Inbetween Girl (2021) Movie Script

(waves and distant seagulls) - [Liam] So, I heard Coach
is putting you on offense. You nervous?
- [Angie] No. I had to do way more
running in midfield, forward should be easy
in comparison. - Midfield elitist, are we now?
- Something like that. - Personally, I think it's
an affirmative action thing, but that's just me. (laughs) Ow.
- Shit. - What are you carrying
in there? You have dead bodies,
or something? - No, that was my camera. I hope I didn't break it. - That's cute.
- Hey! Liam! Give it back! Don't you dare break it. Fuck you, I don't have
that much film left. - I don't know why you
haven't gone digital yet. - What? - Think of all the pictures
you could take of me. - Gross. - No, you could make like,
a collage. It'd be high art. Like the Campbell's Soup guy. - Does no one at this school
know who Andy Warhol is? - That wasn't a no.
- What? - To taking pictures of me. That wasn't a no.
- Oh my god. - It was not a no,
ladies and gentlemen. - No one can hear you, Liam. (Angie gasps) - Still wasn't a no.
(laughing) -[Angie Voiceover]
Okay, future Angie. (upbeat, beachy music plays) I can feel your judgment. I can feel it. Does Liam have great eyebrows? Maybe. Has he been giving me rides home every day
from soccer practice? Listen- I am just a practical girl who has to get from
point A to point B. Does that mean I like him? No. No! Absolutely not. He's St. Michael's royalty, and when his other friends
are around I might as well be wearing
an invisibility cloak. Anyways. You have probably forgotten
all about me. You, me, us. Honestly, I hope you've
blocked it out of your memory because um, (sighs)
the last few years have been kinda complete shit. So, let me fill you in. Just open the flood gates,
shall we? Remember St. Michael's? You know, where you got to be their sole example of diversity? That's you. Look how happy you look. Ah.
(bell ringing) Its founders, Episcopalian
rectors intended to create an inclusive space that fostered kindness
and spirituality, but mainly it just fosters
the middling ambitions of gala-frequenting
B.O.I. lifers, (dinging) like Liam. - You clearly don't understand what I was going for
in this paper. - It was five days late, Liam. - It's okay, it's okay. - [Angie Voiceover]
And his girlfriend, possibly the whitest girl
I've ever met. - Okay, but is this hot,
or is it like, passe to post about
chia pudding these days. - [Angie Voiceover] Sheryl. Yeah, she's one of those
Instagram influencer girls. This gymnastics dance thing she did in middle school
went viral and then her follower
count exploded, and now she gets paid by like, healthy juice companies
to purse her lips slightly and hold a cup of lettuce water. Sometimes I imagine if Sheryl
and I told the same joke to a group of kids
at St. Michael's, they'd dub Sheryl a
comedic genius and then they'd just
completely not even hear me. What must it be like
to be that loved? At least I have Rebecca. - [Rebecca] Wait, what are
you taking pictures for? - Time capsule. - Right, I forgot
you were doing that. - Yeah.
- It's so like, middle school
Mary-Kate and Ashley. I love it. - You know Andy Warhol
kept time capsules, right? - Who? Oh my god,
they're selling carnations! - [Angie Voiceover] Yeah, you
probably don't remember her. But anyways,
I'm getting off topic, so let me fill you in
on the coup de grace. - [Fai] I did the best I can! - [Veronica] You're doing
the best you could? If you were doing the
best you could you would've actually
listened to me- - [Fai] Come on,
it's not a big deal! - When I told you this first. It is a big deal, Fai! [Angie Voiceover] I know,
I know, it's not like Mom and Dad fighting
is anything new. - [Veronica and Fai
continue arguing] - [Angie Voiceover] It's been their love language since
before I learned about love languages
in AP psyche. It's like they're in a constant contest to figure out who's the most
stubborn and petty. Mom, especially. - [Veronica] I feel like I am raising you and- Angie. - Yeah? - We've got something
to tell you. - [Angie Voiceover]
There's just... a lot of things
out of my control these days. So, that's where we're at,
future Angie. (music fades out) (school bell ringing) - [Liam] I think religion
is fucked, personally. - Really?
- Yes, it's fucked up. It's just a tool used
to control the masses and manipulate people into feeling guilty
about their, their urges. - You go to an (mumbled)
Episcopalian school and- you think religion is fucked up?
- [Liam] See, you can't even say Episcopalian, it's
not even a real word, it's just a dumb thing
that someone made up. Why would God
give you the ability to, just to say, "Oh, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, you've gotta wait like, 20, 30 years before
you can have sex, and then you've gotta have
it with the same person for the rest of your life, even if you hate that person, and even if that
person hates you." (Angie laughing)
Sorry. I just. - So, why aren't you with
your girlfriend right now at the golf course,
eating chicken fingers? - I'm more of a chicken
wings guy. - Oh really?
- Yeah, less processed. - Right. Right. - And we've been having trouble. - Hmm? - Sheryl and I, we've been
having trouble lately. Just... - Yeah? - She's really Catholic, is all. (wistful music plays) - [Angie] Thanks.
- Yeah, no problem. I'll see you later.
- Yeah. Bye. (key scrapes) - Everything okay?
- Uh, yeah. My house key just isn't
working for some reason. - [Liam] House key isn't... You know, if this is
just some elaborate plan to spend some more time with me- - Leave! - You don't have to
do this charade, you can just come back. I'll take you to the movies,
or something. I don't, I don't know
what's out right now. - Oh my god. - I'm not leaving until
you make it safely inside that house,
young lady. I've seen "Dateline", you know? (banging) (exhales) (banging) (sighs) (music fades out) - [Angie] For some reason my
house key isn't working? - [Veronica] Yeah, um,
sorry, I forgot to tell you. Uh, I had the locks changed
today on my lunch break. - Why? - 'Cause this is our
house, not your father's. - Don't you think that's
a little intense? - No, he's not my
husband anymore. - He's my dad. (melancholy music plays) - I'm sad I won't get to
see you as much. - [Fai] Me too, Angie. - He's not a psycho. You're, you're acting
like he's a psycho. - Sweetie, when you're my
age you will understand that I need this to
feel like my domain. - How's your art class? - It's going really well. Um, Ms. Trevio's been
lending me all these books by
famous artists. - Oh yeah? Do I know any one of them? - [Angie to Veronica]
Well, it's my domain, too. I don't know, aren't you being
a little flippant about this? - Flippant?
