Incident at Montauk (2019) Movie Script

It was around this
time last night, 11 p.m.,
here on Long Island.
Guess you could say
I had a UFO sighting.
I mean, I don't know
what the hell it was,
but I'm guessing it
was several miles out,
just hovering in the sky,
this orange glowing light,
and before I can pull over,
it darts across the sky,
and it's gone.
No way it was a man-made
craft or drone or whatever.
There wasn't even any sound.
I don't know, I've never
seen anything like it before.
Aaah, just an airplane.
Well, at least the moon's out.
1 a.m., still no sign of anything.
Really wishing I had some proof,
but yeah I think it's
time to head home,
and I guess I'll just
post this online,
see what people say.
This is where I was.
Bendigo Road, if that's
how you pronounce it,
about an hour from my
apartment in Riverhead.
Let's see, believe
I was right about
here when I saw the UFO
off to the northwest,
I checked the news,
nothing about strange
lights in the sky,
but I did find there's
been quite a history
of sightings on Long Island.
All right,
each one of these symbols
represents a sighting,
and these are just
the most recent ones.
You can see they're
all over the place.
Looks like we got one in Riverhead.
May 16th, 2016,
circular green object
entering our atmosphere turned
into light storm of energy.
Looks like there's one
out here.
Let's see what that,
okay, says East,
East Hampton but looks like Montauk.
February 14th, 2016,
bright orange light shines
down into my bathroom window
then disappears.
Should see about getting
my sighting on here.
Found this video on some UFO channel
and this sighting looks almost
exactly like what I saw,
but anyway.
Same shape and everything,
pretty much,
although mine was more orange
and, of course, it was further away.
It's not every day you
see something like this,
that's for sure.
It's been five days
since the sighting.
Just gonna keep
posting these videos.
At least I'm getting some
feedback from others who believe,
which is encouraging,
'cause I don't think
my family and friends
really believe me,
at least not the ones I've told.
I guess it sounds crazy,
but still, I know what I saw.
No way it was military,
or some kind of natural phenomena.
I mean, there's got to be other
intelligent life-forms out there,
if not in our solar system,
then some other system,
especially when there's
billions of galaxies,
or maybe these
visitors are from a parallel
universe or alternate dimension
and then,
what the hell are they doing here?
One can only imagine.
So I decided to make
my sighting official,
got this form all filled out,
ready to go.
UFO Reporting Headquarters.
Actually there's quite
a number of websites and
organizations that do these,
but anyway,
didn't mark any of these off
'cause none of this happened.
Were there any electrical
or magnetic effects such
as the car engine stopping?
Close encounters?
Was missing time experienced?
Let's see,
this chart was useful.
Didn't realize there was
so many different shapes.
Some of these are really weird.
witness contact information?
Yes, I give permission
to release my name.
I mean I'm already
public about this so...
Submitting image and video.
Of course I don't have anything,
although they say you can
submit a drawing,
but this will do.
Here we go.
Here at work,
lunch break actually,
really wishing I could just
take the rest of the day off,
but anyway, this guy
messaged me from online,
says he used to live in Long Island
and that all the
sightings are linked
to some secret project in Montauk,
but yeah he's agreed to
do a video call tonight,
although he doesn't wanna
reveal his identity,
so I'm not really sure
how that's gonna work, but
I don't know,
we'll see what he has to say
and hopefully he's serious.
thanks for doing this call.
I'm recording this just so you know.
Yeah, no problem, man.
People got to hear the truth.
Nice costume.
Ha, ha, whatever works, man.
So what's the deal in Montauk?
I got the link you sent about
the Camp Hero Air Force base,
but it looks like it's just a park.
Well, that's what
they want you to think.
I'm surprised you
didn't know about it.
I've only been here a year.
I'm from Connecticut actually.
All right,
well here's the deal.
The park is just a cover.
What it really is is
an underground base
with, I believe,
12 subterranean levels
and a series of
interconnected tunnels.
You all right?
My father told me
that's where the
experiments took place.
We're talking psychic warfare,
mind control,
even time travel.
Time travel, really?
Well yeah.
