on, my daughter.
Don't worry, we are here.
There you are.
It's a pleasure.
- Excellency.
- Don Manuel, how are you?
Ambassador, so good to see you.
No, I've never seen her.
May I have the pleasure?
- You are a beautiful dancer.
- Thank you.
But then again, women from El Cibao
are beautiful dancers.
Is your wife from El Cibao?
I am talking about the national treasure
I'm holding in my arms.
I don't feel much like a national treasure.
Why not? You're a jewel.
I feel like I'm wasting my life
in Ojo de Agua.
You should come to the capital.
That's exactly what I keep telling Papa.
I want to go to law school here.
- Women are not allowed in law school.
- They would be if you said so.
Universities are not good for women.
Your medals are hurting me.
Excuse me.
Is there anything else I can do
to please you?
Release her.
Please, Jefe,
let me take my daughter home.
That was such a stupid thing to do.
I will send a telegram of apology to El Jefe.
He'll understand, Patria.
You're right, Papa.
Do it before things get worse.
What did you want me to do?
He grabbed my ass.
- It was an immediate reaction.
- You don't slap Trujillo.
You should have thought about it.
Maybe if I had thought about it,
I would have done exactly the same thing.
If I let him grab my ass,
next he's gonna grab my breast...
Minerva! I will not tolerate
this language in this house.
Minerva did what her conscience dictated.
No one is to blame for that.
A telegram to apologize. He'll understand.
- Good morning.
- Mr. Enrique Mirabal.
He is my husband. What do you want?
Capt. Pea wants to see him immediately.
Everything all right, Minerva?
Enrique! There is someone looking for you.
Why are you taking him? For how long?
I don't know.
Why you?
Don't worry, Minerva. I'll clear it up.
I'm sorry, Papa.
Take care of your mother, you hear?
You'll be back soon. I promise.
No, I can do nothing else.
We're looking for a prisoner.
Enrique Mirabal.
We've been coming for two weeks,
and you still can't tell us where he is.
Get this document stamped correctly,
then we can help you.
These documents have been
stamped correctly for two days now.
Look again.
Talk to Capt. Pea. He seems to have
a special interest in your case.
I tried to handle it here,
but the orders came from the top.
- He sent a telegram.
- Yes, I know.
He's just a farmer.
He doesn't want to
get involved in any trouble.
What is he accused of?
Whatever it is,
I'm positive it's just a misunderstanding.
It could be cleared up.
Can you take us to him?
It will be better all the way around
if we follow orders.
Isn't that right, Seorita Minerva?
I will do whatever I need to do
to make sure my father's all right.
Listen, Seorita Minerva,
don't misunderstand me.
I'm a man of honor,
but to be honest with you...
...I believe there's a way
you can help your father.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Thank you, Your Excellency.
Wait over there by the desk.
Seorita Minerva Mirabal.
You left quite an impression
on my police department.
Please sit down.
Jefe, I have come to plead
for my father's release.
Please sit down.
I would like to invite you here,
to the palace...
...till we work these matters out.
I will have to ask my mother,
she's waiting for me outside in the car.
I'm sure she'll be very, very flattered
with your hospitality.
Let's leave it to the will of fate, shall we?
The roll of the die.
If you win,
I'll do everything I can to make sure...
...that you, your father, and your mother
leave here together.
If you lose,
I'll do everything I can to make sure...
...that your mother and father
leave here together, and you will stay.
Is that why my father is in prison?
I believe he's just being questioned.
Am I wrong?
Then let me raise the stakes, Jefe.
How so?
If I win, you will release my father...
...and you will allow me
to go to law school.
And if you lose?
Then you will release my father,
and you'll get your wish.
You could still roll an ace.
I have no interest in ties.
Winning or losing, with me or against me.
It's what I believe in. You may leave.
Enrique, what have they done to you?
I'm much better now, much better.
I just hope the music hasn't
spoiled the yuccas.
We don't grow any yuccas, Papa.
Every time there is a party, they spoil.
We've got to stop feeding the hogs.
Enrique, the yuccas are fine,
and so are the hogs.
We apologized.
My condolences.
Thank you, Capt. Pea.
Seorita, your father was a good man.
For his heart to give out like that,
it's so unfortunate.
My father had a big, strong heart.
It gave out because he was tortured.
You speak from grief.
El Jefe asked me to express to you
his deepest sympathies...
...and to give you this.
He killed our father, Minerva.
Sending you to law school
doesn't make it any better.
How can you accept the murderer's gift?
