In This Gray Place (2018) Movie Script

How did you come to
be here in this gray place?
Were you back in into the cold
by something larger than you?
You were flush
and vibrant...
now covered in mist,
a wasted match stick.
Were you deceived into life?
Was your heart cut so untruly?
Let me hold you...
take you to the
places not yet known,
give to you the riches you lost.
This, I promise.
I promise.
Can you hear me?
I'm here.
I'm here.
Now, breathe.
Come on!
- Hey, man, what's up?
-Sam! I need you to come
and get me right now.
- Woohoo, slow down bro.
-Sam, shut up!
I need you right now,
okay, right now.
I'm in a rest stop off 26.
- What are you talking about?
Jesus Christ,
are you for real, man?
-Right now--
- Chill out, okay.
-Sam, now.
- What happened dude?
I'll tell you when you get here.
Rest stop off 26, come get me!
- Jesus, just drive.
-Drive? No. I--
I don't have the truck.
I'm in a bathroom
and I'm bleeding.
-I'm hurt--
- You're what?
If you have a kit,
bring it, I don't care,
just put your jacket
on, get in your car
and come and get me!
Aaron, where's Elijah?
Look, I'm just
freaking out, man.
Hello. Hello!
- Excuse me, sir.
I'm Officer Burgess,
can you step outside, please?
Aaron, are you there?
Appreciate your cooperation.
Oh, yeah...
- Sir?
- Yeah, in a minute.
Dude, what's going on?
It's a cop, there's a cop.
Last time
I'm gonna tell you.
I need you to come out...
Tell him
you're taking a piss.
No, wait,
I'm taking a piss.
- Tell him you're
using the bathroom.
-Shut the fuck up.
Step outside right now.
Just... just give me a second.
Open up!
I'm ordering you! Open up.
- Alright. I'm--
I'm on the way. I'm coming!
-Hurry up!
- Stop resisting.
- Where's Elijah anyway?
- Open up right now!
-Jesus Christ!
You can't let him in. Just tell him to fucking go away
- Open up, sir!
- Aaron.
- Aaron. Aaron!
- Aaron!
Come on, Aaron!
Answer me.
Pick up!
Pick up the phone.
Aaron! What the fuck,
Aaron, come on? Answer me.
Holy shit, Aaron!
- Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm ...
- Okay, I'm... I'm coming.
- I'm coming, I'm on the way.
I'll be there soon. Stay there.
Yeah, okay.
Okay, I'm on the way.
Is this our beginning?
So many of us,
each unique,
toiled, imprinted on the other,
our whole lives ahead of us,
free to choose,
only parts of the greater whole marshaled into our place,
so close, never to touch.
Can you feel them?
Billions of lives apart like us?
Should it be across
the cradle of time
from every soul there ever was,
mine would find yours?
How is that anything but fate?
- Oh, my God.
Aaron, I just got off the
phone with Sam, he said--
Yeah, yeah, it's okay.
Oh! Are... are you hurt?
- Goddammit, Aaron, talk to me.
-I'm here.
You gotta talk to me,
baby, what happened?
Is... is Sam coming for me?
I mean, he called you,
he's coming for me, right?
Yeah, yeah, he said...
he said that he's picking you
at a rest stop somewhere.
He said you're at some rest
stop, but Aaron, he said...
he said he heard gun shots.
He said that you might be hurt.
- He said that you're
freaking out right now.
-No, no, no, no.
I don't want you to worry
about that, okay?
I don't want you
to worry about that.
I need you.
My God, Aaron.
What happened?
I think I killed someone.
I think he might be dead.
Are you okay?
I have to go.
No, no, no, no, Aaron,
you can't hang up on me
right now, don't hang
up on me, please--
Baby, I love you.
I love you so much,
but I have to go, okay?
I have to.
Aaron, don't, please, do not
hang up on me right now!
You can't hang up on
me right now, please--
Hey, it's Vern.
Sorry I didn't catch you.
Leave it at the beep.