- Yeah, flippant. [Angie to Fai] Chinese artist,
um, Pan Yuliang. - Oh, yeah! The Chinese government really
hated her back in the days. - Yeah, she was such a rebel,
I love her. - [Veronica to Angie]
What is that? How many times have I told you to just clean up
after you're done? - I'm sorry! - You're not gonna start
drawing nudes now, are you? - Dad! - (laughs) I'm kidding,
I'm kidding. - I hadn't really considered
it, but now I might. - I shouldn't give you ideas.
(laughing) - [Veronica to Angie]
It's really not that hard. - I know... - It's like you think little
fairies just come around after you and clean
up your messes. - I know, I'm sorry, but don't change the subject. - [Fai to Angie] Okay. Angie, I got something
to tell you. - Hmm? - Well, I met someone. (music fades out) - What? - Um, she's a nurse at UTMB, and she's got a little
daughter about your age, maybe a little bit older. Goes to Ball High. I think you guys
gonna get along. (waves crashing distantly) - Your father and I settled
things very amicably. Do not make a bigger deal out
of this than it has to be. Now, I have some depositions
I need to go handle. Don't you have some
homework you need to do? - No. But I do need a new key. - I will make you one tomorrow. - Hey! (sighs) (simple acoustic guitar plays) - [Rebecca] If you could
go to the dance with anybody in the whole
world, who would you go with? - No one.
(camera clicking) - Nobody?
- I don't go to dances. You know this.
- Okay, well, I want you to come
because I'm gonna go, so like,
who are you gonna go with? - [Angie] You, I guess. - [Rebecca] No, because
I'm gonna have a date. I don't know who yet, but-
- If you have a date, then why do I have to go? - Okay,
if I put a gun at your head and I was like, "You
have to go to the dance with somebody
or I'm gonna shoot," who would you go with?
- I'd take the bullet. (Rebecca groans)
(Angie laughs) - I wanna shoot you now. God, um, okay. I've got the gun at your head, but also like, your
whole family and friends and like, your dog,
I don't know. - You're a psychopath.
- I am. But who are you gonna go with? (Angie sighs) - I don't know, Liam maybe.
- Yeah... He's a dreamboat. (laughs) He's with Sheryl, though. You know, I heard that
Lululemon reached out to her to endorse their
new line of bralettes. - Yeah, she's tiny, thin,
and blonde, I get it. - Somebody sounds jealous.
- What? - You're not like,
secretly in love with Liam or anything, are you? - Oh my god, no.
- Oh my god, yes you are! - No, I'm not!
- No, I can see it. - No.
- I can see it in your eyes. - Mm-mm.
- You can't hide from me. - Mm-mm.
- You can't hide from me. - Rebecca-
- yes, you are. - Rebecca-
- No, it's fine! - Nope.
- I'm not gonna tell anybody. - And you said, "Liam"?
- I said your name because I saw you like,
two seconds before then- - Angie, Angie. It's okay, it's okay,
you're not in love with me. It's really obvious
'cause you're freaking out because you're
not in love with me. - I feel like you're mocking me. (Liam scoffs) - I'm not mocking you. (groaning)
- Stupid. (groaning) (sighs heavily) - [Veronica On Phone]
Hey, sweetie. I'm sorry, it looks like it's
gonna be another late night. I'm swamped. Waffles are in the freezer. I'm sorry if I was a
little upset last night. Love you. (knocking) - Hi, there. - What are you doing here? - Oh, I work just
down the street, so I thought I'd stop by
and say hello. Is it okay if I come in? It's kind of an uncomfortable
position to be in. - Yeah, sure. - So, this is where Angie
Chen spends most of her time. Wow. This is disgusting. - We don't all have maids. - I don't have a maid, I just have a sense of
personal hygiene. Do I look cool?
- No. - No? Aw. Who's this? - It's Harold.
- Harold. - My dad gave him to me
when I was five. He's my favorite. - You and your dad close? - [Angie] Not at the moment. - I feel that. - So, why aren't you with
your girlfriend right now? - Um, she's out of town,
so, you know. Plus, I kinda like hanging
out with you. - Really? - (laughs) No, I just climbed
in your window 'cause, 'cause I don't like you.
(laughs) - I mean, I'm pretty cool, so. - Yeah, you're pretty cool,
whatever. I'll give it to you.
- Thank you. - I'll let you have that one. - Not that I needed you
to give it to me, but. - Of course not, of course not.
(laughs) - Um. So, what do you,
what do you wanna do? - Um- - We can watch YouTube
videos, um, if you want. Um, I have "Sims". Do you play "The Sims"?
- Like the, like the game with the-
- Yeah. - With the people and they just- - Yeah.
- They just exist? - Yeah, it's like um,
it's like real life but you get to
control everything. I made a town called Chenville. - Mm-hmm. - Um, I have a character
named Josie and she's um, she actually just
put out a novel that's on the bestseller
list now. - Oh, yeah.
- Yeah. Um, and she's been
WooHooing with her neighbor. (laptop shuts) - I really like driving
you home. Sometimes it's the best
part of my day. - Hmm. Me, too. - I, um, I have a um, a condom. - Cool. - Yeah, I stole it from
my brother, so. Always be prepared, you know? I was a Boy Scout, so. Your- (stumbling over words)
Your first time? - No. - No, yeah, me neither,
me neither. Yeah. - Great.
- Yeah. (Angie clears throat)
(Liam exhales) - Do you want something
to help you open that? Like cut it open, or-
- Um, yeah. No, yeah, that'd be um,
that'd be great, yeah. - Okay. Oh my Christ. Here.
- Excellent. - Yeah.
- Hang on. (condom wrapper crinkles) Don't wanna tear it too bad,
you know? - Yeah. Yeah. Um, should I kiss you
when you...while you- - Yeah.
