Incontrol (2017) Movie Script

[ambient music]
[electrical sputtering]
[breathing heavily]
Hey, you've reached Mark.
Leave me a message
after the beep.
[answering machine beeps]
Mark, I don't know
what's going on.
I can't...
Please just pick up
your phone.
Hey, it's Jenny.
Leave a message.
- [answering machine beeps]
- Fuck! Fuck.
[breathing heavily]
[engine starts]
[cell phone buzzing]
Leave me
with the goddamn mess.
[ominous music]
[mellow music]
I'll be back around 3:00
before work.
You'll be all right?
[indistinct chatter over TV]
Yeah, 3:00. Got it.
Social media has eroded
the walls of privacy.
Younger people no longer have
that expectation of privacy
so cherished
by the older generation.
We don't consider the impact
of allowing people
to know everything about us,
what consequences
might come down on us
as a society in the future.
This is a contributing factor
to filming every
human experience
without regard to the concerns
of those being filmed.
See, voyeurism has taken on
a whole new meaning.
With the advent of technology,
we need to explore not how,
but why we act
the way we do.
- [typing]
- I have your papers ready.
Most of you were on
the right track.
But some of you have to stop
providing answers
and start asking
more questions.
Oh, and, uh...
I'll have the peanut brittle
as well.
Just one.
- [bell dings]
- Naomi,
could you help me
for a sec?
- What's up?
- Could you grab a peanut...?
[soft vocal music playing]
Yeah, my face swells up
like a balloon.
It's bad.
Missing out.
- Hey.
- How goes?
I'll take a coffee.
You take your break yet?
Not yet.
So, what's wrong with it?
Nothing's wrong with it.
He doesn't like
statistics or theories.
He wants personal stories.
It's like I'm in
a creative writing class.
Right, and this "panop..."
It plays on the idea
that if you believe
you're being watched,
you behave differently.
It was a prison design, so all
the prisoners were around it,
and there was a guard in
the middle that would monitor.
But none of the prisoners
knew who was being watched.
You're probably
just going to have to write
what he wants to hear.
That's so...
I know.
I agree with you.
I'm just saying that
if you want to graduate...
If there were no consequences,
what would you do differently?
In what way?
If no one was watching,
as you say.
I'm not sure I follow.
[cell phone buzzes]
Hey. Yeah, I just...
I'm on my way, I just stopped
to get a coffee.
No, scans came back fine.
I have to go back
in a couple weeks.
No, the pain isn't
too bad today.
I should go.
Yeah, I love you too.
[keys jingle]
[woman chatters over TV]
[cell phone buzzes]
Look, I was thinking
about what you were saying.
About what?
You should come hang
I want to...
there's something
you should come see.
What about Marissa?
What about her?
It's kind of late.
I don't know if I should.
Yeah, you're probably right.
Maybe another time.
Samantha. Jenny.
- Hi.
- Come on in.
[brooding electronic
music playing]
Sam, you made it.
You want something to drink?
Are you hungry at all?
No. I'm fine. Thanks.
So this is Sam.
So this isn't your place?
Oh, no, it's Jenny's.
It's pretty central to
everything, so we figured that...
- Victor.
- Samantha.
So you're doing
the social degree.
- Killarney?
- Sociology.
- Yeah.
- You wrote the essay.
- What?
- About the prison.
May have mentioned our talk.
Told her anything?
You live with anyone?
Oh, no, I'm on my own here.
I mean, the guys are here
pretty often, though,
so it seems like I do.
It's really nice.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
I'll be right back.
You know, I think I've seen
you around on campus before.
Oh, you go to Killarney.
I used to.
Wasn't really for me.
Went for all
the wrong reasons.
Yeah. I get that.
[ambient music]
Jenny loves those.
Follow me.
[music broods]
This is going to be hard
to believe.
Everyone looks like that
when they're hooked up.
It's normal.
She's asleep?
She's very much awake.
Two months ago,
Victor found out
the university had one of these,
and stole it.
Some sort of virtual...
