Incompresa (2014) Movie Script

Angelica's cat had 5 kittens...
perhaps Mum and Dad will get me one.
I already have a name for it: Dac...
I don't eat meatballs.
Thanks, Mum.
The fucking salt!
"With my respects, take away the hex.
With my respects, take away the hex..."
Fuck you, bitch!
I'm not hungry.
- Then make yourself hungry.
See? Your daughter does the same.
Nice example you're setting.
You always blame him.
- Quiet, you.
Don't tell my daughter to be quiet.
- Forget it, don't argue.
She's my daughter, too.
Who raised her, the mother?
She hasn't cared since she was born.
For her, she might as well be dead.
Who raised Donatina, then?
Your cocaine addict ex-husband?
Will you get me a cat?
I already have a name for it.
No, no animals in the house.
- Dac... - End of subject.
Hello, Mum? How are you?
Yes. So, when are you coming?
Mum, can I speak to Grandma?
Listen, you should see how good
Donatina is on a horse. It's incredible.
She's better than I was at her age,
and she's prettier, too.
Okay, love you, bye.
What did Grandma say?
- That it's raining in Switzerland.
That she'll come and see us soon.
Who the fuck did this?
I know who it was, if I catch you...
Mum, Mum!
"He who tweets like a canary is no
son of Mary, no son of the Lord...
When he dies he gets ignored,
taken by that man called Satan."
Want to end up in hell, too?
Here it comes!
Now I've got a headache, fuck!
Mum, Mum, Mum!
Aria threw meatballs out the window,
she always does it.
You're just like your father,
I'm sick of both of you!
Enough! What's all this noise?
I said I've got a headache and
you don't give a fuck, as usual!
I pay for everything,
and all you do is make noise!
Plonking away on that piano!
Come on, don't play the victim.
Refuse to eat and you'll die, you know?
Go to bed, put your braces on
and drink your chamomile tea.
I'll come and kiss you goodnight.
It's all your fault.
- It's your fault!
Ouch, are you crazy?
Don't spit at me, bitch!
I'll kill you!
I'll kill you! Kill you!
You still owe me 10 million for
that piece of shit convertible!
With that guy, as well?
A kid like that...
And you even got yourself
caught by photographers, why?
Because that's the way I am!
- It's your fault! - Your fault!
Your fault! - Your fault!
- Your fault! - Your fault!
There are lots of ways to cry,
but mine is the most arrogant.
See what your father did to me?
He's a monster. Understand French?
A monster!
What happened to you, Ist?
- Nothing. I fell down, Ist.
Are you all dolled up?
- Who's that?
New kid, he's in class 5D.
He's so cool, but really poor.
His parents have a stall at the market.
"Our Father who art in heaven,
hallowed be Thy name...
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done
on earth as it is in heaven...
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses..."
"Hail Mary, full of grace..."
"Forgive us our trespasses, as we
forgive those who trespass against us..."
Miss, Ciccio is copying!
Let's see your homework!
Ah, good!
Copying your homework,
and during prayer!
Go to the blackboard, go on!
And he's not Ciccio, he's Ciuccio!
Ciuccio, get back there! Idiot!
The usual bitch, you should give
her another bite on the face.
Right, once again the best essay
of the day was done by Bernadotte.
Aria, come up here! - Because her father
is famous? Who does she think she is?
Who gives a fuck about her?
"My best friend...
all I have is her.
Angelica is my friend's name...
but we're so alike that we use
the same name, Ist and Ist...
and we tell each other everything.
As soon as I've done something I tell her,
otherwise it's like I haven't done it.
Before, she had really long hair...
now she's cut it really short,
so I have to get mine cut, too.
And we love each other."
Good, go and sit down.
Right, Maria Teresa: F.
Andrea: D minus.
Who do you think has the biggest tits?
- Maria Teresa.
Who's that? - Her.
- Ah yeah, she's a 10!
What are they called, Maria and Teresa?
- Angelica's only just sprouted.
Come on, she has two little buttons!
Just like Aria over there!
- Pigs!
Like you said, everyone has
a couple of little buttons!
Aria's as flat as a table!
Aria's a 2!
Think about your own scores, dumb-ass!
11 years old and you're still in grade 5?
See this? Then take this!