- Deal with that, or would that be distracting?
- Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, sure, yeah. - Okay.
- Yeah, that'd be... That's a good idea, yeah.
- Okay. - Is this okay if I-
- Yeah, just. Sure, yeah.
- Okay. (kissing noises) Is that distracting?
- No, no. - Okay.
- You're, yeah, no it's. (decisive snip) (Liam snoring) (quiet exhale) (banging) - Ow! Shit. (Liam groaning) - Oh, morning. - Good morning. - How'd you sleep?
- Good, yeah. Yeah. Best sleep in a while, actually. You? - Yeah, yeah,
I slept pretty good. I'm hungry. (Freezer opening)
(toaster popping) (bottle sputtering)
(silverware clanking) (camera whirring)
- Give me that. Good Lord. - Do you ever eat anything
with any nutritional value? - Do you ever have any fun? - Fun? Oh, you mean the tool that's
used to control the masses? - Like religion?
- Exactly. - Right, right, just another way to suppress those manly urges. (laughing) - So, it's probably best if we don't talk about
this with anyone, right? I mean, Sheryl
just lost her grandad, and things have been
really tough on her. I honestly think this
would kill her. - Hmm. Um, yeah, I mean, yeah, yeah, whatever you think is best. - Cool, thanks. - Yeah. (cicadas chirping) (bittersweet tonal music play) [Angie Voiceover] It just,
it just happened last night. I didn't just do it with anyone. I lost my virginity to Liam. Liam Sampson, oh my god. (sighs) Only, you know
how in movies and TV when women have sex they're
always moaning in ecstasy because they're so
unbelievably pleasured? Last night, I only
moaned in pain. Is there something wrong
with me, or my body? I just, I feel like
there's something that's always wrong with me. (sniffs) Also, like, like what? Is this the end of my childhood? (music fades out) (waves crash distantly) - [Rebecca] What'd you
do this weekend? (students chattering) - Nothing much. - Aren't you gonna ask me
what I did this weekend? - What did you do this weekend? - I went to that new froyo
place on the Seawall. It's actually really good,
we should go. Oh, and guess who I saw there? - Josh?
- No. - Ms. Robinson?
- No. - Oh my god, Rebecca,
just tell me. - It was Sheryl and Liam. - What? - Yeah, she was trying
some of that new lavender flavor that they have. I didn't think I would like it, but she let me try a bite and
it was actually really good. God, they are such
a power couple. They're like Prince
William, Kate Middleton, but Kate Middleton
is not blonde, so like, if Kate Middleton
was Blake Lively- (Sheryl laughing) And then Prince William had
hair. (whimsical classical music
plays) Um. But then there's like a, there's like a bad boy,
good girl vibe to it, so like "Aladdin". Aladdin and Jasmine. Do you think so? If they, if they
were a Disney couple, who do you think they would be? (whimsical classical music
continues) (music cuts out abruptly) - Hey.
- Hey. So, I... I feel like we should
just be friends. Do you know what I mean? - Friends? - Yeah, well, when I
came over the other night I was a little drunk, and in the morning I realized
that I'd made a mistake. That we had made a mistake. - Mistake? Am I a monster, or something?
- What? No, no, no Angie, you're great. (light punch) -(under breath) Sorry... It's just unfair to Sheryl,
that's all. - So, you're doing this
to protect Sheryl? So, being a stalker, climbing through my window,
uninvited, last night, having sex with me
and then pretending like you don't even know me is you being a good
boyfriend to your, oh, what was it? Super Catholic girlfriend? - Okay, you're twisting
my words. - Am I? Do tell. - We made a mistake, all right? People do this kind
of thing all the time. People go to bars and they
get drunk and they have sex. - Uh-huh. - I think you think
last night meant- - Do you have feelings for me? (sniffs) I wasted my virginity
on a coward. (door opens)
(soccer practice ambience) (heavy door slam) (horn honking) - [Veronica on Phone]
Hey, sweetie. I just wanted to let you know that I am heading to Houston
tonight to meet with a client, but I left you some Bagel
Bites in the freezer. Uh, if you need anything
else, just give me a call. All right, love you, bye. (Angie sighs) (knocking) - [Min] Hi there,
you must be Angie. - Um, yeah. - Min! Nice to meet you. Come on in. Oh, take off the shoes.
- What? - Take off the shoes.
- Okay. - Yeah, wear the slipper.
- Right. What happened to the apartment? - Oh, I redecorated. I love decorating. HGTV is my favorite. - I bet my dad didn't
help with that. He hates shopping
and household work. - He actually went with
me to the store and we were looking
for a chair, and he's- - Angie!
- There he is. - Hi.
- How are you? - What are you wearing?
- Oh. Do you like my sweater?
- It's very blue. - It's all Min.
- Aww. - Ah.
- Hey. - Angie, this is Fang. Fang, Angie.
- Hey. Sorry, my hands are sticky. Nice to finally meet you.
- Right, yeah. - [Fai] Fang was just working
on her website, right? It's pretty damn good. - Yeah, your dad actually let me come see his lab for
one of my articles. It was so nice. - [Fai] And you and Dr. Brown
wouldn't stop talking. - Dr. Brown!
- Yeah, Dr. Brown! - It was so much fun.
- I love him. - Who's Dr. Brown? - My co-worker. You don't remember Dr. Brown? - You never asked me to
come to your lab, so. - Last time I invited you, you wouldn't shut up about
getting snow cone at La King's. - Well, I was nine. It's nice to be invited
to things. - Let's eat!
- Yeah. (tea pouring) - [Fai] (speaking Mandarin) Hey, Angie, did Fang tell you that she's on the robotics team? - No.
- [Min] Yeah! Tell Angie how you're
on the robotics team. - [Fang] Oh, it's not a big
deal. - [Fai] Of course it is! They program all their
own robots and stuff. - Neat. - Yeah, you two should
really hang out more. Fang just got a scholarship
to Stanford from her robotics works. - You're going to Stanford? - [Min] Yeah!
- [Fang] Yeah. - Cool, congrats.