It's a little more
So she's hooked up
to this thing and she's what?
She's somebody else.
What the hell?
You did that?
You did.
We were way worse to Mark.
This is us being nice.
He lost his mind.
I did not.
There's something called
"taking a ride" we like to do
to get to know somebody.
So you don't necessarily
have to do anything.
You can just go along.
How they're feeling
can affect your judgment.
How they hear, see,
feel things.
Just focus in
on where you want to go.
The person has to be nearby
that you hone in on,
and your mind will do the rest.
I don't...
Took me several times
to get used to it.
It all seemed
pretty bizarre at first.
There are certain
Like, it's still you in there.
You can't look back
on what they know.
There's no control of memory.
I don't understand.
Like, you wouldn't
be able to remember
somebody's credit card without
going into their pocket.
That seems kind of...
It's just an example.
Just think of someone nearby.
Think of it like grabbing
ahold of something
with your hand.
All right.
See you in a few.
Just focus in
on where you want to go.
[distant] Desiree,
can you pass the potatoes?
You all right?
[ominous whoosh]
[gasps softly]
What if you do
something strange?
Something they would never do.
Try to push it sometime.
See what happens.
Just don't do anything
too out of character,
otherwise things can get
a little weird.
So, why sociology?
Well, I debated on going
into political science,
but I'm more interested
in why people do what they do.
What are you planning to do
with a Sociology degree?
Go to college.
Girls, dinner's ready.
You have to remember,
these people think
they're choosing to do
what you make them do.
It's not them you have
to worry about,
it's the people around them,
their friends, their family.
So they think they're making
the decisions you make.
People tend to justify their
own actions above anything else.
It's surprisingly hard to break.
Try it on your own sometime,
you'll find yourself
doing pretty much
everything on impulse.
What about...
The opposite sex?
Victor loves gender-hopping.
As for Jenny,
I don't know
what she does on her own,
but she's... different.
- And you?
- I like women.
I wouldn't want to be one.
What's wrong?
I enjoy it sometimes.
It's different.
- We do have a few rules.
- Really?
Don't go into
anyone you know.
It's the easiest way
to fuck things up,
for yourself
more than anyone.
What's the difference between
going into someone you know
and going into a random person?
It's completely different.
It's also a trust thing.
We trust we won't hurt
one another.
How would you like it
if we came in
and started interfering
with your life, right?
So it has to be a hard truce.
Okay, but what about
Jenny going into...
I mean, would you
have believed us
if we just told you?
I guess not.
You know, for a cop
to carry a Taser,
he has to have used it
on himself.
You wouldn't get half of it
without knowing
what it does to you.
- Right.
- We made sure
we knew what it was doing
before using it on anyone else.
[engine revving]
[ominous tone]
[inhales sharply]
You all right?
What happened?
I was just driving.
Oh, shit.
Sorry. [laughs]
You have to be careful not to
get too far away from yourself.
What do you mean?
Distance isn't
exactly our friend.
It's like it's a rubber band.
The further you stretch it out,
the harder it's going to be
coming back.
Where's Mark?
I don't know.
His girlfriend probably
broke a fingernail or something.
Do you have
any painkillers?
No, that won't help.
Here, drink some of that.
You know, we can take it out to
Murweather with us if you like.
You can move it?
You want to go hiking?
Think of it as a way
to try new things.
You can learn a lot about
yourself from other people.
Explore your limitations.
Just don't lose yourself
in there.
- Here.
- What?
It's a key to Jenny's.
She's cool with us
coming by whenever.
Victor's here a lot
on his own.
Best time to come
is usually... whenever.
We spend most
of our time here.
[soft electronic music]
What you working on?
Just an essay.
Do I know you?
I've seen you around.
You're in one of my classes,
I think.
Oh. Sorry.
I am terrible with...
Samantha. Right?
I'm great with names.
What's yours?
Still working on that.
You must have
changed your look.
Friday's going to be
a lot of fun.
You'll have to come out
with us.
What time?
I have to check
my schedule.
Mm. I think probably
around 7:00.
