Incoming (2018) Movie Script

(acoustic guitar music)
(suspenseful music)
(booming explosion)
- [Newscaster] The Wolf
Pack has taken credit
for the destruction of the
UK's most iconic building.
The notorious world
terrorist group
has now carried out
its threat to wage war
against all five
permanent members
of the UN Security Council.
It was a devastating attack
to such an iconic monument.
Many lives were lost.
Officials suspect
that the Wolf Pack
had aid from the inside.
It now seems that the
only way to stop them
is to find what
authorities name the Alpha.
The leader, of this fanatic
terrorist group, has been
linked to dozens of terror
attacks across the world.
Notably, the bombing
of the Roman Coliseum
and the Taj Mahal.
(suspenseful music)
We live in desperate times.
(booming explosions)
- [Soldier] Move!
(crunching cereal)
(dramatic music)
- Argun.
(suspenseful music)
I have a few questions for you.
Where's Alpha?
- I don't know.
- [Kingsley] Oh,
we think you do.
- I've been here five years.
If I knew then, I don't anymore.
- [Kingsley] Oh yeah, where
was he five years ago?
- [Argun] Don't you
think I should have told!
(Argun yelling)
(somber music)
(loud music)
(loud music)
- [Kingsley] Porn.
(loud music)
- Good God, what's that racket?
- [Kingsley]
Classic death metal.
- Well you and
Argun listen to it.
- Well could you turn
it down, you're about
to give me a bad
ecstasy flashback
- [Kingsley] God heavens really?
- Of course, shut the audio off,
we don't want to hear that.
- [Kingsley] No wonder
the terrorists are
kicking our ass.
- Speaking of terrorist,
how's it going this cycle?
- [Kingsley] Well Argun
is the one closest to
break, but the others, they
are fraying at the edges.
- I'm happy to hear that.
What with it being
five years and all.
- [Kingsley] There's one of me,
it's six of them alright?
- I speak for the MI6 when I
say you have our full support.
But our partners
aren't as sympathetic
with that ratio considering you
drove off their interrogators.
- [Kingsley] What you
mean the Americans?
- Well they're the straw that
stirs the drink aren't they.
But I mean, all of
them, even the Chinese
are getting antsy,
that's never a good sign.
- [Kingsley] I still
think it's a bad idea
to put a woman onto the station.
It might excite
the inmates right?
- That was Reiser's call,
and I trust his judgment.
- [Kingsley] Anything else?
- Be polite to the Americans
when they get there.
- [Kingsley] Oh okay. (laughs)
I'm always polite, I'm British.
(loud music)
(ominous music)
- Docking in 74 minutes.
- [Alex] See anything
interesting en route?
- Just a hammer.
Otherwise same old, same old.
- I meant space junk.
Anything that wouldn't
show up on the radar.
- [Bridges] Why you asking
about space junk huh?
- [Alex] We started
tracking it for Rogue NASA.
- [Bridges] No space
junk Alex, okay.
Take over.
- What really?
All right, catch you
on the back nine buddy.
- Yeah over and out.
(dramatic music)
- Talk about feeling the
power of the universe.
- Yeah, exciting.
- [Stone] You can
find religion up here.
- Not in this space station.
- I don't think there's a
chance of shares of epiphanies.
- You don't think tug boat
pilots have epiphanies
every time they roll into port?
- I guess agency bean
counters aren't big on
epiphanies either,
so I'm just out of luck.
- Just as well, you
were selected for your
medical training doctor,
not your illusions.
- I have no illusions
about this place, trust me.
- So tell us Bridges, you've
been coming up here what,
a year now, so is it
as bad as they say?
- All I know is the
local population
gets their three squares
delivered every month,
along with a medical exam.
- Well Kingsley is gonna give
us a behind the scenes tour,
you should tag along
and learn something.
- We depart 12
hours after docking.
Once I unload the supplies,
I'm taking a siesta.
- [Stone] Sure, see
no evil, hear no evil.
- Wait until she meets Kingsley.
(dramatic music)
(mechanical whirring)
- [Stone] We're still
maintaining normal gravity?
- Yeah, all the
stations and shuttles
now come with a
gravity regulator.
Kind of knocks the fun
out of space travel.
(dramatic music)
- That's it?
You didn't do anything?
- I haven't done anything
in almost a year.
Remember when I said I'm
just a tug boat pilot?
(dramatic music)
- Hey, at ease Stone.
Let's make sure the
connection module's secure,
right Bridges.
- We're secure.
- I have to confess,
I'm not a big fan
of these connecting modules.
- Yeah, you get severe
anxiety every time
you walk through one.
I read your chart.
- You gonna vomit,
don't vomit on my boat.
Oh and one other
thing, no running.
- Why?
- Well you might puncture it.
(electronic beeping)
- After you.
- Wow you made it.
- Just open the damn hatch.
- [Bridges] Kingsley.
- Bridges.
And you must be Dr. Stone.
Welcome, whoops. (laughs)
So this is the hammer,
security is fully automated,
so staff contact is
kept to a minimum.
All interrogations
are carried out
from the bridge via speaker.
The prisoners are given food
packages and water once a day,
and change of clothes and
hygiene supplies once a week.
- Once a week?
- They're terrorist doctor.
Each and every one of them
is in the Hall Of Fame.
One of them brought
down Big Ben.
They're lucky we
don't execute them.
- They never leave their cells?
- Oh yes, well to
the examination room.
- So they have no actual contact
with any of the other staff?
- Well there is no other staff.