- Thanks. I mean, I'm just really lucky,
honestly. Who knows why people
get in anywhere? - [Min] Stop downplaying
your accomplishment. I heard a segment on NPR. It says how downplaying
your accomplishments is bad for self-esteem.
- Mm-hmm. - (Fang clears throat) Um,
Angie, aren't you an artist? - Yeah.
- [Min] Really? - [Fang] Could we see some
of your work? - [Fai] Oh yeah, Angie, show
them your Instagram. I just made an Instagram account
just to follow her Tweets. - [Min] Really?
- [Fai] Mm-hmm. - [Fang] Yeah, can we see?
- Dad, I don't think- - [Fai] Come on, Angie.
- [Min] We want to see. - [Fang] Please?
- [Fai] Don't be shy. Don't be shy.
- [Min] We want to see it. - [Fang] Yeah.
- Okay, okay. - [Min]All right.
(indistinct) Let's see.
- [Fai] Mm-hmm. - [Min] Oh, okay, cool.
- [Fai] Not bad, huh? - Yeah, I like the color.
- [Fang] They're so detailed! - Thank you.
- Huh. Look at that one. Interesting. - And your captions are
really good. - Yeah.
- Thank you. - So, is it a rabbit, or
is it a hamster? - That's actually a quokka. - [Fai] What's a quokka? - This cute little marsupial
thing we learned about in bio. - How 'bout that, huh? - These are great, Angie. My friend Karen is obsessed
with comics, and I can totally see these
being in the comics she reads. - But why does quokka has
a top hat on? And why's he holding a
butcher knife? - Yeah, why is that, Angie? - Does it represent anything?
- Is it like "Animal Farm" where you personify the
animals to make a point? - No. I didn't think through
it that much, it's just a doodle. - Do you ever draw the beach? - No, I don't find brown water
to be aesthetically pleasing. - Fang loves the beach. (pencils clattering) (melancholy tonal music play) - [Angie Voiceover] Dad spoke in
Mandarin today. The last time I heard him
speak it was when we visited Fuzhou
when I was 10. It's just weird to be reminded that there's this whole other
side to him, this side of him that
I'm not really a part of. I do have memories, though. Making fish balls with Nai Nai, playing hide-and-seek with
Zhelun and Li, getting lost in Sanfang Qixiang
with Yeye... Dad was relaxed back then. He wasn't stressed. Probably the happiest I'd
ever seen him in childhood. Maybe Min and Fang give
him something that Mom and I never could. (music fades out) (sensual guitar plays
on the record player) (knocking) What do you want? - Hey. - I thought I was a mistake. - Angie, you know I
didn't mean it like that. I'm sorry. What I did was really shitty. Can I come in so we can
talk about it? - Fine. So, what are you doing here? - You and Josh seemed pretty
chummy today. - Yeah, he came through
my window the other night. - Really? - Yeah, no, the line of boys who come through my
window are just endless. - Angie, I made a mistake, okay? - You said that. Don't rub it in, asshole.
- That's not what I mean. I mean you're right. I'm an asshole. - Okay? (sensual guitar fades out) (primal tone plays into
building drum roll) (moaning) - [Angie] Ow!
- [Liam] What? What? - That hurts. - What if I move your
leg like, like, like this? - Oh my god, stop. No, that's awful. Okay, um, let me think. Okay, okay, um, what if
you sit there? - Okay.
- Yeah, like that. Okay. Gentler, please.
- Okay, okay, okay. (breathing heavily) - [Angie] Okay, that's good. That's good, a little faster. - Okay.
- Okay. - Is that, is that good?
- Yeah. Yeah, yes! (moaning) (music climaxes) (fireworks exploding) - Oh my god. (upbeat funky sex music plays) - [Angie Voiceover] Okay, so, I
know Liam is sort of an asshole, but he's my asshole, Tuesdays and Thursdays
after soccer practice. I can't deny the beauty of this truly educational
situation. I mean, not only
educational, but spiritual. Like, I'm really learning
how to bang, future Angie. I mean, however good you
are now, you're welcome. Anyways. I can't stop thinking about it. And I can't stop thinking about what it would be like with
every single guy I know. You know, like Cameron
Jones thinks he's hot shit, but it probably wouldn't
last for more than a minute. Would I have to be in charge
of everything if I did it with Zachary? That might be kinda fun. Or if I went up to Greg
and I was like, "Hey, Greg, wanna bang?" I wonder what he'd say. The schedule lately is
as follows: soccer practice, Liam
drives me home, we argue about something in which Liam plays
devil's advocate and I google stuff on my
phone to prove him wrong, oh, and then we bang. I mean, we disagree on a
lot of stuff, but that just makes it hotter. That must be some Freudian shit. God, what would my parents say? (music fades out) (condom wrapper crinkles) - [Veronica] Do you have
something you wanna tell me? Are you... (inhales) having sex?
- No. No. No, and it would be none
of your business if I was, but I'm not, so-
- I'm not thrilled about it but if you are, then we need
to take you to the doctor and we're gonna get you-
- Oh my god. - A birth control prescription- - Oh my god
- because otherwise you're playing with fire.
- Please stop talking. Please, God. it was a condom they
gave us in health class. Okay? That's all it was. I, I used it for a
sculpture that I'm making. - Mm. Really? They let you get away with
that at St. Michael's? - Yeah, it's Ms. Trevino. You know, you've met
Ms. Trevino. You know, she protested
in the '70s, she had really long hair. - Oh, yeah. - Yeah, she's like,
she's really just created this safe space for her students
to just explore, you know- - Condom use?
- Whatever interesting, new creative innovations
that they have, and so she's letting me
work on the project for her. - Mm, yeah. Well, can I see it? - See what? - The sculpture. - Yeah, yeah, yeah, you can, um, but, it's actually at
school right now because I had to take it to
school to put glitter on it. - Oh, of course. - You know, it's a project.
(phone ringing) - You have to make it crafty. -Kind of in the middle of
something right now, Greg. (melancholy music plays) (Veronica continues phone
conversation) - [Angie Voiceover]
When I first started going to St. Michael's, kids would ask if I was
adopted when they saw Mom. - I will be back in half
an hour, okay? - Okay.
