Incarcerated (2023) Movie Script

- Thank you.
Honey, I thought you were working late.
- Dad, I think I got an A on my test.
- Dad, can I play an Xbox after dinner?
- If you had wanted to play your game
you should have thought about
that before you skipped class.
But it wasn't even my idea.
It was Josh's.
- Nuh uh.
I saw Josh at school today.
- Shut up!
- We don't talk
like that to each other.
- Quiet, everyone!
- Kids, go to your room and
start packing whatever you can.
Go, now!
- What did you do?
You did what?
You could go to jail.
- Yes, it doesn't matter.
It's already done.
Start packing and get the kids in the car.
- Let's go.
Open up, police!
Open up, Condor.
Open up!
Now open the gate, Condor.
- Got off early today huh, Condor?
- Aw.
Where are the kids?
- At a friends'.
I'm supposed to pick them up soon.
- No kiddos, but lookie here.
I didn't know my accountant
was moonlighting as a stripper.
- Okay, you got me, you got the money,
but you don't need my wife.
Please don't hurt her.
- Who? This bitch?
What have you done?
- What have you done?
I was very clear very early on
that if you ever stole from
me, there'd be consequences.
Doesn't matter how
smart you think you are,
'cause I'm smarter.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
- Where are the children, Condor?
- I told you they're at a friends'.
Please leave them.
- Condor, we know the kids
are under the fuckin' table.
Don't hurt them.
- It's over, kids.
Come on.
Come out from under the table.
Sweetie, put down the knife, please.
- Please don't hurt
them, they're just kids.
- I'd ask why you stole from me,
but that's pretty fuckin' obvious.
- No, Maeve, no!
- Oh, they look so much like their mom.
Don't worry, Condor.
I'm not gonna
kill both of your kids.
Come on.
Just one of 'em.
- What?
- Who do you love more?
Choose, God damn it!
- Okay, Lucas!
I choose Lucas.
- No, no.
No, no, kill me.
- Every parent has a favorite.
- Kill me.
- No!
- Open the fucking register, asshole!
- Stand over here.
Hands in the air!
Put it in a bag now.
No, no, no, no, I want paper.
You think that's funny?
I want some of these, too.
Don't even think about fucking...
Do I have to go back
there and do it for you?
Come on, hurry up!
Fuck this!
Stop staring at me and put it in there!
Place both hands in the air.
Drop your weapon.
Drop your weapon now.
- What's your ID number?
- 26581.
- I got this one.
- Sir?
- I said I got this one.
- Yes, Sir.
- Go do the sweep of A Block.
What are you lookin' at?
- Sorry.
- Let's go, in there.
Sophia Rose.
That sounds like a stripper name.
Speakin' of which, strip.
Your file doesn't say anything
about havin' a hearing problem, Rose.
You have a hearing problem?
- No.
- Then strip.
- It's my right to request a female CO
to perform a strip search.
- Oh, yeah?
- Request denied.
Open your mouth.
Turn toward me.
Open your mouth wider.
Lift your tongue.
Now bend over and spread 'em.
- You can get dressed, inmate.
If you're gonna start that shit again,
try to be a little more fuckin' discreet.
- Yes, Sir.
- You hear me?
- Yes, Sir.
- You hear me?
- Yes, Sir.
- Okay.
Go on.
Let's go.
Hi, sunshine.
- Six.
Be nice, Angela.
- First time in, sweetheart?
- Yeah.
- I wasn't sure, which is a good thing.
What's your name?
- Sophia.
- We use last names here.
- Rose.
- I'm on bottom, you get top.
What are ya in for, Rose?
- Armed robbery and drug possession.
- That was fuckin' stupid.
Why don't you settle in?
You want somethin' to read?
- No thanks.
- Good.
Don't except gifts here,
they're never free.
- You lookin' at Branning?
No, why?
- You know that twat?
She killed a mother and a kid.
- Oh yeah, right.
Wasn't she acquitted?
I thought someone else killed them.
- Oh yeah, and the other one there,
she got busted with the murder weapons.
That's the type of leader Branning is.
She'd let her own daughter take the fall
for a crime she orchestrated.