This is some Shakespearean shit.
Hello in there.
How are you doing?
I'm Lieutenant Arnold Koch.
I'm here to talk with you.
Can you talk to me?
Look, I'm just here to talk
with you, is that okay?
Great, good.
First, I need to ask you
if everyone in there is okay,
if you're not hurt or anything?
Get to the point.
Is there anyone
with you in there?
I have my girlfriend
and you better...
You better back
the fuck up, man!
Back it up!
All right, please,
listen to what I'm saying--
No, you listen!
Back the fuck up,
man, you hear me?
All right, all right.
We're gonna work on a
message to talk to you
a little better, okay?
Fine! Just give me
some space! Back it up!
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.
Your soul was born
in the heart of a dying star.
You were not flesh.
You were something
more... elemental.
Heaven beneath the soft earth.
You were light made to breathe.
Hey in there.
It's Arnold Koch.
Lieutenant Koch, got it.
Hey, what's your name?
Are you all right in there?
Listen, man, I'm not
giving you my name,
and you're not getting in here.
Do me a favor though, back up.
I know you
must be feeling scared,
maybe regretful.
-Now, I'd like to listen--
Excuse me?
Mitch. I'm gonna say
my name is Mitch.
It's my eighth grade
algebra teacher.
Your teacher?
Did he mean a lot to you?
You want a name, there you go.
Okay then,
Mitch, thank you.
Hey, Mitch, I need to know
how many people are in there.
Well, it's me, my girlfriend,
and fuck off!
Mitch, if you don't
help me, then I can't
help you. These guys--
Oh, you're pulling
every trick in the book,
man, every single trick!
"Oh, you must be feeling
scared and regretful."
"Oh, did your teacher
mean a lot to you?"
"Oh, Mitch, Mitch, Mitch."
Like you care what my name is.
Let me make this shit as crystal
clear as I can, Lieutenant!
I'm not coming out and
you're not getting in.
And I swear to God, if
you try and make a move,
bitches die!
Got it?
I don't think
bloodshed is the best
way to end this, Mitch.
Now, I'm here to help you.
I wanna know
your side of things.
There's nothing
you can do that you
can't turn back from.
You can turn this around.
All you need to do
is open that door.
I don't think so, Lieutenant.
The way I see it, this door
is all I have right now.
I think I'll hang on
to it just a bit longer.
Can you hear me?
I'm here.
Hey, it's Vern.
Sorry I didn't catch you.
Oh, this is Vern,
I can't pick up right now
because my phone is in my ass.
-Hey, man.
- Hey.
-Are you here?
- Yeah.
Listen, Sam, I need
you to charge the cop.
- What?
-Bum-rush him.
What? No dude.
Listen, Sam, hit him.
I can't get out of
here unless I have--
I can't do that, man,
are you... are you nuts?
Just do this for me, man. Just--
We're almost at the
finish line, okay?
You don't understand, man,
the place is crawling.
- Yeah, dude.
I'd count like eight cop cars,
Five-O's everywhere.
Yeah, fuck is right.
I thought it was just one dude.
Stupid, stupid!
Yeah, well, it ain't.
Well, that fucks up my plan.
What? Your plan
was for me to hit a cop?
Yeah, and run.
Shit, shit, shit!
What now, dog?
I don't know yet,
man, I'm thinking.
Well, they look like
they mean business, bro.
I could see one dude,
his gun pointed at the door.
Don't fucking tell me
there's a SWAT team.
What the fuck did you do,
man, to piss them off?
It's been a day.
Yeah. Where's Elijah?
He bailed.
- What?
Sam, do me a favor.
-I need you--
- Bailed?
Yeah. Sam, I need this favor,
all right? Can you see the door?
Yeah, the pisser, right?
Yeah, see the holes?
Holy shit, was that you?
You did that?
Kinda had to.
Shit, man.
Yeah. Can you like...
Can you like...
Can you see if there's blood
on the door, can you see?
No, man.
I can't see anything.