- Condoms can wait. - [Angie Voiceover] I'd
roll my eyes at them and be offended, but honestly-
- Angie- - [Angie Voiceover] Sometimes
I struggle to believe I share chromosomes with her. - You can tell me stuff, okay? - [Angie Voiceover]
Especially these days. - I know. - [Angie Voiceover]
Some moms know every detail of their kids'
lives. Meanwhile, I don't tell
Mom anything, ever, and she doesn't mind. Makes it easier for her
to drown herself in work like it's some sort of drug
or something. Every new client or case won is the hit she needs to
feel something, I guess. But it's best that we
live in separate bubbles. She has her coping
mechanisms, I have mine. (sighs heavily) (music fades out)
(pencil scratching) Do you think I'm driven? - I think you drive me crazy. - I'm being serious. - I mean, you seem really
driven with your art. Ms. Trevino won't stop gushing about your abominations
in my class. - Really?
- Yeah. - I don't know, I just think
I should be maybe more driven with
different things. - Like what? - I don't know, something
that matters. - You don't think your art
matters? - I don't really know. - I mean, in this economy
it's not a bad idea to have a backup plan, I guess. - What are you saying? - It's a good idea to have
options, I don't know. - So you think I'm a
shitty artist? - That is not what I'm saying. - If you thought I was a
good artist then you wouldn't tell
me to have a backup plan. - Oh my god. Are you being serious right now? - I don't even know why
I ever tell you anything. - You're trying to
villainize me, but all I was doing was
making a practical suggestion. - Liam. You have a girlfriend. You act like I don't exist
at school. I think it's safe to say
that you're an asshole. God, I fucking hate you
sometimes. - Can we just have a Coke
and a smile? - A Coke and a smile? - Is this because of your
parents? - No! - Angie, I get what you're
going through. I mean, it's rough, I know. - Sure. - Angie, my parents got divorced when I was in fifth grade. - I always see your parents
together at St. Michael's functions. - That's my stepmom. - I didn't know that. - Yeah, most people don't. - So, where's your mom? I'm sorry, I had no idea. - Yeah. Well, it sucks that you hate me,
Angie. - I don't hate you, Liam. - Because I really do like you. I think you're cool,
I like your art. I like hanging out with you. I think I'm in love with you. - What? - I'm in love with you.
(simple acoustic guitar plays) - Liam's... the most popular guy at school. (sighs heavily) I mean, like when he
walks down the hallway you'd think it was like Moses parting the Red Sea,
or something, you know? There are girls who laugh
hysterically at his jokes even when they're not funny, girls who would pay to have
him in their prom photos, but (sighs) I don't know, when he's with me, in my room, he's not just the hot guy
at school. He doesn't tower over me, you know, like he would. I can see everything up
close when we're together, I can see all his
imperfections, all his pores. When I'm lying next to him, his nose looks bigger, like he's in a fun house or
something. He's vulnerable around me, and I'm vulnerable around him. (music fades out) Is that love? (rustling) Hey. - [Liam] Hey. - Are you leaving? - Yeah, I gotta head out. - Too busy for waffles? - Yeah, I've got
some stuff I've gotta do. See ya. - I love you.
(bell ringing) - Hello, hello, hello. What's poppin', party people? (students chattering) Okay. Today's the day that I'm
going to split you into pairs for your literary projects. I have Joshua and Alex, Naomi
and Zachary, Natalie and Casey, Liam
and Josh, Angie and Sheryl, Tim and Hannah, Rebecca and Lily. - [Sheryl] I'm so glad I
get to work with you instead of this idiot.
(laughing) (low rumbling)
(high-pitched ringing) (Careless Love by
Bessie Smith plays) - You're not gonna tell
Sheryl anything, are you? (exhales) - No. - Just 'cause she'd like, lose her shit, you know what
I mean? - I don't know why you
don't just tell her. - She's fragile. - What? - (sighs) Angie, life is like
an ocean. - What? - And-
- This is already a terrible metaphor.
- And you are like a sturdy old battleship.
- Sturdy old battleship? - And she's like... (lighter clicking) (deep, long inhalation) a flimsy sailboat.
(exhales) - I'm a sturdy battleship and
Sheryl is a flimsy sailboat? - When you put it like
that it sounds really bad, but what I'm saying is,
you're tough. I like that about you,
you're tough. Sheryl has a panic attack because her Instagram photo
about the Lululemon bags, or whatever, only gets
10,000 likes. Flimsy-ass sailboat. - I just... (sighs) I just think things
would be so much easier if you just told her, and
then we could all move on. - You don't know her like I do,
trust me. Enough with the metaphors.
(exhales) You know what we've never done? We've never had sex while
we're high as balls. - Oh my god, Liam, I am not
in the right head space. - Oh come on, Angie,
don't you wanna soak up all life has to offer? - Must you always shove
your dick in an orifice? - Only yours. - Um, (clears throat) you know, I've been thinking about
getting back into pottery. - Uh-huh. - Um, they're having some
new classes at the Strand. I'm thinking about signing up. - Oh yeah?
- Mm-hmm. - Hey, you wanna make out? (Angie sighs) (music crescendos) (bell ringing) - [Sheryl] Hey, Angie! Ready to be or not to be? You know, Hamlet-
- No, I got it. - I guess standup comedy's not
exactly in my future. (laughs) All right, let's go.
- Okay. (country music plays) - Hey, sweetie.
- Hey, Mom. Sheryl, who is your friend? - Oh, this is Angie. Remember, I told you she was
coming over to work on that English project? - Hi. - Angie. You are just beautiful. - Thank you. - Where were you born? - Uh, Galveston. - No, like, what's your, uh,
nationality? - Mom!
- Uh, American. - Shh. American. Oh, uh, where were your
parents born? - Oh, um, my dad's Chinese and my mom's a blend of English, Scottish, and German.
- Mom, stop. - Shh. So, you're biracial? That's really in right now. Sheryl and I were looking on
Instagram, it's like, the thing. You know, Sheryl's a model. - Yeah.