They're all worldless in
that box and I am the keeper.
- We used to have three
other guys on rotation
but they left early.
Internal friction,
wasn't it Kingsley?
- And the program
is better off for it.
And it mitigates risk.
- Well that's open to debate.
- No, not really.
I'm the one that came
up with the program
and I am the one that
has most experience
of handling vermin like this.
- How long have
you been up here?
- Well since the program was
approved, five years ago.
- The zone?
- Bridges please, please.
- Going on three.
- Look at how long the 9/11
terrorists were interrogated
and how little they gave up.
And they were suicide junkies.
This are six top members
of the Wolf Pack.
It's not like they're gonna
reveal everything they know.
- Look all we care about, is who
their leader is and where he is.
- Yes, yes, yes,
Alpha, Alpha, Alpha.
I'm working on it, one
layer of skin at a time.
- [Bridges] I'll go
unload the supplies.
(toy squeaking)
- [Kingsley] Don't touch
my, don't touch my stuff.
- [Bridges] Be careful.
- Let's get going.
Where can I conduct
my examinations?
- Follow me.
(mechanical whirring)
The facility's operated
by key card only,
so don't find
yourselves this part
of the station without one.
Don't worry, I'll be
with you all the time.
- Long as you let me do my job.
- Yes of course.
There's only one restriction,
that I insist upon.
That is that you do not
reveal anything about
the station to the prisoners.
- What would I reveal?
- Oh like there's other
prisoners for example.
- Does the Geneva
Convention allow that?
- The Geneva Convention
doesn't apply in space.
- But what about human decency?
- It's a black site Stone.
- You can't get good
intel if your prisoners
are mentally unstable.
- Well they were mentally
unstable when I got them.
- Give us the grand tour later,
I want to see the prisoners.
- [Kingsley] Yes,
yes, of course.
I'll see you on the bridge
later when we're done here.
This way please.
(man groaning)
- [Bridges] So,
Stone's your ringer.
- Are you serious?
That girl hates my guts.
- [Bridges] Yeah probably
only half as much as she hates
Kingsley's guts by now.
That's why you
brought her right?
You want her to trash
this place in the report,
help you shut it down.
- Why would the agency
want to do that Bridges?
- Well this program
supported by all the nations
to help bring these
animals to justice.
Where else in the
world do we work
hand in hand with our enemies?
- I don't know, I
never been a spook.
- Oh yeah I forgot, you're
just the tug boat pilot.
- [Stone] This is
the examination room?
- [Kingsley]
- Looks more like
a torture room.
- Well it's a mixed use space.
- Well I'd like to
start using it now.
- Okay, just remember,
these men were all
in different countries
when they were captured.
And from that moment they've
had black hoods on their heads.
Up until they were locked
in their cells here.
So for five years,
their entire world has
consisted of their
cells and this room.
That's all they know, so let's
keep it that way, all right?
(ominous music)
And this, my sweet lady,
is the infamous, Argun.
- Hello Argun, I'm Dr. Stone.
(ominous music)
- Yeah, yeah, he knows the
drill, he knows the drill.
- Well you can step outside now.
- (chuckles) Like hell I will.
- Oh come on Kingsley,
I'm sure your hammer
can handle two people
in a windowless room.
(dramatic music)
- If you do or say or
even thought of this room,
I'll make sure that
you scream so loudly
that the whole world
will hear you, okay?
I'm just gonna be outside.
Enjoy yourself.
- What if he tries something?
- With his hands
cuffed behind his back?
The guy who tortures you every
day just outside the door?
Oh and in space.
- Well if I were desperate
enough, that wouldn't stop me.
- [Reiser] All right
so let's play it out,
Stone's your hostage,
who do you negotiate
with on a black site 250
miles above the earth?
- [Bridges] Kingsley.
- Exactly.
Anyway, we all signed
expendables clauses
in the contracts.
This place gets
overrun, game over.
(ominous music)
- Shit.
- What can you tell me
about your injuries?
- I'm alone here.
There's nothing else to do.
- Well I don't know
if I can help you,
believe me you're not alone.
(ominous music)
- I have a record, of
what he's done to me.
It's in my cell.
I'll give it to you.
I have to get out of this place.
I'm being tortured.
- All right time's up.
- [Stone] No, hey!
(electricity buzzing)
(man groaning)
(dramatic music)
Why am I here?
Why am I examining these men
if they're here to be tortured?
- Torture?
- Don't bullshit me Reiser,
I'm definitely not in the mood.
- [Reiser] What the hell
did she see back there?
- Just the result of an enhanced
interrogation, nothing else.
- I thought you interrogate
from the bridge, via speaker.
- Well all the procedures
on this station
has been approved
by the government,
which is every nation that has
captured one of those prisoners.
- I don't care who it is.
I have documented
burns, cuts, bruises,
not to mention
psychological torture.
This prisoner Argun, is on the
verge of a mental collapse.
- And your report ought
to reflect everything
you mentioned.
- You, we need to
talk, privately.
- I'll prep for departure.
- [Reiser] You want
to explain what
the fuck is going on here?
(voice trailing off)
- I'll be back,
I'm getting my kit.
(suspenseful music)
- I'm not here to argue
okay, I'm here to assess.
- So what have you
assessed sitting
on the bridge so far mate?
- That one layer of skin
at a time
doesn't cut it after five years,
especially now
when you factor in
the cost of keeping
this place functioning.
- You already made up your
mind before you came up here
and that's why you
brought in Dr. Stone.