An ambulance,
a fucking body bag,
anything, anything at all?
I see a dude with a camera
snapping pictures. That's it.
But listen, man, I gotta
bounce, I gotta back off.
It looks sketch as hell
me sitting here like this.
- And I'm carrying, so--
-Yeah, do what you gotta do.
We'll figure
something out. All right?
I ain't leaving you.
I really appreciate
it, man, thanks.
I know,
I'm a peach. Just...
You okay?
How does
the light blind us?
Carry us in its glow?
Reveal to us the world?
We live so little
of its spectrum.
Drink in so little
of its warmth.
Wrapped in it and
blind to its nature.
Hey, it's Vern.
Sorry I didn't catch you.
Leave it at the beep.
I still like to hear things
from your point of view.
You know, I don't
really feel like talking.
That's okay. It's okay.
Okay then.
You have
a phone in there, Mitch?
So what?
Maybe we can talk
together on the phone.
You would think
that would be easier.
No, I need to take this.
You need to talk with me, Mitch.
We're talking,
we're just talking.
But right now, I wanna
hear from your girlfriend, okay?
Jesus, would you shut up?
We have to know she's okay.
She's fine! I'm making
a phone call right now,
give me a minute.
-We have to know she's okay.
Piss off!
- What the fuck, dude?
-Vern, goddammit!
I've been trying
to reach you all night.
I'm in a movie, bro.
Well, you picked a hell
of night, dumb shit.
Elijah and I did our thing.
Just now?
I don't know, man,
like an hour ago.
this ain't eBay. Okay?
I can't exactly get rid of the
jewels this fucking second.
I thought you were
waiting a few days anyway.
Vern, shut the fuck up.
Shit went south, man, real bad.
Like motherfucker behind the
counter pulled a knife, yes.
Okay, okay,
but you got this shit, right?
Yeah, but...
But what?
I'm up the creek, man,
the cops got me.
What the fuck, you fucking--
Vern, Vern, chill
the fuck out, man.
I'm not under arrest,
I'm hiding.
So, what? The cops
know where you are?
Where... where the fuck are you?
I'm in a bathroom, man,
fucking nasty ass bathroom
and it's grimy.
Fuck, man, can't believe
you fucking tried to call me.
You realize they're
gonna trace this shit?
I need your help.
Listen, you're fucked.
God can't even help you, man.
You just bought
yourself like twenty years,
and right now,
you're dragging me in it.
I'm not gonna be in an
accessory to your dumb ass.
I know. I know, man.
I just need to delay it.
I just gotta keep those guys
on the other side of the door
just a little longer.
Tell them you'll shoot yourself if they try to breach.
Jesus, I'm in a lobby right now.
Yeah? And I'm in a
trucker's hell hole.
But I can't tell them that,
I told them I got a hostage.
Are you
fucking out of your mind?
Goddammit, I can't believe this.
You are such an amateur,
you realize that?
Vern, I need your help.
I don't need your
crap right now.
-Just walk me through this.
- Well...
They're gonna wanna
talk to the hostage,
otherwise they'll breach,
especially since they
think you're dangerous.
- Heat.
Heat. They have
these heat cameras.
They know the second
there's someone else in there.
All right.
I got this covered, thank you.
- Don't call me again!
-Talk to you later.
Can we go back?
Cross out the punishment
of years scratched
into our hearts?
Are we still alive here?
An arrow cannot
change its course.
Like our very birth,
do we have no choice in this?
Are we the consequence
of ourselves?
Laura, baby, you gotta
listen to me. Okay?
Aaron, what the hell
is going on right now?
Please baby, I don't
have a lot of time, okay?
-I want you to focus on--
- What are you talking about?
Will you shut up for a second!
What do you mean you
don't have a lot of time?
What the hell does that mean?
I know you have
a lot of questions, and
I'll answer them, baby.
-I promise. I promise.
- No, no, no, goddammit.
No, Aaron, I'm not gonna
be able to do anything
until you tell me what the
hell is going on right now.