There's some house party
Well, I have class.
I think.
You don't happen
to know a Jenny, do you?
I'll see you around.
Here. Sit down.
How are you doing?
How's school?
I was thinking, maybe we could
go see a movie later?
I got a line on a job...
I already made plans.
I'm sorry I didn't...
It's all right.
You should be
with your friends.
Do I know them?
No, I don't think so.
They're new friends.
You look good.
Where do you think you're going?
[rock music playing]
Jenny said
we're going out?
Still a little early.
She's over
checking things out.
Victor makes fun of me,
but I like to keep my body
healthy throughout.
He thinks it's ironic.
It is ironic.
You do make good
smoothies, though.
Your sense of irony
is a little off.
Where are we going?
- [blender whirs]
- House party.
[After The Smoke's "D-E-A-D"]
Are you bored with life?
I'm just trying
to soothe your pain
Tell me who's to blame
We won't talk
about that night again
Refrain, walking
that dark road of shame
Are you bored with life?
I'm just trying
to soothe your pain
Tell me who's to blame
We won't talk
about that night again
Refrain, walking
that dark road of shame
Syrup in my cup, yuck
Just have fun.
If you feel like you're losing
your head space,
just jump out
for a little bit.
Who are these people?
Mostly students.
Lots of them
are fucking rich.
Trust fund kids.
We like them because, well...
[soft laugh]
they can handle a lot.
[unzips zipper]
[hip-hop music thudding]
Hi, I'm Carly.
Hey, I'm Carly.
We tend to
bounce around a lot,
but you'll probably be able
to figure out where we are.
Victor's usually really obvious.
[hip-hop music playing]
It's Carly, right?
Interesting choice.
You want something?
We got pretty much everything.
I haven't really...
All right.
Come with me.
[hip-hop music playing]
- Hey there.
- Hey, back so soon?
Pace yourself.
- Mm, fuck off.
- [laughs]
- What's your name again?
- [sniffs]
It's Samantha?
No, no, no.
Carly, right?
Oh, Carly, you made it.
Here, I got one for you.
Oh, no, thanks,
I'm good for now.
- You feeling okay?
- Why?
No reason.
And they don't notice.
Did you?
Here, just take
one of these instead.
Just go with it. In the end,
it doesn't really matter.
I don't know.
All right,
if it gets too crazy,
you can just take
a little break.
There's no pressure.
All right.
All right.
[After The Smoke's
"Drunk Bitches"]
All these drunk bitches,
all these drunk bitches
Standing in line
snapping them pictures
Don't complain about
nothing to do
I'm coming for you
I say
all these drunk bitches
All these drunk bitches
Standing in line
with nothing to do
I'm coming for you
Real nigga, fuck with me
Aw hell
with this buck-fifty
Fist full, grip full
How I'm supposed to live
comfortably good?
- This is so chill.
- You're here all the time.
You work here.
I just haven't been here
after we close.
But since the teachers
ain't reach us
Through the cracks,
blink deeper
Another liter of whisky
is beating up my liver
A culmination of issues I get
for fucking with her
Here's a rose
to all the baddest ho's
Coming down, I think.
Man, you work a lot.
Your mom makes you
pay rent?
Sometimes. Depends.
Am I the victim
or the shooter?
My name's not Victor.
Who's Victor?
I think you found some girl.
She does keep looking at you.
What, here?
You know, I mean the two...
No, I've got someone.
All these drunk bitches,
all these drunk bitches
You want to get
out of here?
I'm coming for you
[inhales deeply]
[breathing heavily]
Oh, shit, you didn't...
You got to come back
every once in a while
and take care of yourself.
The longer you're in there,
the worse it is
coming back for your system.
I'm exhausted.
How long were we there?
You haven't eaten or drank
anything in, like, eight hours.
You got to remember
you're not sleeping.
I mean, you may not be there,
but your brain's working
pretty hard to keep up.
What time is it?
I'm crashing.
Later, kids.
Oh, yeah,
remember to come back
and eat something
now and again.