Do you think I've spent
five fucking years up here
just to be shut down for
some political agenda.
- You'll get your say.
- Look Stone's report
will end this program,
just as badly as it will end me.
And I will not go down quietly.
You mark my words!
(suspenseful music)
- Argun, Argun
it's me, Dr. Stone.
I don't have much time,
do you have the records.
- How can I trust you?
The records, they're all I have.
- I need them now
before they see us.
You're just gonna
have to trust me.
(suspenseful music)
Trust me.
- You said, you
said I'm not alone.
Did you mean that?
(mechanical whirring)
(Stone moaning)
Take me to them!
- [Stone] What are
you talking about.
- [Argun] The other prisoners,
I know that's what you meant.
All this hardware and
checkups for one prisoner.
I don't think so.
- I don't know what you mean.
(Stone groaning)
- [Bridges] Alex
this is Bridges,
departure is set for
one hour from now.
Anticipate a point
out of uncoupling.
- Make sure you
pick up some of that
space junk on the way back.
Chicks love junk.
- No one loves your junk Alex.
- Are we talking
about the same thing.
(suspenseful music)
(Stone panting heavily)
- Are they here?
- Fuck off.
(suspenseful music)
(Stone groaning)
- [Bald Prisoner] Are
we in heaven brother?
- No brother, but we're
getting out of hell.
Let's go.
(suspenseful music)
- [Bridges] All right,
we're ready to go
whenever you and the doc.
Where's Stone?
- [Kingsley] I think she
went to get her med kit.
- [Reiser] Yeah, she
should be back by now.
(suspenseful music)
- Shit, shit fuck, fuck!
They're out.
(alarm buzzing)
- What do you mean
they're out, all of them?
- [Kingsley] Yes all of them.
- [Reiser] Seal them off.
- I have, I've sealed
off the cell block doors.
- [Reiser] Give me a video link.
- [Kingsley] I can't.
- [Reiser] What do
you mean you can't?
- Because the fucking
cameras are malfunctioning.
Because I didn't receive
the fucking parts all right.
- If you hadn't the
whole thing on analog,
we would have known you
needed a fucking part!
Jesus Christ, Bridges weapons.
- [Bridges] Here.
- It doesn't have a cartridge,
is there a cartridge?
Kingsley, where are
the fucking cartridges?
- [Kingsley] They're
in the power room.
Give me that, let's go, come on.
(suspenseful music)
(alarm buzzing)
Bridges come on!
(suspenseful music)
(alarm buzzing)
(suspenseful music)
They should be in there.
(suspenseful music)
- Let's go Kingsley, move!
- [Kingsley] I've got it.
(suspenseful music)
- Really, you used all of them.
- Oh yeah, here we go.
(alarm buzzing)
- Let's go!
(suspenseful music)
(prisoner's yelling)
You have nowhere else to go.
Release Dr. Stone and
return to your cells.
(alarm buzzing)
- You guarantee no reprisals?
- I guarantee it.
- We don't trust you, but
we trust the Americans.
- [Bridges] Where is Dr. Stone?
- In the cell, securamente.
- So go get her.
- With pleasure, in exchange
for our interrogator.
And we also guarantee
no reprisals.
(alarm buzzing)
(electricity buzzing)
(man groaning)
I got used to it.
(suspenseful music)
Get him!
(men yelling)
(men groaning)
(electricity whirring)
(suspenseful music)
(men groaning)
- Come on guys.
(suspenseful music)
- Kingsley, let's go!
Kingsley, Kingsley!
Get the fuck back!
(suspenseful music)
Get the door now, go!
(loud banging)
- Stop!
Forget it, we
know where they are.
(loud banging)
- [Bridges] You
think that'll hold?
- It better.
- Yeah, so is the
key card again.
- It's all locked.
- [Argun] Is it broken?
- [Prisoner] It's not a concern.
- Bolat, Doku stand guard in
case they try to come out.
We'll split up.
You go with him, see what
you can do to set him arm.
Be careful, we don't know
anything about this place.
If you find anymore
crew, kill them.
- What are you thinking,
you went the wrong way?
The bridge, the shuttle
is on the other side.
- Hey you want me
to let you out?
- [Kingsley] Well why didn't you
fall back to the other side?
- Because Stone's in
one of these cells.
- What?
- Wait a minute, wait a minute,
you took us the
wrong way on purpose.
- I didn't take
you anywhere man.
(suspenseful music)
- We are buggered,
you stupid bitch!
What were you thinking?
- Hey calm down, calm down.
- [Stone] He said that.
- [Kingsley] He said what, what?
- I'm so sorry.
- [Reiser] Sorry is
not gonna cut it Stone.
We ever get outta here ...
- Which won't be easy
thanks to your savior there.
(suspenseful music)
(metal clanging)
- Let me see it.
- I don't need it.
- We all need it.
(bones cracking)
(man groaning)
That's it, let's
put it in a sling.
- [Reiser] Okay
so mission control
is gonna know
something's wrong when we
don't leave on schedule right?
So how long 'til they send help?
- Soon as the Russians
provide a rocket
and a second shuttle
with enough military
to retake the space station,
so don't hold your breath.
- So you're just saying,
we should sit here and wait
until they break in and kill us.
- [Bridges] Maybe they'll decide
we have more value as hostages.
- [Kingsley] Oh not Argun.
- Not the way their
leader was talking.
What's his name anyway?
- [Kingsley] Argun.
- [Bridges] Argun,
isn't that one you said
was practically damaged?
He didn't look too damaged
when he took Kingsley's taser.