Laura, we don't
have time for this.
You said you killed somebody.
You said you were hurt!
If you hung up on me
again, I swear to God--
Elijah and I were
gonna do a job.
You're with my
fucking brother right now?
Give him the phone?
- Give him the phone, Aaron.
- I wanna talk to my brother.
-He's not here.
What do you mean he's not there?
- He ditched you?
-No, it's not like that.
Yeah, of course he did, 'cause
that's what he does, Aaron,
'cause he's a fuck-up.
I love him to death, but he is.
And he jumps ship at the sign
of any sight of trouble.
I mean, why do you think
I told you not to get
mixed up in his bullshit?
I told you it's not like that.
God, this is gonna break
my mom's heart.
What the hell did he
get you into?
-We need the money, it was--
- Oh, my God!
You did not kill
someone for money?
No, of course not,
it's not like that.
What the hell
did Elijah drag you into?
I went to him!
It was supposed to be
a quick in and out.
Wait, what are you saying?
What you've robbed a guy?
Laura, we can make sense
of this later, but right now--
- I want to know right now.
-I need your help.
- None of this makes
any sense, Aaron!
I need you to help me.
Now, baby, I need you
to sound like you're scared.
Like, I need you
to sound like a hostage.
Aaron, is this a joke? You want me to sound like a hostage?
Trust me baby, please, okay?
I need you to say,
"I'm here, I'm okay."
Aaron, I don't understand
what's going on right now.
Just say it, just...
Just say it just like this,
say, "I'm here, I'm okay."
I'm here, I'm okay.
Okay. Good.
But I... I need it
to sound more real.
Do you know what I mean?
I'm here for you, okay? I am okay, and I'm here for you.
No, no, no, no.
It's not about me.
I need you to sound
like you're scared.
I need you to sound like you're
stuck and like you're scared.
I need this.
I need this bad, baby.
Please do this for me.
I'm here, I'm okay.
I'm here, I'm okay.
Louder, Laura.
I'm here, I'm okay!
- I'm here, I'm okay!
- I'm here, I'm okay!
- I'm here, I'm okay!
-Say it!
- I'm here, I'm okay!
I'm here, I'm okay!
Why are you making me do this?
911, what is your emergency?
I need to talk
with Lieutenant Koch right now.
Lieutenant Arnold Koch.
You need to call the station directly sir, this line is for--
No, no! Damn it. I'm the guy.
I'm the guy in the bathroom.
You say you're in a bathroom?
Yeah. Whatever, the standoff,
I need to talk
with Lieutenant Koch.
So, transfer me, patch me
through, do whatever
you gotta do, okay?
I gotta talk with him right now!
Tell him it's Mitch,
I've got a hostage--
Damn it, lady!
I'm the guy in the bathroom!
Okay? Get me Koch now!
Hold please.
I told you to give me time.
I told you to back off.
We need to hear
from your girlfriend--
I'm here, I'm okay!
I'm here, I'm okay!
Why are you making me do this?
You heard her.
She's here, she's okay.
I haven't touched her.
Okay, Mitch, that's...
that's good. Thank you.
Now, back off, Koch.
I'm trying to sort shit out
on my end, and I don't
like you stepping.
Now, Mitch, you
know that we can't--
What's up?
Bad fucking news, man.
What is it? SWAT?
Yeah. These guys, like
normal cops, just roll up.
They're pulling gear
out of the truck, man.
Now, on TV they always
got these big ass tanks,
who are wearing like bad asses,
but no, no, these guys, they just look like high school cops.
What else is going on out there?
Uh... Helicopter has
been buzzing around.
There is a dog,
no news crews or anything,
I mean, not from where I am.
Oh, where are you?
Like five hundred feet
away in a parking lot.
Sam, do you see a guy in charge
or a guy who looks
like he's in charge?
I've seen two guys
who look like they're
calling the shots.
Do you think the SWAT team
is gonna come get me?
No doubt.
I called to check on you.
I'm okay.