- Did you say daughter?
- Oh, yeah.
No, not real daughter.
In here we got moms and daughters.
Although, I think those two are fucking
so maybe daughter ain't
quite the appropriate term.
Her parole got denied recently.
The word is she's appealing.
I wouldn't mind watching that
cunt get denied a second time.
Never happen, though.
- Why not?
- Rumor has it she bribed
that judge prick McDoyle
to recommend a lighter sentence.
- Who?
- The Honorable Judge Kevin McDoyle.
Whatever he recommends,
the parole board follows.
And he's dirty.
Took my bribe, then denied me anyways.
Piece of shit.
And there's her little creep goon.
Don't ever find yourself alone with him.
- Little late for that.
- When he was a street cop his precinct
got hit with a lawsuit.
Nabbed his badge.
They sent him here to bury it all.
- How do you know all this?
- I got connections.
- Get back in your cell!
Everyone get back up in your cell now!
Lockdown cell 8.
I need medical now.
Did you know her?
- Yeah, she was my sous chef.
- I said get back in your cell!
- Shit.
I need medical now.
Hurry up!
- How's the kitchen runnin', Angie?
Better than
you could ever run it,
even with one girl short.
You wouldn't know anything
about what happened
to Hazel would you?
- No idea.
If I had to guess, she
probably stepped outta line.
Well, maybe
you should honor her
and step outta my line.
You're not the only hungry
bitch in this shit hole.
- Of course.
I'd hate to be on the Mafia's bad side.
- Hey, line starts back here.
Hey, bitch?
I said the line starts back there.
- You're new here,
so I'm gonna give you
a minute to reconsider.
- Get the fuck out of my way.
- My apologies.
Excuse my rude behavior.
You go right on ahead.
- What the fuck is wrong with you?
- Bitch, I'ma fuck you up.
You fuckin' kiddin' me?
- Yeah?
"I'ma fuck you up."
Fuck me up then.
- Come on, come on.
Break it up.
Break it up. Knock it off.
You got lucky.
- SHU for you, Hagan.
- You got lucky.
- Let's go.
You better
watch your back, whore.
Let's go.
- Can I get another one.
One tray per person.
- Hey.
Hey, you?
Yeah, you.
Come here.
- Hi.
- That took some balls.
Standin' up to Hagan like
that on your first day.
- Thanks.
- Do you want it?
Take it.
- If you could excuse
us, we were chatting.
- Simone,
is that any way to talk to our new friend?
Go get me a soda.
Have a seat.
- No, thanks.
- No.
I insist.
You look familiar.
Do I know you from somewhere?
- I don't think so.
- You sure?
- Pretty sure.
Where you from?
- Bell Gardens.
- What part?
- East.
- Cool.
I did some business back there in the day.
You know Tico's Tavern?
- Never heard of it.
- It's a really popular place there.
I don't drink.
I respect that.
I'm Maeve.
- Sophia.
- What's your last name?
- Rose.
- Rose?
Mine's Branning.
I asked for a diet.
- That's not what you said.
- Yes.
I asked for a diet.
- No, that is-
- I asked for a fucking diet,
did I not?
Did I not ask for a diet, Rose?
- Yeah.
- All right, I'll get you a diet.
- Just...
- Forget it, all right?
Listen, Rose,
if you ever need anything, you come to us.
And if we ever need anything,
we'll come to you.
Does that sound good?
- Sure.
- Now get the fuck outta here.
Clean this shit up.
- Oh, yeah.
Nice work.
- Thank you, Sir.
I'll go log these.
- That's all right, I'll take care of it.
You can go back to your post.
- Sir?
- You can go back to your post.
- Sir.
- Just a minute.
Come in.
- Hope I'm not interrupting.
- Not at all, come on in.
Have a seat.
What's up?
- I've been approached by one our inmates
about movin' up her appeal.
Why do I think I know
which inmate we're talkin' about?
- Can you do it?
- Everybody wants to
move their hearing up.
The appeals line's a year long,
not to mention there's
a process to follow.
- You can't do me this one small favor?
- I didn't say that.