- Are you gonna
trust her diagnosis
after everything
that's happened?
- Apart from multiple
burns and contusions,
his mental deterioration
stood out to me.
- What's your opinion huh?
You any closer to
breaking than the others?
- [Kingsley] Obviously not.
- [Reiser] Where are you
going with this Bridges?
- [Bridges] Well all
your interrogations
are on record right?
They must show something.
- [Kingsley] He
was breaking down.
He was, he was
breaking down, he was.
(suspenseful music)
- No need to amputate.
- Not yet.
Don't worry I'll let
you know when it's time.
- There's no one else on board.
I've checked every possible
place, except this one.
(suspenseful music)
- Argun, we're in space.
(suspenseful music)
- Where did the three
Americans come from?
- A shuttle for sure.
- All these years, and
it was us with the Brit.
- Each of us alone
with the Brit.
- No matter what
strengthen your heart.
- I know what kept me going.
- We'll settle accounts
with him soon enough.
We're gonna need all
three as hostages anyway.
- [Prisoner] Well let's go then.
- First check the area for
anything we can use as a weapon.
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music)
(electricity buzzing)
(suspenseful music)
- [Bridges] Who
brought 'em in Reiser?
- We did, found him in London.
MI6 didn't even
have a fucking clue.
- [Bridges] Who is he?
- The Wolf Pack had a
propaganda in Western Europe.
- No, why would the
head of propaganda
in Western Europe immediately
become their leader.
And why would he pretend to be
cracking if he actually wasn't?
(dramatic music)
Come on, we might die up here
because of mistakes
have been made.
We deserve to know
who we're up against.
I mean really up against.
(dramatic music)
He's Alpha isn't he?
Head of the Wolf Pack.
(dramatic music)
And you've had him
the whole time.
(dramatic music)
- [Kingsley] He's Alpha?
(dramatic music)
He's Alpha.
(dramatic music)
- Yeah, he's Alpha.
(dramatic music)
- [Alex] Mission control to ISS.
Mission control to ISS.
(dramatic music)
Mission control to
Bridges, do you copy?
Reentry is now
officially delayed.
If you guys can make it
out of there in the next 10
minutes, we can get you down.
- [Stone] How long
have you known?
- [Reiser] About three
and a half years.
- Three and a half years?
- [Reiser] It was strictly
need to know, all right.
- Who needed to
know more than me?
What the fuck have I been
doing the last three years?
- Trying to learn the
whereabouts of Alpha obviously.
But when we found
out who we have,
other priorities
took precedence.
- [Kingsley] Yeah, like
not looking stupid.
- That was more than that.
This program allowed us
the type of surveillance
system we could only
dream of before.
(loud banging)
- Did you think you could
write me off for three
and a half years and
just get away with it?
- It's not like you didn't
have a chance is it?
You didn't crack any of 'em.
- Reiser.
- You are not gonna
ruin my reputation.
(suspenseful music)
- [Bridges] Kingsley!
(suspenseful music)
(men grunting)
(suspenseful music)
(electricity buzzing)
(man yelling)
(suspenseful music)
(man yelling)
(loud smacking)
(suspenseful music)
- He just decide
to commit suicide?
A smart guy like that?
Nah, he had a plan.
- [Stone] What do you
think he was trying to do?
- [Bridges] Give a heads
up to Mission Control.
That's what I'd do.
- Well obviously the Wolf Pack
have got control of the bridge.
are there any other
coms on board?
- Station's guts are
in the power room.
It's gotta have a
basic link right?
- Okay, all we need
now is some weapons
'cause that son-of-a-bitch
took the fucking taser!
(dramatic music)
- We're gonna need something
to use as a shield.
(man groaning)
- So your name is Kingsley.
- Is you Alpha?
It was you, all along.
- Why do you think I
pretend to crumble?
(Kingsley gasping)
So you could focus
your efforts on me,
instead of one of the others.
- Because you don't trust them.
(Kingsley groaning and gasping)
- Because I'm their leader.
- [Prisoner] What are we
going to do with him, eh?
- Any ideas?
- [Prisoner] I have
many ideas. (chuckles)
Five years worth of them.
(loud smacking)
(Kingsley groaning)
- Me too.
(Kingsley whimpering)
A lot of them, come from you.
(Kingsley whimpering)
(suspenseful music)
(Kingsley whimpering)
Pull off your fingernails.
(bones cracking)
(Kingsley yelling)
Slowly, slowly, slowly.
Then insert them all
beneath your eyelids.
(bones cracking)
(Kingsley yelling)
(Kingsley groaning)
(heavy thudding)
- What were you thinking,
running out the way you did?
Do you realize, we're
about to hand you
five years of pain.
The revenge fantasies I've had,
it's overwhelming.
(men yelling)
(loud smacking)
- [Prisoner] Hey
forget the bridge.
- [Prisoner] Yeah.
- Forget the bridge,
I spent years
winning the Russian's trust.
Let them recruit me,
sponsor me through
flight school.
All along I dreamt of
piloting your fighter bomber
all over Russia, leveling it,
as they did to our lands.
But we're here.
(dramatic music)
This was no accident.
We could have died, we
could have anything,
but we're here.
All the time, all
the pain, that's
God, God spared us.
(dramatic music)
God strengthened us
for a better purpose.
A bigger purpose
(dramatic music)
I know why we're still alive.
So we can pilot this ship.
(dramatic music)
- [Bridges] Check in
there, I'll go in here.
- [Reiser] Anything
you can find.