Right now, you need to
tell me the game plan.
Look, man, I don't
have a plan, all right?
I gotta come up with something.
Aaron, come on!
Dude, just come on,
just put the gun down,
kick the shit to the side,
just walk out of here alive.
Hold your hands
up and walk out.
I want to, Sam, okay?
Believe me, I do,
but it's not that simple--
Cut the shit, Aaron. Listen
goddammit, you got a shit
hand dealt to you right now,
but it's fucking better
than getting killed.
It's bad luck, I know,
but you can get out of this.
I mean, what about me, asshole?
What about Laura, you're
gonna walk away from that?
I mean, this is stupid.
Look the longer
this goes on, the more
likely the cops kill you.
No, you don't get it.
What don't I get?
What don't I get?
I know
what the score is.
I know this basically
means I'm a goner.
- No, no, no, no.
-It's for her.
These rocks, I gotta
get them to her.
- You gotta think about you!
-I'm going in!
I can't be thinking about me,
she's gotta be taken care of!
That's why me and Elijah did it
in the first place, for Laura.
So, I can't give up to the cops.
That's why I can't
surrender! Not now!
I need more time.
For what exactly?
To hide the shit.
I need...
I need to get it to you.
Oh, hell no.
Listen, man, if I can stash it
or get it to you or to Vern,
you can get it to Laura.
I can't provide for her
if I'm locked away.
You-- Oh, do you wanna
hold up the cops while
you bury your treasure?
Christ on a cracker.
Oh, you got a better idea?
Yeah, give up.
It doesn't seem like you're
gonna hear me out on that.
Listen, just...
just give me some time
to come up with something.
Thanks, pal.
Hey, it's Vern, sorry--
-Sam and I are working on a--
- You called Sam?
...working on a plan
to get the rocks to you.
I'm hanging up.
If you hang up,
I swear to God I will have
Sam show up at your place
and beat you to death, Vern.
Oh, that's very scary.
Listen, you fucking ruined
my movie, you're a dick.
I'm getting Sam the rocks.
How quick can you
turn it around?
The cops will be hard to try it.
This shit takes time.
Next time, don't
fuck up the job.
Why did you call Sam?
Why not Elijah, this shit
is for his sister, isn't it?
How quickly can you get
it turned around, Vern?
Maybe forty-eight hours.
And you can get
the money to Laura?
Yeah, but I'm taking
a bigger cut.
Start setting it up.
Sam will get you the goods,
do not fuck this up for me.
Was it you
to set this in motion?
Was it your hand
guiding us in this life?
What are you doing?
Was it your stone
cast to cause these ripples?
Did you choose this?
- I'll kill you!
Can you hear me?
Fucking cop!
Oh God!
- Hello, Aaron.
It's taken you
longer than I expected.
Aaron, I think you
should know the Sheriff's
Department is here.
They wanna speak with you.
Fuck you.
You're talking with me.
I'd love to talk to you.
I'd love to listen to you,
Aaron, but you haven't
been talking to me.
Oh, fuck.
Aaron, you know my name.
You traced my number.
Calling was the smart idea,
it was a good thing to do.
Aaron, can you tell me
if your girlfriend is okay?
Fuck you, Koch.
You're trying to get someone
killed in here, aren't you?
Aaron, there was
an incident up the road.
You know anything about that?
Will you tell me about it?
My lungs are on fire.
If you wanna talk with me,
don't gas me, dick.
She's fine, we'll be okay.
Don't try that shit again.
Get it?
Can you hear me?
I'm here.
Now breathe.
I will give you half
the take for one drop.
I am the world's
best friend, you know that?
What did you do?
The woods, man,
near the bathroom,
on the other side from the cops?
Like... the woods, the trees?
Yeah, the woods.
Yeah, the woods, you know?
Cops are in the parking lot,
and then the road,
there's like the road.
But on the other side
there's like a ditch, man.
Sam, Sam!
Yeah, it's like
ten feet or so, man.
There's a big ditch
and then a bunch of trees.