Because it's the only way I have
to fight him back.
I took the train again,
this time on my own.
I had played against Trujillo,
and in winning, I had lost.
- Minerva, take care.
- Write to me. Don't forget.
- Take care of yourself.
- I love you. Bye.
Gen. Trujillo is the leader of the state
and the government...
...public administration
and our national armed forces.
He executes the laws, carries out
the multiple businesses of the state...
...and represents the island
in international relations.
I knew your friend Lio.
After he left the country,
he wrote to our cell...
...asking if anyone had seen you
at the law school.
We all laughed at the idea
of a woman being admitted.
He said he liked to call you Butterfly.
Manolo Tavares,
but some friends call me Polo.
Minerva Mirabal.
Butterfly. So here you are.
That's right.
How did you accomplish that?
I gambled with the devil and I won.
Why did Lio come back
if he knew he was in danger?
He didn't come back.
Trujillo hunts down his enemies like dogs
wherever they are.
Why doesn't everyone know this?
Most people don't want to know.
Everyone's too scared.
I want to know it,
and I want to do something about it.
Fear is the best breeding ground
for this regime.
Everyone in this country lives in fear.
Everyone just goes along,
minding their own business...
...turning away the truth.
Then, one day, something happens,
and you can't look away anymore.
You're afraid not to get involved,
not to fight back...
...because you know,
you realize, that no one you care about... safe anymore.
That's right. My brother's only crime
was to be out of a job.
He was taken by the police
and accused of vagrancy.
Nobody has been able to tell me
where he is.
I'm sure he's in one of those camps
that Trujillo has out in the fields.
They treat them like prisoners
and make them work until they die.
The police say the camps don't exist.
According to them, nothing exists...
...only Trujillo the Great.
That's where we're having
our biggest problem.
Trying to make people understand
what the real situation is.
That's what we need to do.
Educate people about
what is really going on in this country.
Everybody, this is a law student
who wants to work with us.
Her name is Butterfly.
Go ahead, Butterfly.
Polo and I have made a list with the people
who have disappeared last month.
We have more than 300 names on it.
We need to make copies
and distribute them... people know what Trujillo is doing.
Here, push it down. There you go.
Right here.
Pay attention everyone.
Palomino will pick up the boxes,
up here in Bella Vista.
And we'll deliver them all the way here
to the warehouse. Okay?
It's very important.
Open up.
Mate, what are you doing here?
I've run away.
I was going crazy on that farm.
It's more boring than ever,
now that Patria is having kid after kid.
- Dede, being a newlywed, you don't...
- Mate, you cannot stay here.
I wouldn't be any trouble.
I can sleep on a couch, or on the floor.
- This place looks lovely.
- Yes, but...
- Where did you get all this furniture?
- You have to go back.
- What was that?
- Nothing.
- You don't have a man in here, do you?
- No. Let's go.
Mama must be so worried about you.
You can't just run away.
Where are we going?
It's a good thing the bus station's
only a couple of blocks away.
You'll be home before midnight.
I'll call Mama and tell her some story.
- Whatever you please.
- What's the matter with you?
Mate, you're not gonna like it here.
The city is...
I don't know, just trust me.
You're not gonna like it here.
There you go again, treating me
like I'm stupid. I'm not a child anymore.
I'm capable of making my own decisions.
And I've decided to stay in the city
and get a life.
I'll sleep on the streets if necessary,
but I'm not going back.
Okay. You're right, Mate.
But I'm sorry, you cannot stay with me.
I'll help you get a place for tonight.
Here, you'll need money.
I don't want your help.
I don't know who you are anymore.
You did the right thing.
You're protecting her.
Are you okay? Can I help you?
The Butterfly has been our inspiration.
- Butterfly?
- It's her underground name.
I'm Leandro, but I go by Palomino.
I guess, from now on, we're going to have
more than just one Butterfly, aren't we?
Palomino, let's go.
Pass me the glue.
Palomino! Come on, let's go.
- What are you doing here?
- The very same thing you are.
Did you get her into this?
Aren't we supposed to be
recruiting people?
Get out of here now.
- Minerva, I'm not a child anymore.
- Come on, let's go.
If you can take the risk, then so can I.
This is personal. Trujillo hates me.
He killed Papa because of me.
I don't want any more family blood
on my hands. Get out.
He was my father as well.
Let's go.
If the errant is under 18...
...he will be sent to a correctional home...
...or to the countryside
to cultivate the land...
...or do whatever the government decides.