It's not as far
fetched as you think.
they'd mostly take young men,
I mean they'd fucking
steal the homeless
right off the streets,
transients, runaways.
Less than 1% of them would
even survive the experiments.
I mean, were talking
at least 10,000 people
and that's just between '71 and '83,
when the project was at its peak,
and I still believe
it's going on now.
The Montauk project?
That's right.
Well how could they could
they be getting away with
this, all those people,
that's insane.
The government's
gotten away with worse before.
And what about the
UFO connection then?
Well don't you get it?
They're using alien technology.
Alien technology, yep, that's...
the ETs are part of the project.
Well, that's why there's so
many sightings in that area.
You see, we're talking about
our own shadow government here,
colluding with Nazi SS scientists.
So Nazis are...
Uh, yeah.
I mean after the second World War,
through Operation Paperclip
they brought these scientists over
and they took their knowledge,
some of which they used in the
Montauk Project years later.
And your father
was a project member?
No, no.
He was only stationed there.
God rest his soul.
What about some kind of evidence,
documents or something
to prove the Montauk
Project was real?
Oh, it's real,
trust me.
But I doubt there's ever gonna
be any kind of paper trail.
Look, all I know is
what my father told me and
what others have made public.
But I've only scratched the surface.
The rabbit hole goes much deeper
than you could possibly imagine,
but you're gonna need to
do the digging on your own.
Oh, I plan on it, believe me.
I need to cut this short,
my health ain't what it used to be.
All right.
Well, keep in touch and
thanks for doing this
and everything and
letting me record.
be careful.
Been reading through this website
which that guy recommended.
Lots of info about the experiments
that supposedly went on,
some background about the project.
Definitely disturbing,
to say the least.
And Montauk of all places.
This is like
Nevada's Area 51,
only more sinister.
I don't know.
Camp Hero State Park.
This at the eastern
tip of Long Island,
754 acres.
And this is the military area,
built in 1942.
here's the old radar.
Supposedly they were using
this thing as massive transmitter,
which was key to the experiments.
if the stories are true.
It's about midnight,
just had this awful nightmare.
I was at Camp Hero,
standing before that radar.
There was a thunderstorm,
it's night,
and I can see something
standing at the top
of that radar tower,
just staring down at me,
like a dark shape or silhouette.
I can't really make out
any of its features,
even in the flashes of lightning,
but I can tell it's humanoid,
although its head seems
too large for its body,
which is almost skeletal,
and it keeps staring.
All I wanna do is run, but I can't.
Then suddenly this tidal wave comes
rising behind the tower out
of nowhere and crashes down.
I'm underwater,
I can't breathe.
Then I woke up.
Seemed so real.
I don't know.
Maybe I'm getting too
obsessed with this stuff.
Been looking through my videos,
and I just wanna thank
everyone that's been
commenting and everything.
It's good to know there's
open minds out there,
especially when people I'm close to
still aren't taking me seriously,
and now they know about
my sighting at work.
Some joker left this on my desk,
but anyway,
I think this weekend I'm
gonna head out to Camp Hero,
go for a cruise.
Get out of town,
maybe stay the whole weekend,
if there's any hotels open.
I don't know what else
I can do at this point.
So I'll leave it at that.
Been driving about 80
minutes now from Riverhead,
Camp Hero should be coming up.
Plan is,
get a bunch of footage,
scope things out.
Let's see, I'm right about here.
These shaded areas
are restricted access,
off limits.
Have to see how close I can get.
You know, if the electromagnetic
radiation emitted
from a cell phone
can alter our brain
wave activity like some
studies have shown,
imagine what the EM radiation
from that radar could do.
I mean, if it's transmitting
at the right frequencies,
it could definitely alter
our mood and behavior,
making us susceptible to control.
Sounds like science fiction,
but it's actually reality.
This radar was initially key
to the mind control experiments,
but around 1974, they
began using something
called the Montauk Chair which,
from what I read,
was based on alien technology.
they hooked this chair device
to the radar system
so it could harness
the electromagnetic energy
to amplify psychic powers,
like remote viewing, telepathy,
and there was one psychic
who became the
project's most advanced.