Damn it, man!
I can't fit through that window.
It's too small,
that'll be too slow,
they'll grab me in a second.
You? Hmm, not...
not you, screw you.
You're going to jail.
Well, thanks,
world's best friend.
Well, dude the jewels.
The jewels, man, toss them out the window, I can pick them up,
and, you know, I'll
slip in real quiet like.
No, Sam--
For fuck's sake, Aaron!
But they'll
spot you, dude.
Then make a big ass
distraction for me, would you?
Toss that shit
through the window,
I'll be waiting in the trees,
when the coast
is clear, I'll snag it.
And it goes to Laura, okay?
Well, Elijah gets
his cut, so does Vern,
and so do I, fucker,
'cause I'm dodging cops too.
Okay, and the rest goes to her.
By the way, Vern's been
a dick, so don't let him
get handsy with his cut.
I got you, dog.
Do what you gotta do.
I called Elijah,
but he isn't answering,
so... I called Sam.
Aaron, are you there?
Yeah, I... of course.
You talked to Sam?
He didn't mention that.
He said that you're surrounded
by the police right now.
No, no, baby, baby, I'm almost--
I can't do this.
No, no, no, it's fine.
Sam and I are--
I can't do this, Aaron!
I can't do this!
I can't sit around waiting
for you for my entire life.
I don't want your blood money.
Did that ever occur to you?
Did it cross your mind
that I don't wanna sit
around and pay bills
with blood money while
you rot away in prison
for the rest of your life?
You're kidding
me right now?
Do I sound like
I'm fucking kidding?
I've gone through hell for you.
Sam is outside right now putting
his life on the line for you.
I don't give a hot
fuck about Sam!
I don't care about Elijah,
I don't care about Sam,
I care about you, Aaron!
And I can't live with
this money knowing
what you did to get it.
Laura... I'm sick of it.
My back is breaking,
my knees have gone to hell.
I am sick of digging
holes for fence posts
and stacking boxes,
scraping by at eight bucks
an hour at a grindy-ass job.
Laura, I want a life.
I want a house with you.
I wanna drive a car
not ride a bike.
Laura, I wanna sleep in.
I wanna wake up every
morning and see you there.
I wanna give you the life
you should've had.
I gave you everything I am,
and it cost me everything I
could've been, but that's okay.
Because you will go on
and at least I will know,
at least in quiet minutes,
that you're gonna be okay.
I gotta go.
I love you.
Promise you'll call back.
I love you.
You feeling okay?
Not even close, Mr. Koch.
Is your girlfriend there?
Why don't you tell us her name?
Jesus, man, you're relentless.
Her name is Laura.
The Sheriff's guys want
me to ask you about
that incident up the road.
I'm sure you have it
very well figured out.
Look, I'm sure you must feel like we're trying to set a trap for you, but the truth is--
You gassed me, bro.
We're not friends right now.
Aaron, if we cannot
confirm that Laura is okay,
these deputies are
coming through the door.
We need reassurances.
Let me tell you how
this is gonna work.
You're gonna back the fuck off
or I'm coming out shooting.
Aaron, you sound to me
like a real smart guy who
ran into some real bad luck.
Like you give a damn.
I do. Look, it's my job
to make sure we all
walk away from this alive.
Now, please give me something
to ease these guys up.
Piss off.
Do you care about her?
Uhm? Aaron?
Don't you wanna see her safe?
Then let her go.
-I can't do that.
- Why not, Aaron?
I don't know. I don't know.
Aaron, if you don't
give me something,
if you don't give
me something now,
they'll breach,
they'll come in there.
I'm doing my best to help you.
How is he?
Excuse me?
The cop, how is he?
The guy I shot.
Did I kill him?
What was his name?
He's absolutely fine.
Yeah, he's okay, Aaron.
You didn't hit him,
you missed, he's okay.
You didn't kill anyone.
It's okay to come out, Aaron.
Oh, God, please, please.
This world
wasn't made for you.