He's right though,
that bitch has two melons...
Isn't she ashamed,
wearing such tight shirts?
She asked me to go to her house.
- Are you going, Ist?
Me, what do you think?
I'm with you, Ist.
I love you.
- Me, too.
Why are they following us if
we don't even have tits?
What do we care?
We're different.
No one is brave enough to dress
like us, we're the coolest.
What if they only like me
because my dad is famous?
They're following you, not him.
Bye, Ist.
- Bye, see you later.
What are you doing with the Betamax?
- It's broken.
And the hairdryer?
- Leave it alone, go home!
Do you see her? - No, she won't come out.
- Are you sure she's... - There she is!
There she is, there she is!
- It's her! - Down, get down!
Damn, she's so pretty!
- Where's Angelica? - I dunno!
See how pretty her hair is?
- Yeah. Get down! - Did she see us?
No, she's leaving!
Aria, I love you!
- What the fuck? - Idiot!
Got the chalks? - Yeah, here.
- Come on! - Here, take this.
Are you done? - Come on, let's go!
- Quick, or she'll see us!
Aria! - You're so beautiful!
- I love you, Ciccio. You're so handsome!
What are you saying? - Darling!
- Cut it out!
You're seeing Ciccio! - Stop it!
- Everyone knows. - Fat ass!
Stop it! Cut it out! Mum!
Stop it! Mum!
I have to study! Got it?
Who started it?
- Her. - It was Aria.
Of course, who else?
Manuel?! Manuel Ginori!
Stop, stop, I'm all sweaty.
I didn't know you were here.
I wanted to surprise you.
So, how are you?
Hold on a moment, the girls!
Hey, I brought a present for you.
This is for Donatina.
This is for Lucrezia.
And this is for Aria.
And this is for your mum.
What are you doing?
- You don't know? I'm getting my stuff.
Our parents are getting divorced.
Dad's taking me with him.
You guys are staying with Yvonne.
- Why aren't you calling her Mum?
Are you really leaving?
- Who told you that? - Lucrezia.
Yes, no... just for a while.
I'll be back, I'm leaving for a film.
Yes, you're dad's leaving;
he's not brave enough to tell you.
She's crazy, it's her fault!
- Yeah, he's right.
It's my fault that I had a kid
with a shithead like you!
Lucrezia, we're leaving!
That way I don't have to listen to
this fucking amateur play the piano.
Speak for yourself, you dog!
Come on, Dad. - At least I'm famous.
- Dad, let's go...
They write about me in encyclopedias.
In your face, whore!
You'll always be a loser!
You ponce, get out!
Yes, I'm leaving! That way you're free
to fuck whoever you want in this house.
The cuckold is leaving!
- Yes, you're a cuckold!
You disgust me; you fuck anyone.
You've been with women, even midgets.
Whore! - Dad, let's go.
- Fuck you, my rib is broken.
Fuck, the David.
Go and get the David!
Why the long faces?
You didn't even say hello to me.
Easy come, easy go.
Do you know how lucky we are?
Now we'll be completely free.
We'll go on a cruise, us three.
And without that annoying Lucrezia.
Do you have to break our balls
with this music? Go to bed!
What do you know about balls, idiot?
- What the fuck are you saying?
If you had any, you'd be on your knees
in front of Rachmaninoff! - What?!
Are you the master around here?
- I'm the master of music!
Take this, fucker! - Throw yourself
out the window, not your oranges!
Crazy bitch, go back inside!
- I've lived here 60 years, and this...
How fucking dare you?!
- Fucker!
My parents got divorced,
how cool is that?
From now on we'll be completely free,
no more arguments.
We're going on a cruise.
From now on I'll do
whatever the fuck I want.
Ist, you're smoking without me?
No, this cigarette's just for show.
"I'm the goat made of iron, eyes like
fire and the tongue of a lion...
Come here and you'll leave crying!"
We're the same, Ist.
He's so cool...
Exactly the same, got it?
Not too short at the front.
Shaved at the back.
"Ist, Ist, Ist, we're the same,
we're the same! Ist, Ist, Ist!"
We're the same.
Look at this hat, Ist!
It's so cool!
Want some smelly stuff?
I want some lipstick, too.
I'll put it here, too.
You look like a vampire.
You look like that whore Maria Teresa!