Let me see what I can do.
But remember what I told you.
- You got it, Boss.
Appreciate it.
- Hey!
Hagan's our mother in here, bitch.
You fuck with her, you fuck with us.
- From now on, every night
you're gonna make a choice
between being filthy or
getting your ass beaten.
- You're down a chef.
How 'bout a job for me in your kitchen?
- I saw you take that apple from Branning.
What'd I say about taking gifts?
Hell no, I can't trust you.
- Lights are goin' out, ladies.
Line it up, ladies!
- Get your lazy ass up,
it's time for count.
Never miss count.
They'll lock the whole
prison down if they have to.
- See something you want?
I got Dickens, Mary Shelley, Stephen King.
You name it.
- I don't read much.
- Well, how 'bout today's paper?
You gotta keep up with
what's happening out there.
They don't tell you shit in here.
- I admire your persistence.
You workin' on commission or something?
- I make 11 cents an hour.
At least, that's what
the prison's paying me.
- What, you got some side
hustle they don't know about?
- I wheel this cart around
the whole damn prison.
Psyche ward, SHU, men's wing, you name it.
You ever notice how us inmates
can send and receive
all the letters we want
to our loved ones on the outside,
but not to our loved ones on the inside?
Anywhere in the prison, I got you.
For a small fee, of course.
- Anywhere?
- Anywhere.
- What about the Warden's office?
- Bitch, you serious?
- Rose, let's go.
Time for your first NA meeting.
I thought that
doesn't start until-
- Do I need to write
you up on your second day?
- No, Sir.
- Let's go.
Hey, Juanita.
- Hola, Sir.
Get in there.
Get in there.
- What's this all about?
- You smell like shit.
- They wouldn't let me shower last night.
- Who's they?
- Hagan's daughters.
- What if I told you I
can help you with that?
- I'd ask what you want in return.
- Two days in, and you're already
an expert in prison transaction, huh?
I'm sure you've noticed by now
that me and your celly aren't
exactly the best of friends.
- I have.
- Well, up until yesterday,
I had someone working in the kitchen
right under Angie's nose.
- But Hazel, rest in peace,
liked to pick fights with
girls bigger than her.
And now she's dead.
So I need you to take her
position before anyone else does.
- I already tried, Angela refused.
- No try.
Make it happen.
Once you're in,
I'll give you further
instructions, all right?
- And you'll get Hagan's
daughters off my back?
- Sound like a deal?
- All right.
- All right.
- All right, listen to me.
You head straight to NA.
You got me?
I want one of your guys
to do a background
check on her, all right?
I already did.
Nothin' on the record
outside a few misdemeanors.
- Good.
Good, what about the warden?
- Warden came through.
Emergency hearing next week.
Fuck, yeah.
That's sooner than expected.
What about McDoyle?
- McDoyle's locked in.
- Good job, Fletch.
- Thanks.
Do me a favor, all right?
- Anything.
- Keep those pervy hands to yourself.
- Especially this close to my hearing.
I don't need some goody
two-shoes comin' in here
and takin' over your job.
Now fuck off.
- Nice.
- As some of you may know,
I just hit nine years clean the other day.
I'm at a point where you can shove
a whole bottle of pain killers in my face,
and I still wouldn't want them.
I did some horrible, horrible
things when I was usin'.
Broke promises, I lost trust,
I hurt the ones I care about,
but that's all behind me now.
We have a new member.
Hi, Rose.
Tell us why you're in NA.
- Fuckin' judge ordered me to.
- Great.
Anyone else?
I should tell you guys
that this is my last meeting.
I'm getting out this week.
You know, if it wasn't
- for these NA meetings and my sobriety,
that may never have happened,
so thanks guys for everything.
- Hey.
Just a little reminder.
What happens in NA meetings
stays in NA meetings.
- Got it.
Though, I'm a little
confused about something.
You said you've been clean for nine years
but I've heard you've been in here for 15.
Maybe my math is wrong so-
- Do you think you're slick?
What are you really doin' here, hm?
You're no drug addict.
- Christ, you smell like shit.
- It's not my fault.
They won't let me shower.