It has dirt in its seams.
Come on.
Come on.
It's too weathered to
live under a light like yours.
Your soul...
clung to a dirty window.
Jesus, I thought
something happened.
I'm sorry.
I've been calling, man.
Oh... Yeah.
I'm in position.
Just outside in the trees,
the cops can't see back
here, they aren't looking.
Dude, come on.
I can't really see.
I'm right here,
I'm right here, see me?
No, I can't see.
I don't see you.
I don't have a good vantage.
Oh, scrooge. Toss me the money.
Which way?
Which way do I throw it?
I'm just in front of you,
just in front of you.
Give me a minute.
There're cops everywhere,
man, this is stupid!
It'll work, just do it, come on.
- You just gotta be quick.
let me try something.
You need to hurry, man, I don't think I could be here that long.
Dude, what are you doing? Stop messing around, hustle up.
-I think I see you.
- Okay, finally.
Throw me the bag.
Oh, come on.
What happened?
Can you hear me?
I'm here.
I fell down.
Can you call for help?
- Can I?
- No.
Where are you hurt, Aaron?
- Can you tell me
where you're hurt?
I feel lit at my teeth.
Oh, my God, baby.
I can't... I can't--
Stop, hey, hey, just take...
take a deep breath, okay?
Just take a deep breath, Aaron.
Come on.
Okay, good.
Good, good.
Now, now just listen to
the sound of my voice, okay?
Just listen to me.
All right? You're fine.
Now, breathe.
It's okay, it's okay.
I'm so sorry.
No, you're okay.
I told you I'd be right here.
I don't know what to do.
You're too good.
I never earned it.
I don't deserve you.
Tell me why.
For us.
There wasn't a choice.
Is this your fate?
That you have no choice?
I love you.
Tell me why.
-My sister, Laura.
Stop it, go away.
Did you do it?
You did it!
For us.
I love you.
I love you.
I gotta go.
Oh, no, damn it.
Damn it. Come on,
don't do this to me.
Why should the universe
arrange itself for you?
You... one of many,
no more or less than the other.
What is a single tear
in a life of sorrow?
A joy?
Is it destiny
that rearranges us,
that forces us together?
Through this chaos
are we shaped,
is it chance?
What did you say
happened to Elijah?
I just tried calling him.
Elijah, I tried calling him.
- Fuck you, Aaron.
You know who picked up?
The cops.
No, it's... it's not like that.
You left him, didn't you?
You left him behind.
Yes, you did.
No wonder they
were on your trail,
you grabbed the goods
and you bailed on Elijah,
and that's what you meant
when you said, "We got
separated," you piece of shit.
- You ditched him, didn't you?
You don't understand. I tried
telling you, things went south.
You're a fucking coward.
Vern, I can explain it to you.
Fuck you! I'm not helping you.
It's not for me, it's--
I can't believe you'd fucking
do that to Elijah, man.
I hope they nail you to a cross, you spineless piece of shit.
We got
someone over here.
Freeze, Sheriff's Department.
- Aaron!
- Sheriff's Department!
Sheriff's Department,
get down on the ground.
Sheriff's Department!
Stop resisting.
Yo, Aaron, Aaron!
- Sam!
- Get down, get down
on the floor right now.
Knock down the door.
- Let me see your hands.
- Let me go, dude.
I'm sorry, bro.
No, no, no.
-No, it's... it's me, I should--
- Aaron...
It's time to come outside, man.
It's over.
Put him on.
Oh, please, buddy,
I'm asking you.
Sam, put him on.
Hello, Aaron.
Let him go.
Your friend wants the same
thing we want, Aaron.
I think it's time
to come out now.
You haven't made
any demands all night.
You've kept your head
on your shoulders.
I shot at one of your guys.
But you've been talking with me.
No, I can't do that.
Aaron, we know it's
just you in there.
We know you've been
calling Laura all night.
We know she's not in there.
You were looking
after your guys,
that's why you haven't
tried to breach again.
We're looking after you, Aaron.
