In Your Dreams (2023) Movie Script

Oh! Pelin.
This one got married too.
Okay, take it easy, buddy.
You're going to get married eventually.
I'm annoyed nevertheless,
it's as if they're doing it to spite me.
I'm leaving.
Make sure you call me.
See, my cousin's gazillionth post
with that bronze wedding dress.
Take a picture of me.
I'll post something allusive back.
Why are you posting something allusive
to your cousin?
She's been too wrapped up in herself.
Take one standing up, will you?
Full frame.
Every time we get on the ferry,
I take your picture.
Shoot one like I'm flying, okay?
Go ahead, make a full production out of
Oh, my God, it's a sign! It's a sign!
Merve are you okay!
-Give it to me.
When you see flowers, you go vertical.
You hear someone repeat "yes," you yell,
"Step on his foot."
How can I be alright, for God's sake?
My mom pushes me, the whole
neighborhood keeps nagging about it.
People at work are pressing, mercury is
retro-grading, and I'm getting upset.
Okay, calm down, honey.
Okay, calm down.
How can I calm down?
We're almost past our shelf life.
-Excuse us.
Excuse us.
Merve, sit down.
Did you and Eda have a fight?
Yesterday she called me, saying "I can't
reach Engin."
I mean, we're not reachable because we
don't want to be reached.
Don't say that.
She must be worried.
Her agenda is completely different.
What happened?
She asked the forbidden question the other
What question?
That question.
... is this relationship headed?
Oh, no!
Why do you have to ask that question?
We married everybody in Istanbul
yet we're becoming spinsters.
So much for expertise.
-What's going on?
-It's an accident.
You get on a bus, do you ask the driver,
"Where are we headed?"
I got a sign here saying, "This bus
doesn't go to marriage!"
It's not a taxi, you can't go wherever
you want to.
My route is clear, brother. You can get
off or keep riding me. That's all.
There's been a terrible accident.
Sometimes I think when I wake up in the
"I wish I had the man I married
with me."
And we would be growing old sharing a
-777, I accept it...
-I can't think of a worse nightmare.
Why do you say that? Look, "In sickness
and health, for better or worse."
Even the oath is like a poem.
Of course, it'd help
if he was a little rich.
-777, I accept it...
-You're out of your mind.
Merve, you're really out of your mind.
You' re gradually losing it.
You need to see a doctor or something.
You talk marriage nonstop.
Look at him, punk.
After that, the usual tears and all.
As if I promised her something
in the first place.
At this rate, I'll run away.
So, what am I supposed to do now?
You'll stop worrying too much about
Take a deep breath, close your eyes.
What do you see?
My wedding.
No, Merve , no.
You see a woman standing strong
and proud over this huge city.
Tall like the Statue of Liberty.
Holding the bachelorette's torch high.
An army of men, under your feet,
looking at you with envy.
And then she started insisting that
we should see a couple's therapist.
-A couples therapist?
You? Come on!
I mean, you're right, but I don't know.
Don't you think it's time?
Time for what?
You can't keep burning the candle
on both hands.
A warm home, a steady life... The idea
doesn't sound so bad to me anymore.
Sure. Get married!
And see for yourself.
I have friends who are married.
They're all very happy.
Look, this whole marriage enterprise
is the most clandestine organization ever.
-You know why?
Why don't you give up?
We're not leaving!
No progress without change, ma'am.
A demolition order has been issued.
You need to evacuate.
And we've made you a very generous offer.
We are giving you an
ultra-luxurious apartment.
I will not have the house where
my children were born demolished!
Do your best!
We're not evacuating!
You've gathered with friends,
You've embarked on a yacht cruise,
You've moored in a paradise cove.
You can't wait to jump in the water,
and finally, you do.
It feels like a million of needles
in your stomach.
The water is freezing.
You'll almost swear.
Just then, your friends ask how the water
You have two options now!
You'll say, "I'm freezing my ass off,
don't get in."
Or just like those married friends of
yours, you'll tell them,
"The water's
great, jump in."
This is what the marriage enterprise
is all about, Cihan.
Forget about the marriage.
Don't forget, tonight we're going to
Emre's new place with the girls
Honey don't be so pessimistic.
It's best to leave everything to time.
All in due time
Darling there's no time!
Twenty-four hours a day
is not enough!
-How is that not enough?
-We work eight hours,
sleep eight hours as we have to.
Two-hour one way commute every day.
Here we are. Twenty hours in total.
-How much's left?
-Four hours
Four hours my bottom.
Shower, hair, makeup etc. I calculated the
rest, two minutes, and forty-one seconds.
See him, look at him, talk to him, fall in
All in two minutes and forty-one
Exactly two minutes and forty-one seconds.
You're late!
-We're not late actually. The bus was.
There is a complaint about you.
Complaint? What complaint?
You argued with the groom about the car
sign. Again!
Okay, I was a little harsh, but,
When the groom wanted to
put this on the car
I might have come at him a little hard.
How can I not be tough on this?
Excuse me. You must be romantic.
We're organizing a wedding.
We organize it according to the
demands of those customers.
If this is how they want it, they
shouldn't get married.
Keep your opinions
to yourself.
If I get a similar complaint again
You'll find yourself out of the door!