- Maybe if you hadn't
ruffled the dyke's feathers
you wouldn't have this problem.
- You know, if I got a job in the kitchen,
I could at least afford some
deodorant in the commissary.
- Your smelly ass doesn't
belong anywhere near the food.
- Please.
I've got nothing.
- Tell you what, take a
God damn shower regularly,
and the job is yours.
- Thank you.
- Rose?
You got a visitor.
- When'd you get out?
- Last Tuesday.
Six months early with good behavior.
- You need to go.
- Elena, please.
I've been looking for you,
but I had a hard time finding any info.
- Foster mother changed
my name when I was nine.
But you wouldn't know that, would you?
Everyone has money problems.
You didn't have to work
for a fucking drug dealer,
let alone rob them.
- We were broke.
I thought I was protecting the family.
So nice to see you, Elena.
I thought of you everyday since-
- Since you chose me to die?
- I just wanna help.
- Do you know what it's like bouncing
from one shitty foster family to the next?
Almost 15 years to the day
and I don't even get a letter from you.
- I did write you letters.
I wrote you so many I lost count,
but they were all returned.
No, bullshit!
You think you can just come here
and everything will be
okay like it was before?
I don't need you.
I talked to a lawyer.
She says she can help you.
Minimal security, short sentence.
We can get through this.
- No, I asked to be sent here.
I made a plea bargain so I could,
so don't fuck that up now.
- Do you think I'm stupid?
I know what you're doing, Elena.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
You need to leave right now.
- You already have five years.
You wanna make it life?
- She deserves it.
- You have to let it go.
- Let it go?
This is your fault.
- You think that I don't know that?
That I don't dwell on it every single day?
What am I supposed to do now?
What am I supposed to say?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
She's getting out.
- What?
- She's appealing.
- Oh, they'd never grant her parole.
- Mm, tell that to the judge-
- I know who he is.
- Next week.
- If you wanna help, what
can you do about the judge?
- Are you...
I just got out and you want
me to risk coming back?
- I knew I couldn't count on you.
Just leave.
God damn it, I told you.
Get the fuck out of here.
- Elena?
- Don't come back.
- Elena?
- Can I have today's paper?
Door 19!
- Work hard,
keep your head down,
and stay outta trouble.
But when a shipment arrives,
make sure you're the first
one to open it, all right?
And when it's lunch
time, hand it to Simone.
Got it?
- I already took care of Hagan's girls.
So what are you gonna do for me
in return for all this?
Take it.
Don't think Hagan's done with you.
Just wait till she's outta the SHU.
- You might have Maeve
fooled, but I ain't.
I know you up to somethin'.
- Pretty bold assumption
coming from someone
who deals pills to recovering addicts.
- If these fuck ups wanna keep
using that's their choice.
I gotta do what I gotta do in here.
- I couldn't agree more.
Line it up!
- Good work today.
What's your deal with her?
You know her from the outside?
- I've seen her on the news, that's all.
enter your prison ID number.
Hey, honey.
- Hey, darlin'. How are ya?
How's Nico?
We're good, baby, you?
- Same as always.
Got a new cell mate.
I like her, but I don't trust her.
I need you to do a little diggin'.
Of course, what's her name?
- Sophia Rose.
- Right there in that back alley.
Yeah, that's where the
exchange is gonna be.
Any questions?
Thank you.
Are you high?
- I didn't take anything.
- I told you when we got back together
if you ever touched that
shit again we were done.
- Maeve I...
- God damn junkie!
- I dig you Rose, but it occurred to me
I don't know much about you.
What'd you do for work in Bell Gardens?
- I worked at a restaurant waiting tables.
- Is that why you robbed the gas station?
- How'd you know about that?
- You really think I'd let you
in my inner circle without
doing my due diligence?
- I guess not.
- Where'd you wait tables?
- A local spot called Rose's Place.
- Oh, no shit.
They made the best sandwiches.
- Yeah, I love that place.
You must know Pete, the owner.
- Yeah, I know Pete, great guy.
I thought he was an asshole.
What are you gonna do with that?
- Letters for Elena Cruz?