Go easy on Sam.
Fuck off.
Please, Vern, don't hang up.
It's not for me, it's for Laura.
It's absolutely for you.
Vern, the cops can come in
here any minute and kill me.
- Good!
-Goddammit, Vern!
In ten minutes, I'm gone
for good, all right?
This isn't a fucking joke!
Oh, it's the biggest fucking
joke I've ever heard.
You are, you are the joke.
If you don't help me out,
it was all for nothing.
Vern, it was for nothing,
but you can make it
worthwhile, okay?
You can, right now,
you can make all of
this worth something.
- It'll be a cold day in hell.
-Goodman it.
What happened to Elijah?
What happened to him?
You have to come here.
After they take me away,
you have to come back
here and get the money.
All right, I'll rope
it off or something--
Vern, me, Elijah, Sam,
we got it this far, okay?
Right? And we're
counting on you.
Laura, Laura is counting
on you, all right?
This is why you're here, man,
it was... it was you all along.
Right? It was you, you were
the last piece of the puzzle.
All right?
And I'm begging you.
I'm begging you
right now, please.
Vern, please, help me.
Please, help Laura.
No, no, no, I'll leave some
cash in the bag, all right.
I'll throw them off the
trail for a bit. They'll
think that's everything.
By the time they realized
I stashed some stuff away,
it'll be too late.
You see?
Now, you gotta be quick
back here, and you
need to pick the rest.
But you have to tell me.
Tell you what?
The truth.
I'm here.
Why did you leave Elijah behind?
He was shot.
I didn't think
you'd call back.
It won't be long now.
Please surrender, Aaron.
I need to tell you something.
What about him?
Aaron, what about him?
I'm here.
What about Elijah?
He's dead.
No, no...
No! Oh, my god.
Oh, my God.
No! No, no!
No, no.
I don't understand.
I have to tell you, Laura.
No! I don't understand.
What happened?
Tell me what, Aaron,
what happened?
I wanted to tell you sooner.
Aaron, what happened?
What happened? No...
What happened?
Aaron, what happened?
On the ground everybody, down!
- On the fucking ground!
- Get down on the floor.
-Whoa, whoa.
-Get down on the fucking floor.
Don't look at me,
stay on the ground.
The drawers!
- Alright, alright.
-Open the jewel cache.
- Open your bag!
-Get back.
Give me all
the cash you have.
-That's it? That's it?
Son of a bitch.
Eli, what the fuck
are you doing?
What are you doing, bro?
Go get the stuff.
- Fuck, man. Don't--
-Go get it!
Eli, I've got-- Oh, God!
Eli, no.
- Eli!
- No!
-Eli, don't!
- No!
What... What have you...
Aaron, no. Aaron.
You killed him.
You killed him. Eli is not--
You killed my brother?
Why, why, why?
- Why, why, why?
-It was only to help.
He's gone.
It was only supposed to help.
Elijah's gone.
There is nothing I wouldn't
give to trade all this.
- You killed him.
-I had to.
You asked about destiny,
well, this is mine.
I didn't ask for this, Aaron,
I don't want this.
And I'm giving up
my life for you,
my freedom for you,
everything for you.
I didn't want to either.
But I had to.
I'd stop Elijah hundred times
if it meant protecting you.
I'd do it again if I had to.
I'm gonna be sick.
You have to take it.
You have to take the money.
What? No!
I can't think about it.
No, not I'm not gonna
take it, I won't take it.
- I don't want it.
-You have to.
I can't...
How, Aaron, how could you do this and still say you love me?
You don't love me.
You don't love me.
You don't love me.
I have nothing left to give.
I have nothing left to give you.
And somehow you managed to
take everything away from me.
I only wanted a future.
We had a future.
It may not have been bright,
but it was ours.
You have to take it.
-Take it.
-Promise, promise me, Laura.
Promise me, Laura!
-Promise me!
I promise.
Now, breathe.
Come back.
I'm here.
I'm still here.
I promise.
I promise.