What is this, "A bride? Give me a twig?"
I think it's funny, I'd have it if I got
Good morning.
Welcome, Mr. Engin.
Sadettin Akman is insisting to
have a meeting today.
-But it's very important.
You'll be in Maslak in two hours.
For the new sales office opening.
You must be there.
Mr. Rauf wants to meet for the new tender.
It's not the time.
Tomorrow, the last remaining house
on our urban regeneration project
will be demolished.
-Tell them to do whatever's necessary.
Your girlfriend, Ms. Eda...
She hasn't been able to reach you for two
Never! Tell her I'm in a meeting or
something like that.
She's waiting for you in your room
right now, sir.
Have a seat.
Why are these menus out here?
Let's put these inside.
I think they look ridiculous.
Stop it! The menus will be on top.
The guests want to see the menu
as soon as they arrive.
This woman is obsessed with me.
If I owned this company, she would be
serving tea.
I have half a mind to slam
the door on my way out.
But I'm not, I will not.
Put the menus in there please.
I could use that persistence in the
What's with tonight?
This very posh place has just been opened.
And who knows, maybe we'll find
the love of our lives.
We'll go, right?
Posh place and me...
Why don't you ever listen to me?
What are we doing here?
Darling, we only have two minutes and
forty-one seconds.
Patience, just a little
Well, now for the main event of the night.
Today's your lucky day, girls.
Chef Engin will be cooking.
I sent my message to the universe.
I wonder what surprises await me,
in two minutes and forty-one seconds
Look to your left and you'll see.
The dreams we had, Engin.
You were going to open a restaurant.
I was going to be the chef of my own
There's a time for everything.
Well, you're right too.
You're a big boss now.
We're going through, like,
seven secretaries to get to you.
You wouldn't even be in the kitchen
if it wasn't for the girls.
Exactly two minutes and forty-one seconds.
I was wondering if I could get the name
of the owner of these graceful hands.
What a beautiful, meaningful name.
Such grace.
You're a sagittarius, aren't you?
What is your ascendant?
My blood pressure!
You know, this still the most
exciting idea to me.
I'm going to open that restaurant someday.
Just say the word.
Let me tell you something.
I found a great location.
It's a rental, and it has a huge garden.
I thought of everything, brother.
We'll start as soon as you say okay.
Your green necklace truly
brings out the color in your eyes.
Your white shirt has done
the same for your beards, Uncle!
Two minutes have already passed, we should
get rid of them or we will be stuck here.
Run for it.
What are we going to do?
Come with me!
We need to leave.
Where is the exit?
You're pretty.
Who are you?
I don't remember you either.
How the hell did I get here?
-How long has this been on my finger?
-Let's just calm down.
I don't know how long you've had it.
It's your wedding ring.
Fuck, fuck,
what is this?
What is this?
Let's just calm down.
Did we have the jewelers open shop
after we met, in the middle of the night?
Met who? What night?
Which jewelry store?
Where are my clothes?
Why am I wearing this gown?
Look at me! What did you do to me?
No way!
You took me to your house. Are you
asking me what I did to you?
-This is not my house!
-It's not mine either!
If this isn't your house...
Why are we in this house with you? Whose
house is this?
Why did we wake up in the
same bed?
I don't understand what's going on.
Good morning.
I brought your orders.
This is Ms.
Pelin's whole wheat bread.
These are Ms. Pelin's
soy milk, probiotic yogurt,
Blueberries and kombucha.
What is kombucha, Mr. Engin?
Did we order these?
Apparently it's a mix up.
I can take them back.
One second.
Do we know each other?
Come on, Mr. Engin.
It's only this once I mixed up your order.
Let me ask you something.
Am I the owner of this house?
-For God's sake!
We're quite married!
For two years!
It's mom.
Baby, I didn't wake you up, did I?
No, Mom, you didn't wake me up.
Mom, I need to ask you something.
Ask me, dear.
Mom, am I married?
I mean, did I get married?
Oh, my God, it's only morning.
My child, have you been dreaming?
Of course, you did, mommy.
How is my son-in-law Engin?
Is your name Engin?
Is everything okay, darling?
May God never let the taste
in your mouth spoil, darling.
May God give us the chance to
love our grandchildren.
Right, darling?
Are you home tonight?
Are we home?
Mommy, I'll call you later.
Alright, my child.
I almost blurted out tonight's party.
I'd be surprised if you didn't!
-Oh God!
-Well, nice.
It was supposed to be a surprise!
What the hell are these?
I'm not wearing these.
Gross, like a punk.
"Stone crusher!" Is that your surname?
So, lame.
What's wrong about it?
What's yours?
Pelin "Stone crusher"!
I don't know this kitchen.
Where are the cups?
I found it.
What's the last thing you remember?
We were in the kitchen,
trying to escape, two years ago.
And you?
I was in the kitchen, cooking.
It was two years ago.
Who are you?
And what do you do?
Why would I have married you?
Who are you?
Why would I have married you?
I didn't mean that.
I didn't mean it like that!
Until this is resolved,
you'll keep away from me!
So away, that a taxi would cover the
distance for 200 liras! Got that?
I didn't mean it like that before,
but now I mean it like that.
I wonder why I would have married you!