(suspenseful music)
Come on Bridges, let's move.
(suspenseful music)
- [Bridges] Anything?
- I'll let you know
in about five minutes.
- What are you thinking?
- Found a couple of
them in the cells.
- Oh thanks Stone.
(dramatic music)
(metal clanging)
(dark ominous music)
(dark ominous music)
- Earlier, some of the things
Kingsley and Reiser said,
Do I owe you?
- I'll let you know
when it's over.
- I want to apologize for
treating you like one of them.
I figured an astronaut
must be pretty gung ho.
- Oh I used to be.
Back in my Rogue NASA days,
flight training anyway.
By the time it was my
turn to pilot my own ship,
the government
decommissioned the program.
So now I'm a tugboat pilot.
Shuttling dames and
assholes into a black site
prison I couldn't even
tell anyone about.
Yeah, that knocked the
gung ho right outta me.
What you got?
- [Reiser] It's not
perfect, but it'll do.
(metal scraping)
- [Bridges] You tell
me the odds Reiser.
- It is six of them
and three of us,
if we don't count Kingsley.
- [Bridges] Yeah, those
aren't the worse odds.
Except for them being
terrorist superstars
and us being a doc,
an analyst, and--
- [Reiser] A tugboat pilot.
- [Bridges] It shouldn't
be too difficult
getting into the power room.
And all we got to do is get
passed those two out there.
- Yeah and hold them off
and get the word back.
- [Bridges] Yeah
a piece of cake.
- (fabric ripping)
So you learn any special
moves over in Quantico
you can teach us on the fly?
- Nothing you're classified for.
What about you Stone?
You were a squid once?
- Yeah, the only
fight training I had
was 10 years ago in boot camp.
I can tell you from my
medical exams on them,
that they've definitely paid a
price for their time up here.
- Old Bolat looked
pretty healthy to me.
- [Bridges] Yeah.
- They're incredibly
healthy considering
what they've been through.
But they all exercise
like fanatics,
and manage to keep
their minds focused.
- [Bridges] Well being a
fanatic will do that to you.
- Still, some things
are unavoidable.
Like loss of bone density,
I'll bet his elbows
snapped like a twig.
And the visions impaired to the
excess fluid in their heads.
- You see I was hoping
you were gonna say,
they're all dying from cosmic
radiation, but good to know.
So who are these
guys anyway Reiser?
Be good to know exactly
who we're up against.
- Why you want a rundown
of each one of them?
- Well we ain't going anywhere.
Neither are they.
(dark ominous music)
- [Prisoner] So we can
land the shuttle anywhere?
- Anywhere with a
long enough runway.
- Long enough runway and
friendly enough security.
- [Prisoner]
Mm-hmm (affirmative).
- Then why are we still here?
- Because we can do
better than that.
We can use the space
station as a missile,
a guided missile.
- But you said it's in orbit
and without a power source.
- We have a power source.
The shuttle, we
knock it out of orbit
by firing the shuttle engines
just before de-coupling.
- It sure will be nice to have
it crash where we want it to.
- Maybe we can convince the Brit
to help us with
the station system.
- Okay, so Argun planted
the charges that brought
down Big Ben, killed
all the civilians
and cops on the scene,
all while directing
operations for the
Wolf Pack. (chuckles)
Well who else they got?
- Well there's Idris,
I guess you call him
the intellectual of the bunch.
- As opposed to a fighter?
- [Reiser] No they're all
fighters, you got to earn
your stripes in that group.
He's Wolf Pack like
the rest of them,
but he went to school in Moscow.
- [Stone] So he's
intelligent, in what?
- Mathematics, aeronautics.
Graduated from the Russian
Federation Flight Academy.
- Wait, any mention of a
place called Star City?
- Yeah, why?
- Because then he knows
how to fly this shuttle.
(suspenseful music)
(prisoners yelling)
(dramatic music)
- [Prisoner] Hey.
(Kingsley yelling)
- [Prisoner] Hey, hey.
- [Kingsley] I'll
fucking kill ya!
I'll fucking kill you.
I'll kill you.
- You shut up, shut
up, shut up, shut up!
So, this station,
it's been a long time since
I've practiced on
the dummy version.
But I can see it's similar,
so the first question for you.
The vestibule, does it still
power the entire station?
(Kingsley spitting)
(loud smacking)
(Kingsley yelling)
- How long is it gonna take
before Idris can take off?
- He could be gone already.
- That is unacceptable.
- Look if you have a
way to reel them back
if they've taken
off I'm all ears.
But in the meantime, what do
you say we come up with a plan?
- Don't have time
for a fucking plan.
- What are you talking about?
You want us to just
charge out there?
- [Reiser] Do you have any
idea who you helped release?
- All right, half the
Dirty Dozen, we get it.
Now if they've
already taken off,
we contact Mission Control,
we blow them out of the sky.
- What if something goes wrong,
like it already has.
I'll say it again, the exposure
for the United States
is unacceptable.
- Yeah, but do you
mean the escape
or the fact that you had Alpha
all along and
didn't say anything?
- It doesn't matter what I mean.
You coming or am I going alone?
- Kingsley tried the solo act.
It didn't work out
too well for him.
We stick together and we
come up with a plan first.
- Like I said, we don't
have time for a plan.
(dark ominous music)
(liquid dripping)
- Only one question
left to answer
and you'd rather
cripple the other hand?
You think about it.
Just answer the
fucking question!
- All right.
- All right what?
- All right I'll answer
about Mission Control.
- Good, good.