Or else he will be returned to his parents
or closest relatives...
...if they compromise to take care of him...
...and make him a productive person.
Do you think we're productive people,
or do you think we're just a pair of fools?
- What do you mean?
- You know.
Maybe we're dreaming of something
that will never happen.
Yeah, maybe.
But I'd rather die finding out...
...than live knowing
I didn't do anything about it.
I, Minerva Mirabal...
...take you, Manolo Tavares,
to be my husband.
I promise to be your lover and your friend,
your ally in conflict and adventure...
...your greatest adversary
and your biggest admirer.
Vivan Manolo y Minerva!
Thank you very much.
Doa Minerva Mirabal.
It seems that the university
has treated you well.
Thank you, Jefe.
Fate was kind to you.
I just hope it's all been won'thwhile.
I promised you that I would
allow you to attend law school.
Nothing was said about
allowing you to practice law.
Besides, you're a wife now,
soon to be a mother.
You'll have enough work as it is.
Figueroa, Esteban.
- Thank you, sir.
- Congratulations.
- Ramirez, Juan.
- Congratulations.
- What is it? What happened?
- He's been planning this all along.
He's been so looking forward
to this moment.
He has other moments coming to him
that he won't enjoy so much.
God bless you, my child.
We tried to keep people informed...
...but Trujillo's regime worked faster
than we could.
He was feeding the people
a dictator's favorite diet:
Bread and fear.
How are you, my love?
Do you want some?
The birth of Minou made me
wanna forget everything.
Do you know where Amarmanos is?
But the killing of my friends
brought me back to reality.
No one was safe.
Go! Go!
They're here!
Minou, how are you?
Patria, I need your help.
I'm going away with Manolo.
I was hoping you could take care
of Minou and Manolito till we get back.
What if you don't come back?
Have you thought of that?
Mama is worried sick about you and Mate,
about what you're doing in the capital.
We're doing what has to be done.
Leaving your children behind?
Is that what has to be done?
I can't be part of anything you're doing.
You choose for yourself,
and I choose for me and for my family.
Then you have to ask yourself what it is
you're choosing for your family.
You can't hide from things
because they are ugly.
Minerva, I'll take care of your children.
Thank you, Sister.
At least tell us where you're going.
It's better if I don't.
When I left Patria's house, I was torn apart.
I couldn't bear to leave my children,
but I wanted them to have a better life.
I pray that they will understand.
Take this one.
Push it all the way to the back.
Minerva, what on earth has happened?
I've been prevented from practicing law,
so I'm in the delivery business now.
I need a place to store
some of this fruit for a few days.
Palomino, are you okay?
Palomino, are you all right?
I was so worried about you.
I was worried about myself.
Come on, we have to unload this.
- What is in those crates?
- You don't wanna know.
- What are you going to do with them?
- Bury them.
Are you crazy? People will see you.
No, let's take them behind my house.
- What are you doing to us, Patria?
- I can't turn them away, Pedrito.
It's one thing to take them in...
...and another thing is
to hide their weapons in our land!
They are my sisters,
and this is my father's land.
They will leave the truck and crates here... matter what's inside them,
and no matter what you say.
I'm not going to turn my back on them.
Hi. Go ahead.
We know that some of you in the church
sympathize with movement ideas.
- So what is it you want?
- To join forces and fight back.
You're talking about violence.
No, we're talking about
the church helping us... reach its people
and tell them the truth.
It's not an army we're putting together.
It's everyone.
Students, workers, mothers and fathers,
even some of the rich.
We want to help you
organize your congregation...
...and to contact other priests
to do the same, Father.
We need everyone. There's only so much
Trujillo can do against the church.
Are you with us, Father?
I am.
For too long, our little island has been
clutching to the iron grip of the dictator.
He has smothered resistance...
...and suppressed anyone
who speaks of freedom.
This regime is based on fear,
violence and oppression.
But this time is coming to an end now.
Be careful.
This cause is not just for men,
it is a cause for women, too.
We cannot allow our children
to grow up in this tyranny.
We have to fight against it.
We have to be prepared to give everything,
even our life if it's necessary.
You two, take the dogs to the back.
Break in around the right!
Get another truck around back.
Minerva Mirabal.
- The Butterflies are alive.
- Silence!
- I am alive, too. Nicolas is alive.
- Esteban is alive.
- Cayetano is alive.
- Manolo!
Is Manolo alive?
- Let's go!
- Manolo!
I'll make this easy for you.