I love it! - It's mine!
I want it, I want it!
Fresh ricotta, fresh mozzarella!
Piece of shit florist!
Where are their parents?
The parents! Hooligans!
Come on, Adriano!
You're great! Adriano, number one!
They're so good.
God, it must be difficult.
If I skate, maybe he'll like me.
- All you'll do is kill yourself
Think so?
Maybe I'll just kill myself anyway.
"My darling, where are you?"
"Here I am, I was waiting for you."
"Let's go to the cinema, baby."
- "Yes!"
"Let's go."
"Hold on darling, my lipstick."
- "You're beautiful without it."
"You're always beautiful."
- "The moon, like when we met."
"You're my moon."
"Shall we take the bus?"
- "Quick, get on."
"How nice, the bus is empty!"
"No, what are you doing?"
- "Get off me!" - "Shut up!"
"Pig!" - "Shut up, you whore!"
- "What have you done? I'll kill you!"
"I'll kill you!"
"You broke it!"
- It's your fault, stop it!
Why does he always attack her?
- Because that's how he is!
Oh, my god!
- This is so funny!
Oh, god!
- No, he wants some milk!
No, he wants some chamomile tea
like a little boy! - Disgusting!
That's our father, you know.
God, what a dog!
Not true, Dad is cool.
Why do you still call him Dad?
I can call him that, he's my Dad.
Some father, he still hasn't
invited you to his new place.
Soon you'll have to go anyway,
I'm leaving for Germany.
On tour? - But as soon as I get back,
we'll go away together.
Do you swear?
- When I promise, I promise.
"But I loved him, too.
Oh, how I loved him..."
Angela, why are you packing
Mum's swimming costumes?
She's going to Germany, it's cold.
- No, she's going to the Tropics.
Who cares about concerts?
Yes, I'm crazy.
I've had enough of artists.
Now I'm seeing a man, a real man.
He bought me, this is so disgusting...
the biggest, ugliest ring in all Atlanta.
After that asshole, I deserve it...
I have the right!
Exactly, and he can fuck!
Here we go: first class,
champagne and flowers in the room.
Room service 24 hours a day.
This is an imperial suite, 4 by 4.
How cute, you must be Donatina!
No, that's Aria.
- Ah, the one that doesn't eat!
I know everything about you, your mum
told me everything. Come over here!
Come on, let's be friends.
Come on!
- Aria, say something.
Well, there'll be time to become
friends, get to know each other...
Oh, it's getting late.
We've got to run, or we'll be late.
- Two minutes. - Go and get ready!
Do you have a boyfriend?
Come on, I won't say anything to
your mum. Go on, tell me.
How come your hair's like that?
Do you like boy's haircuts?
Did you know I went to see your mum play?
Damn, she's so good!
It was at the Santa Cecilia.
My god, an amazing concert!
My God, who the fuck are you?
Who the fuck is your mother?
My God...
What a minx!
Mum, when will you be back?
- Soon.
Besides, Nanny Angela is here.
- Don't worry, I'm here.
Ah, then you're Donatina! Donatina...
Mum, I made this flower bracelet for you.
Oh, cute. - Whose eyes does she have?
- Thank you. - Her father's.
Ah, her father's! Come on, it's late.
We have to go. - Okay.
Come on! Bye everyone!
- Bye. - Bye bye!
- Bye.
Come on, let's go and do your homework.
- Okay. - Times tables: 9 times 1?
Can't we do French first?
- No! 9 times 1?
Mistreated, but kind.
Darling, don't be afraid.
The time will come.
Hi, are you Aria? - Who is it, Lucy?
- Yes, is my dad there?
No, but your sister is.
- Lucrezia! Where is she?
Please, come in.
This way.
Thank you, Lucy. You may go.
Fucking hell, you shaved your head?
Wait 'till Dad sees...
He's American, maybe he'll like it.
How cute!
What's his name?
- Le Bon, like Simon Le Bon.
Don't touch him or he'll scratch you,
he doesn't like strangers.
All pink.
This is the guest room, you'll sleep here.
Good evening, Sir.
- Good evening.
Lucrezia? Darling, Dad's here.
Aria's here.
- Dad!
Ah, you're here.
What the fuck have you done?
Don't you like it?
