Incessant (2023) Movie Script

[dramatic music playing]
[birds chirping]
[footsteps approaching]
[loud screaming]
[loud screaming continues]
[high-pitched sound]
[breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily]
[mellow music playing]
Almost there.
Okay, last one.
-So it's the tires then.
-Yeah, it was.
The tires I told you
to check before we left.
[scoffs] Yes, Gina the tires you
told me to check before we left
but, they're all sorted now.
-[sighs] Oh, Jesus.
Are you fucking kidding me, Ed?
We said we were gonna be
there by six
and you don't have time
to roll a cigarette.
You've already put us
back with this.
All right then.
Guess that means
we should leave.
I guess it doesn't mean
we should leave then.
Yeah. All right.
Let's be on our way.
[upbeat music playing]
[music stops]
[soft music playing]
Sorry about falling asleep,
didn't realize I had done.
Oh, I feel better for it though.
Don't mind if I do. Thank you.
[G. sighs]
Let's get fucked up tonight, G.
[hypnotic soft music playing]
You know this place reminds me
of that night.
You know I was supposed to go
for dinner with [indistinct]
that absolutely convinced me
to come out.
Literally the same
garden furniture.
-Oh, yeah?
I remember
because you were like,
I didn't even wanna be there
and you were [indistinct] great.
I didn't wanna be there
but you walked up,
you rocked in and you just
pretended you knew everyone.
-Sounds like me.
And everyone seemed
to think they knew you.
As mama said,
you could sell honey to bees.
Can't disagree with her.
It was so busy.
-There were so many drugs.
-[both laughing]
[indistinct] none.
And you were just like,
oh, mate,
can we have
a little bit of this?
And then they'd pass it over.
I have never seen anyone talk
as well to people as you do.
Gift of the gab,
as my mama said.
You could sell honey to a fly.
Can you remember what you did?
Or honey to a bee
'cos I [indistinct].
Or even to a wasp.
I don't know shit
but cocaine and booze.
You remember
what happened that night?
No, I don't. Go on.
You'll have to--
You'll have to fill me in.
What did I do next?
I remember a lot of
cocaine and booze.
do you remember the bathroom?
No, what happened?
It's fine. [chuckling]
No. So, we were talking
and I think this,
I don't even know what
happened but this guy like
smacked into you and you just
went flying into the pond.
I thought [indistinct]
you were gonna be furious
or at least come up swinging.
But no, you just pretended
like it was all planned
and everyone just laughed,
but with you.
[chuckling] I know it's stupid
but it was really nice.
And I remember thinking
that yeah,
you're the guy for me.
I wish I'd known that was
all it was gonna take.
[G. laughing]
[high-pitched sound]
[exciting music playing]
That was mad. I can't believe
you went that far.
But fair play to you.
[grunting] You are such a liar?
[laughing] Yeah.
[both laughing]
Uh-huh. Mhm.
Mm. Mm. I-- I completely agree.
Ah, you're so slow.
[clears throat]
Look, I-- I don't know
about that but I mean,
come on, give me a chance.
Be-- be fair.
Down in one.
You handled that like a pro.
All right. Ready?
-[G. laughing]
It's fucking
bullshit as well, right?
We have one account
and we literally cannot get
the guy to sign for it
and I don't know why.
You know what I'm like
with closing, yeah?
Like I can close anything,
-So we just can't get him
to close and I don't know why.
And he's saying like,
oh, you know my family this
and you know like this, that.
And I'm like, yeah, I get--
I get that you've got
like expenses
but when can we get
this account signed off?
That's right.
We just can't get the guy.
I know. It's just like at
my workplace and it's like
keep bringing me copies because
they're always really shitty.
[indistinct] is just like...
-Oh, it is what it is.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I mean, come on.
They know, you don't they?
-[G. sighs]
Oh, boy, that guy
[indistinct] they keep talking
about them
all the time [indistinct].
-That boy, Jason?
-Yeah, Jason.
Like, I don't know.
Jason just doesn't
understand, right?
He just thinks [indistinct]
But, Jason needs to learn.
And he needs to learn
quite quickly.
It doesn't work like that.
You gotta be on it. You know,
you gotta always be closing.
That's what we tell them,
right at the beginning.
[indistinct chatter]
[breathes deeply]
["Ride" by LS Rose]
Okay, babe, come on.
It's the [indistinct].
Come on. Come on.