Did a rock fall on my head,
Am I under some witchcraft spell?
Look at me!
The words "getting married" are enough
for me to have three arteries clogged.
I'm not one of those sluts who have an
engine chassis number for ID!
Please be careful when speculating about
And why on earth, would I have married
It's a stupid sentence, no matter
how you say it! And that's three!
I have but one.
In your dreams.
No, in your dreams!
Hello, Merve, I'm late, aren't I?
Make something up. Say...
To whom? Make up what?
Tell them, someone
tried to jump off the bridge.
Where are you going?
I can't lose my job because of you.
This isn't over yet.
We will divorce.
We're getting a divorce, immediately!
Ms. Pelin, I washed your car.
Yeah, the car.
I have a car?
Where's my car?
Where's my car?
What is this?
Are you kidding me?
It's a nightmare!
Please have it done by Friday.
Merve, did the chief ask for me?
You told her about the suicide attempt
on the bridge, right?
Well, this woman is going to kick me out
this time.
Ms. Pelin, if you'd like
I'll get you some coffee.
What Miss?
What coffee, Merve?
Are you all right? I'm trying to be
formal in front of the staff.
Chief, I'm sorry I'm late, but...
That's my desk. That's my desk.
Why is there someone else
sitting at my desk right now?
Ms. Pelin...
-I'll bring your coffee to your room.
-To your room?
You come with me.
I'd say you couldn't wake up,
but it's not that early.
What's the matter with you this morning?
Is this my room?
Look who's here.
Mr. Engin!
Hello, yes.
What am I doing today?
I don't know, what are you doing?
Bring it. What am I doing today?
Well, that's up to you.
How is it up to me?
Are you not my assistant?
Not anymore, Mr. Engin.
I'm freaking out!
Mr. Engin, I don't think you are well...
You look tired, too.
Sit down. I'll get you some water.
I'm not okay at all.
I'm going to go to my room and lie down.
Mr. Engin, wait a minute.
Will you please stop?
Mr. Engin, you don't have a room anymore.
What do you mean you don't have a room?
-You sold this company!
How did I become the boss?
Darling, Engin invested in.
The king of brother-in-laws.
You took over the company.
What's wrong with you? Are you all right?
I am fine now.
How do you like your new job?
Since you've deemed it appropriate,
how would I not be pleased, Ms. Pelin.
And how do you feel?
I mean when I took over the company.
I was very happy.
-Very much!
You can go.
Why would I sell the company?
Am I an idiot?
-He does not want to be disturbed.
-Who's is he?
What's up?
-My best friend stole my company from me.
-I'll call you.
-What did I do? Stole whose company?
-Yeah, you stole my company!
What are you talking about brother.
Who stole, what? Are you okay?
Eda, darling.
Tell me what's going on.
Please tell me. I'm going crazy.
Tell you what?
Did you get married?
Engin, will you please stop it?
I really don't remember anything.
When did you get married?
Where was I? Who did you marry?
My dear husband Cihan.
The company wasn't enough...
You stole my girlfriend, too?
Who the hell are you!
This is nonsense!
You said you were in love,
you said you were changing your life.
You said, "I'm leaving now, I don't
want to demolish houses, neighborhoods."
You said, "Those neighborhoods are the
heart and soul of the city." Blah blah.
You said to hell with progress, with
You changed when you met Pelin.
Have you forgotten again?
It must be due to the accident.
What accident?
Traffic accident.
So, these are your decisions, Engin.
Did I tell you to open a restaurant?
I opened what?
You opened a restaurant.
Everything is ready, right?
-Everything's ready, chef.
-The truffles are ready.
The soup is ready too.
The boss is here,
I'll get the soup.
You were missed.
Is this my restaurant?
It is beautiful, right?
Let me tell you something.
You did such a good job.
Quitting everything and opening this.
I opened it, didn't I?
Are you okay?
No, I'm not. I swear to God if someone
else had lived what I've been through...
They'd freak out!
Did you have a fight with Pelin?
Who's Pelin?
Your wife, brother!
Yes, Pelin.
Good of you to remind me.
No, you're not okay.
Look, you look pale.
Come and sit down.
I'll get you a glass of water.
The doctor warned us about the
aftermath of the accident.
What accident?
The truffles you ordered from Italy
for the party tonight, have arrived.
Did I order these?
Chef, portobello mushroom soup with baked
garlic and cream is ready for dinner.
Let me see.
Creamy, infused with garlic...
Some truffles...
This is...
Pelin will love this.
Pelin, yes.
I got to go, guys.
Good luck.
Your career star is shining bright.
Be at ease, darling.
I have good news.
There's a baby on its way, a baby.
Baby? No baby!
There's no baby.
Why did you wipe it, Pelin?
You said you wanted kids.
You had started working on it
with my brother-in-law.
What do you mean, working on it?
Don't make me spell it.
You know, like a pendulum from that
side to that side.
-From one side-
-I got it, I got it.
I get it the first time, Merve.
I feel sick.
Morning sickness!
I'm going to be an aunt.
I'm going to be an aunt!
-I'm not pregnant!
-I'm going to be an aunt!
-I'm going to be an aunt!
-No, you're not. I'm not pregnant.
-Merve, don't dance in front of me!
-Ms. Merve.