Has your mother seen this? Well, that
woman barely notices that you exist.
Poor child of mine, you're a mess.
You should copy Lucrezia, look:
long, blonde hair...
See? See her pretty long, blonde hair?
She's beautiful.
You're hot, do you have a fever?
- No Dad, I'm fine.
To bed right away, come on!
Let me see your tongue.
Have you been eating cakes again?
- No. - No more cakes, my girl!
Dad, I haven't eaten any!
- Chocolate will give you spots.
Dad, in "The Secret of the Mummy"...
was it you who jumped from the third
floor or was it the stuntman?
You need to be quiet,
I need to concentrate.
Oh, my God! "On the soul of my niece,
take away the police..."
They bring bad luck.
You have to be careful.
There's no more freedom.
Yeah, here I am!
What is it, what happened?
- My legs hurt.
Here, let me do it.
There, they hurt because you're growing.
Just my legs?
- No, your whole body.
There you go, under...
Open your mouth, stick out your tongue.
These will give you a good night's sleep.
No, cut it out!
Cut it out, stop that!
Lucrezia, cut it out!
Fuck, I'll tell Dad on you! - "He who
tweets like a canary is no son of Mary..."
You believe in that shit?
- Let go of me, stop it!
- I'll stop if you go get me croissants.
And don't tell Dad.
Dac! Dac!
There he is!
Come here, Dac!
Come on, don't be like that.
- And the croissants?
I lost them, but look what I found.
- Dad will never let you keep it.
How come you can, and I can't?
- It's black, and it's not ours.
Take it back where you found it.
Told you, now it's your fucking problem.
I've got a surprise!
- What surprise?
Guess what it is!
It has two pointy ears,
whiskers and a pink nose.
Guess what it is and you'll
love it as much as I do!
A black cat in my house,
are you crazy?
Alright, it can stay but not for long.
Lock it in your room.
Have you locked it?
Fucking hell!
Dad, what are you doing?
- Keep laughing.
See what the fuck I have to do?
A black cat...
Dad, since Aria's cat came I can't
breath very well, I think it's asthma.
And even Le Bon scratched me.
Get rid of it, or get lost!
Where will I go if Mum's away?
- She's back.
You're kicking me out over the cat?
- No, because your mother's a whore!
A complete nutcase!
Drops her daughter for the first guy that
comes along, what kind of mother is that?
Women like that shouldn't have kids,
it should be against the law!
Against the law!
She's raising you and Donatina well,
you'll become two drug addicts!
Two retards just like her!
10 years of my life, lost to that whore!
Think about that!
I'm sorry.
Who is it? - Mum, it's me.
Dad kicked me out.
What? He can't do that!
Is he crazy, kicking you out?
I can't take you, I'm leaving again.
Get out of here!
Mum has Donatina, Dad has Lucrezia.
I have you.
I don't want to look like
an abandoned kid.
Maybe a little, that's why I'm so free.
I'm having a whale of a time,
no kid can go out so late.
Us two are warriors of the night.
Have you never seen a kid before?
Are you here every day? - Yeah.
Every night, too?
You mean like this?
Here, have some beer.
If you run away, Dac...
we'll never see each other again.
A heart is a friend that never betrays you.
"How are you, Mister Mulligan"?
You can say Malligan, Mulligan...
Grandma, I'm terrible at English.
- What if we try with "King Lear"?
What's that?
- It's the story of a king...
I missed you!
Mum, how are you?
Viva the sacred forest!
- Viva!
Viva the moon!
- Viva!
I have good news.
The award for best essay in all of Rome
has been won by a pupil in this school.
And she's in this very class.
Want to know who it is?
- Yes! - Who is it?
The winner is Bernadotte.
Maria Teresa, out!
And spit that gum out.
Well done, Aria!
This is a first for our school...
- My essay about Dac.
The mayor will be present...
- And all I did was write the truth.
The authorities, as well as your parents.
A round of applause for Aria.
Will you be there when I tell him?
No, Ist. It's my Grandad's birthday,
I have to go to his house.
What? No, come on! Please, Ist!
Just 10 minutes... - No.
I beg you, 5! Please!
- I can't, I'm sorry. I have to go.
Hi! - Hi!
Want some gum? - Yeah, thanks.
See how much homework the teacher
gave us? - God, I know!