[sobbing softly]
What's wrong?
We're low on milk.
I'll get it.
Don't worry.
I'm trying.
I'm trying.
Oh. It's okay.
You don't think
it affects them?
These people are
doing this type of shit
regardless of whether
or not we're there.
Yeah, maybe we push them
a little bit,
but we're just along
for the ride.
We show them a good time,
they show us a good time.
We're the ones making
all the decisions.
You don't think that...
Think of it as a nudge,
not a hold.
Here, just watch.
Don't push them,
and just see what they do
when they really think
they're alone.
Trust me when I say whatever
we do is much less fucked up.
I've seen it.
It's so invasive.
Don't think of it
as a negative thing.
We open up a whole new world
for these people.
We're free, which
in a weird way makes them free.
And it's not like we're going
into people's personal business.
That'd just be weird.
Well, it depends who.
Just try it sometime.
You'll see.
People are strange.
[ominous music]
- This shouldn't take very long.
- Where are we going?
Just a quick errand.
Guys, hurry up.
Are you okay?
- All good?
- Yeah.
Let's get out of here.
Watch out.
- [chuckles]
- Asshole.
I haven't cleaned
the office yet.
Sorry, it's been
a bit busy.
Don't worry about it.
I'll get it.
You've been doing really well.
I haven't really mentioned
that to you in a while.
Been thinking about
giving you a raise.
A raise.
I haven't been
the best employer.
You're great to work with.
Keep it up.
[gentle piano music]
- Oh, hey, Sam.
- Hey.
Sorry, I didn't know if...
I figured I'd drop by.
You're really good.
I didn't know you played.
I don't.
My muscle memory can't keep up.
I've been trying, though.
I can play some
of the slower songs.
If you want to learn,
I know "The Perfect Girl."
I might.
Anyone else here?
Victor's in there.
What's he doing?
- [laughs]
- Have fun.
Now Adam Smith, for example,
was opposed to
free interest rates
before he was made aware
of Bentham's arguments.
Now as a result
of correspondents
with Mirabeau and other leaders
of the French revolution,
Bentham was declared
an honorary citizen of France.
[rock music playing]
Yeah, uh, this ain't right.
You sure about this?
Oh, fuck it, Mark.
Field trip.
Come on, man,
switch it up.
We need to head over to...
Which is it?
Uh... Fourth.
Our friend, uh...
He's having some people over.
Hold up.
Watch this.
- What are you doing?
- This will be funny.
[soft brooding music]
I want you to pull out 400.
I said now...
Fuck this.
[breathing heavily]
Make it rain, motherfucker.
You're a dick.
It doesn't matter, man.
How is this any different?
None of it matters.
Of course it fucking matters.
You're going to land
these kids in jail.
So what?
They're all assholes anyways.
I mean, what kind of a person
carries a switchblade
in their pocket?
It's a bit of money.
We do it all the time.
I just gave them something
to talk about.
They probably deserve it.
You're no fucking saint
You guys aren't making
a lot of sense.
Come on, let's just leave it.
- Fuck you.
- Guys, chill the fuck out.
Yeah, don't be such
a self-righteous prick.
You know what?
I'm out of here.
I was joking.
Let's just go
to this kid's house.
You feel like bailing too?
Let's go to Cody's.
[music broods]
[dog barking]
[heavy metal music playing]
- Hey, man.
- What's going on?
Come sit down.
I don't know about this.
Let's let them decide.
Chill out.
[ominous music]
[line trilling]
Hey, you've reached Mark.
Leave me a message
after the beep.
[answering machine beeps]
When the rats
were put into cages,
their addictions to morphine
rose dramatically.
But when let out
into the open environment...
almost all moved away
from their addictions.
[distant traffic ambience
and police sirens]
You want to hang?
Yeah, sure.
I got to do a couple things,
then I can head over to Jenny's.
I'm not at Jenny's.
No. I got away for a bit.
Out at Murweather.
Marissa dropped me off.
[gentle music]
I used to come out here
all the time
when I first came to Killarney.