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music)
(Kingsley yelling)
(suspenseful music)
Now get to work.
We're watching you.
It's gonna be easier
than I expected.
All we have to do is use the
shuttle to sort of tugboat.
We'll pull the
station slowly enough
into the atmosphere so that
it doesn't burn up in reentry.
- [Argun] How close to
the target do we have
to be before--
- Before we de-couple and watch
the station crash into Moscow.
- Yeah.
- I know once we
reenter the atmosphere.
- To get in there,
we'll watch the Brit.
I wonder how the
Americans will be
when they learn that
their team was on board.
- God willing there will
be other missiles
flying after this one.
(dramatic music)
- No offense Stone, but
if they zap me and Reiser
with those tasers, you're not
gonna stop 'em on your own.
(suspenseful music)
- You ready.
(suspenseful music)
Let's go.
(suspenseful music)
(men grunting)
(electricity buzzing)
- You okay, can you move?
- I think he had it on 11.
(men grunting)
(suspenseful music)
(bones cracking)
(men yelling)
(suspenseful music)
Did you get that other bastard?
- [Stone] He got away.
We got ourselves
a bargaining chip.
(suspenseful music)
- Why the hell did you kill him?
- What difference does it make?
They're not getting out
of here alive anyway.
- Guys, we got no time
for this, let's move.
(men grunting)
(suspenseful music)
- I let you down Argun.
- Bolat time was to die.
Like all of us, he did his part.
You did what you could.
Now you're here, still armed.
(dramatic music)
There's only three of them.
And the woman is a
doctor, not a fighter.
We only have to keep
them out of the shuttle.
And these controls.
if the men get close,
overwhelm them and
finish them off.
(dramatic music)
- [Bridges] Ah here we go.
(keys clicking)
- [Reiser] It's working?
- [Bridges] Yeah.
(keys clicking)
(Kingsley whimpering)
- Override is done.
- Mission Control this is
Bridges, do you read me?
Mission Control this is
Bridges, do you read me?
- Where have you been dude?
I haven't been able
to reach you for--
- [Bridges] Alex
we have a problem.
- So contact us, that's
what we're here for.
Why are you changing all
the reentry coordinates?
- I'm not the one
who's changing them.
Wolf Pack has broken out and
taken control of the hammer.
One for them knows how
to fly the shuttle.
- Holy shit.
- [Bridges] You better
get the officer on duty.
- No kidding.
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music)
(prisoner laughing)
(prisoner screaming)
- [Idris] Wolf Pack shuttle
to Wolf Pack station.
Wolf Pack shuttle to
Wolf Pack space station.
All systems a go.
(prisoners cheering)
(suspenseful music)
- Bridges, I'm
Commander Hemmings.
Bridges what's going on?
- The Wolf Pack has taken
control of the space station.
- How that even possible?
Where are you calling
from the shuttle?
- A link in the
station power room.
It appears they control
the shuttle too.
- [Hemings] All
right hang tight.
(suspenseful music)
- Why are the
communications back on?
- It's on a cycle.
- Turn it off again.
(suspenseful music)
- Your initial orders
are to hold tight
until further instruction.
(suspenseful music)
- Fuck, fuck they cut
the link from the bridge.
- Shit.
(suspenseful music)
- We lost it.
- [Hemmings] Try to
raise them again,
but first disable the shuttle.
(engine roaring)
- What the hell was that?
- The shuttle's
engine starting.
- Are they taking off already?
- No, I think
we're still attached.
- [Idris] What?
- Too late.
(suspenseful music)
I've got to make some calls.
(suspenseful music)
- We've got to move.
- And do what
- Stop whatever it
is they're up to.
- Look we haven't reached
the kamikaze stage just yet,
at least I've not.
- Listen Bridges, you
got a better idea?
Now would be the time to say it.
- Kingsley's still alive.
If we can free him, with
can learn a whole lot more.
- You see that's more like it.
And if we find their
key man we take him out?
- Argun?
- No, Idris.
(suspenseful music)
- I've programmed the reentry.
It's optimized for
speed, so we're gonna
sweat a little once we're
back in the atmosphere.
- Small price.
When do we cut the station
lose and let it fall on Moscow?
- 74 minutes.
- [Prisoner] Intruders!
- Go back to the
shuttle, go, go!
(people yelling)
(suspenseful music)
(fighters grunting)
- Come on Kingsley.
(flesh tearing)
(metal clanking)
(suspenseful music)
(men grunting)
- American, you're going to
die more slowly than the Brit.
- [Bridges] Come on, come on.
- [Prisoner] American!
(suspenseful music)
(prisoner grunting)
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music)
(men grunting)
(flesh tearing)
(blood pouring)
(suspenseful music)
- The station, Moscow.
- [Stone] They're
flying to Moscow?
- [Kingsley] Into
Moscow, With the station.
- How could they fly
the station into Moscow?
- By leaving it
attached to the shuttle.
Did they initiate reentry?
(Kingsley gasping)
(ominous music)
- [Reiser] Wolf Pack!
(suspenseful music)
Wolf Pack!
(suspenseful music)
Aye, you see this?
This is what I'm gonna
do to your brother.
(suspenseful music)
(blood squirting)
Don't fuck with America!
- [Prisoner] You are dead!
- Evan stand down.
(men yelling)
(suspenseful music)
(men yelling)
(flesh tearing)
(metal clanking)
(suspenseful music)
(Reiser grunting)
(Stone whimpering)
(suspenseful music)
- That ought to piss 'em off.