Want to do it together?
- Cool.
Eh, what is it?
She was just looking for
a little understanding.
A love, solid and sweet.
She just wanted some humility...
Mum, will you give me a makeover?
The eyes: seduction.
The mouth comes later.
We're beautiful, anyone can see that.
Pass me the face powder, assistant.
Why are you always in the way?
You'll make me late!
Pass me the dress.
- Thanks.
Now I'll get you!
- No, now I'll get you!
Stop, stop, stop!
I'll get you!
- Stop...
Stop, stop, ouch... Sorry, where
did I hurt you? - Right... here!
Want to know what I'll be when I'm older?
- Yeah, what?
I did some drawings.
So, I'll build the kind of hotel
never seen before.
There'll be a fountain here.
Here some silver columns,
then some fuchsia bushes...
that will give some colour.
If you take this silver door it
leads to the second floor and the spa.
So, here there's the pool with dolphins.
Ah, I'll put some sharks in too.
And here's there's a sphere that goes up
and down like the moon, reflecting things.
And then this is the spa...
here there are some windows...
Wake up, girls! Wake up!
They're still warm!
You have to eat them right away.
No, first listen to this!
We'll do the square dance!
Tomorrow there's the award
ceremony at school. - Ah, right!
Are you coming?
- Of course.
The one for the best essay of the year!
- I promise.
Do you promise?
- I promise, I promise...
This year, the work chosen as best essay
of the year in all the schools of Rome...
the essay written by our very
own Aria Bernadotte.
Chosen for its imagination and
feeling... - Stand up straight...
and don't mumble. Look up, don't
always look at the paper.
Aria, don't embarrass me!
- No.
And promising career as a writer.
"My guardian angel...
I don't believe that a guardian angel...
is a custodian that spies on us...
that would scare me like a ghost,
because I can't see him.
I believe that a guardian angel
exists inside someone close to us...
that protects us.
Mine existed inside a black cat,
his name is Dac.
When no one realises that I need a hug,
he realises.
All the hugs he doesn't give to me,
I give to him.
A small gesture of love,
for me lasts as long as a gobstopper.
Do you know what a gobstopper is?
It's a round sweet that seems like
it will never finish, but it does.
It's an imaginary sweet, just like love."
Well, that brings us to the end
of our presentation.
I'd like to thank the teachers
and the parents who participated.
We'll see you all next year.
Junk mail.
- Postcards.
I was sure we'd find some money.
Look, a real letter.
There's even a little heart.
"Lisa, my love..
Yesterday, I saw you come home with him.
Don't let that pig touch you.
Just think about the time I started
crying because you were so beautiful.
Come and meet me in the usual place on
the Tiber, tomorrow at 5. Your Enzo."
He started crying because
she was too beautiful.
But wait, she hasn't read it!
- That's right!
Quick, give me the glue to close it.
I can't wait to see them.
When will she get here?
This is love, we have to be patient.
Here she is!
- Finally, she's here!
They're so cute!
They're kissing each other.
I'm getting married!
- I don't care!
She said they're getting married!
- Get off, don't touch me!
You can't be with that guy!
- Leave me alone, got it?
Enough, don't call me again!
- What's got into you?
They're so good together.
- Piece of shit boy!
No, poor guy...
She left, she just left!
Poor guy, he's crying!
Who is this?
Hello, are you the porter on Via Nicotera?
I have two huge tits, wanna meet up?
How old are you?
- 22...
Do you really have huge tits?
Are you hairy, too?
Yes, I'm like a squirrel!
When shall we meet?
Now, right now! Number 22, Via Nicotera.
Name on the buzzer is Pecorini. Goodbye!
You gave him Maria Teresa's address!
- There he is!
Look, there he is!
I can't believe it!
Sex pest, you should be ashamed!
You pig!
- You're disgusting!
You big pig!
- You disgusting sex pest!
You should be ashamed!
That was so cool!
That was fun!
"Sator arepo tenet opera rotas,
Sator arepo tenet opera rotas...
Write the formula on a piece of paper
and keep it in your pocket until full moon.
Rub your fingers on a leaf of
Seer's Sage and wait for them to dry.
Kiss a red pelagornium petal...
then add a branch of wormwood...
place it on a white handkerchief.