I didn't know anyone
when I first moved out here.
That must have been hard.
Victor just found it
when I first met him.
Good timing.
- Why me?
- What?
Why not Marissa,
or someone
you actually know?
She'd never go for it.
[pill bottle clacks]
You get those a lot.
I was in a car accident
when I was a kid.
Used to be really bad.
It's getting better now.
I like to keep
my two worlds separate.
Marissa doesn't even know
about any of it, does she?
I don't want her to.
What do you mean, why you?
I think you've brought
a lot to this.
We were looking for someone
like you for a long time.
Someone like me.
Someone we could trust.
He put all this together.
You trust him?
He's always been there for us.
He's dangerous.
Victor was the kind of guy
that couldn't
just have one drink
before all this.
It really helped him.
How does Jenny
afford that place?
You need money?
Not what I asked.
Hey, I'm not going
to stop you.
If you need money,
it's easy enough.
No, you said yourself
that's not what we're doing.
No, what I said is that
robbing somebody at an ATM
is an asshole move.
But taking from
rich kids isn't.
No, I don't take money.
What Victor and Jenny do
is up to them,
but it's not like
the rich kids miss it.
Then what do you use it for?
What do you mean?
You have Marissa.
You don't need money.
What do you use it for?
Sometimes it's just nice
to get out of your head.
Figure out who you are.
What makes you... you.
...right now.
I mean, we don't know that.
That's ridiculous.
Yeah, it could be
happening right now.
Samantha, right?
Yeah, hey.
Can I give you
a ride somewhere?
No, I got my car
parked here.
Okay, well,
nice meeting you.
See you soon.
[engine starts]
[car door closes]
[mellow piano music]
I'll get your essays now.
Just pass them down the row
and I'll grab them.
- Hey, where are you?
- Hey, sorry.
I'm going to be a bit late.
I got...
I'll be there soon.
Hey, Sam, listen,
don't worry about
your shift tonight.
I've got the night covered.
It's completely chill.
Actually, you know what?
Just take the week off.
Let me know.
[soft laugh]
[indistinct chatter over TV]
Mom, did you go
to the store?
No. I was going to earlier,
I can't do this anymore.
[soft tender music]
I'm trying, Sam.
I just need...
Sam, please.
I'm leaving.
Don't go.
It's okay.
I need to go.
[cell phone buzzing]
- Hey.
- Hey, what's up? You rang?
I was wondering if I could
stay with you for a bit.
Yeah, of course.
You all right?
Oh, hey.
Don't you have class?
I slept in.
I cannot handle
drinking anymore.
My body doesn't even know
what to do with it.
My head is still ringing.
[hip-hop music blares]
Oh, yo.
Always the same girl.
You're late.
Where's everyone else?
What do you mean?
Party's right here.
Couldn't say.
Everyone's just... around.
You all good?
Yeah. Fine.
You, uh, you brought the...
All right.
You have fun, kid.
[soft ambient music]
[gentle music]
Hi, honey.
Hey, Mom.
I saw this while I was out
and I thought of you.
Thank you.
This is wonderful.
Oh, it's no big deal.
Your father will be home soon.
Don't eat too much.
He's bringing something home.
[gentle music broods]
[stifled breathing]
[soft dramatic music]
Where the fuck
have you been?
Uh, what's happening?
He's bleeding out.
Not him.
I don't know what to do.
Can you disconnect him?
Why don't we...?
We've never done that before.
- Victor. Victor said you can...
- Where's Mark?
He's still in there
trying to get help.
[indistinct chatter]
Yo, where is he?
[gasping softly]
Get the fuck out, Vic.
Why don't you fucking leave?
Fuck off.
- I'm...
- Did you call 911?
- What?
- Why aren't you doing anything?
What does it look like
I'm trying to do?
I don't know
why he won't leave.
[groans and coughs]
Oh, my God.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I told you not to...
[ominous music]
I don't...
Victor, wait.
What happened?
Who are you?
No, Sam, I know
your fucking name.
Who are you?
Mark brings home some random...