- What'd you say?
- What can we do for you, Scarface?
- Random search.
You're not hidin' any
contraband in here are ya?
Step out.
Carry on.
- What was that about?
Is she on to you?
- What do you mean?
- My husband said you
weren't easy to find,
and he can find anyone.
You better hope she doesn't know people
in the foster care system.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- What that woman did
to your family was evil.
- You're not gonna tell them are you?
- Absolutely not my dear,
you deserve your revenge.
In two days McDoyle will
recommend her parole,
and it will happen.
What's your plan for that?
- We got two releases this
week, and then we have...
Lemme call you back.
Get back to work.
God damn it, Fletcher!
Come here.
Come on.
You okay?
Don't worry,
this is never gonna happen
to you again, I promise.
Just keep quiet about this, okay?
All right, go on back to your cell.
Go on.
- Warden-
- Don't even try to explain.
- I won't do it again, okay?
- God damn right you won't do it again.
I'm reassigning you to the guard tower.
That fuckin' moron.
- Asshole.
All he had to do was keep his dick
in his pants for one more day.
- At least he didn't get fired.
- He's no help to us from the tower.
We can't risk selling
with a new CO around.
- I don't like sittin'
with all that product.
- Are you scared you're gonna use it all?
Screw it.
Sell it all.
- Sold out.
I can see why she likes you now.
You cold.
You sell it all?
- No, nobody was bitin' today.
- You expect me to believe
nobody wanted drugs
at a narcotics anonymous meeting?
Come on.
- Some people like to take
their sobriety seriously.
- Good to know somebody does.
Show me the money.
- I don't have it.
- Bullshit.
If I wasn't up for parole
I'd kill you right now.
- I'll give you whatever you want.
- Face forward!
I don't want your money.
- Who are you?
Are you here to kill me?
Please, don't.
- No, no, I'm not gonna kill you.
- What do you want then?
- I want you to change your recommendation
to the parole board
to deny Maeve Branning's parole tomorrow.
- I can't do that.
- Yes, you can.
- She'll kill me.
- Yeah, well, you don't, I'll kill you.
- Okay, all right, all right.
Just take it easy.
All right?
Just put the gun down.
I'll do it, okay?
Face forward!
- I said I'll do it!
- Where's McDoyle?
- You haven't heard?
He died last night.
- What the fuck?
- Shall we begin?
- Yes, Commissioner, we
ask if the board received
the letter of recommendation
from the Honorable Judge McDoyle?
- No, we did not.
Let's proceed, please.
Ms. Branning, you served 15
years of a 25 year sentence.
Which in my opinion
was far too lenient
considering your reputation.
Do you feel that 15 years
has been sufficient?
Have you been rehabilitated?
- I have, Commissioner, yeah.
- The circumstances of your
arrest have not been lost of me.
If Simone Keller had not been
caught for the Cruz murders,
we may never have
uncovered your operation.
- I've never been convicted
for any operation.
And I...
I honestly, I had nothing
to do with those murders.
- Well, word around town
is that you call the shots by Ms. Keller.
Now, I don't have jurisdiction
to refute the court's decision,
but I can mitigate
their failure by letting
you serve out your sentence.
- Please.
Commissioner, I'm just asking
you to show some mercy.
I just...
I just need a chance.
Look, I don't call the shots.
That's all Simone.
- Do you think I'm an idiot?
Do you think I don't see
through those pathetic tears?
You don't care, Ms. Branning.
- I do.
I do care.
- You only care about getting out,
and the Honorable Judge McDoyle's
reputation precedes him.
- Well, sounds like you made your decision
before you even walked through that door.
- If I let you out right
now, what would you do?
Where would you go?
- I'd probably go find your wife
and fuck her brains out like
you never could, Commissioner.
- And there you've proven my point.
Parole is denied.
- You better watch your
back mother fucker.
Do you hear me?
I got people everywhere!
Get your God damn hands off of me, bitch!
That's what you all are!
Fucking pussy bitches!
Branning got sent to the SHU.
- Looks like your momma's
gonna be gone for awhile.
It's time for us to saddle up.