If all has been done perfectly...
The beloved will live consumed
until the two of you are united.
Sator arepo tenet opera rotas...
For the magic to work,
wait for a full moon."
- What is it?
What time is it?
- 8:20.
Children, come on!
I wanted to tell you something.
- What?
I forgot.
What the fuck are you reading?
"The Great Mysteries of Stalin"?
These communists are still around?
Look who it is! Hey, Donati!
Still haven't eaten your mother
out of house and home?
No, I'm just kidding.
Been to school, done your homework?
Come here, come tell Uncle Dodo!
Did your Mum tell you I'm taking her
to America? We're going coast to coast...
I'm taking her to Disneyland, too.
I'll take you one day, too. Want to go?
When are you coming back? - Who knows?
All I know is when we're leaving.
Go on, get the fuck out of here.
Aria, what have you done?
Angela, come clean up this mess!
- She's hitting her, now?
Get out, go back to your father!
So that's what you think?
I won't take you to Disneyland, then!
This ball-breaker of a child!
- You can say that again, honey!
I made myself a zabaione, have you eaten?
Yeah Ist, I have to go.
- Are you going out?
Yeah, Dad is taking us to the Russian
circus, the one with the trained bears.
Really, the Oblomov Circus?
- Yeah.
What are you wearing?
- Um, the jacket with the roses.
The cool Fiorucci one?
Have fun, then.
- Okay.
See you tomorrow at school.
- See you then.
Bye, Ist.
- Bye.
Lucrezia, have you seen my jacket?
I'm wearing it, it's my colour.
No, give it back! Give it!
What have you broken?
Do you have to argue all the time?
Can't you ever just...
Not a broken mirror!
It's seven years bad luck!
- It was her! - It was her, Dad.
No, it was you!
- No circus for you!
Dad, I swear it wasn't me!
- What's wrong?
Sit here, calm down.
Where are the bags?
You have to breathe into the bag.
- No! - Breathe into the bag!
Breathe into the bag!
That's it, breathe.
That's it, breathe like that.
We're going to the circus,
Dad is taking you to the circus.
"Dear Dad, I'm leaving because
no one cares about me."
"She's the one who broke the mirror.
Now do you believe me, Dad?"
"Heart in pieces, she thrusts
the glass into her chest...
And with a gasp whispers...
Farewell, world, life, cruelty."
Aria, what have you done? Aria!
Aria! Aria, answer me!
Aria! Answer me, how many did you take?
Aria! Aria, how many did you take?
- Two?
Nice music you were listening to yesterday.
Know that they're friends of mine?
The Penelopes?
- Yes.
They have a concert in a few days.
We can take the car and go see them,
that way I can introduce you.
You and I, without the black cat.
- Yes, but without Lucrezia.
Alright, without Lucrezia.
This is yours, sorry if I read it.
Here you go.
Get some rest.
- Goodnight.
If I get the part, it'll be my big chance.
You might say: "You're famous and everyone
calls you, what more do you want?" This!
I've been waiting my whole life
to do an auteur film.
And this time I'll make it count.
It'll be a film with dialogue. No stunts,
no jumping out the window... - Guido!
Can I have your autograph?
- Sure, do you have a pen?
You don't have one? Come on!
- You want a pen, too? Stop it!
Find a pen and I'll do it.
Get in the car, come on.
Let's go!
Aria! Quick, we have a long way to go.
Take it easy, take it easy..
See? I'm the Penelopes.
Hey, you okay?
Hey, guys!
No, come here!
- Aria, what the fuck have you done?
I'll open the window.
- Their feathers get everywhere!
Grab it!
- Grab it! Try to grab it!
Fuck, grab it!
Grab it, throw it out!
Are you crazy? You don't let pigeons
in the house, it's bad luck!
I didn't do it on purpose, Dad.
Yeah. Ah, it's you...
Really? You're not kidding, right?
You're not kidding, right?!
Fuck, yes! Yes!
Yes! Yes! I got the part!
Fuck, yes!
Do the aeroplane!
You beautiful thing, my little sweet pea!
You bring me good luck, never leave!
Daddy's beautiful girl!
I'm doing the film!
I'm doing the film!
One, two, three...
"What do we care, what do we mind,
if the innkeeper put water in the wine?"