Come on. [indistinct].
-Oh yeah.

[high-pitched sound]
[eerie music playing]
[sinister tone]
-[Ed] Babe.
Babe. Babe.
Can you hear that?
Can you not hear that noise?
It's the country there's noises.
Yeah, but this is--
this is piercing.
-Ed, just get in bed, okay.
-[sighs] I'm not sleepy.
It's the country there's noises.
I don't know there's birds,
the houses are old.
[Ed] It's not birds but--
Can you not hear that?
I can hear you. Yeah.
-[Ed] Right. Okay.
-Go to sleep.
-[Ed] Okay.
-Night, Ed.
[Ed] Night, G.
[ominous music playing]
[high-pitched sound]
[high-pitched sound crescendo]
[high-pitched sound continues]
[G. grunting]
-[indistinct] Wake up.
[G. sighs]
[mellow music playing]
[birds chirping]
[sinister tone]
-[high-pitched sound]
-Oh my God.
[breathing heavily]
[mellow music playing]
[ominous music playing]
[high-pitched sound continues]
[mellow music playing]
[high-pitched sound]
[high-pitched sound continues]
[peaceful music playing]
-[high-pitched sound]
[cell phone vibrates]
Oh no.
Enough, enough, enough.
Yes, all right.
I'm coming. Fuck sake.
What? Yes, Jason.
[high-pitched sound]
Yeah, I can't hear you, mate.
You're breaking up.
Look, I'll--
I'll call you back. All right?
Ow, shit.
[mellow music playing]
[high-pitched sound]
[gloomy music playing]
[intense sounds buildup]
[high-pitched sound]
[door opens]
[G. Sighs]
[G.] Oh, babe I can't
believe you missed out,
like today,
it was absolutely amazing.
The sun was shining
and honestly,
I saw so many squirrels and
like, rabbits and wildlife.
And it was so nice.
You know,
at the end of the road these,
um, I'm guessing the neighbors
or whatever they are,
they've got this gorgeous horse.
And it's like-- it's black
and white, just absolute beauty.
I walked and like, I felt
really safe and everything.
Nice and the sun's out
and it just like made such
a difference from
our usual kind of day.
[high-pitched sound]
[laughing] So I am thinking if
you're feeling a little bit
more up for it tomorrow,
you can come with me.
You know
we can something together.
I guess you were sleeping today.
Actually, did you get any sleep?
[Ed] Can you please be quiet?
Sorry, what did you
just say to me?
I said, can you please shut up?
I'm sorry that um, you know,
objects make sound.
You could at least move
a little bit quieter
or put things down or close
doors just a little bit softer.
I thought we came [indistinct]
to get away from the noise.
I've had calls from work.
I can't sleep and now this.
Oh, so that's my problem.
You can turn your phone off.
You know why
I can't turn off my phone.
Yeah, we came here
to get away from things.
That was the point.
But you know, to work on us.
at me or saying this.
Don't play that game with me.
You made it pretty clear
that I'm the problem.
That I'm too loud for you.
Oh, fuck this.
I'm not doing this now.
Fucking prick.
[sinister tone]
[Ed grunting]
Oh, no, no, no, no.
Make it stop, please.
[breathing heavily]
Make it stop.
Make it stop.
Make it stop.
[high-pitched sound]
-[high-pitched sound]
-[Ed groans loudly]
Make it stop.
Oh, get out of my head.
[high-pitched sound]
[water flushes]
[dark music playing]
[Ed groaning]
Please, please, please.
Oh, my God.
Leave me alone.
[high-pitched sound]
Oh, shit, shit.
Just stop.
[Ed groaning]
Make it stop. Make it stop.
I can't stand this anymore,
please fuck off.
Make it stop.
[indistinct shouting]
[eerie music]
[ominous music playing]
Where's my soup?
Are you feeling better then?
You came and [indistinct]
Why did you take it away?
What? There isn't any soup.
Well, no, no, no, no, no,
you came and gave me soup
and then you snatched it away.
But... What?
I want soup.
But, no. There wasn't any soup.
-Yes, there was.
-There was no soup.
You came and gave it to me.
Okay, okay.
I'll make you some soup.
[eerie music playing]
The soup's in the fridge.
What soup? [sighs]
-You all right?
-Yeah, I'm good.
What-- what was with
the note about the soup?
-What soup?
You don't remember
anything about last night?
No, I don't remember
a thing about last night.
