Inara, the Jungle Girl (2012) Movie Script

Hell of a battle you fought
here, soldier.
You should be proud of yourself.
Let me ask you a question.
I mean, while you're down there,
and I've got your full and
undivided attention.
Why'd you come to this island on
this mission?
You thought it was a noble thing
to do?
Extend a humanitarian effort...
Hand of peace to these people?
Shit, boy, these women are savages.
You can't civilize a savage.
Savage ain't never gonna be
nothing but a savage.
Now me?
I came here for the women.
That's right. You heard me.
You probably watched from afar
While I had my way with that
young lady over there.
You probably thought she wasn't
too keen on my, uh... charms.
Therein lies the problem.
You see, I'm a God here.
In this jungle, I am a God,
and I will take and do as I please.
Anyone who stands in my way?
Well, they just become a victim
of a tragedy...
Which brings us to this current situation.
It's a shame, though.
I would have loved another go at her.
She's the holy mother.
She's the one they all worship.
She didn't last five minutes with me.
They just don't make them like
they used to.
It's okay, though.
She and her baby
will be with the lord soon.
Oh, yeah.
I wish my boy Liam could
see me right now.
He'd be so proud.
Now, there's a handful.
That little sumbitch?
He's gonna grow up
to be just like his daddy.
Join ASGuard. Be a man someday.
Of course, he's got some pretty
big britches to fill...
So to speak.
That boy has got a bright future
ahead of him.
You, on the other hand...
Let me guess.
You're here to ask how I'm doing?
I'd ask.
But you already know the
answer to that question.
Yeah, I do.
Liam and his boys...
they heard you were back in town.
You need to watch your back.
I could seriously care less
about Liam and his boys.
I'm sorry about your father.
I could care less about him,
Your father loved you with all of his heart.
Never forget that.
He left me,
just like he left my mother,
just like he left you and the others.
Yeah, I know about that.
I may not know much, but it's enough
to know what kind of man really was.
You got it wrong, Inara.
I know it doesn't seem like it now,
but in time it'll get better.
Before he died, your father asked me
to look after you, to help you.
To help me?
Is that what you're going to do?
You're going to help me?
I'll tell you the same thing
i told your father the day he died.
I'll try.
Do you think 'cause your daddy's
dead, this is over?
It's not over! My father's dead,
and he's not coming back.
And your piece-of-shit father?
Yeah, he's responsible for it.
And since he's not here to pay,
I guess that leaves you, doesn't it?
So, why don't you fuck yourself?
What the fuck is this bitch
talking about?
Pick her up.
Oh, God!
Let's go, guys.
It ain't over. It ain't over.
Pick her up again.
And if I see your face around here again...
I'm gonna do to you what I
should have done a long time ago.
You're just a bunch of fucking
pansies with daddy issues.
Look at this.
She's tough!
Tough now.
Yeah, motherfucker!
Not... So... Tough...
Are you?!
Right, motherfucker! What?!
That's enough!
Get your shit together
and get back to base. Now!
It's a good thing you showed up.
Your boys are getting soft.
Is this it for you?
Yeah. You know, I think it is.
It's not so bad, is it?
Maybe I'll just live the whole clich life.
Daddy didn't love me, and I'll
just drink myself silly every night,
Wondering why I can't get someone
to explain to me why I have to...
Instead of hanging out at local bars
and beating up on
guys that don't stand a chance,
Why don't you try putting some
of that talent to some good use?
Oh, is that what we're calling it now,
ASGuard's got a job lined up.
It's a good one.
It's the follow-up on some
failed mission from years ago.
- You're familiar with ASGuard, right?
- Yeah, I'm familiar.
So, you know what I'm asking.
I understand what you're asking.
What I don't understand is why
you're offering me a job
with a team that hated my father's guts.
That I don't understand.
The briefing's tomorrow at 1800 sharp...
If you're interested.
Be there with your gear packed
and ready to ship out.
I don't care what you got to do.
You just get that bird on the tarmac at 1700.
You understand?
No, 1700 sharp.
You tell Liam and his boys
to get their crap together and be ready.
Well, if it isn't my favorite
good pal, Marcus Fletcher.
How are things in the real world?
Better than you,
seeing that you're dead.
That could be.
That could be.
But if I'm dead, how is it that
you're seeing me?
Maybe you're losing touch with reality,
boy scout.
How do you like the beard?
One of the good things about
being where I am?
I don't have to follow ASGuard
appearance protocol anymore.
- Not like you ever did.
- Oh, fair enough, fair enough.
Speaking of ASGuard,
I understand that you are sending
my boy over to warrior island.
All those...
Leather-clad fillies roaming free.
That's the best decision
you've ever made.
I mean, Fletcher, if you want
those resources,
My boy is just
the stud to get the job done.
Just don't make the same mistake
as last time.
What mistake was that?
Trying to bring humanity
to the inhumane.
Fletcher, everyone will wind up dead
If you go back in there with the same
bleeding-heart bullshit, like you did last time.
Let's face it.
You lost your greatest asset in the field.
- Williams?
- Wi--
Hell, no, boy! Me!
It's okay.
I don't hold grudges.