Lucrezia, where are you?
- Daddy, I'm ill.
You found the chocolate and ate
it all even after I hid it!
I found it, you weren't here.
You're 15 years old, you should
start taking care of yourself.
Want to get fat, it's your business.
- You abandoned me!
The black cat's on my bed, fuck!
Never let the black cat on my bed!
Now I want silence!
I have to study, I have to concentrate!
Fuck, you came out so badly.
- What? - Are you wearing a tie?
You look ridiculous.
Your ass looks fat, too.
Bitch! You have a big ass, fatty!
- Bitch! Daddy!
Fat bitch!
- Fuck!
I have to study!
You're going back to your mother!
Pack your bags, right away!
Is Mum still mad at me?
- Things have changed, come on.
Dodo is kaput.
This is Ricky, the sound technician
on my new concert.
Mum, can I listen too?
- Yes, darling.
Who was that?
- This cool punk guy.
He gave me this cool shirt.
We played punk songs on the bass,
had so much fun.
Good morning.
What is it?
- Look, it's sad Enzo.
A letter! I have to read it.
- No, Ist!
- Good morning. - Good morning.
- Have a nice day. - Goodbye.
If it wasn't for you, we'd have
that letter already, Ist!
Let's play hooky, I have to know.
You must be crazy, where can we hide?
Father, I want to confess.
What sins have you committed?
I gave my mum back-chat.
I didn't do my homework.
- What else?
And I said some curse words.
Come here.
We don't say curse words, eh?
Who did you curse at, your dad?
Your mum?
Remember: "Honour thy father and mother".
Have your done unclean acts?
No, I washed myself.
- Where? - All over.
- With water.
Don't commit unclean acts.
Jesus is watching you.
Jesus is watching you, got it?
Seven hail marys for your sins, go on!
Here I am. - You've done
something terrible. - What?
You're not baptised so you can't confess,
you made fun of Baby Jesus...
What are you saying? Baby Jesus...
It's 11:00, you know.
Come on, take one.
No, I quit.
- How come?
The doctor said I have black lungs,
that I'm going down a bad path.
Got you! So that's who it was,
wretched kids!
You're the reason I've been losing mail.
Thieves! Hooligans! In here!
I'm going to call your parents.
- Please, don't call my parents!
They said it was me!
You're the reason I've been losing mail!
- I won't do it again, please!
I swear to God, I'll never do it again!
Please, I swear!
Please, I swear to Baby Jesus!
I won't ever do it again!
- Ist...
Quick, out! Out!
I've already called the police. Out!
Imagine what you'll be like as adults!
You should be ashamed!
Like squirrels, do you?
The postman and I will make the report;
in two days the police will arrest you!
Are you happy, now? The police!
I'm in so much trouble and it's your fault!
You made me destroy dolls, smoke,
throw water balloons at people...
But you liked doing that...
- No!
I'm not like you; I'm a normal kid.
Like Maria Teresa?
All we do is play.
Have you binned the letters?
- No, they're in a box.
Fuck, what are you waiting for? The police?
You have to burn the proof!
I liked Ricky.
What did you like?
How do you do it, Mum?
- Do what?
Make them fall in love.
I'm a witch. I do pink magic,
the magic of love.
Are you still playing with stuffed animals?
Come on, it's time for bed.
Did you brush your teeth? Let's see.
Okay, but put your braces on.
Then go to sleep, okay?
Is your mother home?
Mum! Mum, it's for you!
A registered letter, miss. Addressed to you
and Mr. Guido Bernadotte, do you accept?
Sign here, please.
Thank you, have a nice day.
You're under arrest, Miss.
In this letter from a one Manuel Ginori
in Bolivia, there's cocaine.
The dogs sniffed it out. Follow us.
Just a moment.
Who sent it? Who's this Ginori?
What do you mean, who's Ginori?
You signed for the letter.
Why, when a letter shows up do
you send it back?
They sent it to Bernadotte, too,
who's not my partner anymore.
Manuel Ginori, who's that?
What do you mean, Mum? Manuel Ginori,
that nice guy with the moustache.
The one who gave us the dolls, Manuel!
Follow us.
Okay, let's go.
Get dressed, please.
Let's go.
The pianist Yvonne Casella
was arrested today...
for supposedly receiving
cocaine from Bolivia.