No, I've got a splitting--
a migraine upon a migraine.
I-- This sound is just piercing.
It's ringing in my head.
It's reverberating
around the whole place.
I can't make it stop.
I'm sweating profusely.
I've sweated through
my fucking bedclothes.
I've got blisters coming up
all over my body--
Ed, I know. I'm going through
the exact same thing,
but I'm not complaining
about it like you are.
I'm actually dealing with it.
Look, I need to leave.
We need to go. Okay?
Like I can't stay here
like this.
I need to get out of here.
Look, we-- we need to--
we need to go home where
we've got all of
our creature comforts.
Where we're-- where we're--
where we're safe and secure.
Well, we can't go.
What-- what are we gonna do?
It's a five-hour journey back.
No, I, like we just need to go.
Let's just pack everything up,
get it in the car
and get on the road,
and get back home.
We should stay
and we should just wait
until this gets better.
It's clearly an illness of
some sort.
No, no, no, no,
we can't stay here.
We have [indistinct].
Well, you're driving then.
What? No, no, I can't drive.
I can't fucking drive.
No, I can't drive like this.
I can't even focus on the door,
let alone the road.
Right, we stay here
and we hunker down
and we wait for this to pass.
We-- we-- we-- we--
we wait for this illness
or whatever it is to go.
[indistinct] this sound and it's
just drilling through my head.
I have tried the headphones.
I have tried drinking
as much as I fucking can
and it's not fucking going.
Then I got in the shower, so...
-Did it work?
-Yeah. A little.
[dramatic music playing]
[high-pitched sound]
[high-pitched sound]
Get royally fucked up tonight.
Fuck, yeah.
[high-pitched sound]
-[upbeat music playing]
-[high-pitched sound continues]
[Ed] Yeah. Come on, G.
You know it. Yes, girl.
Yeah, you there,
you know this song.
[loud] Come on G, now dance.
You all right there G, babe?
Yeah, come on.
Bring it.
[loud] Come on, G, now dance.
That's it.
Yeah. Feel it, G.
Feel it. Come on G, feel it.
I think you can do better
than that.
[loud] Is that all you've got?
You can do better than that.
You're amazing.
Your dancing is incredible.
That's not dancing.
Bring that energy.
You do you.
You do you.
You're fantastic. Yes.
Oh, my God.
I love you so much.
G., you all right?
Look at you.
You're incredible.
You're fantastic.
G, seriously, you all right?
[both moaning]
[heavy breathing]
[mellow music playing]
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
Who are you?
Where have you come from?
What do you want?
Talk properly!
Stop making noises.
Answer me.
Fucking [indistinct].
What are you saying?
[dramatic music playing]
[Ed screaming]
[breathing heavily]
[high-pitched sound]
Ed. [sobbing]
[G. crying]
I killed him.
I'm fucking tired.
[high-pitched sound]
[gloomy music playing]
[high-pitched sound]
[breathing heavily]
Is-- is-- is it.
Is-- is, sounds is.
Is, house-- house.
No. No. No. No.
Mind. My mind.
My mind!
House, house, house.
Out! Go, go, please.
Leave. Leave. Sound.
Parasite. Sound.
Go, go, go.
Leave! Leave.
[intense dramatic music playing]
[breathing deeply]
[G.] Ed!
[moaning and groaning]
[heavy breathing]
G. Ah!
G.! No! No!
[G.] Ed! Ed!
[sobbing] Ed!
[dramatic music continues]
-Let's go home, okay?
S-- S-- Stay.
Let's just go.
Go away!
Ed, no,
it doesn't make any sense.
Just put it down.
Ed, just stop it.
Put it down.
Put it down, please.
[dramatic music continues]
Ed, no. Ed, no!
[G.] Please, please, please.
Just stop.
Ed. No, Ed!
Stop! Stop!
[G. crying]
I'll go get help,
I'll go get help.
Just-- just stay,
it'll be fine.
[crying] I'll be back. Okay?
I'm gonna be--
I'm gonna come back.
I'm gonna come back. All right?
I love you.
I'm gonna be back. Okay?
I love you.
[dramatic music playing]
[high-pitched sound]
Shush. Shoo.
Sh, sh, sh.
Shush. Shush.
Shush. Shh.
[loud screaming]
[dramatic music continues]
[somber music playing]
[loud screaming]
[high-pitched sound]
[gentle music playing]