Mow the lawn, inmates.
- Hey, you all right?
- What the fuck do you think, asshole?
- Look, I only have a minute
before I have to get
back to the guard tower.
- What the hell happened?
- They're saying he was carjacked.
- Oh, come on!
This wasn't random.
- No shit.
- Somebody's after me.
I need you back in the female wing.
- Look, I've tried.
The warden ain't budgin'.
He don't take bribes, you know that.
- Well, then get some dirt on him.
You need to get me outta here, Fletch.
And we need to figure
out who's doin' this.
- Listen to me,
there's somethin' I ain't got to yet.
- What?
- You remember my old partner, Stuts?
Well, he was part of the team
that searched McDoyle's house.
Apparently the bastard kept records
of every bribe he ever took.
- Shit!
So the cops know we paid him off?
- No.
Stuts was able to pull yours
before it got processed,
but here's the thing.
McDoyle took a parole bribe
from Angela Lombardo earlier this year.
- I thought Lombardo's parole was denied.
- Exactly.
- Bitch!
Send Sadie.
- Line it up, inmates!
Time for count.
Where's Lombardo?
- I don't know.
We're missin' one.
Lock it down!
Inside, now.
- Check if she's in the yard.
- Check that way.
- Can I have your attention, please?
Since none of you wanna talk
about what went down in the kitchen,
all of you will suffer the consequences.
- Come on, man.
- Come on, man, no!
- Quiet!
As of now, A Block is on lockdown.
New guard, no visitors, and no
phone calls unless I say so.
You understand?
- Yes, Sir.
I said do you understand?
Yes, Sir.
- Well, that's more like it.
Y'all have a good night, ladies.
"My sweet girl,
I know it's not safe to write to you,
but I had to get you this message.
I tried to do things peacefully.
It was an accident and a mistake,
and I only did it to protect you.
There must be a better way.
It's never too late to turn back.
Please call me as soon as you can.
I love you."
- Keller?
I need medical.
- What the hell are you doing?
I'll call you back.
God damn it, Fletcher!
- What?
You know, all I have to do
is ask Officer Carter about
the contraband that she seized,
and make sure that it's been processed.
- What do you want?
- First I wanna know how you knew
I was in the storage room that day.
- I had a gut feeling.
- Bullshit.
How'd you know?
- Someone slipped a note under my door.
How about I take you off the guard tower,
and put you back in the female wing?
- I'm gonna need a little more than that.
- About time.
- Did you send the warden that note?
- What note?
- Forget it.
You know, you cost us a lotta money.
How you plannin' on makin' that up to us?
- You gotta believe me.
It was Rose.
She drugged my food to
get me hooked again.
- Look at me.
- You think Lombardo was actin' alone?
They were cell mates.
She gotta be involved
in this shit somehow.
- What could she possibly
gain by fuckin' with us?
I already checked her out.
- Well, maybe she's smarter than you are.
Let me talk to Maeve.
- I choose Lucas!
Hi, you've reached Condor Cruz.
I'm not available right now,
so please leave a message
and I'll get back to you.
- I'm surprised you showed up.
- Here I am.
Three to one.
- It's between us.
They'll stay out of it.
- Remind me why we're doing this again.
Because you cut me in the lunch line.
- You let somethin'
like that slide in here,
they'll see you as weak.
I respect you for
standin' up for yourself,
but I'm not weak.
Hey, I ain't got no problem with you.
This is not between us.
I ain't got no problem with you.
Oh, please!
Please don't hurt them.
- Don't you move.
- They were just doing
what I told them.
- Who do you love more?
Pick one.
No, I can't.
- Pick one.
- No, I can't, I can't.
Pick one or I kill them both.
No, please don't.
Choose, God damn it!
- Choose!
- Don't choose.
She'll only do the opposite.
- There she is.
Elena Cruz.
Fuck off!
Now, God damn it!
- Okay!
Come on.
- This is for druggin' me.
- That's for your little
note to the warden.
You need a hand?
You're such a lady.
Oh, fuck!
- That's for this.
Poor baby.
I'd be fuckin' out of here by now
if it wasn't for you, you little bitch!