I want the names
of everyone in your group.
The names.
Do you want to see
your husband die right here?
Funny, the things I forgot.
And now I'm struggling
to remember to keep myself alive.
My father's eyes. Lio's voice.
My childrers laughter.
Manolo's hands. Love, justice.
Your family is safe and well.
Your husband is alive,
but he's being transferred.
I don't know where.
- Who are you?
- Long live the Butterflies.
"Inside a secret place in the huge houses
"The mattresses asleep in the past
"The bitter green valley seen from above
from the hidden glass
"All adolescence getting wet and burning
"Like an oil lamp dropped in the rain
"The perfume like an acid sword,
plums in the road"
I thought you'd never come back.
What did they do to you?
Nothing. Just left me alone for a while.
There is a donkey pulling a flower can't.
What color is the donkey?
He's gray and chubby.
It's a fat little donkey
with long, floppy ears.
Minerva, come and look!
You have to look.
I've come for your bucket.
Long live the Butterfly.
Bless you, sister.
What is it?
"Venezuelan President Romulo Betancourt
has filed charges...
"... with the Organization
of American States...
"... claiming the Dominican government
was involved with an attempt on his life. "
It's happening.
It's finally happening.
Don't be afraid of them.
They're investigating
the treatment of political prisoners.
But remember, there are microphones.
I am Roberto Arroyo of Colombia.
We represent
the Organization of American States.
Seorita Mirabal, what's your cell like?
Have you, or any other prisoners,
been tortured?
No, we are very well treated here.
Have you any complaints at all?
...that I want to be at home
with my family.
Minerva and Maria Teresa Mirabal.
- The men? Any word from them?
- No.
Come on, let's go. Thank God.
I'm so proud of you.
This is not forever. You'll get better.
- You've got to come out of this room.
- I can't. It's too much.
- Too much?
- Noise, light, life.
Minerva, you have to be strong again.
We need to get our husbands back.
Corpus Christi.
Long live the Butterflies.
God bless the Butterflies.
Seora Minerva? Good morning.
I have some good news for you.
I just learned that your husbands
are safe and well.
So I made some inquiries for you,
and I found out...
...that they're all being held
in different prisons.
I pulled some strings, and they're
all being moved to Puerto Plata.
El Jefe has granted you permission
to visit them.
Can you please tell El Jefe that
we are all very thankful for his generosity?
You're gonna be able
to thank him yourselves.
He's gonna be stopping at your place
on his way to San Julian... hear your words of gratitude.
Minerva, what's wrong?
We all know what's wrong.
People look up to us now.
If we welcome Trujillo in our home
and pay tribute to him... if nothing has happened,
we're gonna send the wrong message.
You don't have to believe in
whatever you might say to him.
It's just going to buy us
some peace of mind.
But for how long? How many more
humiliations do we have to take?
Seora Mirabal,
you have a beautiful daughter.
Thank you. Go get your grandma.
It is a great honor
to have you here in Ojo de Agua.
I love to drop by on people.
See how they really live.
I am very happy to have this opportunity
to thank you for our release from prison.
Now that you've gotten
your second chance...
...what are you plans for your new life?
I'm afraid I will need your help
one more time.
I've known you for many years.
You've done pretty well without it.
I think we both know that's not true.
You're relentless.
Fighting so bravely for a lost cause.
But then again,
maybe I'm fighting a lost cause, too.
Can you please help us
get our husbands out of prison?
I will do everything I can
to end your troubles.
Take care!
I'll look out for them, Doa Mercedes.
You can rely upon me.
It's so good to see you, so good.
Don't let everyone see
how you're making me crazy.
Mate, I can't believe I'm seeing you.
Don't worry, we'll soon be together.
Look at Minou.
Already so big and beautiful.
Just like her mother.
Minerva, if anything happens to me...
Nothing will happen to you.
Every night they take men out,
and they never come back.
We know they're being killed.
Be invisible. Don't let them notice you.
There are rumors.
The goat will be killed.
- When?
- Soon. Very soon.
Be careful. Please.
I will.
- I love you, Minerva.
- And I love you.
It was so good to talk.
Only, Pedrito looks so thin.
We'll get them home and fatten them up.
We are being followed.
Step out of the jeep, all of you.
Just a moment, I have my papers.
It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be all right.
Let's go.
Help! They're gonna kill us!
Tell people they killed the Mirabals!
You don't have to do it.
I know you don't believe in this.
Please let us go.
"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.
"He maketh me to lie down
in green pastures... "