None of this makes
any fucking sense.
What happened
to you in there?
I have to get the fuck
out of here.
You all done?
[car starts]
[car beeping]
[seat belts click]
Want to get some food
or something?
I had lunch already.
You all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
How were the tests?
The MRIs came back.
It's really improving.
That's good.
What's up?
Just calling my mom back.
[line trilling]
Why don't we get out of town?
I got the afternoon off.
I have to get back.
You want to just watch a movie
or hang out at my house?
You sure you're all right?
Sure. Why?
You just seem off.
Mark, I really have to get back.
Can we just go home?
Just for a bit.
Come on.
It'll be fun.
We'll go to your favorite spot.
I have a headache.
[soft gentle music]
[door clicks shut]
I stopped by Molly's.
They said you don't
work there anymore.
I quit.
How'd you know I was here?
You want to go somewhere?
No. I'm good here.
I was thinking
we should all hang out again.
Jenny mentioned
you moved in with her.
I miss it.
I notice people
differently now.
You just disappeared.
I needed to get away.
I'm back, though.
I miss you guys.
We'll hang out tomorrow.
I'll come to Jenny's.
[ominous music]
I'm going out with
a couple friends tonight.
You want to come along?
I'm a bit tired.
I might stick back tonight.
Come on, it'll be fun.
I have homework
I have to catch up on.
All right.
Figured I'd find you here.
Went by your place.
You weren't there.
I'm leaving.
Whose boat is this?
That old guy's?
You haven't been back
for a while.
I can't trust anyone.
You know, if I can just get out
far enough, I know I'll be okay.
What happened to you
in there?
I don't even know
why I did it.
But it's all my fault.
You know, I've been trying
to figure out how I found it,
and nothing seems
to line up.
The university. You were
the one who told me that.
Yeah, but that's just it.
Nobody ever came after us.
They just let us have it.
And how? I...
I don't even remember
learning how to use it.
I just knew.
You've always been good
at figuring out new things.
You taught us pretty easily.
Everyone's okay.
Do you want to know
what it's like to die?
I came back thinking
that a week had passed.
I couldn't make sense
of anything.
But you know,
I think I've figured it out.
You know, they're in on it.
If I can just get out
far enough,
I know everything's
going to be okay.
You need to come back.
I took a break for a bit,
cleared my head.
Now I'm ready to be part
of the group.
No, no.
I keep getting these urges.
That's normal.
I don't even know
what normal is anymore.
You know, I turned up to some
other random kid's fucking class
the other day by accident.
You know, you've changed, man.
We're still your friends.
We've always
been there for you.
I barely even knew Jenny
before I found it,
and she said herself
that she hardly even knew you.
She just thought
you'd be the right fit.
So it brought us together.
So what?
No, there's more to it.
Where did you find Sam?
I don't know, man.
I've just known her.
She works at that caf,
Molly's, or whatever.
It's on my way home.
I'd stop in there,
we just started talking.
You know, we already helped
you get a girl. You didn't...
That has nothing
to do with it.
She's just a friend.
A friend you barely knew.
I feel like
I'm going insane.
It's like I'm not
even me anymore.
You're just being paranoid.
No, see I haven't felt
normal in a long time.
We need to leave.
You should come with me.
We can... we can get out far
enough and it'll be all right.
That's not going
to solve anything.
You need to come back with us.
We can take it easy.
Go back to what
we were doing at first.
We could find you
a bigger house.
I'm sure we could
get something so much...
No, no. I can't.
I can't do that again.
It's evil.
I'm never touching
that thing again.
I want to stay friends, though.
I trust you...
[flesh pierces]
[gasps softly]
[brooding music]
I never liked you much.
It plays on
the idea that if you believe
you're being watched,
you behave differently.
It was a prison design.
So all the prisoners
were around it,
and there was a guard in
the middle that would monitor.
But none of the prisoners
knew who was being watched.
And your opinion
of how it works is...
Well, the essay is supposed
to relate the panopticon
as a theory to
our modern society,
that we behave differently
because of
possible surveillance,
or influence of higher power.