- Yeah. Modeling is like, she's really
good at it. Sheryl, would you raise the
camera just a little bit? - Oh my god, Mom, stop. - You did not just use the
Lord's name in vain in our home. We don't do that, Angie, we don't use the Lord's
name in vain in our home. Your father told you
not to wear that skirt. - Yeah, well, Dad didn't
seem to care when I got paid $500
to post about it. - Would you watch the attitude when we have guests, please? - Angie, do you wanna get
out of here and work on the English project? Maybe get some froyo?
- Uh- - Oh, no, I'm making a pie and I would love for you to-
- Great! Great. I'm gonna go get changed
really quickly. - I am so sorry for
our bickering. I just think Oriental
people are so beautiful. And those babies,
they're just like little, little panda bears. - You have a lovely home. - I know, it's true. (country music swells) (inaudible) - Angie, hey. Angie! Angie, hey, where are you going? Angie, where are you going?
- I can't go in there. - Why?
- I just can't! - But there's this new flavor-
- Jesus Christ! Sheryl, no! - Okay. (coughs) (crying) (breathing heavily) Angie, what's going on? - [Angie] He's my dad. He shouldn't be hanging out
in froyo shops without me. And did you see the
color he was wearing? Salmon. Fucking, who wears
fucking salmon? - Your dad, apparently. - Fuck. I guess. - You know, parents can be
pretty dumb about things sometimes. Like, did you see the email my mom sent the whole
PTA about movie night? - No. - Yeah, well, she invited them
all over to Netflix and chill. - Oh, no. - Oh yeah, it was bad. (laughs) I still don't have the heart
to tell her. I'm really sorry you're
having to go through all that stuff, though. If it were me, I think I'd
explode. - I doubt it. - Why do you say that? - I don't know. You just have all your stuff
together. Everyone loves you. - I don't know about that. A lot of people have been
talking behind my back recently. People say I'm stuck up. Do you think I'm stuck up? - I don't really know you. You know, there was this guy
from Galveston College, and he kept sending me
these really gross DMs, like saying that he wanted to paint a picture with
my blood. And Cindy told everyone
that I liked the attention. - What the hell?
-Yeah. - I thought Cindy and you
were like, best friends. - So did I. Oh, it was awful. I had to get a restraining
order, and all these lawyers had
to look through my messages. It's over now, though,
thankfully. - Damn.
- Yeah. - I don't know, I guess
I always thought your life was perfect,
or something. Like if there was a girl who
didn't poop, it would be you. (laughing) Or if you did, it'd be like
rainbows. - Nope. Trust me, I poop. A lot. (laughs) - You should make that
an Instagram caption. - (laughs) Oh, I'm definitely
doing that when I get home. It'll make me more relatable. - Get a
sponsorship for Pepto-Bismol. (laughing) (phone dinging) (typing) (phone dinging) (phone dinging) - [Min] I can't believe
this is the first time making jiaozi, Angie. - Yeah, well, my mom's white
and my dad doesn't really know how to cook, so. - Actually, he tried to make
us mapo tofu the other week. - Yeah.
- Really? - Yeah.
- That's a first. A lot of firsts from that guy
these days. Anyways. - I think this is my
best one yet. (Min speaking Mandarin) - Thanks, Mom. - Do you speak any
Mandarin, Angie? - No, actually. I went to a Chinese school in
Houston when I was younger, but I quit in third grade. - So Fai didn't keep up with it,
I guess? - Nope, he didn't see the point. But you speak Mandarin,
right, Fang? - Yeah. - Did you go to Chinese school? - Yeah. - Growing up, you know,
I told Fang she can speak whatever she want outside
the house- - Mom. - But inside it was only
Mandarin. I just thought-
- Stop. - You know, many ABCs who
have no sense where they come from.
- Don't. - Like me?
- No- - [Fai] Wow, these are gorgeous. Who made this little beauty,
huh? - Fang, Dad. Who fuckin' else? Oh, also, since we're on
the topic of me being a clueless ABC, what's the word for
homewrecker in Mandarin? I don't think we ever got
to that in Chinese school. - Angie, other room. Now! (Fai speaking Mandarin) - Mom, why did you do that?
- What? - You made her feel bad. - I was just asking questions. - You keep comparing
us to each other every time we're next
to each other. - [Fai] What is wrong with you,
Angie? - Nothing is wrong with me! - That was so disrespectful! - No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, what's disrespectful is you
getting a whole new family one fucking month-
- I don't care, okay? I don't care. Those are good people out there, they don't deserve this! Okay, you... You can't say something
like that, okay? - Dad, you don't know how
hard it is. You don't listen! You didn't listen to mom! You don't listen to me! You didn't even tell me who
this woman was! - [Min] Sorry, Angie.
I'm sorry. -And I'm sorry that you think
it's- Shut up and let me talk! I'm sorry that you think it's
disrespectful that I don't want- -Angie, that's enough! (melancholy music plays) - [Min] I didn't mean it, Angie- (phone ringing) - [Liam On Voicemail] Hey, just
calling you to let you know that Coach is subbing
you out of forward now. He's pretty pissed you
haven't been showing up. You know how militant he gets. Anyways, I, I just wanted
to let you know that I had a waffle
the other day, (laughs) You know, I didn't put as
much syrup on it as you do, but, you know. Felt weird not eating waffles
with Angie Chen, is all. Kinda like I miss you. (laughs) Anyways, just uh, call me back. All right. (music fades out) - [Angie] I think you
should stop coming over. - Do you still have feelings
for me? - It doesn't really matter now. - That wasn't a no. - Shut up. - Still not a no. You know, I feel like I
can be myself around you. I sound like such an idiot. - You don't sound like an idiot. - Do you feel the same way? It's okay. It's okay, it's okay. It's okay. It's okay. It's okay. (Angie crying) It's okay, I'm sorry. It's okay. (Reinaissance music plays) - Hello!