I forgive you.
That's what friends are for.
And speaking as a friend,
I cannot believe you're gonna send
in that crazy crimson-haired C...
Watch your mouth.
"Culex" was the word I was gonna use.
And you should be ashamed of yourself,
for thinking that a gentleman
of my stature would use such language.
Do you even know
what a culex is, Fletcher?
NOh, I'm sorry.
I forgot.
You're the kind of desk-job soldier.
Get to stay dry and cool.
You never crawl through the mud
and muck, like the rest of us. Ha.
It's a genus of the mosquito.
They're known for being parallel
to the resting surface.
I mean, you never know they're there.
They just sit right beside you
and bleed you dry.
Now, if that mosquito gets out
of sorts over there on estrogen island,
well, my boy's just gonna have to do
his rightful duty as an ASGuard soldier
and SWAT her like the bug she is.
Of course, being from my loins,
I'm sure he's gonna enjoy
himself while he does the job.
Oh, I got to tell you...
I got to tell you, though. Come here.
That boy?
He's got a screw loose.
I mean, that sumbitch?
He's batshit crazy.
Yeah, seriously.
He's...He's off.
It must come from his mama's side.
So, what I'm saying is...
I don't know whether he'll enjoy himself
before the job or after the job.
You know what I'm saying?
But, I mean, hey, a job is a job is a job.
Am I right?
This was a lot of fun!
It was good catching up with
you, Fletcher.
Good chat.
Oh, but, uh...
You know that part I was saying
about forgiveness?
I lied.
Tell Williams hello for me.
Oh, shit!
- Inara!
-Hey, girl!
Well, look at you.
You've grown so much.
Do you remember me?
Well, of course she does, silly.
Baby, this is aunt Inara.
You don't remember her?
Well, uh, it looks like you guys
have some reacquainting to do.
Why don't you come inside and
get situated?
- Wow. You have a beautiful house.
- Yeah, Jim's moving up in the world.
We don't get to see him as much,
but it's what he's always wanted.
- Are you happy?
- Very.
Well, then, I'm happy for you.
Are you happy?
It's complicated.
It's always complicated with you,
isn't it?
It's just about time to eat.
Let's get a hot meal in you.
Then, you can take a load off.
You look like you could use some
relax time.
- Finish your pizza, Dakota.
That's good.
'Cause I'm really hungry.
I don't like pizza.
- You don't like pizza?
- I do.
Oh. Okay.
- Who doesn't like pizza?
- Mmm. I know.
- I said I do.
- I know.
- You want another slice?
- Yes, definitely.
- How you doing over there, Dakota?
- Good.
I want four pieces.
- Four pieces?
- Mm-hmm.
- That's a lot of pizza.
- You can have it if you finish that one.
- After you finish that one,
you can probably have another piece.
Go ahead. Take a load off.
This feels so good.
Uh...Sorry for ruining your bed.
Oh, no worries, love.
It's not my bed.
It's Jim's sister's bed, and she
totally deserves it.
She's only staying with us until
she can get back on her feet.
But hey, it could be worse.
You could be rolling in an
alleyway, fighting a bunch of goons
and then lay in a clean
bed without taking a shower all night.
You smell funny.
Well, word gets around that
fast, huh?
It sure does.
- Liam and the rest of his
girl scouts deserved every bit of it.
Geez, why don't the two of
you get married already?
You fight more than my parents do.
They started it, and I finished it.
Inara, when do you leave?
I start packing now, but I leave tonight.
As in the ASGuard, the one that
destroyed your dad's life ASGuard?
Why in the hell would you sign up
with those douchebags?
- Mercenaries?
- Yeah, yeah, tomato, to-mah-to.
On a scale of "walk in the park"
or "total cluster,"
where exactly does this decision fall?
I need to know
what happened to my father.
And the only way that I'm gonna
do that is within ASGuard.
Not sure what's gonna happen,
But I go up with Liam and the
rest of his crew tonight.
- Total cluster, then.
- Yeah, total cluster.
Inara, you're my best friend.
Kick ass, take names,
and get back here as fast as you can.
Roger that.
As you were, gentlemen.
Our drop point is 20 Miles
southeast of our destination.
I hope you packed light.
And you had better be prepared
for a confrontation.
This mission isn't going to be a...
I'm glad you could roll out of bed
and make an appearance, Inara.
This mission
is not gonna be a cakewalk, gentlemen.
Your objective is to land,
set up base camp, and provide intel
and backup for ASGuard.
When you give the word,
ASGuard's gonna come in
150 strong to secure and take out anything
and everything off that rock that walks.
What's so important?
Two words...' Natural Resources',
oil and precious metals.
This rock holds the largest reserve
of natural resources
that we have ever seen in this region.
And the people with the know-how
want at it.
There's an electromagnetic field
surrounding this island
that affects any and all of our
electronic equipment.
What's causing it?
We don't know.
But you've all been selected because
you excel in hand-to-hand combat.
Gentlemen, we're coming in
bare knuckles and cold steel.
You've all been issued the
standard military bowie knife.
If you run into any hostiles on
the island...
You know what to do.
C-17s are equipped with a signal blocker,
which will prevent any damage.