New suppliers have arrived.
Okay, you take them to the conference
room. I'm coming, darling.
We're going to talk about this.
There is something going on with you.
I know these things.
What am I supposed to tell, Merve?
How could I explain this to her?
I woke up this morning, and a man
emerged as if from a surprise egg?
Speak of the devil!
-We need to talk urgently, very urgently.
What's so urgent?
No, it's not an emergency, I'm
It's just that my life has been turned
upside down!
Oh really?
It's interesting, what happened to you I
After all, the same thing did not happen
to me. So, let's talk about your urgency!
Pelin, look, I've sold my car
and bought a bicycle...
I've handed one of the country's
leading construction companies
over to my friend...
As if it wasn't enough,
I've opened a restaurant.
And all those have happened
after I met you!
Guess why?
I think it's because of you!
Well, you're right.
What happened to you is more difficult to
But I don't think I forced you
into something you didn't like.
That's a first.
You in this decibel?
I should be thanking you...
Because you bought out the company
I used to work for.
What company?
Wedding management.
I sold the million-dollar company. And
what am I doing?
Keeping kids off the
dance floor?
-Asking the groom for a tip?
-Well, not exactly...
No, this won't work.
We need to wake up...
...and we need to get professional help
-Okay, where?
-To an expert, there's someone I know.
-Like I don't want to wake up!
-Please, come on.
You've been married for two years,
and you don't know each other?
You're both having a dream right now?
And it is the same dream?
And you can't wake up?
And everyone but us finds this situation
This is not a dream; this is a nightmare.
I want my life back.
Me too.
Look, when two people have the same dream
at the same time...
...scientifically, not very unacceptable.
Don't talk to me about science, doctor!
It's against science to sell my company or
my car too.
-On top of all, with that-
-Speak up. You can talk freely!
I was going to say, for us to get married.
I agree with the loggerhead over there.
-We can't be married!
-What's a loggerhead?
No need for insults!
You started it first, okay?
You're the one who marginalized me,
calling me "that"!
I didn't mean it like that!
No matter what you mean, it is just as
meaningless as you. And it doesn't matter.
-That's enough!
Doctor, I've spent my whole life
evading over locker women.
What's all this nagging about?
Non stop like a machine.
-You're the over lock!
-Shut up! Shut up!
-But he started it first!
-But she started it first!
please calm down.
Look at what you're going through right
is something we call reflection in
I mean, you suppress your inner fears...
... you reflect it as anger to the other
Now, back to your original question.
Yes, please, let's go back.
This is a common situation that we
encounter in newly married couples often.
Fear of giving up being an individual
and starting a life together.
Worrying, "I wonder if I did the right
What worry, doctor,
I don't know this woman!
If you don't know me I don't know you at
Well, get to know each other, then!
Here's a rare opportunity
one can have only in a dream
Fall in love again.
Everybody wants that.
How am I supposed to fall in love
with someone I don't know?
Now that you're married,
you've already been there.
You can do it again.
Relive those first moments that connect
We don't remember them.
Then create new moments, new memories.
Hold hands, have a romantic
dinner, take a vacation, I don't know...
Explore, surprise each other.
Only when you are no longer
afraid of being together...
When you want to be together more than
this situation you call a
nightmare ends.
We wanted to wake up from the dream,
yet he gave us a couple's therapy!
You brought us to the couple's therapist.
You've obviously benefited
from him a lot before!
I want to wake up from this nightmare.
-Me too. Do you have any idea how?
I have!
We'll take a look at my diary.
You keep a diary?
Go ahead, make fun of me!
I write everything in my diary.
All right let's see this diary and be over
Watch it, mad driver!
Are you okay?
It's too dangerous here, impossible to
see. I'm fine.
I'll look at it, stop.
You held my hand here for the first time.
What are you doing?
That's rash!
You didn't hold my hand right away.
You pretended to be nervous at first,
Then slowly put your hands down
and held my hand in your palm.
I don't think so. This isn't me.
Could this be your fantasy?
I'm not the type to struggle with holding
Yeah, you must have been through
a lot of hand holding!
Of course, I have.
-And I didn't just hold them!
-Well, what did you do?
-Do you want me to tell you?
-Look at me.
Even if it's in a dream,
I'll gouge out the eyes of the man who
holds other hands than mine!
-Will you shut up!
-Guys, we're trying to watch!
I don't think this will work.
The first time we held hands,
That was it.
Let's give up.
No, okay, I learned my lesson.
This time I'll do everything by the book.
What's next?
First dance, on the seaside at sunset.
Oh, we're so romantic.
Come here.
Are you always in such a hurry?
You said the first dance on the seaside,
and this is the seaside.
-Why not?
What's going on, so openly?
Go make out at home,
this is a public space!
You're allowed to lie in public like a
But no dancing?
Look at me, friend!
Keep your wife in control...
Or else?
Or we'll teach her a lesson!
-What are you going to teaching me, jerk?
-Whoa, whoa, what are you doing?
What are you doing?
So, what's next?
That's enough for today.
But we need to wake up.
We need to continue. So, what's next?
First kiss.
I took you to the neighborhood where
I spent my childhood,
so that's where it
Let's go.
I hope nothing goes wrong.
Come on.
I can't believe this!