(suspenseful music)
Hey Stone you wanna
take a look at that cut?
What ever happened to the
Hippocratic Oath doctor?
(dramatic music)
You want to know what's at risk,
if this space
station hits Moscow?
- World War III.
Best case scenario, they shoot
this station outta the sky.
And the US gets the
blame for all of it.
I swore an oath,
that neither of those
things would ever happen.
- What you swore an oath
against bad publicity?
- Look you brought me up
here as a whistle blower.
I get that now.
But why would the
program want to do that?
- International security
apparatus we wanted
has been established,
financed equally
by all the governments for once.
All that could happen
now is someone find out
that Argun was Alpha.
It could have been Kingsley.
It could have been
one of their partners
on the ground with
intel that they had.
So we shut this
thing down for cause
and we bury those six fuckers
under the runway when we land.
- Remember you brought
a whistle blower along.
- Yeah I remember.
- In the meantime,
clock's ticking
this thing is headed
straight for Moscow.
So let's get back on point huh?
(suspenseful music)
- [Man In Suit] Anything
more from Reiser?
- [Hemmings] Nothing.
- I hope those bastards slit
the cocky American's throat.
- We don't have
any reason to think
he's responsible
for what happened.
- I don't have any
reason to not think
he's responsible either.
- Responsibility obviously
lies with Kingsley.
- Now you're just picking sides.
- Who's in charge out there?
- [Man In Suit]
Where is the thing?
- We can't reach him.
He may be out for the evening.
- Fucking French.
(dramatic music)
- It doesn't matter
we have a quorum.
I see two questions that
need to be answered.
One, what are we
gonna do about this?
And two, who gets the blame?
- I know what we do about it.
- And I know who gets the blame.
(dramatic music)
- [Reiser] How long
do you think we've got
until it's too late
to do anything?
- [Bridges] It
depends, based on when
we felt the engine kick
in, a controlled reentry
can have us back in
Moscow in say 60 minutes.
- 60 minutes, I
can work with that.
- Yeah but taken into
account that Idris
is flying the shuttle,
it could be sooner.
- And it could be later.
Stay positive.
- Either way, we're aboard
a bomb headed for the earth.
- [Bridges] Yeah that's right.
- [Stone] And they know that.
What if you offered to
take everyone down safely.
- Come on Stone, these
are world class fanatics.
They want to see the world burn.
- [Stone] I'm sure they
want to live through it.
- [Bridges] It's
not going to work.
- [Stone] Why not?
- 'Cause those guys are
not afraid to die Stone.
- Well I don't plan on sitting
around and waiting to die.
Don't you think it might be
at least worth running it
past them
before we all go charging
in there head first?
- Well good luck Teddy Ruxpin.
Maybe they'll give you
the torture records
they promised you as well.
- You're welcome to try.
(suspenseful music)
- Argun!
(suspenseful music)
Argun I wanna talk!
(suspenseful music)
We know what your plan is.
And you must know there's
no way to survive it.
So we want to propose a truce.
Bridges can land us all
safely and no one has to die.
- And what happens to us then?
You will slit our throats.
- You'll be in a better
position than you are now.
(dramatic music)
- How do I know
this is not a trick.
- Because I took a big risk
coming to your cell.
- [Argun] Yes you did, and I'm
sure your friends regret it.
Why should I trust them?
- Because they
don't want to die.
And once we're on the ground,
no one's gonna keep me quiet
about what went on up here.
- Send your pilot over here
before I change my mind.
- How do I know
you won't kill him?
- You're just going
to have to trust me.
(dramatic music)
- What are you gonna accomplish
by crashing us into Moscow?
Or into the middle of the
ocean if the wind shifts?
Countless innocent
people could die
and no one would ever
know you were up here.
Isn't there more to be
gained by shining a light
on what was going on
up here in the dark?
Think about it,
once we tear the lid
off this program,
you'll have a chance
to make a case to
the whole world.
Tell them the injustice
you've endured.
- You're just trying to
help yourself Dr. Stone.
You're credit to your
country, to humanism,
very idealistic
and very Rational.
That is a powerful combination.
And yet, all you
propose that we agree
that nothing is more
important than staying alive.
Which you can think
about it rationally.
It's no different than
the way of wildest beast,
or the lowest insect functions.
We believe in
something Dr. Stone.
Something greater
than eating sushi,
drinking vodka, and
driving electric cars
that would feed a
village in Africa.
We were willing to die for it,
willing to kill for it.
I don't know what that
makes us either than martyrs
but I do know it
ranks us above you animals.
(dramatic music)
- Yeah, way to go Stone.
You know for a minute there,
I thought you had him.
- [Bridges] You got
a better idea Reiser?
I'm all ears.
- You know Argun
had a point though.
It's dog eat dog now.
(dramatic music)
- I'm not exactly rising
to the occasion am I?
- You're rising to the
occasion just fine.
If anything, you are lethal
with those foam pads.
- Are you making fun of me?
- Not at all.
I saw the way you
pounced on that asshole.
Look, it's now two
of them, three of us,
and we couldn't have
done that without you.
You're a tough woman,
you don't forget that.
- Yeah enough of the pep talk.
We're running out of time.
(dramatic music)
- They're animals.
- Yes they are, but knowing
that doesn't help us.
They're desperate
and they're afraid
because they don't want to die.
Our task is simple.
Keep them out of the
shuttle for 30 more minutes.
Victory brings all
the revenge we need.
(doors slamming)
- What the hell was that?
- They just locked
all the cell doors.