But once you touch down,
you're to rely on hand-to-hand combat
and small weapons.
As you know, we take jobs as they come.
We're what the private citizens
refer to as "Mercenaries."
We have been hired by a private
entity to help clear out this rock.
No questions asked.
If anyone is not 100% sure of this mission,
now is your time to speak up.
Outstanding, gentlemen.
Your mission objectives have been delivered.
You roll out 5 minutes ago.
- Sound good?
- All: Sir! Yes, sir!
I'm not feeling good.
I told you, man.
Don't fill up.
Did you listen?
Guys, shut the fuck up already.
Can't you see we got a lady present?
How you feeling today?
You feeling go-o-od?
Oh, yeah.
I'm feeling great!
How about you?
Dispatch 5830.
Rescue, return to central.
Analyzing now.
Dispatch 5830.
Rescue, return to central.
Dispatch...Back at scene.
Dispatch...Back at scene.
She's not an enemy.
Release her at once!
She does not belong here!
You will cause her no more harm.
You will cause her no more harm.
Do you understand?
You little midget!
Hey, you!
That's not fair!
- You're hard to catch up with.
- Shh!
- You should be ashamed..
- Shh!
- Why, you don't...
- Shh!
You're not allowed to talk in here.
This is a holy place.
Holy place?
Yes. Our holy mother is here, here,
and all around us.
My name is Tinou.
One day I'll be the strongest of
all Amazons.
What's your name?
My name is Inara.
It's nice to meet you, Tinou.
Holy mother is mother to all Amazons.
She protects us and keeps us safe.
Keeps you safe? From what?
Okay. It's like that, huh?
All right!
Get ready to bring the rain, baby.
Tinou has been sent home.
You are strong, but you lack focus.
You don't know anything about me.
That is where you're wrong.
I know that there is great anger
inside of you.
I also know that you lay awake at night,
wondering if tomorrow
will bring you the answers that you seek.
This is a very special place.
It is the final resting place of
our holy mother.
Her loss was a great emotional
tragedy to us.
But, in time, the pain served a purpose.
We grew stronger from it...
...strong enough to unite our people
and bring peace to our land.
Her presence is felt always,
even after death.
What does it have to do with me?
Life isn't about courage and faith.
Life is cruel and unforgiving.
And it never stops...
...not until you die.
There's something I need to tell you.
I know why you're here, Inara.
Then, you know many soldiers will come.
They are already here.
There's much prayer to be done.
- There is an intruder amongst you...
- [ Speaking native language ] intruder who has come to
take you away
from the life of peace that you have all
come to know and love.
[ Speaking native language ]
I stand before you with shame
in my heart...
[ Speaking native language ]
...and tears in my eyes.
[ Speaking native language ]
Shame in admitting that I was
one of those who would take from you.
[ Speaking native language ]
And tears for the loss that we
have all suffered.
[ Speaking native language ]
We have lost someone so young,
so full of life.
[ Speaking native language ]
And tomorrow, our enemy will
come to deepen our sorrows.
[ Speaking native language ]
But united they will not be victorious.
[ Speaking native language ]
United, the enemy will not break
our bond!
[ Speaking native language ]
United, we will show them the
error in their ways!
[ Speaking native language ]
And united, we will show them
that we are the masters of our fate
and the rulers of this land!
[ Speaking native language ]
Tonight, we make preparations
to go into battle,
as we honor our holy mother Innai
in a ceremonial battle Jo-Rur
Inara and Gare'n, you have been chosen.
Good luck to the both of you.
What does it have to do with me?
Life isn't about courage and faith.
Life is cruel and unforgiving.
And it never stops...
Not until you die.
She's the holy mother.
She's the one they all worship.
It's okay, though.
She and her baby will be with
the lord soon.
Crescent moon, light the night
from my tired eyes to fight for life.
Stormy skies, hear my cries,
for the memories from those times.
The passion that burned,
and you didn't know.
Our souls were one, and now I must go.
Gentle rain, wash it away.
All the pain... please, take it away.
Romantic heart, let it go.
Forget the things you'll never know.
The battle was over, and we,
the women of the Nile, were victorious.
But our victory did not come
without bloodshed.
Our brave queen, N'ah,
was lost in battle.
Her death was avenged.
I understand now, father.
I miss you, and I love you.
Are you ready, my queen?
Yes, I am ready.
That was awesome.
Oh, yeah. Oh, oh!
I see you.
That's what we need.
Before your father died,
he asked me to look after you.
I could seriously care less
about Liam and his boys.
- Can you see this shoe?
- Oh, dear.
A shoe?
Who throws a shoe?
You block the shield, yes.
And from the shield...
Johnny Brooklyn, how you doing?
How you like your first film, man?
Awesome. Having a good time.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
I got all your DVDs!
I got all your DVDs!
Cali danger.
Everybody, cali danger!
In the flesh!
Oh, that was awesome.
Giggity, hot damn, very nice,
appreciate it, yep.
Thank you.
I ain't scared.
What? You scared?
Killer bee.
- Oh, my gosh.
- Quiet on set. Quiet on set.
What are you doing?
Thank you.