Not only was he was
able to create objects
out of thin air,
but he could even open
gateways into space and time,
when hooked into the chair,
although, eventually, he
helped sabotage the project.
This is the back of the
maintenance building.
This is one of the bunkers.
Oh, look at that.
Ooh, we got company.
Looks like we got something here.
No way I'm getting down there.
What the heck?
Looks like this is the
transmitter building.
Let's see what we can see.
Oh damn it,
wish I could get in here.
This is part of Battery 113.
The Montauk Project supposedly came
to an end on August 12th, 1983.
As far as I know, several
key project members,
who were concerned the
experiments were out of control,
had devised a plan
to crash the program.
So they had this advanced psychic
guy I talked about create
an invisible creature
from his subconscious mind
when hooked into the Montauk Chair.
They had hoped this would
scare the project heads
into ending all the experiments,
but the plan backfired,
and instead this thing
manifested as a huge,
beast that went out of control,
destroying everything in its path.
So they rushed to cut the
power to the transmitter
which finally shut everything down,
including this mind-created monster.
Anyway, the base was
soon purged and abandoned
after this disaster.
At least that's how the legend goes.
I've pretty much been
around the whole base.
Doesn't look like much is going on,
but there's definitely
a strange vibe.
Not a good feeling.
Anyway, the park closes at sunset
and it's almost eight, so
I'm gonna head out.
Let's see, I'm at some
motel here in Montauk.
Luckily they had a room.
Anyway, the plan is
head out again tomorrow,
get a closer look around,
probably check out this back trail,
which leads to Battery 112
and down by the old Montauk highway.
Definitely gonna need some
cover if I sneak in after dark.
I'm about a mile
down from Camp Hero.
Gonna leave my car here
and head to the back trail.
That'll probably be my best way in,
given there's a white
SUV with dark windows
just sitting by the park entrance,
so this place is
definitely patrolled.
I mean, the goal is not
to get arrested here.
Haven't done this kind of
shit since I was a kid.
Definitely feeling a rush.
Let's see, tick repellent,
extra batteries,
bolt cutters,
bunch of stuff.
Should be ready to go.
Kind of wishing I
brought my cell phone,
but too risky when it could
be used to track my location.
Not taking any chances.
Looks like one of those SUVs.
I believe I've gone a mile now,
so I don't know where the trail is,
unless I missed it.
I don't know,
maybe I should turn back,
but still I got a
feeling about this place.
Here we go, finally.
This has got to be Boulder Field,
which means I'm getting
close, according to the map.
Yep, almost there.
Not too far.
11 p.m.
Just felt this strange vibration,
almost like a tremor
coming from the ground.
I'd say it lasted maybe 10 seconds.
Gotta be from an
underground facility.
I don't know what else could it be.
Coast looks clear.
Not sure how close I'm gonna get,
given the area by the radar
is under video surveillance,
although I didn't see any
cameras yesterday so...
Archer 6, this is Archer X-ray.
Indicate a perimeter breach,
in sector alpha-seven.
Roger, X-ray.
Probably just some more
deer. We'll check it out.
Roger 6 out.
Archer 2, target in sight.
Roger 2, intercept
and secure tango.
Archer 2 Roger.
I'm gonna have to
bushwhack outta here
or try to connect to
the old Montauk Highway.
Gotta get back to my car.
Either way,
this isn't gonna be easy.
Something is definitely
affecting my compass.
I don't believe this.
My God.
Jesus Christ
Gotta get this footage online,
no matter what.
This shit is real.
All those people, murdered.
It's got to be stopped,
whatever it takes.
There's no going back now.
Should hit the old Montauk Highway.
Gonna be sick.
Must've been exposed to something.
God only knows what
they're doing out here.
Oh man.
I don't look so good.
Not stopping.
I don't know what the hell that was.
Definitely felt like
something was watching me,
something unnatural.
I mean,
this place is like,
like one big Twilight Zone.
Like all reality's been
warped or turned on its head.
Come on.
Oh, thank God.
Oh God.
I'm almost there,
almost there.
No, no, no, not my car.
I should've listened to that guy.
Shadow government,
alien world order.
Oh my God,
I can see it.
There it is.