- [Reiser] Fuck you Kingsley!
Even after death you find a way
to fucking complicate my life.
- All right back to plan one.
Stone tried diplomacy,
you have managed
to stab or slit your way through
all of our bargaining chips.
They have a projectile taser,
we've got no access
to phone now.
How do we not let that sink us?
(dramatic music)
- By making sure
it's me who gets hit.
(dramatic music)
it gives you guys a chance
to gut those bastards.
I owe you.
- I like it.
- All right, Stone
takes one for the team,
you and I rush him.
- You sure you can handle it?
(dramatic music)
She's sure about it.
- I think I can make
something to give us an edge.
(dramatic music)
- When they come through, make
sure you have a clear shot.
- Easy.
(suspenseful music)
- Who's in charge of security?
Who designed the security?
Your Mr. Kingsley.
Well that is exactly where
I'm placing the blame.
A mass breakout should
have been impossible.
Now what do we do
about the situation?
- Sending a commando team,
is too expensive.
(phone ringing)
- Hemmings.
(dark ominous music)
Hang tight while
I share the news.
They've rerouted the shuttle,
it's heading
straight for Moscow.
As of now the space
station is still attached.
- Good Lord the station and
shuttle will erase the city.
- It's a distinct possibility.
- Then we blow them up
out the sky right now.
(booming explosions)
(upbeat music)
- They never taught you how to
make urine bombs in the corp?
- Devil Dogs don't
fuck with piss.
- [Bridges] Yeah well, this
is my science fair project.
Different strokes for
different folks huh?
- [Stone] Did you win?
- [Bridges] Well
the whole process
took a few weeks back in Iowa.
Thanks to modern
technology and the effects
of deep space, we're good to go.
- So how much of a
bang are we expecting
one of these things
to give off anyway?
- Well considering we
jerry rigged a blasting cap
using substitute
minerals, we'll be lucky
if one of them goes off.
(dramatic music)
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
It's a shake and bake process.
- All right come
on, lets do this.
(dramatic music)
Bridges, Why'd
you get the shield?
- Because he's the pilot.
(dramatic music)
- [Reiser] Let's do this.
(fluid shaking)
(dramatic music)
(booming explosion)
(alarm buzzing)
(men yelling)
(alarm buzzing)
(loud smacking)
(men grunting)
- Time is running out!
(alarm buzzing)
(electricity buzzing)
(men grunting)
(men grunting)
(loud smacking)
Can you feel it?
We're moments away!
(electricity buzzing)
Come on American!
Dance with me.
(mechanical whirring)
(man yelling)
Come on American!
(alarm buzzing)
(men yelling)
(electricity buzzing)
(suspenseful music)
(men grunting)
- [Reiser] Stone!
(booming explosion)
(metal creaking)
(Idris breathing heavy)
- [Male Computer] Warning,
incoming projectile detector.
So impact is imminent impact
imminent, all right.
(alarm buzzing)
(people groaning)
(alarm buzzing)
(suspenseful music)
(Stone grunting)
(suspenseful music)
- No whistle blowers bitch.
(alarm buzzing)
- [Bridges] Stone, you've
got to go after Reiser!
(alarm buzzing)
- Impact in four minutes.
(suspenseful music)
(loud smacking)
(men grunting)
- Come on.
(suspenseful music)
(men grunting)
(bones cracking)
(man yelling)
(dramatic music)
(men yelling)
- [Male Computer] Incoming
projectile detected.
Impact imminent,
impact imminent.
- Stone, you got
to go after Reiser!
(suspenseful music)
- [Male Computer] Incoming
projectile detected.
Impact imminent.
(Reiser groaning)
- [Stone] You're not getting
in there you piece of shit.
- What have you
got there doctor?
You gonna kill me? (chuckles)
You ain't gonna do shit.
(Reiser yelling)
(loud smacking)
(dramatic music)
(dramatic music)
(Stone groaning)
(men groaning)
I can't be stopped.
Know who I am?
You don't have it in you.
(men groaning)
(Argun yelling)
but not our spirit.
(men groaning)
(loud smacking)
- Die, fucking die!
(Stone groaning)
(alarm buzzing)
- We made it, let's go.
(alarm buzzing)
- Oh we're about to hit the
atmosphere at the wrong angle.
- Which means?
- You can try, very quickly.
- So cut 'em loose.
- It's too far down for
a standard uncoupling.
It's just too big if the
station hits the city.
I'm gonna have to
reverse direction,
bring 'em up to
speed to maximum,
and then uncouple.
If everything works out--
- That's fine just do it.
- Already have
(alarm buzzing)
(suspenseful music)
(alarm buzzing)
(suspenseful music)
- I'm burning up.
- When I uncouple,
it's gonna get hotter.
Get ready, three. (groaning)
(dramatic music)
(alarm buzzing)
(dramatic music)
(booming explosions)
(alarm buzzing)
(loud groaning)
(dramatic music)
(alarm buzzing)
(loud groaning)
- We're okay?
We made it.
- Mission Control,
this is Bridges.
- (chuckles) Bridges,
the Russians said
it was a direct hit.
Man are they full of shit.
- [Bridges] Requesting
permission to renter.
- [Alex] Of course,
permission granted.
Man you've got to come in.
- The missile took
out the space station.
And it seems two of
the Americans arrived
on the shuttle.
- Was it Reiser?
- [Hemmings] Not Reiser.
- Hmm.
(dramatic music)
- See, I told you
you were tough.
Engaging auto-pilot.
(dramatic music)