Give me her phone.
- Show him to me.
- Your plan is to hurt the guy
who practically sentenced
me to death when I was nine?
Do whatever the fuck you want with him.
- Ah, you heard her.
Let him go.
He had nothing to do with this.
- He has everything to do with this.
And let me tell you something.
He's not gonna get off easy, honey.
And neither are you.
Take her to the fucking SHU!
- Come on, let's go.
Just up here.
Hands behind your back.
Did that hurt?
There you go.
Lie down.
Roll over, on your hands.
Now listen, I made sure that
this wing's empty, okay?
So you can scream as much as you want!
No one can hear you, okay?
- What you gonna do to my father?
- Well, I imagine
somethin' similar to this.
And keep your fucking head still.
One down.
- Hey, help!
Shut up!
- Hi.
How you doin'?
Are you mad at me?
Hey, scooch over.
Come on, scooch over.
You know, Maeve doesn't trust me.
Can you believe that shit?
She forbid me from seeing
any of the girls in gen pop.
But we ain't in gen pop anymore.
So, I get to be your prince.
Let's get these nice slippers off.
Let's take these pants
off, what do you say?
Nobody likes to fuck with their socks on.
Let's go, girl.
- Ah, fuck!
Ah, you gotta get me to a hospital!
You gotta please get me to a
hospital to sew it back on.
No, God, no!
No, no, no!
No, God, damn it!
What the fuck are you doing?
Please, please, help me, please, please!
Please, what are you doin'?
What are you fuckin' doin'?
What are you doin'?
- Scream all you want,
no one will hear you.
Please don't
go, please don't go!
Oh my God, ow!
Oh God, you bitch!
God, fuck!
- Open the cell.
- Which one?
- You know which one.
- Are you insane?
- Do it!
- What the fuck?
Holy shit.
You're a stubborn little bitch.
Rest in hell, Fletcher.
- Facility lockdown.
Lock it down!
- Kill 'em, Rose!
Yeah, Rose, fuckin' do it!
- Don't.
Take it easy.
Let her go.
Let her go!
- Woo, yeah!
- Kill her!
- Make the call.
- You got some balls, bitch.
- Hey.
Let him go.
You sure?
- Do what I said.
All right.
Wait, wait, wait, no, no!
- Wait.
I wanna talk to my father.
Put him on the phone.
- Dad?
- Elena?
Are they letting you go?
- Yeah, I think so.
Make sure.
Yeah, I'm out.
What's that noise?
How'd you get a cell phone?
What's going on?
- I've got her, Dad.
I got her.
Hear the alarms?
- I know you're gonna tell me
it's not too late to
turn back but it is now.
- No, it's never too late.
- I gotta go, Dad.
I'm sorry for getting you involved.
Yes, honey?
- I forgive you.
Elena, I-
- Oh, that actually warmed my heart.
Fuckin' let her go.
- Who?
This bitch?
- Get that bitch!
Fuck yeah!
Get her!
Come on, Maeve do it!
- I'm gonna fucking kill you,
you little fucking bitch.
- Take her down!
- This is for my mother!
And this is for my brother.
Guys, she got her, she got her.
She's dead.
Lifeless now!
Bitch, you better watch you.
It's our house now, baby.
- Get comfy, Rose.
Cruz, or whatever the hell your name is,
'cause you're gonna spend the
rest of your life in this box.
You're gonna eat here,
you're gonna shit here,
and you're gonna die here.
No phone calls, no visitors,
no daylight and no freedom.
I certainly hope it was worth it.
- Hey.
- I didn't think I'd be
allowed books in here.
- Yeah.
There's a lotta things we ain't allowed.
"Dear Elena,
I thought you might like to know
that the media's going crazy
for you after what happened.
People are even protesting
for your release.
But the governor has said
it will never happen.
I couldn't bear the thought
of you being shoved in the SHU
for the rest of your life
with no one to talk to,
especially after I finally
got your forgiveness.
They wouldn't let me send you mail.
There was only one way I knew
how to get a message to you.
I don't deserve freedom
and I don't want it.
Not without my family.
But now, we have each other.