What happened to my neighborhood?
What kind of destruction is this?
No progress without change.
Progress of that?
The streets people walked as children,
The grocery store where they
used to buy bubblegum,
The bakery where they had
their first pudding,
And orchards they used to raid as kids,
The park they played ball,
You're going to bulldoze away
all these memories, sweet and otherwise.
And call it development?
Call it change?
I will, because...
Some of these constructions are mine.
I mean, it used to be.
Before I sold the company.
This was my childhood.
Did you tear this place down?
It's what I do.
No way we can get along!
-We're getting a divorce? Immediately!
-Okay, okay, calm down.
I've already quit, apparently
you've convinced me.
Good riddance.
What kind of job is that?
-No, I'm leaving!
-You can't go anywhere!
What will you do?
Are you going to make me stay?
Let's go home.
To our home?
I don't have anywhere else to stay.
Neither do I.
Have you calmed down a bit?
No, I mean, let's just call it a day.
Did you hear it?
No, I didn't hear anything.
Let's check it.
-Happy anniversary!
-Happy anniversary!
-Happy anniversary!
-Happy anniversary!
Just when you say it can't get any worse.
Please let's just get through this.
-Happy anniversary, baby.
My son-in-law. I haven't seen you
for so long. Happy anniversary.
How are you, my child?
What a surprise, right?
-My daughter, my beautiful daughter.
I must admit.
The whole plan belongs to the boss.
We've been at it for about a week,
getting ready for this.
We even had special truffles
brought in from Italy.
We replicated the menu of your first meal
See if you like it.
That's great.
It's really delicious.
Good job.
And so, we managed to realize one of our
Is there anything different with you?
What in God's name are you whispering
Go get those bowls. Lets serve.
The soup is getting cold.
Come on, baby.
Well, that's nice,
thank you.
Where were the plates?
Did you plan this party?
And where are your parents?
My dad and I aren't talking.
I mean, he's not talking to me.
I lost my mother.
My condolences.
So why don't you talk to your dad?
It's a long story.
Honey, come here a second.
Let me have a look at you.
Have you lost weight again?
Son, are you still on a diet?
Listen to me, women with wider hips
bear stronger boys.
Isn't it about time?
Mom, what are you talking about?
My beautiful child, dear Engin.
When will I hold my grandchildren?
Isn't it about time?
-So, is it not too soon?
-What do you mean, soon?
Time flies, my child.
I remember your wedding like it was
yesterday. How long has it been?
What a day, huh?
Your dress was by the book gorgeous.
I was out of my mind when I saw it.
What about the proposal?
Yeah, what a proposal it was, right?
That's what I'm asking. How was it?
I don't understand.
My child,
you never told us before. Whatever it is
you've been through. It's still a secret.
We are curious how that
marriage proposal came about.
Brother-in-law, tell us.
I mean, there's not much to tell.
-It was a normal marriage proposal.
Aye chews gum too.
But Fatma blows up bubbles like no other.
Could your story ever be like the others?
And there was that poem.
The one, brother-in-law wrote for you.
The cluster bomb. Rhymes and all.
His flaming lines he cited in his
Oh, the poem.
You wrote that, didn't you?
Of course.
You can't propose with someone else's
poem. Can you?
Good job, son-in-law.
He can write poems too.
Oh, my beautiful child.
Since you wrote the poem yourself,
it must be on your mind.
Let's hear it.
If my wife approves...
As it is something intimate.
God! Are we strangers, my child?
Are you feeling embarrassed? For God's
No, mom, why should I be embarrassed?
Why don't you read the poem?
So, you allow me.
Come on my child.
Today is Pelin.
Oh darling.
I'll make you my bride.
You brought me back to myself.
You changed my house, my job.
Maybe it's a good thing.
You must be in love with me, too.
Good for you!
Why are you so hard on the kid?
Apparently it is a special poem.
He doesn't want to read it.
Thank you.
I'll get the door.
Son? It isn't anything bad. Is it?
It really isn't, right dad?
You say you miss me, call me for a
And keep me standing at the
-There's something you can't swallow.
I missed you so much.
Look, kid, this girl is your best shot.
Don't you dare do something stupid
and scare her away.
This time, I won't forgive you
as long as I live.
You say so?
Son, Pelin saved your life after the
I forget it sometimes.
It comes and goes time to time.
How did she save it?
Son, you were in a coma for weeks.
While the doctors had given up on you,
She told them that you were hearing her,
She claimed you had tears in your eyes.
She's kept waiting by you all night.
She spoke to you.
She had your favorite foods cooked,
brought them in.
The smell of that food woke you up
from your coma.
Are you awake?
Pelin practically brought you back to
Have you forgotten all this?
You need to see a doctor again.
No, no, I remember.
It just comes and goes.
The doctor said it would happen
I'll help Pelin.
You finished everything.
We could have done it in the morning.
I already took care of it,
Bring them in. I'll put them in.
I'll put this in.
Thank you very much.
Why's that?
You've made me reconcile with my father.
And I thank you.
I've never seen my father so cheerful.
Son-in-law this son-in-law that.
Why weren't you talking to your father?
My mother had cancer.
We found out too late.
There was nothing left to do.
I had just graduated. I was working
like crazy during start-up.