(audience shuffles) My name is Rosencrantz
and this is Guildenstern! - Hello. - And we're here to tell you about an old dear friend of
mine, William Shakespeare. - Sorry. Uh, who's William Shakespeare
again? - Oh, Guildenstern, you
silly goose! He wrote us, remember? - How could I have possibly
forgotten? He wrote us in a play called
"Hamlet." - Ah, yes. And he wrote a lot of
other plays, too. (music intensifies) O, Romeo, O Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo? Deny thy father and
refuse thy name. Or, if thou wilt not,
be but sworn my love, and I will no longer be
a Capulet. Ah, my dearest friend, which one of thou suitors
dost thou lovest the best? - [Angie] Believe me,
sister, in all my years I have never beheld a man
so special that I would fancy him
over any other. - Minion! Thou liest!
(students laughing) (Angie crying dramatically) - My dear Horatio. I die! Thou potent poison dost-
(trailing off) (class applauding) (class cheering) (upbeat music plays) Oh my god!
- Oh my god- - That was so good!
- I cannot believe we pulled that off. That was so good.
- I know, right? Wait, I have to take a picture for my Instagram. - Okay.
- This is a monumental moment. - Okay. (laughs) - All right, perfect. - Uh, can I take one for
my time capsule? - You have a time capsule?
- Yeah, I have a time capsule. - I've always wanted a
time capsule. - Really?
- Yeah, but I always get so lazy, I always
forget about it in the end. - Well, I mean, I'll make
you a copy of this one if you ever wanna
start it again. - Um, that's awesome. Thank you.
- Do you wanna do a silly one? - Yeah, sure.
- Okay. (camera whirring)
(laughing) Perfect. - Dost thou wantest froyo?
- Oh my god, sure. - (laughs) Okay. - We should wipe this off first,
though. - Oh, yeah, yeah. - [Sheryl] Cheers, lady.
- Cheers. (laughing) - Ugh, I am so glad I got
paired with you on this project. (phone dinging) You're like a breath of
fresh air at this school. Aw.
- Hmm? - It's Liam. (sighs) He has been so
sweet lately. Just like, really attentive
and present, you know? (sighs) I don't know. I think I just might go for it. - For what?
- You know, finally getting my
V-card revoked. - What? - Yeah. I mean, we've been talking, and we've both been saving
ourselves for the right person- - I'm sorry, saving yourselves? - Yeah. Liam's a virgin. - Really? - (laughs) I know, it's cute,
right? - It's something.
(Sheryl giggles) I don't know, Sheryl, don't you think this is
a big decision to make? - Yeah, I guess, but I
don't know, I know him, and I know he's a good
guy, so I trust him. - What makes him a good guy? - I don't know, I... I just feel like I can
tell him things, and, he's the only guy who's ever
been with me who hasn't been pressure-y
about sex. - Yeah, but, don't you think,
like- - Oh, and that reminded me. Um, his birthday's coming up and I was wondering if you
would draw a picture of us. - I'd love to. - [Sheryl] (laughs) Okay, great. (contemplative music plays) (knocking)
(music stops) - [Angie] Hey.
- [Liam] Howdy. - Just come in. - It's good to see you, too. - So, I've been thinking, and you need to tell Sheryl
about us. - Uh... - I refuse to be
complicit in this anymore. - Okay, Angie, hold on. Just- just calm down for a
second, breathe in, breathe out. - Don't touch me.
- Okay. Angie, I'm sorry. Angie, if she found out
now it would crush her. - I think she'd rather
be upset than ignorant. - No, she wouldn't be upset,
she would be suicidal. - (laughs) Wow, you sure
know how to flatter yourself. - Angie, come on. - If you're not gonna
call her, then I will. - What are you doing? No, Angie, give me the phone. Can I have the... Angie, give me the phone.
- Don't touch me. - Give me the phone!
- Get off of me! - Give me the phone!
- Get off of me! (high ringing)
Get off! - What the hell is going on
in here? Hey! (driving music) Angie! Are you OK? I'm fine! I have to go. - What is going on? Are you having sex with
that boy? You lied to me? - I didn't even say anything. - Who was that person, Angie? - You can ground me when
I get back, or whatever makes you feel
like a responsible mother. - Whatever makes me feel
like a responsible mother? - Don't act like you suddenly
care, okay? - That is 100% unfair. You know both of us have had
a rough couple of months. - Whatever. I just gotta go.
- Angie! Angie, you are being completely
neurotic! - Well, the apple doesn't fall
far from the tree, I guess! (door slams) (music builds to a climax) (banging)
(music stops) Hi. - Angie, hi. - I need to talk to you. - Yeah, um, hold on. Sorry, uh. Someone just-
- Sheryl, please! - Slow down. Hold on one second, I'm sorry. Liam's having a panic
attack about something. - I need to talk to you.
- Slow do- - Sheryl, I need to talk to you
right now! - Okay!