So, what's the problem?
Must have had some merit
in their choice.
I still don't see it.
If it were up to me...
My professor throws out
the whole concept,
but I do believe that if they
had done it correctly,
it would have been
the perfect prison.
They give me
some leeway, though:
how to go about doing it.
Figured you and knives
went well together.
We mostly just use it
as a metaphor now,
since it's useless
with the invention of cameras.
Poor kid.
You need to know
you're an asshole.
Glad to see you go.
I've been waiting for this.
[soft brooding music]
[suspenseful music]
Not good?
You were right.
He was trying to sail off
away from us.
Death really fucked him up,
I guess.
He became paranoid.
Ha, well, they're not
going to be too happy.
They can go
fuck themselves.
Samantha still here?
She's been there
since this morning.
Haven't seen much of her.
She's become fully obsessed
with the cheerleader.
He suspected her
of all people.
Total addict.
I don't know about that.
It's not like
we didn't expect it.
Victor was always
pretty hard to contain.
[gun cocks]
[door clicks open]
It always surprises me
how these kids can be so smart,
and yet they're so stupid,
She had potential.
Stick to what I said before.
She kept her a job a lot longer
than I expected.
I almost feel bad.
Doesn't matter now.
What's wrong?
I don't know.
Same thing as that Derek kid.
I can't seem to...
Everything else has been
so easy with this one.
Give me that.
[gun fires]
[body thuds]
Gonna go finish up.
Did all the MRIs
get delivered on time?
Yeah. This morning.
- Anything stand out?
- Similar.
Serotonin levels
way down overall,
frontal cortex growth.
He's been healthy
since he was a kid,
so that didn't interfere.
- You don't think that with us...
- No.
These kids use it like candy.
All right,
I'm going to go finish up.
Talk to you soon.
Leave me with
the goddamn mess.
[door closes]
[soft suspenseful music]
I'm all wrapped up.
Should be clean enough to give
the authorities the write-off.
I don't think
it really matters.
Appearances are everything.
No chance of putting
the pieces together regardless.
Want a coffee or something?
This girl's trying
to fight me pretty hard.
Yeah, sure.
All right, talk to you
in a little bit.
[ominous tone]
[gun cocks]
[body thuds]
[places gun]
[gentle ominous music]
I don't want to die.
It's been a good run.
[police sirens blaring]
[ominous whoosh]
[monitor beeping steadily]
[pen scratching]
Hey, you're awake.
My name is Lucy.
I'm your nurse.
Do you know where you are?
In the hospital.
That's right.
Do you remember anything?
No, I think...
You were in
a car accident.
You've suffered
a fractured skull,
a couple broken ribs
and a broken leg.
But, thankfully,
they were all clean breaks,
so your recovery should be
fairly straightforward.
We are going to be keeping you
here for a little while
until you're ready
to go home.
I just have to ask you
a couple of questions.
Where's my mom?
[brooding ambient music]
You can use a couple of
these preliminary courses
but you'll lose
a few credits here.
Yeah, this should be fine.
Ribs are healing up nicely.
Given a few more weeks we should
be able to get that cast off.
We'll have to continue
visiting the chiropractor
- though, for a few more months?
- Correct.
Within a few months, the leg
will be completely healed,
as long as you come in
for a few regular checkups.
No, we'll need
to get something...
yeah, we'll need
to follow up.
No you can just follow
the directions you were given.
[hip-hop music thudding]
Yeah, I just can't believe...
Yeah, it's, um...
[distant] I mean, it happens
on the same day.
I get the cast off soon.
That's the last of it.
It doesn't make any sense.
[very distant]
He was such a nice guy.
I can't imagine what
you're going through right now.
Hey, could I get
a chai tea latte?
It's $2.85.
- Keep the change.
- Thanks.
[cash register drawer opens]
[drawer closes]
[drawer opens and closes]
[ominous music]
[ominous techno music]
[gentle ambient music]
[ominous techno music]
[ambient music]
[dramatic music]