I wanted him to see how successful I was
before she was gone.
I wanted her to be proud of me.
Or I was scared.
Seeing her fade away day after day,
I ran away from that maybe.
I dedicated myself to work.
Then came the tidings.
I was out of town for a meeting.
I missed the funeral.
My father erased me that day.
I thought he still hadn't forgiven me.
I'll go prepare your father's bed.
Thank you, my daughter,
You didn't have to do that.
It's no trouble at all.
-Well, good night.
This is from me,
for your wedding anniversary.
A little gift.
You shouldn't have bothered.
It is very beautiful.
It was my late wife's.
My mother had given it to her.
Thank you very much.
Well, actually I thank you.
You brought my rascal back to life,
and then you made him a man.
Thank you so much.
Good night again.
You've taken all the bed for yourself
in my absence.
What's the problem?
We're not sleeping in the same bed.
We woke up in the same bed.
I don't intend to make
that mistake a second time.
I don't think I can sleep downstairs
in the living room while my father's here.
Well, of course not.
Not appropriate.
It would be nice if you had taken
after your father a little.
So kind, and gentlemanly.
I wish you were more like your mother.
Yet she insisted on grandkids.
I can't think of anything scarier.
Total nightmare.
Okay, get up, get up, get up.
What's going on?
Get up!
Here's what's going to happen.
I'll lay the quilt down.
You're going to sleep on the floor.
Like it?
Why am I lying on the floor? If you don't
want to sleep in the same bed, you do.
And what are you so afraid of?
It is a big bed?
Why should I be afraid of?
Okay, then hold it.
Let's put it back.
There 'll be three cushions distance
between us.
Using the word "cushion" in a sentence
I can't believe I married such a woman.
-What are you doing again?
While I am here?
How relaxed can you be!
Don't look if you're shy.
Well, come on.
-Come on, what?
-Why don't you change?
No, I'm not,
I'm sleeping with my clothes on.
You don't have to be afraid. I'm
I won't touch you. Of course if you say
you can't help it, sleep in your clothes.
What are you talking about?!
Why should I be afraid of you ?
Can't help what?
Turn it off the light and let's go to
I've had enough for a day.
My hair is gray!
This marriage has ruined me.
I'm in so much pain.
Good morning to you, too.
What is this?
-What have you done to me?
-You're kidding, I didn't even touch you.
How did this happen if you didn't touch
Relax, there's got to be a logical
-Look at this. What logic?
-Okay, don't cry. We'll find a way.
Don't touch me! Don't touch me!
What did I tell you? I told you there'd
be three cushions distance!
You and your cushions.
Let's say last night...
Do you hear yourself, "let's say last
You're admitting to what you've done to
I said last night, how did you
get nine months pregnant overnight?
It happened again!
No, no, I can't, I can't be a mother.
I'm not ready to be a father either.
You should have thought of that
before you did this!
That's the worst part.
The woman I didn't touch is pregnant!
I wonder what would have happened if you
had touched.
Would kids pop out all over
the house?
Let's see the therapist again.
Yes, but.
-What plum?
-Plum. Juicy, green plums.
Plums this time of year?
You woke up one morning and you were
Then you slept, you woke up,
and Ms. Pelin had gotten pregnant.
You don't have any recollection of this...
To you, this is all a dream.
I see.
First of all, let me state that,
Two people dreaming the same dream
at the same time...
Is impossible.
You've told us that before, doctor.
You said the method was obvious.
Repeat the key moments and firsts of
your relationship, one by one.
Remember why you have a connection.
You said only then we could wake up
from this dream.
Have you tried it?
We tried to.
-But there were all sorts of setbacks.
-It didn't go very well.
Looks like you guys did something.
Keep practicing.
I'm really glad we came back to you.
It's been very productive
for our relationship...
It's been useful!
No other methods for this?
Pills or anything else.
Look, what you're experiencing is
a recurring trauma.
Two years ago, you had
fears as a newlywed couple.
Now you don't feel ready
to be a mother and a father.
The moment you conquer your fears,
dream or nightmare, it will end.
But what are we going to do about this?
If you are dreaming as you claim.
You need traumatic events to wake you up
from it.
That's what giving birth is.
In dreams, you usually wake up just
before what's feared is about to happen.
In this case, you have nothing to be
afraid of.
Pelin, look out!
I forgot about this place.
I was terrified.
Look at me.
If I were to swim in the Aegean,
two countries would have a dispute,
"Whose island is this?"
Engin, I ate so many plums.
Now I'm craving dessert.
God, somebody tell me to stop, please,
I want dessert.
Excuse me, what do you have for dessert?
-We don't have any dessert. Tea, coffee...
-Don't you have any dessert? None at all?
Look, I'll start eating these cubes,
Alright, I'll arrange something
from the pull in.
Okay, thanks a lot.
-You're welcome.
Are we going to keep doing this?
I mean, I'm going to wake up when
I'm about to give birth.
What if I don't wake up!
We have to go on.
We have to go through more traumatic
What about the proposal?
Oh, that's so romantic.
What did I do?
-No, I can't do that.
-Like I'd want to you to!
Okay then.
-Asking parent's blessings to marry
-No way!
Yes way! I can't think of
anything more traumatic.