What? - [Liam On Phone] She's crazy,
okay? She's being psychotic! Don't listen to her. Sheryl-
- Please. - [Liam On Phone]
Sheryl, don't talk to her, she's being crazy! Hello? Hello, Sheryl? Sheryl, can you hear me? Hello? (cicadas) - I've never felt so
broken in my entire life. He acted like he was so
in love with me. (crying) God, I'm such an idiot! - [Angie] Sheryl... I mean, look at you, you're
amazing. There are plenty of guys on Instagram who would
love to date you. - Every guy who wants to date me doesn't really wanna
get to know me. (phone ringing) (hanging up phone)
God, I hate him! I didn't even wanna date
him in the first place but he kept pressuring me to! (groans) I hate him! - I'm sorry. (Sheryl crying) - And you. I thought you were supposed
to be my friend, Angie. I thought, wow, here's this
girl and she's so cool, and we have the same
sense of humor and she's passionate
about cool stuff! I was so excited to be
your friend. I was wrong. (standing to leave)
I was wrong about everything. (emotional music) (breathing heavily) (sobbing) (music fades out) (beach ambience fades in) (waves splash gently) - [Fai] Angie. Angie, wake up. - [Angie] Oh my god, Dad. - [Fai] Your mom said you
ran away. What happened? - [Angie] Nothing happened. We had a fight. I'm fine. - Things don't look fine to me. - It's Martinelli's, I swear. - (laughs) Okay. Scooch. I shouldn't laugh about that. Look, I'm not good at this
enhanced interrogation stuff, not like your mom. But could you honestly
tell me what happened? - Do you even care? - Why would you say
something like that, Angie? Of course I do. Do you really think I enjoy seeing you only twice a month? I don't. - I mean, it just seems like
you have the perfect family now. With Fang and Min, and
everything. - Is that what you think? (laughs) You think... You think I want you to be more
like Fang? (laughs) (sighs) Look, Fang is amazing. I mean, she's probably gonna
cure cancer and take us to the moon one day,
I don't know. But you're amazing, too, Angie. I don't want you to be
like Fang. I'm kinda glad that you
are not like me at all. You can be weird sometimes,
you know? (laughs) - Thank you? - Look, I remember when
you were five. I took you to this park
in Austin. It's got this big pecan tree
right there. All the boys wanna climb it. They just stood around
and yelled at each other, no one dared to jump up. You? The little girl in the team? You push away all the
boys and hop, hop, hop, all the way up to the
tree, like a little monkey! You remember that? Your mom and I are
absolutely terrified. You didn't ask for our
permission. You never ask for permission,
though. Not to live your life. Not to find what passion to
pursue. And that's what's so
special about you, Angie. I want you to know that. (paper rustling) Remember this? You remember little Horatio? It's been in my pocket for
10 years now. - Why? It's atrocious. (laughs) - I'll tell you why. Some day, some day
people's gonna be jealous of your old man for having
an Angie Chen original. (laughing) Come on. Things are gonna be okay,
all right? It's gonna be okay. (speaking Mandarin) (tender acoustic guitar) (sighs) Good luck. You're gonna need it. - [Angie] Can I come in? - I guess. - Can I help you highlight? - All right. Highlight wherever you see 2018. - I'm sorry for what I said
yesterday. You know I didn't mean it. - Are you having sex with him? - Yes. - Angie... - I know. - Are you on birth control? Why didn't you just tell me? - I was having an affair with
that boy. - An affair? What do you mean? - Like, that boy had a girlfriend, and I slept with him anyway. (Angie sobbing) - Stop. Stop, stop, stop, stop,
stop, stop. Legs up. Legs up. Legs up. Come on. All right, all right. (gentle rain falls outside) (sighs) I can't believe I'm
gonna tell you this. I was married right out of
high school. - What? - Yeah. - With someone who wasn't Dad? - Yeah. - I need details. - (sighs) Well, he was a
few years older than me, and he was a pseudo musician
who couldn't hold down a job. - How did you two meet? - I was about your age
and I would sneak out to go to his concerts. - You snuck out? - Oh yeah. - Were they good? - Oh, no, they were awful.
(laughing) But he wore eyeliner and
he looked like Kurt Cobain, so, priorities.
(laughing) I had an awful job working
with an unorganized realtor, and one day I came home to
find out that my husband blew our entire savings. Savings I had, uh, earned,
by the way, to record a demo. Of course it didn't go anywhere, so we had nothing. - Oh my god. - Yeah. I was so humiliated. I had to move back in
with your grandparents. - What happened to your husband? - Shortly after, I found out
he'd been having an affair with the bartender from our
favorite bar. - Weren't you devastated? - I was. But I found out pretty quickly that he was just a
footnote in my life essay. (their conversation fades out)
(contemplative music fades in) (music fades out gradually) (knocking) - Hey. - Hi. - Look, thanks for agreeing to
meet with- - Don't. - Sorry. - So, are you two dating now? - No. - Why not? - That's not who I wanna be. - I'm just sorry I had to be
a casualty in you figuring that out. - Me too. - Thanks, though. - For what? - For telling me. I mean, it hurt. It still hurts, but... you helped
me dodge a bullet, I think. - Well, you deserve
someone who's- - This doesn't mean
we're friends. - Right. I'll see myself out. (waves crashing) (slow guitar strums) Hey, future Angie,
it's me again. You know, life is rough. A lot of the time. (simple acoustic guitar) But I'm sure you've
figured that out. People are gonna come
in and out of your life. That's inevitable. And maybe you can't always
control what happens, but you can control how
you respond. Anyways, Rebecca and I have been researching colleges together. Okay, well, we spend
half the time researching and the other half of the time, Rebecca tries to find dirt on our future orientation
advisors. Maybe you do remember
her after all. After the Shakespeare
presentation, Ms. Robinson encouraged Sheryl
to get involved with theater. I heard she was cast in
a production of "9 to 5". I hope she's happy. Liam already has a
new girlfriend. Some blonde girl who
transferred from Ball High. It's funny how he was this
mythical presence in my life, but when I look at him now... he's just a boy. You know, I spent so much time thinking about all the things
I wasn't, but now, I've been
spending a lot more time thinking about all the things
that I am, all the things I can create. (music fades out)
(waves fade in) - [Fang] Hey. - Hey. Thanks for meeting me here. - Yeah. What's up? - Just admiring the view. - It is a gorgeous one. - I am really sorry
about when I came over. - You called my mom
a homewrecker. - Well, technically I didn't
call her a homewrecker, I just asked what the word
for it was in Mandarin. Yeah, it was really bad,
you're right. - I just want my mom
to be happy, you know? But it's been tough. - I know. I'll apologize to her. - I'd really appreciate that. - I know things have
been kinda crazy here, but are you excited
for Stanford? - Honestly, I'm really nervous. - Why? - It's just so far away. I don't know anyone
in California, and I'm not too great
at making new friends. - I know what that feels like. (laughing)
- Yeah. - Yeah. But I mean, think about
it this way, like, everyone you meet there is gonna be going through
some kinda big change, right? - Yeah.
- So, you won't be alone. - That's true. - Do you wanna- - Go for a walk?
- Yeah. - Yeah, let's do it.
- Okay. So, when do you leave?
- Uh, beginning of August. - Oh my gosh, that's so soon!
- I know. (dreamy music) My mom and I have this
whole road trip planned out. We're gonna stop by the
Grand Canyon. - [Angie] Nice, nice. - [Fang] I started making a
playlist, so many podcasts. - [Angie] Always a must. Have you made the drive before? (Fang and Angie's conversation
fades out) So, I'll sign off now. - This is my last vlog. - See you on the other side. (upbeat music)