What the fuck have you done?
You got Mum arrested!
You don't love her, you've never loved her!
It's always your fault, always!
The actor Guido Bernadotte, who has
been accused of narcotic trafficking...
You got Dad arrested, too!
See what you've done?
Now for the latest headlines...
Two burned bodies have been found
in the countryside around Bari.
According to investigators,
it could be a mafia-related...
It's too salty.
- Eat it.
Aria, it's for you.
You and I are over! It's your fault
that I lost the role in the film!
Arrested for drugs...
I'm finished, finished!
They arrest your mother and you don't
warn me that the police are coming?
Are you stupid? Lucrezia and I are off
to India and you'll never see me again!
You're not my daughter,
you're a police spy!
Get rid of Aria's plate.
I don't want to see her.
From now on, she eats through there.
What's wrong, Mum?
Do you feel like crying?
What a horrible experience, Miss.
You must have seen some horrible folk.
Just like people everywhere.
Hey, Aria!
Today's your birthday: congratulations!
Are you happy to see me? Me, too.
Where's my mum? - I don't know.
Through there, powdering her nose.
Happy birthday to us.
Come here, my darling.
Mum, will you nurse me?
Go and have fun.
Aria, will you tell us how you sent your
mum to jail? Sent her to the slammer!
To the slammer!
Nobody loves me.
That's enough of this annoying music.
Turn it off, the match is on!
No football at my party, no!
What do you mean, no? Go to bed,
don't be so annoying. - No!
It's my party!
Your father isn't here.
We have the weekend off.
Take your weekend off.
Soon it'll be full moon.
Listen to this: let's have a
big party on that day.
But not mini pizza and orangeade,
"One Thousand and One Nights" stuff.
Hey, listen to me.
Dad's building will become
like an enchanted castle.
Yeah, I know!
Want to come to my party? Here!
Adriano, want to come to my party?
You can come, too!
Adriano is coming, too.
Don't you get it? He doesn't give
a damn about you, he's just playing.
Did your new friend tell you to say that?
Want to come to my party?
Follow me.
The way. - Okay, the cakes on the table.
Go and show them, Lucy. On the table!
Hi. - You're the first ones.
Come in, it's in the dancing room.
Poor thing, it would be better
if Adriano didn't come.
He won't come, anyway.
See what she's wearing?
Hi, the party's through there.
- What, is it your birthday?
No, it's a dance party.
It's not decorated badly.
- Yeah, a bit over the top, though.
- Ah, it's you.
Come in.
Look, Ciccio is here!
Hey, Ciccio! - Hi.
Pass me some of that cake?
Hey, shall we play the traffic
light game? - Yeah!
I'll be the traffic light,
you know the rules...
Red, kiss on the cheek. Green, change
partners. Blue, kiss on the mouth.
The first couple: Aria and...
Aria and Adriano, Aria and Adriano!
And I say blue! Go and wait for her!
- Go on, Adriano!
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten!
Go, Aria!
I'm over here.
Is it forever?
- Yeah.
It doesn't seem real,
I'm here and I can touch you.
I know everything about you,
you're like a cat.
I thought you didn't notice me.
I wrote your name on the walls.
Like Ciccio?
- No, no!
No, no!
No, I meant what I said!
I swear!
You fell for it!
- Nice joke!
Ciccio, you're a genius!
Number one!
Ciccio, the best!
Some snog, what a whore!
Bernadotte, take this!
- No, Adriano! Stop!
Please, this is my dad's house!
Piece of shit awards!
- No, no!
Ist, help me!
There, now no more meowing.
Yvonne, you can't send her to a
boarding school. What do you mean?
What does her father say?
She's your daughter, how can you be
so heartless? She's nine years old!
It's not what she did to you,
it's what you've done to her!
I told you, you'll walk again.
You're already getting better.
I'm not afraid of dying, you know.
My mum is dead, too.
Get rid of the curtain, I don't want it.
- No, stay like that, it's good for you.
No, I can't live without my mum.
- I'm here, and I'll always be here.
No, you only love Mia...
Viva Marx! Viva Lenin!
Viva Mao Tse-Tung!
I told you this, not to play the victim...
but because this way you know me better...
and hopefully, you'll be kinder...