-How are we going to do it?
-How does one ask for blessing?
I'll go to my mom's. I'll prepare them to
You'll take care of the flower, the
You get everything ready,
you take your father and come to us.
I'd understand if you wanted to
renew your marriage wows...
Who would ever want to renew permission
part? Are you out of your mind?
For Pelin, dad.
She's been overwhelmed lately.
And it is also doctor's advice.
What happened?
-Is there a problem?
-No, no, it's just for the morale boost.
But it must be like that day.
The doctor said if possible...
I would like to ask you to help
Pelin relive exactly the same day.
In a minute, the brother-in-law will
suffer from 3rd degree burns.
Some genuine chilies.
Add a little salt too.
My rabbit wants too.
Does your rabbit want from it, too?
If the rabbit drinks this coffee,
his mouth will burn.
She's grown up so much.
Girl, look at me, where did this
whole thing come from?
I'll tell you all about it later at
Now let's take the coffee,
don't keep them waiting.
-Thank you very much.
Slowly, my child.
Thanks, dad.
How does it taste?
Sir, the young people saw
each other and liked each other...
No, no, in law, no.
You were very nervous that day...
I told a joke to soften things up a bit...
-Do you remember?
-Of course, go ahead.
Now, here it goes...
Our hero sees a banana peel on his way.
What do you think he says?
Oh crap. I'll fall again.
I mean, you know, when...
It wasn't funny that day either.
Yes, Mr. Yusuf.
Sir, my son saw your daughter
and liked her very much...
What happened!
What's the matter!
-Mom! Mom, it's coming!
-It's coming! Breathe.
-It's coming, it's coming!
-What's coming?
That's what's coming, what else!
Dad, dad, hurry up.
-By God's will...
-Okay... You have my permission...
-Come on, baby.
It's coming!
I can't help it.
Honey, just hang in there it's almost
-I can't stand it, please go faster!
-Okay, we're almost there.
-Almost there, darling.
-It is really coming.
Hang in there, baby, hang in there.
Hang on, we're almost there.
Breathe, breathe.
Hurry, Engin, hurry!
Doctor! Stretcher!
-Help me, I'm having a baby.
-My wife's in labor.
Engin, hold my hand!
-We're going to wake up, aren't we?
-We will, darling.
You can wait here.
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
And you?
Its complicated.
How's our mother?
I'm fine, but I'm a little tired.
So is the little lady.
Then it is time for you to rest.
Pelin, you know what...
I know...
I'm glad we didn't wake up, right.
I'm glad we didn't wake up.
We have to pick her a name.
I always thought I would call her
Zeynep, if I had a daughter, but...
I don't know...
I don't like it, it sounds simple,
let's find another name.
What's so simple,
look at your own name, Engin!
-He calls my daughter simple.
-She's my daughter too.
I carried her for nine months.
What nine months?
Just one night!
What do you mean...
It happened overnight.
Our mother needs to get some rest now.
It happened again!
It happened again, Engin.
It happened again! My daughter!
Where is my daughter!
Engin, everything's alright isn't it?
-No, no...
-It's alright isn't it.
Relax, I'm sure nothing's happened.
-Open it.
-This worse than a prison.
How marvelous!
Like an angel.
She looks like you.
She's got your nose.
I'm curious, how we call her?
I'm sure we decided on Zeynep.
I don't think I let you.
My daughter.
My daughter.
She said, Dad."
-Did you hear that, "Dad?"
-Wait, wait, you're going to frighten her.
She said "Mom!"
Yes, mom,
I'm your mother.
-Bunny. She said "bunny."
- Bunny!
-She said bunny.
-Yes, bunny.
You're our cute little bunny.
Did she see a bunny in our dream?
You want to take a look?
-I'll go get a bunny.
-Well, that sounds good.
Mommy, come.
-Hello, welcome.
Do you have a bunny?
I think there is but let me go check.
This is what we have, but it's defective.
I'll give it to you for half the price.
Okay, I'll take it.
Yes, bunny.
Father found us a bunny.
Tiger dad.
It was the only one left, I bought it
Good call.
What are we going to do?
I don't know.
We cannot go like this.
At this rate, we'll be old and dead
in a few days. We have to stop this.
How do we stop it?
Let's just live today.
You, me, our daughter.
Like a real family.
I agree.
To the best day of my life.
-To this day.
-To this day.
I don't care if it is a dream or the
No matter what.
I won't leave you ever.
It's the best dream I've ever had.
How do you think we're going to wake up?
I don't know.
What happened, Pelin?
Get up!
Pelin you are scaring me.
What happened?
I fell in love.
Merve, I fell in love.
Okay, okay, honey.
How did that happen?
I dreamed of it.
It was just a dream.
We woke up and it is over.
You know what?
I had left you, girl.
For an eighteen speed, piece of tin.
Engin Takran, one of the
young playboys of Istanbul...
...was caught leaving a nightclub
with two young girls.
Let's see what his longtime partner
Eda Sever has to say about this.
-Are you sure this him?
-Yeah, it is.
I mean he is.
I said yes, Merve.
What you're looking at?
-Darling, I don't know he is a little...
-A little what?
Darling, don't get me wrong...
These well seasoned types,
don't show themselves to us often.
If it were a bag of chips.
We would get crumbles.
-This one belongs to a fairy tale...
-Or a dream you'll say. And you're right.
-I didn't mean it like that.
It was just a stupid dream.
I had a dream last night. And it's over.
Look at him, his life would
make Casanova jealous.
What am I supposed to tell him?
"Hello Mr. Engin, I saw you
in my dream last night,
We were happily married with kids."
Is that it?
Who would believe this?
I'm a mathematician,
and I want a fun sign.
"You were my prime pick
from the prime numbers."
How's that?
I think it should be more romantic.
"I took my angel,
I'm on my way to heaven," maybe.
Why does it matter.
Do you love each other?
Then it doesn't matter what it says.
Since when are we competitive
with our weddings?
The funniest sign will be mine,
I'll be the best groom ever.
I'll be the cutest bride.
You know what's really important?
The two of you.
It's what you feel when you
look at each other.
Weddings used to be organized in
the tea garden, at the neighborhood.
Weddings in the neighborhood felt more
It was more intimate, more beautiful.
-Believe me, I've been to those weddings.
-Ms. Pelin.
Can you come with me for a minute?
You make your decision, we'll have it.
Let's have the sign you want prepared.
Come here.
What are you doing?
You want to scare the customers off.
What do I tell you?
Keep those ideas to yourself!
Okay, enough!
I quit!
What is this?
Pelin, what are you doing!
That's it, I'm quitting.
I quit. It's over.
Okay, I got it.
I was going to say something else.
Look, the universe, fate is obviously
trying to tell you something.
If you want to change your life,
Don't wait, go ahead.
What have you got to lose?
You will clear out my desk.
Ms. Eda wants to remind you about this
couple's therapy session, Mr. Engin
-The house left in Fikirtepe project...
-We're not demolishing that house.
Excuse me?
The streets people walked as children,
The grocery store where they
used to buy bubblegum,
The bakery where they had their
first pudding,
The park they played ball,
And orchards they used to raid as kids,
We bulldozed their memories.
At least...
Let's not take their house away from them.
Mr. Engin, are you sure?
I'm sure.
As you wish. I should go on then.
-The project in Bomonti...
-In that list...
Does it say anything about dancing at
I don't understand, Mr. Engin.
You will reconcile with your father,
and from now on,
you will only do what you love.
Do you have these?
Today is the day to fall in love,
Is it in there?
No, Mr. Engin.
It's all off, then.
Sir, what am I going to tell people?
Tell them I woke up from a dream.
Send me Mr. Cihan, please.
So, you're turning the company over to me
because you had a dream?
It wasn't a dream.
You will sacrifice everything for a woman,
Who is this woman?
I am curious.
Her name is Pelin.
What brings you here?
We need to talk.
I take it you're not busy.
Things that keep you from even coming to
your mother's funeral.
Everyone's lives through pain in a
different way, dad.
I buried myself in relentless work.
Even if I took a little break, stopped...
...I used to think about her all the time.
I couldn't bear to see her like that.
I ran away.
Do you remember when I was little...
Every time I fell, you would
make something up and run.
So that I could learn to get up.
I was just like you, dad.
But I've changed.
I know my words have no meaning to you,
and you won't believe it.
No, you've changed.
You wouldn't talk, just like me.
What changed you?
A woman!
Then don't let go of this woman.
What's her name?
We were married.
Wait, when did you get married?
It's a long story.
There's time, and there's raki.
Tell me.
I had a dream yesterday.
It was so real.
Do what you have to do.
Find that woman.
I will.
We can continue.
Excuse me?
Nice job.
You're welcome.
All right, I'm leasing.
Good luck, Mr. Engin.
Thank you.
-Do you have a bunny?
I think there is a defective one
but let me go check.
I'll take it.
What is the problem?
No, I was just preoccupied. It's nothing.
Hey, buddy, why don't you turn that down?
This is a public place, bro!
Do you guys know how to swim?
What's the matter with you?
Do you have a problem?
Yeah, I got a problem.
Will we never come across someone with
Engin, don't forget the therapist at
It'll be great for our relationship.
You are coming, arent you?
I'm coming.
The fact that you decided to come here,
to take your relationship
to the next level... a very brave move.
I'm leaving you, Eda.
Excuse me!
I fell in love with another woman.
The woman I saw in my dream.
Thanks to you.
I'm here to thank you.
Thanks to me?
What have I done?
You helped me wake up from a dream.
No way.
We're sitting here talking about
a woman you saw in a dream.
I'm sorry.
You can be much happier with someone
I can't believe my ears, Engin!
I fell in love, Eda.
Forgive me.
-I can't believe you!
Eda, wait.
Youll be happier.
I'll make you pay, Engin!
I'm not leaving you.
I promise.
I know.
Please don't exhaust yourself.
Look, we're almost at the hospital.
You'll be fine, Engin.
I'm with you.
I don't want it to change.
It won't
We're going to share a long life together.
Our story is just beginning.
Pelin and Engin...
On your journey to write your own story...
I wish you luck.
And my daughter in law
who brought my son Engin back to life,
My dearest Pelin,
Welcome to the family.
I would like to tell a joke...
No, no, no!
Sit down, dear.
By the way, how did you two meet?
In a dream.